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Name:   Loudette Avelino
Address:   New York, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   13 September 2004

Loudette Avelino of Calbayog and New York, granddaughter of a famous Samarnon, Senate President Jose Avelino who ran for President of the Philippines, has been "walking" in New York to raise funds for the projects of the "Building Futures Together" foundation.  The foundation has a livelihood project helping the poorest of the poor and a reading project for the children in Calbayog.
               Below is her message regarding this year's walking for a cause to help the poorest in Calbayog.  Ultimately, the Building Futures Together Foundation may operate in other parts of Samar, such as Catbalogan or Guiuan or  Borongan or Catubig.

Cesar Torres
In the San Franciso Bay Area


Third Annual Walk For Poverty –  Sunday, September 19, 2004

We are exactly one week away to September 19, 2004. We just returned from a  “dry run” of the path the 5K walk will take in Flushing Meadows Corona  Park.  Today was beautiful day and we are anticipating that September 19th,  will be as good if not better than today.
               For our walkers, you still have time to contact your friends, family,  officemates, colleagues seeking pledges of support for your participation in  the Walk For Poverty.  Please have your registration forms already  filled out, along with the $10 registration fee, made out to Building Futures Together, Inc. when you get to Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  And if you  have pledges collected and ready to submit you may do as as well at that  time.  The last day for the submission of all pledges is October 15.
               If you are not walking for any reason, we hope nonetheless for your  active participation in the fund raising effort by making an outright tax deductible donation to:  Building Futures Together, Inc.
              Please dress comfortably, (we are asking our walkers to wear old, torn white t-shirts) bring water if you like, and wear good walking shoes.
               We are assembling at 10:30am under the Unisphere on the side of the Queens Museum of Art. The Walk will start at 11am.  It should take no more than an hour to walk 3 miles.

 If you get to the Unisphere and walk has gone ahead and you want to catch  up, this is the path we will take to complete 3.5 miles:
                We will go once around the Unisphere circle, and exit on Avenue F (this is  a beautiful tree lined wide path).  As you come to the end of Avenue F, the  path will fork – take the left.  Cross the street (Meridian Street) and  follow the path (this would be underneath the network of expressways, etc) until  you see the park again….veer left  (you should be in an area marked Lot 6)  and you will cross a small bridge. To your right you will see the lake.…just  walk along the lake: nothing could be more beautiful and serene. This is  one of the better places to commune with nature and to get in touch with  yourself.  You will see sailboats, ducks, weeping willows. This walk  will eventually take you back to the Unisphere.
              To get to the Unisphere from the Subway:  Take the No. 7 line to  Willets Point/Shea Stadium.  As you exit, follow the signs to Flushing  Meadows Corona Park (not Shea stadium unless you want to pitch some balls). You  will walk down a long wooden ramp.  At the bottom, take the Avenue A path until you get to the Unisphere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at  718-426-9471 or email us at or
            See you on Sunday, September 19.

                                                    Loudette N. Avelino

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Name:  Amada and Harry Smedley
Address:   RR#1 Box 84, Tallula, IL 62688, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   9/13/04

Hello from the cornfield of Illinois. We have been gone now for 10 years and have completely lost track of Amanda's family in Jipapad. If anyone is going that way or has any reliable contact in Jipapad please email me. We are looking for the family of Engracia & Brigidio Oros. Any help in this matter would earn our gratitude. Call us collect in the US at 217-634-4231 at any time. Help please and thank you.

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Name:   Lani Parnala
Address:   373 Malagasang 1d, Imus, Cavite 4103, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:  9/13/2004

HI....I just want to join

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Name:  Cesar Torres
Contact Email:
Date:   10 September 2004

To Miss Muffin, the Burak Girl:
            Thank you for giving some importance to what I wrote regarding the Catholic Samarnons' penchant for too much religious parties, through fiestas, all over the world.  The point I was trying to stress was that wealth has a social responsibility.  Just because one is wealthy does not necessarily mean that one can do with his or her wealth as he or she wishes.  Flaunting one's wealth, labi na kon looted or kinawat becomes obscene.  For those who believe in the Catholic Church, this is the message of Pope Paul VI, in his Encyclical, "Populorum Progressio".  I have copied the link below, for those who are interested and who would like to substantiate their Catholicism or their Christianity. Or kon mga pade or religious people nga diri ma-aram para mahibaro.
            I have also copied some quotations from the Encyclical.
            Miss Muffin, I am not a fanatic Catholic.  When I was a student in Diliman, I barely went to Church.  But I find it so sad that we party in 5-star hotels while our fellow believers are subsisting on garbage in Payatas or selling their bodies all over the world.
            I am wondering, it seems that our Samarnon Internet users are very fond of using aliases.  Can we not stand on what we believe in? As a matter of principle and personal pride?

<>  Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI promulgated on March 26, 1967

To the bishops, priests, religious, the faithful and to all men of good will,
            1. The development of peoples has the Church's close attention, particularly the development of those peoples who are striving to escape from hunger, misery, endemic diseases and ignorance; of those who are looking for a wider share in the benefits of civilization and a more active improvement of their human qualities; of those who are aiming purposefully at their complete fulfillment. Following on the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council a renewed consciousness of the demands of the Gospel makes it her duty to put herself at the service of all, to help them grasp their serious problem in all its dimensions, and to convince them that solidarity in action at this turning point in human history is a matter of urgency.
            49. We must repeat once more that the superfluous wealth of rich countries should be placed at the service of poor nations. The rule which up to now held good for the benefit of those nearest to us, must today be applied to all the needy of this world.
            66. The world is sick. Its illness consists less in the unproductive monopolization of resources by a small number of men than in the lack of brotherhood among individuals and peoples
            76. Excessive economic, social and cultural inequalities among peoples arouse tensions and conflicts, and are a danger to peace. As We said to the Fathers of the Council when We returned from Our journey of peace to the United Nations: "The condition of the peoples in process of development ought to be the object of our consideration; or better: our charity for the poor in the world--and there are multitudes of them--must become more considerate, more active, more generous".[64] To wage war on misery and to struggle against injustice is to promote, along with improved conditions, the human and spiritual progress of all men, and therefore the common good of humanity. Peace cannot be limited to a mere absence of war, the result of an ever precarious balance of forces. No, peace is something that is built up day after day, in the pursuit of an order intended by God, which implies a more perfect form of justice among men.[65]
            86. All of you who have heard the appeal of suffering peoples, all of you who are working to answer their cries, you are the apostles of a development which is good and genuine, which is not wealth that is self-centered and sought for its own sake, but rather an economy which is put at the service of man, the bread which is daily distributed to all, as a source of brotherhood and a sign of Providence.

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Name:   Marinel
Address:   Palo, Leyte, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   9/11/04

hello! Marinel Omila Manjeron here... my father is from Basey, Eastern Samar. I'm hoping i can meet some of my long-lost relatives here. come on guyz!

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Name:  Muffins
Contact Email:
Date:   9/9/04

I've never been to a Katbaloganon party in my 25 years of life that i feel i must be missing a lot. It would be nice to dance the kuratsa and eat litson, don't you think?
              Cesar, consider me heartless, but i find it difficult to make any connection between Katbaloganons partying at 5-star hotels and fishermen who are living in poverty. While the thought has the potential to elicit 'kaluoy', I don't think it holds water. For one thing, doesn't anyone have the right to celebrate however he wants to? I could write on and on to defend my position, but my reserve of 'english' (and waray) words is running low. Kidding aside, i wish i have the time to devote more time on this. I hear a tiny voice calling me. Bye for now. Duty calls.
               P.S. - I read your postings on the gugma and shs websites. You got humor. I have never 'met' a samarnon who is as dedicated as you. More power. Keep up the good work.

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Address:   2724 East Court, Hilltop Village, Richmond, California 94806, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   09/09/04

To Ms. Liezl Sumbise:

          On the history of the Church in Catbalogan, perhaps, you can get in touch with Ms. Charo Nabong Cabardo.  She wrote a very authoritative history of Catbalogan which includes the Parish of St. Bartholomew in Catbalogan. Charo works with the SIBP. You might ask Mgsr. Max also.
          And of course, another source would be the Bishopric of Calbayog.  Bishop Palma is one of the most erudite princes of the Catholic Church in the Philippines these days.
          Why not tailor your discussion on the Church in Catbalogan with Pope Paul VI's Encyclical, "Populorum Progressio" and how the Katbaloganons all over the world celebrate the Feast of St. Bartholomew, the Patron Saint of the Fishermen, sometimes in 5-star hotels.  And yet our fishermen who are also believers in St. Bartholomew, are almost groveling in abject poverty.

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Name:  Liezel M. Sumbise
Address:  121 Brgy. 12, Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   September 8, 2004

          I am a 1st yr. Bass Pol Sci student of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas Tacloban College taking up Hist 1 under Prof. Talde and one of the course requirement is the submission of the church history and I have been assigned to conduct a church study in Catbalogan (St. Bartholomew Church).
          In connection with this I would like to ask if someone has a copy of the history of the St. Bartholomew Church of Catbalogan. And in case if you have can I have a copy of this? Thank you!

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Name:   Zaid
Address:   Oras, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   09/07/04

I'm looking for Beverly Carranza of Talalora.

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Name:    Mel Busa
Address:   Pasay City, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   09/07/04

Hi kumusta na dyan ha Lalawigan Borongan Eastern Samar to my kababayan, hows the town fiesta in Borongan pls. update me naman the hapinings..thanks. Regards to all my kababayan.. Thanks

Mel of heritage hotel Manila

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Name:   Nhympha C. Peralta
Address:   2363 Jasmin Street, Malate, Manila 1004, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   September 7, 2004

To All my kababayan,                     
            Hi good day!!
            I was really blessed when god created me in this word. Why? because he give me the chance to know him to help other people who is in para sa mga taga samar study hard! MAUPAY NGA PATRON HA EYO NGATANAN mga taga BORONGAN..there are many choices in our life we should be wise in choosing such choices..just a friendly suggestion, study hard if you want to achieve your goals, being a student is hard, but then we have to for us to gud luck...god bless!!

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Name:   Ernesto S. Manuel, Jr.
Address:    P.O. Box 10482, Dammam 31433, KSA
Contact Email:
Date:     09/06/'04

just want to give praise to the person responsible in the making of this samarnon website. "you're the man". greetings to all my friends and relatives in catbalogan and to batch "82 of SSAT. nananawagan la ako kon hino an nakakahinumdom ha nyo naman ako plssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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Name:    Monica Lacaba Cajipe
Address:   Rizal Street, Sta. Rita, Western Samar 6718, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   09/05/04

hello Nandz,
          Ano dawla kon aada ka yana ha computer para mag istorya kita hin binisaya?  Please reply asap kay kon dire makaturog nala ako.

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Name:  Diosdado B. Lopega
Address:  Room 205, No. 2, Chungshan North Road, Section 1, Taipe City, Taiwan, ROC
Contact Email:
Date:    August 31, 2004

Maupay nga oras ha iyo ngatanan igkasi ko mga Waray-waray lalo na kan Bebot Pajanustan. Kumusta ka na Bebot? Nabasa ko an im mensahi denhi manta hini nga website. Dako god it akon pagpasalamat nga mayda ta sugad hini nga website nga kon diin magkakaeroerestorya kita denhi.
               Karuyag ko liwat konta mahibaroan kon ano na an akon mga classmates hadto didto ha University of Eastern Philippines, ha Catarman urog na an Batch 1984 ha College of Arts and Sciences. Konta mabasa niyo ini nga akon panawagan og mag e-mail kamo ha akon.
                Salamat nga dako ha iyo ngatanan.

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Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:   Auckland, New Zealand
Contact Email:
Date:   23 August 2004

Greetings to the Catbaloganon han ira uma-abot nga fiesta yana nga Agosto 24, 2004. Hinaut kunta nga  magmalipayon ngan magmalinampuson an iyo pagsalin-urog hini nga patron (buwas, 24 Agosto). Kumusta liwat labi na gud han batch 78 ha SNS,kan Lanlan Figueroa, Botyok Longasa, Pabling Sapayan and to all my former  "comrade-in-glass", kanda Padi Romy Gabatbat ngan Madi Bles Ramos, (kumusta kamo dida) ngan labi na gud han familia ni Benedicto and Estelita Ramirez ha Munoz, district.
                I just wish you all the best in life.

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Name:   Jonel Badiola
Address:   916 N. Hakau Place, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   August 22, 2004

Hey how y'all nice to have this site for the people of samar..i love that place..shout out to all muh frenz in catbalogan,san jorge, gandara,and blanca and all the club BOSSING, much mahalo for the hospitality when i was there bout 5 months ago, to all the bands that plays there, y'all are awesome, and to the people that i've met..anyways, more power to y'all and if y'all wanna share some stories or jus wanna hit me back, muh email is here, dont hesitate to holla, ima holla back..again aloha and much mahalo to y'all..

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Address:   2724 East Court, Hilltop Village, Richmond, California 94806, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   19 August 2004

        There is no point in saying that Tekwa is a "Filipino-Chinese" businessman.  He is Filipino!  Period.
        We from the Land of Mai had economic and cultural relations with the Chinese long before the Spaniards got lost in Homonhon. And yet we don't refer to the mestizos in Catbalogan as "Filipino-Spanish" or to those whose ancestors belong to the American soldiers like the Motaks, etc., as "Filipino-Americans" or those who trace their ancestry to the Arab traders in Tubig Indangan as "Filipino-Arabs".
         I think a clarification by Ricky is in order.
        Thank you Ray.  Sorry Ricky.  :)

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Name:   Gertrudes Hilvano Hayes
Address:   802 Balinese Ave., Henderson, NV 89015, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    08/19/2004

Kinokumusta ko an ngatanan nga akon ka batch ha Samar High School hadton tuig han 1966. Usa na hi Aurora Saises ngan hi Wilfreda Bello from Daram. Komusta liwat han pamilya han mga Hilvano ha Guintarcan, Villareal, Catbalogan og Zumarraga. My appreciation to the individual who created the Samar news website. I enjoyed reading the articles in this website. Keep up the good work and good luck. May god bless you all.

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Name:   Robert Abadiano
Address:   # 90-b Otero Ave. Mabayuan, Olongapo City 2209, Zambales, Philippines
Contact Email:,robert,abadiano<>
Date:   08/19/04

Hello folks, just want to post this name, Theresa M. Abadiano if any one of you have any info about here relatives down there in Catbalogan pls. email me asap your help would be great to me tnx and god bless!!!

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Name:   Ruel Picardo Madeja
Address:   Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (Sabic), P.O. Box 11115, Jubail Industrial City 31961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:
Date:   18th August 2004

I just want to convey my greetings to Pampang Elementary School Alumnus

        The phenomenal economic growth within the Philippines has seen the emergence of many Filipinos specially Orason, San Policarpio per se responding to these developments thru education where one would try themselves strive for excellence thru education.  Education per se is the root for success.
        This 1st Alumni of Pampang Elementary School would encourage all Pampanganons to forego and strive excellence as this Alumnus would be the model for their children's children.
         Thank you and may God bless you all.  I, in behalf of the Madeja's clan wish you all more power and success in life.

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Name:   Edward Solayao
Contact Email:
Date:   18 Aug 2004

        Hi Catbaloganons! I've been watching the ongoing Athens Olympics. I'm astound by the greatness of the rest of the world, particularly the new powerhouses China & Japan. Hope the Philippines can catch up soon. Instead of hyping on drugs & corruption, why not put our resources & selflessness into encouraging our youth on sports? Catbaloganons & Samarnons are good people; they just need good leaders to become better, or even best.

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Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   2525 Columbus Ave. South, Minneaolis, Minnesota 55404, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    08/17/04

        Bravo and thanks, Dr. Saucelo, for this insightful piece touching on a very important subject matter:  diet.  Like many, I always thought that "eating rich" was the way to stay healthy, until age began catching up with me and I also began paying more attention to my health.  It's just too bad that I can't have my fill of healthy food as often as I want to, as the simple foodstuffs like cassava, camote, and tilapia are quite expensive in the U.S.  I, however, do a lot of substitution by having vegetables in my linaga, though one could only wish he had access to tinola nga isda in these parts.  My mouth began watering as soon as I saw "sarapon" in your article, this "lowly" fish (especially pinaksiw) being one of my favorites in my younger years.  Certainly, we can't find this fish variety in the U.S., but I'm sure that if it were available, I wouldn't hesitate to load up my fridge.  Of course, tilapia is a good substitute.  Perhaps it's the longing for the simpler lifestyle and simpler food that has been pushing me to seriously consider retirement in Samar.
        Again, thanks for a very informative article.  Keep up the good work!!!

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Name:   Junjie Yulo Isanan
Address:   Dublin, Ireland
Contact Email:
Date:     August 15, 2004

        Hi! i just want to convey my  warmest greetings to my friend and a former boardmate in college, MR. MENELEO SISON from Ilang ilang St. Munoz, Catbalogan (hope i still remember it right) whom i havent seen for a long time now. I believe he is working in PCI Bank Catbalogan and already married to Sol from San Jorge and as far as i know they have child already. Kumusta nala ha iyo including your family (in case u happen to know this website), your parents Mana Preciousa and Mr. Sison, your sister Sheila and your bro Jopert. Hope you're all in the best of health!

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Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
Address:   Sydney, Australia
Contact Email:
Date:   14/Aug/2004

        How ya doin samarnon! Just wanna say "HELLO" to all ma relatives in the philippines. If ya wanna find out more about ma websites. Below are the lists of ma websites. Thanx a lot Kuya RAY. Keep up the good work.
Here are my websites:
   -> Personal Website
   -> About Zumarraga Samar,but still under construction
   -> About San Isidro Zumarraga Samar
   -> About MIRC Undernet Server #catbalogan #sohk #pasay

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Name:   Dativic Wennström
Address:   Doktorsg. 11A, Ängelholm  S-262 52, Sweden
Contact Email:
Date:   August 13, 2004

Una ha ngatanan damo nga salamat kan Mr. Ray Gaspay nga naghimo hine nga webbsite kay sugad ko nga nakaukoy dide ha iba nga bansa may-ada na kami babasa-basahon nga tikang dida ha aton kay siyempre namimingaw kami dida ha aton ha Samar. Konta magka may-ada liwat ine hin mga receipes hit pagkaon dida ha aton luto nga winaray para hit sugad ko nga dire god mag-aram magluto hit winaray nga pagluto makapagluto kami. Maaram ako magluto hit luto nga iba dida ha Pilipinas kay may makikita man ha internet nga mga receipes sugad hit adobo, beef caldereta, pansit, menudo ngan damo pa nga iba, para naman kami manhibaro ngan mapatilaw namon dide hit mga taga dide nga bansa nga amon gin-uukyan pareho ha akon hit mga swedish nga mga kamag-anak hit akon asawa, mga customers namon kay bussinesssman hit akon asawa ngan mga kasangkayan. Damo nga salamat gidaan.

Kinukumusta ko ngatanan an akon mga ka-batch ( 78 ) ha Samar High nga naghost han alumni han yana nga tuig. Kay waray ako pakag-atender han alumni, hain naman an iyo mga promises ha akon nga paparad-an ako niyo han mga souveniers han aton alumni panawagan kan Mr. President Atty.Medino Acuba, bisan nala unta an kopya han kuha han alumni para naman makita ko kay talagang namimissed ko na kamo ngatanan nga mga ka-batch ko. May ginkuha gad han akon patud ngan iya asawa han beach party han alumni kay nakahuram man hira han video camera han  bugto ni Rosario. Pero karuyag ko makita an bug-os nga alúmni. Amola ngahaw mga maghusay ngan mga guwapo kamo nga akon mga ka-batch. An mga bayot, bayot la ngahaw waray pa magiging tunay nga mga lalaki ( just kidding ) Hi congressman Arthur Vaughn Zosa (counselor pala) nanhihinganga didto han video kadiri to death. Baga hurong-hurong. Ako naman habang nanonood han iyo mga pagpinangaon naglilinaway ako dide konsinakon maupay nagod manhibuk-ukan kamo dida ( inggit la ako dide ) Maribhong godman an iyo beach party. Upay-upaya god niyo kay huhulaton ko ito dide nga iyo mga promises ha akon. Akon liwat ginkukumusta an amon mga kapit-bahay ha Piczonville Subd.

From Jan, Dayday & Sven-Erik

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Name:   Ronaldo V.
Address:   Western Sydney, Australia
Contact Email:
Date:   14 Aug 2004

        G'day from downunder. I read the message of Felisa Gomba. I would like to know her correct email address. Fely if you read this message, please send me an email. thanks and more power to samar news.

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Name:   Joel Isanan
Address:   California, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   August 11, 2004

        Hi, I am looking for Ms. Teresa L. Bulan who, I learned, is now residing in New York or in New Jersey. I would appreciate it very much if somebody will tell me how to contact her.  She is my auntie (my father's cousin).  I haven't heard from her for years.  I used to live in their house in Patag, Catbalogan, while I was a high school student.  Whoever can provide me with her phone number, kindly e-mail me at my address above.   Thanks.

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Name:   Bibot Rongcales Pajanustan
Address:    Lapinig, Northern Samar
Contact Email:
date:    August 8, 2004

        Maupay nga adlaw! nalilipay ako nga may-da na site han mga samarnon kun diin pwede kita makahibaro kun ano an balita hit aton mga kababayan ha iba-iba nga lugar.

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Name:   Bernadette L. Pajares
Address:   Blk 2 L-16 Real St. Majestic Sub., Concepcion, Marikina City, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   August 07, 2004

        Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan... mahidlaw na talaga it Sinamarnon nga buhay. Yana ko la ini hibarui nga mayda ngay-an site an mga taga Samar. Pirmi n ak hin yana mabisita para makahibaro kun ano an latest nga balita ha aton... Damo nga salamat!!!! Hope nga magkamay ada ak mga kasangkayan dinhi... : )

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Name:   Sita Macandili
Address:   Barangay Ulango, Tanawan, Batangas, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    August 7, 2004

        Hello everyone taga Samar ako liwat piro sa Manila na ako lumaki after Tacloban City, Leyte bago ang napangasawa ko ay Batang-ginyo. Just want to ask a favor from you guys if anyone know Saul  Baliclic or Baliklik from Basey Samar please email me or drop by at our Samar or Visayan group at:
         Damo nga salamat in advance.

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Name:    Marlyn  Macabenta
Address:   Bangon, Pinabacdao, Samar
Contact Country:    Florida (U.S.A)
Contact Email:
Date:   August 7, 2004

        I would liked to greet my father (MARCIAL MACABENTA) a very very happy Birthday these coming August 12. May you have many many more B-days to come. Hope your Birthday's full of love a very happy one!  We wish you Lots of love, happiness, good health and a long life to live. We love you and we missed you so much!  hope to see you soon on your Hermano in 2006.

Succop Family

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Name:   Marianito Hernandez
Address:   222 Blackhawk Terrace, Bensenville, Illinois 60106, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   August  5, 2004

Maupay nga oras ha iyo ngatanan,
        Peace, joy and love of the Lord be yours in abundance! Salamat nga damo kan Ray hine nga web-site. Han pag post ko hin message han una, may nag reply dayon kinabuwasan. Emily (Mimi) Luna from New York, anak han akon classmate, Lou Jaboli Dacillo (SSAT-62), taga Jiabong nga aadi ha New Jersey. Gloria (Lolly) Cinco Huela ha Marikina, manghod nera Dito and Tom Cinco from (SSAT) Catbalogan. Si Lolly pala is my sister in Christ, we are members of Couples for Christ, we are in 117 countries in the world at present, we are families of the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth. Kumusta man ha iyo mga brothers and sisters (CFC, HOLD, SOLD, SFC, YFC, KFC and brethren from all Social Ministries), mga taga: Catbalogan, Jiabong, Motiong, Paranas, Calbiga, ug han  bug-os nga Samar.  Mabuhay an Samar, mabuhay an Pilipinas! God is good!

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Name:   Candyd Angela Nadela
Address:   Catbalogan, Western Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:        
Date:    August 5, 2004

        Hi everyone. This site is really cool and so astig. I have a comment particularly ha BIR Catbalogan. They are so halimaw, at least man la unta magpapahibaro hira na magtatax mapping hira on some parts of Western Samar at least a week before kay para makaprepare muna an businessmen for their books. An kuri ha ira kay bisan ada na an libro, kuruhaun la didto ha bookkeeper ira na dayun gin-mumultahan, the least is P1000...take note P1000!!! Most of the time kinikilkilan pa nira hit usa nga grossery ha Calbayog, it dapit ha may Nijaga Park ha luyo for at least P2000 per kilkil. Ka-iro man intawon han mga gudti na negosyante.. Pipirahay na la ngani hit kita lilimason pa hit mga taga BIR. Dapat talaga mawara na ito hira. I'm supporting Pres. GMA's 10 point agenda especially the dissolution of BIR. Dugang la hira han sakit ha ulo ha amon nga mga gudti nga mga negosyante. I hope this message will awaken other businessmen in our province. Let's support for the dissolution of BIR. Mabuhay an mga Samarnon!!!

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Name:     Marivic Estosa
Address:   09 boston St., Cubao, Quezon City  1109, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    Aug. 03, 2004

        Nakilala pa ka mo ha akon. Hi jolina taga san pablo purok3, may  kontra ha iyo.

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Name:   Jonel Colomba
Address:   09 Boston St., Cubao, Quezon City  1109, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:     Aug. 03, 2004


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