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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
New York, New York, U.S.A
Date:   22 February 2006

Reading the article about Calbayog Mayor Sarmiento's reported blocking of Catbalogan's cityhood made me sad but not surprised at all. Historically, Catbalogan and Calbayog have been competing to be Samar's primary urban centers, but Catbalogan has always been the provincial capital and its political, commercial, educational and financial center. It would have been nice if Mr. Sarmiento, being a Samarnon himself and thru his official powers, facilitated Catbalogan's cityhood and help improve Samar's lot instead of thrashing it. Catbalogan rightfully deserves to be a city.

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Name:   Ote  Enguerra Escandor
Address:  71 Sth.tce,
Adelaide, Australia

I wonder  if you know the father of this person - Pablo M. Enguerra, and He is one of the police officers of Samar. Maaram man ako mag Gubatnon. Kun siya tabi an sa sayo sa mga bata ni Boy Enguerra?

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:  Catbalogan,
Date:    Feb. 16, 2006

I agree with you Mr. Cool that staying out of politics is one recourse for us who continues to believe that public office is a public trust. But, I am saddened that you and I, as well as other young Samarnons, are forced to abandon a vision for Samar to rise from abject misery. I could not blame you for staying in New Zealand and wash cars instead of washing the feet and kissing the asses of unscrupulous and callous politicians and businessmen in Samar. I could not blame you abandoning the fight to free Samar from these leeches of our society. I am, however, emploring that you continue to support in your own way spare the unsuspecting poor Samarnons from the wrath of these cancer-causing microbes called politicos.

I am not interested in public office Mr. Cool. I am happy working in the private sector. I do not believe that public service is only reserved for public officials. I can do more as a private citizen than as a government officer. That's why it is bull --- when those aspiring politicos start their campaign by saying "I will serve you if you elect me." Service to the public should be done by everyone not just by the politicians.

Here's hoping that some Samarnons will read this exchange of ideas which, I believe, is one way of serving the people of Samar to be more knowledgeable about issues concerning them.

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Name:   Lamrag SNS 80
Feb 16, 2006

Batch 1980 is pleased to invite all alumni of Samar High School/Samar National School in its hosting of the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2006 to be held on 24-30 April.

Dubbed as "Lamrag Ngadto ha Kauswagan", this week-long series of socio-cultural activities aims to rekindle our collective pride in our school's glorious past, celebrate its continuing role in nation building and perhaps, find answers to the challenges it faces ahead in its noble task as the trailblazer of progress.

Come and join us in our flamboyant ways to keep the grand old lady's torch alight.

Dagkot Na!

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Name:   Nerio Clenton R. Areglado
Address:   Blk.43 Lt.8
Kassel City Subd. Abucay, Tacloban City, Leyte
Date:  feb.15,2006

Hello hiton mga taga Samar dida!!!

Bilib talaga ako ha aton mga pinoy, bisan kita mangain na lugar kaya naton mag survive... kaya naton makisama ha iba na nasyon o ha iba nga tawo. Kaya naton ipantay iton ira kakayahan ha aton. Proud to be pinoy!!! siring pa. Nakit-an na iton naton ug napatunayan na ha iba sugad hiton mga OFW, proud ako ha iyo kay kaya niyo mag suffer para ha pamilya. More power ha mga pinoy!!!

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Name:   Rex B. Cool
New Zealand
 February 15, 2006

While washing cars at the gas station where I work, I couldn’t resist thinking how sharply you analyzed my message Mr. Morales.

Unfolding the true values of our politicians with their split-level personality as you may say, is of course a lesson to everyone who cast their solemn votes for those who disguised themselves as a sheep. With this in mind, we might as well empower better leaders of our society the next time around.

I hope that our exchanges here will serve as an eye-opener to all of us so that we will be able to relieve our beloved Samar from the ranks of poverty driven islands of the Philippines.

There are always differences on how I look at the achievements of people. More often, I measure their success on the number of rises they make in every fall. But that will not eventually make them good or evil. The aftermath of their success is yet to be seen.

The people had spoken when Mr. Nachura lost his seat in Congress. But did we get a better replacement? As you say, we never had a good representative in Congress hence a continued deprivation of peoples share in a republic.

Reading through your lines Mr. Morales, is tempting me to endorse you to the highest post of public office in Samar, but of course if only I have such powers. A realist like you will make a difference.

Me, I’ll just keep on washing cars in my adopted country until such time that I have enough for the rest of my years on earth, inhaling the fresh morning breeze from Maqueda Bay (if not yet polluted by then) and apart from the poisons of politics.

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Name:   Antonio "Tonyboy" Morales
Address:   Catbalogan,
Date:   Feb. 14, 2006

The good thing about freely and responsibly expressing one's self without censorship is vital for a healthy exchange of ideas. Such is guaranteed not only by the Constitution under the bill of rights but is observed here in Am I right Mr. Gaspay? Mr. Gaspay is one moderator who allows every possible side to be heard. Kudos for keeping the flame of freedom alive!

Let me congratulate Mr. Rexona Cologne (a.k.a. Rex Cool) from New Zealand for airing his side on the issue at hand. By the way, are you related to Rex Tawi? (Rexona Tawas ba, just kidding). Such comment is much welcome and I encourage Mr. Russo to answer the comment of Mr. Cool on the Eddie Nachura thing.

Let me, however, clarify that I am not endorsing any politician at the expense of Eddie Nachura who by the way was recently appointed by the "outgoing" President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, as her Chief Presidential Legal Counsel. According to traditions, that office is either a springboard for a seat in the Supreme Court, the Office of the Ombudsman, or a high-profile cabinet office. Justice Antonio Carpio (Legal Counsel of Ramos), Justice Adolfo Azcuna (Legal Counsel of Aquino), and Justice Renato Corona (Legal Counsel of Arroyo) are now incumbent magistrates of the Supreme Court. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is the predecessor of Nachura while the current Secretary of Defense Avelino Cruz was also a Presidential Legal Counsel before his appointment to the Defense Department. Wherever Nachura goes after his stint being legal advisor to the President is an interesting story to watch. He may perform better as Presidential Legal Counsel (like counseling the president to revoke EO 464, among others) than as congressman of the impoverished second district of Samar. Let's wait and see.

On personal achievements versus political achievements (See comment of Mr. Rex B. Cool). Mr. Cool is trying himself to be a skilled surgeon when he tried to dichotomize the person of Mr. Nachura and the politics of Mr. Nachura. Using the split-level personality test, Mr. Nachura the person is good while the Mr. Nachura the politician is bad. Is that what you mean Mr. Cool? Saying that the world of a person is separate and distinct from the world of a politician is one dangerous proposition because that is precisely the problem going on in the Philippines. Politicians are not acting as persons--they are acting as animals or beasts of the wilds. The politicians' world is far removed from the world of the ordinary homo sapiens. They try to have multiple personalities and that's troubling because our politicians should first and foremost be people whose sworn duty is to promote the welfare of the people whom they serve. That's our problem in Samar. Our politicians do not recognize their duty to the people they serve because they think that their behest personal enrichment (sometimes called "achievement") is superior compared to the interest of the public. Nachura is not alone in this totem pole, he is accompanied by Garduce (who bought a yacht), Figueroa (who built a pier 3 as his abode in Catbalogan), Mila Tan (who has allegedly plundered the provincial coffers), Bolastig (who got Mom's Store after serving as Governor), and the list goes on and on.

Now can you blame others when these acts of graft and corruption are identified with the politicians who perpetrared such acts? I guess that's difficult to dissect the person from the politician. What we need are people whose politics is reflective of their beliefs, faith, morality, and personality. We do not need split-level politicians. 

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Name:   Rex B. Cool
New Zealand
February 13, 2006

Way to go Mr. Tonnyboy Morales.

You see, the holiness of the freedom of expression is always taken for granted. Those who posts in this forum are sometimes being haunted as mischievous jokers without even understanding the full sense of the posted messages.

In the case of Prof. Torres, I believe I came across to that article which Mr. Russo refers to as unapologetic, etc. etc.. I say that Mr. Russo's accusation is baseless. If I remember the article right, Prof. Torres was referring to the personal achievements of Eddie Nachura as a person and not as a politician. It’s two different worlds. If there were words of superiority and a lot of superlatives then let it be. That's what Mr. Morales calls as the freedom of expression and that’s the way Prof. Torres expresses the substance of his writings.

However, I am amazed to see the similarities of your desire to free our province Samar from poverty and hunger. We all dream of the total economic upliftment of the province at par with other progressive islands in the country. Sharing the same goal will guide our way to progress. Let us not permit the existence of differences between the old and the new generation to be our divisive factor.

Also, let us not forget that the new generation of today is the old generation by tomorrow and the best way to handle this is to listen to one another and create healthier exchanges of ideas.

Be cool guys. We’re all on the same boat.

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Name:  UP Economics 198 students
School of Economics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1011, Philippines
February 12, 2006

Good Day!

We are senior students from the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City. We are currently conducting a study about the Samar log ban in 1989. For the analysis, we are searching for Samar's environmental (particularly in forestry) condition before, during, and after 1989.

With this, we are hoping that you could help us make our study more precise and more informative by telling us the exact log ban ordinance and by telling us how Samar was (environmentally) in 1989.

Thank you very much and we are hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thank you and God Bless us all!

Sincerely yours,
UP SE Economic 198 students

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Name:    Paul Pruel
Address:   Khs,
PO Box 10120, Riyadh, Central 11433, Saudi Arabia
Feb 12, 2006


Unang linggo ng Pebrero
Umaga ng Sabado
Sa Ultra’y nagkagulo
Mga sigaw umalingawngaw
Mula sa libo-libong tao…

Sila’y nag-uunahan at nagtutulakan
Nagpupumilit na makapasok sa pintuan
Nguni’t sadyang mailap ang kapalaran
Bumulagta ang karamihan
Inapakan, hanggang sila’y bawian ng buhay…

Ang dating masayang umaga
Ay nabalutan ng kalungkutan
Iba’t-ibang damdamin ay nailarawan
Katulad ng pagkamuhi, pagkasuklam at sisihan
Sa nangyaring trahedya na kailan man ‘di inasahan…

Ang Ultra’y naging libingan
Ng mga nasawing mamamayan
Na naghangad ng magandang kinabukasan
Isinugal buhay nila’t kapalaran
Na nagwakas sa kandungan ni kamatayan…

Iyon ay karanasan na ‘di basta makakalimutan
Ng mga naiwang pamilya’t buong sambayanan
Pati ang Santo Papa sa Roma’y natigilan
Nabigla sa nasaksihang pangyayari
At nag-alay ng maikling dasal para sa mga nasawi…

Kailan man ‘di maitatago ang katotohanan
Na ang kawalan at kahirapan ang dahilan
Kaya libo-libong tao’y sa Ultra’y nagdagsaan
Nagbakasali’t isinugal ang kapalaran
Kung sakaling suwertihin gaganda ang kinabukasan…

Noon malimit kong marinig ito: “Heto isang kahig, isang tuka”
Ngayon iba na: “Heto sampung kahig, walang matuka”
Ang trahedyang kumitil ng maraming buhay
Sana magsilbing panawagan sa pamahalaan
Na masolusyunan ang ugat ng lahat ng ito: Ang Kahirapan!

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Name:   Manny Acain
Hudson Valley, NY, USA
Feb. 12, 2006

As an occasional visitor to and reader of SamarNews website, out of curiousity and bit of nostalgia, I find it amusing to read some of the views expressed herein that allude to the ancient and long forgotten spirit of the French revolution. It's understandable to bring forth these sentiments out of desperation by some circles who deeply desire social and political changes to the impoverished and long suffering people of the island of Samar. But I want to remind these self-appointed agents of change to be mindful of the unintended consequencies of the French style of political upheaval.

The cruel and unforgiving reign of terror might be replicated in Samar if and when misguided and irresponsible thoughts and actions are actually put into practice. There are still hope and workable remedies available that are kinder and gentler than the bloody historical event of the 17th century.

First and foremost, a new breed of enlighten leaders must come to the fore and lead a system of govt that encourages respect of law and recognizes the subservient status of elected officials to the needs and decency of the people. The types who resort to empty platitudes have no place in this system of government.

The ubiquitious and uppity professor, who should teach people how to think clearly and how to find the sources of scholarly materials, must be more careful in his disquisitions that maybe harmful to the cause. He must curtail his abusive pronoucements and temper his sintements with respect and civility to all concerns.

And others, including yours truly, must continue to show concern with respect and humility towards a better and brighter tomorrow for the people of Samar. For my part, I'm still very much a Samarnon who's eager to see real and tangible economic changes to the island. 

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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan,
Date:   02/11/06

Russo's comment on the raging battle between the old guards and the new guards, in my opinion, is not true. I have no intention of having a head-on collision with the maverick Professor from UP. My comment was pure and simple defense of the freedom to express one's opinion without resorting to argumentum ad hominem by using one's lofty position or circumstance as a major argument. This forum, I believe, is not one den controlled by a lion in the person of Prof. Torres. This forum is for everybody who believes in the freedom of expression and the healthy exchange of ideas.

Also, the comment of Russo on the literary style of Prof. Torres' writings is one I cannot agree upon because freedom of expression covers not just the substance of the message but even the form of its delivery. Substance should, however, be given emphasis than form.

However, Mr. Russo's comment on what Eddie Nachura has accomplished is true. I thought that when he eventually won, after being a perennial candidate for Congressman since 1987, with the tag line "Kamo an magbubuot" that he will reform the system he once fought as a freedom fighter in the legal arena against the corrupt conjugal dictatorship of Marcos. He has failed me and many Samarnons. Sometimes the dictum what is legal is not necessarily moral applies to this legal luminary. He fought against corruption but he himself is accused of corruption. He may be popular before the national media by being one of the prosecutors in the Estrada impeachment trial but he has failed to deliver the promise of a new era of politics for Samar. He has not made a difference---he is no better than Garduce, Figueroa, and other Congressmen who served the second district of Samar. When will we have somebody who can make that difference? Your guess is good as mine.

Let us not put our reliance on these politicians---they are inutile---rather let us believe on our own capacity to rise above the seemingly insurmountable challenges and encourage others to follow our lead. I still believe that Samarnons will one day realize that the fastest exit out of poverty is not through the politician but through his own volition to seek, if not create, opportunities for growth.

There is still hope as long as ideas flow freely and not curtailed by those who disagree.

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Name:   J J Russo
Address:   52 rue Lafayette,
Paris 75010, France
Feb. 10, 2006

Dear esteemed readers of Samar News, and Samarnons,

I am quite amused that in these insightful pages of Samar News, a raging battle between the old generation, and the new generation is taking place, or I would say, the old school and the new school, of thought.

If you read the rantings of Prof. Torres against Philipp, Morales, and associates, he should look back at the article, Pride, Sadness, and Hopes of a Samarnon in California, and in that article, he would engage in a 20- paragraph unapologetic, unrepentant, sanctimonous praise for a role-model to be, the egregrious and debonaire, Atty. Antonio Eddie Nachura, the very well known politician who climb up the ranks of the Marcos administration, as a Corporate Secretary of GSIS, and with the same valor, climb up the ranks of the GMA administration, now as the Chief Legal Counsel.

Let us look what he did for Samar during his tenure.  Was it exemplary?  Did he made substantial contributions in the upliftment of Samar?  Or was it the other way around? He gained more from his position as Congressman, and the rumors have it, as Secretary of Education?

Given his superior reasoning capabilities earned being a bar topnotcher, and a legendary drinker, does the man's intellect comparable to his achievement as the foremost Congressman of the 2nd district.  That's a big question mark!  His legal mind is only suited in corporate boardrooms as well as the levers of state power (carpet-baggers they call them). Or was he just a grooming lackey of the emerging Ramos-GMA clique involved in toppling another corrupt president, Erap?  Or the worst, a legal eagle with a talent for hire?  But nay, when Cong. Pepe Pimentel engaged him in an interpellation at the session in Congress regarding the GMA-Garcillano tapes, he had to back down. Looking like a whimpering dog, he could not stand Cong. Pimentel's rebuttal on the rules of opening the tapes, as an evidence to be presented. Incidentally, the same attitude he would demonstrate in local campaigns in Samar, in a stand out debate with other candidates.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not saying that our present congressman stands above the crowd of old, corrupt and backward Trapos!  We the new and young generation of Samarnons cannot stand this old demagoguery, inane, blatant, and whimsical dream of a role model for Samar's dream politician.  There never was a Statesman from Samar who is capable of handling the new and evolving world of power politics.  That Statesman from Samar will come from a new breed of leaders who has been fed up with the Trapos, and its cohorts.  So if ever Prof. Torres should write another letter, it should be well-intended, direct, and profuse with facts, not his usual verbose and poetical style in writing. That's old style.  Let us learn from history, friends and compatriots.  Our future does not lie with the old and decrepit politicians.  Samar will move on.

Liberte' Fraternite' Eqalite'
JJ Russo

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Name:   daenthelife

Please help....I am looking for Jeramay. I only know her first name. She has a young son named Leone. Jeramay owns a small store and has recently married. She has been gravely deceived and should be told so that she may make her decisions based on truth. Thank you.

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Name:   Hermie A. Sanchez
Address:  Catbalogan,
Samar 6700, Philippines
Feb 5, 2006


Akon ginhahangyo an akon mga kabats,
Ha tidaraon nga alumni ayaw paglabyaw,
Kunta mag-gikurukuntak kita ngatanan,
Basi makaattend nga pagkaurusan.

Ha sunod nga tuig nga maabot,
Hi kita na an host hinin alumni naton,
Kunta aton gamiton ini nga higayon,
Pag kontak han tagsa-tagsa ngakabats naton.

Just email me at this add:

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Name:   Renita Paragatos-Klas
Address:  Im Schlinge 57a,
Paderborn 33106, Germany
Date:   03 - Feb – 06

Hi! to my mom "Nenita Dolceras! of Canlapwas and to all my class mates in Samar Natonal High School. Hi! also to Lolita Tambal in Sto Nino, Roselyn Paragatos, Marcial Paragatos. Komusta ha iyo ngatanan... Miss you all.

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Name:   Cesar Torres
2 February 2006

Dear Mr. Morales ngan Philip:

Even if you want to break my shinbone, and perhaps wishing that someone should cut off my head or stab my sides and dump my headless body on some dilapidated roadside in Canticum in Calbiga or in Santo Niño in Villa, I must confess that I am very happy with your message Mr. Morales. It reminds me of my favorite expression:  “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a thousand thoughts contend.” Bisan la karuyag mo ako pag-anitan sugad kan San Bartolome nga guin sasalin-urog hiton mga Katbalogan kay paropangisda man kuno!

You even used Catbalogan and Samar as your address!  With a very impressive letter like that! But since I cannot imagine you lugging a laptop or going to Jobal and Tonette Gadin’s BBCS Data Systems to post your message in Ray Gaspay’s, I suppose that is alright, if you forgot to indicate your e-mail address.  Kanugon.  If I want to send an email to you, I will just send it to Ray Gaspay. But of course, I don’t think that you would read an email coming from me. So, let us forget it.

Tinuod, salamat nga dako paghatag hin importansya han akon rejoinder kan Philip. It has been a long time since I have read a message like that — white hot with passion and anger(?), and coming to the defense of a Samarnon nga aadto ha langyaw.  Kasabot ko waray na ako iba nga mababasa denhi kan Ray famous website kon diri mga pangusta han akon mga na-utangan dida. An imo mensahe Mr. Morales makarit.

Ngan kan Philip, pasaylo-a la ako kon adto nga akon mensahe nakahatag ha imo hin kabi-du-an. Waray ako tuyo nga pag-insulto ha imo sugad han pagsulsol ni Mr. Morales.  Read my message again. In the first place, diri man ako ingrato nga diri nakilala hadton imo pagdayaw unta ha aton. Nagmamadali la ako pagsurat hadto nga mensahe. Waray panahon mag-review. When writing, I keep on looking at the clock:  “Ano’t oras na? Ano’t oras na?  Malelate na ako.  Kon diri ako masulod ha trabaho yana, para makasurat hin maupay nga surat kan Philip, kanugon han bakasyon. Bangin pa kita tanggalon ha trabaho. Seguro, okay na ini.”  Then “Send”.

Pero tinama-an han hubag ngan amor propio ni Mr. Morales.  Merese, kay nag-a-apura ngani. Unta, guin pasag-dan ko nala adton nga surat ni Philip. Pero intawon kay baga diri man liwat maupay nga pareho hin guin yuyubit adton “article” nga diri ngani ako segurado kon kanay “article”.  Just assuming nga kan Mr. Armando Ridao ngani, whose publication was due to me, I felt responsible to clarify some misperceptions.  So that message to Philip.

Philip, kon may barang, sigue baranga nala ako.  Pero iton barang nga napaguapo ngan napadamo hin kwarta ha? Nga diri kinakawat hin pa-agui hin mga 5-6 or ghost purchases or plunder? Ngan barang nga napa-upay magkuratsa, para bundle bundle iton gala. Para ini nga aton mga kablas nga mga kabataan nga homeless ha Catbalogan pati ini nga kalagasan ha Home for the Aged nga nagpapalimos, matagan naton hin guti-ay nga kalipayan ngan pagla-om.

Balit, pasay-lo, kon baga nag-hambog kita hin mga “Karamasov”.  Actually, an akon panhuna-huna hadto kon may mga “Karas” pa ha pangpang. Kay sobra naman iton environmental destruction kuno dida.

Mr. Morales, when I was pulling my own chair as a “Polly Sigh” “Has Been” ha U.P., baga ibarato na la adto seguro ha akon.  Again, in defense of Mr. Ridao nga sobra hin kabo-otan ngan kadako hiton akon utang nga bu-ot, I had to say something nga diri hiya politiko.

Waray man ako ig-dadasig nga rico ako didi o dida whether kinawat o diri, o Honorablé nga Tongressman or Gobernatong, so asya na la iton mga pampataba ng puso, sering pa han mga “Imperialistang Taga-ilog”. At least diri kinawat nga ka “Has Been”. Guin kuri-an, guin pirawan, guin-gutoman.

Hi Dr. Francisco Nemenzo, Jr., naman was here last October.  We had a forum here. I will request Ray to post the proceedings in his website. After all, as President of the Laban ng Masa, he is not an ordinary UP President.  Of course, we know each other.  Hadto pa han karuyag hiya tirison nira Joma. Han Presidente hiya han UP, he was actually asking me kon karuyag ko nga diri ma “Has Been”, asking me if I could teach again ha UP, preferably ha Tacloban.  Pero you know how it is…

Hi Dr. Jose Abueva naman, we have sort of a “cyberspace” relationship in the Internet.  Kay na respeto ngani kita ha iya, danay ako natatagan hin opportunidad pag-explicar hi-onong hin mga issues hadton mga nakontra ha iya. Right now, we are discussing this Constitutional Amendment nga pareho hiya hin guin ti-opay hin pukyutan. And like Dr. Nemenzo, we both come from the UP College of Public Administration.

In closing, I admire your eloquence Mr. Morales. Nagtitinago ka la dida ha?  Angay na gud nga iton iyo henerasyon na iton kumapot hiton katungdanan ngan responsibilidad ha Samar ngan Pilipinas para diri naman sugad hini iton aton kamotangan ngan ka waray pagla-om. Daw sugad hin madalumdom la an kabubwason.

Ngan kan Philip, pasaylo-a na la ako kon baga nakahatag ako ha imo hin kabi-duan. Diri tinuyo ngan waray malisya.

And to you both Philip ngan Mr. Morales, ngan pati ha akon, nagla-laom ako nga diri kita mapusok firme iton aton mga dughan ngan panhuna-huna. Ngan diri malaksi iton aton pag huwes o pagcondenar hin tawo.

Sorry Ray kon nakakasamok ini ha imo panhuna-huna.

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