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Subject:   Military sow fear to farmers in San Jorge
Name:   Concerned Bongtohanon
Address:   San Jorge, Samar
Date:   December 4, 2006

I would like for JAZMIN BONIFACIO to check the veracity of her information before posting her news for general readership. As a media person, she should not allow herself to be used by some people with ulterior motives and vested interests. This is an old trick of politicians to use media people to sow misinformation to people to gain public support from farmers with simple minds – the same people, media people included, who fell victim to their false promises.

It is hard to believe the allegation that disciplined military personnel will do acts of atrocities because these are just the opposite of their protocol and their mission to protect the farmers from real terrorists and extortionists.

A piece of advice to Jasmin, know the person who is giving you the information and allow your conscience to question your very self. Open your eyes. Be responsible. Leave a legacy.

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Subject:   Feedback of Mark Sanchez!
Name:   Jennifer
Address:   Leyte
Email:   jen_lady@yahoo.com
Date:   Dec 3, 2006

You are definitely correct... asan ngaun ang mga sinASABI NILANG para sa masa... ang mga pinaglalaban nila ASAN? para maging masarap ang kanilang buhay... lalong lalo na yung may mga mataas na katungkulan..

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Subject:   Wer s now our mayor? San Jorge?
Name:   Archie
Address:   San Jorge, WSamar
Email:    he_arch@yahoo.com
Date:   Dec 3, 2006

Asan na ang dakila nating mayor sa ngaun. Kailan siya magpapakita. Pag malapit na ba ang eleksyon? Hangang kailan tayo e2 lamang ang katanungan ko d2 sa bayan ng San Jorge?

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Subject:   Military sow fears to farmers of San Jorge
Name:   Jeff
Address:   Buenavista 2
Email:    jeff987@yahoo.com
Date:   December 3, 2006

Is this really true? I absolutely say NO! WHy? I can proved all of that... all of that allegations againts the 34 Infantry Battalion ay lahat lamang paninira sa nasabing batalion... Pera lang po ang kapalit ng lahat ng ito... im just only concerned to the effort of the 34 IB particularly in the far flung brgys of San Jorge...

Yung mga taong walang utang na loob sana po yang pera na tinatanggap nyo kapalit ng pag sira sa 34 IB ay makapag bigay sa inyo ng kaginhawahan kapalit ng pagsira sa pangalan ng 34IB... pero sa mata ng Diyos hindi po e2 makakalagpas.. Mag pakatotoo lamang po tayo! Wag kayong mag pa empluwensya sa pera... Kwawa naman e2ng mga sundalo.... Tama na po!!!

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Subject:   Military sow fear to farmers of San Jorge
Name:   Suzette
Address:   WSamar
Email:    zette@yahoo.com
Date:   December 3, 2006

Is this really true? military sow fear to farmers of San Jorge... 2 be specific brgy moboob, sinit-an, bay-ang and kalundang... actually in our barangay malaking tulong para sa amin... pro bakit nag kaganun ang report ito ay kabaliktaran ng mga nakasulat sa dyaryo.

Kawawa naman 2ng 34 IB... Im just only concernd to the soldiers of 34 IB coz they realy a great help 2 us... isa lamang itong propaganda ng mga nasa kabila.... dhil gusto nilang crain naipundar na magandang relasyon sa mga tao... ang kahirapan ang dahilan kung bakit ganito ang nagyayari... dhil sa pera kaya nating crain ang pagsasamahan alang-alang dito... kawawa 2ng mga sundalo na ang tanging puhunan nila ay kanilang pawis at sakripisyo matugunan lamang mga hinaing ng tao! HINDI NGA LANG IN A FORM OF MONEY.. habang naglalakad ako nkslubong ko cla kumakain.. yinaya nila ako at ng makita ko yung ulam nila ito ay bulad at noodles lang... ganyan cla kadikado para 2mulong sa mga tao...anumang layo ng isang brgy pag ito'y humingi ng tulong andyan agad ang sundalo... kahit na minsan ito ay nagiging paraan para mangsamantala yung mga nasa kabila... They will conduct ambush... or any form of attacks para maka iskor lamang mga nasa kabila...

Hangang kailan natin ccrain ang mga sundalo sa mata ng masa.. Tama na po!!! At yung mga sumusulat naman ng articles hingil sa military maging fair lang po tayo... Wag po tayong mag focus sa isang side lamang... Alamin, usisain at kilatisin ng mabuti po ang isang news bago natin ilathala sa masa!...

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Subject:   Borongan Water Source....
Name:   Francis Catayong
Address:   49 Lynch Street, Huntington Station NY 11746
Email:   catfranz2501@hotmail.com
Telephone:   6312232390
Date:   November 29, 2006

Very impressive to expose the problem of that town. I was once a resident of Borongan during my high school days in Eastern Samar Provincial High School, which I was the president of the Student Body at one time.

I'm in the U.S. right now but my heart still belongs to my beloved town of Borongan, which I won't forget the sweet memories during my high school days. I commend the lady, Ms. Elvira Aboy Orca for her courageous comments of the reality. I hope I can see my old friends in Borongan one day, which I'm planning to have my vacation soon. It would be a great favor to me if you could please send this message to the great lady, Ms. Elvira Aboy Orca (Baby as we call her) if she is the one.

Thanks a lot and more power to all of you, my kababayans.

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Subject:   NPA Extrotionists living in luxury!
Name:   Mark Sanchez
Address:   Tacloban City
Email:   freespiritz32@yahoo.com
Date:   November 25, 2006

In their deceptive propaganda, the NPA’s have been telling that they are the ‘servants of the people’. This fabricated lies have always been in the propaganda releases of the erstwhile father Santiago Salas. However they try to deceive the waraynons, stiil the truth can not be hide by their actions.

While the people of Silvino Lobos have been living in poverty because of the unrelenting extortion activities of the NPA terrorists operating in the area, these communist demons have been enjoying a life of luxury thanks to the extortion money that they have been getting from local politicians, businessmen, and poor farmers of Samar.

Imagine, people from hinterland communities seldom have the luxury of having a television sets in their nipa huts. Most have been contented having a radio set as their means of pleasure due to their economic hardship in life brought by the presence of the communist terrorists. And come to think of it, the NPAs encampment discovered by Army troopers in the vicinity of Brgy Tubang in Silvino Lobos last November 23, 2006 have a DREAM SATELLITE CABLE and TV set. I just imagine them joyfully watching the ‘Pacuiao-Morales III’ fight from the hard-earned money that they have extorted from the poor farmers in their area. Is this the Servants of the Masses?

You do the thinking!

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Subject:   Black Propaganda Rocks Samar Mayor
Name:   Concerned Citizen of Samar
Date:   November 19, 2006

Just wondering if RICKY J. BAUTISTA knows exactly the meaning of a Black Propaganda. I doubt if he has done his homework. Let's be factual lest we become an instrument of misinformation and lies. I know myself, I don't know if he knows himself.

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Subject:   Quality education, a tool ...
Name:   Cecile Impens
Address:   Brussels, Belgium
Email:   sim_mac@yahoo.com
Telephone:  +32(0)27728267
Date:   2 November 2006

Quality education is indeed a tool to fight against poverty [insight], yet, only the few financially privileged ones has the capacity to offer quality educations to their children. The school tuition fees became ridiculously high that sending the child to a private institution is next to impossible for the poor families. And to think that more than 70% of Filipinos lives under the poverty-line, the summary is devastating. As there is no effort on the part of the government to ameliorate the quality of education in the public schools, the quality of student life in the school ground is getting worse and worse: the absence of textbooks, dilapidated chairs and leaking classrooms, the absence of toilet facilities and potable drinking water in the school premises add to the lamentable situation a poor student has to endure.

Quality education, at this time in the Philippines is no longer a citizen's right, it became a privilege intended only for the rich and the ones who can afford to pay for it. Because of this problem, we had only one outcome: low-educational level population with no trainings and skills. Not until the government would allocate a good portion of national budget to education/training, the future will be bleak for us. In the future, there would be more jobless, so more crimes, more hungry mouths and poorer society.

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Subject:    Rejoinder to Oct. 23 PIA press release
Name:   Roy Santos
Address:   NDF-EV Media Liaison Officer
Email:   ndfevis@gmail.com
Telephone:   +639196199369
Date:   October 26,  2006

The Editor-in-Chief
Samar News

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Oct. 23 government press release in your Internet edition: Levi Mabanan does not owe the Arroyo government anything; it is the other way around. Yet the youngster's name came up as the Philippine Information Agency and the Department of Social Welfare and Development continue their duet in support of the 8th Infantry Division's practice of abducting children in the countryside and then mispresenting them as New Peple's Army combatants. The PIA and DSWD cited Levi as living proof of the Arroyo regime's child- friendliness, saying he was rescued by the military from the NPA and treated well by the government before he was released in 2004.

In fact, Levi revealed in a media interview after being freed that he was abducted in Motiong, Western Samar by elements of the 34th Infantry Battalion and Military Intelligence Company, who murdered his grandfather Pedro Gabane after a firefight with the NPA. The soldiers slapped and threatened to drown the then nine-year-old child in a river. He was brought to Camp Vicente Lukban in Catbalogan where he was forced to remain in military custody as an “NPA combatant”. In 2004, Levi was the youngest in a list of 32 political prisoners whose release the NDFP demanded during peace negotiations with the Philippine government. However, Levi was initially reluctant to go home – the non- governmental organization Children's Rehabilitation Center later discovered that the military repeatedly threatened Levi that they would massacre his family if he went home. Happily for him, the peace talks led to his release and restoration to his family and community.

Now, about the role of the DSWD in Levi's ordeal: Levi remembers that he begged for his freedom before two DSWD staff members who visited him the day after he was abducted by the military. They ignored his pleas, gave him 20 pesos, and left – the DSWD let a nine- year-old kid suffer in a hostile military camp for nearly four long years. This is social welfare and development under the Arroyo government: cold-blooded official indifference being passed off as the milk of human kindness.

The PIA and DSWD should now explain to the media and the public why they are consistently promoting the 8th Infantry Division's abduction of children for propaganda purposes. The NPA has in principle and in practice observed its own rules as well as its international obligations regarding the protection of children in situations of armed conflict. The minimum age for recruitment as an NPA combatant is 18. Yet the PIA and DSWD are letting it be known that there are have been many children in government custody, on the baseless accusations by the military – uncorroborated, uninvestigated, and without due process – that they are NPA combatants.

The NDF-EV has recently demanded the release of four minors and an 18-year-old youth arrested and misrepresented by the military as NPA combatants: Lynlyn Labitag, 12, Erma Labong, 16, Judy Boy Rebato, 16, Ramil Mañoso, 18, and Robert Mabanan, 13. Like the other children in DSWD's custody, they are all political prisoners of the Arroyo regime, who are victims twice over as forced participants in a concerted propaganda campaign by the Arroyo regime to discredit the NPA. The PIA and DSWD perform the special task of being the mollifiers of public opinion in such an obvious injustice. Thus they not only reinforce the false charges against these children but also the deception foisted on the public by the military. We tell them all: Shame on you, let the children go.

As shown by the civil servants in PIA and DSWD who grovel before ascendant fascism, the Arroyo regime's Oplan Bantay Laya has effectively put the military above the civilian government. The dishonesty and moral cowardice of these civilian officials play into Gloria Arroyo's hands as she directs her creeping fascist dictatorship here through the 8th Infantry Division (whose other official designation, incidentally, alludes to Hitler's personal bodyguard). When the self-styled “Storm Troopers” come to do evil to the people, even to children, the people are now also on guard against certain civilian officials such as those in PIA and DSWD who are part of such villainy. Like Judas, they betray the people while pretending a kiss.

In service to the people,

Fr. Santiago Salas
National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas
Roy Santos, NDF-EV Media Liaison Officer
Email:  ndfevis@gmail.com

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Subject:   Congrats
Name:   Jose Tagapuro
Address:   Sagkahan, Tacloban City
Email:   ebisay2004@yahoo.com
Telephone:   09193871161
Date:   18 Oct 2006

Taga Daram ako pero adi na yana nakabase ha Tacloban. Nasabtan ko la nga may sugad hini nga forum ha Grand Tours Terminal mga second week han October. Good job para ha mga originators hini. May this be a good vehicle towards bringing Samar and its people to unity and progress. Ngan unta dire la ini pahungawan hiton mga problema nga aton nakikita ha aton katilingban Samarnon kundi magin instrumento gihapon hin paghatag hin pwede nga mga solusyon an aton nakikita nga mga problema ha Samar.

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Subject:   What is the cause of poverty in Samar?
Name:   JJ Russo
Address:   Paris, France
Email:   lafayette1776@netscape.net
Date:   Oct 14 2006

The line of reasoning that poverty is caused by insurgency is just another propaganda. Mr. Mark Sanchez has been commenting on the recent activities of the CPP-NPA in the province which is destroying the social and economic fabric of the rural Samarnons. However, he overlook the facts that has surrounded the communist insurgency in the province, and its history. Antonio Morales is more analytical but his prediction towards progressive movements betrays his involvement with it. I myself was once involved with the progressive movement until the "rectification" movement hit the cadre lines. Now most of them has suffered from the hands of their own comrades.

It only goes to show that if an organization is controlled by few party officials esp from the guys based in Utrecht, Holland, living, as Mr Morales says, in luxury, abuse can happen. Democratic controls are still better than a bureacratic centralized party like the CPP-NPA.

So what really is causing poverty in Samar? Is it a dialectic of the oppressors and the oppressed? And the defenders of the oppressed becoming the oppressor? How about the military? Militarization in Samar was obviously caused by economic interests of people like Sen. Enrile who chopped clean most of the forests in Samar through his San Jose Timber Corp. This is way back in the late 70s, and early 80s when the lost command of Col. Lademora instigated the "Las Navas Massacre".

It only fueled support for the communist movement in Samar. Is the insurgency movement still relevant in Samar? Can we ask this question given the fact that politicians has been using them, or vice-versa. Have the insurgency movement generated into a banditry just like what happened with the HUKBALAHAP after World War 2? How about the social movements like the NGOs or the activist priest's "An Isog Han Samar", or the rest who used to be progressives now working for the government? Can we rely on them to help solve Samar's problems? I believe we need to rethink all the models of development for Samar for us to make an effective offensive strategy against poverty in Samar.

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Subject:   Why They are Hungry and Angry.
Name:   Tomas Marcial
Date:  Oct 13 2006

Baton ko kan Marck Sanchez, waray ak magsiring nga dire importante an military. An pontos ko pareho iton san pamilya. An imo anak nagugutom, waray pagkaon, didiciplinahon mo kay nagugutom? Waray trabaho an taga Samar. Kitaa daw kada bungto, sadto ngan yana, ano an ira bag-o nga mga trabaho? Dire man, damo an NPA, pirahay manla ito a few groups with ideology, natoud nga an socialismo la an makabaton san ira pagkukuri. Bisan kon an socialismo waray upay sa Russia, Cuba, ngan North Korea, mga sample nga nasyon. Ano gud an nahimo san aton militar para mapoypoy an NPA patayon an mga parag-uma ngan tarhugon? Kon an militar nga ipapadara mga Engineering batalyon, nga mabulig pag butang han water system, ngan pag-ayad han mga tulay ngan kalsada han kada bungto maupay konta, Pero kon man liliboryo la ngan mga pensiyonado. Ano an gamit nira ha akon bungto, What are they protecting the people or the corrupt politician whoever they are.

The soldiers are the guardian of the people dapat dire sira kahahadlokan. But most of the time hira an hadi. Kay may pusil man, so kon an siring mo hadlok an kapitalista kumadi ha aton bungto you are wrong kay danay dire hira makapag business kon dire sira maglalagay sa mga opesyalis san bugnto. Dire tungod nga may NPA. You can invisteigate if my opinion is correct. Halimbawa, in Calbayog, sample ko la o Tacloban karuyag san usa nga rico magtindog usa nga dako nga industriya, dire ba puede sira makapagbutang? Baman an mga Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola bottling Co. Aada man. Karuyag ko sidngon dire kahadlok an problema, an mga politiko, ngan infrastructure. Sugad san mga kalsada, dire man iton kanan NPA sala, Calbayog Calbiga Maharlika Rd is a national government project.

Mr. Sanchez, ayaw gad ako himoa nga buta, I can see the negligence of the government since I was young. Waray mga kalsada ngadto san mga parag uma. An ira producto gutiay la an nadadara. Hasta yana an kalsada ngadto sa Matuguinao, waray man, is that the NPA’s making of course not, sa San Sebastian 6 kilometers dire man maupay an kalsada, whose fault. An Catbalogan an tubig maupay ba gud? Negligence in the government drives poeple to hopelessness. If the government is functioning to really help our beloved Samar maupay kunta ito.

Sumati ako han maruryag magtindog factory sa Catbalogan. O pumarigo sa Payao o ha unahan ha may bulangan, nga Catbaloganon nga tikang ha States. Dire nga hambog hira, kundi mahugaw an aton mga beaches dire malimpyo. An aton pier may mga nalutaw nga tae tugnod nga waray mga toilet an mga balay along the pier labi na an escuater. I don.t blame them it’s the inability of the government to mandate to his people the law to guide them the correct way of life. Na an mga government property dire iton kanan mga tawo personal nga puede gamiton kundi para han development han bungto. But they have no guts to really build a good town that we can be proud of. Or they don't really know how to develop Catbalogan. Hadlok mag expand an Catbalogan.

It is not the NPA who don't do thier jobs. It’s our government who are corrupt. Clean our government and our Capitalist will be willing to build our place. Dire ako buta, pera na nga mga turista an kinanhi ha Samar ano an ire complaint? An aton kalsada. How can you have a business kon an imo means of transportation dire maagihan. Upod daw han Caravan para mahikit-an mo ngan makapinsar ka kon mali ako. Kon busog an mga tawo waray maupod sa NPA of maato san sundalo. Pero kon manabuso an sundalo rest assured an tawo han Samar maato iton. Don't get me wrong I respect our soldier who respects our people and our flag.

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Subject:   What is the root cause of poverty in Samar?
Name:   JJ Russo
Address:   Paris, France
Email:   lafayette1776@netscape.net
Date:   Oct 13, 2006

To say that insurgency is the root cause of poverty in Samar like what Mark Sanchez has been spouting all along is to believe that babies were brought by a stork flying in from the skies. This is a propaganda lie. If we look at the history of insurgency in Samar, it did not start with the communist movement coming in beforehand. Just like the Balangiga Massacre, and the Catubig Revolt. It started and spread during the Marcos regime. Then Defense Secretary Enrile, now Senator, used his resources to militarize the area where his company, San Jose Timber Corporation, was heavily involved in logging, in order and solely for the purpose of exploiting Samar's prime timber forest.

Recall the Las Navas Massacre instigated by the "Lost Command" of Col. Lademora, the one eye jack. And the military intelligence group of Col. Hernani Figueroa. This group of military men started the most blatant military exercises comparable to Col. Jake Smith's order to turn Samar into a "Howling Wilderness". More than 30 years later this band of military juggernauts and scalawags are retired, and guns for hire, waiting for their next meal in contract killings.

So Mr. Sanchez, you probably were not born yet at that time, or was only a baby milking your mother's breast, Samarenos has gone a lot of hell with the military in the 1970s purely as private security for the economic interest of Sec. Enrile. We can thank Mr. Enrile in fact for worsening the situation as the social and economic fabric in the rural areas were destroyed, most of the displaced Waray families turned up in the big cities such as Manila and Cebu, either as squatters living in Tondo, or under the bridges of Manila, and the young ones organized into petty criminals like the waray-waray gang.

We can also thank Mr. Enrile for furthering the pollution of our rivers by granting more timber licenses to his company. So if you think insurgency is the cause of our present problem of poverty, think historically.

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Subject:   Why they are hungry and angry!
Name:   Mark Sanchez
Address:  Tacloban City
Email:   freespiritz32@yahoo.com
Telephone:   09206729877
Date:   12 Oct 2006

I would like to comment on the feedback presented by Mr. Tomas Marcial.  With the pervent hope of at least to enlighten him on what are the real issues in Samar.

For once, he is correct in saying that hunger makes people restless...and also that the farmers are the backbone of our nation, truly is.

But for saying that Samar doesn't need military presence is utterly innocence of the real concerns that made the lives of Samarnons suffer in hardship.

Before development sets in, peace and order must prevail in any given area. In the case of Samar, peace and order is a problem due to the presence of the terrorist group, the CPP-NPA-NDF. The word 'Militarisasyon' is concocted by the Communist as part of their propaganda to integrate the military presence in an area as purely combat operations. But if we will just look deeper to the facts, whenever a military unit operates in the area, their presence constitutes a multi-dimensional operation that includes combat, civic-actions, livelihood trainings, pulong-pulong, and other activities relevant to community development.

For the past 38 years of the existence of the CPP-NPA-NDF in our nation, it only brought more hunger to the area it controlled. Hunger that made into an issue, to entice people through deception in joining the terrorist movement. For where ever their evil shadow casts, business activities become nil. For no investor would dare put his capital in a place where wicked terrorists abound.

The promise of Economic development for Samar is not too far. For in the outlook, Investments that will create industrial factories that will employ a lot of Samarnons can be achieved, if we all unite once and for all to oust the dreaded threat from the terrorist group, the CPP-NPA-NDF.

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Subject:   Infrastructure programs
Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Date:  12 Oct 2006

Pastilan, kay maaram na gad udog it mga taga-Samar nga maiha na ini nga "SOP" iton pagkabat ngan pagkurib-kutib kon obras publicas na iton karo-kayakan. Kundi, kon diri liwat tikangan hit lomolopyo iton pag-inaw-inaw hini nga mga proyecto kay basi maiban-ibanan iton kurib-kutib, san-o pa man? Maupay nala iton nga may pa gihapon mag-aringasa didto ha Samar, kay basi iton mga napaka-buta-bungol mapukaw na gud.

Kon iton mga nakurib-kutib hit fondos publicos waray na kalooy para hit Samar, magpakita nala hira hin bisan nala guti-ay nga kaawod. Makuri gad iton nga waray na katapusan hini nga pagkabat ngan pagkurib-kutib hit mga fondos, kay intawon - waray mahibibilin nga kawaton hit iba.

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Subject:   Passenger and cargo ships for Catbalogan and Cebu
Name:   Lester Sales
Address:   Catbalogan,
Sep 30, 2006

I hope that a cargo and passenger ship would travel from Catbalogan to Cebu and vice versa to help the inter island commerce again. Some fishing supply retailers said that commerce slowed down right after the ships stop sailing for Catbalogan and Cebu. I don't know yet who else is affected. Let us hope this will get some public attention some day.

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Subject:   Calbiga to Calbayog National Road
Name:    JJ Russo
Paris, France
Email:   lafayette1776@netscape.net
28 Sep 2006

If we are asking for transparency in the rehabilitation of the Calbiga-Calbayog-Allen Road, we are not only being unrealistic, but whimsical. The infrastructure programs in the Philippines is nothing but a part of a client-patron relationship that the national government provides to its local allies. That is part of the pork-barrel system ingrained in our economic system.

The congressmen has already been given the award, and part of the loot goes down to its pre-approved contractors.  No bidding is done under strict rules.  And most of the contractors already have their partitions of the profit, from the congressman down to the barangay captain, where the national road passes through.

If there will be changes in the way infrastructure programs are done in the Philippines, it will be based on a private and public participation, including the NGOs, and other stakeholders. Samar really need to have its road networks improved to the point that easy access between towns and municipalities becomes part of the daily routine for the people.

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Subject:    Samar to get share of RDCs Medium -Term Investment
Name:    HN_Catbalogan / KSA 2006
Address:   Alkhobar
Email:   jnabs@yahoo.com
Date:   Sept 28, 2006

Maupay nga adlaw ig kasi ko mga taga Samar, usa ako nga masugid mag subaybay hiton aton lugar (parte ha akon nanabasa ha mga payagan - usa kita nga pinaka poorest province ha Pinas. Maupay iton nga mga panuyo hit aton gobyerno pero ha parte liwat ha akon opinyon, dire kaya iton pan uwat na naman ha aton mga taga Samar (constituents) para butosan naman iton ira mga Kandidato comes Election Day next Year??

Hain kokha hin salapi iton gobyerno hin bisan ngani iton mga sosyal services para hiton mga tawo waray hira igin sussustener???  Bisan ngani iton aton kalsada Calbiga to Catbalogan mas maupay pa iton agihan hit mga Habal-Habal ha Leyte, siguro iton mga opisyales ha Samar ha hangin naagi hin kon nag tratravel. Isip-isip mga kabugtua-an.

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Subject:   Rico an Samar Sa Natural Resources Pero Nagkukuri
Name:   Tomas Marcial
Email:   tmarcial@comcast.net
Sept 14, 2006

Una dire man an mga tawo an nagpupulos san aton natural resources. Ikaduha an pag process san producto waray man. Mga factory sa Samar waray paanano man mag-uupay an kamutangan san tawo kon waray trabaho. Militarisation is not the answer. Inay nagugutom ako, ayaw kabaraka anak kay bubuligan kita san sundaalo dire la ako maaram kon hain. Panano man makabulig an sundalo nga pakig-away man an ira toyo.

We need development an busog nga tawo dire mangangawat ngan dire makikiaway. Mamimiling sira san divertion o kaupayan, Sports, bulang, swimming, madyong dire aragway. The solution of Samar to be free from suffering give them livelihood not kill them. I address both side. We need jobs and development. Kon development an kinahanglan san Samar dire sundalo an baton, kondi pakabuhi, ngan mga development. Kay ano nga wara? You know the answer. We have no respect to ourselves and native land. We said we love our country, but the backbone of our nation the farmers are nothing. They are hungry and angry.

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Subject:   Seaching for Governor Jose Ramirez
Name:   William Shaeffer
Email:   wmlshaeffer@aol.com
Date:  Sept 13/2006

Please info me the address or telephone of the ex-Governor Jose Ramirez.  Thanks.......

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