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Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:  109A Narra St. Bgy. 10, Patag Dist. Catbalogan, Samar
Contact Email:   rcram9@hotmail.com
Date:   06 April 2005

I would like to congratulate Mayor Coefredo "tekwa" Uy for his humble achievement of having the very first bus terminal in Catbalogan operational. We need this type of politician who talk less but act more and who applies his entrepreneurial skill to serve Catbaloganons.

Kudos to you Sir and I hope that this is just the beginning of the "big things" to come for the benefit of Catbaloganons and Samarnons in general. Of course there are many things to be done which was left unattended by  past administrations, but I believe it's  just a matter of time and sourcing out funds to realize them. First things, first.

Finally , I would like to say thank you for providing Catbaloganons this service that we have long deserved.... 

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Name:  Martin Flores Strand
Address:  Krenken 6-a, Odda, Odda 5750, Norway
Contact Email:   mfstrand@online.no
Date:  3 April 2005

Halo, komustahon ko an akon tiyo nga aada ha Saudi Arabia kon nakilala kamo kan Junior Braga nga security dinhe sa Saudi Riyadh. Komusta la ako ha iya kon makilala kamo hini. Ako iton iya pag omangkon didi ha Odda Norway. 20 years na dire kami nagkita hiton akon tiyo Junior. Ngan komusta han akon bogto nga aada ha Leyte High hi Dodie Flores second year high hiya. Ngan an akon maganda at matalino na pamangkin na si Bing Flores sa Kassel City subdivision Tacloban city. Ngan komusta kamo ate Lita Cordero ha Burauen, Leyte. Komusta liwat ate Mira Braga Schachtl and Mila Schneider sa Germany, Kon hino makabasa komusta nala. Regards from Marita and family.

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Name:   Angelo Estera
Address:   53 Kamias Rd., Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Email:    angelo_estera@yahoo.com
Date:   March 31,2005

Ang taray ng site na ito ...karisyo...kamakaruruyag....this year alumni home coming is terrible missed ....I’ll be busy in Ilocos for my project. I’m developing a tropical spa ....its a 3 hectare resort and spa in one with fabulous japanese zen garden, balinese inspired cottages and lagoons...its really relaxing with the view of the perfect sunset in the unspoiled beach.....ill see all my classmates soon or start emailing me or log to my website, www.angeloestera.com.....we could have a get together party in my shop .....kumusta ha iyo nga tanan ngan pagrisyo kita alumni homecoming 2005......

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Name:   Katherine Borromeo
Address:   Avelino St., Calbayog, Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:    kathborro@yahoo.com
Date:  29 March 2005

It's been quite a long time now and nothing has been heard about the plunder case against the provincial governor Milagrosa Tan and her cohorts in capitol. And what is the Vice-Governor of the Province, Jesus B. Redaja, together with the rest of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, doing on the situation at the capitol?  I've heard that the Lady Governor hasn't even attended or sat in the Regional Development Council since she took the reins of the Province?  Shall we allow these things to happen still?  She doesn't even attend meetings being called for by the different agencies in the Region...

Pastilan! Mag-anano nala kit nga mga Samarnon sini nga kahimtang san aton Probinsiya? Magparahulat nala kit sin waray kasiguraduhan?  Ugop gad kit san aton mahal nga tuna! Ayaw na kit pagpinangaturog! Kita nga tanan angay gumi-os na!

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Name:   Marita Flores Strand
Address:  Krenken 6-a, Odda 5750, Norway
Contact Email:    mfstrand@online.no
Date:   29 March 2005

Komusta an taga Samar og an taga Catbalogan, Ngan happy birthday han akon sister-in-law nga hi Alona Strand nga aada ha Tyssedal, Norway. Iya yana birthday. Komusta an taga Silanga ngan taga Iguid nga adto an akon mga kabarkada ngan mga pamangkin at kapatid ko. Ngan han akon bogto nga hira Danny ngan Tony nga makadi ha Norway, ginpadara kona an iyo working papers nganhi akon gin reg. adto para dere mawara. Nag antay na yong ga trabaho nyo dito sa Norway Danny and Tony. Alam nyo ba? hinde na nilisan ang mga kotsi namin mula noong summer na dito kayo, madaming trabaho kasi kami kaya antay kami sa inyo ha? Sege ang kapated nyong mabait at maunawain sa mga problema nyo dito.

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Name:   Baibonn D. Sangid
Address:   Quezon City, National Capitol Region, Philippines
Contact Email:    bdsangid@yahoo.com
Date:   28 March 2005

What the Gugma Han Samar has done is novel, truly inspiring and worthy emulating by all Filipinos here and abroad. Indeed, internet is a medium not only to post birthdays, marriages, exchange views and opinions but also to move people to work and translate dreams and great ideas into actions to better our communities.

Samarnon like Professor Ceasar Torres and many others at the Gugma han Samar are people of great strength, pride and steadfast thus no typhoons and floods can break their spirit. . .surely in their vein runs the blue blooded Lapu-lapu the Philippine hero of all time.

I salute the great children of SAMAR. . !

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Name:   Christine Casurao-Caidic
Address:  158 San Francisco St., Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
Contact Email:   c_caidic@yahoo.com
Date:   27 March 2004

Happy Easter to everyone!.... Have a speedy recovery to Mr. Addie Batica.... Happy Birthday to my cousin Zenaida Aberia-Roy... and to Leyte State University's Information Officer Jesus Freddy Baldos.

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Name:    Sam Taft
Address:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Contact Email:    samtaft2004@yahoo.com
Date:    Easter Sunday 2005

Haunting Mind's Eye

Indelible visions of long ago and far away
About old Catbalogan town in virtual inferno
Houses burning like match sticks, people running in wild disarray
Church bells ringing, police sirens blasting, the entire town a desperado

Red hot, orange fire raging
Dark, sulfuric smoke bellowing right behind
Turning everything on its trail to nothing
How could fire and smoke be so unkind?

Burnt bodies frightening, razed properties staggering
Survivors instantly recovering in daze and desolation
Measures taken to stop further burning
Able bodied men called to serve in fire prevention

The cause of the conflagration no one knew
Whether intentional or accidental still a mystery
Fate accepted for life to start anew
Townfolks rebuilt in quite resignation and forced misery

Lightning never strikes twice so they say
But don't hold your breath on this town's sad story
For a few moons later fire struck again and there to stray
Like the Devil's bargain to achieve someone's fame and glory

Happy Easter to my friends, neighbors and classmates.

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Name:   Armi-Avila Kugler
Address:    Vancouver, Canada
Contact Email:     esch49@web.de
Date:    March 25/05

Happy Easter to Everybody in Calbiga!  Hello to my batchmates in CCES, Batch 88!

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Name:    Rinieboy L. Anterio
Address:  Prince Sultan St., Riyadh, Al-Kharj  6604, Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:    Rinieboy@yahoo.com
Date:   March 24, 2005

Damo nga salamat kay Mr. Gaspay more power to you hello sa lahat ng mga Samarnon specially sa mga taga Baseynon dida ha kwatro mis ko na hira dida lalo na hi Jocelyn Colinares kun hain man hira yana kun mababasa man niya waray gad la kay kinukumusta ko man la hiya kay high school pa kami huli na nag kita sana ok la hiya kun hain man hiya. More power sa lahat ng mga taga Samarnon sana tulong tulong tayo paunlarin ang Samar at hindi mapang iwanan ng mga ibang region ng hindi na pumunta ng Maynila ang mga tao sa Samar pwede ba?

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Name:   Joel Davantes
Address:   19 Rocville Crescent, Balckrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Contact Email:    joel_davantes@hotmail.com
Date:   March 23, 2005

Glad to see this message board and I would like to keep in touch with my friends and classmates in Paranas and my classmates in SSPC (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Batch 2) Serrato, Abalos, Zuniga, Cinco, to name a few.

If ever u see this message and u know me, pls. keep in touch!

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Name:   Chay Dionco
Address:   12 G White St., Carmel V Subd., Tandang Sora, QC, NCR 3018, Philippines
Contact Email:    chaydionco@yahoo.com
Date:    22 Mar 2005

I'm Teacher Chay Dionco, a Human Ecology grad of UPLB, I'm not actually a native of Samar but I admit , I love your place.

I fell in love with the breath taking nature and beautiful people who accommodated us when I was in Bantay Kalikasan for an ecotour coverage. The officials and local town people are indeed beautiful inside and out. Since then, I promote your place...I always pray for a come back.

Thank God, He answers our prayers. Last 2004, I met a very good friend from Catarman. He is a very humble young officer who has a lot of dreams for his hometown and Samarenios.

This coming March 28-30, 2005 I was invited by the Principal of Catarman Elem School to be their guest of honor/speaker. I am so thrilled about it. I am there to inspire them to be like you...successful and achievers in your field.

Any message for them?

I will go there for two reasons:

1. To inspire the next generation...to strive harder, continue their educ and face the challenges of life as youth.

2. To know their educational needs like infrastructure and other educational materials needed very much for teaching like the ETV because I worked din ABS CBN Foundation Inc, the ETV has an Adopt a Hometown prog providing a ETV package to the schools for $1,000 or P54T. it includes:

TV set ( for classroom size)
VHS player or DVD Player
6 subject lessons for viewing
good for a one year program
plus a Teacher training for a minimum number of packages).
Teaching Manual
and of course a tv coverage of the turnover ceremony..to be aired on TV patrol and TFC shows not to boast but to inspire others to do the same.

I had worked with this beautiful people of ETV and EMedia...

I volunteer myself to be your servant/coordinator for this to make transaction a lot easier and transparent accountability,  since I worked there and I will visit Samar next week.  I'll send you the pictures, asap.

Appealing to your hearts,

Teacher Chay Dionco
Director for Finance
Voice of the Youth Network

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Name:   Lovella Lomuntad-Solina
Address:   Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300, Philippines
Contact Email:    lovesolina@gmail.com
Date:    March 22, 2005

Hello, to all Samareños..... wala lang, i just wanted to say hello to all my relatives there, all the Lomuntads and Gonzagas..... sana someday I can visit my hometown and meet all of you..... God speed......

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Name:    Mafe Labutap
Address:   Phase 2b1 Martinez St., Gatchalian Subd., Las Piñas City  1700, Philippines
Contact Email:    mafe_labutap@yahoo.com
Date:   03-18-05

Hi han mga waraynon kumustana kamo denhi ngatanan. Maupay na ba it Borongan? pati it Guiuan? Taga Guiuan pala ako pero damo it akon kilala ha Borongan. Ate kumusta ka na pala upaya nala it imo pageskwela denhi.  Sana magkamayada na website ha Guiuan. Ngahin kon hin-o man it makabasa hini pls. response. Usa gihapon ako nga taga Eastern Samar.  Kumusta nala haiyo ngatanan.  Amola muahhhhhhhhhhh.

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Name:   Coco and Jing
Address:   Calgary, Canada
Contact Email:     javillarin@yahoo.com
Date:   March 18, 2005

Congratulations to the proud parents, Jacques and Visa, on their first bundle of joy, born on March 17, 2005 (right after Auring's wrath and without power).  Wishing you and your little angel every happiness from A to Zzzz.

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Name:   Irene Cabanganan-Balajadia
Address:    San Francisco, CA 94112, USA
Contact Email:    erine12397@yahoo.com
Date:   March 14, 2005

Hi to all SSPC Batch '86:

I can't make it on your reunion this year but hopefully on the time  when our batch hosts the alumni homecoming.  When it is gonna be?  Please keep your batch mates around the globe on the loop.  Thanks and God bless!

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Name:   Rinieboy L. Anterio
Address:   Prince Sultan St., Riyadh, Al-Kharj  6604, Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:    rinieboy@yahoo.com
Date:  March 14, 2005

Hi hello sa lahat ng mga taga Basey must specialy ha kwatro mis ko na hira dida lalo na it akong mga kasangkayan and kakilala. Hi din kay Jocelyn Colinares kun hin o man it makabasa hini nga akong message pakisiring kay Jocelyn nga gin bibiling ko hiya karuyad ko nga e tuloy naman an naputol nga pag hihigudmaan namon diri man ako makakaturog it pag pinanhuna huna ha iya amo la HELP ME NAMAN ANY HERE.

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Name:    Luz Fallorina-Clark
Address:   Liberty, SC 29657, USA
Contact Email:    maria.clark@peoplesbc.com
Date:    03/12/05

This is her obituary notice on our local newspaper.

Maria Thomason

Maria Jacqueline Gabon Dasig Thomason, 40, of Greenville, S.C., died Thursday, March 10, 2005.

Born in Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines, she was the daughter of Paulino L. Dasig and Clara G. Dasig. Maria was predeceased by her father.

She is survived by her husband, Zack Thomason; her mother, Clara G. Dasig; four brothers, Remegio G. Dasig, Paulino G. Dasig Jr., Jamie G. Dasig, and Ray G. Dasig; two sisters, Lina Dasig Oler and Maria Alda D. Artelhe; and two stepsons, Shannon and Jason Thomason.

Mrs. Thomason was of the Baptist faith.

A funeral service will be held Sunday, March 13, 2005, at 2 p.m. in the chapel of Woodlawn Funeral Home, with burial to follow in Woodlawn Memorial Park. The Rev. Jimmy Gillespie will be officiating.

Visitation will be tonight, March 12, 2005, from 5 to 7 p.m. in Woodlawn Funeral Home.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Leukemia Foundation S.C. Chapter Memorials, 1247 Lake Murray Blvd., Irmo SC 29603.

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Name:   Luz Fallorina-Clark
Address:   Liberty, South Carolina 29657, USA
Contact Email:    maria.clark@peoplesbc.com
Date:  03/11/05

I is with much sadness I must inform friends and loves that Maria Jacklyn Dasig-Thomason passed away Friday, March 10, 2005. She is survived by her husband, Zach Thomason, of Greenville, South Carolina, USA. After courageously fighting for few years with her illness, Jackie lost her battle with cancer. She was not only known to the “Waray Community” in Greenville, but also to the Filipino population in the local area.

After graduating college from Samar Trade School, she worked for the Agriculture Department in Tarangnan before immigrating to the United States more than ten years ago.

We have been trying to contact the family of Jackie in Canlapwas and Maulong but the phone numbers are not working. I believe her sister Aida teaches at Samar College, and a brother lives in Maulong. If the family has any questions please send a text to Clarita at 864-414-4729 and provide a phone number and Clarita will return your call. You may also email me at maria.clark@peoplesbc.com.

Kindly pass this information if you know the family by chance. Thank you so much.

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Name:   Bobby P. Mosquera
Address:   P.O. BOX 35515 Dubai, UAE
Contact Email:    bpmosquera@yahoo.com
Date:     March 11, 2005

Hello classmates and friend musta kayo lahat? Sayang d me makauwi sa reunion natin, pero teka kailan ba ito kasi sa dec. 2005 ang uwi ko ng pinas, send more detail about this matter thank you...

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Name:    Victoria (Beck) Davantes
Address:   3805 St Kevin #4, Montreal, Quebec h3t 1h8, Canada
Contact Email:    vdavantes@yahoo.ca
Date:    March 11 2005

Kumusta na ha tanan nga tiga Samar esp. ha ngatanan nga tiga Paranas. Ha akon mga patud god bless you all. Mga kasangkayan ko ug mga ka batch ha Sacred Heart College "1986" I wish all the best. Salamat ha ngatanan nga memories happy or sad. Nagkamayada ba kita hin reunion? Eden, Mahalina, Dina, Rina ako gud man ini dire ako ghost, kon mabasa niyo ini pls. contact me.

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Name:   Christine AC. Caidic
Address:   158 San Francisco St., Catbalogan, Samra 6700, Philippines
Contact Email:    c_caidic@yahoo.com
Date:    9 March 2005

To SNS Batch 79 here and abroad:

The 2004 Homecoming Souvenir Book is now with our Class President Atty. Medino Acuba.  We will be giving free copies to those who sponsored a one-page and half-page advertisement.  Homecoming VCD is also ready for reproduction in case you're interested to have your own copy.  Please feel free to keep in touch with us...

See you this year's Homecoming this 3rd week of April 2005.

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Name:   Jeanette Lomuntad Robediso
Address:   Summit Ville Subd., Muntinlupa City  1776, Philippines
Contact Email:    jhanr@yahoo.com
Date:    March 8, 2005

Hi. I'm glad to find this site where my parents came from. I don't know how to speak the dialect fluently but I can understand it. Just want to get in touch with my relatives especially in the father side (Robediso) cause I haven't heard from them since my father died (almost 25 yrs ago). Nice to see this web page. More power! You may contact me thru 09175350704

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Name:    Pics Colinares
Address:   Sydney, NSW, Australia
Contact Email:    colinares@aol7.com.au
Date:   8th Mar 2005

To All LRDHS Alumni

The LEYTE RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT HIGH SCHOOL will be having their grand alumni homecoming (sponsored by batch 80) 2nd of July 2005. Tentative schedule of activities as follows:

Holy Mass 8-9 a.m. at Petilla Hall, LNHS Compound, Tacloban City
Ribbon Cutting/Blessing of LRDHS Building (Batch 80 project)
Motorcade - Route LNHS, Grandstand, Imelda Ave, Rizal Ave, J. Romualdez, Real, Sagkahan, Marasbaras, Mc Arthur Park Beach Resort
Activities at McArthur Park Beach Resort
a. Welcome of Participants
b. Registration
c. Opening Programme
d. Business Meeting / Working Lunch
e. Games, Contest (2-5 pm)
f. Evening Programme / Dinner (7 pm)
   Proposed Activities
   1. Presentation of production numbers for each batch
   2. 1-3 minutes of silence for those who passed away
   3. Presentation of tokens to the teachers
   4. Dancing 70&80 music
   5. Awarding of door prizes
g. Fireworks display
h. Bonfire by the beach, with roasted calf serve at this time

Suggested Evening attire: 70's and 80's get-up
Note: Each participating batch will be provided 1 hotel room where they can freshen-up and rest 

For further details please contact the following:
Batch 77 - Marietta Banez Tel No. (6353)3255108
Batch 78 - Raul Aguilos Tel No. (6353)3216108 / Mobile No. (63)9208663515
                    Portia Estil Calleja Tel No. (6353)3234233
Batch 79 - Bethyl de Veyra - Mobile No. (63)9189411134
Batch 80 - Helen Fabra - Mobile no. (63)9173060219
Batch 81 - Joji Abuyabor - Tel No. (6353)3259001 / (6353)5236196
Batch 82 - Sheila Fullido Basilio - Mobile No. (63)9186588594
                    Samantha Cainghoy - Mobile No. (63)9179856085

Best regards,

Pics Colinares (Batch 78)

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Name:    Cecil Alconera
Contact Email:    saycil_08@hotmail.com
Date:    6th March 2005

Maupay nga adlaw ha mga taga Catbalogan... Kon hino man an nakilala kan Rowena Lomentigar nga taga Brgy. Mercedes, alayon gad pag siring nga gin bibiling ko hiya...an iya patud nga pinaka-mahusay. An akon kahibaro, nag ta-trabaho hiya ha PNB ha Catbalogan. Puwede niya ako ma contact ha akon e-mail address saycil_08@hotmail.com.

Salamat nga madamo...

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Name:    Noli Padagdag
Address:    San Antonio, Basey, Samar  6720, Philippines
Contact Email:    ndpadagdag@yahoo.com
Date:    March 2, 2005

Maupay nga adlaw!

Igin mamalipay namon pagsumat nga an amon bag-o nga padi ha Basay amo hi Rev. Fr. Niceas "Butsoy" Abejuela ngan hi Rev. Fr. Dionesio "Joecal" Calderon.  Na install hira ha St. Michael Parish of Basey hadton February 20, 2005.

N.D. Padagdag
Basic Ecclesial Community
San Antonio, Basey, Samar

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Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Contact Email:    abatica@hotmail.com
Date:   25 February 2005

Bahin hini nga sumbong nga ginpasaka ngadto ha Ombudsman, hinaut pa unta nga lamragan kita ngan masayud hini, ngan diri liwat an Ombudsman umukoy han investigacion kay basi gud lumutaw it kamatuoran.  Segun hit aton "sistema juridica" o "judicial system" (Agidaw, ano - nga perestihon, nga na di ka kinatsila kita hini!) = a person who is accused is "presumed innocent until proven guilty".  He, he, he!  Sanglit hi ako ngahaw, nag-aalang ak pagbana-bana, kay bisan pa medio may ka kiling hit aton sistema, hin-o pa man it angay tumahod hit balaud kundi hi kita ngahaw, it taghimungto.  Let the process take its due course.  If it's proven that improprieties did take place, then the law should be applied to its fullest extent.  Agi, ini - nga napaka-abogado naman kita.

Balitaw, malain gad liwat panmati-an iton ngaran nga "kurib-kutib" hit fondos de gobierno.  Asay pa daw ada kon matuod gud man nga nahitatabo ini ha Samar.  But let's see if our system of justice still works in the Philippines.  After all, it's often been said that ours is "A government of laws, not of men."  Or as that Steven Seagal movie would put it:  "No one is above the Law."  Vamos a ver, kitaon ta daw.

Ngaran ak nahahangrit basta nabati na ako hit "kurib-kutib", pastilan, di nala ak magdidinamo hin comentario, ngan di ko nala ini iikug-ikugan pa kay bangin may dumulo.  Kundi masumo na man gud iton pagpinamati hini nga mga noticia bahin hin mga fondos de gobierno nga ginkukurib-kutib - tikang ha Aparri ngat ha Jolo. Sanglit mababasol ba naton an Isog Han Samar kon mag-inisog hira ngan magbinuruka tungod hini nga waray na katapusan nga kurib-kutib hit cavan ni Juan de la Cruz?

Aadi in ak sangkay nga sige it pag-inugsong ha ak nga mag-kandidato nala kuno ako ha Samar kay basi kuno kitaon it ak abilidad.  Agidaw, ano - nga perestihon!  Bis pa seguro ak yana ofreceran hin ka presidente, di nala ak ada makarawat kay bangin waray na sulod hit tesoreria nacional.  Di asya na - waray ko na kakawaton kon hi ako naman it maka-poder.  Balitaw, entremis la ini.  Kundi asya iton it kasugad ha Pilipinas, nga natika-damo la it napakadto hin langyaw nga mga lugar, kay masyado na gud it ira kabutangan.  May pa gad intawon paglaum hit Pilipinas.  If only we would return to sanity and the rule of law.  Panahon na gad man nga bumalik na an gahum han aton mga balaud.  Kay kon diri yana, san-o pa man?  Makuri man ini kon maghihinulat la kita ngada hit pagbusag hit uwak.

Ngaran la damo ha am it aadi ha hirayo, naduyog gad man kami hit kasugad hit Samar.  Hin ka makalolooy hini nga kasakay hit aton provincia ngan hit aton minayuyo nga isla.  Kunta, angay na gad man magmata ngan manmuhay-puhay it lomolopyo, kay bisan nala tinalagudti makakatilaw gihapon kita han mga ipinanaad hin nga sinesering nga "democracia".

Amo la (sering pa ha Catbalogan - "Ansiya la"), kumusta ha iyo ngatanan.

Addi Batica

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Name:    Hermie Sanchez
Address:   Piczonville, Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
Contact Email:    jam_32ph@eudoramail.com
Date:   February 24, 2005

Kirigta kits!!!!! mga Batch '81 ha SSU, anay SSPC, anay SSAT/STS.  It's a great celebration of our past, let's reminisce our High school days, contact me at this -e-add to be counted...taga Batch '81,, paabat pls!!!!!!

Hermie Sanchez

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Name:   Rufino Yul Saba
Address:   1908 Rd 32, Pasco, WA 99301
Contact Email:     yulrufinosaba@aol.com
Date:   Feb. 16, 2005

Kumusta mga igkasi ko Catbaloganon. Batch 1980 ako ha SSPC, may ada ba website an SSPC? Kumusta an mga ka batch ko ug ngatanan nga akon mga kasangkayan ( kun may ada man haha)  Surati ako niyo.

Kumusta pala yung cast ng "TATARIN" siempre pati an amon Director hi Engr. Labro. Sir Kumusta na. Pati hira Mrs Gina Uy, Miss Marco, Mr Villegas at lahat lahat na. SIR BAKA GUSTO NYONG MAG DIRECT NG TATARIN 2 (JOKE LANG) kumusta liwat an mga naging kaklase ko dida ha SSPC ha college (medyo nag iha bago makagraduate kay damo man an karuyag nga kurso (hahaha) Sige miss ko na an Catbalogan, kaya lang waray naman iton mga original na mga tawo didto.. (pasensya na kun ano man an naging karuyag signgon hito) Kumusta na pala hi Mr Alvarez ( Sir hain ka na? Nag retire ka na ba? )

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Name:    Delia Mendaruz-Brunyee
Address:   100 Howeth Road, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, Dorset  BH105ED, United Kingdom
Contact Email:    deliabrunyee@yahoo.co.uk
Date:    12 February 2005

Hello classmates and friends!!! Just to let you know that I'll be coming to Catbalogan in April to attend our school reunion batch '86. So get ready to have some fun, fun, fun....See you there!!!

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Name:    Rhea Ramilo
Address:   Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89121, USA
Contact Email:    rhea21_41602@yahoo.com
Date:    Feb 10, 2005

Hello My name is Rhea Ramilo 22 yrs old currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.  I came across this site and had some troubles I suppose.  Anyways I am here to maybe have a chance to find my MOM and maybe meet someone who lives in Catbalogan, Samar that I could be penpals with.

I went to 1st and 2nd Grade in Mercedes Elementary School. Anyone here knows where it is Please contact me at Rhea21_41602@yahoo.com . Anyways, after moving out away from that area I ended up living in Barangay Sto. Niño and went to San Andres Bonifacio Elementary School.  Anyone know where that is also? Please do contact me. I am here to first of all also find a way to get a hold of my Mom. It had been 11yrs since I've not had any contact with her nor anyone from the Philippines although I remember part of her address in my head: TITO BARNOBAL, Barangay Sto. Niño, Catbalogan, Samar 6700.

If anyone could help me in any way with finding my MOM please let me know. I remember living poorly there and it would be my turn now to help out my mom and my little siblings. I'm only 22, just a U.S. High School graduate and working as a Certified Nurses Asst. Not financially well off yet but I'm sure I can help them a little bit if by means getting them proper clothes, food and maybe a place. Please HELP ME.

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