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Name:    Mae Sebolino 
Address : 1588 Kenneth Street, Seaside, California  93955, usa
Contact Email:
Date:     January 6, 2004

                Wowww!!!! u people r so amazing! aym so happy 2 find out 'bout this site.
              Kumusta na mga kabayan? happy new year 2 all. & 2 my friends in catbalogan, hope you guys still remember me.2 my ate hazel & kuya jojo, i miss u so so much, same with my friend sharon ballena, susan raga, dominie magdasoc, ging2x, margie laurilla, vicente dacaynos, arvin, rj borja, harzel moreno, JONIL UY (happy b-day), miss u all so much & hope 2 see u soon. you guys are always in my heart. e-mail me sometimes.

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Name:   Quing Huffine
Address:  720 traci  st., Hemet, Ca.  92543, U.s.
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Date:  January 4, 2003               

Greetings para sa iyo Calbayognon,

Maupay nga New Year sa iyo, especially sadton true believers of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave his life as sacrifice that we may obtain life everlasting. My warmest pangumusta and great respect to my dear mama @ papa, Ordie ug Annie Gantalao, who through  gigantic trials stayed strong by the grace and strength that comes from the heart of The Father above. My deep affection to both of them, and to all believers who could forgive a sinner for they humbly recognize their need of God's forgiveness as well. To those who can't, you have to face your own frailties. you are not excuse from errors, in fact you need to repent right now for being a hypocrite. In a much lighter tone, Happy New Year to all!!!!!!

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Name:    benjamin lomuntad jr.
Address: oras, eastern samar, philippines
Contact Email:
Date:     January 2, 2004


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Name:    Manuel J. Tizon
Address: Purok 3 Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:     December 25, 2003


To: Engr. Rommuel Nacar
Hello Romuel,
Kumusta na? ano balita? matindi ka ngayan ada ka na ha serbisyo...
Sano kita macelebrate??
Regards to your family. And take care always

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Name:    Alfredo Mescallado, Jr.
Address:   61-61 Woodhaven Blvd.,  Apt. 5-K, Rego Park, New York  11374, USA
Contact Email:
Date:      December 18, 2003

     For Samarenos Who Knew Father Bobby Sison.
     Funeral services were held on Nov. 25 at Our Lady of Pompei Church on Carmine St. for Father Bernabe “Bobby” Sison who for 15 years had ministered to a growing number of Filipino parishioners attending the church.
     Father Sison, 63, died Nov. 20 at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital from complications from diabetes.
     A priest for 38 years, he entered the seminary when he was nine years old and left the Philippines for the United States in 1978.
     Long concerned with problems of poverty and poor educational standards in New York City’s Filipino community, he introduced the first Filipino pastoral ministry here, which worked to develop social and cultural growth in that community, and paved the way for similar ministries in other Filipino populations in the tri-state area.
     He is survived by his mother, Soledad Japson Bolastic, and four siblings.
     Please visit My Tribute Homepage
     Yep I am the son of the Late Dr. Alfredo (Freddy) and Clara (Aning) Mescallado, Sr. (Dental Surgeon), Graduated Elementary at Sacred Heart College 1965 in Catbalogan and in 1968 drop-out of Saint Vincent Minor Seminary in Calbayog Fr. Cirilo Natchura Rector - Fr. Bobby (Filipino Teacher) - Fr. Aniban (Spiritual Dir.) 2 of my classmates that I know became priests Fr. Roy Rosales and Father Susing. MY FORMER SHC Classmates that I still remember: Rolando Quimbo, Cesar Singzon, Cecilia Valley, Federico Monuz, Roberto (4got his last name) "yo 4give me if I can't remember yo" I owned a dot com biz here in New York City do you want to work for me? lol

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Name:   Valentin (Tennie) Cruz Jubane, Jr.
Address:   5722 Gateway LN  NE, Bremerton, WA   98311, USA
Contact Email:   or
Date:   December,  14,  2003

Mga igkasi ko Catbaloganon,

Harani na an PASKO ug unta mag kaorosa na kamo hin kalipayan ug kamingawan para manla ini hiton paghigugma ha aton Ginoo "Jesus Christ" ug ha aton igkasi tawo. Malipayon gud ako yana nga nahidakpan na hi Saddam Hussein. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow U.S. Armed Forces Military Service Member for a Mission Well Done,  HOAH! Currently, I am serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Reserves and I just got Demobilized (Released) temporarily from Military Active Duty during the initial phase of the Iraq war. Although, I am just A Non-Combatant Medical Support personnel, I am still part of this Greatest/Bravest Military Service Member in the world. I might be called up once again soon because, the war on Terrorism in Iraq and around the world is not over yet. My brother Vicentito (Totie) Cruz Jubane has just been recently called up to U.S. Military Active Duty because, he too is also a U.S. Army Reservist, and he is leaving for 18 Months deployment to IRAQ. We are proud to be a Samarnon, Catbaloganon, and most of all Waray-Waray. We are also proud to be the real nephews of Bishop Emeritus of Calbayog nga hi Bishop Max T.Cruz, D.D.,STD, and Retired MSGR. Manuel T. Cruz of Catbalogan. Our mother is the youngest sister of these two respected uncles. Karuyag ko idugang pagpahibaro dida ha iyo mga igkasi ko Catbaloganon nga I work full time as a civilian Clinical Laboratory SCIENTIST / Clinical Laboratory TECHNOLOGIST didi Memorial Hospital ha California. Ako an Chief Medical Technologist ug Supervisor Medical Technologist for the evening Shift and I work by my self very Independently  (all shift).   To let you all know that I am also a Licensed / Certified Clinical Laboratory SCIENTIST and Clinical Laboratory TECHNOLOGIST-Generalist by the State of California Department of Laboratory Field Services.  ust to keep you inform mga igkasi namon nga Catbalogan nga iton amon mga Uncles dida ha Catbalogan medyo may kuarta ug medyo maupay iton balay ha igbaw hit bukid ha may uno kay damo iton na lolo-oy nga mga ka-umangkunan ug paryente nga mga money maker-professionals didi ha America nga nahatag ha ira. Sanglit ayaw gad niyo kaawa-i, just a little advice to Cesar Torres, again. My goal in life that in the near future, I would like to help our Co-Medical Technologists there in Catbalogan Samar Provincial Hospital. Mga sano nga adlaw mag kirigta kita ug mag kakilala para mag binuligay para ma i-share ko iton akon  mga experiences ug hibaro didi ha America para naman maging very safe ug mag improve iton healthcare system especially, Blood Transfussion Medicine, Microbiology, Hematolgy, Clinical Microscopy, Serology, ug all scope and disciplines of the most advance Medical Technology knowledge dida ha Samar Provincial Hospital. I am not an environmentalist, therefore I make no further comment about sanitary condition of my beloved hometown, Catbalogan. It is not appropriate to for any Catbaloganon or Samarnon to redicule and humiliate the people, local government official, and the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ-the Only Son of the Almighty God the Father. Mga Medical Technologists ha Samar Provincial Hospital, karoyag ko unta makigkilala ug makig sarangkay ha iyo ngatanan. You are welcome to E-Mail me or write me.


Lastly, nangungumusta ako kanda Rene Estera, Romy Estera ha Mercado, policeman Rodrigo (Odie)Labalan ug Beth Quiepo ha patag, to local government officials of Catbalogan, to MR. RAY GASPAY, I am proud of your WEB-LINK at, and most of all to my (our) two beloved Tio MAX and Tio Maning.  Ta hala damo nala nga SALAMAT HA IMO, MR.RAY GASPAY. MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSSS. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR  2004....

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Name:    Valentin (Tennie) Cruz Jubane, Jr.
Address:   5722 Gateway LN  NE, Bremerton, WA  98311, USA
Contact Email:
Date:     December 13, 2003

Mga igkasi ko nga Catbaloganon, " MAUPAY NGA PASKO HA IYO DIDA NGATANAN NGAN.

UNTA TAGAN KAMO HAN ATON GINOO NGA DIYOS JESUS CHRIST HIN KAUSWAGAN UG LABI NAGUD HIN KAMINGAWAN. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU AND HOPE THIS COMING NEW YEAR 2004 WILL BRING A PROSPEROUS LIVELIHOOD AND WEALTH FOR ALL CATBALOGANON. Ako dide ha America kalooy sa diyos maupay gad it kahimtang kay dire na ako sugad han ka pobre hinduro han nakadapa ako ha Pilipinas. I am now a very successful professional here in the USA, kay usa na ako nga Licensed by both the States of Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners and Department of Health Services- Laboratory Dept., as a Clinical Laboratory SCIENTIST, and also a Certified American Medical Technologist, in addition to what i have as Medical Technologist Licensee there in the Philippines by the Professional Regulation Commission. I have everything now here America like wealth and a good happy family of my own. Sanglit sagdon ko la ha iyo ngatanan nga igkasi ko nga Waray-Waray, Samarnon ug Pilipino ka mga aadi na ha America ug ha abroad nga ayaw gad niyo pakara-ota iton aton tuna nga natawhan. Remember, we all came from the dirt and destitution. But, we all should be proud of ourselves to be a waray-waray and as a Catbaloganon. Ayaw kamo hito nga ka-awa-anon ug napakahino na nga sobra mag pakara-ot hit iba nga mga hagta-as nga tawo ha gobyerno ug ha simbahan. Hunahuna-a niyo nga kita-a anay niyo iton iyo kalugaringon bago kamo mamintas han iba nga tao. Mga taga abroad ayaw kamo paghipakahino kay waray perfecto nga tawo dinhe ha kalibutan. Ako an umangkon ni Rev.Bishop Max T. Cruz and MSGR.Manuel T. Cruz. Advice ko la ine labi na gud kan  Cesar Tores.  PEACE TO ALL OF YOU!!!

An iyo sangkay nga pobre ug bugto thru "JESUS CHRIST"....MERRY CHRISTMAS...AGAIN  "PEACE" TO ALL......

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Name:    jonel badiola
Address:  916 n. hakau pl., lahaina, hawaii  96761, usa
Contact Email:
Date:      december 09,2003

Aloha. how y'all doin? its nice to have this site. its so cool... i was in samar bout 3 yrs ago. i actually went to samar college and was a member of the rayhak dance troupe. i miss those days. i had so much fun down there. i miss all muh frens in sc and in sspc. wassup y'all. i was there in 99 to 01. hi especially to marjorie piczon, polperdz,panas,all the original rayhak members. if anybody can let them know to catch me or jus give me a buzz. and if anybody who see this knows me send me an email and say wassup aight. anyways, much mahalo ray... u da bomb.. aloha

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Name:    Kolukoy Ha Salug
Address:   747 San Francisco St, Catbalogan W. Samar
Contact Email:
Date:    Dec.3,2003

Dear Friends,

Please pass this message to hopefully reach those people who are still concerned for our country. Let us wake up to this reality!

Shattered hope
By Silverio F. Aquino

       I AM now 75. I have a wife and six children and two truckloads of grandchildren, but my family has been breaking up because of the failures of our government. All this makes my blood pressure shoot up. I think many senior citizens are in the same situation.
       I know whereof I speak because I have lived through the administrations of Quezon, Osmeña, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay,Garcia and Macapagal, and life under them was good. I was a boy during Quezon's time and I know little of Osmeña's rule, but I know they were good and dedicated leaders. During the administrations of Roxas through Macapagal, I got an education, got married, had children and educated them in turn. The government under them was also good.
       Then came Marcos. At first the people responded well to his exhortation: "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan (For the nation to progress, discipline is needed)." But he turned out to be a dictator. He killed or imprisoned his political enemies, stole money in the billions of pesos, and repressed the people's freedoms.
       One day my youngest daughter, who had just finished her course at the University of the Philippines announced, "My future has been ruined by Marcos. I want to leave." I was dumbfounded, but I knew she was right. She went abroad. Then my eldest son, an electrical engineer, followed her. I terribly missed them, and I blamed the government for taking away their hope for a bright future in their own country.
       Upon the petition of my eldest son, now a citizen of another country, my wife and I were granted immigrant visas so we could live in that country. I did not go, but my wife went to live with my children there, so now we only visit each other. She, too, was disillusioned with our leaders. Her leaving was to me the unkindest cut of all. Marcos was thrown out of power, and was succeeded by the widow of his foremost victim and later by a former army general. But my four children remained skeptical about the future.
       Tragedy struck when a movie actor was elected president. Then he was charged with plunder and detained without bail. I watched what my four remaining children would do. True enough, two of them soon gave up and left. I could not believe they would go, since they had studied in good universities, they had decent houses, drove cars and lived in relative comfort. But they left because they saw no hope here especially for their own children. Now I have only two children left with me. They are also jumping ship because they do not see any good reason for staying. Sadly I know they are just waiting for me to go to my final destination, and they may have only a few years to wait.
       A recent survey found that about 20 percent of Filipinos want to leave the country. Many families really want to go abroad for good. One Inquirer columnist said it all for them when he wrote, "For the first time in my life last week, I really felt that this country has become hopeless."
       Like my four children who have gone, many people are convinced this country is hopeless and wish they had the opportunity to move elsewhere with their families.
       Countless Filipinos have chosen another way to leave, which is by finding work abroad. If they could, they would uproot their families. But they are forced to leave behind their spouses, children and parents in order to take foreign jobs, mostly menial and below their level of education, and they and their loved ones must suffer the pains of separation and loneliness. While the government is happy for the millions of dollars that they send home to prop up the economy, it does nothing to address the reason why, like the emigrants, these overseas Filipino workers have to go abroad in the first place. There is also the big brain drain that the government does not seem to care about. Educated and talented Filipinos go to live abroad and apply their expertise and knowledge to their foreign jobs. The exodus of doctors, nurses, engineers and technicians goes unabated, but the government is not bothered by this waste of talent.
       Why do Filipinos go away? First of all, there is so much corruption everywhere in the government. A world opinion survey has revealed that our country is the third most corrupt in Asia and the 11th most corrupt in the world.
       There is also too much politics. The finance secretary has said that politics is the cause of our dire economic problems. But who is engaged in too much politics? Why, the politicians, of course. There are too many of them in and outside Congress. They are concerned only about their personal ambitions and their expensive junkets and their abuse of their pork barrel and other perks. Gone are the days of Recto, Laurel, Diokno, Osias and House Speakers Cornelio Villareal and Eugenio Perez, of Ramon Magsaysay, and of justices like Concepcion, Moran, and Avanceña.
       Many politicians give speeches about poverty, joblessness, crime and other ills, but do very little, if at all, to address these problems. Instead, they resort to what is expedient or good for themselves. Look at the shameless speed with which congressmen have railroaded the impeachment charges against the Chief Justice and how some senators are thirsting for the publicity they will get as judges during the impeachment. Look also at how fast many politicians have risen to defend the Chief Justice without ascertaining that he is really innocent in his handling of the Judiciary Development Fund amounting to billions of pesos.
       The people are now cynical of this government. Even Filipinos abroad share this cynicism, as shown by the fact that only one out of every 100 of them has bothered to register under the new Absentee Voting Law. Like my wife and children abroad, they do not trust the government enough to participate by voting. The common lament is, why vote when the same kind of so-called leaders will get elected anyway, by hook or by crook?
       Now, I am horrified to learn that another movie actor, who has reportedly not finished high school, will be elected president in 2004. When my last two remaining children leave because this country is hopeless, my family would be completely shattered and, if I would still be alive, my hope in the government will also be completely lost. This would be tragic for me. I have seen better governance from the likes of Laurel, Recto, and Magsaysay, and I will never see the light of hope in this hopeless country.

***Silverio F. Aquino, 75, is a lawyer.

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Name:   Edmund Tan
Contact Email:
Date:     12-03-03

       Contrary to elitists’ perception, FPJ is very prepared to lead the nation to GLORY (with out Gloria).
       In line with parliamentary tradition, FPJ recently formed his “shadow cabinet” (a term used to denote the group of people from the opposition who are well versed in policy development and implementation, and waiting to take over the reigns of government once in power). None of the present roster of presidential wannabes can boast such preparation for governance.

Economic Team - FPJ’s thrust will be to achieve an ECONOMIC MIRACLE that the country missed in the 80’s and 90’s.
       No body is better equipped in making this MIRACLE happen than Nora Aunor (Himala). As NEDA Secretary, Sec. Aunor will not draw water from brooks of Kupang (Place of Himala), but would make miracles happen by encouraging people to believe in themselves. According to the future NEDA chief. “Tayo ang gumagawa ng Himala” She will be assisted by Underscretary Madame Auring to guide the government in taking the miraculous path.
       Sec. Aunor will be supported by Sec. Pepe Pimentel (Finance) and Sec. Roderick Paulate (Budget and Management). As Finance chief, Sec. Pimentel is well aware of where the “Kwarta” is. And no matter how small revenue collection will be, the public purse will be efficiently handled and kept by Budget Secretary Paulate in his “Bayong” with Undersecretary Amy Perez.
       Finally, the Team is completed by Trade and Industry by the tandem of Sec. Mura and Undersecretary Mahal to make sure that the basic commodities are priced right, neither expensive (Mahal) nor cheap (Mura).

Services Team - True to his populist color, FPJ will give more to those who have less in life.
       Being allied with the GMA administration, MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando will be replaced by another Bayani, New MMDA Chair Bayani Agbayani. As such he will scrap the Odd-Even scheme and implement a simpler “Ocho-Ocho” traffic program, i.e., no cars in Edsa from 8am to 8pm.
       Agriculture Department will be headed by Sec. Vilma Santos to ensure that food supply will be bountiful in all seasons in all regions.
       Housing, being the cornerstone of the FPJ Administration, will be given to an equally regal and competent person, HLURB Secretary Dolphy. As such, he will ensure that the masses get their deserved homes either along the riles (railroads) or airports. The middle class on the other hand will be helped by Undersecretary Nova Villa.
       The National Youth Commission will be headed by German Moreno so that he can help develop the talents of the millions of Filipino Youth. He will be assisted by Commissioners-At-Large Jojo Veloso and Alfie Lorenzo.
       Social Welfare portfolio will be given to no less than Sec. Willie Revillame. He left his show to prepare for government service. To fund the welfare programs, the young Lucky Manzano will be appointed to the PCSO and PAGCOR.
       Finally, the Department of Health will be headed by Dr. Vicky Belo. The projects in line are as follows: Oplan Alis Skin Disease, Tangal taba, and Libreng Lipo sa Masa.

Resources Team - FPJ’s policy is the full development of our resources for the benefit of the people.
       Department of Energy will be headed by Sec. Gary Valenciano. No more PPA, just pure energy. The Environment portfolio will be given to Sec. Chin-Chin Gutierrez and supported by Bureau of Forestry Director Rico J. Puno, Mines and Geosciences Directress Gretchen Barreto, and Undersecretary Jimmy Bondoc.

Defense and Law and Order Team - Considering the lack of respect the citizens have for the law of the law, FPJ will implement the policy of law without fear or favor.
       The Defense Department will be given to Sec. Annabel Rama who is feared by the devil himself. If she can handle Ernie Maceda, why not the generals of the AFP. If she can defend Ruffa’s integrity despite all her shenanigans, what more the integrity of the national territory.
       The Department of Interior will be headed by another fighter, Sec. Mystica who is well aware of the workings of the police after figuring in weekly brawls ever since she entered showbiz. She will be assited by PNP Chief Paquito Diaz, an expert on mobs and thugs.

Foreign Affairs Team - FPJ will continue the current government’s constructive engagement. Among the members of the nation’s new foreign service are the following Ambassadors:
       Africa Union-Susan Africa
       Austria-Amy Austria
       Brunie Darusalam-Cristina Gonazalez
       Colombia-Ace Vergel
       Germany-Baron Geisler
       Israel-Dick Isarael
       Jordan-Jordan Herrera
       Spain-Gerald Madrid
       Rumania-David Bunevacz
       Russian Federation-Nanette Medved
       Turkey-Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektas
       United Kingdom-Princess Punzalan
       United States-Angelica Jones

       The Department of Foreign Affairs will be headed by Sec. Melanie Marquez (Miss International) who is very experienced in “international” relationships.

Office of the President - Lastly, to manage all the department secretaries, a function of the Executive Secretary, no less than Exec. Sec. Lily Monteverde will “manage” all of them to make sure that they work in line with government policies. If Mother Lily can manage the whole Regal Family (plus Regal Babies), what more the nation’s Official Family. She will be assisted by Presidential Management Staff Sec. Lolit Solis, another “talent” manager. To complete the roster of palace officials, the Presidential Spokesperson’s job will be given not to Boy Abunda nor Cristy Fermin as other have speculated, but to the reliable Sec. Rey Pomaloy (Aminin!) to ensure that the government will not hide anything from the public.

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Name:   Sonny Cabrales
Address:   Walnut, CA, USA
Date:       30 November, 2003

I was in Catbalogan last year and the filth and unsanitary conditions that I saw was just unbelievable.  It's a big shame to see the provincial capital in such mess.  April of next year, the town will be host to a big number of Samar High alumni as the school observes its 100th year foundation.  A lot of visitors can only mean one thing - the money they'll spend will greatly help the town's economy. If town officials want them to keep coming back, can't they at least keep Catbalogan clean?

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Name:   thedy lanuza
Address:  32 yunsudong hambak mall, inchon city, south korea
Contact Email:
Date:    2003/ 11/ 30

Hello!! mga calbayognons komusta kamo ngatan dida sa calbayog. akon mga classmate san highschool sa sira jun cui, jun miraflores, deo daguman, john dormindo, allan capeding, roy camilon, boy cui, sugad man san akon mga kaopod sa nights of D'ALTAR sira morris dormindo, bong montialto, james panergo, eddie catalan, jojie perez, cris liego, ferdinand arpon, jun diaz, aton espina nga akon patod father aton kana pala. musta nala kamo ngatana dida sa calbayog.

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Name:   Nida Montejo Smith
Address:    509 Cherokee Avenue, Waycross, Georgia  31501, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   November 30, 2003

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan kabayan. I was glad to learn about this site, keep it up. Mga ig kasi ko Catbaloganon ug Buraknon ano an aton mahihibulig nga ma educate iton mga tawo ha aton nga kinahanglan maging malimpio iton aton lugar? Paradise iton aton lugar hadto, yana sobra na iton ka mahugaw.  I think if everybody will help each other marerestore iton kamaupay hiton aton lugar. So let's help out. HELP!!!HELP!!!
Nida of Burak

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Name:   Joma Avila
Address:   #105, 210 86 Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alberta  T2H 1G5, Canada
Contact Email:
Date:     November 29, 2003

 WHATS UP! PEEPS hows things going there in Catbalogan. If anyone knows me or remember me e-mail k. My e-mail add is

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Name:    Tennie Cruz Jubane, Jr.
Address:  5722  Gateway LN  NE, Bremerton, WA  98311, USA
Contact Email:
Date:      11/29/2003

Maupay nga panahon ha iyo mga igkasi ko nga Catbaloganon. Kun hino la ha iyo dida ha Samar ug Leyte nga nakilala pa ha akon, kon mahimo la pag e-mail gad ha akon. Iton akon telepono ha balay ko amo ini (360) 377-0693. Ta hala dinhe la anay mga igkasi waray-waray.

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Name:    Marcial Lo
Address:  Jersey City, NJ,  U.S.A.
Contact Email:
Date:      27Nov2003

Dire ako taga-Samar pero pirme ako nabisita hine nga website pagkita kun ano na iton balita dida ha aton Nasud ngan Rehiyon. An comment han akon bag-o nga sangkay nga taga Samar ngan aadi guihapon ha TATE..bahin hine nga pagkandidato ni FPJ ka Presidente hiton nasud...."WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??"  Maduroy la inen aton nasud ka PORDOY.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL PINOYS NGA AADI HA TATE....

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Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:   Auckland, New Zealand
Contact Email:
Date:      November 27, 2003

I am up to date regarding the political news in our country in general, and sadly I am mourning at the moment because of the decision of Fernando Poe to run as President. If there is such thing as popular signature campaign to persuade a person to run for a Public seat, would there also be a signature campaign to dissuade that person not to run?

If this happens Ray I will personally campaign here in NZ and let the 4.0 million people plus 38 million sheeps and cattles get their signatures just to discourage him from running. By the way we have plenty of actors and actresses in the "upper" and "Lower" chambers of congress, and most of them are just nuisance, not to mention the "Sublime Paralytic" (you know who I am talking about) as he wants to compare himself to Mabini, might as well call both of these Chambers as  BALCONY AND ORCHESTRA.

More power to you and Kumusta dida kamo ngatanan ha Catbalogan.

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Name:    Roy Aguilar
Address:   6201 Coppedge Drive, Corpus christi, Texas  78414, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   November 24, 2003

Another proud "WARAY" found this website. A friend of mine told me about this place just last week, & I've been checking it out everyday. I just wanna' say hello to my friends in GANDARA, CALBAYOG, & CATBALOGAN. I'm looking forward to Dec. 9, 2003 because that's the day i'll be taking off to visit the beautiful island of Samar. I'll be spending my 2nd christmas in 20 years & 1st since 1995. The flight is long & very tiring. However, the thought of the things I'll be doing....PARTY!!!! Anyway, it would nice to know new people from Samar or give me a HOLLER...just email me. Thank you for this wonderful website. Maupa nga aga, udto, gab-i ha iyo ngatanan!

PEACE.........LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!  Gandara here i come.....................

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Name:    Yvena
Address:  Hurst, Tx, usa
Contact Email:
Date:     November 23, 2003

I am not from Samar nor speak the dialect but i like the waray & its accent and some of my best friends spoke waray she's from Tacloban, her name is Virgie Lumpay and Ernesto Avila, and neighbors  Tering, Epe & her daughter Beatriz. Just wanted to greet all the people from Leyte.

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Name:    Man Andoy
Address:   Novaliches
Contact Email:
Date:    Nov. 22, 2003

Sangkay pukrat, uunanhon man naton an pagpauswag han aton bungto han Villareal. May ada ba sadang nga pagkukuhaan para an mga Villahanon mag-mainuswagon?

Guin binasa kon an mga pulong han kadam-an nga Villahanon dida hiton usa nga web site han Villa pero baga makuri gud ada an pagpauswag han bungto han Villareal.

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Name:   Edward Solayao
Address:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:
Date:   21 Nov 2003

Wow! What a surprise. Catbalogan has got a door to the cyberworld now. I've been looking for this kind since I went out of the country about 5-1/2 years ago. Job well done, dude! I hope you can provide a way where we can encourage all Catbaloganons here & abroad to participate in developing our home town. It saddens us to know that Catbalogan, though very rich in many extents & potentials, doesn't seem to move forward (but backwards, I hope not). The last time I visited this place, (some 2 years ago), it seemed nothing positive took place. "Makaluluoy hin duro. Drugs so rampant, crime is high, infrastructures are dilapidated... damo pa."

I hope one day I can still be proud of this place where I've been molded into what I am now. Our success here abroad, I hope, we can translate back to help out reflourish this once beautiful part of the world.

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Address:   Tacloban, Leyte   6500, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:     11-21-03

Maupay nga adlaw mga hinugugma namon nga mga villahanon... Hinaut unta nga ada kamo hin maupay nga kamutangan....siguro pinaagi hine ni nga web site karuyag ko la ig pasabot ha aton igkasiko villahanon... Nga panahon na hin pagbag-o, panahon na hin pag uswag, ngan panahon na hin pagpukrat...

Mga igkasi ko villahanon, kami in nasangpit hit iyo mga kasing-kasing nga maging kaapi kamo hine nga panalinguha hin pagbag-o para hit aton bungto... Aton man kinikita nga hasta ngada yana hain na man an progreso, pagbag-o ug pasuswag han aton bungto....Sangkay, waray na ba pag-asa it aton bungto? Sangkay san-o pa kita magpukrat, san-o pa kita magkakaurusa....

Sangkay, kon ikaw usa nga villahanon, nahigugma hit aton bungto, bulig... Ipakita naton nga may ada pa manta mga villahanon nga tinuod nga nahigugma hit villa.....Mga ig kasi ko villahanon, hina-ot unta nga ine nga mensahe dumulot hit iyo mga kasingkasing...hina-ot unta nga ikaw nga na basa yan maging kaparti ka hit pagbag-o hit aton bungto...

Ha kataposan, igkasi ko villahanon... Panahon na hin pagbag-o, panahon na hin pag-uswag.... Panahon na hin pag "pukrat" damo nga salamat han iyo panahon nga guin hatag hine...

Mabuhay an villa... Mabuhay an mga villahanon....God bless villa!

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Name:      Manny Acain
Address:   Taft, E. Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:     November 18, 2003

To the Editors of Samar News dot Com:

Congratulations and thanks for your timely vision of reaching and touching every Samar denizen the world over via your eclectic internet platform = Samar News dot Com.  With your outstanding efforts, Samar is now truly a member of the global village where anyone becomes virtually a next-door neighbor, touching and reaching others.  Personally, news like the forth-coming 100th year jubilee of Samar High, my alma mater, is greatly appreciated. Hope you carry on the highest traditions of the freedom of the press in your profession.  Again, my sincerest appreciation and God speed.

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Name:   romulo palma
Address:  birmingham, england
Contact Email:
Date:     november 14, 2003

Maupay nga adlaw or gab i ha iyo ngatanan. hello to my friends and relatives in pagsanghan, my home town. pwede makipag friends ha iyo?  pwede kamo mag email ha akon ha mauli ako ha Pagsanghan yana nga feb. 12 to march 15, kay mamatron ako. yeheyyyyyyyyy

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Name:    Cesar Torres
Address:  2724 East Court, Hilltop Village, Richmond, California  94806, USA
Contact Email:
Date:      November 11, 2003

Please keep this up.  We admire your initiative, your sacrifices and your perseverance.  I hope you can maintain this so that this can serve as an important resource for discussions on topics concerning Samar, and our nearby island, the Samarized Leyte, and of course on the Philippines.

If you have been to the Borongan website, the list of Boronganons sending emails to each other and transmitting messages to the Message Board is phenomenal. Perhaps, we can do this here also. Bisan la pobre iton Catbalogan ngan Samar, communicating with each other through the Internet would be an efficient way of sharing our concerns and our ideas.  Again, keep this up please.  And perhaps, you might be able to enrich the site also.  One possibility:  provide links to other sites.

Incidentally, when I was there last September I took pictures of a White Palace on the hillside of Catbalogan, by the Capitol.  Who is the very wealthy Catbaloganon who can construct such an obscene structure when the Catbaloganons and the Samarnons are groveling in poverty, destitution, and hunger?  I also took a picture of the Catbalogan Wharf.  I felt like crying at the garbage and the human excreta floating on the waters off the wharf, the place where I used to swim when I was in Samar High. Jesse Redaja and the leaders of Catbalogan have grown tired?  Or they are just so inept and incompetent?

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