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Construction of Slope Protection along Biliran Circumferential Road
Construction of Slope Protection along Biliran Circumferential Road is on-going with 62% accomplishment as of January 31, 2017. Other than the slope protection structure, concrete paving of widened shoulders and construction of concrete canal are included in the project. The above road section is prone to landslide hence slope protection structure is recommended to prevent recurrence of landslide which happened during the onslaught of typhoon Henry on July 20, 2014 that caused closure of the road.

DPWH-Biliran DEO fastracks on-going FY 2016 high impact projects

Press Release
February 15, 2017

NAVAL, Biliran – Above P40M remaining FY 2016 projects implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) - Biliran District Engineering Office is being fast-tracked for completion until first quarter of 2017. As of January 31, 2017, Biliran DEO reports 63 projects completed with three projects on-going with an accomplishment of 92.64%.

The District has been allotted P683.745M under FY 2016 DPWH Infrastructure Program. Out of the allotted amount, P135M was implemented by DPWH Regional Office 8 which involves the Rehabilitation of a section of Maripipi Circumferential Road, while 66 projects are implemented by Biliran DEO.

Some District Offices including Biliran DEO has only been allowed to implement projects below P50M, projects above of the said amount are undertaken/implemented by the DPWH Regional Office.

Adongay reported that two projects of the largest amount allotted to Biliran DEO is still ongoing which is the P45M slope protection project along Biliran Circumferential Road (BCR) and P43M construction of Biliran diversion road with an accomplishment of 62% and 58%, respectively as of January 31, 2017.

According to Adongay, the Construction of Slope Protection along Biliran Circumferential Road encountered some problems caused by lapses of the contractor and unfavorable weather conditions that hinders the contractor to smoothly perform the project implementation.

Meanwhile, the Construction of Biliran Diversion Road was hindered to proceed with the embankment activities due to continuous heavy rains. Furthermore, one of the landowners affected by the road opening refused to sign “Permit to Enter” for the reason that the amount offered per current market value of his parcel of land is below of what he is expected. The landowner is asking for P2,000 per sq.m. of his land that is affected by the Road-Right-Of-Way (RROW), however, the current market value of an agricultural land is P21.45 only.

The office is on the process of negotiations with the concerned land owner with regards to the value of the affected parcel of land.

The completion of the diversion road project will serve the traveling public coming from Tacloban City, Ormoc City, Baybay City and from other neighboring municipalities going to the northern and eastern part of Biliran Province and vice versa in a much safer and faster transport of goods and services and at a reduced travel time. The population to be served by the road ranges from 120,000 to 135,000, 7 Municipalities and 50 Barangays.

Another FY 2016 project eyeing for completion is the on-going P8.7M replacement of permanent weak bridge-Banlas bridge along Maripipi Circumferential Road.

Adongay revealed that the delay was attributed due to unavailability of sand and gravel aggregates in Maripipi Island. Adongay explained that hauling it by barge with the quantity required is impractical and will only entail higher cost. Hence, the contractor suggested to have the delivery together with the delivery of the sand and gravel for the concreting of Maripipi Circumferential Road.

Adongay said that the contractors of each projects were advised to render over time work 24/7 to complete the projects on the target date.