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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   12/2/08

Facts About Calbayog and Catbalogan, Continuation of "City-os" and Cities

Benoy from Catbalogan has provided a link that would serve as a very reliable source of information to compare Calbayog and Catbalogan. The web link will bring you to the website of the National Statistical Coordination Board. The specific page is a comparative table of the cities in Region VIII. I will focus on the more salient items that are pertinent to a valid classification as to whether Calbayog or Catbalogan can be truly called "cities."

In terms of land area, Calbayog is quite big. In fact, it is the biggest city, in terms of land area, in the whole Eastern Visayan Region. Even bigger than Tacloban and Ormoc combined. Catbalogan is only 1/3 of Calbayog. You might ask why? The answer is simple. Catbalogan was and is the same geographic unit ever since it was recognized as a pueblo during Spanish times. It has not added nor annexed any other local government unit for it to become bigger. It has therefore retained its geographic identity and integrity. Calbayog, on the other hand, is not the 880.7 Sq. km. that it is today. It is actually a combination of three distinct geo-political units. When combined by Sen. J.D. Avelino 60 years ago, Calbayog City has actually combined the three municipalities of Calbayog, Oquendo, and Tinambacan. To appease the two municipalities that were dissolved, they tried to call them districts. Now, you have Oquendo district and the Tinambacan district. It is like combining Catbalogan, Jiabong, and Motiong into one city called Catbalogan. As a matter of reference, try browsing this link to prove that I am not making up what I just said: http://calbayogko.tripod.com/id1.html . Here's the ranking in terms of land area: Calbayog (880.7 sq. km.), Ormoc (613.6 sq. km.), Borongan (475 sq. km.), Baybay (459.3 sq. km.), Catbalogan (274.2 sq. km.), Maasin (211.7 sq. km.), and Tacloban (613.6 sq. km.).

In terms of population, Calbayog has more people. When three municipalities were combined together to form a new city then expect that there would be more people in it, right? But, the 62,000 difference is even laughable because in terms of population density (Population/sq. km.), there are more people in Catbalogan per sq. km. than in Calbayog. Here's the ranking in terms of population using 2007 figures: Tacloban (217,199), Ormoc (177,524), Calbayog (163,657), Baybay (102,526), Catbalogan (92,454), Maasin (79,737), and Borongan (59,354).

In terms of locally-generated income, here are the facts that would spin your head. Calbayog only has P67 million of income while Catbalogan has P171 million. That is P104 million of difference folks. Per capita (per person using 2007 figures), that is P409 per capita income of Calbayog residents compared to P1,849 per capita income of Catbalogan residents. Catbalogan is ranked third in the region in terms of locally or internally-generated income behind the two most progressive cities in the region Tacloban and Ormoc. How is Calbayog fairing under this category? Number 6 out of the 7 cities in Region VIII. Calbayog is even behind Borongan and Maasin. It is funny that Calbayog is protesting the more progressive municipalities in the region Borongan and Catbalogan that were converted into cities. Can Calbayog increase its locally or internally-generated income at least at par with Borongan at P122 million before it open its mouth? Makaarawod na it is only earning P67 million from local income sources when it has been a city for more than 60 years. Here is the ranking in terms of internally-generated income: Ormoc (P962 M), Tacloban (P678 M), Catbalogan (P171 M), Maasin (P168 M), Borongan (P122 M), Calbayog (P67 M), and Baybay (P25 M).

In terms of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), the bone of contention why Mel Sarmiento wants to bar other municipalities into becoming cities, Calbayog is the number 1 dependent on IRA. Makaarawod that Calbayog which only earns P67 million in locally-generated income receives P486 million in national government dole out. Catbalogan only receives P70 million. That is P416 million more for Calbayog. It means that per capita, every Calbayog resident is receiving P2,969 from the national government while a Catbalogan resident only receives P757 from the national government. Kadako nga deperensya. Here's the ranking in terms of how much these cities are receiving from the national government: Calbayog (P486 M), Ormoc (P405 M), Tacloban (P300 M), Maasin (P213 M), Baybay (P85 M), Catbalogan (P70 M), and Borongan (P64 M).

Now, since we already have the differences spelled out, let us move on to point out some indicators why I initially said that 60 years of cityhood has not improved the lives of our brothers in the city of Calbayog. Here are the facts. One, poverty incidence in Calbayog is very high. Almost half of its population is living below the poverty line. Why? 43.70% of the 163,657 residents of Calbayog or roughly 71,500 are miserably poor. While only 35.75% of Catbalogan residents are miserably poor. In Region VIII, Calbayog has the highest poverty incidence index. Ranking all 7 cities in region VIII, it is number 1 in having the highest incidence of poverty. That is too embarassing because in region 8 it is receiving the highest IRA dole out from the national government. Where did all the government money go? Kamakalolooy man han aton mga kabugtuan ha Calbayog. Isn't it a big disgrace to be receiving the highest IRA but also to have the highest incidence of poverty in the entire region of Eastern Visayas? Remember that Tacloban only receives P300 million in IRA share but only has 9.85% of poverty incidence. Here's the ranking of the poorest cities in region VIII using the poverty incidence index: Calbayog (43.7%), Baybay (35.83%), Catbalogan (35.75%), Ormoc (34.35%), Maasin (30.52%), Borongan (27.58%), and Tacloban (9.85%).

Second, let us check the health indicators like the prevalence of underweight children. It must be pointed out that Catbalogan and Calbayog are on the top on this nasty indicator. Here's the deal. Calbayog ranks number 1 as the city with the most underweight children. Malnutrition in children is very prevalent in Calbayog at 26%. That more than 1 in four children are not sufficiently nurished. Ranking the cities for this indicator, Calbayog is ignominously number 1 followed by Catbalogan (24.9%), Baybay (17.8%), Ormoc (16.4%), Borongan (14.6%), Tacloban (13%), and Maasin (7.7%).

Third, crime incidence is an indicator how many major crimes are happening in a quarter for a particular city. Crime Rate, however, is incidence divided by 100,000 population so it is more comprehensive because a place with more people is definitely chaotic than one with a smaller population. Peace and order situation can be assessed using these indicators. The higher the indexes the more dangerous a place is. A sleeping city like Calbayog is again ignominously ranked number 1 as the most dangerous city in region 8 both in crime incidence and crime rate. The indicators are too high for a rural city like Calbayog. In fact, Tacloban and Ormoc are relatively safer than Calbayog. Here's the ranking on crime rates as to the most dangerous cities to live in Region 8: Calbayog (34.6), Catbalogan (14.8), Tacloban (12.6), Ormoc (11.5), Maasin (8.5), Baybay (6.6), and Borongan (6.4). In terms of crime incidence, Calbayog is still number 1 at 59 in one quarter of 2007. Annualize it, you will have 236 crimes in a year. And these crimes are not petty I must add. These are major crimes like murder and homicide and not merely traffic violations or simple physical injuries. Next to Calbayog, Tacloban has 34 in a quarter, Ormoc has 23 in a quarter, Catbalogan has 16 in a quarter, Maasin and Baybay both tie at 7 in a quarter, and Borongan is the safest at 4 in a quarter.

Now, I have just laid down the facts and these facts are not coming from Tekwa or from a biased source. It is from a national government agency tasked at coming up with standardized measuring yardsticks so comparative studies between and among government units.

While I do not fully blame Calbayog for the share it is receiving from the national government through the scandalous sharing of the Internal Revenue Allotment. I blame the city government for the ineffective use of government resources. Calbayog is far behind Tacloban and Ormoc. Maasin is even better than Calbayog. I must even say that Catbalogan is already eclipsing Calbayog despite all these unfair distribution of IRA. To my original question as what had 60 years of cityhood brought to the city of Calbayog? Honestly, nothing. Despite all the huge amount it has been receiving from the national government in past 60 years, the city still is behind in all indicators of economic growth and development. It is laughable that the city is ranked as the poorest in terms of poverty incidence, sickest in terms of the prevalence of underweight children, most dangerous in terms of crime incidence and crime rate yet receiving the highest in terms of IRA.

IRA-IRA la, ayaw unta ito mahitabo ha Catbalogan.

What Sharee Ann Tan, our voice in the House of Representa-"thieves," should do is to propose amendment to Section 285 of the Local Government Code (Allocation to Local Government Units). That section tries to distinguish the share of provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays. This single provision is the reason why there is an unfair distribution of IRA. Imagine that the cities will get 23% of the IRA while 34% will go the municipalities. How many cities are there in the Philippines? Only 136. How many municipalities are there in the Philippines? More than 2,000. It is funny that the provinces will get the same (23%) as the cities. We all know that provinces (there are 81 of them) are much larger and serve more people. It would have been better if the cities and municipalities will share the 57% of the IRA and the barangays and provinces will continue to share what they are already enjoying. With this, municipalities do not have to ask that they be converted to cities. Sen. Nene Pimentel should have thought of these long time ago. What's happening now is a very unfair distribution of IRA. Cities are supposed to be independent in earning their own income but the way it looks right now, cities particularly Calbayog are even more dependent on government dole outs than the municipalities. To me, cities and municipalities are similar. They both belong to the second tier of the local government strata after the barangays. If the IRA distribution is equitable, no one will be applying for cityhood. The real indicator then of progress are the hard rules that define who are truly progressive and not merely those lopsided classification of cities and municipalities.

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Name:   Letenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   December 2, 2008

The peaceful ending of the crisis in Thailand is one that we Filipinos should envy with. The good people of Thailand decided that corruption should stop and enough is enough already. The Thailanders seized and took control of the main airports in a show to pressure the corrupt government to step down which eventually did stepped down after the Thailand Supreme Court decided to ban the ruling political party. This is like the existing law banning and illegalizing the NPA or CPP or NDF here in the Philippines. Imagine if the Nationalista party of President Arroyo is banned and illegalized and all of the high powered officials go down with the party, then we Filipinos would be feeling the power that we are not push over people.

The peaceful conclusion of the crisis in Thailand was made possible by the professionalism and patriotism of the Thailand military commanders. If you look at Thailand military high level commanders, a few of them are the product and graduate of the Philippine Military Academy and one of them was classmate of President Ramos. The peaceful conclusion was made possible because the Thailand military was absolutely neutral of politics and was loyal to no one but the Thailand constitution. Their Thailand constitution was proven stronger when their professional Supreme Court justices decided to ban the ruling party. No one was imprisoned but the political party itself was banned for operating for 5 years. This was the most perfect solution where almost all of the Thailanders from the rightist to the leftist agree and will go home happy.

We Filipinos should start again and do what the good people of Thailand did. We should begin by legalizing the NPA, CPP, NDF, after a comprehensive peace process. Then our Philippine military should stay neutral and only intervene when the peace is threatened just like what Thailanders did. It is depressing that we Filipinos have not done yet a “first action” that is totally Filipino. We always copy from other countries in the world.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Email:   samarnonk@yahoo.com
Date:   December 2, 2008

Welcome back sangkay Bert Batica! Maupay kay lumutaw ka na liwat. Inin imo mga siday, baga-baga ka gud hiton makarit nga poet. Nabasa ko an imo mga postings ha "Gugma Han Samar" baga maupay ka man liwat han Spanish language.
Asya gud ada, samtang kita nga aanhi gawas han aton tuna nga guin tubuan, dugang an pagdako han aton mga gugma hinin aton iroy nga tuna.

By the way, bisan kon magka-iba an aton manok for the U.S. President, congratulations ha imo ngan han imo manok. Let's just hope for the best. Best regards.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   December 2, 2008

Sangcay nga Samarnon from Canada sugad man kan Prof. Cesar Torres.

I have here my 9 point agenda but anyone can append anything to make it more adequate and efficient.

1. The creation of jobs through Eco tourism. Restoration of Maqueda bay and adjacent channel by installing effective coral reefs all throughout the Samar Seas subsequently stopping trolls along the shallow waters and dynamite fishing. To make this effective every barangay will be provided with a pump boat and a PNP contingent with a barangay police to patrol the strait. First offenders will be docketed but illegal fishing materials will be confiscated. 2nd offenders will be charged in court. Immediate stop of all illegal logging at all cost.

2. The construction of new buildings, classrooms, provision of desks and chairs and books for students and scholarships to poor families.

3. The balancing of the budget.

4. Construction and maintenance of farm to market roads including the repair of the existing roads from Tacloban to Catbalogan and from Calbayog to Catbalogan.

5. The provision of electricity and water supply to barangays.

6. Eradicating of ghost employees and the 15 and 30 employees who only reports to their repective departments every 15th and 30th of the month to get their salaries.

7. The development of stagnant government lands/properties into agricultural lands for our farmers and other entrepreneurial undertaking thereby generating more income to the province.

8. The automation of the entire capitol building to check automatically the erarnings of all generating departments that can be accessed by everyone including the result of all biddings to make it transparent.

9. Coordination with the local AFP (Army) and the PNP contingent with respect to the peace and order situation in the province on a weekly basis. Creation of a task force that will include the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the PNP, the Army Intel and a provincial coordinator to conduct operations against drug related cases in the province. (This will answer the apprehension of Ms. Erlinda Uy of Patag District).

Thank you and God Bless Us All.

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Name:    Samarnon Liwat
Address:   Catbalogan Sitio
Date:   Dec 2, 2008

Maiha na gad ako nga nagbibinasa hini nga message board pero nahadlok la ak pag api hit mga diskusyon kay bangin la kulangon it ak inglis. Puro magkarit ha inglis iton mga paragsurat dinhi sugad kanda Samarnon, Balasbas, Torres, Morales ngan damo pa. Mayda ko gadla mga obserbasyon nga karuyag ko isamwak ha kadam-an.

Tama an usa nga nagsurat nga pirahay manla it mayda access ha computer didi ha Samar, pira dawla it nakakabasa hini nga message board. Kadam-an siguro mga taga abroad it agsob sumulod ha internet kay hira manla it nakaparok pagpalit. Baman ha internet café, makuri liwat kay may bayad man. Kon sugad, gutiay la it nakakabasa hini nga mag upay nga artikulo. Kanugon balitaw. Kay ano nga diri lugod ipaagi hin newsletters nga pwede idistribute ha mga bungto o baryo.

Mayda mga nag-uundong kan Father Labendia nga dumalagan pagka gobernador. Ano dawla kon maaram na hi padre nga makandidato hiya? Pakianhi anay niyo kon maruruyag hiya pag resign ha pagkapadi para umentra ha politika. Sige it iyo paniguro pero di pa kamo sigurado kon amo ito it iya inklinasyon.

Mayda liwat nagsurat nga diri na gud botosan hira Figueroa, Nacario, Redaja, Arcales, Torrevillas, etc. Baa daw, diri kamo nakasiguro can Cata kay baga may plano na liwat pagdalagan. Remember, hiya an comeback kid pira nga eleksyon an nakalabay – napirdi tapos nagdaog na liwat. Can he do it again? An mga Nacario, waray man ako nahibatian nga maraot nira nga binuhatan, kay ano nga diri hira pwede botosan? An lalaki, president han mayor’s league han Samar, opisyal liwat ha national level. An iya asawa, incumbent board member ngan maupay liwat an pakita as town mayor. Arcales ngan Torrevillas, ano man liwat an ira bagahe? Bangin la ini mga pakaraot kay maaram man kamo hit politika.

An mga interesado pagkandidato, siguruha anay niyo nga mayda kamo kwarta ngan makinarya para umato hini nga mga beterano nga politico. Mag upay iyo mga plano but you have to be realistic about your chances. Kon ha internet la, sigurado it iyo darag-an.

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Name:   Bugsay of Cagaut
Address:   Brgy. Cagaut, Salcedo, Eastern Samar
Date:   1 December, 2008

I-ini man it ak baton ha imo Abuda (ano ka dawla, Mr ‘O’ Mrs.) pati na kan Mr. B. Balasbas an aton susunod nga Gobernador.

Maupay pa gad ikaw nga aada ka ha Amerika kay maru-upay man it im kahimta-ngan kontra hit kadam-an nga aton nga mga ig-kasi waray nga nagkuku-ri dinhi ha aton ha Samar.

I-ini it ak plano, hit maka-kaba-sa hini nga mensahe ko. 1) Pan ngaro kamo hit iyo kaurup-dan dida ug iyo mga kasang-kayan, ka-trabaho hin ira mga bina-yaan nga anti-yuhos, Sid-nga na la nga iyo man iton ‘charity work’ para hit iyo mga kabung-to nga kablas. 2) Tiruka la iton anay, kun makati-rok na kamo siguro hin mga kinse o beinte (15 -20) nga pades, ipaki-mensahe na la niyo iton dinhe ha ‘Message Board’ May mga iba pa ako nga karuyag mai-tambulig hit aton igka-si waray;

1) Mga gamit (used) at binaya-an (discarded) nga kaliding (wheels) hin bisekleta, kartilya (wheel barrow) wheels and others for as long as they are in ‘running condition’ or can be ‘knock-down’ to reduce its size. It ak plano ay ipanhatag ini hit nga mga magti-rinda that are ‘ambulant’ by using wooden carts (kariton) with these donated wheels. These ambulant peddlers can sell their vegetables, etc. (‘fresh produce on wheels‘) or whatever in this manner to their neighbourhoods, to the next town and the next … using their legs and arms, the end result of which is cheap merchandize for sale to the community.

2) Rayos (chains) from used bicycles, motorbikes and the like can also be collected and put aside in the meantime. Panels made of tins and light metal materials from old and used washing machines, hot water service, dryers can also be solicited and collected for numerous uses one of which I am proud to say is….for a piece of metal hammered into a ‘rudder’ or better still into a ‘paddle’ (bugsay) for our local fishermen. Hopefully, that those who would heed and answer this call for charity donations have enough spaces in their backyards to store them for a little while.

You may be wondering where I am coming from now, how these seemingly heavy things can be sent from overseas without huge freight costs to worry.

Asya man it ak susunod nga ig i-istorya ha iyo.

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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:    Calle Buruka, Basay, Samar, Filipinas
Email:    abatica@hotmail.com
Date:   1 December 2008

Ha akon mga kasangkayan dinhi ha Samarnews, hilabi na gud an "Samarnon ha Canada" nga minimingaw na kuno han akon panagsa nga mga pagharoy dinhi ha Samarnews. Aanhi pa gad ako, Sangkay, sige la an hiling-hiling ngan inaw-inaw han iyo mga karokayakan dinhi. Maupay namanla liwat kay waray ak niyo himo-a nga sumsuman dinhi, bisan kon pira na nga patron ngan mga pagsalin-urog an naglabay. Ha kamatuoran, tikang seguro han bulan Septiembre, waray ko gud aringasa, kay baga libang ako didto ha iba nga forum, libang liwat ako han kampanya didi ha Estados Unidos kay labi hin ka kamahinungdanon han pinili-ay. Baga mapaso gud liwat adto nga kampanya, sanglit hi ako man liwat, nahilambing hini, subsob hin paningkamot. Kundi yana nga human na an pinili-ay, ngan an akon "manok" an nagdaog ka presidente, ada, malipayon gad intawon. Sanglit, bisan kon aada ka ha Canada, duyog la anay ha amon pagsalin-urog ngan pakitagay, ngan ipasamwak ha bug-os nga kalibutan: Mabuhi hi Presidente Barack Obama!

Yana naman, baga nalili-aw liwat ak hini nga iyo hiro-himangraw ngan hi Mano Profesor Torres. Mano Profesor, ayaw na gad la anay hiton nga mga pangayat o paghagit nga ini nga aton sangkay hukason an iya maskara. Pabay-i nala anay iton hiya, an importante manla hini, nga bisan pa kon ano iton iya isurat dinhi, kamatuoran man ada ngan waray hin mga pagtahap hit aton igkasi tawo. Ano, sabot baya ini, Mano Profesor. Hiro-himangraw manla ini it aton dinhi.

Ha akon naman sangkay nga parabugsay nga taga-Salcedo: oo gad, angay gad liwat nga iton mga hiro-himangraw pinapadisan hin gi-os, kay bisan ngani it puros la tagay ngan waray sumsuman, masumo iton. Balitaw, maupay ini nga imo panuyo, ini nga pag-"recycle" hin mga daan nga balayan o "frame" hin anteojos. Ha akon la pamilya, damo na ini nga mga daan nga antiparra ngan diri kami maaram ko aanhon namon ini. Pahibaro-a la ako kon ano iton maupay nga paagui para intawon makabulig man kami hini nga imo proyecto. Padad-i nala ak hin private e-mail, kay magsasabot kita. Hi ako, karuyag ko gad liwat makabulig hit akon igkasi tawo, bisan namanla hin mga tinalagudti nga pamaagui.

Ano man, mga Kasangkayan - tikang na liwat kita hin mga magpaso nga hiro-himangraw. Huna-hunaa ta nala nga diri la haromamay iton kasugad hit Samar ngan hiton Filipinas yana. Mag-aano man kita? Gawas hiton mga kuru-o, mga bagutbot, mga kurinit naton dinhi ha Samarnews...ano man an aton mahihimo basi intawon an Filipinas makakita han lus-ay ug hingpit nga katalwasan? Labot hit nga mga pagharoy hiunong hin mga kurakot, kawatanes, tradpols, etc. - ano pa man an angay buhaton han lomolopyo?

Susugaron ko la anay, mga kasangkayan. Ngan "Happy Thanksgiving" ngay-an, labi na gud yana, nga an lomolopyo ha Estados Unidos nakakita gihapon hin paglaum. Matuman unta an ira mga ungara, ngan ini nga pagbag-o didi nga dapit, pasundan man unta hin mga mag-upay nga ungara, mga ungara para han kalinaw ngan kauswagan. Ngan hi kita liwat ha Filipinas...hinaut pa unta nga makakita hin pagbag-o, hin mas mainuswagon nga kabubuwason para han nasud nga pilipinhon.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Email:    samarnonk@yahoo.com
Date:   December 1, 2008

Sangkay Tonyboy,

To quote:

"Since damo na man an napamatuod na it Isog Han Samar Movement diri la iton usa nga leftist organization ngan at least maaram naman an publiko na guinpakita na nira it ira tinguha not by merely writing a message here in Samarnews.com but by filing a case in the proper forum seguro samwak na iton ha ngatanan."

"You have miscontrued my statement about the movement."

With all due respect to you sangkay Tonyboy, much more that I am trying to be philosophical, but I believe that I haven't misconstrued your statement above.

Ambot dawla kon maaram pa ako han akon winaray or kon maaram liwat ako han english grammar. Correct me if I am wrong if I may attempt to translate your phrase into english:

"it Isog Han Samar Movement diri la iton usa nga leftist organization ngan..."

English: "the Isog Han Samar IS NOT ONLY one leftist organization and at least the public knows..."

Using "NOT ONLY" in this particular phrase or sentence means an admission or acceptance (persuation in some cases, or it may depend on how it is used in the sentence) that the subject previously mentioned is true or a fact plus whatever other truths or attributes that may connect to the subject.

Touching on the Absolutes:

Today's day and age, peoples tend to abandon certain absolute truths in favor of some "politically correct" and "socially acceptable" views. But no matter how popular and eloquently these views were delivered and accepted, they wouldn't in any way alter established truths.

Here's some absolutes that I am comfortable to be boxed in with.

1. The Bible is the word of God and infallable.
2. The God of the Bible is the true and living God.
3. Anything that contradicts the teaching of the Bible is not of God.

I am anticipating numerous reactions on this...some could be violent. Reaction with regard to interpretation, perceprions and etc. As I have said, no matter how brilliant your views are, they will not change these absolute truths. Yes, I am closed and narrow minded...but these things I cannot compromise. Herein, I end my discourse.

We may not agree on some things and issues Tonyboy, I am still one of your fans. You are brilliant.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen. Ricarte Extn., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   Dec 1, 2008

Prof Cesar Torres,

Waray sapayan kay an pustahay baga ha akon para la mahisabotan han kadam-an nga maaram gud kita hini nga nakapalibot hini nga usa nga bagay nga aton guin lalantugian pareho hini nga posisyon ni Tonyboy. Natuod liwat ako nga iba ini hira bisan kon baga ha akon pag inu-ino han style han ira pagsurat identical gud. Liwat dire ikokompromiso ni Mr. Morales (an deputy Consul General) an iya posisyon hin paghatag hini nga iya mga makarit nga pasiday dinhi ha SamarNews kay bisan gud ano nga topic, Saludo gud ako kan Tonyboy, maaram ako nga dire pa ini hiya pareho ha aton nga baga may mga arthritis na.

Lets go back to your question about the action that I am going to undertake on the abusive military and policemen, actually the AFP and the PNP hierarchy have installed measures that would discipline their ranks, the provincial government will just have to ensure that a corresponding action is undertaken by either organization everytime there is travesty of justice so that the same will not be repeated.

Eco tourism will have to be undertaken by the provincial government to create more jobs ensuring that environment is protected. Reinvigorate the sea by creating coral reefs. Asya nga waray na mga tuwakang, kabasi, sagision, bolinaw bisan parangan, osoos, kikiro dire na liwat nimo makikita bisan ha Maqueda bay, pero hadto nga mga panahon bisan ipilak la nimo an imo kawil ha kababtoan damo na an masibad ha imo. These are the things that we will have to undertake inorder to give back life to the sea especially Maqueda bay, mabubuhi na an aton mga kabugtuan nga mga nangangawil ug mga magdaragat.

Pero san-o nimo ini himuon kinahanglan nga baga sementu-on anay naton an aton mga kakalsadan from farm to market labi na an dalan nga tikang ha Tacloban to Catbalogan sugad man an kalsada nga tikang ha Calbayog to Catbalogan grabe gud sugad han kagrabe han akon Nanay nga namatay ha Catbalogan Provincial Hospital kay utro liwat an Hospital nga waray ngani mga bulong, waray bed sheet, an iba nga makaluluoy waray gud bed. Han akon pag-uli hadto nga patron Agosto 2008 may-ada ako guin bisita dinhi hini nga aton provincial hospital it was a sunday nagsasarang la an mga basura ha alley, ha sulod mismo han hospital papano ka mabubuhi hini nga kabutangan han aton hospital. Nasering hira kay ano man nga waray kuwarta an hospital, kay waray man pondo, nakain man an pondo guin kawat na, dapat gud mapriso diri la masuspendi.

We have a gigantic work to perform in order to attain a total change in Samar's political landscape. We have to move now. Time is of the essence.

God bless us all.

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Name:    Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Nov. 30, 2008

As far as I'm concerned, I would not deal in the war of words like bickering, belittling and involving some personal comment to make somebody look bad or low. Well, even if I know that a certain person has some dirt in his past or I have a knowledge of his past that he is such and such especially my brother waraynon, I will not push the issue and make it personal instead I will motivate and encourage him to express or rectify his past mistakes by himself and not by me. In this message board it is becoming a place for personal fight of opinion that sometimes it's not worth reading and makes the reader uncomfortable. Why can't we think of something good, praising someone of his achievement rather than exposing the past bad memories. I like Mr. Morales in the way he presented his own opinion without putting someone in a bad position. By anyway, there's a sign of calmness when I read someone expressing the word forgiveness or pasaylo or pasaylo-a.

It's time to start now the strategy, planning and above all to finalize who we are going to put as our number one choice to run as governor in Samar. I don't really want to focus more on Fr. Labendia for he might not accept this honor to be our candidate. So far only three of us have endorsed Fr. Labendia and we are still waiting for the rest to do the same.

We have only a year and we don't want to speed up with this process before the election comes. Thank you.

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Name:   Samarnon
Email:    samarnonk@yahoo.com
Date:    November 30, 2008

To Mr. Basilio Balabas:

Since you already have declared your intention to join politics this coming election, I wonder if you already have a platform in your mind?

The issues that Prof. Cesar Torres had asked you need specific answers rather than motherhood statements. We would appreciate it if you can come up with specifics and your priorities - your BHAGs.

To all:

Tama hi Prof. Cesar Torres. We need a true "movement" nga deri la puros hangin. Kon hi sangkay Tonyboy han Catbalogan ngan an Deputy Con Gen Morales are not one and same person (assuming that my guess is wrong - my puzzle tells me otherwise), maupay gud hiya an mag spearhead hini kay hiya man an aadto guidaan ha Catbalogan. Hira Prof. Torres ngan sankay Adelbert Batica are very good "think tank" members and consultants. Although they also are very much qualified to run and be in the line up themselves (including you Tonyboy) if they opt to. Medyo dako ini nga buruhaton but I believe that we have what it takes to make and initiate one. Waray "trapo" nga masulod to make it pure and genuine. The name "Gugma ngan Kauswagan han Samar Movement" makes sense to me.

More power to all true Samar lovers!

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Name:    Erlinda Uy
Address:    Patag, Catbalogan
Date:    Nov. 30, 2008

To Basilio Balasbas:

Ako gad an nag comentaryo bahin han kahugaw han Guinsorongan beach. Ngan na sayod liwat ako dinhi ha message board nga Guinsoronganon ka man ngayan. Ngan nasayod liwat ako han imo intensyon hin pag kandidato ha tidara-on nga eleksyon hasta an imo mga plano paka upay han Samar.

Paki-ana ko? kaya mo ba ma supil an mga drug lord-adik ha imo barangay? Nga aada mismo ha imo barangay? kon nag bi-beach kami diri na kami napa kulop kay hadlok na kami hit nga adik nga nag aagi agi mismo hito nga lugar.

Kay ini nga klase hin mga tawo (drug lords-adik) mga threat ini hit kauswagan han barangay (brgy level la anay kita) asay pa ba kon Samar na aton pag storyahon.

An mga drug lords dida harap-harapan mo nga nakikita ngan imo mga kilala ni hira for sure, an NPA diri mo nakikilala. Sanglit kon mahihimo unaha anay an pag sugpo hini nga mga drug lords before you jump to the NPA issue.

An NPA is a national issue. Diri ito pwede hin mga ordinaryo la nga tawo it ma kapot hito nga problema. Sayod an ngatanan nga pira na nga presidente an umagi waray hira may nahimo parti NPA nga problema. Bisan ngani hi Palparan nga teror na ngani, waray gihapon hiya mag malinampuson an iya pag ka teror. (in fairness to Mr. Palparan nag mamingaw an Catbalogan han iya pagkapot han Samar).

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Name:   Abuda
Address:   Roanoke, Virginia U.S.A.
Date:   11-30-2008

Mr. Ray Gaspay,

Nagin malipayon god ako hini nga nahiagi-an ko ini nga imo website. Kay baga maiha na liwat ako nga nag titinuroy hin website nga dinhi god ha aton bungto ha Samar nga makakapag-istoria god kita hiton aton winaray nga salita.

Ikaduha liwat nga akon kalipayan an akon pakadungog hini nga mga karantahon nga tican god han aton native tongue. Nakakapanhinumdum god han mga naglabay. he he…Kon may-ada pa dida mga kanta nga kanan mga panharana maupay konta kon imo dudugangon pa, Kay maupay gad la pamati-on. Damo nga salamat.

Bugsay of Cagaut,

Maupay god liwat ini nga paagi kon iton aton mga kababayan makakabasa hini nga mga mensahi denhi hini nga message board. Urog-urog na god iton mga parag-uma and mga parupangisda dinhi ha aton bungto."Samar". Kay bisan god nira hibaruan kon ano iton mga nag aabot dinhi hiton probinsya ha Samar.

Iton nga pag collecta liwat hin mga used prescription eye glasses dako god nga makakabulig hiton aton mga kablas nga mga kababayan. Kay maupay god liwat kon ira ini makikita nga website. Bangin pangahaw hira makasiring nga Agi Daw Makarit Nga Mga English...Damo nga salamat haimo Bugsay of Cagaut for bringing hini nga mensahe...Please keep up the good work.

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Name:    Joel Mendoza
Address:   Pinabacdao, Samar
Date:   Nov. 30, 2008

Maupay nga oras ha iyo ngatanan. Pasamalat gad la ako kan Boy Tan nga nag hangyo hiya nga winarayon la it aton mga pag surat dinhi ha Samar News. Kay ako diri man liwat masyado ma-aram hin englis sanglit na awod ako pag hatag hin openyon dinhi. Bisan hit pag type baga gin kukuri-an ako kay usa la ako nga janitor hin 1 nga swelahan. Pero kon nag babasa hini nga Samar News an mga maestra naapi liwat ako pag basa. Sanglit nahibabaro liwat ako han mga isyo dinhi. Salamat Mr. Boy Tan.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:    November 30, 2008

Para kan bugsay cagaut

Maglaum kita nga may ada guihapon masaliwan kan Mila Tan nga diri maglalabot hiton kwarta para han katawhan. May ada mga suhestion dinhi nga akon liwat guin aabuyonan nga diri na gud naton kinahanglan iundong bisan pa ano an ira dalaganan kon karuyag gud naton nga makab-ot an aton mga guin uungara nga pag asenso hini nga nagkukuri naton nga probinsiya han Samar. An sering ni J Marco an mga apelyido nga kinahanglan mahibaruan gud bisan diin nga lugar ha probinsiya han Samar nga diri na gud botosan, Figueroa, Tan, Redaja, Nacario, Sarmiento, Torrevillas ug Arcales. Sumangit an ira mga ngaran han mga proyekto nga may pinansiyal nga problema kon diri ngani waray mga nahimo han ira paglingkod o pagkapot han katungdanan.

Maglaum kita nga may ma lingkod nga magtratrabaho para ha ngaran han aton probinsiya og para han kaupayan han mga molopiyo nga matatagamtaman naton ngatanan. Kinahanglan bag-o, maka diyos, maka pamilya, umagi hin kakurian kay makakasiguro kita nga aada haiya kasing kasing an mga pobrehanon nga aton mga kabugtuan, amo iton it iya magigin susgaranan para makab-ot naton an aton mga highyap og ungara nga kauswagan hini nga aton minayoyo ngan nagkukuri nga probinsiya han Samar. Unta makapili kita dinhi hini nga aton pagkakaorosa hin makaka balyo hini nga mga waray pulos nga mga politiko han aton probinsiya.

Maglalaum ako nga aton gud sisigurohon an una nga mga pitad para matagamtaman naton aton mga highyap og inop para han kauswagan ngan katalwasan hini nga aton probinsiya han Samar.

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Name:   Letenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   November 29, 2008

For Antonio Morales and Basilio Balasbas,

I am glad you brought this issue of falsely labeling Filipinos as communist when in fact they are not. Labeling is one of many technical trades politicians use to manipulate the outcome for his or her advantage. This is surprising for me to hear from a government undertaker like you and especially the AFP who are the undertakers of GMA policy. I am happy for a Captain in the AFP reserve component, Basilio Balasbas to even publicly pronounce his contradiction against his commander-in-chief’s policy, that he does see leftist as “nation builders”. I commend his audacity and I fully agree that NPAs can help rebuild our country and that is a guarantee.

Let me add my humble comment on this issue. The NPAs and other leftist organizations are the result of inadequate leadership and to the most extreme the result of the absence of leadership in our country. When there is absence of leadership it is natural occurence for someone to fill the void and surely enough in Samar, NPAs are there and they are for real. I do not see them as bad people; they have to do what good and responsible parents like us have to do, which is to ensure survival of our children.

What powers-that-be have to understand is that there is a soft spot in the NPAs’ hard stance. This soft spot is our need to ensure our children’s welfare; the next generations of Filipinos who must be well taken care of at the highest priority. If our powers-that-be can negotiate sincerely from this angle, then I believe we can be one step closer to peace. The fact that our national resources are stolen, misused and or corrupted from left and right, then how can we convince the NPAs that government is sincere in their negotiation.

GMA’s promise to exterminate the NPA by year 2010 is a failure. Hopefully, the next leader would be more pragmatic and have a better approach to solving our political cancer. I always believe that if support from the United States is cut off, then our leaders would be very motivated to solve and sincerely negotiate this insurgency problem once and for all. I say this because our leaders would have to be more careful spending our meager national resources. Without aid from the United States, where else can we turn to but to govern wisely where expenditure does not go to paying dead soldiers, replacing bombed out infrastructures, and replenishing military assets. Money can be used better.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Email:   samarnonk@yahoo.com
Date:   November 29, 2008

To Mr. Cesar Torres:

"Frankly Mr. Samarnon in Canada – how I wish that you would not be so afraid to tell us your name, mag isog taga Samar di ba?"

I was browsing the Gugma Han Samar site and I would say with all honesty that I find you to be a good and genuine person as a whole (based on what I have read). I am probably not expecting a challenge like that from a person of your stature. I guess it is not a well-phrased statement to say the least. Bisan kon nagamit ako hin agnay or kon anonymous an akon personality denhi ha forum, waray pa gud ada ako guin bastos nga tawo sugad han imo mga ehemplo nga mga nagsusurat han imo site. I sometimes give my guesses but lies are not in my vocabulary. Asya siguro nga waray ako ha politika. Deri ko sinisiring nga an ngatanan nga mga politicians are liars. May-ada gad liwat guihapon mga tangkod. Pero bisan pa ngani an tangkod, deri ngatanan natutuman an iya mga pinansaad.

I would like to give you an assurance nga ini mga imo sankay maaram han sinisiring nga ethics...an pirmi ko gudla hinumduman an siniring nga golden rule. Bisan pa kon nadiri ako han sinisiring naton nga mga "left", I have always referred it as an organization o deri ngani used it collectively. Waray ako mamersonal hin tawo. I hope not when I withdrew my support to endorse Mr. Noel Labendia.

Deri gad liwat nga self-rightteous ako kay damo man liwat an akon mga blunders. Usa gadla liwat ako nga depraved sinner who is prone to commit sins, mistakes and wrong choices.

"3. On being "Left", the comfortable life you are now enjoying in Canada is the result of the struggle of peoples and groups who might be labeled "Leftist", as opposed to "Rightist"."

Adi liwat nga imo guin sering, I would say that it is very assuming of you. I am what I am because of the grace of God. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just for the sake of argument, the "left" that we (or I if you will) are (am)talking about is the Godless Idiology. It is the root of everything that I don't like about it - and to add, its ways and deceptions. Communism is just a sugar coating - an ira banner to justify han ira means. Asya iton nga damo an ira nagagamit nga mga inosente labi nagud ini nga mga kablas naton nga mga kabugtuan. An ira struggles ay puros may-ada hidden agenda.

Kon we are referring to the struggles that our heroes had staged during the early revolutions, bangin pa. I would not even dare to compare the struggles then and the so-called struggles now of the "left". I believe we all know these...

Anyway, masyado nga halaba ini nga istoryahon...asya la siguro an akon masesering.

Time will come nga magkakakirigta guihapon kita ug magkakakiriglala. It will be my pleasure.

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Name:   Benoy
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   Nov 29 2008

Karuyag ko ipakita an datus kun angayan ba an Calbayog magquestion hit Catbalogan, here are some facts, follow this webpage, mas dako pa ngayan it nakokolekta nga buwes kompara hit Calbayog nga 67 million per annum compared to Catbalogan nga 171 million...kadako hito nga margin...


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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:    November 29, 2008

Prof Cesar Torres,

On NDF my stand is for them to pursue the peace process with the end in view of making certain that peace, progress and prosperity will be attained all through-out the region, the country, and some parts of the world. North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afganistan are also in their uphill struggle towards attaining peace, progress and development in their respective countries. In Samar what we need is a sincere reformer who will make the first move to effect the necessary change. Being a person of extraordinary talent in politics you knew the real score that it would take a super human to undo what has been done with respect to the present landscape of our impoverished and abused province.

I have to be honest with you that I announced my intention of throwing my hat into the political arena, armed with a mission of uplifting the lives of our indigent and long neglected kabugtuans but I need an organization that will be supportive of our move for CHANGE. As what you have said you will be needing an organization and millions of pesos to make this change possible. We have to come up with candidates from among ourselves, let us not allow a trapo to invade our organization and once we have the candidates we have to extend our help to sustain the campaign from start to finish. We have to start somewhere. Maybe the movement for change in the past did not materialize because the situation then, is different from the state of affairs that we now have.

Tonyboy if you are not the Antonio Morales who is the Deputy Consul General in San Francisco my job will be a lot easier come January 2009. With you in the selection and organizing committee and Ray who is in contact with almost everyone ‘HINGYAP PARA HAN KAUSWAGAN HAN SAMAR’ will come to fruition. A small step in attaining peace, progress and development is a giant step towards the realization of our dreams and aspiration for our impoverished province.

God Bless Us All…

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