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Name:   Santiago O. Tamidles
Address:   160 Euclid Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208, USA
Date:    February 16, 2008

I posted a text last year - March 2007 and I got response from some people.

I am a Calbayognon and I am in favor of cityhood of Catbalogan (if this has not been done yet). Whoever is blocking the cityhood of this town is an ignorant. This is progress in terms of budget allocation, in terms of services and in terms of preferences.

Calbayog City missed the chance many times over the years because of too much politics. Up to now, Calbayog has not even moved an inch in progress. What is happening in my own hometown? I went home once and saw the abject poverty everywhere. People are still walking in the streets with no shirt, the "pulubi" is everywhere, no decent infrastructure and the place is desolate and dusty and dirty with the tricycles moving in every direction like kamikazes. How did this happen when Calbayog was supposed to have a rich fishing ground, a fertile agricultural land where harvest is plentiful and intellectual citizenry who can bring a lot of difference. Well, your guess is as good as mine. This is subject to debate.

I am sure there will be strong reaction for or against this text – but it is about time to call a spade a spade. There is no progress in Calbayog - in terms of alleviating the plight of the Calbayognons. Are the people there any better 10 years ago? The answer is NO. The people are poor then and still very much poor now. Nothing has changed even with the OFW migrant workers abroad.

As a Calbayognon, what am I going to do? I am prepared to do anything only if and when the locals are willing to do their share of helping themselves. I am willing to donate a large sum of money if there is a tangible project that would benefit the majority of the people. I already started sending books and other materials so the poor schoolchildren can use them as reference materials. I can facilitate the application from the different foundations that I am familiar with here in USA – so the projects can be funded.

Let me know the details of projects here in Samar including my very own Calbayog City.

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Name:   Tennie Cruz Jubane Jr.
Address:   Washington, USA
Date:   02-15-2008

CONGRATULATIONS to Adrian Sison and Maria "Inday" Cruz Jubane!!! Please visit: YouTube aadto na upload ko an mga pictures…Just go to that site, then sa search space ig type la an "Catbalogan" then scroll down to the Picture with Paulette and Max Sison. An title: JUBANE Catbaloganon USA, Congratulations Adrian & Inday!

Amola ngan God Bless you all. Happy 95th birthday (02/14/2008) to our daddy, Valentin C. Jubane, Sr.

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Name:   Jhing
Address:   Brgy. Gumamela, Sta. Rita, Samar
Date:   feb.15,2008

Hi mga taga Samar nd mga Leytenos! mga ABENALiS, ZETA, LACAMBRA, LACABA kamuztah man... an ak mga klasmeyts at the same time mga bestfriends quh ghap… Penny, Jeanne, Liza, Rowena, Joy, Zairine, Mhai2, Cata, Nadine… ak mga klasmeyts han elementary nd highschool...I’m happy coz meida na website 8 mga Samarnons!!!

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Name:    Ronaldo Climaco
Address:    3618 Abercromby Drive, Durham 27713, North Carolina, USA
Date:   Feb 14, 2008

To Rev. Fr. Felix Jungco Jr. OFM,

Just want to say hi. Keep up the good work you're doing for the Lord. Have a great day! – Bong Climaco

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Name:    Marita Flores Strand
Address:   Krenkesflot 6-a, Odda 5750, Norway
Date:    Feb.14, 008

Karuyag kola kon hain man kamo nga akon mga classmate han Samar High an 1984 section 3 An ga name ay, Primitiva Jumagdao - Catbalogan, Gerardo Suarez Jr. - Bangon, Pagsanghan. Lucia Chua - Gandara, Nancy Gallo - Villahermosa, Ma. Elena Babon - San Sebastian, Ma. Kristina Deleo Reyes - Catbalogan, Alfredo Manlogon - Lucena, Emy Zamora - Villareal, Myrna Calderon - Jaibong, Cynthia Villenueva - Villareal. Meriam Brazas - Jaibong, Fedeico Cabugawan, Benida Dacuma - Tarangnan.

Amo ini nga akon mga klasmate na hain man kmo pag email ngadi ha akon? Waray na ako balita tikang han pag tapos han high school naton dinhe. Mag hulat ako kon hino man nakilala hini nga mga classmate ko.

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Name:    Amy
Date:    February 14, 2008

When are you all going to believe, that worldwide is still on AL NINO weather storm forecast? This means, that, when it rains, it could be cold water, and you will need an extra shirt to wear, or wear a jacket. Then, when it rains for a few days, flood. Would it be nice if the manholes are properly fixed, so, it will be less a dilemma, and there won't be scooping of water in the main area of the house, and you wouldn't like looking at your furnitures soaked in waters. Haven't you noticed in Leyte, when it rains? Whose hand is AL NINO? Is AL NINO a part of Tenth Prophecy? It is said that there is AL Nino, because, an Makagarahum nga Diyos, has been offended to the many things He sees around.

Have a mass procession. All rosary beads to Our Father, and ask that, no cold water to shower in your hometowns. Every fourth of the month. This is a word from the Father, any priests from Tanauan, Tacloban and other areas of Leyte?

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Name:   Malou Bermejo
Address:   Ubanon, Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:   02/14/07

To:  All relatives and friends

Please be informed that PEREGRINO YRAÑELA BERMEJO passed away, February 7, 2008 at their residence. His remains lie in estate at the Bermejo residence in Mercedes, Catbalogan City, Samar.

Internment is scheduled February 16, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. right after Requiem Mass at the Mercedes Chapel, Catbalogan City, Samar. The bereaved family requests relatives and friends to pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Peregrino Bermejo.

From the Bermejo Family thru Bembot Bermejo

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Name:   Badong
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   02/13/07

Hadto mga nag surat nga Pro Mining people ungod adto iyo mga ginsiring, hinaot unta nga an gobyerno mamulat nga an pag mina diri gad nakakasira han aton kapaligiran kay pera manla iton nga area nga pag miminahan hin kahaluag hini nga aton lugar. Kunta diri la matapalan hin kuwarta an mga government inspectors para an mga nagooperate han mina obligado sumunod han tama nga waste disposal.

Kon an Bagacay mines man nakakaapekto han kalikasan, dapat pati an Oil mining ha Palawan (NIDO) ipasara kay nakakasira man liwat ito han yaman han kadagatan.

Para kan Mr. Anti Mining, Sir, ayaw na gadla ig api an mga Obispo nga an mga kapadian kay diri man ito hira mga Geologist ungod man balitaw nga ubos kita tikadto, pero mas makuri lugod ada kon mamatay han gutom. Kon an kadaman dinhi ha aton may trabjo bangin waray ngani ada estambay ha kalsada nga usa liwat iton nga gin titikangan han hold up ngan drugs.

Usa pa Mr. Anti Mining ini nga imo inuugupan nga mga NPA nga mga tulisan, usa liwat ini namon nga problema didi ha liblib nga lugar. Makuri na ngani an pamiling ipapakaon han imo mga anak obligado ka pa maghatag hin revolutionary tax. Ambot kon nakabasa ka han sinisiring nira nga Red Book nga mas iniidolohiya nira hi mao tse tung ki han DIOS.

PAMALANONG daw ikaw Sir ngan kitaa hin maupay. Diri ka gad nabati han bagting han linganay han mga tawo nga waray kinakaon. TO ALL PRO MINING MABUHAY KAMO !!!!!!!!

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Name:   Amy
Date:    February 13, 2008

This is for Ms. Lucy Rebato of Gamay, Northern Samar:

Kumusta ka na! Where is Wilma Sapa now? Lucy, if you know where Wilma is residing, or if she is still in Gamay, Northern Samar, tell her that, I have requested you to talk to her. Her soul voice is very clear, perhaps, she could try talking to a priest in Gamay Catholic Church, and ask for spiritual prayers, so that, her prayers and the priest's prayers, can enter into her very soul. If she would like, she can write to me through my e-mail address, and, I can ask for her a good spiritual advice from one guide, who has been sending words and messages. If she was able to say something negative towards my being, for her, to bring that to a priest and ask for help.

**Thanks Mr. Ray P. Gaspay, for the thoughts you have extended, regarding this letter to Ms. Lucy Rebato, through your column. A communication through the mind. But for others, who are hard-believers, will not believe at all, but i have a guide, so its more like a - `mental com' ***

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Name:   Ricky
Address:   Calbayog, Samar
Date:   02-13-08

Natural Resources an aton didi guinhahampangan sa pagmina…Makahatag opurtunidad pagtrabaho manla anton guinkikita diri an negatibo na aspeto. Kit on ta an negatibo na aspeto na kun diin kita an lugi kaupay. Natuod ka ba san tama na regulasyon? Nasamantala an corruption san aton mga opisyales grabe? Nakakakita na ngani kwarta diri na iton nanginginano san kaupayan san kadam an kundi an panlugaringon nala. Damo nga balaud an natatalapas tungod san guintatawag na bribery o pagsuhol san aton mga nakaposisyon sa gobyerno o mga awtoridad…pagmata san kamatuoran! Nga kita na mga pobrehanon guinhihinimo nga tanga...kasakit pamation pero wara kita mahihimo kay wara kita kapas pag ato san mga corrupt na politician!

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Name:    Willy Servas
Address:   College of Medicine, King Khalid University, Abha, Assir 61441, Saudi Arabia
Date:   February 13, 2008


The new policy is unfair, it brings undue administrative problems for the employers of future OFWs. Many Filipinos will lose out on employment opportunities abroad because of this restrictive and easily abused policy.

Para sa mga kinauukulan: Kung di rin lang kayo makakatulong sa pag-unlad at pag-asenso nang mga mamamayang gustong mag trabaho sa ibang bansa- sana naman ay huwag na kayong maging perwisyo.

Please sign petition to abolish MC-4

Overseas Filipino workers would ultimately shoulder the $8,000 bond required from foreign employers under the new guidelines issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration governing direct hiring of OFWs, an alliance of migrants' organizations said on Friday.

Memorandum Circular No. 4 approved by the POEA board on Dec. 18, 2007 requires foreign employers directly hiring Filipino workers to post a repatriation bond of $5,000 plus $3,000 performance bond. But Connie Bragas-Regalado, chair of Migrante International, said foreign employers usually recoup recruitment costs from OFWs themselves, either through maximum exploitation of their labor or through direct deductions from their salaries.

"Mafiosi is the most apt word for the (machinist) of the new POEA policy, which exposes the administration of President Gloria Arroyo as a ruthless thug who makes sure that all the activities on its labor-exploitation alley must fall under her 'protection racket'," Regalado said. The new guidelines took effect last January 15.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 2007 records show that government exactions from OFWs through the various agencies netted around P13 billion. The new POEA guidelines could be another hole in the pockets of migrant workers, Regalado said.

Migrante has joined OFWs, mostly professionals, from different countries across the globe in demanding the immediate scrapping of the new POEA guidelines. Many OFWs view the guidelines as anti-OFW because it would mean loss of employment opportunities, saying that foreign employers would rather recruit workers from other countries that do not impose bond payments. "With the POEA MC-04, it will be our jobs that will be at stake. This rule is a grave threat to our employment," said Dolores Balladares, chair of United Filipinos in Hong Kong, an affiliate of Migrante.

She said Filipino workers who are renewing their contracts with the same employer or are transferring employers because of a finished or a pre-terminated contract stand to lose their employment under the new policy. "For an employer of a domestic helper in Hong Kong or either in Middle East, this translates to almost HK$50,000 SR24,046.00 Practical and financial reasons alone will inhibit prospective employers from shelling out the amount," she said.

The required bonds, she said, would only cause confusion and inconvenience that will most likely push the employers from hiring Filipino workers. Even if the prospective employer decides not to direct hire a worker and just go through recruitment agencies, the resulting worse situation for the OFW will also likely cost his or her job, Balladares added. "Due to the high fees that recruitment agencies charge, many OFWs are forced to borrow money from financing agencies. In our experience, the serious debt situation of Filipino migrants also oftentimes leads to their termination from their jobs," she noted.

"Either which way is taken, it is us OFWs who will ultimately suffer the consequences," Balladares averred. She said the government could have crafted the new guidelines out of " increase its financial gains from the labor export industry while letting go of its responsibility for protection of and services to Filipinos abroad" and has put the livelihood itself of OFWs in a vulnerable situation.

In view of the strong opposition to the direct hiring policy, Regalado said Migrante will intensify efforts for the immediate scrapping of the new guidelines and strengthen the ongoing campaign for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because she would never implement policies for the genuine benefits of OFWs.

Migrante International is spearheading a signature campaign and a series of protest actions in the Philippines, Italy, Hong Kong, the Middle East and other countries against the new policy. - Please pass it on. This is a serious matter for Overseas Filipino Workers.

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Name:   Lilibeth Padua
Address:   Mabini, Manila, Philippines
Date:   Feb 12, 2008

I want to know what happen to the election protest of Atty. Tuazon.

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Name:    Tontoy
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:    02/11/08

Salamat Pro Mining han iyo pagsumat han kamatuuran. An iyo mga sinabi diri la kay basi han libro pero ha ungod nga nahitatabu, kunta makita han gobyerno nga an minahan diri makakaapekto han kapaligiran basta mahigpit an pag monitor han waste disposal.

Hadto nga mga nakuntra han pag mina abrihi gad liwat an iyo mga mata kitaa daw niyo nga kadamo han pamilya nga nagkukuri dara hin waray mapapasokan nga trabajo, ngan an pag tanum diri puwede lauman pirmi kay dara han pirmi nga bagyo dinhi ha aton. Bisan an lubi in gin aagian han bagyo nagiiha bumunga. Mr. Anti Mining bangin waray kapa kita hin usa nga pamilya ha bukid nga usa la ka bisis na kaon ha usa ka adlaw, kamote pa, an problema pa an kamote nga kinaahanglan ipakaon han imo mga anak may kahati para han revolutionary tax.

Sir kadamo han mabubuligan nga pamilya kon igpapasigi an minahan. MABUHAY AN MINHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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Name:   Concerned Citizen
Address:   Tromsø, Norway
Date:   02/11/08

Maupay nga adlaw haiyo ngatanan ilabi na mga Samarnon. Unang-una, nalilipay ako nga may-ada pipira in "openly" nagpapahayag hiton ira pagtipa ha pagmina. Though ini nga pipira doesnt trully represent han mga Samarnon, but then, ini in dako nga bulig para magmata iton pipira nga nabubuta hiton lamrag han kwarta ngan kon anuman nga patapod hiton mga mining companies nga interesado la ha pag exploit hiton resources han probinsiya.

Tuod nga kinahanglan naton hin trabaho, tuod nga kinahanglan naton hin kwarta para pagsuporta hiton aton existence. Pero ayaw naton hingalimti nga nabubuhi kita diri la para ha aton kalugaringon ngan diri la ha yana. Konkreto nga ehemplo an Bagacay Mines. Yana ano iton itsura? Hain na an mga taga baryo nga naglalaum nga makakagpulos han karikuhan han ira lugar? An Bagacay in ginbayaan han Mining Company nga nagpahimulos han karikuhan, bilin nira an industrial waste ngan bangin pa ngani, a deadly toxic waste. Ha Manicani E. Samar, kuno an mga taghimaryo amo an mga trabahador, pero natuman ba? Waray. kamatuoran la,an pagmina in diri maraot kon magigin responsable an paggamit hini ngan kon magpupulos liwat an katawhan.

Pero an natatabo, pipira la an natambok an bursa samtang an iba, naghihimakuri, naiipa. Pero tiunano man ini matatabo, nga bisan an mga tawo nga involve ha pagsara han credibilidad han mining company in napapalit? DENR ngan Bureau of mines and Geo sciences, given fact ito nga pipira haira in kwarta la it katugbang! Siring pa ngani, ha dunot nga sistema han Pilipinas, kon maupay ka nga surugu-on han katawhan, duha la an imo hingangadtuan; end up behind bars or worse disappear or be taken by the rotten system! Damo nga Salamat ngan PAGMATA SAMARNON!

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Name:   Katherine P. Giray
Address:   035 Peace St. A Prime Compound, San Andres, Cainta, Rizal 1900, Philippines
Date:   Feb. 10, 2008


I am interested with what you offered to all Samarnon and Leyteno, that would be a great help to us who are seeking a stable job, you know now a days was difficult to look for a good job. I am from Laoang, Northern Samar. I am a graduate of BS Education but I am not a board passer yet. I am looking for a Office Support job or any position that is suited for my educational background. Any position will do as long as it is decent one.

I hope you can help me with this. Thank you very much.

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Name:   Maricon Ala-Gerente
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Februay 10, 2008

To: Nhel

Thanks for your response...amo ini an akon e-mail ad...matikang ada an alumni affair tikang hit April 21 up to 27...make it sure na ma-attend ka hit aton pag honoree (April`10) or host hit aton batch (April`11)....nakakilala pa ako hit aton mga classmates han aton section han 4th yr labi na may ada ako class picture naton...ako ngani, once la ako naka-attend tikang han aton graduation...April`01 la…marisyo hinduro...

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Name:   Bokyo
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   2-10-08

To: Mr. Anti Mining

Salamat nga dako nga mayda ka concern na alagaan ang ating kalikasan. Waray man hiton nadiri maupay iton. An pagabri han minahan diri man iton problema kay kon an gin poproblema masisira an aton kalikasan, sano mag abri an mina mayplano man iton kon diin itatapon an mga waste materials sano approvaran han government.

An akon concern kon an an minahan makakabulig han tawo para mamayada trabajo ngan mayda ipakaon han pamilya kay ano nga diri tugutan. Abrihi gad sir an imo mga mata nga kadamo hin tawo nga maupay makakaon hin usa ka bisis hin usa ka adlaw. Can the government give work to the poor? Can the NPA provide any help to the poor? Diri ka gad na estar ha liblib nga lugar nga bisan imo ipapakaon han imo mga anak obligado ka mag hatag hin revolutionary tax para diri ka pag labtan nga pag dudahan.

Kon maabrihan an minahan ha aton damo nga pamilya an matatagan hin bulig, mayda makakaon, makapagpapaeskuela pa han mga anak. Kitaa daw Sir kon hain na an aton mga doctors, engineers nga iba pa nga mga edukado, puros adto na ha abroad pag tatrabajo kay waray matrabajoan para la may ibuhi han ira pamilya, ka dako hiton nga sakripisyo nga diri mo upod an imo pamilya. Sir aanhon ta man ini kon maglaum la kita hin paguma bisan an mga abono subra hin kamahal ngan dugang pa an bagyo nga bisan ngani an lubi in ginaagian tuig an imo paghuhulatan sano mag bunga.

Pag rally kamo nga ipasira an Nido an oil mining ha Palawan nakakasira man liwat iton han kalikasan. Sir Mr. Anti Mining salamat for your concern and more power to Mr. Pro Mining.

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Name:   Nhel
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   2/9/08

Hi Maricon Ala-Gerante

Nabasa ko an imo message para ha akon at kay Laila. Mabuti ka pa marami ka pang kilala na mga ka batch natin noon, ako nakalimutan ko na ang iba so nasa Catbalogan ka ngayon? Kailan ba uli ang alumni ng batch 85? Keep in touch nalang sa message board or kung may email add ka kung okay lang sayo bigyan mo ako. Bye and God bless.

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Name:   Marita Flores Strand
Address:   Krenken 6, Odda 5750, Norway
Date:   07/02/08

Komusta an mga classmate ko ha SNS year 1984 amo ini hira, Amit Herardo Jr., Nancy Gallo, Miriam Brasas, madaming pa kaya kumusta man kamo hain man yana? Section 3 han fourth year waray pa ako maka attend han alumni kaya dko alam kong nasaan mga classmate na baka mga abroad na malapit lang na d alam. Dko na matandaan ang lahat. Sana may maka basa hini ngan maaram kon hain na ini nga akon mga classmates. Thanks in advance. Marita Flores dati apelyedo ko.

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Name:   Job applicant for mining
Address:   Samar, Philippines
Date:   February 7, 2008

Kun tutugutan ta an pagmimina, ha tidaraon nga panahon mangamamatay kita. PAGHUNAHUNA! PAMALANDONG! Haroy! oo mangamatay gad kita ngatanan, unta mangamatay kita nga dire dara han gutom labi kay damo nga padre de pamilya it waray mga trabaho kay ngadto man la ha abroad it may ada trabaho, pero paano na an mas nakakadamo mga skilled workers liwat nga mga taga Samar ngan Leyte pero waray pan placement fee? hain hira makadto? mag uma? haroy! nag iinooran yana ano it igtatanom?

Dire nakakapaghulat it aton mga tiyan ngada hit pag harvest ngahaw ngan maupay kon kadam-an may pag uumhan. So an pag open na la hit mga mina it mas practical yana para kadam-an magpakaalayon. Haroy liwat mapakiana pa gud ha mga obispo? kay ano geologist o environmentalist na hira yana? Haroy han may mina pa ha Bagacay nag uuna unahay hira ngadto para magmisa kay dako it hatag didto pero han pag close han mina? pati hira bumaya nagbalhin ha iba nga parokya. So it means only nga pag may ada mina may progreso, kay ano nga may nakontra hin dire man bug-os nga Samar o Leyte it miminahon?

Ayaw na kita paghulat ha tidaraon nga panahon… yana na it tama pagkiwa na kita. Upps kamo mga NPA naman balhin na kamo hin lugar kay it iyo mga campo it miminahon na o kaya surrender na la kamo ngan bulid pagpala hin bulawan damo iton denhi ha Samar ngan Leyte para maging progreso na kita ngan para naman it iyo mga pariente dire na makadto ha iba nga lugar para magpaka alila la o mag squaters kay dara ha iyo. Ayaw niyo basulon ang mga sundalo kay aada iton hira kay dara ha iyo liwat. Give industrial and mining industry a chance in our region. Mabuhay an Samar and Leyte.

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Name:   Concerned Citizen Catbaloganon
Address:   KSA
Date:   Feb. 6, 20008

To: Anti Mining
CC: Pro Mining

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan! Ini nga pag mina maupay man basta it Mining company nasunod la hit mga regulasyon basta maupay la it 'waste management disposal' hini nga mga mining company. Ngan it DENR ay mag higpit liwat ira ig monitor regularly it mining company kon nasunod hira hit mga regulation o policy. Di ba ha ha Bagiuo City damo it minahan? o damo it nabubuligan nga mga tawo. An punto ko diri la puro kwarta, kay ini nga mga natural resources kenahanglan para mapakinabangan naton di ba? pananglitan ginto, nickle, copper etc.

Kon an mga NPA/Terrorist diri natuod han Diyos karuyag signgon an mga NPA advocates ay diri liwat natuod ha Diyos.

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Name:   Rebecca Rosales Ada
Address:   L30 B4&5, Los Angeles St., Phase 4 Ext., V&G Sub., Tacloban City
Date:   Feb 6, 2008

To Kruse  Mr. Kruse I am looking for my classmate Miss Rowena Laboc Kruse and her sister Lorna June Laboc Kruse. Can you give them my e mail ad or can I get their email ad good pm God bless and my best regards.

To I know some Jazminez in Catbalogan. They use to live at Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar. I know because they use to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (mormons). One of them is Soledad Jazmines Tan. She died already some years back but her husband and children are still in Catbalogan. One brother is in the U.S. By the way what jobs do you need?

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Name:   Eastern Visayas Youth Council, Inc.
Address:    Quezon City, Philippines
Date:   February 4, 2008


Ang Eastern Visayas Youth Council, Inc. (EVYC) ay mariing kinokondena ang pag-aresto kay Randall Echanis ng Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) sa Silangang Bisayas. Ang mga paratang ng pamahalaan sa kanya komo miyembro ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas at kasama sa pagplano ng diumano'y mass grave sa Hilongos, Leyte ay pawang mga paraan upang manahimik ang mga kritiko ng gubyerno. Tahasang kinokondena ng mga kabataan ng Silangang Bisayas dito sa Metro Manila ang mga paglabag sa karapatang panatao at kalayaan sibil ng nasasakdal sa isang minaneobrang kaso. Bilang miyembro ng militanteng organisasyon ng mga magsasaka, ang pagkabilanggo ni Randall Echanis ay may pulitikal na motibasyon upang patahimikin ang mga kritiko ng gubyerno.

Ang naturang mass grave na diumano ay ginawa ng CPP-NPA nang kampanya nitong linisin ang kanyang hanay ay kwestiyonable at di-kapanipaniwala. Noong una ay pinaratangan nilang kasama sa mga nagplano sa internal purging sina Prop. Jose Ma. Sison at Rep. Satur Ocampo. Pinatunayan na ang dalawang nabanggit ay nasa kulungan at nasa solitary confinement nang maganap ang mga purging. Sa ganitong siwa, ang reputasyon ng hukuman na humahawak sa kasong ito ay lubhang kaduda-duda. Nagpapalabas ng mga warrant of arrest nang walang matibay at substansyal na basehan.

Nanawagan ang EVYC sa lahat ng kabataang mula sa Silangang Kabisayaan sa Kalakhang Maynila lalong lalo na sa mga naroon mismo sa rehiyon 8, na patuloy na ipanawagan ang kagyat na pagpapalaya ka y Randall Echanis. Responsibilidad natin komo mga pag-asa ng ating rehiyon na mailabas ang katotohanan at mapangalagaan ang interes ng karamihan. Hindi dapat tayo pumayag na manumbalik sa pagiging howling wilderness ang ating rehiyon o manumbalik ang panahon na nasa ating rehiyon ang berdugong si Palparan. Hindi dapat tayo pumayag na madiligan muli ng dugo ng mga inosenteng sibilyan ang ating kalupaan.


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Name:   Anti Mining
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   February 3, 2008


Kun tutugutan ta an pagmimina, ha tidaraon nga panahon mangamamatay kita. PAGHUNAHUNA! PAMALANDONG!

Diri nasusukat ha industriya la an kauswagan. Short term la nga kauswagan it dara hit mina. Ha tidaraon nga panahon, waray na ini mahibubulig ha aton.

Kamo it ayaw pagbinuwa. Kay it ito basaranan KWARTA LA!!! Pag-aram daw kam han tinuod nga kamutangan han katilingban. Pakadto kam SIBP, KALIKASAN, pagkita kam han Samar episode han MGB, pamakiana daw kam han mga obispo ha Samar, pamakiana kan Mito Nacario, pamakiana han mga kura paroko ha Manicani ngan Batag Islands nga giniinukab an tuna nga nakakadestroso hin panmaihaan ha katawhan didto, ngan ha katapus-tapusan pagnilay-nilay kam ngan kitaa it iyo konsensya nga moralidad...

Ha EVYC nasaludo ako ha iyo ngan damo nga salamat kay iyo gntatambol an mga isyu didi ha region 8 ngada ha nasudnon na panggobyernohan. Padayon niyo nga pabagtingon ang lingganay han kamatuoran. Mabuhay kamo ngan hinaot unta maging manilampuson it iyo organisasyon ngan mga kampanya.

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Name:   Concerned Consumer
Address:    Tacloban/Catbalogan
Date:   02-03-08

I want to address this issue to the Department of Health. I am one of the ordinary people who buys food from the market. Everytime nga makadto ako pamerkado, adi na pirmi hit akon huna-huna an isda nga may pormalin, an mga prutas nga may pormalin ngan mga utanon nga may sodium or tawas para pagpabusag labi na it langka, tarong, taugi ug iba pa. Diri na safe an aton food nga ginpapalit ha merkado labot la han mga pesticides nga gin gagamit han mga farmer nga na absorb han bunga han mga tanom.

To the DOH (Sanitary Inspector) Please consider these things nga unta iyo ini panginanoon para diri makahatag hin sakit han mga consumer. I assure you nga diri la ini usa nga istorya or tsismis kay ako mismo an kumita han mga market vendors nga nagbubutang hin white powder nga kon tawagon nira...sodium daw diri ngani tawas ha ira mga tienda nga gulay. An mga prutas nga sugad han apple, orange, grapes, everything nga tikang ha abroad in ira ginbubutangan hin pormalin kay para diri madunot dayon, pareho han isda nga ginbubutangan gihap pormalin para diri mabutod dayon.

Para han mga taga Media, alayon liwat pagbulig pagpanginano hini para aton manta kaupayan. Thanks!

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