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Name:   Cesar Torres and Concerned Samarnons
Address:   Worldwide Web
Email:   GugmaHanSamar@yahoogroups.com
Date:  May 6, 2011

[OFW-Core_Group] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded

Cesar Torres
Ogie, The assassination of Calbayog City Mayor Reynaldo Uy, your townmate, an...
May 1 (2 days ago)

Adelbert Batica
Mano Profesor - Isn't it strange that the gunman somehow knew that Uy was wea...
May 1 (1 day ago)

Adelbert, Adelbert Batica, Batica
The gunman seemed to know that Uy was wearing a bulletproof vest, and so he a...
May 1 (1 day ago)

Lolita Farmer
Bandila ABS-CBN has this breaking news. How sad! Condolence to the Uy family.
May 1 (1 day ago)

Mano Cesar, This incident was totally unexpected because the LP through Mayor...
May 2 (1 day ago)

Cesar Torres
Ogie, A very eloquent eulogy for the late Calbayog City Mayor, Dr. Reynaldo U...
8:36 AM (22 hours ago)

Adelbert, Adelbert Batica, Batica
Mano Profesor - We'll just have to wait and see who benefits the most from Uy...
12:50 PM (18 hours ago)

virginia go to GugmaHanSamar
NAKAKAINIS!!! Talaga bang hopeless na ang SAMAR?

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From: "Adelbert, Adelbert Batica, Batica" <basaynon49@yahoo.com>
To: GugmaHanSamar@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 3:50:59
Subject: Re: [GugmaHanSamar] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded

Mano Profesor -

We'll just have to wait and see who benefits the most from Uy's permanent (and untimely) departure from Samar's political scene. His assassination was not just one random act of violence, and therefore a in-depth inquiry must be conducted in order to determine who are behind the conspiracy to kill him. For one, it looks like the mortal wound inflicted on Uy does not look like one inflicted by an amateur, but rather by a professional killer. Many of the liquidations that took place in Samar in recent years were carried out with precision. So, unless and until these professional mamamatay-tao are brought to justice, "peace" in Samar will be nothing more than an illusion.


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From: Cesar Torres <cesart1185@yahoo.com>
To: GugmaHanSamar@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Mon, May 2, 2011 10:36:18 AM
Subject: Re: [GugmaHanSamar] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded


A very eloquent eulogy for the late Calbayog City Mayor, Dr. Reynaldo Uy. Sincere, heartfelt, and sad Ogie.

When the fight between him and Tuazon, his fellow Calbayognon, was at the most intense, I remember that occasion when he was supposed to be at the PGH. My thinking was that if he he did not get out from PGH at the right time, he was going to be killed.

He ended here in San Jose, for "medical treatment". Nabulabog ang mga Calbayognons dito. Then one time, because I was supposed to be President of the San Francisco-based "Samarenos of California, Inc.", I attended an event organized by the Calbayognons. The lead organizer was Jun Oben. Of course, you know him. Dr. Uy danced the kuracha and I "galaed". I danced the kuracha too, and he galaed.

I met him last year, in September during the fiesta of the Villahanons in Manila. He was with Villareal Mayor, Reynato "Boy" Latorre, the President of the Samar Mayors League. Boy introduced me to Mayor Uy. I said: "Nakilala gad ako ha imo. We met in San Jose, in California. And I galaed when you danced the kuratsa. Mayor, please don't continue with that plan to create a fourth province of Samar, the 'Province of Northwestern Samar' so that you can be appointed Governor. For whatever it is worth, this balkanization of our island, I will oppose it."

He responded: "Wara siton. But I am going to run for Governor of Samar."

If we are believers, I am praying too that may his soul rest in peace.

But, just like the death of Osama bin Laden which will not end the "Clash of Civilizations", the assassination of Mayor Uy raises ominous questions and will not result in peace in Samar.

I think the Ruling Group of the Philippines headed by President Aquino and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the armed groups of the National Democratic Front operating in Samar, and other armed groups, must intervene in Samar for the sake of the poor Samarnons.

Can you have your eulogy read over the radio in Catbalogan, Calbayog, Borongan, and Tacloban? I will contribute to the cost of having it disseminated.

PDSP, Jojo Grey from Pampanga nga guin tagan na hin respeto as Mayor of one of our towns, and wanting to be the leader of the poor Samarnon as Vice Governor, nga diri ngani maaram mag Binisaya, what is happening to us? And Mila Tan from Palompon.

Paul Alli in Sulo Hotel, pointed to a fat man, in one table, in coat and tie, whose neck was so large. Paul told me that that fat man was the one who was destroying Homonhon, mining the sand there and destroying the precious trees like Kamagong.

Personally, I am not against mining but not at the cost of destroying the lives of our people, and poisoning the environment. The people who are with these rich mining interests will just go back to Australia or find a less poisonous place where they can gleefully enjoy their wealth, like Desini who seems to have bought a castle in Austria.

A friend here from Sorsogon told me once that she had a project in Samar with the Dancing Queen. Ano nga ba ang pangalan niyan? Oreta, tiya ni Presidente. I was amazed! Here was this friend, taga Sorsogon and telling me that she had a project with Mrs. Oreta. in Samar! We were walking on the street in Daly City, gusto kong tadyakan ang kanyang balakang. Walang galang!

Cesar Torres

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From: pazogie <pazogie2003@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Monday, May 2, 2011 12:21 AM
Subject: Re: [GugmaHanSamar] Re: [Worldwide-Filipino-Alliance] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded

Mano Cesar,

This incident was totally unexpected because the LP through Mayor Uy, as everybody knows, had Samar in its political "bag."

Did you notice this part hereunder I reprinted of the news of his death, Mano Cesar?

"President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III announced during his Labor Day speech that the Liberal Party has lost a close ally, Mayor Reynaldo Uy."

The vice mayor of Calbayog, now mayor is Ronald Aquino, a partymate of Uy, in fact Calbayog LP president, married to a second degree cousin, is on the spot. I wonder what is going on his mind right now. But I am hoping his family name may prove to be a blessing for Samar as it may stir a filial emotional affection from PNoy that will make him become a foster parent who will take a very personal eye on us Samarnons. Oh, how I wish!

At this point in time, should the recall become a reality, Samar will be turned into a killing field unless the national government intervenes, by first postponing any recall initiatives.

Without the LP kingpin Uy to control the LP machine, his party mates will be leaderless, dangerously directionless and left to fend alone, every man to himself, a fact that will certainly embolden the opposition, the NPs, long deprived [23 years, and long ago intimidated and turned into cowards by Uy], into feeling free and great, releasing years of pent up hatred for the oppressors LP and start shooting. Under this fearful perceived but realistic scenario, it will not be wise to push through any immediate plans for a recall election.

The expected peaceful maneuverings by the national government should it decide to intervene [as it must I believe] requires a long process that makes it is practical to wait for the next election in 2013.

It is my view that LP Uy was working for the recall of the present governor Sharee Ann Tan with him as the candidate not primarily because she was corrupt since every trapo is, like himself, but because he knows where the Tans are headed - towards mining along the Calbiga mountains.

Among his political backers who dread mining are the leftists and the Church.

There is no other worthy prospect of immediate source of wealth in Samar except its mineral resources. These too was GMA’s desire to help the country and her government which were vehemently opposed by the Church and the left.

The Tans have no big monetary interests in Samar. On their own they are already wealthy but because of Mila Tan's corruption that she does not want to be uncovered by her dreaded enemy Mayor Uy, she was forced to ally with those who had their eyes on where the big money is in Samar - its minerals. The partnership was easy to make because these mining allies knew that a close association with the local powers is the key to their greed.

Uy had already prepared campaign materials a couple of months ago because he was sure of the recall. To him it was only a question of time.

The reason advanced for the assassination by the Calbayog City Administrator Montealto is politics. Well, in a sense yes. But we know that behind our Philippine politics is money; the bigger the money, the more energy goes into acquiring it; more energy means more arms are needed to get it and protect it once the money starts flowing.

Doctor Uy was a good student of politics. With a very good tutor, Raul Daza, he quickly learned that the only way to advance his career and hold on to his political domain [he held it for 23 years to his credit] was a strong political machine with machine guns. Mel Sarmiento, LP, 3x Calbayog mayor and incumbent congressman of the First District, once said in an interview that politics in Samar is a killing proposition. It is very true. Thus, it is no wonder that Uy had around 50 armed close-in security and another 300 armed men policing his district. During his repressive reign he effectively neutralized around 250 Samarnons who were rumored kidnapped, transferred residence outside Samar or by shedding blood with no justice seen for any of the victims.

Hinabangan, the place of the assassination belongs to the Second District the bailiwick of the Tans. The Tans are known to be corrupt but not killers.

If the Tans didn’t order his assassination, who killed Uy? It is only the TANS who are his political enemies that remained. Jojo Grey of PDSP and Rudy Tuazon of the NP has long time ago ceased from aggressive politics. Besides from their several defeats by Uy has rendered them financially incapable of running a private army.

Killers the Tans may not be, however, when a corrupt angel like Mila Tan is pushed to the limit, her wounded pride may coerce her to react violently. So, Samar is buzzing with rumors and making innuendos of Mila Tan's personal connection to the powerful Kho/Co clan in Masbate and we know how violent its politics is. With her close personal relationship everyone expects her to reach out for muscle power from Masbate for political survival or expediency.

If PNoy intervene and I honestly believe he will should Samarnon make a request for assistance with the help of now Mayor Onald Aquino, the Church and the leftist partylists and NGOs [like Karapatan of Catbaloganon Atty. Poch Cinco] further bloodshed will be averted.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the horror experienced by the First District in Calbiga and municipalities around it when Gen. Palparan had his hands full of blood as 8IB commander happened during the term of Mila Tan and GMA. We know how Diosdado Macapagal, Jr, GMA's brother, is well connected with the mining Czar billionaire Razon.

There are reasons to believe that Palparan’s campaign against the NPAs was a necessary move to advance the interests of a mining concern very close to GMA.

During the killings, knowing much of what resources were left to the poor Samarnons, I asked myself several time these questions: Was Palparan merely the instrument used by vested interests to clear the mountainsides of witnesses so that a few weeks of unhampered and unnoticed prospecting can be made?

Was Mila Tan, now incumbent congresswoman of the second district of Samar, at the time conveniently hiding so that government action may be delayed long enough to allow the miners to do their tasks? Why did it take

GMA a long time to react to the Palparan kidnappings and killings despite the exposes and pleas?

From our educated premises deducted from observations and known facts we can contrive inferences that may end up making our minerals the very reason for Uy's death, which by the way, reinforced the truth in the adage, "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword." Hopefully his violent death may help make the Samarnons dread killing as a means of resolving conflicts and advancing personal interests. But I doubt it, not in this generation.

My doubts though do not diminish my craving for justice and my wish that someday we may be able to find reasons to make his death serve us some good. More important, I hope we find evidence that Uy died a martyr, like his fellow doctor Jose Rizal, for the cause of his beloved country.

In this regard and due to my respect for a good friend’s passing, I console myself in my firm conviction that he was a patriot, a nationalist and a hero for several reasons: 1) he choose to be friends with everybody – rightists, centrists and leftists; he didn’t discriminate the leftists in job opportunities; he was rumored to be very sympathetic and a fellow activists; 2) he chose to leave his profitable medical practice to serve his people more, in many more ways than a medical practitioner can, but earning less; 3) he refused to leave the country for greener pastures despite several temptations brought by the hardships encountered in the violent and most difficult politics in Samar, 4) he showered his people with love, giving them more than they can expect from a similar city give the same circumstances; he was among the very first city mayor, ahead of Cebu City, to give medical benefits of P10,000 per year to the indigents, 5) he earned the love of his people evident by the throng that greets him during visits and the big crowds during political gatherings. 6) he earned the respect of his peers in Congress; 7) his charisma glows naturally in him that captivates his fan to continuously give their support for more than two decades. 8) he seldom forgets a face, would not hesitate to shake hands and embrace his constituents; 9) he was a good neighbor to the Calbayognons, a friend always to one in need.

For the killings attributed to him, which he never was convicted, he once confided to me without admitting, saying in a soft voice beseeching to be understood, “Ogie, you will defend your life when somebody tries to kill you, no? When a situation calls for taking a life, yours or your enemy, would you choose to expunge the life of your enemy or preserve your very own?” My response was a very friendly understanding smile and words meant for comfort, “If I were to choose between your life and your enemy’s, I would choose yours, amigo.”

May our friend's soul, Mayor and Doctor Reynaldo "Ining" Uy's, rest in peace.


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From: Lolita Farmer <lcfarmer@yahoo.com.au>
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Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2011 7:25:19 PM
Subject: [GugmaHanSamar] Re: [Worldwide-Filipino-Alliance] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded

Bandila ABS-CBN has this breaking news. How sad!Condolence to the Uy family.

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From: Cesar Torres <cesart1185@yahoo.com>
To: Filam-Forum@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Sun, 1 May, 2011 11:15:23 PM
Subject: [Worldwide-Filipino-Alliance] Calbayog City Mayor shot dead, popular Board Member wounded


The assassination of Calbayog City Mayor Reynaldo Uy, your townmate, and the wounding of Eunice Babalcon, the favorite topnotcher of the Provincial Board Candidates in the last election in Samar, raises ominous issues.

No. 1. Unless check, the jockeying for political positions and continued power -- because political power ensures material benefits for the power holders in the Homeland -- is becoming the norm. Of course, the most gruesome proof is what the Ampatuans did. All over the Philippines people are slain because of politics. And in Samar, there is that unsolved case of the assassination of Mayor Benito Astorga of Daram, Samar. Also in a fiesta. The Samar cyberspace was almost crackling with anger because there was the suspicion that there was some connivance between two groups, the group of Trapos and the self-proclaimed vanguard of the masses.

No. 2. Note Ogie, that the late Mayor Uy was a proclaimed candidate for Governor of Samar, and the No. 1 Provincial Board Member, Eunice Babalcon, was a proclaimed candidate for Vice Governor of Samar. They were running against the sister-brother tandem of Samar, Sharee Tan, now the Governor and her younger brother, now the Vice Governor. The Tans are being recalled and the special election is in the offing. And Mayor Uy and Board Member Eunice Babalcon were running against them.

No. 3. On the surface, Samarnons will associate the assassination of Mayor Uy and the wounding of Board Member Eunice Babalcon in that fiesta in the town of Hinabangan, with the forthcoming election as a result of the recall of the sister-brother Governor and Vice Governor. But what is the truth? Until now, the assassination of Mayor Astorga of Daram has not been resolved yet.

No. 4. Ogie, I don't dare forecast the consequences of the assassination of Mayor Uy and the wounding of Eunice Babalcon.

Cesar Torres

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From: pazogie <pazogie2003@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [GugmaHanSamar] Samar mayor shot dead

Posted at 05/01/2011 11:44 AM | Updated as of 05/01/2011 11:44 AM

MANILA, Philippines – An unidentified man shot dead the mayor of Calbayog City, Samar during a town fiesta celebration on Saturday night.

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III announced during his Labor Day speech that the Liberal Party has lost a close ally, Mayor Reynaldo Uy.

Uy and Board member Eunice Babalcon were approached by a gunman at around 9:30 p.m. [A separate paper, the gunman shot them from a distance, hitting Uy in the unprotected armpit. Uy was wearing a bullet proof vest.]

Uy, 59, was immediately rushed to the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban City. He was later declared dead.

Babalcon, meanwhile, is still confined in the hospital as of posting time.

Police have yet to provide further details regarding the incident. – With reports from Geron Ponferrada and Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News

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Name:   A. Morales
Address: Catbalogan, Samar
Date:  5-3-11

Uy's death another wake-up call for Samar

When people were being murdered in the first district of Samar left and right, no one from Malacanang ordered an investigation into the rampant politics-related killings. The victims were just supporters of either Ining Uy or that of Rudy Tuazon. The victims were considered lightweights before the eyes of national leaders and are mere collateral damage in the fight between the two titans. The two protagonists were not charged in court for masterminding those dastardly acts. Investigations did not prosper. No one is willing to stand up against these two "butchers" in the first district.

Somebody once said that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Was it true to Ining Uy? In Calbayog and the entire first district, you are either for or against Ining Uy. By fear of being on the receiving end of his wrath, it is better to side with him. He has become the supremo of the first district when he first narrowly defeated Paz Tuazon, wife of ex-Cong. Rudy Tuazon, in the congressional race in 2001. He defeated Rudy twice in 2004 and 2007 in the congressional race and again in 2010 in the mayoralty race in Calbayog. Their decade-old duel for political control of Samar's first district has claimed numerous lives.

While Ining helped Mila Tan snatch the governorship from the ailing Pepeng Rono in 2001, they have been at each other's throat in the last two elections. In 2007, Ining supported Nelip Figueroa for governor. Nelip won in the first district but was trounced in the second district with Cata going with her as he was also trounced by a neophyte in the person of Mila's daughter Sharee Ann Tan. In 2010, Mila Tan won as congresswoman of the second district while Sharee Ann Tan and younger brother Jimboy Tan won as governor and vice governor, respectively, defeating the tandem supported by Ining Uy.

What's the prime objective of each camp? Political control. Samar's first district is the baluarte of Ining while the second district is controlled by Mila. Mila has the upper hand though because she has her two children running the capitol. With the incompetent performance of Sharee Ann Tan in the capitol, Ining used this as a reason to recall the two. Ining's candidates for PCL, SK Federation, and ABC Presidents all won giving him an upper hand in the provincial board. Ining was gloating when he was able to derail the provincial budget with the help of his compatriots in the provincial board. He controls some judges in Calbayog who could issue court orders at his whim. Mila, being the one-eyed queen of Samar, did not accept the political maneuverings by her fellow tsino. During the budget debacle, Mila's camp was able to win with the help of somebody higher than an RTC judge, a Court of Appeals division based in Cebu. Mila's camp won as they were able to secure a TRO from that CA Division in Cebu. For how much? Only the sitting justices can say.

Chinoy Chop-suey

It is so amazing what these two political camps could do just to wrest control of the province. So, he killed Ining? It is as convulated as a chop-suey. Ining has earned the ire of so many people among them Mila Tan. Can the investigation lead to the doors of Himyangan? We will see since it has become a high-profile case that even the president has ordered the powers of the state to clamp down the killings in Samar.

While the world is celebrating the wedding of Prince William to Cate Middleton and the beatification of Pope John Paul II, Samar's political graveyard has claimed one more life.

Wake up call!

Death, oh death, where is thy sting? Wake up Samarnons and let us stand for a civil and civilized conduct of politics. We could agree to disagree. We could do ideas warfare during elections but please accept with humility the results of honest, orderly, and peaceful elections.

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Name:   Imeldabonifacio
Address:  B-1 L-4 Sn Fermin St., Delpan, Tondo, Manila
Email:   imeldabonifacio06@yahoo.com
Date:  April 30 2011

Kamusta na kau jan sa pinas, mahirap a, mahirap at malunkot ang malayo ka sa mga mahal mo sa buhay.mahal na maha hal ko mga anak ko Pauline, Paolo Gazille, at Pierce kau ang lahat sa akin. Darating din ang panahon na magkakasama sama uli tau.lagi nyo tatandaan saan man ako naruruon mananatili kau sa puso ni mama. I love u more guys ingat kau plagi always pray na makakaya natin etong trial na dumating sa family natin be strong mga anak...mz u all

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Name:   Free Ericson Acosta
Email:   freeericsonacosta@gmail.com
Date:   April 27

Political Prisoners and the Catbalogan 5: Tales of Torture and Arbitrary Arrests from the Eastern Visayas
(First of two parts)

Even after the bloody reign of Ret. Gen. Jovito Palparan in the Eastern Visayas, arbitrary arrests and torture have become the repressive norm for revolutionaries, activists and even ordinary civilians in the region. This pattern seems to be patent nationwide, with the recent Commission on Human Rights (CHR) report practically absolving Palparan and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) of responsibility in the abduction and torture case of Filipino-American activist Melissa Roxas. Human rights group KARAPATAN lament that the times indicate “impunity in perpetuity.”

“People should brace themselves for more systemic human rights violations under Aquino,” KARAPATAN said.

In the Eastern Visayas, before the recent case of journalist Ericson Acosta in Samar, there was National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Eduardo Sarmiento, peasant leader Dario Tomada and now, five farmers with criminal charges related to rebel actions are dubbed the “Catbalogan 5” for anonymously languishing in an obscure Catbalogan detention facility.

The Alliance of Concerned Samareños (ACOS) released to media an initial factsheet on the Catbalogan 5. ACOS is signatory to a support statement calling for Acosta’s release, part of which says: “It behooves the Aquino government to forge favorable conditions in the conduct of its peace efforts by releasing political prisoners.”

The National Democratic Front in the Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV), meanwhile, has long assailed Aquino for brushing aside provisions of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and the Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) with regard the continuing human rights violations in the region and the illegal arrest of its peace consultants.

According to the NDF-EV, Aquino casts a shadow on the peace process with its “yawning indifference.”

Political Prisoners in the Eastern Visayas

Acosta was arrested without warrant while conducting research on the human rights situation in Barangay Bay-ang in San Jorge last February 13. His counter affidavit states that “he was physically and psychologically tortured” when he was forced to undergo continuous tactical interrogation for three days in a military camp in San Jorge. While his supporters maintain that he is a free-lance journalist and cultural worker, the AFP tags Acosta as a “top-ranking personality of the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines).”

The case of illegal possession of explosives against Acosta – filed by the San Jorge Philippine National Police (PNP) and elements from the army’s 34th Infantry Battalion who allegedly recovered a hand grenade from Acosta upon arrest – is currently with the Samar provincial prosecutor’s office for evaluation.

Like fellow NDF consultant Alan Jasminez who was arrested in Bulacan last February 14, Eduardo Sarmiento is formally covered by the JASIG of the GPH-NDF Peace Talks. However, Jasminez and Sarmiento were unable to participate in the resumption of the talks held in Oslo, Norway last February, as both are still detained at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Curiously, a fragmentation grenade was also allegedly found in the possession of Eduardo Sarmiento when he was arrested in the vicinity of a shopping mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa on February 24, 2009. The NDF-EV, through its spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas, claims that Sarmiento, who was then in Manila to attend consultations, was actually abducted, tortured and held incommunicado for several days. The AFP then announced, through a press statement dated March 3, 2009, that Sarmiento was arrested by joint elements from the army intelligence and the PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) by virtue of a warrant of arrest for arson.

For Sarmiento’s arrest, a 2-million peso bounty was also reportedly awarded by the AFP to a lady informant. The AFP claims that Sarmiento is the secretary of the CPP’s Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee and member of the Central Committee of the CPP-NDF and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA).

Inopacan “Mass Graves”

The “mass graves” in Inopacan, Southern Leyte were in the headlines since 2006 when prominent personalities such as Rep. Satur Ocampo of BAYAN MUNA were among those tagged by the Arroyo administration’s Inter-Agency Legal Action Group (IALAG) as perpetrators of this particular case of “communist purging.”

One of those implicated was Vincent Borja, a Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) coordinator for the Eastern Visayas. Arrested in May of 2007, Borja was released only last October after being cleared of several other trumped-up murder charges filed in Leyte.

Political prisoners tagged by the AFP as “top NPA leaders” such as Paterno Opo and Jaime Soledad are also being held for the Inopacan murders. Before they were charged with other common crimes, Jaime and his wife Clarita were abducted by armed men in a convenience store in Bacoor, Cavite in March 2008.

Those accused assert that this “mass grave” issue is a mere orchestration by the past regime as part of the anti-insurgency campaign Oplan Bantay Laya. Human rights groups in the Visayas found that the skeletal remains of seven (7) individuals alleged to have been buried in Inopacan appeared to have been “already used” in earlier murder charges to implicate Soledad. The bodies were earlier reported to have been exhumed from another “mass grave” in Baybay, Leyte in June of 2000.

However, illegal arrests based on this trumped-up charge continue – even after the dismantling of the IALAG and surprisingly, even under the current Aquino administration.

Dario Tomada was arrested in Binan, Laguna by elements of the Intelligence Service of the AFP (ISAFP) on July, 22, 2010 and was charged with 15 counts of murder related to the Inopacan “mass graves.” Tomada was the founding Secretary-General of the regional peasant organization Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma ha Sinirangan Bisayas (SAGUPA-SB). He served as Chairman of SAGUPA-SB from 2001 to 2005, until he was forced to flee the militarized region after a frustrated attempt on his life by military death squads.

The 8th Infantry Division, which covers the whole of Eastern Visayas, was under the command of Jovito Palparan in 2005.

Aside from these high-profile cases, peasants from upland barangays in Samar share stories of so-called “rebel-returnees” who were actually arrested by the military in the most uncommon of circumstances.

During a visit, Acosta told human rights volunteers about a story that the 8th ID released last January. It was about “Jane,” – a “scorned 20- year old NPA amazon who was almost raped by her comrades” – who supposedly surrendered on her own volition to the 34th IB headquarters in San Jose de Buan.

However, local townsfolk could attest that the military arrested Jocelyn Gabin – not “Jane” – a resident of the upland Barangay Cataydungan, while she was attending the “patron” or San Jose de Buan town fiesta.

And now, the Catbalogan 5.

(to be concluded)

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Name:   Marlon Saberon
Address:   Calbiga, Samar
Email:   mcsaberon@yahoo.com
Date:   22 April 2011

@Mila Ogania: I am selling real properties, feel free to contact me through my email for a wide selection of properties available for sale. Hope to her from you.

Best regards.

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Name:   Ericson Acosta
Address:   Calbayog sub-provincial jail
Email:   freeericsonacosta@gmail.com

This is miserable writing. This can’t be the comprehensive press statement that I’ve tasked myself to write two days earlier. It’s 1:00 am and a few minutes ago I’ve just completely abandoned pursuing my original outline. Now I’m trying, groping, cramming to come up with an alternative. I’m quite confident though that the papers which the campaign organizers have prepared and the messages of the speakers would more than suffice in providing the media with the general political context of my case, the circumstances of my illegal arrest and detention, as well as some basic details regarding my person. Just the same, my apologies. In the meantime, bear with me as I ramble on.

I have already received and read most of what have been written about me since my arrest. These have given me a clear picture of how promptly friends and comrades have actively taken my cause, and how in a short period of time the Free Ericson Acosta Campaign has reached quite an extensive base of support. I am of course sincerely touched by all this. I have long been wanting to communicate with them through letters or general statements, not only to thank them but also to personally shed light on my experience with state fascism. But I’ve been having some difficult, stubborn time with my writing.

I suppose I’m still basically ill-adjusted with my present prison set-up. I find it almost impossible to write during the day. The heat inside the cell is simply oppressive – there is no ceiling here, the lone window is less than a square foot, and my tarima is just beside two charcoal stoves that burn non-stop. The noise outside and the frenzied – sometimes juvenile, sometimes zombie-like goings on among my 12 kakosas inside a stifling, cramped-up space are just too distracting, disorienting.

But it is at night, when the heat, noise and fuss have all supposed to have subsided, that I am actually assailed by more pressing writing issues. There would always be this heavy strain that seems to balance itself upon my bobbed head, and as though from a ravine’s edge, I’d be looking down my writing pad waiting for vertigo to set in. Then this intermittent heaving motion in the chest. And, especially during the first month, I would, even without tears, just suddenly notice myself sobbing. This is pretty intense. I could never have imagined myself writing in such a wrenching, emotional state.

This is trauma of some sort I guess. But one, I think, that I’m compelled less to subvert than to temper. It is not necessarily the feeling of having been vanquished or the sense of utter helplessness that usually creeps in. No. More often, it is that surge of righteous vindication that overwhelms me.

It’s not writer’s block that has been nagging me. I call it writer’s burst. I’ve actually written a great deal already in the last two months as I tried to sum up and make sense of my ordeal. All of which, however, except for a few, amount to nothing more than disjointed rambling notes or a series of incoherent digressions.

The past week though has seen some modest breakthrough. It helped that my legal counsel had asked me to personally write my counter affidavit. I was able to finish it on time, glaring lapses in grammar notwithstanding. I was also able to complete a draft of a regional human rights situationer that focused on the cases of human rights violations in Barangay Bay-ang in San Jorge, Samar. I was in Bay-ang at the time of my arrest precisely to follow-up on these cases.

A friend of mine has sent me some samples of Ka Allan Jasminez’ Prison Diary entries. I realized that I would have to really step up on my writing and maximize relatively less restrictive conditions here as compared to those in Ka Allan’s place of detention. Already, I have started reviewing my jumbled notes and have come up with a design that would piece them together into several essays with different themes.

I am optimistic, despite this press statement debacle, that I would finally be able to handle my writer’s burst. It is very important that I do. My active engagement through my writings naturally serves to effectively amplify the campaign, as well as the general call to free all political prisoners. While I am in fact the principal subject of the Free Ericson Acosta campaign, it’s time that I enlisted myself as its principal mass leader and propagandist as well. So let’s just keep the pressure on – FREE ME! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!

Ericson L. Acosta
April 13, 2011
Calbayog Sub-provincial jail

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Name:   Mila Ogania
Address:   1735 W 140th Street, Burnsville, Mennisota
Date:   Apr 14, 2011

Hi I'm looking to buy a coconut land property, located in Catbalogan Samar. Are there anybody selling there property, im looking for a several hectars?

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, NY, U.S.A.
Date:  12 April 2011

Congratulations to Catbaloganons all over the world! The Philippine Supreme Court has decided with finality - Catbalogan's cityhood is indeed constitutional.

Kudos and many thanks to those who patiently persevered and never lost hope in our quest for Catbalogan's cityhood despite vehement and rabid opposition from our adversaries. In the end, justice reigned supreme and I'm very thankful for that.

To my fellow Catbaloganons, Padayon!

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Name:   A Cabrales
Address:   Walnut, CA, USA
Email:   ajcabrales2004@yahoo.com
Date:  5-April-2011

I think this internet publication is dying a slow death. The News section is not updated and the Message Board and Forum sections are practically dead. What can we readers do to prevent Samar News from gasping for its last breath?

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Name:   Reynaldo UY
Address:   JD Avelino St., Brgy. Central, Calbayog City, Western Samar
Email:   civrej_21@yahoo.com
Date:  4-5-11

Why in the world there is now news or condemnation of the continued killings in Calbayog City. Hain naman iton naman an hustisya dinhe sa Samar. Sugad sine naman la an aton kinabuhi bagan na la kit an mga mga hayop nga basta basta nala papatayon. Babayi pagod adto nga ginpusil sa Northwest Samar State University, kahuman la san Graduation. Pati mga babayi yana dire na sinasanto. Andam na lakit pag na gin Governor na iton hiya diin daw la kit pamurotun. Hain naman iton MATA ug ISOG han Samar. Diri ba nira kaya sagupaan ini nga demonyo nga pulitiko labi na kai, kapartido sine nga demonyo an aton Presidente yana mao nga triger happy hiya yana pamatay. Labi na gud kun nagin Governor na siya. Mag andam na lakit lungon.Kai waray maka ato ha iya waray na gud siya sinasanto.

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Name:  MJHernandez
Address:  Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA
Email:  nitoy_h@yahoo.com
Date: March 26, 2011

Dear all:

In Deep Need of God

When we pray, we declare our reliance on God. As we humble ourselves in prayer, we acknowledge that the throne in the middle of our hearts is meant for someone besides us. In prayer, we confess that there is One who is greater than us and that we are in deep need of Him.

When we seek God in prayer, we must turn away from wickedness because He is the exact opposite of it. We can’t pursue God and pursue wickedness at the same time. It would be the equivalent of walking north and south at the same time. When we seek God, we must forsake anything that separates us from Him.

God’s people are called to pray in the midst of calamity. Prayer gives voice to our awareness of God’s greatness and our reliance on Him. Humble and repentant prayer moves God to act on behalf of His people.

With this in mind, we continue to pray for world revival. As we do, we acknowledge that God is the only One who can heal our lands.

Thank you for praying for world revival. May God be glorified!

In Christ, [fwd from: Michael Youssef, Ph.D.]

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Name:   Karolyn Adolfo
Address:   Samar
Email:   karolynadolfo@yahoo.com.ph
Date:  March 21, 2011

H! gud day ate Carol kmusta na ang kalagayan mo now, i hope na bumalik ka na sa panginoon kasi alam mo napakahirap ang malayo sa kanya, alam mo sayang ka kong iiwan mo nalang ang si god ng ganun, nabalitaan ko ang naging sakit mo, ang totoo may pag asa kapa naman talaga gumaling, sana wag mong baliwalain yung tulong nila sayo na inaalok, ikaw din talaga ang mahihirapan nyan pag tumanggi ka, kong ikaw ay decided na umuwi talaga sa province niyo tingin mo ikaw lang ba ang mahihirapan pati mga magulang at pamilya mo.

Wala na akong magagawa kong hindi mo papansinin ang msgs kong e2 sayo, kasi ginawa ko e2 dahil may malaking concern una si God pangalawa kami na WCF na naging pamilya mo.

Remember ang WCF ay bukas pa para sayo.

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Name:   Dinz laozky
Address:   Brgy 10, Patag Dist. Catb W Samar
Email:   lightjd@yahoo.com
Date:   March 18, 2011

Hi! gd day ha iyo tanan dida ha Catbalogan Samar labi na han batch class 89-90 ha SNS sano liwat kita mag kirigta kunta may ada kita class reunion para maupay. Regards la ako dida hit akon mga kapaturan ha Mercedes nga mga buotan ora2 labi na kun nangangaturog buotan.. hehe jokes.. adv happy fiesta la yana Augusto panguli na kamo mga taga Catbalogan labi na it adto hit mga hagrayo nga lugar.

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