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[7:41:59 PM| 6/24/2020 |]
[10:57:38 AM| 6/1/2020 |]
We recently added DZMM Radyo Patrol and DZBB Super Radyo. Enjoy listening current news updates. - Admin 
[8:44:35 PM| 3/18/2020 |]
Star FM Manila 102.7 was recently been added. 
[4:31:27 AM| 12/2/2018 |]
ma-upay na gab-I California time 
[12:29:04 AM| 4/29/2016 |]
Star Radio Catbalogan-FM is now included in the list of online radio stations. 
[10:12:24 AM| 2/29/2016 |]
DYOG Calbayog is now included in the list of online radio stations. 
[9:45:12 PM| 1/15/2016 |]
Waray pa. Diri pa naka online an DYMS. We hope at a later date. 
[7:48:19 PM| 10/22/2015 |]
Upai nga aga ha tanan, pano po ba mapapakingan ang dyms? pls help po. 
[10:47:44 PM| 10/19/2015 |]
Hi! Pwede rin po mapakingan ang FM Radio d2 sa Q.C gusto ko po kasi mapakingan yung Radio nyu! :) 
[4:40:24 AM| 6/24/2014 |]
Ray, if you could help us by broadcasting this mesg. to all of Samar and Leyte ... Eric Deocampo Lopez 
[3:36:26 AM| 9/26/2013 |]
Dear Ray, I am Eric Deocampo Lopez and would like to ask for your assistance in locating a Chinese businessman who has been missing for 16 years now.His name is Antonio Tan Kilayco, of Iloilo and former Manager of Zenco Footstep in Catbalogan, Samar among other branches in the Visayas and also owner of Iris Bargainhaus at Allen Avenue, Catbalogan, Samar. This was in the mid-80s. He is about 60 years old now and had contacts in the footwear business in all of Samar.Hope you can help us by notifying the Chinese community there in Catbalogan and your other networks in Samar. We've been networking for years now but w/out any positive response ... But it's not yet time to lose hope.Pls. forward this email to all the people who could possibly help.Hoping for your kind heartand swift reply.(We have sent the same email to Rep. Milagrosa Tan)Sincerely,Eric DeocampoLopez 
[3:33:01 AM| 9/26/2013 |]
Hello christine,I have found that the Philippines is a poor value for acmocmodation for the traveler.Transportation is cheap but hotel rooms are high. Flipinos that can afford to travel want air conditioning, cable tv and pool type surroundings.There is cheap acmocmodation in the Pintuyan area of Leyte but that is an exception.There is no backpackers trail with the exception perhaps of Sagada and Banaue in northern Luzon. If you are used to Thailand and Indonesian costs you will be surprised how expensive the Philippines is.If you stay in one place, the Philippines can be a real bargain. I have a large two bedroom apt with balcony on both sides and it costs me less than 100 USD per month plus utilities. (4,500 pesos)Hotel rooms often cost 1,000 pesos to 1,500 pesos per night with the budget ones around 500 pesos and up.In the backcountry of Samar there is very little infrastructure for the traveler so I usually stay with friends or friends of friends it is common here.Leyte is more developed than Samar which finally got it's highway paved this year!The islands in northern Samar Dalupiri Island, Capul Island and Biri Island can all be done on the cheap.I am not familiar with decobeam tv.Let me know if you have specific questions and I will try to help you out a bit.cheersdp 
[12:52:26 AM| 1/9/2013 |]
Thanks samarnews. We danced for hours to your disco music. It's a good exercise. . . 
[9:50:03 PM| 9/24/2012 |]
can you pls help me I've been looking for my mother named yolanda vargas for almost 20 years and I dont even have her address or any clue that I might find her easily,but there's one thing someone told me she lives from samar. So ,I've been thinking to send a message on air through your radio station ..but I dont have any Idea what radio station it is that peopl,e in samar is listening with?can you pls help me? I'm dying to know her situation,this is my email add if you have any information.thaks a lot and God bless! 
[10:07:06 AM| 11/18/2011 |]
ipadayon la niyo an maupay nga natikangan. salamat 
[3:40:56 AM| 11/7/2011 |]
Hi Ray, I am listening to your radio station and will you please announce over the radio I have been looking for CEDES Zaragosa , she was once my househelper in BF Homes 3, Caloocan. Let her contact this number 1403- 455-0675 Becka 
[10:39:49 PM| 10/5/2011 |]
World Teachers day daw, pero bakit yung iba hindi pwede maka attend sa teacher's day celebration?? :-( Some teachers who are assigned in far flung brgys. here in Calbayog City Division, Calbayog City Samar were not be able to attend the teachers day celebration ( it's unfair they deprived their privileged as teachers ) because the Schools Division Superintendent declare in the Memo for excluding them in the celebration. :-( 
[2:19:24 AM| 10/5/2011 |]
Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it. 
[12:22:02 AM| 5/7/2011 |]
Sunog sa Brgy. Carmen, Calbayog City...upod kami san mga naabo an panimalay kagab-i la... Diin kami magtitikang. Ig-ampo nala kami. Salamat. 
[11:12:10 PM| 4/17/2011 |]
may mga announcers ngayan ha DYMS nga ACDC... 
[6:36:58 AM| 1/29/2011 |]
tga ormoc kami, kmsta na tga tacloban? 
[10:36:33 PM| 12/20/2010 |]
kumusta mga taga samarnon.........  
[6:22:13 AM| 11/4/2010 |]
Hi.Maupay nga kulop mga Catbaloganon. mangungumusta gad la ako hit akon PAMILYA dida ha PATAG,ZETA ngan BELARMINO family, labi na kan MAMA Connie, Kuya Ton nag BABY LAD.Damo nga Salamat Kuya RAY. Tikang kan JEANE Belarmino. 
[4:23:36 AM| 7/15/2010 |]
waray na ni k.Aron hn Dalan....? 
[4:44:25 AM| 6/23/2010 |]
may live news po vah keo ? panu po vah ? 
[10:30:02 PM| 5/11/2010 |]
gob. at mayor jan po sa catbalogan ... tnx  
[5:40:38 AM| 5/11/2010 |]
kuya ,,, gud aftie.. abegail po ito ng pondang daram samar ,, ask ko lang po f cnu nanalo sa pagka gob. at mayor ? dito po ksi me nw sa batasan hills ,,, q.c 
[5:39:46 AM| 5/11/2010 |]
[10:15:24 AM| 5/6/2010 |]
@@HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE!!!@@ purok 2 guindapunan, 260,000 pesos.. more info..tawag kan mario ha 0909-148-5428..  
[10:42:56 PM| 5/5/2010 |]
It works using this link: http://www.samarnews.com/panginano-a/index.htm 
[4:29:22 AM| 4/30/2010 |]
PANGINANO-A DAW! does not seem to be broadcasting on the net.  
[4:25:19 AM| 4/30/2010 |]
Check your email rpg@samarnews.com or... the discussion forum. I think it is a good topic of the day. 
[4:23:32 AM| 4/30/2010 |]
diri man natunog it radio channel. anybody knows, pls help me 
[11:05:40 PM| 11/27/2009 |]
Kun hino man it nakilala kan PACITA BARBO, 60 anyos, natawo ha Gen. MacArthur (Pambuhan), Easter Samar alayon pagtext ha akon ha 09228567575. An iya kaganak amo hira Alejandro Cauntic ngan Faustina Barbo. Akon hiya bugto ha tatay ngan waray ko pa hiya makita. 
[11:01:30 PM| 11/27/2009 |]
,,Gud aftrnon samarnon,uhhmm regarding poh eto dun s news on march 17,2008 s navidad killing suspect,i saw it dun s video s homepage lng nto,.correct ko lng wla nman pla kayong spat n evidence n yng lboy nga tlga ang suspect but tuloy-tuloy n panghuhusga nyo.mali poh iyan..salamat...God bless  
[4:13:47 AM| 11/6/2009 |]
Both are claims to ownership of stored gold; both are trans- ferred similarly as money substitutes, and both have the identical three limits on their extent of use. , 
[5:40:24 AM| 10/23/2009 |]
World's Ten Most Corrupt Leaders1 Name Position Funds embezzled2 1. Mohamed Suharto President of Indonesia (19671998) $1535 billion 2. Ferdinand Marcos President of the Philippines (19721986) 510 billion 3. Mobutu Sese Seko President of Zaire (19651997) 5 billion 4. Sani Abacha President of Nigeria (19931998) 25 billion 5. Slobodan Milosevic President of Serbia/Yugoslavia (19892000) 1 billion 6. Jean-Claude Duvalier President of Haiti (19711986) 300800 million 7. Alberto Fujimori President of Peru (19902000) 600 million 8. Pavlo Lazarenko Prime Minister of Ukraine (19961997) 114200 million 9. Arnoldo Alemn President of Nicaragua (19972002) 100 million 10. Joseph Estrada President of the Philippines (19982001) 7880 million 1. Defined as former political leaders who have been accused of embezzling the most funds from their countries over the past two decades. 2. All sums are estimates of alleged embezzlement and appear in U.S. dollars. Source: Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2004. Information Please Database, 2007 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.  
[10:54:02 PM| 9/1/2009 |]
Kasi dire napapansin han mga katawhan an dako nga sacrifisyo hin nga mga missionaryo. an akon la e welcome naton hira kun pananglitan maka agi ha iyo mga bungsaran ngan pamatian ta kun anu an ira mensahe kay maaram ako nga dako nga maibubulig ito han pag uswag han aton bungto ngan pribinsya ngan nason Pilipinas....  
[2:26:06 AM| 8/28/2009 |]
Karuyag kola ma recognize han Catbalogan an efforts nga guin bubuhat han missionary works dinhi han Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or tinatawag nga mormon. 
[2:22:21 AM| 8/28/2009 |]
nakakapamate kami dd pero mga reply nala konta maupay it every day news nga binabate urhi man kmi hit balita kay dri man nagana it radyo nga daily pls naman, salamat 
[10:55:06 PM| 6/9/2009 |]
I would like to request assistance in locating the family of a friend. He was found dead earlier this week, we, his friends have been trying to locate his family. Below are the details. JIMMY CASTILLO LIM graduate of UP Diliman, Metallurgical Engineering and Quezon City Science High School. Contact Person is Mark Hael 09209105069 As far as we know, he still has family in the Samar region. 
[3:29:35 PM| 5/20/2009 |]
salamat madamo hini nga iyo samarnews.com kay besan iton mga taga samar nga aadi US ug iba pa nga nasud ha kalibutan nasasayud hiton hinabo ha pinay labi na ha samar... 
[11:57:23 PM| 5/14/2009 |]
way man tingul hin nga iu radio,inano nat hiya.heheheh 
[10:36:15 PM| 5/11/2009 |]
kai anu nga diri na gana ine nga radio nio,bga la liwat hiya hit tuwaw. 
[10:35:10 PM| 4/23/2009 |]
Almost finished na iton road rehab from Calbiga to Catbalogan. Maupay na iton kalsada.  
[9:08:25 PM| 4/15/2009 |]
mr RPG,, c glen poh 2 from pasay,,, pakiana gadla ako kun maupay na 8 kalsada tkang catbalogan ngadto calbiga? amo la damo na salamat 
[12:21:06 AM| 4/15/2009 |]
[9:33:44 PM| 1/31/2009 |]
Hi Mr. Gaspay, I salute your efforts. Keep up the good work. Hopefully the SC reverses its decision. Catbalogan DESERVES to be a city! Best regards, Gigi from Paris, France  
[12:06:50 PM| 1/18/2009 |]
waray gud man 
[7:59:36 PM| 1/15/2009 |]
waray man sound?is this working? 
[10:05:46 PM| 1/12/2009 |]
d ak nabati hit radio hibang siguro 
[3:52:03 PM| 12/24/2008 |]
You can help us sustain this service by clicking the link HELP THIS SITE located at the left panel of this page. Madamo nga salamat! - RPG 
[8:21:08 PM| 12/14/2008 |]
Mr. RPG. More power to you and your internet station. Ano ngay an an mga possibilities nga mai susuporta hini nga samarnews.com han mga lumalangyaw nga Samarnon? 
[5:59:51 PM| 12/13/2008 |]
I just learned that a consolidated Motion for Reconsideration for the 16 cities will be filed today, December 11 at the SC. The motion will be handled by former SolGen Atty. Estelito Mendoza (Erap's impeachment defense lawyer) collaborated by its respective lawyers. - RPG 
[7:49:25 PM| 12/10/2008 |]
Nag file naba hit motion of reconsideration for reversal hit SC on City of Catbalogan? Dire pa ba over 15 days na? 
[12:38:18 AM| 12/5/2008 |]
Ciudad pa it Catbalogan ha pagkayana kay diri pa man final and executory and SC decision. Mayda pa higayon mag file hin Motion for Reconsideration within 15 days from receipt of the decision. Gin aandam na hiton Catbalogan officials iton Motion for Reconsideration. Hopefully ma reverse iton SC decision. - RPG 
[4:52:45 AM| 12/3/2008 |]
Mr. Ray P. Gaspay, pakiconfirm kon ciudad pa ba it Catbalogan? thanks and more power. 
[9:48:11 PM| 12/2/2008 |]
ceudad pa ba it Catbalogan? ask lang po. 
[7:51:05 PM| 12/2/2008 |]
Pakiaana ko gadla, Ano na it status hit nga recall han cityhood hit Catbalogan? Ano man liwat it ma ibubulig namon ha Catbalogan og ha Samarnews.com? 
[3:30:41 PM| 12/2/2008 |]
waray ini maski ha inop hit akon apoy, dagmit nga sumat tikang dida ha Catbalogan nahibabaruan dayon ngadi ha langyaw. More power ha imo Mr. RGP upod na it imo mga kaurusa. 
[3:21:39 PM| 12/2/2008 |]
gudam atty. tanon ko lang pwede ba kami mkasal ng kalive in ko pareho kaming may sasawa..tga catb po ako 
[10:33:46 PM| 11/27/2008 |]
waray signal badtrip..access denied..aucin nyo naman 
[10:30:19 PM| 11/27/2008 |]
Atty. Batas Mauricio, may pag-asa pa ba ang cityhood status ng Catbalogan despite sa ruling ng SC? 
[10:27:53 PM| 11/26/2008 |]
You can now tune in to the radio programs KAKAMPI MO ANG BATAS (11-12nn) and PANGINANO-A DAW! (4-5pm) daily on this website. - Webmaster 
[9:00:03 PM| 11/13/2008 |]
Thanks for the effort, WM. Paging our kind-hearted kababayans abroad to extend your support to this endeavor. 
[6:59:02 PM| 11/13/2008 |]
We are still soliciting sponsors for a commercial high-speed DSL internet connection para more stable iton online broadcast. At present, basic DSL residential connection la anay iton aton ginagamit. At least, it is working. - Webmaster 
[5:14:33 AM| 11/13/2008 |]
ngada man san o kay excited na ak makabati hit waraynon nga estasyon hin radyo denhi ha net.hehehe... more power 
[12:57:37 AM| 11/13/2008 |]
Agwanta la anay kita. Read the disclaimer. 
[10:44:01 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
[9:50:01 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
hello, wara ba response, Mr. RPG? 
[9:49:17 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
kay ano nga wara man broadcast hit nga iyo ginhatag nga schedule? 
[9:48:19 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
makuri ak maka access, alagad maupay nga mayda na live internet radio nga waray-waray pa gud. 
[9:42:03 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
Nice improvement to your website... 
[9:13:59 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
[9:13:14 PM| 11/12/2008 |]
Dear site visitors: Welcome to our online radio service channel. - Webmaster 
[8:35:35 AM| 11/10/2008 |]

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