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Subject:    On Charo's "Who made a Difference"
Name:   Juan Machate
Address:    Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
Date:   13 March 2007

Charo's piece is a fitting tribute to those deserving Samarenos. But her references to comments by Cesar Torres is strained if not misplaced. She can stand alone and remain untainted by the posturings of a notorious erstwhile government agent fronting as a U.P. faculty member, during Marcos' martial rule.

It would seem that Charo yielded the better part of her nature to indulge in ego tripping for her coffee table book, courtesy of the "great Cesar".

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Subject:   Principles of Ethical Standards
Name:   Tomas Marcial
Address:   Nijaga St., Awang, Calbayog City
Email:   tmarcial@comcast.net
Date:   12 March 2007

1. Exploitation of Official Position. You may not use your position to secure a job, contract, government approval or special benefit for yourself, a friend or family member.

2. Compensation for Official Duties. Your paycheck is your only permitted compensation. You may not accept any other compensation for performing your job. You may not "moonlight" without the approval of your department or agency.

3. Gifts and Favors. You may not accept any gift of more than nominal value (e.g. a tee-shirt or a pen) related in any way to your official duties.

4. Attendance at Events: Honoraria, Activities, and Expenses. You may not be "wined and dined" by people with whom your agency/department conduct business. You may not accept honoraria. Official travel reimbursements require prior approval from your agency/department or Ethics Commission. If a donor conducts business with your agency, it is unlikely that you may accept such payments.

5. Outside Employment, Business Interests and Political Activity. You must disclose to your agency/department any outside employment, business interests and political activities and secure approval.

6. Conflicts of Interest. You may not act in any matter in which you, your family, or your close friends have a direct or indirect personal or financial interest that might tend to conflict with the proper discharge of your official duties. Rather, you should recuse yourself and ask someone else to perform your task.

7. Prior Business Relationships. You may not have any involvement on official matters that involve any private sector individual or entity that employed you or did business with you during the one year prior to the commencement of your government employment.

8. Prohibition on Use of Confidential Information. You may not accept employment or engage in any activity that may require or induce you to disclose confidential information acquired through your position.

9. Nepotism. You may not hire, promote, or supervise a relative.

10. Post-Employment: Lifetime Restrictions. After you leave public employment, you may not represent or assist a person concerning a particular matter if you were substantially and directly involved in that particular matter while in Government employment. Further, you may not use or disclose any information not generally available to members of the public, gained during the course of your employment.

11. When in Doubt, Ask. If you think you have a conflict of interest or are unsure of these rules, ask your Ethics Liaison Officer or the Commission that handles Code of Ethics. If you suspect any wrongdoing, report your suspicion. Complain may be made anonymously to the Commission or ombudsman or the Commission and should be kept confidential.

The rules apply to any government officials or elected officials under the law. However in our country I don't know if this principles will be enforce. I am hoping that this will help my fellow Samarnon on my little research on General Standards of Conduct of Government Officials or employee. Thank you.

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Subject:   Tinuod na mag kausa an militante pate an mga NPA
Name:   Jun Alcaide
Address:   San Andres, Catbalogan, Samar
Telephone:   9202842211
Date:   17 Feb 2007

Mga militante pate an mga NPA labi yana na harapet na an election. Kay an NPA an pinaka guns han mga progresibo nga grupo hira an nag hahadlok ha mga butante na butosan ini na mga partilist na BAYAN MUNA, ANAK PAWIS, GABRELA, AKBAYAN, MEGRAMTE, kay adto ngani na gin pakita ha tv patrol na may duha nga babaye na nag siring na dati hira rebelde tapos gin patay an ira mga asawa ha ira ta mga kaupod na sugo nira Satur Ocampo.

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Subject:   Rodante Urtal Command
Name:    Nilo M. Pagunsan
Date:   February 17, 2007

Usa ako nga concerned citizen nga ura-ura na an kasubo ha mga nanhihitabo dinhe ha Sinirangan Bisayas may kalabutan ha mga gawi han mga terorista nga NPA. Aada ha ubos an akon ngaran address ngan pirma.

Ine baton han pamahayag tikang kan: Ka Amado Pesante, Tagyakan, Rodante Urtal Command, Bagong Hukbong Bayan – Northern Samar. Sumala han duha nga sundalo ug usa nga CAFGU nga ira guin bawian han kinabuhi.

Usa na liwat nga masakit para han pamilya han duha nga sundalo ngan usa nga miyembro han CAFGU an guin pasipad-an han kinabuhi pinaagi ha kalit ug pa-traydor nga pagpatay ha ira pinaagi ha pag-ambush nga guin buhat han mga terorista nga NPA hadton naglabay nga Pebrero 6, ha Brgy Paticua, Catarman, Northern Samar.

Guin rarakudako han Grupo ni Rodante Urtal an sugad hine nga dire makatawo nga ira guin buhat, ano ba an katuyuanan han mga sundalo ug CAFGU nga aadto man hira hine nga lugar? Diba pagmintenar han kamingaw ngan panalipdan an mga kinabuhi ngan propriedad han aton katawhan? Kay ano nga naaalibadbaran ine nga mga NPA kun may mga sundalo? Tungod kay ine hira magugutom! Dire na makaka-pangutong, dire na makaka-rekrut, dire na makaka-panarhog, mapaparalisa an ira kagiosan. Intonses! Waray na hira magagatasan!

Tapos iguin hahambog nira nga nakamatay na liwat hira? Kay ano nga dire hira magkagawas atubangon an aton militar ngan makig-away para kami nga mga sibilyan tumuod ha ira. Sumo na kami hine nga mga karat-an nga ira guin bubuhat! Kairo man han pamilya han mga namatay hino pa an ira lalauman.

Guin bibiling ta an KATUNGOD SINIRANGAN BISAYAS, Human Rights Advocates ug iba pa nga mga grupo nga nag ku-krusada hin kamingaw nga magkagawas kamo ikondena niyo ine nga tinuod nga pagsupak han katungod pantawo ngan mag-imbistiga kamo para han hustisya hine nga mga biktima!

Nilo M. Pagunsan
Brgy Balud, Sta Margarita
Western Samar

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Subject:   BAYAN-SB
Name:   Concern Citezen
Address:   Brgy 13 Canlapwas, Catbalogan, Samar
Email:   unswe_69@yahoo.com
Telephone:   09187102544
Date:   10 Feb 2007

An buhat an iyo kaupod iyo la guinkakadto sa mga sundalo ngan pulis para iyo ipakita ha nga tawo na maraot an guinbubuhat han gobierno, pero kamo an ungod nga nagbubuhat heto, mag bag o na kamo para mag uswag ang aton ekonomiya.

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Name:   Dexter
Address:   24 Tono Machi, Matsuzaka City, Japan
Email:    dezbar@yahoo.com
Date:   Feb 9, 2007

Haiyo mga taga Catbalogan,

Mapaso nga pagdayaw han iyo bungto nga nahimo na nga syodad kuno. Maupay unta nga an iyo mga liderato ha politika magkaada hin kusog ug pagmalasakit hit kadam-an mga mga kablas. An iyo mga pantalan nga maghugaw nga ginhihimo nga uruhan, an iyo mga duru-ongan han mga parag-isda ug pasaherosan han mga taga puro puros mga ta-e, an paligid han iyo pier nga mga squatter, aber ano an iyo ighahambog hit iyo pagkasyodad.

An iyo singbahan dida ha Catbalogan nga waray pagmalasakit han mga kablas, waray manla makagtindog han cooperative para unta madalaganan han mga kablas kay a-adto permi ha mga loan sharks pag-iinutang nga waray la nahihimo hit ira pakabuhi kay nauubos la an ganansya pagbinayad han ira utang ha mga bu-aya^nga puropautang. A-adto ha igbaw han Catbalogan mayda busag nga palasyo nga ginlalawayan han mga pobre. Hino an tag-iya hito? Hi Msgr. Maximiano Cruz. Kadto kamo kan Msgr. Cruz pangaru hin bulig para igbaralay han mga squatter ha Catbalogan. Malamragan untan hiya hini nga kamutangan han Catbalogan kay nahimo naman nga syodad.

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Subject:    Culture of violence
Name:   ANAD
Email:   peacefighter_78@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   Feb 6, 2007

INDEED the country is saddled with a serious problem, an offshoot of the Melo Commission report. Though still not released to the public, the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF started to roll its propaganda machinery putting the government of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the backburner to scamper for anything to defend the state against the onslaught of the Maoist communist black propaganda.

The focus now is the incidence of senseless killing of communist personalities. Let us be realistic about the terms and we should refrain from toeing the line of the Maoist communist. Militants, the term used by the Maoist communist to describe their unarmed personalities, are practically communist agitators and operators.

The Melo Commission report dealt on two aspects. Those killed by military, police, and avenging civilians, on one hand; and those killed by the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF. Clear is the statement of the Commission that indeed the communist had a hand and bears responsibility in quite a number of killings, especially against those who decided to leave the Godless, inhuman, and violent organization.

Truly there were some military and police personnel, even armed civilians, who may be responsible in some of these killings. However, naming some senior military and police officers due to the principle of command responsibility is simple and pure canard. Those whose appetite is so high, especially in manipulating conditions and situations, wanted to drag these officials into their mess of spawned by innuendos and deception. They skirt around the real facts surrounding the issue - Why these incidents happen?

Easily, one can say that the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF is mainly responsible in sowing the seeds of what we now call as - the Culture of Violence. After establishing the CPP in December 26, 1968 and the NPA in March 29, 1969, those in the countryside became victims of harassments, murders, and intimidation waged by the NPA’s to stir conditions and draw public attention. The surviving children, family, and relatives of those they killed, in the name of Maoist communist revolution, harbored hate and vengeance within themselves. For no other reason, they joined the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the Philippine National Police to possess a firearm and avenge the death of their beloved one.

In other words, the cycle of violence started when the Maoist communist NPA’s had a heyday killing helpless and innocent Filipinos, in the countryside; and continued with the fire of vengeance and hate from surviving family members or relatives’ hitting back at them, regardless armed or unarmed, for as long as one is identified as a member of the Maoist communist movement.

It started some 38 years ago and continues until today because of the Maoist communist’s greed and obsession for power! Pursuant to their obsession of gaining political power and raising the level of anti-government propaganda campaign, they are now seeking equal protection and guarantees provided in our constitution and laws of the government that they seek to destroy and overthrow!

This culture of violence will only end when all sectors, including those in the Maoist communist movements (particularly the sectoral front organizations) will strongly denounce the inhuman conduct and campaign of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF, call on them to lay down their firearms, and instead join other groups that are into parliamentary struggle. It is only thru this way that their credibility as true defenders of human rights and equal protection for our people will glitter in the hearts and belief of freedom and peace loving Filipinos.

But this call may obviously fall on the Maoist communist’s deaf ears. They are the skillfully adept in sowing the milieu for utter deception, lies, and fomenting chaos and trouble.

This is what is happening in the country today!

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Subject:    Hain na kamo KATUNGOD-SB
Name:   Norman Dalumpines
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Email:    dalnam23@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   Feb 5, 2007

Kon ungod kamo nga makatawo bulig kamo pagkondine heni nga pamatay ug pangotong han CPP/NPA denhi ha region 8. Alex Lagunzad pagmata.

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Subject:   Ikondena naton an pamatay han CPP/NPA ha Samar
Name:   Jake Bryan
Address:   Daram, Samar
Email:   dalnam23@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   05 Feb 2007

Usa ako nga Samarnon makangingirhat na eni nga mga buhat han CPP/NPA nga pamatay, pangotong ug panarhug, KARAPATAN-KATUNGOD SB hain na kamo? Kon pareho la iyo kolor han nga NPA. Samarnon aton eni ikondena nga ira mga buhat pagmata na kita.

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Subject:    An eye for an eye
Name:   NPA Hater
Address:    Calbayog Catbalogan
Email:    astorga@yahoo.com
Telephone:   0918 234 5632
Date:   Feb 4, 2007

Indeed its now the time of NPA to kill, they are now trying to get back at their foes... They claim before that the military was too barbaric pointing at anyone whom their intillengence says NPA supporters.

If NPA murder the people whom they suspected to have helped the military, then by all means let them kill also those who are NPA... There are a lot of them in Samar. KILL the BAYAN MUNA leaders, Kill the NPA backed politicians... By all means kill them all…

The killing of Dayday the Luna Husband is just the start.. I don’t know if he was killed because he was NPa or some other reasons... but in my mind he was killed because he is NPA (daw).

AN EYE FOR AN EYE.... NPA VS MILITARY, NPA VS The family of those you have executed... magdahan dahan kayo mga sugo ng kadiliman... malapit na kayong mawala sa mundo.... nagiging mabaho na singaw ng mga bituka nyo... amoy na amoy na ng mga tao ang durog na idolohiya nyo... TIME WILL TELL... mau-ubos kayo...

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Subject:   Extra-judicial killings, pakulo han communista
Name:   Ka Aries I. Sulong
Email:   concern4demok@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   3 Feb 2007

Han mga naglabay nga adlaw, nanhitabo an mga panmatay dinhi ha isla han Samar, mga biktima han NPA ngan gin amin o gin aku han Arnulfo Ortiz Command ini nga mga binuhatan.

Mahinunumduman nga tubtub langit an guliat han KATUNGOD-SB ngan COURAGE an hustisya han pagkamatay ni Prof. Jose Ma. B. Cui han University of Eastern Philippines, dati nga secretary-general han human rights group KATUNGOD-Northern Samar ngan chairperson han UEP Employees Association (UEPEA)-Confederation for Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees (COURAGE) dida han bulan han January petsa 19, 2007. (http://samarnews.com/news2007/jan/f1042_catarman.htm)

Hin-o an ira gin tatahapan? kay anu nga diri in nira kita-on kun hin-o an may kapas maghimo hini? kay anu nga diri nira gin kukundena an mga NPA? Anu ba an motibo nga para patayon han mga NPA hi Prof. Cui? ha kamaiha na nga panahon nga nagin aktibo hya ha kagi-usan, nakita niya an diri maupay nga prinsipyo, diri maupay nga pamalakad han makakaliwa nga grupo ngan kun magpapadayon hiya han iya binuhatan daku an magigin epekto ngadto han kakuri-an han mga tawo.

Iya naisip an kabubuwason han iya mga estudyante nga kun magpapadayon hiya pagpagamit hin nga grupo waray maupay nga maihahatag nga maupay nga kabubuwason. Umundang hiya han mga aktibidadis nga diri maupay, anu an nagin reaksyon han NPA? anu an pitad o sirot ha iya han NPA? "AN KAMATAYON" pinaagi hini matatahuban an sirot nga kamatayon kay maupay ini maghimo-himo hin estorya o propaganda ini nga grupo (NPA)? "two birds in one stone" siring pa han darawhonon. Pinatay na nira hi Prof. Cui nasina pa an mga relatives ni Prof Cui han mga tinubyanan han balaud. Gin sakyan han NPA an sinisiring nga listahan.

Yana kay maaram naman kamu, alyon man pagguli-at an pagkundena han NPA. Condemn in the strongest possible terms the assassination of Prof. Jose Ma. B. Cui.

Mr. Jigs Clamor an aktibo (kuno) nga Deputy Secretary General han Karapatan, kun diri niyo mahimo ini nga pagkundena han mga NPA nagpapamatuod la nga usa kamo nga kaalyado hini.

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Subject:   President of UEP, aka SIT
Name:   Mr. W. A. RAY
Address:   Samar
Date:   3 Feb 2007

I rise in support of a prudent selection of a new UEP leadership whose qualifications are not only based on honestly acquired academic credentials, but whose attributes are ecletic with predeliction of the humanist traditions and free from socio-political influences.

As pioneer graduate of SIT with Farm Mechanics Certificate, I'm personally interested in quality leadership since my academic experience was primarily under a two-tiered presidency; one Academic President and one Political President, both politically appointed. It was a congressional budget-driven operations where academic excellence was subordinated to new constructions of the university landscape while the faculty members were coming from the old school, with few exceptions.

My hope's new UEP lead by a president whose mission transcends personal ambitions and political influences while in search for truth. I send my very best to whoever assumes this position of President.

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Subject:    Mr. Salas ano an iyo ipinakikigbisog
Name:    Leo
Address:    Daram, Samar
Email:    leo_66@yahoo.com
Date:   2 Feb 2007

Para kan Mr. Salas kami an mga Daramnon nga imo binawian han amon amay han bungto nga imo hinusgahan hin waray kamatouran. An amon pakiana? an kagiusan ba niyo ay para ha masa o para la ha usa ug pira katawo nga nagamit haiyo? Kun sususmahon ha iyo surat nga pag-ako han pagpatay kan Mayor astorga nagpapamatuod la kamo nga waray kamo ipinakikigbisog. Kay kun huhunahunaon naton dire man mga tinuod an iyo mga senisering han iyo una nga statement.

Una kun hi mayor Astorga may goons nga kinaptan dire kamo makakalusot pagpatay. Puros la kabaliktaran an ginsering han naghuring haiyo. An iyo kagiusan baga han kinabataan kun hino an una nga magsusumbong asya an iyo tutooron. Kun asya ito it iyo patakaran damo la it Iyo mabibiktima kay an taga huring traydor. Pagpinsar gad anay kamo ngan pag imbestiga kun kamatooran o di ngani pag obserbahan niyo. An pakiana kay ano nga timing pa nga harani na it eleksyon pagpatay niyo kan Mayor astorga? Pero Mr. Salas bisan pa ano hin guliat niyo deri kami niyo makukumbinsi nga kamo an may buhat. Pinaako la haiyo tungod kay kun kamo, waray na damo nga imbestigasyon. Ngan ha pag obserbar ko, kay ano nga pag may nakikita na kami nga linaw para madakop ngan makasuhan an utok hine nga krimin tigda la kamo nga na entra. Tama ba ako nga may nagpapaluyo haiyo nga dako nga isda hit probinsiya?

Mr. Salas, an amon la masesring mga taga Daram kamo an naghimo hin paagi nga magludlod an amon bungto salit dire kami natuod han iyo mga drama nga hinihimo para matakpan an krimin han tunay nga kingpin han kriminalidad ha probinsya.

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Subject:   Baton han Surat ni Mr. Santiago Salas
Name:    Edgar P. Cayetano
Email:   cayetano_edgar@yahoo.com
Date:    February 2, 2007

Iguin papasamwak han grupo han CPP-NPA piana-agi kan Mr. Santiago Salas nga an ira pagpatay kan Mayor Benito Astorga tungod kay usa daw nga notorious warlord ngan criminal kingpin. Hi Augusto Daclitan usa nga Military Intelligence Agent ug hi Army Sgt Apolinario Parambita. Kon maaram la kamo han tinu-od nga estorya hitungod hini nga tulo nga ira ginpatay pina-agi han ira hustisya nga "Kangaroo Court". Nagpapamatu-od la nga buwa it ira aligasyon.

Hino ba hi Mayor Benito Astorga han Daram? usa ini hiya nga mabinuligon nga tawo, higugma-on ini hiya han mga Daramnon tungod kay hul-os it iya pagserbisyo para ngadto han katawhan nga nanginginahanglan han iya serbisyo labi na gud adton mga kablas nga tawo. Hi Augusto Daclitan diri ito hiya Military Intelligence Agent, Assistant Chief Tanod ito hiya han Brgy Canlapwas, maupay it panuyu-anan hini nga tawo kay hiya it nangusog pagbulig para magbag-o adton masobra 200 nga myembro han mga grupo han kabataan dinhi ha catbalogan nga nawawara han pag atiman han ira mga kag-anak. An ira ginsisiring nga hi Sgt Apolinario Parambita, para han kasayuran han ngatanan, diri ito hiya Military, usa ito hiya nga Jail Guard (BJMP).

Hira hino ba ini nga myembro han NPA nga nagpatay kanda Mayor Astorga? maaram ba ini hiya han kamatu-oran? o buta hira para han ira hustisya nga ira gintoto-ohan, tungod kay waray hira hibabro-anan kon ano it ira ginpapakigbisugan kondi an pagra-ug da-ug ngan pagperdi o pagpatay han usa tawo nga ira pagpapatawan hin kamatayon para han ira nahibabaru-an nga hustisya.

Ikaw Mr. Salas? kumita kana ba hito nga iyo ginpatay ha personal? o nagpagamit ka la han mga politiko tungod kay dako it iyo nakakarawat nga kwarta bayad tikang ha ira? sobra gud it imo kabuwa-on ngan kamara-ug da-ug! ano na ba it imo o iyo nahibulig ngadto han katawhan? huna-huna-a daw niyo, usa la it kinabuhi han tawo bangin sunod nga adlaw ha imo na pamilya mahinabo o ikaw na mismo it pagbawi-an han makagarahum nga "DIYOS" han imo hinuram nga kinabuhi.

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Subject:    Condemn the Murderous Killings!
Name:    1Lt Mario Jose M. Chico (QMS) PA
Address:    Division Public Affairs Office, 8ID, PA
Email:    lifesjourney_2006@yahoo.com.ph
Telephone:    09176207663
Date:    Feb 1, 2007

Condemn the Murderous Killings!

Now that the spokesperson of the CPP-NPA-NDF erstwhile Fr. Santiago Salas had praised the cold-blooded killers of Mayor Benito Astorga and Augusto (Ka Agoy) Daclitan in his statement posted at the website of the CPP-NPA-NDF (http://www.philippinerevolution.net/cgi-bin/statements/statements.pl?author=sss;date=070131;language=eng) saying "The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today commended the Arnulfo Ortiz Command of the New People's Army in Western Samar for punishing notorious warlord and criminal kingpin Mayor Benito Astorga in the island municipality of Daram last Jan. 25." and "the AOC also earlier caught up with and punished in the capital town of Catbalogan two fascist death squad members, military intelligence agent Augusto Daclitan on Jan. 17. “

Not contented for treacherously killing civilians, these murderous freaks even gone to the extent of disgracing with malicious accusations hurdled against their civilian victims. As Salas have stated, “Mayor Benito Astorga was a legitimate target of the NPA because of his active participation in the armed hostilities. He was a reactionary die-hard who collaborated with the military in directing a widespread intelligence network as well as in actively supporting military operations against the revolutionary movement that also harmed the people. He likewise supported and maintained up to 180 Cafgu paramilitaries who doubled as his private army, aside from having a squad of goons as his personal bodyguard. Astorga used his official position and private army to actively resist the NPA and to harass and murder suspected NPA supporters and those who opposed his rule. He was also a criminal kingpin whose goons engaged in piracy since the 1990s in the waters surrounding Daram, and a landgrabber who robbed the poor peasants of practically the entire land area in two barangays.” I am presenting these facts not only to condemn the murders perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF against non-military targets (civilians) but most importantly, to impart an argument to once and for all settle the issue of the true intentions of the alleged "human rights advocates" groups like KARAPATAN (KATUNGOD-SB), PCPR, and the likes. Was their group really stand in “quest for justice for victims of human rights violations” or just merely existing for the promotion of the propaganda of the communists terrorist group, CPP-NPA-NDF?

The families of the treacherous murders perpetrated by the killers/members of the communist terrorist group CPP-NPA-NDF are longing for justice! And from this point I want to ask for an explanation for their groups’ shameless silence on the blatant human rights violations that have gained national prominence! And yet no pronouncement denouncing the killings perpetrated by the communist terrorists was made by their group.

Why is it so? Does human rights entitles only those identified with the left? Or is it because their groups are in cahoots with the CPP-NPA-NDF? That always, when members of their communist terrorists group perpetrated crimes against humanity they always posed a deafening silence stance?

If this is so, then the people should be made aware of the true colors and dismal intentions of these alleged human rights advocates groups and to condemn them for deceiving the Filipino people. Let us all open our eyes for the truth!

While we condole with the families of the victims, we are praying, hoping, and working so that Justice will be served for the victims the soonest!

(For feedbacks, comments, suggestions, email me at: lifesjourney_2006@yahoo.com.ph)

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Subject:    Politics is a dirtiest game
Name:   Nancy
Address:    Daram, Samar
Email:    nsa@yahoo.com
Date:    01/26/07

Malapit na ang eleksyon kaya isang mayor na nman ang napatay. Masasabi ba natin na ang pumatay ay walang kuneksyon sa pulitika? mali... at maliwanag na ang may kagagawan ay ang makakalaban sa posisyon. Napakabobo nagpahalata lang kayo kung sino kayo. Sino ang may interes sa posisyon bilang mayor ng Daram? Palalabasin na naman na NPA, un naman talaga ang bukambibig para matakpan ang kabuktutan ng pulitikong hindi parehas lumaban.

Sa gumawa ng krimin na ito, hindi lingid sa mga Daramnon kung sino ka. Ikaw lang naman ang may galit dito sa napatay. Huwag kana magkunwari dahil bistado kana. Ang tanong sino na naman ang isusunod mo kay mayor Astorga? Di man magsalita ang mga tao ng Daram nasa kanila na yun na hindi kayo karapat dapat bilang public servant dahil kung ang interes ninyo ay ang maglingkod sa bayan bakit papatay pa kayo? Ibig sabihin may personal na interes kayo kaya ginawa ninyo ang karahasan. Baka ipalabas na naman na CPP/NPA ang may kagagawan.

Kung mga NPA nga, ang tanong sino ang suporter nila na nasa pulitiko? Un ang dapat na malaman nating mga Samarnon at lalo na mga taga Daram. Mag-isip isip na kayo, kung dapat pa nga tayo magpaloko dito sa pulitikong halang ang sikmura. Gumising tayo at magkaisa para hindi na tayo maloko uli.

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Subject:   CPP/NPA used by politicians
Name:    Nancy Salentes
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Email:    nas_06@yahoo.com
Date:    January 19, 2007

Nag-umpisa na naman ang patayan ng mga lider ng politiko, kagagawan na naman ng mga NPA na ginagamit ng mga pulitikong may baluktot na pag iisip at hindi tumatanggap ng pagkatalo. Bakit? Dahil yun lang ang paraan para takutin ang mga kalaban sa pulitika. Ang mabuting pulitiko dapat tumatanggap ng pagkatalo huwag gumamait ng dahas. Kung gusto man manatili pa sa pwesto dapat ayusin ang pamumuno.

Sa mga CPP/NPA akala ko may ipinaglalaban kayo. Bakit nagpapagamit kayo sa mga pulitikong ito. Hindi man direktang sabihin wala kayong ipinaglalaban na prinsipyo kundi pera. Dapat makunsencya ang pulitikong ito, na utak sa mga masasamang gawain. Isipin nyo lahat ng kasamaan na ginagawa ninyo ay may karma. Kaya ngayon palang tanggapin mo na ang pagkatalo mo. Hindi mo man aminin alam ng buong Probincya kung sino ka at anong klase pagkatao meron ka. Maliwanag pa sa Araw na kaya against ka sa mga anti-communist dahil kaisa ka nila. Sa mga NPA kayo ang virus ng lipunan kaya walang asenso ang bansa natin dahil sa mga katulad ninyo. Kaya mga Samariños huwag nyong iboto ang pulitikong nasa likod ng mga CPP/NPA na ito.

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Subject:    The National Road to watch
Name:   Anita Schon
Address:    State of Washington
Email:    AnitaSese@aol.com
Date:    Jan 12, 2006

Dear Editor,

Last October 14 to October 17, 2006, I went to Samar, Calbayog to be exact to meet a friend to help her with the Caravan for the Hellish Road of Samar. Prior to the Caravan, you published a letter from a certain Mr. Figueroa objecting to the Caravan because according to him, Road Construction had already begun. The Mayor of Calbayog, Mayor Mel Sarmiento also felt the same way, objecting to the Caravan.

I saw why there was a need to have a Caravan. I traveled on October 17, from Calbayog to Pinabacdao and I don't know how I came out in one piece that day, but my whole body ached. It took 4 hours to travel to Pinabacdao when probably it should only take one hour if the road was a decent road. I have never seen a road so bad, so full of pot holes. I have watched from the window of the bus all the horrible potholes. Passenger behind me and in front of me were throwing up, I had to move from one seat to another. My mind was so busy, and couldn't fathom why the citizens of Samar are not complaining and letting this road condition happen. It took one lady from New York, USA to lead the caravan. What a shame for the people of Samar.

Coming back from Pinabacdao, I was taken back to Calbayog by a nice councilman by his driver in his SUV. I have not experience getting sick in a car since I was a child, this time, I had to make the driver stop three times so I can get sick along the road. What a horrible experience.

Now, I am reading in your newspaper that there is no Road Construction going on? Let us hear from Mr. Figueroa and Mr. Mel Sarmiento, what do they have to say about the road construction now?

I am not from Samar, but I happened to belong to the serve list of Gugma Han Samar. I have now unsubscribe, like the people in Samar government, the Gugma Han Samar has no directions.


Anita Schon
State of Washington

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Subject:    Clean and Honest Election
Name:    TMarcial
Date:   Jan 10, 2007

Can the AFP and NPA protect the voters in order to have a clean and honest election? A lot of us believe that clean and honest election can elect a honest government officials. Here is my suggestion: The military should guard the voting centers and the police will arrest any vote buying and illegal activities on the voting centers. Kay hira man an dako an pondo for this activities. An NPA kon para gud hira ha katawhan mabulig hira to enforce the peace and order and let the people vote freely. Kitaon ta daw kon, mahinga upay an aton bungto kon mag-upay an officiales. Kon dire sumonod arrestohon ngan prosecute them through judiciary or peoples court. Maupay konta kon computerized para madali.

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Subject:    About Catbalogan politicians
Name:   Lani Davy
Address:   2502 Wilding Cres., BC, Canada
Email:    claire@yahoo.com
Date:    Jan 5, 2006

Akon advise hit mga Catbalogan Politicians nga pamasyada kamo ha Canada ngan USA, makikita niyo it ka maayos nga pamamalakad hit gobyerno dide, bisan basurero dide, disiplinado. Don't just be arrogant because your name has a title like mayor or congressman, even some politicians here in Canada or USA, you will call them with their first name, like John or Rupert.

Hindi sila dito nagyayabang kung sino sila. To tell you the truth, sasabihin niyo lang na napunta kayo ng states or Canada, mga katulong lang kayo, don't judge filipinos who went to other countries to seek greener pastures. Don't you noticed that when this Filipinos go back to the Philippines, they are disciplined. Didn't you know that Nanny here in Canada owns condominiums and driving BMW or Mercedes car. Don't belittle them because they are working for their families in the Philippines, and you as politicians, we want to see you work for the people in exchange for all your kurakot!!!

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Subject:    Wake up Gov.Mila Tan, Cong. Figueroa, Mayor Figueroa
Name:    Diana Barnett
Address:    Wintroph, MA
Email:    Rockledge411@yahoo.com
Telephone:   6175394136
Date:   January 2, 2007

It’s very sad to see my province Samar, masyadong naghihirap iyong mga tao. For more than 10 years na hindi ako nagbakasyon walang ipanagbago ang Catbalogan and Zumarraga. Iyong mga tao naghihirap paano dahil iyong mga nasa Gobyerno, ay mga kurakot. Government officials must build a Factory in Catbalogan para iyong mga tao may matrabahuan. Tanggalin na natin iyong pagtatanggap nang sweldo sa Gobyerno, that only every payday you show up in that office.

The number one corruption in Catbalogan is the Department of Engeneering. Mostly of the employees are Cong. Figueroa and Mila Tan people. Hindi ba kayo nakokonsinsya? Kahit iyong tao walang natapos na edukasyon or eligibility pinapalagay niyo sa payroll at nagpapakita lang kung pasweldo na.

Gumising kayo Gov.Mila Tan, huwag kang magtatago sa Rolet Hotel, pag may problema ang Catbalogan. Ang nakakalungkot sa Zumarraga, ibinuto iyong Mayor na nasa Maynila nakatira. Paano niya malalaman ang problema nang mga tao kung palagi siya sakay sakay nang eroplano from Calbayog to Manila. Puros mga tae nang aso iyong kalsada sa Zumarraga. At sa Catbalogan, kanto nang Department of Engeneering, katakot-takot na basura at nilalagong. Nakakaawa iyong mga tao na nakatira doon at dumadaan dahil araw-araw dinadaanan at they inhale it. Please do something 3 of you. The Road from Catbalogan to Tacloban are Sucks, also.

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