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Name:    A. Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   May 15, 2009

Basilio? ... Crispin? ....

Paging Capt. Basilio Balasbas!!! You are needed in the political emergency room!

Where is Basilio? Early on, he promised to start his campaign for governor in January but I have not heard anything from his corner. Did he decide to just forego 2010 and focus on 2013? Or, did he truly started the groundwork and the legwork of a political campaign?

So many questions from Capt. Balasbas to answer. Anyway, the current developments in Samar particularly the 90-day suspension of Mila created an animosity between the governor and her vice governor. Capitol insiders are predicting that Mila will do a Duterte. Well, I am referring to the strategy of Rudy Duterte, mayor of Davao, who fielded his daughter as his vice mayor to monopolize power.

Insiders said that Mila will run for vice governor under another daughter named Angel. Mila now wants to control everything they said and wants to keep the hold of the province for good. Another son is being touted to run for vice mayor of Catbalogan while daughter congresswoman Sharee Ann Tan runs for re-election. Greed and political positioning is important because Mila thought that she can't trust others not belonging to her family.

Well, with all these developments, there is a chance that we will have a governor Tan, a vice governor Tan, a congresswoman Tan, and a vice mayor Tan. The Tan political dynasty is indeed growing. It's now all in the family of Mila. If this happens, no single politician dominated the province than Mila not even the political giants Avelino, Rosales, Roño, Veloso, Bolastig, or anybody. What a feat that this lady has accomplished. Mastering the intricacies of dole out politics is Mila's legacy.

Our only consolation is that greed will have its end.

Basilio, where are you?

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Name:   Ms Lexus
Address:   Detriot, Michigan 48303, USA
Date:   May 14, 09

I would like to say something about the people that post their comments in this site I know I don't have to read their thoughts but I'm from this town too so hear me out.

If you don't like the way the government policies then do something about it I am so sick of it. Talk talk talk do some action I don't really want to hear this and that. Please everyone we should be happy talk something positive seems like you all talk about is negative. Have some conversation like how beautiful is Samar the people, how can we improved the Catbalogan and all that and so on. Jesus we all know how those politician are idiots that's for sure we want to be positive and ask yourself how can we turned around this mess.

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Name:   Nitoy Hernandez
Address:   Chicago, Illinois, USA
Email:   nitoy_h@yahoo.com
Date:   May 13, 2009

Ha mga Jiabongnon, maada unta ha iyo an grasya ngan an kalinaw nga hingpit.

Maupay nga patron ha iyo ngatanan, yana nga kaadlawan (May 17, 2009) kan Senior San Pascual Baylon, publasyon han Jiabong, Samar.

Congratulations hit Hermano Mayor, nga taga New York, anak ni Emping Deneros-USA. Maupay nga adlaw liwat kan Rev. Ferddie Figueroa, bag-o nga parish priest ha Jiabong. Enjoy nala kamo ngatanan deda.

Kumosta liwat han akon mga brothers/sisters in Christ (CFC-FFL /HOLD /SOLD/ SFL/ YFL /KFL): Jiabong proper, BEC brgys: Jia-an, Malobago, Catalina and Camarobu-an; Catbalogan City, other towns: Calbiga, Paranas, Zumarraga, Daram and San Jorge. Other provences: Leyte (Tacloban City, San Jose, Palo), Southern Leyte, Billiran and Catarman, Northern Samar.

God be praised!

Thank you, Msgr. Isabelo Abarquez, Bishop Diocese of Calbayog. You inspired CFC-FFL and gave us the privilege to serve the church, the whole Diocese. You are also the inspiration of those who are Pro-Life. You walked with us during the March for Life, January 2009, Catbalogan City.

Thank you, Msgr. Jun Cinco CFC-FFL adviser, former vicarite pastoral head parish of San Bartolome, Catbalogan City.

Thank you Rev. Bernard Comilan CFC-FFL adviser, former parish priest of Jiabong, who inspired me and gave CFC-FFL the privilege to conduct CLSs and YFL youth camps (BEC barangays) and school base YFL youth camp (2X) - Jiabong National High School (JNHS).

I missed you all bros and sisters, the CFC-FFL community activities: "service and fellowship.”

May the favor of the Lord be ours and prosper the work of our hands, for the honor and glory of God!

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Name:   Albert J. Jabonero
Address:   Al Hayat National Hospital, Khamis Mushayt, KSA
Date:   may 12, 2009

To all Batch '82 han SSAT, SSPC, SSU Kumusta na kamo. To all Jia-anon. Regards to Konsehal Toto Hernandez, Nilda Jumagdao, Imelda Jumagdo etc. At sa Jabonero Family Kumusta na kamo.

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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Email:   abatica@hotmail.com
Date:   11 May 2009

More on Presidential Elections 2010 –

Thanks, A. Morales for giving us a still developing picture of the presidential campaign, which is a mere 12 months away. I'll have to agree with you that the presidential derby, and Philippine politics for that matter, can hardly be boring. There's already excitement, juices are already flowing, even this early in the game. For all this excitement, though, doubts still remain hanging in the air, and there are many "What ifs" to raise.

With the multiplicity of parties and presidential aspirants, and with the winner to be determined solely a by a mere plurality (not majority) of the votes, many of us must wonder how any winner, no matter how competent, popular and well-meaning could possibly govern without a clearcut mandate. Just how is it possible for a candidate to receive, say, a 30% plurality of the votes cast - possible claim a "mandate" to govern? Something has to give, and something has to change, although changing the rules at this point (like changing the Constitution) would be more catastrophic than anything else.

Many of us can only hope that 2010 will be the last time when we will see a multiplicity of parties and presidential candidates, and in the not so distant future - a revamping of the 1987 Constitution will insert an important provision calling for an automatic run-off in contests where the winner does not receive 50+% of all the votes cast. That way, whoever wins the presidency, for example, can truly claim a mandate to govern by virtue of his/her receiving 50+% of the vote. Runoff elections are nothing new, they happen in France and in most all countries in Latin America. While there is no runoff in U.S. presidential contests, the primary elections held by the two dominant parties (Republican and Democrat) serve as vehicles for "narrowing" the field of candidates. By the time the "intramurals" are completed, the electorate is presented with clearcut choices in terms of candidates and issues to vote for. Granted, this system is not perfect, but it is worthwhile considering that a scenario such as what happened in Bush vs. Gore 2000 - is a phenomenon that only happens once every 100 years.

Presidential elections 2010 should give us that rare opportunity to take many issues into consideration, not the least among them the issue of "popular mandate".

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Name:   Dunhill Angelo Maraya
Address:   Pagsanghan, Samar
Email:   dunhill0787@yahoo.com
Date:   May 11, 2009

"TOGETHER WE ARE THE SOLUTION". This is this year's theme for the 26th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

What's with this IACM?

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, a program of the Global Health Council, is one of the oldest and largest grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness in the world. Started in 1983, the Candlelight Memorial takes place every third Sunday in May and is led by a coalition of some 1,200 community organizations in 115 countries hosting local memorials that honor the lost and raise social consciousness about the disease. The Candlelight is also much more than just a memorial. It provides opportunities for leadership development, policy advocacy, partnerships, and improvement of community mobilization skills. With 33 million people living with HIV today, the Candlelight continues to serve as an important intervention for global solidarity, breaking down barriers, and giving hope to new generations.

Here in Catbalogan, stakeholders from the Government, Private and NGO sector will lead this important event to commemorate and give respect to those people who died of HIV and AIDS, to give support and hope to those people still suffering to the pain and the stigma brought about by HIV and AIDS and lastly is to inform and educate people from all walks of life on how to prevent this HIV and AIDS.

I am calling all concern people of Catbalogan and Samareños to support and join us this 17th of May ( third Sunday of May ) on our advocacy. "TOGETHER WE ARE THE SOLUTION"

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Name:   Rex B. Cool
Address:   New Zealand
Date:   May 10, 2009

Of course we have all these Presidentiable line up for 2010. The irony is that, not one of them is well suited to sit in the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Filipinos should now take a new path. Break the rules of the political traditions and vote for a Presidential candidate which not a traditional politician. Choose a candidate focused on changing the political culture of the country. Make the political dynasties disappear in the Philippine political scene. We can do that by not selling our votes.

Enabling through our votes a new generation of political leaders of our country is a peaceful and honorable method for a change.

Let's just hope that an honest candidate may came up before 2010.

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Name:   Leticia Padagdag-Parks
Date:   May 10, 2009

I am a proud Basaynon who took the mat embroidery to the next level. Here's the link to my art showcase: http://my.hgtv.com/share-my-craft/Home-Decor/Ticog-hand-weaved-Monalisa-por/detail.esi?oid=6710261

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:  Catbalogan
Date:   May 9, 2009

Presidential Elections 2010

President Arroyo's allies in the House of Representa-"thieves" are in the rush to amend the constitution so their queen can stay longer beyond 2010. The problem is that the clock is ticking faster than they thought and the people's pulse is ready for some tectonic change in 2010. So, much as they want to let her stay longer in the Palace, all odds are against that possibility. In fact, the entire nation is already gearing up for new leaders to set the directions of our nation.

So, 2010 is a grand derby of sort for having numerous political aspirants. First in the list is VP Noli de Castro who is the man in waiting for the presidential throne. He will most likely get the blessing of the administration party (Lakas-Kampi-PDSP-LP Atienza Wing) for his blind loyalty to the president. Noli is the man to beat, will the president's blessing a kiss of death? Sen. Bong Revilla is the only vice presidential timber in the administration party. He knows that the administration is bankrupt of political leaders so he is trying to float his name to be picked by Noli. De Castro-Revilla tandem is appealing but may be intellectually-bankrupt. Can someone coach the newsreader and the scriptreader to political highlands?

From the Liberal Party, the tandem of Sen. Mar Roxas and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan is starting to gain momentum. Mar is being supported by the ABS-CBN. His darling Korina is a prized possession of the network and you could tell that even Wowowee has to be used to promote the love story between Mar and Korina. Also, mega star Sharon Cuneta already announced that husband Kiko is available to run for vice president. So, celebrity power will propel this tandem. Can Korina and Sharon win the crowd for their hubbies?

From the Nacionalista Party, the billionaire ex-Speaker and ex-Senate President Manny Villar is being brought down by his own colleagues in the Senate led by erstwhile nemesis Ping Lacson. This is a sign that the presidential campaign is now in full swing. Sen. Jamby Madrigal's recent tussle with Ex-Cong. Gilbert Remulla is merely a battle of megaphones. Madrigal, of course, is for Lacson while Remulla is for Villar. What Villar has is his billions of pesos. Having served as speaker of the House at one time will also serve as an advantage. He could dispense his billions to get the plum post. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano will most likely fill the vice presidential post since there are no other popular Nacionalistas around. Can money and political connections once again dictate the outcome of presidential elections?

From the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), Sen. Loren Legarda and Sen. Francis Escudero are always on the top of the surveys. It is interesting to see how Loren and Chiz could lead the NPC when their colleagues in the House are affiliated with the administration party. But, King Crocodile Danding Cojuangco will have the final say. If he wants to continue his improving relations with the government then he has to support the winning tandem of Loren and Chiz and even quash the ambition of his nephew Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro to be president or vice president. Can topping the surveys enough to catapult them to power?

From the LDP-Lacson Faction and the other remnants of the Genuine Opposition, Sen. Ping Lacson, the spoiler of the 2004 win of FPJ, will tandem with Sen. Jamby Madrigal. Ping and Jamby are true oppositionists who are rabidly against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Can the aggressive posturings of this tandem against the excesses of the Arroyo administration endear them to the people?

From the Partido ng Masang Pilipino-PDP Laban, Former President Joseph Estrada can snatch the carpet from anybody considering that he still has the command of the votes of the masa believed to be at 27% of the voting equation. Erap warned that if the opposition will not unite then he will run so that the administration party will not once again spoil the opposition's victory. Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay can be Erap's side-kick. Can Erap and Jojo capture the hearts of the filipino this time around?

From the Kaya Natin Movement, Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio will run with Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca. This is the alternative tandem to the traditional politicos. Their only problem is that they do not have the resources to mount a nationwide campaign. But, with Father Ed at the helm, miracle may once again hit the land. Can change be given a chance in 2010?

Others who are salivating for the presidency are Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Bangon Pilipinas and Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai. Bangon Pilipinas should be aptly named Bangon Eddie Villanueva. This is merely a resurrection of his failed presidential foray in 2004. Will the nation rise with him? Bro. Mike, the charismatic leader of the El Shaddai Movement, has been eyeing the presidency with lust. This is the case of the Pope wanting to be King. Well, in a country that doesn't know the demarkation lines between the Church and State, Bro. Eddie and Bro. Mike can very well mount succesful campaigns riding on the backs of their religious followers who would blindly follow them even to hell for a heavenly cause. Can we give these two leaders, with cultic followings, a big "Praise the Lord and Hallelujah"?

Well, Philippine politics is not boring after all. With all these clowns trying to act honorable, the presidential elections in 2010 is one season full of exciting twists and turns. So, tune up and let's watch with amazement how these things unfold. Abangan....

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Name:  Me
Address:  Manila
Date:   05-09-09


SC denies with finality 2nd motion for reconsideration on 16 cityhood laws
May 8, 2009 3:21 am

MANILA, May 7 – The Supreme Court (SC) has denied with finality a second motion for reconsideration on the illegality of the laws concerning the cityhood of 16 municipalities in the country.

In a three-page En Banc resolution, the SC warned that it will no longer accept anymore pleadings and an entry of judgment will be made on the case.

"In view of the denial of the second motion for reconsideration, no further pleadings shall be entertained. Let entry of judgment be made in due course," the SC said in its ruling.

It can be recalled that on Nov. 18, 2008, with a vote of 6-5, the SC declared as "illegal" the 16 cityhood laws due to violation of Sections 6 and 10 of the 1987 Constitution.

Those declared as "unconstitutional" are Republic Act Nos. 9389 for Baybay City in Leyte; 9390 (Bogo City, Cebu); 9391 (Catbalogan City, Samar); 9392 (Tandag City, Surigao del Sur); 9393 (Lamitan City, Basilan); 9394 (Borongan City, Samar); 9398 (Tayabas City, Quezon); 9404 (Tabuk City, Kalinga); 9405 (Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur); 9407 (Batac City, Ilocos Norte); 9408 (Mati City, Davao Oriental); 9409 (Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental); 9434 (Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte); 9435 (El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental); 9436 (Carcar City, Cebu); and 9491 (Naga City, Cebu).

Based on the cityhood laws, which were implemented following the effectivity of RA 9409, the said towns could be converted into cities despite their lack of a P100-million income as provided for in Section 450 of the Local Government Code of 1991.

The ruling was issued by the SC, after the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) questioned the cityhood laws for violation of the "equal protection" clause of the 1987 Constitution.

The LCP argued that the massive conversion of the said municipalities into cities would result in the decrease of the internal revenue allotment (IRA) of the existing cities in the country as the number of such local government units would increase which would also be entitled to their respective IRA. (PNA)

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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Email:   abatica@hotmail.com
Date:   3 de mayo 2009

Ha kan Sangkay nga Samarnon ha Canada:

Salamat hini nga imo pangumusta. Diri, diri ak maestro hin kinatsila, lugaring la kay nakaukoy ak didto ha Peru como usa nga "community organizer". Waray ak pagtutdo hin kinatsila didto o ha diin pa nga dapit ha kalibutan, an akon la iguintutdo didto ha Peru an metodologia, mga paagui pag-organizar han mga sectors ngan ira mga livelihood projects. Kay waray ko man hingalimti an "Industrial Arts" ha elementary, nakatutdo guihapon ak didto han bamboo work ngan magkadiro-dilain nga kagaramitan han kawayan. Kita-a nala iton article bahin han akon estada ha Peru, nga aada hiton "Articles" section hit Samarnews.

Sabagay, di gad ak hiton nahipapausa kon kay ano nga han hadto, an mga estudiante waray gud panhibaro han Spanish, o sino kulang an ira interes - kay an pagtutdo ha ira, malatuman man ngan pan-"unit" la. Dugangan pa nga guinpurga hira hin puros la "conjugation", kahuman kulang an "context" para han pag-aram hini nga lenguaje. An usa pa, bisan pa han hadto - damo liwat han mga maestro, bisan mga Spanish majors, an diri liwat tuhay nga nayakan han kinatsila. Kon hi ako la iton patututduon, tatagan kon hin emphasis iton cultura, mga canta, costumbre, ngan iba pa nga mga butang nga makaka-aghat hit interes hit mga estudiante. Bangin pa ngani himoon nga nga audio-visual aids iton mga telenovela sugad han "Marimar", "Rosalinda", ngan mga cine sugad han "Diarios de Motocicleta" ("Motorcycle Diaries"). Diri nga puros nala libro, pag-memoria hin mga conjugaciones. The best way to learn Spanish is to learn and appreciate the culture. In other words, make it a fun undertaking.

Hopefully, our educational system has already learned from many mistakes of the past and will seek to correct them and be more adaptive new approaches. Spanish is already second to English right here in the U.S. When I came back from Peru in late 1979, I was just shifting from one mediocre job to the next. It was tough finding a decent job in 1980, what with an economic crisis setting in at the time (sounds familiar?). However, there was one job opening that attracted me and the employer was having a hard time filling it. It was a job as a bilingual advocate (English-Spanish) for migrant farmworkers. I was hired for the job and stuck with it for almost 10 years. Needless to say, the jobs that came after that were a lot better and more rewarding.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Spanish language is making a strong comeback. Even Brazil, a Portuguese-speaking country and the largest country in South America - has made the teaching of Spanish mandatory. It has to, if it has to relate effectively to its neighbors. In the end, it's not just about establishing a cultural connection, but a business connection as well.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   05-01-09

Good to hear from you again Sangkay Addi Batica! Waray gud ako magsala han akon tigo nga maupay ka (eloquent/very articulate) han Spanish language. Did you teach Spanish subject too sometime in your life? I would guess you did too...Maaram ka, of all the subjects in my 5-yr engineering course, guti-ay pa ako madisgracia hini nga Spanish subject...my first time to retake an exam ever (and would be my first failed subject as well "kunta")...and that's Spanish subject! Baga kinuri-an man ako pag-abot han irregular verb conjugation. Maaram ka man han kadam-an (not all) nga engineering students, formula la an guin titigamnan...deri gud mahilig mag-memorize. Admittedly, I was not that interested too with the subject...I took it for granted since it was just a minor subject. Pero tama ka, kinahanglan pag-adman hin maupay kay magagamit ha urhi nga mga adlaw.

And to Atsay...maaram ka, tama ka han imo iterpretacion han pulong nga "servants" in it's broad and true meaning.

Pero maaram ka liwat siguro nga an argument is to be taken within the context for which the word was first used and Mr. Tsao's inner intention when he wrote about it. All others that he said and wrote after that were all alibis. Kita liwat, we try to redefine it to assuage ourselves and ease up the pain a little bit. Well, blessed are the humble and meek...and forgiving for they shall be lifted up in due time. By the way, this phrase in it's full construction is not found in the Bible...just my personal concoction.

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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Email:   abatica@hotmail.com
Date:   28 de abril 2009

Congratulations to the Tagapul-an National High School on being selected as one of the pilot schools for the reintroduction of the Spanish language to the curriculum! As a Samareno and a lover of the Spanish language, I am truly proud of Tagapul-an National High School's unique distinction as a site for this noble and innovative project.

I hope the students enjoy learning Spanish and find practical use for the language in the future (as I'm sure they will!) I urge them to study hard and to take their lessons seriously, for who knows - the knowledge of Spanish might yet take them to places they've never been before. And this I can say from my own personal experience: I began my formal training in the Spanish language in Calbayog, in 1962, and took the subject seriously. Sometime in '64 or '65 I happened upon Thor Heyerdahl's book, "Kon-Tiki" about that great Norwegian scientist's daring crossing from Peru to Tahiti on a raft made of balsa wood. "Kon-Tiki" got me intrigued, I dreamed of Peru. In March, 1979 - 15 years after I first happened upon Heyerdahl's book...my wife and I landed in the Land of the Incas for the adventure of a lifetime. We stayed a year doing community work in a poor, rural village. It was the hardest and most enjoyable and rewarding job we did.

To the students of Tagapul-an National High School - congratulations again, I'm proud of you. You won't regret ever learning such a beautiful language which our very own national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, preferred to express himself in. Hinaut pa unta nga magkirigta ha umarabot nga panahon.

Os saludo con todo mi alma y corazon! Ojala que disfruten tus estudios, y que nos veamos en el futuro.

Adelbert Batica

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Name:   Atsay
Address:   Samar
Date:   April 28, 2009

The phrase "A Nation of Servants" have hit many raw nerves of late. The truth hurts most it seems to many of us. The truth is we are all servants in some form or another. The govt officials are servants of the people, but they refuse to acknowledge it. We are all servants to our desires and wishes, but we never admit it. Many are servants to power and wealth but think otherwise especially if they are stolen. We are also servants of God and our fellow man, but we think not. Servitue is a noble position on earth, but we all get hurt for the thought of its demeaning connotations. If we only think of servants as sources of service to others and ourselves, perhaps we don't get offended by the phrase. Even Bill Gates admits being servant to electronic masters; Pres Obama also admits being servant to his children and wife; Why can't we be servants who reside on a Nation of Servants? We live to serve, and serve to live. Lighten up my fellowmen.

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Name:   Richelle Mabag Paghari-on
Address:   Villa de Primarosa, Bacoor, Cavite
Email:   rc_pagharion@yahoo.com
Date:   28 April 2009

Does anyone know Ramon Collena Mabag from Samar, I don't know the exact address. Please get in touch with me. It will be a great help. Thanks

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Name:   Taga Salug
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   April 26, 2009

On "A Nation of Servants"

What Mr. Chip Tsao wrote is indeed insulting and degrading...undoubtedly hurt many Filipinos especially those whom the writer has referred to. Mag-aano man kita kay pastilan ungod man. Given that these so-called "servants" are professionals and some are more intelligent than their "masters" by whom they are serving. With a high probability that some have IQs higher than "Mr. Cheap Daw" himself given the same opportunities.

However, with all honesty mas nahahangrit gud ako hinin aton mga magkawat nga mga politikos ug sugad man hini nga mga opisyales han aton gubyerno relative to Mr. Tsao.

Logically, amo gud ini nga mga magkawat nga tawo an dahilan kay kon ano nga aadto ini nga aton mga kabugtuan ha gawas han Pilipinas ug nagpapakabulig. Kay diri ba nga mahitungod hiton ira pagpinangawat nga kay kon ano nga nagkukuri an aton nacion - nga nag resulta han kawaray opurtunidad han pangimpleyo?

Pagkatapos kunwari ini nga mga hipokritong mga kawatan ay galit kuno kan Mr. Tsao. Ada galit hira kay na-expose na liwat ang ira pagpinangawat - which is the root cause of everything.

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban
Date:   April 25, 2009

General Palparan finally is forming and leading the new Bantay Laya Party. I like the name which means “Guardians of Freedom” and I also like the name Bayan Muna which means “Country First” I am encourage just by the names of these two political organizations.

Opposing General Palparan’s bid to lead and represent his own Bantay Laya political party in the Philppine Congress is not only playing his own game but also playing his own rules. There is only one rule and that is the Philippine Constitution which allows groups of Filipinos to form their own political party to represent their own interest for as long as upholding and supporting the Philipine Constitution is of the highest aspiration.

If General Palparan successfully becomes a lawmaker and subsequently represent his Bantay Laya party, then our national debate will be shifted from the deadly battle fields to the civilized debate in the halls of the Philippine Congress. This is the reality the Filipinos had been dreaming of for many years and I have no doubts about our lawmakers intention because each and every one of them is pursuing how best to run our country effectively and efficiently.

General Palparan is an additional brainpower representing the diehard rightist while Satur Ocampo represents the diehard leftist. Together, our lawmakers will debate on many issues facing our country and we just have to be confident of them that they will succeed. I am eager to see General Palparan to start working because this is a history in the making; finally the real democracy in our country is now becoming a reality.

With the exception of a few, most of our congressional representatives are passive figures doing almost nothing and waiting for handout. We need more ultra rightist and more ultra leftist and if possible we need Joma Sison to come home and join our national debate.

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Name:   Franny "Kiko" Catayong
Address:   New York, USA
Email:   catfranz2501@hotmail.com
Date:   April 25, 2009

To all who cares about our school, Eastern Samar National Comprehensive High School in Borongan, and even for those who cares for themselves alone and the name recognition that most or, hopefully, only a few of us still embrace, I would like to extend an open arm of my wholehearted renewal of our friendship including those who doesnt know me well yet. Let's think and practice the real thing of pure dedications to give back to our dear Alma Mater, as JFK said like this: "Ask Not What Your School Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do For Your School"

Mga igkasi ko estudyante, "DANGPANAN" is an association of former students who really cares. Bukas puso na itinayo yan para han ngatanan nga karuyag makabulig han aton eskuelahan sugad man liwat hiton mga membro, espacially those who were not lucky enough to have a good life that some of you in Borongan are enjoying. Be COMPASSIONATE to those who need your help. Stop the old mentality of JEALOUSY and GREED. I came to Borongan to renew the old friendship I left 37 years ago. I thought you haven't changed because I remain the same, simple, approachable and friendly. It didn't even crossed in my mind to compete with anybody or any group when the Student Association was conceptualized. Tanging alay ng asosasyon ay magkaroon ng isang mahalagang alaala sa Comprehensive High na taos pusong pinagsikapan ng bawat membro na makapag tayo ng "Student Center" at iba pang projects para tularan ng susunod pang darating na mga estudyante ang halimbawa na ginawa ng kasalukuyan at darating pang mga membro.

For those whose only purpose is to destroy and demaean DANGPANAN and its members, you either put up something concrete or shut up if you have nothing to prove. May kasabihan tayo na "Ang lata na walang laman ay maingay" kaya doon sa naniniwala at sumusuporta sa "Student Association" alam na natin kung sino ang mga tao na hanggang ngayon ay umiiral pa rin at nananalaytay sa kanilang ugat at dugo ang INGGIT dahil sa pag-unlad ng ibang tao na nagsikap ng lubos... Hindi pa rin matanggap ang mga nangyayari sa paligid. Kon ano man nga tambulig an akon ihinahatag para han asosasyon ngan ha Comprehensive High akon iton ipnagsikapan at hindi ko ninakaw tulad ng iba nating mga kababayan.

Sana mamulat na tayo sa katutuhanan, ilabog na iton nga mga maraot nga panhunahuna naton. It's time to unite and join the cause of "DANGPANAN Association Of Concerned Students Of ESNCH, Inc. Damo na la nga salamat ha aton ngatatnan. Patnubayan tayo ng Panginoon.

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Name:   Mar (Nitoy) Hernandez
Address:   Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date:   April 24, 2009


Lord God, from You every family in heaven and on earth takes its name.

Father, You are Love and Life. Through Your Son, Jesus Christ, born of woman, and through the Holy Spirit, fountain of divine charity, grant that every family on earth may become for each successive generation a true shrine of life and love.

Grant that Your grace may guide the thoughts and actions of husbands and wives for the good of their families and of all the families in the world.

Grant that the young may find in the family solid support for their human dignity and for their growth in truth and love.

Grant that love, strengthened by the grace of God's undying love, may prove mightier than all the weaknesses and trails through which our families sometimes pass.

Through the intercession of the Holy Family of Nazareth grant that the Church may fruitfully carry out her worldwide mission in the family and through the family.

Through Christ, our Lord, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life forever. Amen.

Adapted from "Prayer for the Family" by Pope John Paul II, THE OFFICIAL WORLD-WIDE WEB SITE OF: CFC-FFL

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Name:   Robin Mac Dowell
Address:   Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Email:   candelome@gmail.com
Date:   April 23 / 09

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Guiuan airport. When it may be open for use. And I would like to say hi to the Somo-oc family and will be seeing you soon. Salamat po

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