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Name:   Hagi
Address:   Cor. Mascardo & Yague Streets, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:   October 3, 2008

To the Readers of This Column

I had a dream that I got married and have a son; I had let him study until he finished High School. And upon his graduation, I encouraged him to enter in a technical/trade school to learn how to run CNC machines and other lathe machines so he could fashion out things that could be of great use in the agricultural sector of our community. With his technical know-how that he acquired from school he was able to improved the way in which coconut husks were peeled off from its meat when he introduced a simple machine out of his 'tooling skills' that did the process of separating the meat from the husks without so much physical effort for the poor coconut farmer.

This also had helped a lot to the farmer in terms of the volume of copras that he was able to produce in so short a span of time. He had been able to spend his spare time to help his wife in her daily home chores as well as time to teach his children in their school lessons during evenings as he simply was not yet tired unlike before. From one small invention and discovery to another, my son was able to generate local employment in the community in the fabrication of other farm implements and machines by hiring more people in the barrio. The generation of employment in the community had its economic spin-offs and thus everyone one in the barrio seem to have money in their pockets to spend not only for basic necessities but for some indulgencies that they have never imagined before. There was smile on every face similar to the smiles when ever we celebrate our annual fiestas in the barrio, and this time their smiles were more re-assuring than ever before. At this point I woke up from my dream and felt that I woke up with a smile on my face.

It did not take long for me to go back to sleep after this, this time another dream came through, I was sitting in my law office with impressive array of law books behind me in their mahogany book shelves made resplendent of their expensive narra timber and stain. While sitting on my executive chair, I was talking to my son, who was asking me to pick him up at the airport. My son has been away from me and family for quite sometime. This was in keeping to my obsession for him to finish his post-law degree from the premier law school in North America, and now that he had graduated from his studies, he wants me to personally collect him from the airport instead of the family driver. After I hang up, I thought that with his impressive academic qualifications, he is looking forward to a very bright and promising law career which would be the envy of my community and the social layer we are in.

My mind wandered farther, and I had this scene that he was standing in the podium in the halls of congress having been elected as our representative of our province and community, giving his own speech the nature of which was his ‘parrying and rebuttal of corruption charges levelled to him. I know that in all honesty and deep in my heart, my family has to re-coup all the expenses from the start when I sent him overseas to study and up to the time when he ran for congress and won the seat. We must get back what we have spent on him I must admit, but the charges seem to be overwhelming and his indictment and prison term seem real and certain now. At this point, I want to wake up and go away from this dream and re-visit my first dream.

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Name:   Evelyn Villa Jasmin
Address:   Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Date:   September 30, 2008

I had so much pleasure listening to the Waraynon songs and instrumentals in "My Music Room". I'll be in Catbalogan City in Dec. '08 and I'd like to know where to buy the CDs in the city. Music is indeed food for the soul and is uplifting to the spirit especially when you're half a world away from family and friends. Listening to our Waraynon music and songs makes me less nostalgic of the Philippines, especially Catbalogan City where I grew up. Damo nga salamat. Warmest regards to all.

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Name:    Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   September 28, 2008

Folks, mabutlaw na gad hin duro pag pinankumento ngan pagpimambasa hiunong hini nga mga pulitiko nga nagpipinangawat. Masyado nagad hin ka-rhetoric ug ka-stereotype...kay ano man an aton hihimuon? Pag-abot han eleksyon, hira la guihapon an mandadaog. It's no-brainer. Nationwide, asya man an ira pinanhihimo.

Kami intawun nga aadi ha overseas, sige intawun an paniguro pagpinangabuhi ngan sige an amon padara ngada ha Pinas...para paghati-hatian la han mga pulitiko pinaagi han PORK Barrels ngan ira ibalhin ngadto han ira mga bank accounts. Api na liwat iton mga heads han mga bureaus nga nagbubulsa han ira mga budgets thru their cohorts and dummies.

Bisan pa ngani an iba nga mga justices ay corrupt guihapon...pastilan dawla mapakain pa dawla kita hini..? Only God can change our situation...only He can change the hearts of these people. Let's not stop praying...prayer changes things.

Best regards.

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Name:    Leia Cabardo
Address:   15410 Olive Branch Dr, La Mirada, California 90638, USA
Email:    sturdyhands@yahoo.com
Date:   9-28-2008

Yey, nabilngan ko gihapon an create message. Anyway, I love this site! I never knew about this until today. Well I have some problem accessing the registration for SNS alumni. Everytime it pops out into another window it also automatically closes after a few seconds! Mano Ray can you fix this for me, please? Also is it possible to download the waray waray songs? I grew up with these songs kasi and I want my son to listen to them too. I miss Catbalogan! I hope to see you guys soon. Irignum naman ha park or ha boulevard.

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Name:    Dennis De Leon
Address:   South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA
Date:   September 28, 2008

Hi Mr. Gaspay,

My best pal is from Catbalogan City, Samar and he introduced me to your Waraynon songs in "My Music Room." Although I'm not from Samar (I'm originally from Dagupan City) and can't understand the Waray dialect a bit, I'd like you to know that I enjoyed so much listening to the music. It just proves once more that music is indeed universal and transcends ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Thanks a lot and good job!

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Name:    Taga Mercado Ak
Address:    Allen, N. Samar
Date:    Sept. 27, 2008

On the 9/24 article by Tonyboy Morales, it makes one angry about the way our politicians throw caution to the wind and flaunt their "stolen money" by scattering paper currency like there's no tomorrow.

There must be truth to his statements about N. Samar Governor Raul Daza and ex-Congressman Wilmar Lucero being "thieves" because that's what you call people who steal money. And E. Samar Governor Evardone was also alluded to as another "thief" since he was out front and center at the public dance during the Borongan fiesta. Wow, this is so disgraceful! If these politicians do not come forward to dispute and deny these slanderous statements by the writer, then that is confirmation that money being used as gala during fiestas are indeed stolen. Susmaryosep, that is taxpayers' money that they are spending!

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Name:    Observer
Address:   Samar
Date:   Sept. 27, 2008

Throwing money as gala during a churacha rendition to fund a worthy cause is fine as long as the thrower and the throwee obtained the money honestly or legitimately and countable for the disposal of the money respectively. The thrower must honestly have earned the money, and the throwee must also honestly spend this money in line with the intended purpose.

With these conditions, the long-held tradition of throwing money to raise fund or to reward someone during a churacha is preserved and honored. And to make it less dramatic, just give the money directly to the dancers of churacha who will in turn show it to everyone recognizing the donor or giver. Maybe a play-money can be used instead. Throwing gives the illusion of wasting money.

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Name:    Romeo Siervo
Address:    4822 Pheasant Brook Lane, Fairfax, VA, USA
Email:    romeo_siervo@yahoo.com
Date:   09/27/2008

Good day to all Samarnon, it’s been a long time since i've been in west and east of Samar and i'm very happy to find this site while im surfin the net. As we all know, today, the Samar province is still the same, poorest province in the country, they get even worse when the n.p.a. arrived in the early 80"s and all or most politician are corrupt, vote buying are every where during election at pakapalan na ng mga mukha ang pagbili ng boto, ganun din sa mga botante, halos karamihan ay hanap sila ng iboboto nila na politiko na mag bibigay ng pera kahit kamag anak pa nila ang politiko na kandidato and become like tradition that system, its sad, to me, what kind of democracy we have?

Samar province will never improve this type of cheat, the people must take responsible for the future of Samar, our province is goin down the drain if stay the corruption in all level of walks of life, i cant imagine, most Samarnon are educated but most of them are not responsible enough to take charge or to make effort to change. Even me, when i talked it out to other friend of mine they just shrug their shoulder and laugh at me and say we can’t do anything about that. I don't understand, i guess, no one can find the answer.

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Name:    Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   September 26, 2008

Ha imo Mr. Ray P. Gaspay, damo nga salamat han imo "My Music Room". Mabuhay ka and more power! Wishing for more albums from Cielo Tibe and Joseph Uy. Best regards and God bless.

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Name:    Ramon
Address:   San Diego, CA
Date:   09/26/08

Roads in Samar

I was in Samar May 08. Roads are worse now then 2yrs ago. They are patching them here and there, but at rate and quality which they are being repaired. I would suggest if you have family in the area, and can afford to have them apply for a job on same, they can start at 18 and retire at 56 before it is accomplished. I have yet to figure out what DPWH does on Samar every time I have been there never see their equipment on the road. I have seen them locked up behind fences with no one around.

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Name:    Waray Ako
Address:   Rome
Date:   Sept. 25, 2008

Mr. Website owner…

Thank you very much for adding such a wonderful part of this website, the music of my beloved Samar. I am so proud to hear the golden voices of my co-Samarnons....this signifies that we have more than a lot in Music...

Once again, thanks a lot… it is so heart-lifting upon hearing the music masterpieces of my co-kababayans!! God speed Samar!

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   September 25, 2008

To Alma of Michigan, USA:

Hi Alma, how are you? Many thanks for writing back. Anyways, I went to SSAT (now SSU) back in 80's too. Best regards.

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Name:   Gerry Salera Pa-ong
Address:   TESDA-CNVS, Brgy. Cabalquinto, Calubian 6534, Leyte
Email:   ger_filhunk@yahoo.com
Date:   September 24, 2008

Hello...mga kababayan ko...and to people down there who are so generous...I'm one of the ICT in-charge/trainor in our institution yet we still lack facilities like computers/laptops for our workshops/classrooms.

I hope there are organizations/private individuals who will to extend assistance and or donate equipments to our school.

Thank you very much.

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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   09-24-08

Re:   The Few and the Proud

Elbert Cainday's dismay about the careless display of arrogance of government officials merit our collective support. Curacha was not conceived by our forefathers as a way to impress others how wealthy the dancers are but how graceful they execute the masterful art of fowl courtship.

Sad to note though that showing off and throwing away stolen money in public is sickening. In the island of Samar, Northern Samar has a vicious reputation of politicians including Wilmar Lucero and Raul Daza of throwing money, as a gala, not per bill but in bundles. While most of the people of Northern Samar are as poor as a rat, their politicians are throwing away as a show of wealth their stolen money. Call it arrogance or simply an ostentatious display of corruption of the highest form.

While others supportive of curacha would say that it is culture, I say that too much showing off of stolen money is no longer culture. Culture uplifts the best in people. Culture brings out the identity of the people. Curacha when danced gracefully even without a gala is culture but when it is used and abused to raise money for petty projects it becomes merely as ordinary as a bingo.

I dare say that we should work hard to convince other curacha-loving people to preserve the identity of curacha as a cultural heritage worthy to be preserved and for it not to be swallowed as a mere tactic of politicians to show off their unexplained wealth and scare off potential rivals.

Thank you Elbert Cainday for your great piece!

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Name:   Anita Sese Schon
Address:   Washington State 98311, USA
Email:   anitasese@gmail.com
Date:   September 23, 2008

Two years ago I visited Calbayog, Samar, and also traveled to Pinabacdao. The roads were full of potholes that can swallow a car or even a bus. I have never experience such discomfort while traveling. A person in front of me was sick and so was the other person behind me. I kept on jumping from one seat to another to avoid the flying vomit. I did not get sick because I was so busy looking at the potholes. How interesting, and that was a main road I traveled. Coming back from Pinabacdao to Calbayog was pure hell. I had to ask the driver of SUV to stop by the roadside and I did it 4 times. I wonder if the roads are now constructed? The Mayor Sarmiento said the roads were being fixed, another councilman said so too. Would you know if those roads were already fixed?

Another item I want to bring us is when I was there, watching the Founders Day parade (Founder of Calbayog City was Sen. Jose Avelino). But I was so disappointed that the granddaughter of the late Avelino was not even given the courtesy to be invited the stage. Is this a common practice in Calbayog, to ignore people of importance? I wonder if Mayor Sarmiento will extend an invitation to Loudette Avelino and his brother Jose Avelino lll on the stage or maybe even be acknowledged? October 16 is the founder's day parade. Are the people or the mayor, worried IT WILL RAIN IN THEIR PARADE, if the Avelino's are invited?

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   23 September 2008

Dear Mr. Gaspay,

Thank you for Samar News' "My Music Room" featuring Waraynon artists and their music. I certainly enjoyed listening to the songs most especially Cielo Tibe's rendition of "Dinumdum Ko Ikaw." It's such a beautiful and melodious song that tugs into expatriates' nostalgia of their homeland. You've done countless Catbaloganons and Waraynons from all over the world a great favor and I thank you for that. Please keep up the good work. Best regards.

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Name:   Waraynon
Address:   Lawaan, Eastern Samar
Email:   jules1946@verizon.net
Date:   22 Sept 08

I thank you for having this site active. Got the address of our governor and congressman. If you happened to passby in Lawaan, please comeby at Uni Canteen besides the convent, I'll see to it that you have a free meal. All employees are instructed to watch over you. Just show them your name card. Thanks again and may god bless you and guide you to success and peace.

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Name:    Alma
Address:   Michigan, USA
Date:   09-22-08

Hi Samarnon of Canada,

Where did you go in high school? I went to Sacred Heart College then, and it's different name now. 84, 85, 86, you right back then it was safe I don't know anymore I was home last year 'cause my mom past way so anyway I love to listen this site and if I don't have nothing to do I read their opinions and it makes happy how everyone love the Samar. Well love you all Samarnon mabuhay.....

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Name:   Riz Alorro
Address:    Calbayog City
Date:    Sept 21, 2008

To all CKC Day and Night High School Batch'80 graduate. We are planning to have our 30th yr grand alumni homecoming this coming Dec 2010, please visit our site for more info, details, forum and planning suggestions. Here's the add: http://groups.msn.com/CalbCityChristTheKingCollegeCirca80/_whatsnew.msnw

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Name:   Albert Jumagdao Jabonero
Address:   Alasas Village, City of San Fernando 2000, Pampanga
Email:   albertjose18@yahoo.com
Date:   Sept. 21, 2008

MAUPAY NGA PATRON HADTON MGA JIA-ANON Sakop han bugto han Jiabong Samar. Nga nagsalin-urog han kapyestahan ni Sra. Dolorosa Sept. 14-15, 2008 nga an hermana mayor hi Mrs Sotera B. Jumagdao. Para hadton mga tawo nga dumuyog han ka pyestahan han Jia-an Jiabong Samar damo nga salamat. Congratulation sa teaching force han Jia-an Elem. School han ira suporta from Sept. 13,14,15,16 activities labi na dida han alumni bisan la mauran nagpadayon la guihapon an mga activity. To all Brgy. Official from the brgy. Capt. down to kagawad "mabuhay kamo" Labi na an mga balik bayan, nga nanguli la hira ha pag tan-aw han kapyestahan ni NUESTRA SRA. DOLOROSA.

Hinaut unta nga maging mainuswagon an aton Barrio, Bungto, sugad man han provincia han Samar. Labi na an Catbalogan the place were I spent my High School and College day. BATCH '82 SSU "HAIN NA KAMO"

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Name:   Harlem Mahinay
Address:   Kamuning, Quezon, Philippines
Email:   lhem80@yahoo.com
Date:   20 Sep 2008

Maupay nga adlaw sa iroy nga tuna... kmusta sadto nga ak mga kabugtuan sa ngaran san iroy nga tona (LeySam)... kamusta kan Loreto Fugado sugad man sa iya pamilya dida sa San Jorge Samar. Kamusta mga kasangkayan ko, mga ginikanan ko labi na sa akon hinigugma nga amay undefeated brgy. captain Harley Mahinay san Erenas, Victoria N. Samar, sugad man san ak iroy nga hinigugma ko san labi... hinaot pa unta nga ada kamo sa maupay nga kamutangan ug maupay man an iyo panlawas.

Kamusta man liwat sa Brgy. San Pilar San Antonio N. Samar, kan Manoy Ingkin ug an iya pamilya, ngan sa tanan ko dida nga kapatoran ug kaumangkunan, Palen kamusta na.

Nagpapasalamat ako sin daan sini nga site...Mabuhay an "iroy nga tona"...!!! mabuhay an Samar...!!!

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Name:   Jason Amantillo
Address:    Marabut, Samar 6721
Email:    jazz75jazz@yahoo.com
Date:   September 19 2008

MARABUT SAMAR - An bungto han segundo distrito han samar nga hadto naging ka parte anay han Basey Samar. Naging bungto an Marabut hadton tuig 1949 bulan han July petsa 22. An Marabut igin sunod han apelyido han anay congressman Serafin Marabut nga taga Basey Samar. Hi Isidiro Mista Ferreras an pinaka syahan nga mayor han bungto han Marabut ngan hi Engracio Abayan Amantillo an iya naging pinaka syahan nga bise-mayor.

An Marabut usa nga nagtitika progresibo nga bungto durante han paningkamot hiton presente nga mayor yana Atty. Percival Adona Ortillo ngan han bise-mayor Edwin Tagadan Labado.

Ha pag sidlit han adlaw makikita naton an kahusay han kabaybayonan. Makikita pa nimo an isda ha ilarom han dagat nga naglalangoy-langoy dara han ka malinaw hiton tubig dagat. An pagka duong han mga manaragat nga in bisan waray dakop na smile la gihapon ha imo kon ikaw natapo. An mga Marabutnon simple la an pag-ukoy, maka tagay-tagay hin bahalina nga produkto han mga manaranggot ngan mag kilaw o magsugba hin isda nga dakop hin mamurokot maupay na an pamahong-pahong ni Juan labi kon may-ada guitar ngan baga kakantahan hin kundiman. Kaupay la pag-ukoy hin sugad hiton baga ka simple nga kinabuhi.

An mga taga Marabut pangisda ngan pag-uma an kasagaran nga mga pakabuhi. May-ada la siguro 8%-10% iton nan iimpleyo ha gobyerno. An mayor han marabut in nagpatoman han pan dakop han mga illegal fishing asya nga an mga gudti nga mangirisda nalilipay han pitad nga ginbuhat ni Atty. Val Ortillo kay na proprotektahan iton ira mga pakabuhi.

Iton mayor hiton Marabut in anay nakada ha Commission on Human Rights amo nga nakaka-intindi hiya hiton kinabuhi hiton mulopyohanon. Kami in nagpapasalamat ha imo mayor. Unta imo ipadayon iton pag-ugop ha amon. Ma protekhan la unta pirme iton amon interes, dire it interes hini nga mga dayo nga manaragat ngan manguruha hin kahoy ha aton mga guba.

Han tanan nga napasyada ngahi hini nga page ngan maka basa hini nga ak mensahe gin aagda kamo han Marabutnon ngadi ha amon bungto. An amon ngay-an fiesta in gin sasalin-urog ha kada Enero 14-15, unta maka pamatron kamo. Samalat.

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Name:    Elbert B. Cainday
Address:    23 Magsaysay St., Oras, Eastern Samar
Email:    elbertbanc@yahoo.com
Date:   Sept 18, 2008

The Few and the Proud
By Elbert Banawis Cainday

Borongan City’s Vesper Night Grand Ball was an eye opener of the state of peace and development we have in Eastern Samar. It betrayed the spirit of camaraderie and the meaning of benevolence; it confirmed what our people perceive as corruption behind those publicity gimmicks that calls for peace and announcement of development. It was Vanitas Vanitatum!!

The people were mesmerized, stunned and outraged by the extravagant display of unexplained wealth that flew in the air, by the arrogant delight and approval of those in power as money poured down like rain in their heads. Boronganons could have been thankful for their generosity; after all, it was supposed to be a dance for a cause. Yet, it caused for alarm. For no responsible leader could throw so much money in vanity as our people line up in subsidized rice retailing store, as our children attend school hungry and famished, and as our parents die with prayers for a better provincial hospital.

We want to set an example, let it be for the good of our children. What happened at that night was a poisonous idea of what a public servant should be. We care not, and we cheer, if one of our Balikbayans or a successful entrepreneurs show off their success. But we rage when public purse is being used for personal interest for the sake of publicity and with utter disregard of the real needs of the people. It violates the good conduct of a public servant that requires him to be prudent and frugal in his private and official capacity, especially in the face of current economic crisis. It does not serve social justice and the common good. It only breeds political patronage that hinders our development as a people.

This is not what we are looking for in a leader. We want a leader who can command respect and cooperation not because of his being popular and generous in kuratza – popularity is a fruit, not an icing of one’s diligence; generosity is a gift of the Spirit, not an influence of a pint of spirits – but because of his resolute pursuance of programs that the public requires. The people demands concrete actions, they are no longer satisfied with lip services. A tarpaulin cannot shield school children from rain; a streamer cannot feed a hungry soul and a kuratza number cannot convince a communist rebel to surrender.

Mr. Wilmar Lucero, a former representative of one of the congressional districts of Northern Samar to the House of Congress, did not learn his lessons. He was once criticized by the Philippine Center for investigative Journalism, on their well-researched book “Of Perks and Pork,” for his extravagant “gala” in the background of extreme poverty of his constituents and lack of infrastructures in his district. He can hatch up any political ambitions here in the Eastern Samar; that is his right and privilege – as free as a locust seek the green. But, to teach our young while he is in public office how to carelessly spend money like there is no tomorrow is disturbing.

It is equally disturbing that Governor Ben Evardone could have cautioned him but he did not; after all Mr. Lucero is his friend and was one of his entourage at that night. Besides, it was to his advantage to have Mr. Lucero, Mayors Zacate and Alvarez of Sulat and Oras respectively and other disciples circling him round about to shower him of crisp paper bills. The master propagandist knows how to use people to his advantage. He knows when to talk and when to keep his mouth shut as in the case of the recent move to oust priest-turned-reluctant-candidate Governor “Among Ed” Panlilio. Governor Panlilio was the first to blow the whistle on the controversial “brown envelopes” stuffed with 500,000 pesos which Evardone handed out to Local executives in October 2007 meeting of Union of Local Authorities at the Palace.

The three provinces of Samar should be proud to have leaders that are national figures and close to the Palace. Gov. Evardone, particularly, always enjoys the limelight and can be seen being interviewed by the national press. But their rise to power is proportional to the drop of our people’s socio-economic status.

If we want initiate peace and development for our province, which our leaders trumpet as existent, it should start with the involvement of the people from planning to implementation of programs which they believe are sustainable and practicable to their actual needs. For clearly, personal political agendas, almost always collides and take precedents to our socio-economic needs.

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Name:   Law-ananon
Address:    Lawaan, Eastern Samar
Email:    jules1946@verizon.net
Date:   17 Sept.08

Ray, I thank you for posting my message. Active corruption on our local government now headed by Mayor Nida Gabornes and her councilors evolve. I wanted to write to our congressman Doloy Coquila how true are these rumors, but I don't know where to go. Please, I need your assistant to locate his address. Please e-mail me when you can. I live overseas, I'm most concern of our people and my large relatives in Lawaan. Thanks again through your column I'm able to voice out.

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Name:    Samarnon
Address:    Canada
Date:     September 16, 2008

Damo nga salamat ha imo Alma of USA and Mr. Ray Gaspay for posting Radyo Waraynon. Sige na liwat an akon pamati...bisan la kon labi ako nga namimingaw, LOL.

Balita ko nga deri na daw kuno safe maglinakat dida ha Catbalogan labi na gud kon gab-i na kay damo naman kuno an mga addict. Konta ma-address ini ni Mayor Tekwa. Han nagtutubo ako dida ha Catbalogan, bisan kami nauli hin kaagahun na nga naglalakat la, waray gud kami guin kakahadlukan nga mga addict nga maglalabot ha amon. Nagmamata pa kami hin kaagahon ngan han akon mga classmates ngan mga kasangkayan para mag jogging palibot-libot dida ha Imelda Park. Tapos namamasyada permi ngadto ha pantalan for the sea breeze.

Can't wait to go back again...soon.

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Name:   Katbaloganon
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Sept. 16, 2008

For public consumption ---

The people will take this new development with a grain of salt, the court said he was not abducted, but Jun Lozada at that time feared for his life as he still does today. It's sad that the state cannot protect him from that fear as he continues to stand strong in his conviction to expose the most powerful people in thus land in the most hateful scam that stole a huge chunk of the people's money!

The abduction of Jun Lozada is only one piece of the story. Scam that involves a huge taxpayers money and the culpability of the powerful people who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar is a more interesting part of this saga even more worthy of our vigilance!

Jun Lozada is answerable only to himself, his God, and his country as far as credibility is concerned. Instead of losing credibility, the people will sympathize and feel one with Jun Lozada in the general sentiment that the very rich and powerful can get away with corruption!

Citizens' Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Party List
September 16, 2008

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Name:   Alma
Address:   USA
Date:   09-09-08

Mr. Gaspay thanks for Radyo Waraynon I love it. I listen to it all the time I feel like I’m home again in San Andres Villareal Samar. I miss being home hopefully i'll be again by 2010. Go Catbalogan City love you all!

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Name:   Law-ananon
Address:   Lawa-an, Eastern Samar
Email:   jules1946@verizon.net
Date:   9 September 08

Palisak mga waraynon, buligui ta anay hi Mr. Goyo Picson to stop corruption dinhe ha Samar, kay di ngane ene matamakan nga corruption, amo la guihap it ma-abot hit aton mga kabogtu-an dinhe. Kinahanglan ig sarang naton an "Samar Naman" ha bug-os nga Samar to "STOP" buying votes, corrupt politics, oversee our local government, empose the "PEOPLES POWER". Ano ang say niyo diyan? Ray, we need your guidance kay hi ikaw man it hahane.

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Name:    Cesar Torres
Email:    Cesar1185@aol.com
Date:   5 September 2008

To Mr. Gerard Apelo re Fr. Dennis Barlaan and Bobby Luena,

Fr. Barlaan was the Principal Celebrant I think of the Katbaloganons of Northern California San Bartolome Fiesta Celebration last August 23, 2008. The 9-day novenas were held at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (OLPH) on Top of the Hill in Daly City, adjacent to the City of San Francisco. Its Parish Priest is Fr. Tony Petilla. Fr. Tony is the primus inter pares among all Samarnon priests in America.

Bobby Luena, the brilliant engineer son of Mano Melly Luena and Mana Monina Cinco Luena and his siblings were the hermanos and hermanas. Bobby is a high achiever among the Samarnons and Filipinos in the California Department of Transportation. He supervises some 100 engineers, technicians, etc in this Department. He is a bisor. The powerful people in Samar should write California Governor Arnold to detail Engineer Luena to Samar so that the Hell Roads of Samar in the West and the Roads with a 1,000 Lakes in the East can be repaired and cemented.

Bobby and his siblings have pledged to contribute to the funds to help our people in Mindanao, those who are suffering because of this "Clash of Civilizations" in the Homeland. He is also going to invest in a livelihood program to help the poorest of the poor in Samar through the Kiva Program of Elrico Munoz.

Bobby and his siblings have not decided on the amounts yet. But the amount will be such nga diri mabuyayaw hi Mana Monina. (Kon namimingao ako hin uraw nga Sinamarnon nga buyayaw, I siddle up to Mana Monina. Right away, nawawara an akon kamingao.)

Anyway, Fr. Barlaan is being groomed to replace Padre Tony as a Parish Priest of the OLPH Church. The Katbaloganons and Samarnons have enjoyed so many happy hours in the Church. Pati irignom, karantahay, nga sarayaw. In fact, we are impressed with the terpsichorean skills of Fr. Dennis. Makarit sumayaw hin boogie, hin swing, hin kuratsa, hin tango, labi na gud hin Slow Drag, labi na kon masirum iton sarayawan.

But he is a great speaker also. Makarit mag sermon. Ngan iton iya accent diri na taga Nortehanon nga upod an "kapay kapay si ka-ao". Taga San Francisco na hiya intawon.

I have his email address. But I don't think he uses e-mail very often. I may have his cell fone number. Don't want to give it out here. Bangin damo an tumawag han iya mga kasanhi hadton mga panahon nga naglabay.

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Name:   Ed Solayao
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email:    aksolayao@gmail.com
Date:   03 September 2008

Subject:  Samar Tourism & Entrepreneurship

Thanks for the reminder & I take note of it. I agree with you, although my point of view is to rally the principal voices of Samarnons first because it’s their beloved homeland we are talking too. It’s like casting the first stone to the calm water and the waves comes next. But that doesn’t mean it all stops from there; we are not stopping anybody from joining if they too have the same purpose as we do. Like what Taclobanon of United States said, all have stakes in the progress of Samar, whether you are a Samarnon living in Samar or outside, or you have your lineage going back to Samar, or you simply wanted to share the advocacy. We all have the same aspirations, & the more participation we can gather, the more ideas we can come up to.

I’ve been sending invitations to many of my friends around the world, Waray-warays and not. I do receive many positive feedbacks, although the real actions still remain to be seen. Let’s be pragmatic here, mga kababayan. We simply cannot say “yes, I agree” but practically do nothing. Action speaks louder than words, & it’s this action that we really need now more than ever.

To those of you who are seeing this post, please visit & join the Flickr group, at least to start. Since we still don’t have the separate column for this advocacy in the SamarNews.com website (although Mr. Gaspay is painstakingly finding ways to make it happen soon), it will be a good start to use the Flickr advocacy group meantime. You can post relevant topics that we can discuss, publish announcements or even tourism-related business proposals, while making use of the photostream to add photos & videos.

Again, I would like to invite you all to join in. Just to remind everyone, the core advocacy is to promote tourism in Samar. Here is the link to the group -  http://www.flickr.com/groups/samartourism/

Please refer to the rules & guidelines you will see once you join. It will be required of you to create your Flickr accounts (simple steps just like opening a Yahoo mail account). I'm looking forward to your participation in this advocacy.

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Name:   Gerald A. Apelo
Address:   San Jose, Northern Samar
Email:    www.doalds69@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   august 31,2008

Rev. Dennis Dwight Barlaan,

Greetings from our family! Our family haven't heard you much. Friends here are missing you so much, wishing someday you come for a short vacation. We are praying for your good health and success. God bless.

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Name:    Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   August 27, 2008

To:  Ed Solayao
Re:  Invitation to All Samarnon on Tourism & Entrepreneurship

Ed, I'm speaking for myself here. I would suggest that for the good of the people of Region-8, you should invite everybody and not only your kababayan Samarnon. Please don't misconstrue my reaction why I prompted to comment here. I think many will agree that all have stake on the progress of Tourism in Samar which will give an impact on the neighboring provinces in terms of job creation and etc. I believe your good intention is focused only on Samarnon or Kababayan as they are first to be affected by the economic development because they live in Samar. Although some are living abroad but their roots or families are from Samar.

How about considering those whose family roots came from Samar not Samarnon but are Leytenyos, Biliranos, Cebuanos, Boholanos and the rest who are scattered around the country whose ancestors or part of their ancestry came from Samar. I'm an example because as Leytenyo or Taclobanon part of my family root came from Samar.

Lastly, I'm asking you to be flexible to include those who are not Samarnon or living in Samar but their roots are from there. Thank you.

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Name:   Ed Solayao
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date:   25 August 2008


Still in line with this advocacy, recently I created a Flickr group named "Samar Island (Philippines) Travel & Leisure" and would like to invite all Samarnons from here and around the world to join in. The core advocacy is to promote tourism and be able to help uplift the economy of our beloved homeland. Below is the link to the group


Please refer to the rules & guidelines of joining. It will be required of you to create your Flickr accounts (simple steps like Yahoo mail) so you can join in our group discussions as well as post photos & videos related to Samar tourism & entrepreneurship. If you have friends particularly from Samar, please invite them as well.

I'm looking forward to your participation in this advocacy. Perhaps, at least we can help our kababayan even in this very simple way. I believe we have to start somewhere, but soonest.

Mga Samarnons all around the world, pag-burublig kita para han ika-uuswag hiton Samar.

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