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Name:   Vic Abude
Address:   70 Road 2, Pagasa, Quezon City, Philippines
Date:   1 June 2008

The French writer Voltaire has these words for all of us to remember: "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it". With these words, every one of us by all means can express our opinion and views on issues that we believe other people should know and be aware of. But unaware sometimes that the opinion and views expressed when prolonged or when it dragged over time in the course of exchange of opposing opinions and views (be it written or otherwise) lead to endless bickering, spite, insult resulting in ill feeling. But the bright side of all of these exchanges in views and free flow of opinions are always seemingly aimed for the general good of our people and country.

However, free expression can be best exercise and has its value if it is devoted and directed instead to more fruitful and meaningful discussions of national interest that is devoid of any political tone. One national interest that deserves our time and effort is the promotion of tourism in our province of Samar which would certainly create local employment, improved standard of living, and other economic opportunities to the people in the area. A mere passing on by ‘word of mouth’ to friends, workmates and much more to foreign nationals how beautiful Samar is in itself a good deed to reckon with. There is a saying in the vernacular language that to get involved and thrive in this kind of industry is “bawi ka na bunot ka pa”.

We may not all be savvy and astute entrepreneurs, nor have substantial capital to venture into this type of business but as an ordinary good citizen we can pitch in, in our own small way even if it is just picking up litter in the street every time we are out in the streets to improve the surroundings. Time spent in this kind of citizen’s act of community help and concern proves more meaningful no matter how small, trivial and silly these may seem to others. But such action gives a good image of our province than devoting time to write issues about Burma Aid.

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Name:   Zeny
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   May 30, 2008

Pls give me any contact info of Glenn Jongco from Oras Eastern Samar. Plssss

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Name:   Dani
Address:   Saudi Arabia
Date:   May 29, 2008

Guiuan airstrip served in launching warplanes towards Leyte? How could it be? Guiuan airstrip was constructed after Macarthur landed in Leyte.

Yes Suluan island was first raided to give way the battleship Armada of Macarthur to pass the strait towards Leyte, the warplanes was lunching from aircraft carriers in the Pacific. After the Leyte landing they immediately construct airfield in Guiuan as the aircraft carriers will go for another mission. Osmena and Carlos P. Romulo was with Gen. Macarthur on board a battleship from Australia not in Guiuan as their rendezvoused.

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Name:   David Suchevich
Address:   Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Date:   May 29, 2008

I would like information on how to get to Sta. Rita on the internet via Samarnews. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Name:   Chito D. Dela Torre
Address:   P. K. Tabunda St., Basey, Samar
Date:   May 28, 2008 12 am

For Vic Abude and all Guiuan-ons:

For Vic - it's Manicani, an island. By the way, perhaps your name originated from "Abuda"? I think I know of one Abuda, who hails from Eastern Samar but has since been residing in Tacloban City. Your suggestions concerning a small body that will research more on Suluan's history should be heeded. It's nice.

For the rest, and Mayor Kwan's historical commission, or whatever, please provide me whatever data you may have on Suluan. I am interested on Suluan's past, especially it's setting before Magellan landed in Homonhon. My theory is that it was Suluan natives who first had a conversation with the first Spaniard to have set foot on the Philippines, or Samar which was Cibabao then. Who knows, your research data may finally show that Samar's name did not come from Samad, as wrongly put. Or, you might be able to establish that the first mass was held in Homonhon, or Suluan.

I and Ilberto Macale gathered some materials more than a decade ago and with the help of Massey Grafil, we put up a special edition of the Leyte Samar newsmagazine featuring Guiuan, its history and tourist spots. Many others in Borongan – among them, Morris Baquilod had joined us in our past campaign to "rediscover" Samar's history up to the recruitment, organization and last recorded activities of the Pulahanes and KKK among Samar's natives.

You can email me anyhing about Suluan, Homonhon, and Guiuan. Others who know anything newly discovered as would correct facts of written history should be of help. Thank you.

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Name:    Looking for Basilia Arandia
Address:   USA
Date:   5 28 08

Hello! I am looking for a long lost relative named Basilia Arandia from Guiuan Eastern Samar. If you know her, know any of her relatives, or know anyone else who does, please contact me through e-mail at:

We would like to find her and it would mean so much to us if anyone could help us in any way! Please keep us in your prayers that God will help us be re-united. Thanks and God bless!

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Name:    Vic Abude
Address:   70 Road 2, Pagasa, Quezon City, Philippines
Date:   27 May, 2008

In Mayor Annaliz Kwan's speech on Suluan's celebration she mentioned among others that she would commission the senior citizens of the locality for what ever might come out as part of Suluan's history. I would suggest now that she must create a historical commission or committee solely for this purpose who may be able to re-construct the events prior, during and after the Suluan incident. I would suggest now that this task must be carried-out at the earliest possible time as we are running out of time.

If we do our sums now, we would have this kind of scenario; 2007 was the 63rd celebration if we look at a young Filipino guerilla who would have participated in the incident 63 years ago at the age of 20 he would be well in his early eighties. Barring any mental illness he may have at the moment he could still recall some of his companions names and hopefully some could still be alive and were present (Filipinos) during the assault and destruction of the lighthouse (yes, there was a lighthouse as per my initial research, that had been used by the Japanese soldiers assigned to send out signals for whatever military objectives that may warrant their transmission. Time is still on our side to reconstruct the history of Suluan.

My assumption based on my initial research, also suggest that McArthur had the 5th and the 13th U.S. air force attached to his command. If my assumption is right there may be some Filipinos that had served during the launching of these warplanes towards Leyte and other coastlines. Better still if there would still be around some of the workmen during the construction of the airstrip. This possibility could be explored as well.

I would appreciate if members of Mayor Kwan's historical committee once organized could contact me for coordination at the e-mail address provided.

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Name:   Aida
Address:   Rheinland – Pfalz, Wörth am Rhein 76744, Germany
Date:   05.27.2008

Calbiga Central Elemtary School Alumnie Home Coming...To all Batch 1990 have a great night to all of you and good luck everyone I hope many you catch the grand prize....hinay-hinay naman kamo hit irignom, by the way I hope I am there muahh....miss you all!!!

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Name:   Vic Abude
Address:   70 Road 2, Pagasa, Quezon City, Philippines
Date:   May 26, 2008

Maupay nga adlao hit makakaba-sa hini nga akon paki-bulig. Ako hi Vic nga nagtutu-roy hin mga kaurupdan ko nga it apelyido ay Abude.

Siring han ako kag-anak nga may mga kaurupdan ko na mga tiga Mani-kani (ambot la kon asya it pagka-spell ko hit ngaran hit lugar). Bisan diri taga Mani-kani basta it apelyedo ay Abude ay siguro kaurup-dan ko. Damo nga salamat.

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Name:   Aida
Address:    Rheinland – Pfalz, Wörth am Rhein 76744, Germany
Date:   25 May 2006

Maupay nga Patron ha iyo ngatanan...

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Name:   Rosalie
Address:   Las Vegas, Nv 89131
Date:  5-25-08

Happy Fiesta to all Calbiganon !!!

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Name:   Vincent Benitez
Address:   KSA
Date:   5/22/2008

Para han ngatanan na Waraynon:

Maupay nga adlaw haiyo nga tanan nga mambarasa. Ako hi Vincent, usa nga Estihanon. Mahilig ako magsurat hin mga artikulo hiunong hiton "Nature" kay usa ako nga advocate hiton welfare hiton aton Kalibutan. Indeed an nahitabo ha MYANMAR, CHINA, US and rest of the world are just sample ngan gamay pala iton na mga disasters nga tiarabot pa. Hine nga hitabo mayda na ine kalabutan hiton Global Warming. Buenas pa kita na Pinas kaybaga mdyo tropikal aton location kon kitaon aton Geogrpahy. An phsysique han aton nasyon mdyo maupay pa compare han nearby nations naton.

Please educate your childrens and neighboors hiton effect hiton global warmnings. Salamat...

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Name:   Pics Colinares
Address:   Sydney, Australia
Date:   05/21/08

To All LRDHS Alumni:

The Leyte Reaserch and Devt. High School will have their 2008 Alumni Reunion sponsored by Batch 83 as follows:

Date: 28th June 2008
Venue: Asia Convention Center, Tacloban City
Activities 28th June:
1400-1500 Turn-over ceremony of Batch 83 Project
1500-1530 Tacloban City Motorcade
1530-1600 Registration
1600-1700 Mass
1700-1830 Kumustahan Hour
1830-1930 Dinner
1930-2030 Short Programme
2030-Onwards Happy Hour

For Batch 78, we will be having our own Batch Day, activities as follows:

Date: 27th June
Venue: (to be advised later - pls check with contacts below)
1100 - Registration
1130 - Mass
1200 - Lunch
1400 - Seminar
1600 - Snacks
1630 - Business Meeting
1800 - Batch Night Dinner at Badar's Residence Corner Magallanes and Pericohon St. Tacloban City, Sponsored by: Chona Badar Green

For further information please contact Batch 78 classmates as follows:

Raul Aguilos - +639286054670
Portia (Estil) Calleja - +639205428242
Helen Roasa - +639189134389
Malou Tapitan - +639173063394

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Name:    Dylan
Address:   Manila
Date:   05-20-08

To all my batchmates at SSPC Batch'86 pls contact me to get your souvenir. tnx.

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Name:    Juan Cruz
Address:   San Francisco, CA 94585, USA
Date:   5 18 08

"When people complain about their leaders, what comes to his mind is that the people deserve the leaders they elected. If they chose right and well, then they should have better leaders who are attentive to the needs of the area and the people".

Secretary Domingo said when people complain about their leaders, what comes to his mind is that the people deserve the leaders they elected. If they chose right and well, then they should have better leaders who are attentive to the needs of the area and the people.

My fellow Samarnon, read this excerpt (above) from Presidential Assistant for Eastern Visayas, Secretary Victor Domingo. In essence, he is saying, that if the official people elected turns out to be a "crooked" is O.K. and should be tolerated? And therefore, it’s O.K. for the people to suffer? What kind of mentality is this? I should not be surprise for this type of mentality is the norm among Philippines government officials.

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Name:    Maria Theresa Solarta-Teruel
Address:    Heatherton Road, Dandenong North, Victoria 3175, Australia
Date:    5/18/2008

To all SNS Batch 1984,

Mga kabatch kumusta na kamo nga tanan? Siguro maaram na kamo nga by 2010 kita na an maghohost hit General Alumni Homecoming hit aton hinigugma nga Alma Mater.

Please contact any batcmates that you know and give them my email add para naman magkatitirok kita ngan maging successful it aton paghost. Pasimaw na kamo nga tanan, patunayan naton aoton pagiging "THE BATCH TO WATCH". GOD BLESS, looking forward to see all of you in 2010.

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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:   05/15/08

Ha Kan Jude Funcion Centino –

Salamat hini nga imo mga pulong ngan pahanumdum han igkasi mga batan-on. Matuod, mamingaw na gad hiton Basay, damo nga mga butang it angay naton kamingawan sugad han imo na nahisgutan nga palawan ngan magkadiro-dilain nga mga duma. Bisan pa kon dida ak magtubo ha bungto ngahaw, diri ko gud isasalikway an kabaryuhan hilabi na gayud an kaumhan, kay aadto man titikang an kadam-an han aton mga kakaanon ha kinaadlaw.

Maiha na gud nga waray ako pakakaduaw ngadto ha Balud, ngan nakausa manla ngani ak hingadto han elementary pa ako. Sanglit, sering naton nga mga Basayon, "makarima-dima" na gud nga paghinika-uli. Kundi, diri ak naturaw, tungod kay di nala maiha mahibabalik guihapon ako ngadto han akon minayuyo nga bungto. Hinaut pa unta nga iton lomolopyo ha Basay, ma ha bungto ba o sino ha kabaryuhan diri magkuri hit ira panginabuhi yana nga mga panahon. Samtang diri nira isinasalikway an pag-uma, diri hira igkukuri kon pagkaon la karokayakan, kay may gihapon palawan, camote, bilanghoy, gaway, mga utanon, isda, masag, ngan pangti-on nga kaiisulan.

It akon manla iguin-aampo nga timangnuon naton ngatanan ngan ugupan an aton mga unob nga bahandi - an mga salog ug sapa, an kabubkiran ngan kagugub-an, ngan an mga tuna nga katatanman ngan makakabulig ha aton pangibuhi. Nalilipay ak hini nga bag-o nga sumat hiunong han mga ungara nga humaon na gud it nga irrigation project, tungod kay dako it mahibubulig hini hiton pag-uma ha Basay labi na gud hit pagparabong hit mga hagna para hit pagtanom hit humay.

Bisan ak aadi ha hirayo, naduyog ak hit mga inop ngan mga pangandoy hit akon igkasi Basaynon nga iton aton bungto magpadayon hin pag-uswag.

Salamat liwat han imo pahinumdum nga diri naton hingalimtan an aton kalugaringon yinaknan. Hi ako ngahaw, maaram gad ak hit nga tinag-alog, kundi bisan pa unanhon - magabay gud ako hit aton kalugaringon yinaknan, an winaray, kay asya man an aton guindak-an, asya liwat an aton nahiaraan.

Pagburublig nala kita ngatanan, diri la para hit kauswagan hit Basay, kundi para hit bug-os nga Samar. Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan!

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Name:   Alumnus
Address:   SHS, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   May 15, 2008

In your recent Grand Alumni Homecoming (2008), I viewed the photo of Class 1956 whose picture resolution's not quite clear. Would someone please identify those graduates of 1956 who appeared in the photo carrying the banner and other marchers.
Just curious to see my classmates since I can’t be there in person. Thank you.

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Name:   Claire Diocton
Address:   Cavite, Philippines
Date:  May 15, 2008

Just now I've learned that Samarnon are having this column, well I was amazed upon reading some other contributors of this column knowing that Samar is now a city. Well before anything else let me extend my warmest regards to all Samarnon. Mostly, to my classmates batch '75 of Samar Regional School of Fisheries. Also Congratulations!!! The People behind the upcoming Success of Samar, being a Samarnon of course I'm also concerned that my hometown be one of the Successful Province in the entire Philippines so that the discriminations of Visayan people will vanished.

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Name:   Dennis Ranalan
Address:   1174 Ave 100 St., Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 4H5, Canada
Date:    May 11, 2008

Helo kumusta na man mo ako mga classmate sa Kapalong National High School Batch 1997 I miss u so much. You know what ma snow dito sa CANADA

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Name:    Generoso C. Inocencio
Address:    Quezon City 1116, Philippines
Date:   May 10, 2008

Tanong ko lang saan ba pwede makabili ng Cooking oil Stove nakita ko ito dati nun naputa ako sa may Apid Leyte gusto ko sana makabili magkano kay price at magkano mapadala sa Manila please txt me 09283435458.

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Name:   Milo Morabor
Address:   SPMC, Real Street, Tacloban City, Leyte
Date:   May 8, 2008


To my fellow SAMARENYO and all traveling "Maharlika Hi-way", warm summer greetings to all nahigugma han Samar...Tuna nga Natawhan!

The caravan was indeed a noble thing that GHS did...And they (in the Gov't) heed our cry for better roads and bridges in Samar (not yet best....because of the following reason(s):

1. It is known to everyone (esp the travelers) that the quality and durability of said infrastructure are not the concern of "de lunay" construction...we must question it, for we are actually paying the cost of these billion-worth of project thru the exuberant taxes imposed on our impoverished people (EVAT, VAT...which openly go into the "pockets" of corrupt oligarchs...sanglit an mga tawo “LOWBAT NA.” I cannot find words in the english dictionary to explain to the simplest term(s) to be understood... except in waray- waray..."tama ba an lagay (ready mix) nga pondasyon han espalto...baman an iba nga parte, ginsemento man anay antes espaltohon-on?

Calling our "engineers" and all the people who are using this "MAHARLIKA HI WAY" kono to COMMENT on the ongoing rehabilitation of said national hiway. "TAMA BA INI NGA PAAGI?" The Caravan was not the end but only the beginning of our battlecry...FOR BEST ROADS AND BRIDGES TOWARDS AUTHENTIC PROGRESS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Am calling everyone to consider this: "Is the "rehab" of Maharlika, a solution or a seed of another problem? Are they constructing roads and bridges towards socio-economic progress or are they building walls to divide people (the rich and the poor) because of the "multi-million profit" of the contracts of "FG's" at the expense of the languishing taxpayers...may the Lord absolve them (contractors and fixers) from this social iniquity...

LET US DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS...Padayon gihapon! para hin tinuod nga kauswagan han Samar! Salamat ngadaan!

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Name:   Jude Funcion Centino
Address:   Balud, Basey Samar
Date:   07-05-08

Mupay nga Adlaw...

Musta na ang mga taga Basay labi na an mga taga Balud Basey Samar. Musta na dida ha aton…hope na deri mahal iton bugas dida ha Basey kay season man yana…pastilan mahidlaw na hiton palawan ngan luyat nga saging…masablok na iton pang ti-on ngan sinugba ngan masag…iton deri la masablok nga sura didi ha Laguna iton bulad kay permi iton amon sura ha balay...sanglit maswerte kamo nga ada ha huron kay deri ngatanan nga kinahanglanon papaliton dida...sanglit kamo nga mga may ada plano pagkadi ha Manila…deri didi maupay iton kabutangan bangin nakaksering kamo nga mag upay iton kabutang hiton ngatanan nga nalakat tikadi ha Manila...ako na mismo nag sesering nga ng sasayop kamo…sanglit ayaw kamo pagpatigda pag ukoy ha Manila kun deri kamo sigurado hiton iyo kakadi-an kay ngatanan didi pinapalit.

Baa…ayaw kamo hiton uungay hit nga mga tikang ha Manila nga mga tag alog iton yinaknan iton nga deri na maaram magwinaray kun nauli kay deri ngatanan talga iton nakadi ha Manila maupay iton mga kabutangan. Salit sagdon ko han mga batan-on nga may pa panahon pag eskwela...pastilan pagtinuhay kamo pag aram kay amo la iton iyo BEST WEAPON kun lumakat kamo tikadi ha Manila.

Huh...hmp...hirap ng mga sinabi ko. Ako ba yon? opppssss....di pa ako pastor...DATING DAAN po...Regards han ngatanan han mga taga SAMAR ug mga NABISITA ha

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Name:   Jaime E. Arcebuche
Address:   Cape Cod, Massachusetts 02664, USA
Date:   May 3, 2008


I came across a message from a University of Eastern Philippines, Catarman, Northern Samar Alumnus who seemed to have graduated with me from our FARM MECHANICS course and is trying to touch base with me. Kindly relay to him through your facilities, that I can be contacted through my Email:  Many thanks for your wonderful job which has a wide-world reach.

Graduate - FARM MECHANICS (BATCH #1-1959)
Past President (1875-77) & UEP Alumni Association
Former member -Board of Regents University of Eastern Philippines

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Name:   18DuPaX91
Address:   San Andres St., Malate, Manila
Date:   May 3, 2008

Musta mga taga Catbalogan, Jonie Bardaje, Bungot Tuazon mga buhi pa kam? hahahahaha kirgta kt pag uli ko yna na May! God bless mga repapipz!

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Name:   Aurea
Address:   Philippines
Date:   5/3/08

Hello Aslyn, thanks nagreply ka guihapon ha akon, waray ako magdaog. He Edna waray pa dd ada ha Pinas. Kay Edna ko nalaman na mag aasawa kana. Puidi na tayo mag usap kasi may connection na ako sa bahay. Kumusta kana pala jan? Hindi kaba umuwi sa Leyte?

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Name:    Roger Espalgo
Address:   ITC Rd Bagbaguin, Valenzuela City 1447, Philippines
Date:   5/2/08

Maupay Nga Kulop Samar,

Kumusta na it mga project dida particularly han mga road highways naton? Balita ko lubak-lubak parin. I pray na may mga gov. official kita dida na para hit probinsya it guin uuna. Almost 20 years na ako didi ha Manila pero waray pa gud nakikita nga maupay nga opurtunidad para dida magtrabaho. Madam Mila Tan…gov…Cong. Tan... think of Samar mayaman nga lugar pero makuri la guihap it pangabuhi hit mga tawo.unta maibutang naman it aton probinsya nga the most improved provinces all over Phil. amen...uswag Samar diri atras Samar.

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Name:   Ruel P. Madeja
Address:   557 Ayala Blvd. Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Date:   May 1, 2008

We would like to inform and invite those who are interested to attend the Madeja Clan Reunion which will be held at Oras Town Plaza on 4th May 2008.

Interested Parties may contact:--

Mr. Arnolfo Madeja
Brgy Dao, Oras, Eastern Samar

Mr. Ruel Madeja
Paypayon District, Oras, Eastern Samar
Mobile # 09186121601

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Name:   Aslyn Ogania
Address:   Minnesota 55425, USA
Date:   04-27-08

Hello Aurea, musta kana waray man ako balita haimo. Edna pala adto yana ha Pinas, ano ba nanalo kaba han imo elections unta nag daog ka? Anyway I’m still the same, I’m going to get married soon…how did you find out Aurea?

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Name:   Genno Ballon
Address:   Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Date:   April 25, 2008

Malipayon nga pag saurog hit Kapyistahan ni Señor San Jose dida ha Dulag, Leyte labis na kanda Tatay Primitivo, Nanay Hermenia, Mano Omec & Kids, Mana Raquel, Solema, Jun2x and Ma'am Lida, Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Saing and Family and Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Matillano. Hinaut unta mag malinamposon it kapyistahan dida ha aton...ig inum nala ako niyo hin tuba kay waray didi tuba ngan baboy ha Saudi heheheheh cheers...

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Name:   Aurea
Address:   Samar
Date:   04/25/08

Hello, ai sorry sigoro hindi ikw si Aslyn na hinahanap ko kasi kilala nya pati si Edna at saka ang pangalan ni Aslyn screen name lang yan, ang tunay nyang name ay si Milagros. Thank you.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen. Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Date:   April 24, 2008

Han akon mga classmates ha trade 1966:

Karuyag ko gad unta nga magka ada kita hin reunion dide ha Manila kon dire lugaring possible dinhe ha aton kay makuri man iton dalan dinhe ha aton. Maiha na gad ini nga problema naton hini nga aton ka kalsadahan. Han pagkamatay han akon Nanay umuli ako an kalsada nga tikang ha Bikol hasta nganhe ha aton diyos ko grabe an batse yana doble nga grabe. What is happening to our country.

I am paying my tax religiously from witholding tax, to every tax that I pay everytime me and my family goes out to eat buy groceries and what have you I pay tax, where oh where these taxes go. Every Congressman is allocated a pork barrel of over 200 million a year. Nahihingain man ini nga kaban han bayan. Labi na dinhi ha aton. Dire gad unta ako mag lalabot hine nga pulitika pero bisan nimo diin sipaton an aton kakurian puro politicians an may kargo. Magbuligbulig kita nga tanan para makabulig kita hini nga mga nagkukuri nga aton mga kablas nga kababayan.

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Name:   Aslyn
Address:   Samar
Date:   April 23, 2008

Hello. Aurea, ako si Aslyn, taga saan ka? si Edna? Sino yun? paki complete mo kung taga saan ka at anong apelyido mo.

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Name:    Aurea
Date:   04.21.2008

Hello, kumusta Aslyn og friend Edna hain na kamo waray na kita magkikirigta I missed all of you friend. Sana mabasa mo ito Aslyn, nasaan ka na, balita ko nag asawa kana daw? Aslyn sana pagnabasa mo ito mag message ka. Samalat!

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Name:   Liza Baldostamo
Address:    Ocala, Florida, USA
Date:    April 20, 2008

I would like to start by saying HELLO to every person reading this. I have grown up here in the U.S.. I need help finding my birth father, and other relatives. I was told when I was about 12 years of age that the father that I have known all of my life wasn't my birth father. I wasn't told anything else about him until recently. I was told that he is married and has other children. Please, if anybody can help me I would really be thankful! I know that his name is WILLIAM BALDOSTAMO...... God bless you!!!

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Name:   Chito D. Dela Torre
Address:   P.K. Tabunda street, Basey, Samar
Date:   April 18, 2008 10:25 p.m.

Hello! to Edgar Caceres. Kumusta ka na? Am here in Basey. What are your present plans? Me here, am helping agrarian beneficiaries find their way to Livelihood World. These past years, no one else was taking care of that. It's good that our comebacking mayor, Atty. Wilfredo Olfato Estorninos, is with me in this ambitious venture. Both of us see that perhaps Jatropha Curcas (known locally as tuba-tuba) is the answer. We're thankful that Dr. Renato S. Velasco, Chairman of Philippine National Oil Company-Alternative Fuels Corp., is breathing afflatus to this unique, new wave hitting Basey.

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Name:   Jacqueline
Address:   Sapak Compostela, Cebu City
Date:   04-17-2008

Leave something for God but never leave God for something...coz in life something will leave you, but God will always be there for you...

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Name:   Debbie (CHUNGTUYCO) del Rosario
Address:   Oxford, London, UK
Date:   14th April 2008

Hello to you all. I am writing to ask if anyone should know contact details of Mr & Mrs Jose 'Joe' & Fe Lim.

My father, Jacinto Chungtuyco and Uncle Joe were the best of friends, but unfortunately they have lost contact over the years as we are living in the UK. Through the web I was able to discover that they recently were project co-ordinators of a 10-day "Medical, Surgical and Dental Mission" during January 2008 in CATARMAN, NORTHERN SAMAR area. The mission was initiated and sponsored by the Nuestra Senora de Salvacion Foundation, Provincial Government of Northern Samar.

I am desperate to make contact with the Lim family and excited at the thought that someone reading this could know of them. I would be extremely grateful to anyone that could give any information in leading me to Jose & Fe Lim.

Contact details are:

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Name:    Chito Deloria Dela Torre
Address:    P.K. Tabunda Street, Basey, Samar
Date:    Abril 13, 2008 2:21 a.m.

Maupay nga kaagahon ha imo, Maria Kimimoto. Nabasa ko yana la an imo mensahe nga petsado Enero 13 hini manta nga tuig. Puede mo ba ig-email ha ak' an detalye han imo obserbasyon ug eksperyensya dida han imo ikatulo nga parapo? Bangin may ko mahimo bahin hito. Ha akon pag-ino-ino, personal ka nga nahangadi ha Samar, siguro ha Basey, diri pala maiha, ngan may nimo igin-upod nga mga turista. Palihug tagi ako han kompleto nga kasayoran, kun mahihimo.

Sulibangko, palihug iglakip an imo personal circumstances. Salamat, ngan kumusta ka man yana. Hinaut unta padayon ka nga nakakatagamtam han sagrado nga bendisyon ug pagtimangno.

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