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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   No. 539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:  December 8, 2011

Victoria Jadaone Viojan
Palai St., Brgy Poblacion,
Alaminos City, Pangasinan

Dear Marivic Viojan,

I have to be honest with you, I wanted to personally come with you. I intimated to you in my private communication that I sent you through your email address that I am one of the student that your father mentored. I may not have reached my peak had it not been for your father, he basically touched my life. He was responsible in molding me.

I am however flattered to be referred to by somebody in the stature of a Tonyboy Morales, (thank you Tonyboy).

Frankly speaking in my itinerary seeing Sir Anling in person is my 1st priority, the reason why I told you that I may come with you. When I was in Singapore I even sent him a letter. Had I not read the posting of Mr. Tonyboy Morales I wouldn't know that he is already dead.

I gave you my address in Laguna including my landline. Should you still decide to visit his graveyard I will go with you.

God bless and may the good lord shower your way always.

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Name:  Roldan S. Rebucas
Address:  Barangay Napuro II, Sta. Margarita, samar
Email:  Roldan_925@yahoo.com
Date:   12-02-11

According to the news Quedancor hits 90% loan repayment, that is true because in our school we are almost 100% paying our previous obligation with Quedancor. Only that when we ask a print out of our payments we noticed that we are paying interest for the present amortization and other interest on previous loans, this loan we are paying was our previous loan which Quedancor offered loan condonation or what they call remediation.

According to the explanation of Quedancor Calbayog, in loan condonation or remediation only surcharges and penalties are being disregarded, but the interest during those time of non payment were still be reflected and to be paid. This is my concerned because when the condonation took place maybe I forgot, or I did not remember, because I think it was not explained well that we have to pay the previous interest. To sum it up, our payments presently to Quedancor has two interest, the present interest and the previous interest, that is why small amount was deducted to lessen the capital.

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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Nov 30, 2011

Dear Marivic Viojan,

Your biological father, Mr. Alejandro Cananua, was a professor at the old Trade School, now Samar State University. He is a contemporary of another old man of that school, Dr. Dominador Cabanganan. I heard that he passed away several years back, around 2008, but I may be wrong. He was married (well, officially) to another teacher who eventually became a Division School Supervisor in the 90's. Mr. & Mrs. Cananua are educators who are well known in the Catbalogan area. I am sure some other people in this forum can say a thing or two about them.

If my memory serves me right, Mr. Alejandro Cananua was an active member of the Knights of Columbus. He is usually seen parading during town fiestas and other church-sponsored processions with a full regalia of a Columban Knight.

I am not familiar about his children who may have just remained residents of Catbalogan. The Cananuas in Burak for instance are related to Senyor Alejandro.

Mr. Basilio Balasbas may have some inputs to share. Most likely, he was one of the thousand students who were mentored by the dashing Alejandro Cananua.

Here's hoping that you could be re-united with your half-siblings if not your father. Rest assured that although you have been a passionate product out of wedlock between your mother and your father that he maintained a good name and reputation as a teacher. You may not have the chance to see him but his memory is with the thousand people who were mentored by him.

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Name:  Victoria Jadaone Viojan
Address:  Palai Street, Brgy. Poblacion, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Email:  marivicviojan@yahoo.com
Date:  Nov. 24,2011

Dear Editor of Samar News.Com

I need your help to find my biological father named Mr. Alejandro Cananua of Catbalogan, Samar. Although I have not seen him since birth but this pieces of information was relayed to me by my mother, Fe Viojan.

I am Victoria Jadaone Viojan, 39 years of age with four kids and presently residing in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. I was told by my mother, Mrs. Fe Viojan who was their housemate and the daughter of late Roman Viojan of Basey, Samar that my father is Mr. Alejandro Cananua, a public school teacher. I was born in 1972 and later my mother brought me to Tarlac where I grew up. I am his daughter and I want to let him know that for 39 years I have been longing to see him personally. My mother is still alive and lives with me.

I am so thankful to find this Samar News.com because I believe it will pave the way for me and my father to see each other. I missed him so much.

Please help me to link to my father, Mr. Alejandro Cananua. I can be reached through my mobile phone 09483307073 or email ad: marivicviojan@yahoo.com.

I would be very, very grateful if you can connect me to him.

Victoria "Marivic" Viojan

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Name:   Meo Ramirez
Address:   Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Email:   ramirez1001@comcast.net
Date:  11-07-11

Naaro hin tambulig hi Analiza Stohr nga aadi na yana ha Germany nga buligan hiya pamiling han iya nanay nga hi Benita Olemba nga taga Catbalogan. Nakilala namon hi Analiza pagbakasyon namon ha Germany han yana nga October. Nasireng hiya nga didto hiya pagdako ha iya Lola ha Manila ngan tikang han iya paglakat waray pa niya kakita an iya nanay. Kun hino man an nakakakila kan Benita alayon pag email ngadi ha akon (ramirez1001@comcast.net) para ihatag ko ha iya and address ni Analiza. Damo nga salamat!

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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:  Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Nov 5 2011

Yellow Wish

The daughter of the slain Calbayor Mayor Ining Uy together with Board Member Eunice Babalcon launched the Yellow Ladies Movement. The movement is a stepping stone to jumpstart her bid to become governor of Samar. The COMELEC has already instructed its provincial office to verify the signatures of the petitioners for the recall of both the governor and the vice governor. Aica Uy-Delgado is hoping that she will have a crack of chance to avenge the death of her beloved father.

To ride the memory of Cory Aquino through the Yellow Ladies Movement is undoubtedly a cheap shot on her part. We all know about the sad plight of our impoverished Samarenyas but organizing them with the cloak of protecting their rights and advancing their skills simply speak volumes of how politics can cheapen any legitimate advocacy. My question is why only now? Where were you Aica when your dad was lording it over in the first district when it would have been easy to organize such kind of an advocacy? Where were you Aica when your dad was being accused of orchestrating the assassination of his political opponents including innocent women?

Women in Powder Form

I am not a fan of Sharee Ann Tan (codenamed, S.A.TAN) either. Mila and Sharee Ann together with some prostituted women leaders of Samar are equally responsible for the degradation of the standing of women in our society. We thought that Mila and Sharee Ann would be different from the previous male governors. We were all proven wrong. Mas masahol pa!

Third Force Needed

Should a recall election happens next year, I hope that there would be another option, a better one, much better than the present choices. We deserve better. We should not be swayed by cheap gimmicks like the one Aica is trying to sell. We should already be freed from the powers of the Tans. Let us continue to pray that our fellow Samarenyos will be awakened to the truth that they deserve better.

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Name:   Fiona Murphy
Address:   Level 3, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Email:   fiona.murphy@risqww.com
Date:   20 October 2011

I'm looking for Cristina Bachini (on behalf of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada), formerly of Flat D, 9/F, Block 12, Hoover Heights, HK Garden, Tsing Lung Tau, Hong Kong. Sun Life demutualised in March, 2000 and owes Cristina a cash benefit as a result. Please contact me urgently so that I can assist in submitting the benefit claim.

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Name:   Cesar Torres, Concerned Samarnons, and Filipinos in Diaspora
Address:   World Wide Web
Email:   CesarT1185@yahoo.com
Date:   19 October 2011

Kindly visit the following website. Next to SamarNews.com, this is the most relevant and updated website of the Filipinos all over the world, which is not managed by a government organization. http://www.worldwidefilipinoalliance.com/

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Name:   Free Ericson Acosta
Email:   freeericsonacosta@gmail.com
Date:   October 17, 2011

see this link for pictures

Oct. 14, 2011 Press Release, Free Ericson Acosta Campaign

Artists led by the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) gathered at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) building in Intramuros today to call for the release of poet and cultural worker Ericson Acosta.

In an event dubbed “Kumustahan mula sa Piitan,” National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera, painter Neil Doloricon, TV and stage actor Nanding Josef, screenwriter and actress Bibeth Orteza, film director Joel Lamangan and other supporters from the artist community reiterated their appeal to DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima to review Acosta’s case and to immediately withdraw the fabricated complaint against the detained artist.

Actor and former CCP Vice President Nanding Josef

Says Josef: “I know him (Acosta) personally as a cultural worker. I am humbled by his sacrifices and his commitment to the poor. This new administration is challenged to be different from its predecessors. Free those whose only ‘crime’ is genuinely serving the least served, and jail without delay those who have greedily taken away food on the table of the poor.”

NCCA officials; visual artists Karen Ocampo-Flores and Egai Talusan Fernandez; writers Jun Cruz Reyes and Pablo Tariman; musicians Karl Ramirez, Tony Palis and guitarists from the Quezon City Performing Arts group, and members of the Filipino Freethinkers, Kilometer64 Poetry Collective, Kabataang Artista para sa Tunay na Kalayaan, Tudla Multi-media Productions, human rights advocates and other artist groups and individuals were also in attendance.

Acclaimed film director and former political detainee Joel Lamangan

Lamangan and Lumbera were also detained during the Marcos dictatorship. Angelina Ipong of the Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) who was imprisoned by the Arroyo administration for six years gave a brief account of her ordeal and incarceration as documented in "Garden Behind Bars," a collection of Ipong's prison writing.

SELDA Secretary General Angie Ipong

Acosta, who is a poet, thespian, songwriter and former editor of the University of the Philippines’ student publication Philippine Collegian, was arrested by the military while conducting human rights research in Brgy. Bay-ang, San Jorge, Samar, last February 13. He is currently detained at the Calbayog sub-provincial jail.

A review petition was filed by the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) September 1 at the DOJ, where National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Executive Director Malou Jacob personally appeared to lend her support to the campaign to free Acosta. The petition states that the evidence against Acosta was planted and cited the military’s admission of human rights violations in the conduct of Acosta’s arrest and detention.

Acosta was brought to court for a scheduled arraignment last September 21 in Calbayog City. His legal counsel led by Atty. Jun Oliva of the (NUPL) moved to defer arraignment and proceedings pending the DOJ’s decision on the review petition.

Acosta is among the country’s political prisoners, numbering 354 as of August 2011. Human rights groups led by KARAPATAN and SELDA appeal to President Aquino to free all political prisoners through a general, unconditional and omnibus amnesty declaration.

National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera

National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera leads call to free Ericson Acosta
Concerned Artists of the Philippines, October 14, 2011

On the 8th month of Ericson Acosta's incarceration, a gathering of artists and cultural workers, led by National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) was held today, October 14 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts lobby, to press for Acosta's immediate release.

"Ericson should be granted freedom immediately so he can continue his work as an artist and as a cultural worker, " said Renan Ortiz, CAP spokesperson.

Acosta is a poet, songwriter, thespian, journalist and cultural worker. He was a former editor of the Philippine Collegian and culture writer of the Manila Times. As an artist and activist, he chose to work with the poor and the oppressed. On February 13, 2011, he was arrested while conducting human rights research. He was accompanied by a barangay official and was carrying only a laptop and some personal belongigs at the time of his arrest. He was detained in a military camp and subjected to 44- hours of interrogation with only two hours of sleep. He was levied with a trumped-up charge of illegal possession of explosive to justify his arrest and continued detention.

Actress Bibeth Orteza read her letter to Ericson Acosta

According to CAP Secretary-General and painter Neil Doloricon: "Even behind bars, Ericson surmounts the prison walls that try to curtail the creative prowess in him. A determined and committed artist, in pursuing one’s dream of a meaningful change in society, will try to survive the challenges in life that get in the way . The prison cell for Ericson has become a virtual studio for his literary and musical undertakings and he even shares his talent to his cellmates and wardens."

"Ang sining ni Ericson Acosta ay matatag na nakatuntong sa lipunan natin at ang liwanag na dulot nito ay dapat lamang suportahan ng pamahalaan na naglalayon unawain ang mga problema ng sambayanan," said Lumbera.

Ericson is among the 360 political prisoners in the country today, 77 of whom, including Ericson were arrested and detained under the new administration. Cases of illegal detention continue to increase under the younger Aquino's administration. This has been the situation even with the past administration of Corazon Aquino's granting of unconditional amnesty to political prisoners after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, and P-Noy's approval of conditional amnesty to 400 alleged rebel soldiers.

TV actor and CAP board member Nanding Josef expressed: There are two things P-Noy and this present administration can do to improve the Filipino people's trust in them and prove that they're different from all the past national leaders: one, to immediately put behind bars all the shameless, greedy, corrupt, self-serving leaders who committed crimes against the poor by stealing everything that rightfully belongs to people; and two, to free all political prisoners, like Ericson Acosta, whose only crime is to side with the poor, to fight for their rights, to protect them from the abuses of the criminals who pass off as public servants, and to educate them on how to liberate themselves from the long years of deprivation and exploitation by a society that has continuously allowed big time thieves to get away with their crimes, but allows self-sacrificing people's heroes to rot in jail."

"P-Noy and his men and women can choose to be remembered in Philippine history as the just and fearless leaders who put the true criminals in jail, and set the real heroes free. We the people, will wait and see," said Josef.

Painter Egai Fernandez

To show their solidarity with the campaign to free Ericson Acosta and all political prisoners, artists and cultural workers, tore down symbolic iron bars to reveal a huge banner with the calls "Free the Artist! Free Ericson Acosta! Free All Political Prisoners!" Artists affixed their names and signatures on the banner to signify their support.

Doloricon added: "The Aquino regime should instead imprison those who block fundamental change and those who are fetters in developing a truly nationalist, popular and pro-people culture that signify the interests and aspirations of the Filipino people. (There is ) no doubt that Ericson will soon be free not only because he’s not guilty of any crime committed but also because he does not deserve this kind of treatment from a government which is supposed to protect and nurture the talents among its people."

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Name:   Ka Chito
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda st., Basey, Samar
Email:   delatorrechito@yahoo.com
Date:   October 14, 2011

Today (October 14, 2011), Mount Danglay will serve as a subject for documentation and a documentary to be undertaken by a joint group of first-time Danglay climbers mostly coming from Basey, Samar. The group will be led by Pastor Guillermo Gacutan of Basey Baptist Church, who is president and convenor of the COrBa (Consortium of Community Organizers of Basey) and Teodorico D. Porbus, president of the four-year old Baktas Kabub’wason Rural Workers Association. If plans don’t miscarry, a delegation from Tacloban-based CAT8 (a cable television network) will join in, producing a documentary for its own audiences.

Among the fresh climbers are agrarian reform beneficiaries who agreed at the conclusion of their training on community organizing (with regional coordinator Judy Torres of KAISAMPALAD Inc. as principal lecturer) to climb Danglay as part of their preparations for a planned hike to the interior northern mountains of Basey which are inside the agrarian-covered Samar Settlement Project (SSP). The visit will enable them to measure their hiking and climbing paces and to estimate how much time they’ll be spending during their first exploratory trip to the SSP mountains.

Last Sunday afternoon, they met for their final preparations for Danglay at the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Mission at Loyo, Basey, with pastor Douglas Dela Torre, who is also an ARB, playing host even as he celebrated his 55th birthday. Douglas said CAT8 television crew will join the climbs, first to Danglay, and a week later, to the northern mountains of Basey, Samar. The Basaynon Danglay hikers also intend to plant souvenir banners to convey the message that they "captured" this mountain whose legend remains fresh in the hearts of many Basaynons.

Danglay is that imposing mountain on the side of Basey, that overlooks the 1.2-kilometer San Juanico Bridge and provides a good cloud-level standpoint for surveying the skyline of Tacloban, Basey, and the part of the town of Sta. Rita.

Ptr. Gacutan is optimistic that while taking a breather atop Danglay, he perhaps might be able to compose a Waray song which he could share with the agrarian reform beneficiaries during their upcoming tour of Basey’s northern mountains. The COrBa convenor is himself a guitarist and former combo lead guitarist in Manila, a singer, a self-made poet and playwright and stage drama director.

This schedule can change only when weather won’t warrant it, says Baktas prexy Dioring.

The trek leaders believe that the mountains between Manlilinab and Baloog will be either wet and slippery or dry, depending on the weather. What happens to Danglay also happens there.

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Name:  Ka Chito
Address:  Pio K. Tabunda st., Basey, Samar
Email:  delatorrechito@yahoo.com
Date:  October 11, 2011, 4:57 a.m.

ALL please be reminded to switch off our home electric lights, for one hour, from 7:30 p.m. tonight, October 11, 2011 in protest to all attempts to increase power consumption rates. Please also pray that the present dispensation of PNoy will heed our nationwide demand-protest and that all those in the business of providing electricity will, starting at 9 p.m. tonight, also stop henceforth corruption, graft and theft inside their own companies/cooperatives/offices.

A million thanks to all. (The Parung Suga! October 11 campaign is initiated by Freedom from Debt Coalition.)

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Name:   Cel
Address:  Manila
Email:   rodcelred@yahoo.com
Date:  October 10,2011

San ka nakakita na holdaper na may license ang baril at mamahalin.tapos puro sa Manila nakatira. haynko Kung talagang holdaper yan di na yan lalayo noh...common sense nga! o gusto Lang sumikat ng mga pulis kaya kahit walang kasalanan hinuhuli! kawawa naman ang mga pamilya at anak ng mga hinuli nyo.

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Name:   Rex Chu
Address:  12 Nijaga Street, Calbayog City, Samar
Date:  October 4, 2011

Sir / Ma’am,

Usa ako san mga kag-anak san Oquendo Central school, nga kon diin karuyag ko la maipaabot san iyo opisina nga an nasabi nga skwelahan in sigi naman la an paamot haros kada simana kantidad P15, P10, P5 para san iba-iba nga mga parks labot pa san homeroom project, test papers pa nga kada subject may P10. Paanano naman la kami nga may 4 o 5 nga mga anak.

Ginpaeskwela ngani namon sa publiko para menos gastos peru mas masahol pa ini nga amon ginaaragmutan. Pag-abot san pan-enrol balik-balik kami kay di karawton kay kinahanglan gud bayaran an tanan nga kabaraydan. Magreklamo kami san magturutdo batonon la kami nga nagpinanganak kami amon iton obligasyon, dudumtan pa an mga kabataan pinaagi san grado hamubuan. Ada na gad kami siton nga obligasyon peru kaangayan pa man ba ini nga sigi la aragmot. Haros tanan nga kamaistrahan an naghihimo sini ug pati pa an principal may kacorrupt bisan an 137 makuri ireles kay ginpapabaydan, pabalik-balik kay di napirma. Ginpapahamtang voluntary peru ginpapabaydan gud pag-abot san panguha kard. Napipiritan kami pagbayad nangungutang kami para la makabayad para la ka-enrol amon kabataan.

Sadto una nga tuig an mga magradweyt gin-aruan donasyon P100 o P50 para sumpay nga Covered walk kantidad P15,000 peru pira na kabulan sa high school amon mga anak wa la gihapon iton kaimplementar. Amon iton ginpakiana ginbaton la kami nga di pa tanan nagbayad, nga di man nira ginhahatag an kard og 137 kon di magbayad.

An gintatawag nga moe ba iton di kami sayod kon nano an kagarimitan ug an kantidad siton kay kon mayda ngani kinahanglanon bisita kon may okasyon pareho gradwasyon sa amon man nga kag-anak. Masiring ngani kami nga sa moe masiring la kulang panbayad sa tubig o kuryente kay gutiay man la an kantidad nga kaihaan pa nga tuig mga naglabay tubtub sadton una tuig GPTA man an nabayad tubig o kuryente.

Sir/maam sugad sini amon pamaagi san pagpadangat tungod kay naglilikay la kami kay ada gud sira san ira posisyon. Para san iyo kasayuran pwede man kam mag-imbestigar san mga kag-anak.

Ginlalaoman namon in iyo paghatag aksyon san sini nga amon ginpadangat sa iyo.


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Name:   Basilio Atienza Balasbas
Address:  539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:   03 October 2011

To All Samarnon based locally or abroad

It is through this forum painstakingly watched and nurtured by Mr. Gaspay, so that we can dish out our position on issues of national interest.

I unabashedly imparted the condition of my father and my mother who both perished because our provincial hospital cannot attend, even the most simple assistance of transporting patients. Namatay ang Nanay ko, namatay ang Tatay ko na hindi man lamang nalalapatan ng kaukulong pansin ng Doctor. Not once had I seen a Doctor visiting my mother who was in coma while confined at our Monalisa Hospital (our provincial hospital). She was really neglected by the hospital. I saw somebody putting something to clear the throat of my mother before she died. I was so distressed and I pity the condition of my mother. I was helpless. I knew that my mother knew that the mass was being heard inside her room, I held her hand tightly and I whispered to her to join her creator and I promised her that I will look after her possessions including those who borrowed money from her and further promised that her siblings will be well, after which she departed peacefully.

A lot of misfits, undesirables, corrupt officials, nincompoops, shenanigans are divesting the hospital funds for their personal gains. I have personal knowledge on this as I experienced it first hand when my parents were hospitalized. Samarnon who are based abroad you can help in changing the destiny of our paisanos, we are already on the threshold or the last leg of our journey in life and before we bid goodbye, let us help our distressed kababayan by reforming the political system in Samar. Others tried but failed, take the case of Doming Cabanganan. We have to pull our resources together and filled an upright person in the mold of P-Noy who will spearhead a no non sense corruptless governance locally.

If we continue to pay no attention to the political spectrum in our impoverished province, our children, grandchildren and the generation to come will say that their forebears had the chance to reform Samar but did not hence, their continued misery, my father died, mother died without being attended to by a physician in our MOnalisa Hospital, would you want this to happen to your siblings?

Let us wake up from long slumber and eradicate corruption by weeding out the misfits and the thieves.

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Name:   Zsa-Zsa N. Mirante
Address:   1067 BOnifacio, St.Sta. Cruz, Palo, Leyte
Email:   bezaleldelmonte@yahoo.com
Date:  09/29/2011

Good day I would like to know Nonoy's surname he had a sister named Melody residing at Brgy. San Pablo, Catbalogan, Samar beside Atty. Juan Latorre's house. Thank you very much.

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Name:   Betty Abinguna-Lockett
Address:  Daly City, CA 94014, USA
Email:   belle_la_mode@yahoo.com
Date:   09/20/2011

I have been away for such a long time from my beloved Pinabacdao, I attended elementary school from 1st grade to 6th grade with all the same classmates and I wonder where are they now?

I have been married for 31 years with 4 sons and have not been back to visit for 32 years. I want to say hello to my friend and cousin Leah Abinguna, Nenita Abainza, Flor Acaba.

To all my relatives, the Acbo's and Abinguna's, miss you all.

Betty Abinguna

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Name:   rydz
Address:   Pangasinan, Philippines
Email:   rydz143@yahoo.com
Date:  18 sep 2011

Hi everyone!

I needed your help in finding my long lost father and his relatives. My only knowledge is that they live at Catbalogan, near the market place. My father's name is Manuel "Manny" dela Cruz and I can only remember his sister's name that sounds like Vedic or Bedic, something like that who might have married a Chinese.

I suppose he doesn't know me, only my brother Emmanuel because he had seen him, while I was then conceived by my mother. My mom's maiden name is Sobrepena. Probably, my grandparents will know and my aunt, but am not sure. If I remember right, my father's middle name is Monteves.

Am now 33yrs old and have never seen my father, but I'm doing this for my brother who longs to meet him. For me, I really don't know. I have lived well enough to care. But please help me...for my brother's sake.

Thank you so much!

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