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Name:   Kelguy
Address:   Leyte, Philippines
Email:   kel1guy@hotmail.com
Date:  3 Jan 2010

The Maguindano Massacre is fading from the minds of the public. Just today in the news there is still a hunt for the body of the Backhoe operators body. Officials suspect that he was killed Nov 23 rd to prevent him from being a witness. Also in todays news is the following news story: ‘Special treatment’ for detained Ampatuans slammed (link) http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20100103-245274/Special-treatment-for-detained-Ampatuans-slammed

This is the lead in 2 paragraphs:

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Philippines – Even inside their detention cell at the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) compound inside the police headquarters at Camp Fermin G. Lira Jr. here, the Ampatuans live like kings. They have their mobile phones, catered meals and a helper who maintains the cleanliness of their cell everyday.

I said it before that those with money could push the justice system in their favor and this is yet another example of just that. We all know that no one will be held accountable for this "special treatment". It is sicking how we all get the single fingered salute when it comes to justice of any sort. I can say with certainty that the law does not apply to PNP, AFP, CAFGU's, CVO's, select LGU Officials and Private Armies. All one has to do is look at the number of expired vehicle registrations belonging to many of those listed above yet they are never stopped or waived through PNP check points without question. "For Registration 2007" on a motorcycle is a dead give away that they blatantly do not comply with the same laws they are charged with enforcing. The same goes for the no plate no travel or no safety helmet laws. The biggest offenders are the same people that are responsible for enforcement of the Law. When those responsible for law and order are held to the same existing law standards as the common people our lives will begin to change for the better. A much needed / well over due human behavior modification within the rank and file of Government itself is exactly what is necessary. Now would be a good time for the behavior modification to start.

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Name:   Joseph
Address:   5132 Alabang, Muntinlupa
Email:   josephremnoel.dejesus@genpact.com
Date:  1-2-2010

Hi all,

I desperately need everyone's help in looking for the relatives of Melanie De la Cruz aka Melanie Cardenas. She left Cawayan at the age of sixteen and went to Manila for some unknown reason. Melanie was adopted at an early age by the Cardenas family hence the change in her last name. The reason why I'm sending out this message is she's in dire need of assistance and to summarize it, her plight here in Manila did not turn as she wanted it to be. She's twenty years old now and her present condition continues to bring her unbearable hardship.

Please I beg you, if you know any of her relatives or known family friends, let me know. I'm a friend helping her, i feel her family needs to know what have happened to her.

You can reach me at josephremnoel.dejesus@genpact.com

Thank you very much.

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Name:  Alumna
Address:  Eastern Samar
Date:  o1 january 2010

To all UEP - BSAgriculture 1982 Graduate


Please disseminate as early as possible the plans of the College of Agriculture alumni homecoming for 2010. It will be a great pleasure seeing again our former classmates in college.

Thank you for sharing us your invitation. . .

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Name:   Melinda S. Eli
Address:   186-E (26A) Pinaglabanan Ext., Brgy. Isabelita, San Juan City, Philippines
Email:   melinda_eli@yahoo.com
Date:   December 29, 2009

Hello! I would like to ask for help in searching my NIECE named MERLINDA VILLAMOR FALLER because her daughter from Germany (Stella Jennifer Wiechers) wants to see & meet her here in San Juan City. They were separated 24 yrs ago and her daughter really eager & interested to be re-united with her mom Merlinda. Hoping for your kind consideration on our request. Please ... please ... help us in finding MERLINDA!

We will appreciate very much for your immediate response. Thank you very very much!

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Name:   Alice Hermosura Tagimacruz
Address:   Canada
Date:   12-29-09

Thank you for all your prayers and sympathies during our time of bereavement of my dear father Jose Hermosura who passed away last December 17th, 2009. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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Name:   Isagani Uy
Email:   drea21th2000@yahoo.com
Date:   december 25, 2009

To anyone,

I would like to seek help from anyone who live in Catbalogan Samar to locate a certain person named Rogelio Uy, it means a lot to me if you can help me to find out the whereabouts of Mr. Rogelio Uy or his relatives. Thanks, you can contact me at dream21th2000@yahoo.com or ynnosyu@rocketmail.com

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Name:   Waraynon
Address:   USA
Date:   Dec 24, 2009

Well said Kelguy, the reality of it all money talks bullshit walks in the P.I.guin tatago it mga krimen hit mga LGU's la guihap orog na mga political allies. Tama ka Mr. Chito De La Torre thanks for a great article it about time someone has the guts exposing the wrongdoing of this corrupted LGU's, judges liars abogado's can't wait to get their hands on to those crispy bills. It’s a shame, our constitution had been squabbled, folded million time over by these maglimbong judges, bowaong abogados, cheaters LGU's or a criminal that ask mercy to maglimbong governors forgiving these criminals for vote on their next election. Very contageous disease by Samarenos, basta tagan tagan la hin osa ka gantang nga bogas napa owat la. Hay pastelan mga kababayan kairo man niyo.

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   23 December 2009

What a wonderful and pleasant Christmas present not only for the citizens of Catbalogan City but also for the inhabitants of 15 other cities, namely, Batac, Baybay, Bayugan, Bogo, Borongan, Cabadbaran, Carcar, El Salvador, Guihulngan, Lamitan, Mati, Naga, Tabuk, Tandag, and Tayabas.

I read with happiness and pride in the ManilaBulletin.com (12/22/09 edition) the Supreme Court's recent ruling by a vote of 6-4 reversing its Nov. 18, 2008 decision and declaring as constitutional the cityhood laws converting these municipalities into cities. The Supreme Court noted wisely that these municipalities were explicitly exempted from the P100 million income requirement of RA 9009 and already had pending cityhood bills before RA 9009 was passed.

I hope the leadership of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) has learned its lesson well and welcome these promising cities into its fold. These new cities should be allowed to grow and prosper not only for the benefit of its denizens but for all Filipinos as well.

Happy Holidays everyone and a healthy New Year, too.

Mabuhay an Catbalogan City!

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Name:   Amon Auza
Address:   Buhasa Camp, Habshan Gas Oil Ltd, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email:   amon.auza@fluor.com
Date:   12/23/09

Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year to my Family in Calbayog City, and to all my friends espicially to Brod Police Inspector Asper Badiola of Catbalogan City.

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Name:   Kelguy
Address:   Leyte, Philippines
Email:   kel1guy@hotmail.com
Date:  22 Dec 2009

IN response to Chito Dela Torre's 19 Dec article on the PNP and Justice, I could relate several less than desirable experiences on the PNP and the court system. Lets face it the Justice system will ALWAYS favor those that have the funds to win cases. I don't want to be specific but this comes from personal experience of filing a case and the very first thing you get is a solicitation at the fiscal office for a less than worthy cause. Then the civil case most often is dismissed so that you have to file a motion for reconsideration. Yes then comes another unsolicited solicitation from the fiscal office. Finally after many months a pre-trial hearing is set. Then the routine is for the Lawyers to milk the clients of their now P2000 appearance fees as they take turns not showing in conjunction with the assigned Judge so that by the time there is a PRE-TRIAL hearing the client has been relieved of at least P12,000 in Atty fees alone. This does not include filing fees or attempts by the Judge to extract his own financial gain from those same clients. The whole process is a mockery of the Justice system. All of those involved including the Judge should be disbarred or relieved.

Now lets back up the the initial arrest process. When the PNP is told EXACTLY where the accused on the run is located the first thing they do is go to the family vs the actual location which results in the accused being notified by text that the PNP are searching for them and to hide once again. This is a personal experience and not fabricated in any way shape or form. A simple theft case will still not see the light of day over 2 years after the offense was committed. I state emphatically that the local justice system is nothing short of a joke. There is little justice for anyone willing to invest the time and money to ensure that when an offense is committed it is NOT swept under the rug and forgotten. I feel sorry for the average person that is the victim of a crime as they most likely can not afford the justice system th

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Name:  Jenny Berza Feliu
Address:  Mandri 25, Barcelona 08026, Spain
Email:  jenniferjorjen@yahoo.com
Date:  12-22-09



P2nets a TOTHOM.


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Name:   Virgita Onggayan Paligutan
Address:   COEX Center, Seoul, South Korea
Email:   virgie_paligutan@yahoo.com
Date:   20-12-2009

Hello to evryone,

Maupay nga Pasko ha iyo nga tanan, im proud and very surprise this site na magagaling talaga an mga taga Samar. Musta an akon mga kababayan dida ha Eastern Samar lalo na San Julian. Almost 16 yrs diri kopa nakikita an bungto nga Samar.. Merry Christmas to all!

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Name:   Robin Mac Dowell
Address:   Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Date:   Dec. 19, 2009

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year to the Somo-Oc Family.

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Name:   Rain Pinca
Email:   rpinca@gmail.com
Date:  16-12-09

Represent your Samar town, connect with other fellow Samarnons, share photos, be heard and have fun...visit www.samarnon.com and sign up now for free!!

WWW.SAMARNON.COM :: The Waray Social Networking Site!!

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Name:   Larry Recamara
Address:   Brgy. Palale, Sta Margarita, Samar
Email:    recamarajr._06@y.c
Date:  dec.15,09

He..Recamara family in the other place kmzta????

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Name:   Hype
Address:   Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila
Email:   babaekapartylist2010@yahoo.com
Date:   December 12

BABAE KA PARTY LIST condemns brutal murder of 57 people including women... visit our official website http://babaekapartylist.tripod.com

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Name:   Marlon Labar Cabrigas
Address:   Tacloban City, Leyte
Email:   xerus_havelock2003@yahoo.com
Date:  dec.11,2009

Dud day... muzta na ang aqn mga klasmet han high chool ha EASTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL, kan Danica Cabujat, Irene Sabuco, Maina Pait, Aries Daradal... an aqn liwat katrabaho befor ha may Matrnity hospital. ha MAil and More, ha air21 FedEx.. ha Cebu Pacific, ha PAL ngan Zest air.. kan Ronnete Fabi, Noli Dagsa.

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Name:   Mila G. Ogania
Address:   1725 W 140th St., Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
Email:   milagros.s.ogania@healthpartners.com
Date:   12-05 09

Hello kumosta hit mga taga Tacloban nga mga Ogania, hiton akon bugto nga he Delfin Ogania, Florintino Ogania, Felepe Ogania, nga Antonio Ogania…musta na kamo nga akon mga kabug-an ngan kumusta liwat hiton mga Fereras dida ha Pinamitinan Marabut Samar.. kitakita nala kita hit akon pag oli.. miss kona kamo ngatanan, hit patron hit Tacloban ako maoli...mamingaw nagad hit halohalo ngan hit lechon hehehheeh..

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Name:   Agat Ramas
Address:   Caribbean
Email:   agatramas@yahoo.com
Date:   Dec. 2, 2009

Hi to all!

Yesterday was the deadline of filing of CoC's for candidates in next year's election. If anyone has an update of the local candidates in Samar, can you please post it here? I heard that politics in Samar is as hot as a burning furnace. Madamo nga salamat!

[ Please go to http://www.philippine-elections.com/2010/samar/samar.htm for the list of candidates - Ed ]

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Name:   Samokmisay
Address: Catbalogan, Samar
Date: Dec 01, 2009

Below is an excerpt from The Professional Heckler website -


PRESIDENT ARROYO has formally declared her intention to seek a Congressional seat in her home province of Pampanga in next year’s polls. This parody of a Gloria Gaynor hit was inspired by Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s latest declaration.

She Will Survive
(To the tune of I Will Survive. Pls click play the embedded minus-one accompaniment)

“First, I am not afraid
I’m not petrified
Kept thinking I could always live
with immunity by my side
Though I spent so many nights
thinking I did nothing wrong
I am strong
I learned how to carry on

So I’ll go back
to my old place
’Though I walked out to find you all
with that mad look upon your face
I should replace my stupid son
I’d soon be their congresswoman
If I had known it’s quick and easy
I should’ve just run for VP

Go on now go, walk out the door
just disappear now
’cause you’re not welcome anymore
weren’t you the one who tried not to bid your post goodbye
you think you’d Con Ass
you think we’d let you even try

Oh no, not I
I will survive
oh as long as i know how to bribe
I know I will stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my cash to give
and I’ll survive
I will survive

It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart
kept trying hard to fight
the media, the Left, and all bishops
and I spent oh so many nights
rehearsing how to perfect lies
I will not cry
I will hold my head up high

And you’ll see me
in Congress soon
I will not be that stuck-up person
who refused to hold press cons
I now hope for charter change
In twenty-ten, yeah, hopefully
I’ll be saving all my power
for what else? Prime Ministry!

Go on now go, walk out the door
just disappear now
’cause you’re not welcome anymore
weren’t you the one who freed Bolante and Garci
you think they’re friendly
you redefined impunity

Oh no, not I
I will survive
oh as long as i know how to bribe
I know I will stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my cash to give
and I’ll survive
I will survive hey hey

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Name:   A. Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   01Dec2009

Basilio's Woes: Our Challenge

It is so sad that Basilio Balasbas has already retreated from the battle without a single shot fired. The sad reality in our political landscape is that money speaks, those who do not have cache of money are sidelined and are forced to surrender a dream to serve. Gone are the days when idealists like Basilio Balasbas can conquer the world by sheer determination and good intentions. Today, our choices are muted by money politics, our common public interests silenced by mobsters of politics, and our destiny as a province and as a people shattered by the dangerous connivance of the few stupid and useless politicos.

If money can talk loudly in politics, can it talk for change: real and meaningful changes for the benefit of our province? If goons can massacre political opponents, can they just liquidate all political warlords in our province and we could celebrate the day we all could just bury them to oblivion? If few vested interests dictate the course of our progress as a province, can they now put the interest of the public first and theirs second? These are all wishful thinking of course. As long as our people are economically starved, they will continue to be politically shackled. How and when can our people be free? My answer is as good or as bad as yours.

Economic freedom is key to political freedom. The voters who sell their votes on election day are those who value more the money they can get than the freedom to choose their political destiny. Maslow was right, an nakurog nga tiyan mas kinahanglan masudlan keysa hiton kabubuwason nga mahitatagamtaman. There's always that instant gratification in vote buying, the consequence comes next---political slavery and disastrous governance.

Woe to people like Basilio Balasbas but we should not allow ourselves and our future to be forever detained in the jail of political immaturity. I appeal that we do our best to start the fire going so that future generations will one day experience freedom in choosing their leaders and their destiny. We may not experience it now but it will happen one day in the future. If you don't believe on that ask the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and US Pres. Barack Obama.

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Name:   Kelguy
Address:   Leyte, Philippines
Email:   kel1guy@hotmail.com
Date:   30 Nov 2009

It has now been a week since the Maguindanao Massacre and it seems there is some but not enough concern by the Philippine MASA that this will ever cease in our life times. The death toll is at least 64 now with 2 bodies that have not been identified. In the Samarnews.com forum 2009 there was a comment that now is the time for the Filipino people to take a stand against this kind of corruption. I said I totally agreed and Amen to the concept.

What really bothers me is that there is not the kind of in country outrage that there should be in regards to the Maguindanao Massacre. Just like the death of Fr. Lucero it seems as time passes the outrage passes with that time. I am sorry but there should be not only black arm bands for the media members that were killed but those same black arm bands worn daily by everyone making the statement that enough is enough. The MASA should be out in force not necessarily in the form of an EDSA type gathering but for sure there should be a similar sentiment. When are the people going to wake up and take the stand they should have taken and the walk they should have walked ever since the departure of Ferdinand Marcos? It is beyond my grasp as to why the same traops are going to sit in political seats that were either held by a relative or preceded years ago by a relative. Like DNA does not create the best person for the job, leadership a vision and a real concern for human development along with a true political will to represent the people is the best person for the job. Until our main concerns are for quality education not only in basic education but in advanced education and a genuine concern for human capital investment and infrastructure development our abyssal political history will always repeat. The time for the MASA to wake up and take a stand is now.

Wake up and lets take our country back this election!

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Name:   Rene Cauntic
Address:   Brgy. Cogon, Tanauan, Leyte
Email:   necau73@yahoo.com
Date:   November 30, 2009

I am looking for my half sister her name is PACITA BARBO, 60 yr old, born in General MacArthur, Eastern Samar. Her parents are Faustina Barbo and Alejandro Cauntic. Anybody knows her whereabouts please contact me through my e-mail address or text this number 09228567575 / 09196061418.

Salamat nala nga daan ug salamat ha Samar news.com.

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Name:   Katbaloganon
Address:   Sta. Ana, Manila
Date:   Nov. 28, 2009

Asking asking.... is it true tha HANNIA TAN is running for mayor? That's good! She is the hope of the Catbaloganon.

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:   27 November 2009

To you Ray ngan han ngatanan nga mga waraynon ha bug-os nga kalibutan. It was through Ray and through his web site that I announced my intention to run for public office in the province. My honest intention to run was reinforced by the notebook of Kara David of GMA 7 where the flight of an impoverished family in the hinterlands of Northern Samar was showcased. Maaram ako han kakurian hine nga pamilya kay guin agihan ko iton. Nakita ko ang maraming mukha ng kahirapan, diyos ko hasta pa ito yana hilabi na dinhe ha aton ha Western Samar. San-o man ini uundang.

I am already in the twilight of my life. I want to serve the remainder of my life transforming these families from the bondage of poverty. We need change and the needed transformation is now, however faith have it that I cannot do it now because the money that I am suppose to use in my province wide campaign sorties did not come on time, it is still in Subic and I hope that the release of the same will be sooner. Anyway since Doming Cabanganan is running for Congressman of the 2nd District we have to shift our support to him. He is a close friend with whom we can trust. Hindi magnanakaw yan, hindi nangungurakot iyan, may takot sa diyos iyan. Kababata ko yan sa Guinsorongan kaya kilalang kilala ko iyan.

We can start the needed change with respect to the political landscape of the province. Lets mobilize the youth, all the associations that yearns for the needed change, lets get the support of all the teachers, the priests, the drivers, the divers, hi Mano, hi Mana, hi Idoy, hi Iday, hi Agurang, ngan han ngatanan nga lomolopyo nga nag uungara hin bag-o nga malalauman nga magdadara ha aton hine nga aton hinihingyap nga pagbabag-o (change).

Ha susunod nga election I will be prepared physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and I will be seen on the ground and I will be interacting with the populace day in and day out 24/7.

God Bless Us All.

Basilio (Eyong) Balasbas

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Name:   Mario K. Alburo
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Nov. 24, 2009

Leo Abella, Charisse and Sincerely have one thing in common, they all root for good governance. Whether Vice Governor Redaja is a better administrator than Governor Mila Tan, or vice versa, is beside the point.

What they should instead focus on is the impact of governance each of these leaders has on the lives of poor Samarenos. Who drastically changed the lives of the majority of Samarenos during his/her watch? How many Samarenos were given jobs during his/her incumbency? Has the quality of life of poor Samarenos improved? The English always say, the test (ergo, taste) of the pudding is in the eating. Now that election is just around the corner, who has the ball - the turncoat (as in balimbing) Redaja or the contemptuous (as in contempt of court) Mila?

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Name:   Marianito Hernandez
Address:   Chicago, Illinois, USA
Email:   nitoy_h@yahoo.com
Date:   11-22-09


Sun, November 22, 2009 6:15:49 PM

MANILA -- According to The Inquirer, more than 10,000 Filipino and Filipino-American veterans of World War II have received their one-time compensation for their military services during the war.

The one-time compensation amounts to $9,000 for those who have kept their Filipino citizenship and $15,000 for those who have become American citizens.

The embassy reminded other veterans who may still be living that they have until February 16, 2010. All veterans who feel they may be eligible are encouraged to apply, it said.

“The application process is free and simple, and there is no need to pay anyone to assist in completing the form, which can be mailed to the US embassy. Additional outreach activities will be conducted around the country to ensure that all eligible veterans have an opportunity to apply,” it added. Application instructions for this one-time compensation are at the US Embassy website.

Full story at http://globalnation .inquirer. net/news/ breakingnews/ view/20091122- 237701/10000- Filipino- FilAm-war- vets-get- P58B

God bless the Philippines! My home sweet home.

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Name:   Malaag
Date:   11-17-09

To: Leo Abella,

Please read again what Ms. Sincerely had written. You completely misunderstood her piece. She was not bashing Vice-Gov. Redaja, but rather she was praising him for what she believed was his achievements during his term.

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Name:   Leo Abella
Address:   Basay, Samar
Date:   Nov. 14, 2009

To Ms/Mr Sincerely,

I agree nga pare pareho la it aton mga officiales. But I do not agree you in singling out Vice Gov. Redaja for the sad state of the province, Catbalogan in particular. I do no come to the defense of the Vice Governor, I don't know him and he don't know me either. We should blame ourselves.

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Name:  Charisse
Address:   San Marcelino St., Manila
Date:  11-14-09

Hi Sincerely:

Don't get me wrong. Neither do I have high praises for Mila Tan. As I had said...lahat sila pareho pareho lang because of their personal interest. And I would say it again...all we need to do is to pray.

And I agree with you. Choose the lesser evil and pray hard that when this "less" evil leader assumes office he/she remains the "less" evil, so our beloved Catbalogan, Samar will be one step ahead over the rest of the Philippines.

God bless.

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Name:   Sincerely
Address:   San Francisco Street, Catbalogan
Date:  11 November 2009

Madamae Charrise Del Rosario:

Thank you for reading my message! Thank you also for your comments.

First, let me ask you - How often do you come home to Catbalogan? when was the last time you visited our hometown? If you have lived in Catbalogan before migrating to Manila, who was the local chief executive that time?

I am not "sobra ka bilib" on vice governor Redaja. My eyes and ears are just open, my mind working and analysing while my heart absorbs and feel the emotions and feelings of Samarnon as a whole of their present state of life.

Come to think of it. Before vice governor was seated as mayor of Catbalogan, what good things can you recall you have enjoyed while in the place. No street lights, garbage here and there, municipal hall was not as presentable, employees do not get their fair share of benefits.

All of these "missing links" were given attention by then mayor Redaja.

At the provincial level, again diri ako "sobra ka bilib" kan vice governor Redaja, on his present provincial seat. Again I open my eyes and ears, I let my mind work and analyze and let my heart ablsorb the cries of the poor.

Charisse, please come home to Catbalogan even for a month. You might need the services of the Samar Provincial Hospital, you might visit a friend at the provincial jail and the jails in Basey and Calbayog, you might plan a visit to the Blanca Aurora Falls in San Jorge and the Mt. Huraw in San Jose de Buan - then sobra ka mabilib hit lady governor.

If you think our officials are pare pareho, then I will choose the lesser evil.

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Name:   Roy Pabilona
Address:   Main Roar Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Email:   roy.pabilona@yahoo.com
Date:   November 11, 2009

I would like to say Thank you to all Nurses Delegates of Samar And Leyte who attended the PNA National Convention 2009 here in Boracay. Thank you for your stay at The Panoly Resort and Hotel. Hope to see you again and be our guest on your next Family Vacation and experience all the fun and bring home the memories of Boracay Island sea sports and activities.

So come and have fun!!!! Round Boracay on boat for an Island Hopping or Sailing boat, Banana Boat, Jetski, Speed Boat. and have a great underwater adventure!! Scuba Diving, Reef Walking, Snorkeling. or fight your fear in height The Parasailing!!

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Name:   Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Address:   La Purisima St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Email:    saises_knights@yahoo.com
Date:   November 8, 2009

To my friend from Salcedo Eastern Samar


Thank you for your response for Samar Island Development Authority. Kaya lang no one from Catbalogan tried to reach Gabriel Claudio. Masyado a kanya la personal an gin asikaso. Deri na bulig sa mga taga Samar. Let us not vote to Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. Kun mayaon taga Samar nga pag kidnapon nga natuman si Claudio, wara may mag interest pag lukat kanya.Yana nga time dide sa Las Navas may update na ak permi sa internet kay mayd ada kami signal sa Globe.

May ada ako project nga ginlalakaw yana sa Las Navas parte san mga taga barangay. Hasta yana an ira gin istaran derin kanra lugaring ug sira mga iskwater. An ngaran san project "LASNAVASNON: DERI KANA ISKWATER". This will provide ownership of the lot, revenue generation and progress to the barangay. This is true to all barangay of Samar Island. Tell me Samarnon kun buwa ine nga ako istorya. Labi na gud kamo dida sa Salcedo, Eastern Samar. This project is being supported by Mayor Arlito A. Tan, Governor Raul A. Daza and Congressman Paul Daza and the 53 Barangays of Las Navas Northern Samar. So far I have organized already Barangay Bulao, Lourdes, San Andres and Taganayan into a Homeowners Association.Come and spread this project to your barangay. For further information feel free to inform me. I am available anytime. Thanks

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Name:   Charisse
Address:   San Marcelino St., Taft Avenue, Manila
Email:   cdelrosario@yahoo.com
Date:   November 6, 2009

Mr. Sincerely,

Ayaw ka bilib han guin himo ni vice governor Redaja han pag lingkod niya as OIC when Mila Tan was suspended. Natural pa bilib ito niya ha mga tawo. kay hiya manta madalagan yana nga tiabot nga eleksiyon kumbaga may "vested interest". Come to think of it while he was still the mayor of Catbalogan. Ano ba an na himo niya for our beloved Catbalogan…baga waray ada. Pare-pareho la iton yana ngatanan nga nalingkod ha pwesto.

I hope and pray that the good Lord will give us a a leader na may pag ugop han iya bungto han iya probinsiya han iya ig kasi Catbaloganon, nga ungod at tangkod nga mag seserbi para han kaupayan han ngatanan and this will only happened if people of Samar will be educated in electing leaders.

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