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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   7 March 2007


Samarnon (wait a minute, maaram ba ini hiya hin Klasikal Samarnon Binisaya o English nala?) nga makarit iton panhuna-huna labi na an tinguha para han Samar ngan Pilipinas. Kita-a an iyan guin surat ha ubos hini nga mensahe, nga akon guin quote. Full of passion, brilliance, and genius.

Diri la ito. Iton iya intellect is razor-sharp. Kaupay unta kon sugad ha iya iton aton Governador, mga Congressmen, mga Senadores, bisan iton Presidente ha Pilipinas. Siempre, diri harayo hi Charo Nabong Cabardo hini nga tawo nga angay susgaranan han molopyo. We all know, Charo offered her life for Pilipinas, and devoted her talents and skills to Samar. When I think of Charo, I smile. And I am proud. I have extolled her to the heavens when she drove with her wispy nieces and 2-year old boy from So. California to San Francisco, in December 2005. They braved the floods, the storm, the rain, the wind, and the cold. I was so proud of them.

While mesmerized by Mr. Antonio Morales and Ms. Charo Nabong Cabardo, I also fear that since their personalities are sky-high, they might be elitist, unable to understand the great masses of our people.

Anyway, that is beside the point.

On powerful people, I am wondering at Mr. Gabriel Claudio, this young Atenista and Outstanding Alumnus of Sacred Heart College, who was cradled to sleep by a friend while singing a lullaby when we were still in Samar High, Linda Bernardo-Carlos. With all the carnage and the summary killings in Samar, the corruption, the Hell Roads in Western Samar, the Roads dotted with a Thousand Lakes in Eastern Samar, the poverty, the hunger, and the attempt of his fellow GMA cadre, Defensor and their godfather, Enrile, to decimate the Philippines rainforest in Samar, I have yet to read anything that Mr. Claudio has said about these critical issues. What kind of a statesman is he?

Anyway, salamat Ray for Kon may panahon kita, unta we can drink tuba, usa ka intero, akon bayad. Imo an sumsuman nga kinilaw nga tinga han sabulod. Upod naton hi Kezia Badulid, creator of Samar Tambayan, para tagay ngan para ubos han sumsuman.

"NPA CADRES-TURNED-GUN-FOR-HIRE. The core ideals of the communist movement are laudable but not necessarily practicable. The lofty ideals are ideals and difficult to implement. The existence of NPA guerillas cooperating with politicians to harass people and extract revolutionary taxes from the lowly farmers and fishermen are simply inexcusable.

AFP SOLDIERS-TURNED-BUTCHERS. The military's role is to protect and serve the people. The extra-judicial killings of non-combatant followers of the Leftist movement is simply wrong. Those in the mainstream of Philippine political system must be protected regardless of their political orientation. Once they carried firearms to overthrow the government, that's another story but most of those being butchered are frontliners who are part of the democratic struggle to define our collective policy as a nation."

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Name:   Graduate of SNS Batch 1983
Date:   March 7, 2007


Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan. Damo liwat nga salamat kan Mr. Ray Gaspay. Tungod hini nga website, damo nga Samarnon an nahihibaro han mga panhitabo dida han aton lugar nga natawhan.

I would like to reach out to my fellow graduates of SNS Class of 1983. A website has been created for us so that we all can keep in touch and stay informed as we plan for our hosting of our alumni homecoming in 2009. Please get involved, visit We would love to hear from you. Damo nga salamat!

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Name:   Joel Lasagas
Address:    KSA
Date:   03-06-2007

Ako po ay nananawagan sa kung sino man ang maaaring Mabulay clan ng Paranas, Catbalogan Samar. My late Father, Domingo Lasagas, was originally come from Mabulay family. Just he changed his family name to Lasagas for unknown reason. Lumaki akong kinikilala ang Lasagas surname, pero laging nasa puso ko ang hanapin ang mga tunay kong kamag-anak na kapariho ng dugong nananalaytay sa aking mga ugat.

I am really longing to see or meet someone belongs to Mabulay family that might be way to find my relatives particularly those from Paranas Samar where my Father came from. I feel incomplete since my Father passed away 1998. It bothers me a lot when i heard about those things & promise not to stop trying to see my relatives from my father side.

I am now working here in Saudi Arabia in 1 of the big construction company as Stimation & Design. Padayon na la kun hino man it may nakakakilala na galing sa Mabulay Family ng Paranas. Sensya na mejo mahina ako sa Waray. Pero khit sa Manila na ako pinanganak, nakakaintindi at nakakapagsalita pa rin ako ng Waray. DAMO HIT SALAMAT HA IYO NGA TANAN...more power to this site!

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Name:   Alberto Abalos
Address:   Al-faisaliyah Dist.-1 (infront phil.embassy), Jeddah
Date:    06 March 07

Hi! to all of my fellow Samarnon it's nice to have and join this site for keeping in touch and knowing were are we now, db nkkgaan ng loob ang magkaroon ng ganitong way of communication, anyhow i just wanna know where are my classmate batch 89 of former SSPC? is anybody of my classmate drop mail me at,  kumusta nala ha akon mga relatives og Abalos family in Samar.

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   6 March 2007

Kudos to those who were included in the top ten Samarenyos who made significant contributions to the province and its people. Special congratulations go to Mr. Ray Gaspay for his trailblazing idea of breaking the communication divide of the Samarnons. With his website, Samar is now in the internetdom and no longer a mere info in Wikipedia.

I do not agree that ex-Rep. Nachura should be included in the short list but the opinion of the writer, Mrs. Nabong-Cabardo, is highly respected. As chief presidential legal counsel and later as solicitor-general, Mr. Nachura supported the infamous executive orders of his benefactor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo by rabidly defending its questionable merits. He was rewarded a juicy post in the Supreme Court for disregarding logic and rule of law. Only in the Philippines could that happen. Had he been nominated to the US Supreme Court, he would have to pack and say bye-bye to his dream of being one of the justices of the court of courts. All those executive orders of GMA were repudiated by the very Supreme Court that he now serves. His legal qualifications as an expert in political law is without a doubt outstanding. Only his insane support of GMA's illegal and unconstitutional moves are highly questionable. And, of course, his 6-year performance as congressman of the second district of Samar is undoubtedly mediocre except his 10 seconds of fame when he was chosen as one of the congressman-prosecutor of Estrada's impeachment.

When Mrs. Nabong-Cabardo listed the ten people who should be exemplified, I will try to list the people whom we should be ashamed as our fellow Samarnons. Here they are:

GOV. MILA TAN. She is the embodiment of corruption in Samar. As Governor, Samar sunk deeper and deeper into oblivion. Her governance is marked by patronage politics and dole-outs. Thanks God that the Ombudsman recently ordered her arrest and 8 others for corruption.

CONG. CATA FIGUEROA. He is always full of himself. He tries to be clean when he is not. He tries to be progressive when he supported the removal of Gen. Jovito Palparan from Camp Lucban in Maulong but Samar's road condition is a testament of his failure to convince Malacanang to focus on the "hellish road to perdition" in Samar. Laws he authored while in congress are all insignificant.

CONG. REYNALDO UY. Cata's counterpart in the first district is worse than Palparan. Although he has not been charged in court for politically-motivated killings, he is known to host a cadre of goons ready to eliminate political dissidents. The murky blood bath in Samar is primarily the handiwork of those goons hired by politicians. Samar would be relatively peaceful without him. No one could identify a law with national significance that he forwarded to congress.

VICE GOV. JESUS REDAJA. This vice governor is always meek and amiable. He uses the image to hide his true self. He has remained silent during the time when the people needed leadership to stomp corruption in the capitol. His meekness is a sign of weakness. He has failed miserably when the provincial council he presides failed to do its function as the oversight body that checks and balances the abuses of the executive officials. And, he has to answer the questionable deals he cut when he was mayor of Catbalogan. The jail, the commercial center, the buildings named after him, etc....

THE MEMBERS OF THE PROVINCIAL BOARD. Whoever they are, they should be quasi-responsible for the collapse of leadership in Samar. As overseers of the people, they have abandoned their sworn duty to serve the people. There may be some who valiantly pursued the anomalies of the present administration but as a body, it collectively failed its purpose of existence.

THE PROVINCIAL POLICE COMMAND. They are always late in movies, right? Policemen in the province are being slapped on the face with left and right unresolved killings. While they think that criminality is the reason of their existence, it may also be the end of their existence as public entities charged to protect life, liberty, and property.

THE 8 CO-HORTS OF MILA TAN. Search for this link: ( Damiano Zerada Conde, Jr., prov. treasurer; Maximo Darunday Sison, prov. budget officer; Rolando Bolastig Montejo, prov. administrative officer; Aurelio Bardaje, Jr., prov. general services officer; Numeriano Legaspi, inspector/record officer at the General Services Office; Romeo Chan Reales, prov. accountant; and, Reynaldo Angeles-Yabut, private supplier. No need to elaborate. Let the Sandigan Bayan decide their fate. Thanks God the Ombudsman still has some credibility left.

NPA CADRES-TURNED-GUN-FOR-HIRE. The core ideals of the communist movement are laudable but not necessarily practicable. The lofty ideals are ideals and difficult to implement. The existence of NPA guerillas cooperating with politicians to harass people and extract revolutionary taxes from the lowly farmers and fishermen are simply inexcusable.

AFP SOLDIERS-TURNED-BUTCHERS. The military's role is to protect and serve the people. The extra-judicial killings of non-combatant followers of the Leftist movement is simply wrong. Those in the mainstream of Philippine political system must be protected regardless of their political orientation. Once they carried firearms to overthrow the government, that's another story but most of those being butchered are frontliners who are part of the democratic struggle to define our collective policy as a nation.

THE CALLOUS SAMARNONS WHO ARE SELLING VOTES. Politics they say is mandatory but exercising it wisely is optional. Voters selling their right of suffrage are no better than girls selling their virginity or faithful adherents of the Christian faith selling their souls to Satan. Voting in the Philippines is always marred by vote buying. Vote buying, though is not a single entity in itself. It has a siamese twin in vote selling. When the people sell their rights to vote, they sell their rights to complain and redress the wrongs committed by their elected officials. Vote selling is like a passport for the vote buyer to abuse and misuse the office he sought. Too bad, there are a plenty of vote sellers in Samar.

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Name:   MBPH Brothers
Address:    San Alfsono Monastery, Naval 6543, Biliran
Date:   3/4/07

Brother Associate Roland Suyom, MBPH – RIP

We are sadden by the death of one of our Brother Associates Roland Suyom. We where truly blessed with his presence in our lives.

Roland always love to do the small tasks at our San Alfonso Monastery in Naval, Biliran. He was always happy to do his work, cleaning, cooking and even doing the laundry. A prayerful man of God. He died very young, still in his twenties. God has called him to His presence in Heaven.

May his soul and all the faithful departed rest in peace. Mother of Perpetual Help pray for Roland Suyom - Brother Associate of MBPH.

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Name:   Jimmy G. Sabarillo
Address:    ASAS Univ. Co. Ltd., PME Baroom, Jeddah
Date:    March 4, 2007

Good day to all of you mga kasangkayan ko nga waraynon labi na gud it mga taga Guiuan. Ada mag e-election na naman, kunting paalala lang, unta maging more vigilant and critical tayo in selecting our leaders for the sake of our future and the generations that will go beyond us. So I appeal to every waraynon and to all Filipinos in general, who asks what can I actually do for my country... Choose and vote for the right people this coming elections, ayaw na kita pagpaloko hit mga kandidato nga mga salapian ngan maupay la it jingle o gwapo la hit mga poster. Let us choose leaders who have a good track record for service and who are genuinely committed towards serving our province, community and our country.

Manindigan naman tayong lahat para sa ating Kinabukasan at para sa Kapakanan ng ating Bayan! Thank you very much for your time in reading this letter.

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   3 March 2007


Agui iton hiya, bakay namanla kay guin dadayaw hiya ni Charo Nabong Cabardo, whose rapadapa I can kiss, provided she is not tickled and will not kick me, so guin publish niya ini nga article ni Charo about Samarnons who made a difference in Samar's World Wide Web.

Okay sigue. Anyway, I have been telling the world that your is our gateway to the world. May nagbabasa ba hini nga guin kuku-ri-an hin panhuna-huna? Like this article of Charo? Or Addi's articles, and mine?

Ha-in na adton akon sangkay ha Israel? Por bida, nangaro na ngani kita hin pasaylo. Diri la hiya guihapon nagsusurat ngan napasaylo. Anyway, I am really very happy that Ms. Charo has written something like this.

Incidentally, Charo, it seems mas makarit hi Luzviminda "Bebot" Latorre-Nacario compared to her handsome and trailblazing brother as Mayor, hi Reynato "Boy" Latorre. But honestly, every now and then when I read that a Bayan Muna leader has been killed, I fear that Boy Latorre will be next.

Ano ngani ini, por bida. Ayaw na gad kamo hini nga pagpinamatay. Madali it pagpatay hit tawo. Pero mas challenging iton pagbuhi hit tawo. It requires more intelligence.

Tomorrow, I will attend a forum in the San Francisco Consulate. The resource person is one of the most powerful persons in the world, DENR Secretary Angelo Reyes. He is one of the most powerful persons in the world because he is Secretary of a very important department of the Philippine Government which is responsible for the lives of 90 million Filipinos, 10 million are in Diaspora. He is also a military man, a general, and he is probably in touch with the powerful people in America, because he is general. I hope we Samarnons can learn something from him, especially concerning our rainforest, mining, and the killings and killings and killings in Samar. Daman aton makarit nga harangdon nga sangkay, hi Supreme Court Justice Eddie Nachura, waray man aringasa. And this includes that powerful adviser of President Arroyo, Gabriel Claudio, nga guin babysit ni Linda Bernardo when we were in Samar High.

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Name:    Kabalweg
Date:   2007-03-03 08:23:19 +0000

This is my first visit to this website actually. I was just a surprised that a website such as this exist. I think this is great so that people from Samar who seldom visit there - like myself - will know that some of the latest news from home. More power to you all.

Visit and promote It's a community website for Our Lady of Fatima Academy students and alumni.

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Name:   Samarinian
Address:    Zuerich 8046, Switzerland
Date:    03/02/07

Hi to my fellows Catbaloganon,

I just want to seek information about the book "O CATBALOGAN". Could anybody inform me how to get the copy? We will be going home for vacation and I want to have a copy of it. A thousand thanks.

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Name:   Rosario Reyes
Address:    Matsudo Shi Rokkodai, 2-46-3 Sunvert Mansion 105, Chiba Ken, Tokyo, Japan
Date:   feb.27, 2007

Im happy that Catbalogan is a City at last but i know the life and economic is not yet that good. But if we help each other and trust ourself by not always blamings ones fault we can progress. A little charity to each one of those who can afford to build even a public toilet for the sake of good sanitation nala. Not blaming the government or waray pondo lets have unity with our own ask some donations to those who can afford even me im happy to help as i can if there is really a group that will support hit Pagupay HIN HINAY HINAY LA HIT CATBALOGAN.

Im not in politics or to be someone to be proud of but Im proud that i was born and grown in Catbalogan. Salamat ngan Maupay an CATBALOGAN

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Name:   Roselyn Macacando
Address:   USA
Date:   FEB. 26 07

Helo...mga taga Sta. Rita Samar. Kumusta na kamo nga tanan. Hi Sander and Sandra Macacando congratulation in advance harani it iyo graduation excited ba. See you soon & GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.

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Name:   Nick
Address:    Cebu City
Date:   2/26/07

Mga taga Samar. Alayon pagkadto han website para sa mga political nga news pati mga social concerns han Pilipinas.

Mga Catbaloganon pati mga Samareño, alayon nala pagkadto han website han, looking into todays politics as well as current social concerns in The Philippines. If you wish to contribute articles, please contact me using the email that has been provided.

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Name:   Bobby Mondoy
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   25 Feb 2007

To:  All Samarinans
Subject:  SHS/SNS General Alumni Homecoming 2007
Host Class:  1981

Kindly visit our website: to view the Schedule of Activities of the subject on April 23 to 29, 2007; and General Guidelines on Grand Parade. Its going to be "Festival of Festivals: Pasalamat Ngan Pasundayag". See you all soon.

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Name:   Boogie Nierras
Address:   62 -a Real St., Tacloban City, Leyte
Date:   feb.23,2007

Hallo mga Taclobanon ngan Samarnon, ako hi Boogie Nierras nga taga Tacloban. Nag iskwela ha Rizal Community School, bangin la mayda ako kilala o klasmet ha Rizal hadto nga makakabasa hini. Kun maka lugar man, pag e-mail la dayon. Amo la ngahin unta mag hinga-upay an aton Samar ug Leyte ha damo pa nga mga tuig nga maabot. Mabuhay kamo nga tanan dda.salamat nga damo.

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Name:    Job Offer
Address:    KSA
Date:    22 February 2007

Our company is in need of two computer programmers who have experience on the following: MS C# (Microsoft Visual Studio .NET), MS VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, MS Access 2003 and Seagate Crystal Reports

Job Site: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Basic Salary: 3300 SR. Housing Allowance: 860 SR. Transportation Allowance: 500 SR
Yearly Paid Vacation (1 Month). Company Paid Round Trip Ticket. Send your cv to:

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AD VOID AFTER ONE WEEK. Waray-waray preferred. Salamat nga damo han webmaste.

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Name:   Beth Sizemore
Address:    Diamond Bar California 91765, U.S.A
Date:   02/21/2007

There is a petition going on right now to Save Man's Best Friend from the Dog Meat Trade - Say Yes to House Bill 2991. Target: Philippines Congress, House of Representatives. The site is The title of the article is "WE NEED OVER 50,000 SIGNATURES BY APRIL 30, 2007". Please add links to the petition on your web site. Thanks a million.

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   21 February 2007

Congratulations to Aminah. She is now Ma'am Aminah Kay Guinto Go, M.D.

There were 1,193 who passed the Medical Board exam. Aminah is No. 528 in the list of successful examinees.

Aminah is the sister of Victor Go, who is a member of this list and a student leader in Samar State University.

While I am typing this, Aminah is aboard a boat from Cebu to Calbayog. It is past midnight there. She is probably traversing Maqueda Bay right now, unaware of this good news.

Doctor with Muddy Wings or Doctor Angel Libby Asis Sevandal, the whirlwind of the UP Medical doctors in America has been encouraging and inspiring Aminah. Never to give up. To do one's best. And let God take care of the rest.

This calls for a celebration.

Victor, hire a band from Daram or Villa's immortal band, the La Playa. Utang hin kwetes and firecrackers. Meet your sister, Doctor Aminah Kay Guinto Go once she arrives in Catbalogan, if she can survive the Hell Roads of Samar from Calbayog to Catbalogan.

Congratulations Dr. Go. You are an Angel, like Doctor with Muddy Wings, the UP Doctor, Libertad Asis Sevandal. Please serve our people in Samar and Pilipinas first, before you come to America.

Cesar Torres

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Name:   Ingrid Palacio-Arzaga
Address:   Canada
Date:   Feb 19, 2007

Dear Annissa Palacio,

Please be inform, those who know Annissa Palacio that her cousin Ingrid, I am been searching her long time ago. Send me an e mail. Thank you and god bless.

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Name:    Kerwin Macopia
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar 6700
Date:   Feb 19, 2007

Presently working in Cebu City..... I received an SMS of my mom last Thursday that they are having a Standing Parade... I wonder why? It's not yet Fiesta or any other important event in Catbalogan..... but I was happy with the good news.....

After many attempts to bid the cityhood status. Finally, Catbalogan was granted to become one of the new City in the Philippines.

This means a lot to all Catbaloganons and we are happy with the result of all our labors and aspirations. Hopefully, we could see and feel all the benefits of this stature....

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Name:   Edgardo N. Medinilla
Address:   MGen Adalem St., Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila
Date:   19 February 2007

Re Chito Dela Torres's column "Lukban's Camp"...

General Vicente Lukban's birthplace is Labo, Camarines NORTE not SUR as written on the said column.

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Name:   Nene Andaya Spillane
Address:   London, England
Date:   February / 18 / 2007

Hi! Mga taga Samarnon kumusta kamo dida natanan. Ngan kumusta kamo liwat Ma, Manay Phebie and Family, Jhonny and Family, Gilson og sa akon anak Paul. Maupay kay may ada na internet cafe sa Allen Northern Samar, konta magkaada liwat internet cafe sa San Isidro Northern Samar. God Bless

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Name:    A. Abalos
Address:   B. Schema Co., Al Faisalyiah Dist.-Against Phil.Embassy, Jeddah 21583, KSA-P.O.BOX-53224
Date:   18february2007

Dear Co-Catbaloganons,

Being a SAMARNON I would like to extend first my warm greetings to the website creator for us and my fellow Samarnon. Una han ngatan karuyag ko gadla ipaki-ana kon kay ano dawla nga waray kta hin maupay nga mga hospital facilities hin kamaiha-an na nga mga panahon sugad man dawla hin waray na it aton bungto hin kauswagan. Damo naman it mga nag success ha kada tagsa og maupay it pinagtapusan hain nman ine hira?

Ako usa gadla nga ordinaryo nga Samarnon pero pag nakita ngani ako hit aton bungto nga sugad dawla hin nag-hihinulat hin buwas natuturaw nla ako kay ha iba nakikita ko nga mas depressed area pa ngani maupay it mga hospital facilities. Usa gadla it akon karuyag pahibaru-an og panawagan ha mga kandidato nga madalagan ha yana nga tuig kunta unahon niyo it aton hospital kay asya man iton aton dungpanan ha oras hin kasakit. Basi han akon mga experiences para magka-ada kta hin gamit para ha hospital, kinahanglan la an REQUEST LETTER tikang ha Doctor og end-user ngan approbado han Hospital director ngan ipasa ha Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) direcho na ngadto ha directors office para mas malaksi.

Ine nga akon mensahi akon na ine guinbuhat salit akon guintatawagan it aton mga opisyales labi na gud ngada kan Governor og Mayor nga buhata na gad naton ine nga akon panawagan manggad na makabulig ine ha aton nga tanan.....salamat nala og maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan.

Ngada nga pala kan Sister Eloisa David of Divine World University Sister sayang 'yong binibili nyo na Oxygen concentrator, d nyo na kinuha malaking tulong sana yon sa ating bayan...Anyway it's only a matter of follow up call.

To all my classmate in SSPC batch 89, kumusta na! Hain na kamo? Regards to all....May god bless us! Kon may ada mga paki-ana tungod ha akon mga istorya, mail me na lang ha

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Name:   Rommel Abuyen
Address:   Lot 3 Blk 8 4th St., Trinidad Homes Subd., Manggahan, Pasig, NCR 1611, Philippines
Date:   2/18/07

Hello mga kababayan!!!!

Marisyo na ngayna yana ha catbalogan kay CITY na. CONGRATS! hit mga official naton han ira effort to convert it to a city.

Para han ak mga kapamilya ha ubanon an Perola Family, Tuazon Family, Abuyen Family maupay nga adlaw! Para Gihap hit ak snabero (HEHEHE! joke) nga pamilya Mijares Family adi la ak ha Pasig City.... makontak niyo ak ha +639204852430. O cya paalam na ako..Bye2!!!!

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, USA
Date:   17 February 2007

Congratulations on Catbalogan's cityhood and thanks to the prime movers especially Senator Alfredo S. Lim and supporters who made this dream a reality after 40-plus years of waiting. I sure hope the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) president Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas and its secretary general Calbayog City Mayor Mel Sarmiento don't derail Catbalogan's cityhood as they plan to file suit in court to nullify it and prohibit the Comelec from holding a plebiscite. What a shame! A Samarnon at that!

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Name:   Nene A. Spillane
Address:   London, England
Date:   17 Feb 2007

Mga taga Samar kumusta kamo dida natanan. Maupay kay may ada na dida sa ALLEN Northern Samar Internet cafe, ngan konta magkaada liwat sa San Isidro Northern Samar sin Internet cafe.

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