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Never trust a communist!

A Press Statement by Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD)
December 08, 2006

They haven’t learned from the lessons of the past particularly in dealing with the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF!

This is the reaction of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) to Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s statement that he felt betrayed by the Maoist communist sectoral front organizations masquerading as ‘militant’ groups when the latter kicked-off their “festival of protests” by trying to hold separate rallies in front of the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC), in Mandaue City; and the Malacañang Sa Sugbo, near the famous Plaza Independencia, in Cebu City.

In the past ANAD has warned the Filipino people, including local government units and officials particularly City Mayor Osmeña, that these Maoist communist sectoral front organizations cannot be trusted even with a single word. Deception and lies is what they mastered and have skillfully weaved all throughout within the 38 years waging an insurgency against our government.

They will use every right and freedom, guaranteed by our constitution, to destroy the very fibers of the democratic and free government of our country. Theirs is not a simple protest action but to embarrass our government through chaos and trouble, which they are bent on staging, once the 12th ASEAN Summit meeting formally begins.

What is happening now is an unequivocal proof of what the famous peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi once said – “One cannot shake the hands of peace with a person with a clinched fist!” Mayor Osmeña must now realize the truism in Gandhi’s statement.

True and real is the determination and commitment of these Maoist communist personalities to use democracy to destroy democracy, use our freedoms to destroy freedom itself, use nationalism to destroy nationalism, and use parliament to destroy parliament.

ANAD is not against the expression of one’s right if these are made within the purview of our laws. But what is happening now is that these Maoist communist sectoral front organizations are totally disregarding our laws as they constantly taunt government and its security forces using the very freedoms and rights afforded by our constitution.

Cebu’s hosting of the 12th ASEAN meeting is a golden opportunity that must not go to waste. Every Cebuano must now stand proud and united in ensuring a peaceful and productive hosting of the meeting of heads of state from the 11 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).





Fact-finding inquiry into the status of the project: “Rehabilitation of Capitol Park”

Sponsorship Statement of Board of Member MINANDRO “BOY” Q. TIOPES
November 9, 2006

Good Morning Mr. Chairman, Madame Majority Floor Leader, and my Colleagues.

Please bear with me again, as I have to rise as a matter of privilege, to initiate appropriate action to correct some misappreciation of facts relative to the implementation of the now “not-on-going anymore” project which is the “Rehabilitation of the Capitol Park”, the same Park fronting this Capitol Building where we incidentally hold our regular session.

Mr. Chairman, it is incumbent upon this representation to put the record straight to dispel rumors that the said project has already exhausted its fund, yet said project is obviously not yet 100% accomplished. If my memory serves me right, not very long ago, radio commentators and even on print media, made mention that an alleged offer to share the cost of the “rehabilitation of the Capitol Park” from no less than the Honorable Congressman Catalino V. Figueroa from his Country-Side Development Fund (CDF) was rejected by the Local Chief Executive. For what reason? I do not wish to venture a guess. But, should the offer been accepted, Mr. Chairman, I think the same rehabilitation works would have been completed already… not probably because of the additional funding, but because proper monitoring and evaluation of the supposed activities involved would have been put in-place. Perhaps, the reason why there was an alleged outright rejection of the offer to share the cost, precisely, was to avoid the monitoring process.

Mr. Chairman, please allow me to go back to the issue of exhaustion of fund for the project I mentioned this because I have been receiving text messages coming from unknown sources inquiring into what happened to the “how much” fund allotted to the said project, considering the lapse of several months after the rehabilitation works have been prosecuted. At the early implementation stage of the project, the Capitol Park area was enclosed throughout its perimeter, as if to conceal what was being undertaken inside the enclosure. That was alright, then, because the works was still going-on. But now, that the enclosure is gone, persistent queries are pouring-in as to the real score of the project because it is no longer on-going.

Mr. Chairman, my Colleagues, please allow me to re-fresh your memory. Our Provincial Budget for the year 2005 included an amount of P5.0 Million allotted for the “rehabilitation of Capitol Park, Phase I”. And on June 23, 2005, per request of the Honorable Governor, we have approved an additional appropriation of P5.0 Million, for Phase II. So, all in all, the total amount appropriated for the said project, Phase I & Phase II is P10.0 Million, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, there are allegations and insinuations that the “true Contractor” of the subject project as in other big and small provincial projects are somebody, Big Fishes in the provincial government itself using a borrowed PCAB License and a Dummy to shield the true identity of the “Real Contractor”, and the real implementor of the projects. However, Mr. Chairman, despite claims to the contrary, I would like to believe that these allegations are inaccurate and not correct. However, again, considering that the implementation of the subject project is put under a cloud of doubt, we have the moral obligation, as a Body, to clear the air of doubting opinions and instead legislate measures to correct the deficiency committed in the procurement processes. To me, Mr. Chairman, I would propose an inquiry into the status of the subject project, so that once and for all, the truth shall be known and questions be answered with acceptable details and figures, after all, what was spent for this abandoned project is “Juan dela Cruz’s money.

Mr. Chairman, in aide of our legislative works and because of the seemingly abandonment of the subject project, it is again, incumbent upon this Body to inquire and put forward the following questions to the individual or office concerned and some requirements to submit for the next Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session, to wit:

1. The Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) c/o The Chairman - to submit certified true copies of complete set of contract documents.

2. The Provincial Accountant - to submit certified true copies of vouchers and/or proof of payment documents including attachments.

3. The Provincial Engineering Office - to submit certified true copies of Approved Program of Work.

4. Is the implementation of the project: Rehabilitation of Capitol Park undertaken by “Contract” or by “Administration”?

5. If the answer to number 4 is By Contract, Who is the Contractor?

6. During the implementation period, who was the representing the Contractor?

7. Again, during the implementation period, who was the Project In-Charge or Project Engineer/Architect assigned by the Provincial Government to oversee the rehabilitation works?

8. What was the latest percentage of accomplishment paid?

Mr. Chairman, My Colleagues, again, in view of the above circumstances and in pursuit of good governance and to promote transparency in the implementation of programs and projects of the Provincial Government of Samar, I would like to move for the suspension of the house rules on referral and move further for the adoption of a resolution to conduct a “FACT-FINDING INQUIRY INTO THE STATUS OF THE PROJECT: REHABILITATION OF CAPITOL PARK”, accordingly, therefore, I would like to move for the creation of a Committee of the Whole to be chaired by the presiding officer to conduct the said fact-finding inquiry on November 23, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. after the SP regular session. The contractor of the subject project shall likewise be invited to be present during the said session.

P10 million Samar capitol park rehabilitation project photo
Photo of the P10M capitol park rehabilitation project of the Samar province in Catbalogan that was temporarily suspended for several months taken November 16, 2006. It resumed its rehabilitation work several days after the sponsorship statement of Board Member Minandro Tiopes questioning this anomalous project.





Who’s Killing Who?

November 28, 2006

When someone was killed, expect the legal fronts of the CPP-NPA-NDF such as KARAPATAN, BAYAN, and the likes to immediately point their accusing fingers to the military as the culprit. We cannot blame them from doing so simply because that is what they are tasked to do as instructed by the hierarchy of the communist terrorist movement. This is being done in order to blame and subsequently discredit our democratic government in the wake of the senseless killings taking place in our society nowadays.

But really, who’s killing who?

Let me discuss some salient points embedded in every action that occur in our society hoping that it will give us a better point of view in assessing what or whose group to blame. First, who benefits from the pointless killings of people, be it identified with the left, center, or right. Secondly, let us take a more conscious look into the organizations being singled out as perpetrators. And lastly, what we should do in order to prevent such thing to happen.

The legal fronts of the communists automatically blame the military organization whenever a personality identified with the left was killed. We should ask, what will the military gain in doing so? The Philippine Army’s dictum is “Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Populace”. In doing so, we have been doing the best we can, with all the available resources we have, in order to bring the soldiers closer to the people. Activities like Medical/Dental Civac, Livelihood trainings, infrastructure developments are but just some of the many community development projects that the Army has been undertaking in coordination with the concerned government agencies, LGUs and NGOs.  And if ever the Army will engage itself in the senseless killings, for sure we will never gain anything.

And so, who’s benefiting from the killings? Politically, it is very obvious that the CPP-NPA-NDF has been benefiting a lot via their legal fronts. They have issues to exploit, media-hyped publicity, and a lot of propaganda mileage.

Organizationally, the CPP-NPA-NDF had established its Armadong Yunit Partisano (Armed Partisan Unit) or popularly known in the eighties as the dreaded “Sparrow Unit”. Its mission is very specific, to kill! It is created purposely to murder military personnel and counter-revolutionaries. We have a long list of killings perpetrated by the said communist unit but one thing is certain, KARAPATAN (or KATUNGOD-SB) does not have them on their list of alleged 783 ‘political killings’ that the said group has recorded since 2001. Moreso, this alleged “Human Rights Activist group” does not even lift a finger to denounce the senseless, ruthless killings perpetrated by CPP-NPA-NDF. Not to mention further the numerous ‘Mass Graves” wickedly designed by the communist terrorist as part of their ‘Cleansing Drive”.

During the eighties, the communist terrorist movement has done their ‘Cleansing operations’ in the form of Mass Graves. How do they do it nowadays? Are they just pricking the nose and ears of their comrades suspected of being a spy? Or if their members committed grave offense, how do they impose punishments in their so-called revolutionary justice? By means of push-ups?

Come to think of it.  What if the killings of personalities aligned with the left is the “Modern Way” of instilling revolutionary justice? It is like hitting two birds in just one stone. Imposing revolutionary punishment for the offenders, and using the issue by blaming the government for the kill!

These senseless killings must be stopped. Revolutionary Justice is but a sham! Our society should not tolerate such barbaric way of imposing justice. We have our justice system and all we need is to help let the system work. We should all take an active stance in denouncing the killings perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF assassins!

Every Filipino should be extra vigilant to report suspicious looking personalities in your area. You can do so by texting 0918-4446533 / 0917-6207663. By your vigilance, we can prevent crime before it will happen. A vigilant community is a home of peace loving populace. Let’s do our share!

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Media not Morales made Pacquiao a larger than life hero

November 25, 2006

There is nothing wrong if Filipinos will lionize like demigod boxing icon Emmanuel “The Pacman” Pacquiao for his scintillating three-round shellacking of Erik “El Terrible” Morales for the World Boxing council (WBC) superfeatherweight international crown in Las Vegas last November 19.

I join the millions of Filipinos who celebrate until today his fantastic victory which could be compared in terms of national euphoria when Ceferino “The Bolo Punch” Garcia bagged the world middleweight crown on October 2, 1939 with a smashing 9th round disposal of Fred Apostoli in Madison Square Garden in New York.

Pacquiao’s win cemented the reputation of Filipino boxers campaigning abroad as the “Might Atoms” of the orient.

Technology, Cable TV coverage

Credit goes to the advent of technology; the cable TV which made possible the showing of the megabuck duel “live” direct from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas through the magnificent “pay per view” (PPV).

If not for the “live” boxing coverage direct from the United States, many Filipinos would not know what TKO (technical knockout), KO (knockout), unanimous decision, split decision, majority decision, majority draw, technical draw are all about.

Because of the Pacman mania, almost all Filipinos from all walks of life are now talking about the sports that first came into national consciousness on June 18, 1921 when Francisco Guilledo also known as “Pancho Villa” of Ilog, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental toppled Welshman Jimmy Wilde in the 7th round to capture the world flyweight championship, the first tiara pocketed by an Asian prizefighter.

It is the media, the wonders of technology that helped prop up Pacquiao as a global sporting icon. Media brought Pacquiao’s electrifying victories to the households making him an overnight sensation and a national heartthrob.

First grandfather world champ

Boxing configuration was not yet at a fanatical level when Dado Marino, a Hawaii-born Filipino, became the first grandfather world champion in boxing history at 34 years old in 1950 when he lifted the world flyweight bauble from Great Britain’s Terry Allen.

When Gabriel “Flash” Elorde tore down Harold Gomes in seven rounds for the world junior lightweight championship on March 16, 1960 in Araneta Coliseum, only boxing fans that trooped to the newly inaugurated “biggest stadium in the world” in Cubao witnessed the historic event while the rest of the country had to wait for the newspapers to chronicle the bout the next morning and to have a glimpse of the fistic glory scored by a poor man from Bogo, Cebu.

The Villa-Wilde fracas was itself the biggest fisticuffs in the world in that era witnessed by more than 20,000 fans (the Pacquiao-Morales III otherwise known as “The Grand Finale” generated only 18,276 ticket sales) according to boxing historians.

PPV was not even an imagination when Villa, who stood only 5 feet and one inch, cut to shreds the taller Wilde who was adjudged by The Ring Magazine (the same magazine that conferred to Pacquiao the “People’s Champion” title) as “the best flyweight champion of all time.”

No PPV in Villa's and Elorde's exploits

With a ring record of 88 wins, 9 defeat, 5 draw (22 KOs), Villa, the Ilonggo-speaking ring immortal, died at 23 ten days after losing on points on July 12, 1923 to the heavier Jimmy McLarnin who would become one of the best welterweight champions in the world. It was tooth infection that killed Villa, by the way, not McLarnin’s fists. With PPV coverage in his ring exploits, Villa would have outfoxed any popular politician in Manila at that time for any position due to his skyrocketing popularity.

Elorde’s reign as world junior lightweight champion stretched to a record seven years from March 16, 1960 until June 15, 1967 when he yielded the crown to Yoshiaki Numata on points in Tokyo. In all his title defenses against 10 deadly ribcrackers (not only  Mexicans Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, Hector Velasquez, Oscar Larios, Erik Morales), there was no PPV to bring the action “live” directly from the Filipinos’ black and white boob tubes.

Had PPV commenced during that period, Elorde, a plebian and champion of the masses non pareil, could have whipped Ferdinand Marcos and Diosdado Macapagal for the presidency as his popularity among the hoi polloi and middle class would undoubtedly plummet to a dizzying height.

In a nutshell, Pacquiao owes his fortune and stardom in one way or the other to the media.




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