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Name:   Bebiana Sizemore
23751 Goldrush Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765, USA

I am looking for my classmate from high school. She is from Calbayog, don't know exactly where in Calbayog and her name is Clarina Cruda.  We both went to high school at Samar Regional School of Fisheries, Class of '73.  Clarina, if you happen to read this message, please respond to my e-mail address. An akon apelyido han daraga pa ako. "Montejo".  I hope you are doing great.  I wish I could also get in contact with our classmate Salvacion, forgot her last name though. Also, Ligaya is sending you her regards.

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Name:   Bruno Sorensen
Address:  Praestevanget 20, Herning,  Jylland  7400, Denmark
Contact Email:
Date:    6-6 2005

I am in search for the winner of Miss Eastern Visayas beauty contest 2002 - I am told the winner was : Mary Rose Jaro. But I can not find any informations about her - who can help ? She was also Miss Leyte Pintados in 2002.

Any informations welcomed.

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Name:   A.J. Cabrales
Address:   Walnut, CA , USA
Date:   05/03/05

Mr. Camello's idea for a jury system in the Philippines will never work in that country where everyone is related, in a way, to almost everyone. The courts will never be able to fill the jury boxes because prospective jurors will end up being excused.  Our culture is so different from the Americans. Among Filipinos, blood is always thicker than water and of course, you cannot just dismiss the "utang na loob" syndrome prevalent among the citizens.  Can you imagine meting the death sentence to a blood relative or to someone who has done you a big favor?  That is not the Filipino way.  It would be difficult for justice to be served.

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Name:   Marlowe Camello
Address:   Homeland, California, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   5/03/05

The "war" on corruption cannot be won with the power of "Generals" alone. Participation of the "platoon" of "privates" is the key to send grafters to jail including a Super Grafter-In-Chief whenever one is born along the way. Kindly visit the web site below for the article:

Why "privates?" Because there is no more level to demote them down into even if they happen to send a Super Grafter-In-Chief to jail.

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Name:   Jerry Olson
Address:  PO Box 568, Soddy Daisy, Tn  37384, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   5/2/05

I want to take the time to say how much I enjoy the "Samar News" and read it as often as my work will allow. I also wanted to take the time to invite those reading the "Samar News" to join in and take part in my Yahoo group "Philippine Living Island Paradise" This group is made up of people from all over the world that want to learn more about living in the Philippines. It would be so valuable to have many Filipino's to join the group and truly share their opinions and information about Philippine Living. You Members make the group and it is my desire to have a group that is growing and getting the correct information about what life in the Philippines is truly about. I personally love the Philippines and it is my wife's (from Southern Leyte) and my desire to soon be able to retire to the Philippines. Then enjoy the beauty that the Philippines has to offer each and every day.

Again I want you to take the time to look at our Yahoo Group. Here is the Link:


Jerry and Marcy

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Name:   Delia Mendaruz-Brunyee
Contact Email:
Date:   1 May 2005

I live in the U.K. and I've just come back from Catbalogan, Samar after joining our Batch 86 SSPC/SSU reunion. What can I say....I enjoyed every minute of it! Will do it again given the chance. Even I'm not getting proper sleep...Thanks to Gene for warning me... I would like to thank some lovely people for helping me arrange my vacation. Anton you're great! Also Lourdes, you're great too, but not as great as Anton (he he)...Have you used that thing I gave you yet? I must say that all-night videoke at your place took my last ounce of energy. I just had to bring one back to England to practice more. Rommel I think you need to go round more videoke bars to get higher scores, ha ha.

Everyone was great! Thanks to all the batch members who made the effort to attend the reunion. Nice to see you all and hopefully I'll be visiting you again in the near future. God Bless.

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Name:   Sita Macandili
Address:   Barangay Ulango, Tanawan, Batangas, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   April 29, 2005

Nag drop by lang ako to say "hi" hit akon ig kasi Samarnon. An akon asawa taga Batangas. Kon mayda kamo oras pasyada kamo ngadi ha amon Samar Group. Adi ako na permi nakikipag chikahan. Madali manla iton ngadi pumasyada total dire man iton kinahanglan sumakay pa kita  hit bus kundi one click away la.

cgi: amo ine it address.

You've nothing to lose man kun sakali kumadi kamo pumasyada.

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Contact Email:
Date:   25 April 2005

To the Australian with an alias of "Beat-Route":

Thank you so much for caring for that girl whose relatives are forcing her to prostitution.

You are not really intruding into some "cultural sensibilities" when you expressed your concern.  We Filipinos and Samarnons are not like some Togubrian Islanders (remember the anthropologist, Margaret Mead who documented the sexual mores and practices of those islanders just on top of Australia?) whose moral values are quaint and unique.

We are just poor Beat-Route. Hence, child prostitution, hunger, ignorance, malnourishment, criminality, drug addiction, roaming around the world as menials and exploited workers, and revolutionary movements.

And why are we poor?

This is a very profound question.  Why are Third World societies, like the Philippines, poor?

But why could Malaysia and Singapore surmount their traditionalism and their poverty before?  And now they are hiring Fiipinos as servants.

Help us answer this question Beat Route.

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Name:    Beat-route
Address:   Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Contact Email:
Date:   25th April 2005

I just came back from Samar on a mission trip with my church. I am very concerned about the welfare of one young girl I met. I was horrified to learn that she and her siblings are bartered into prostitution by their alcoholic father. I know this isn't really anything new and is an epidemic problem in your country, I just want to know if there are any services available where she can get help? I really don't mean any offence or anything I just happened to care very much for this young girl and her siblings. I was hoping there is some way I can help them to get out of this situation. Please understand that its all new to me and I was very shocked by this girls confessions and really hope there is someway she and her family can find the help they're so desperately need. Although I must say I'm not absolutely sure if she is in this particular situation because when I spoke to her again a few days later and raised the issue she told me that nothing like that was happening. She said that she misunderstands a lot of my english. I really don't understand if she is trying to cover things up out of fear of bringing shame to the community or feels that I wouldn't want to be her friend anymore if she was in such a situation, or maybe she was telling me the truth at that point. I did find in many of the conversations I had with Filipina brothers and sisters they would tell me one thing and then tell me the complete opposite, fully contradicting what they had previously stated. I really don't understand this ambiguous communication and whether or not it is an apparent aspect of the culture.

The conversation that we had where that issue was first raised tho was mostly non-verbal on her part so I don't know for sure. Please understand I'm not trying to interfere in your culture or attempting to change anything I just really want to somehow ensure that this girl and her siblings are well looked after and free this form of abuse. Perhaps someone could even just give some insight into the situation of young girls in provinces of Samar so I can understand the culture a bit better and why it seems that no one wants to acknowledge that child prostitution is rife in Samar. However I don't know for sure if it is or not. I've spent the last four days researching the situation tho and haven't really discovered anything concrete that will give me some insight into her situation. Can someone please inform me of the all this information that I'm lacking on Samar?

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Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
Address:   Sydney, Australia
Contact Email:
Date:  24/April/2005

Hello! how ya doin people? Kumusta na mga Samarnon. Hope, u guys doin great. Just wanna say hello to all ma friends & relatives sa Samar and other places in pinas. Magpapatron na ha brgy. San Isidro Zumarraga Samar hit 18 & 19th of MAY. I'll try ma best na makauwi, kahit 1 to 2 weeks lang me diyan, the problem is ma company doesnt let me go on holiday coz they need me badly kaya I have to talk to them again para makauwi me diyan kahit sandali lang, just wanna attend the fiesta of seniour San Isidro. Have fun nalang lahat. Ito nga pala site ng San Isidro Zumarraga Samar, and hindi ko pa na a update yan for almost a year na coz I've been busy wif ma work and isa pa I have to get infoz of wot's happenin there. Kumusta nala kamo dida tanan to all ma friends and relatives. Thanx a lot nga pala kuya rey.

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Name:   Zaid Lomuntad
Address:   Oras, Eastern Samar
Contact Email:
Date:   23 april 05

Maupay nga adlaw han mga orasnon...

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Name:   Anabelle V. Casper
Address:   Texas, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   04/22/2005

Gin kukumusta ko an mga taga Tambongan, Gandara Samar, mga taga St. Michael High School and also mga taga rural nga akon kasangkayan. In case may makakilala pa gud ha akon lolz. Anyway's hi sa mga kapatid ko kila Andrew Ostulano at saka kay Bingbing Ostulano nga taga Tambongan and also  kila Mhay Manota at kila Charlon Moloboco, ewan ko sino sino pa basta hi sa inyong lahat:)

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Name:    Rinieboy L. Anterio
Address:   Prince Sultan St., Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:
Date:   April 22, 2005

Hi to all baseynon lalo na ang batch 95 sana magkita kita kami ulit. Hi din dyan sa San Pedro Basey, W. Samar sa mga kapatid ko, sa mga pinsan ko. Hi din sa lahat ng nasa abroad na taga basey more power ang blessing sa inyo lahat. Sana di ninyo malimutan ang basey joke lang po. Hi din sa family Albances dyan sa basey lalo na kay Marylee and hi din kay Maricel Teo dyan sa Sulod, Basey and hi din yong mga taga basey na nandyan sa maynila sana okey lang kayo dyan sa maynila.

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Name:   Gerardo "Gerry" Lababo
Address:   B9 L3 Crisologo Street, Bahayang Pag Asa Subdivision, Imus, Cavite, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   April 21, 2005

Good day to all readers and friends.

Being a graduate of Development Academy of the Philippines and having been indoctrinated by Social and Economic technocrats the government has to offer, I cannot help but admire the courage of Mayor Renato Latorre of Villareal Samar.  Kuya Boy, as what we call him, did what no other politicians before him has done, and that is empowering the people of Villareal.  Sad to say however that a lot of mis-guided, publicity hungry and media mileage opportunist people are using this noble endeavor as venue for their selfish interest of pushing their own political agenda.  Can we not,  Warays, even just for this instance, be able to unite so we may at last see the prosperity and development of Villareal that we always wished for.

Thank you and regards to all of you.


I'm currently connected with Pag-IBIG Fund Intramuros so if there's any help I can give you, please feel free to write me. You may also call me at my manila office +6325281751 or text me at my CP +639175337776

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Name:   Ryan Sabarre
Address:  497-C P. Del Rosario Ext., Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   04-20-2005

Anybody knows the email address of Odon Sabarre????

-Ryan Sabarre from Cebu City
 Grandson of Pedro & Bruna Sabarre

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Name:   Evelyn Taganna Wennerberg
Address:  Ödmansgatan 4B, Gothenburg, Sweden
Contact Email:
Date:    April 20 2005

Guin kukumosta ko la adton mga ig kasi ko taga Basay:-). Kumosta guihapon adton ako´n mga batch ´97 ha BNHS.  Would like to great my family and friends in Rawis Guirang Basey Samar

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Name:   Lourdes Welk
Address:   Davao City  8000, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    04-18-05

I am from Davao City and just concern about my parents in Salcedo, Bo. Burak. I got a text message from my Mom informing me regarding a smoke that they noticed for 2 weeks now. They saw that smoke across the island from Burak.

I look and look online and search about it and couldn't find one answer. Please help me and let me know if somebody knows what and where this smoke coming from. They said, there is an active volcano that causes this smoke and I hope this is not true....

Thank you for this site. This really helps.

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Name:  Philip G. Aranas
Address:  Hospital Village, Guiuan  6809, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   04-16-05

Hi hello hit ngatanan nga Guiuananon ha abroad ngan dinhi ha pilipinas.

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Name:   Ka Roger Hulaton
Address:  747 San Francisco St., Catbalogan, Samar
Contact Email:
Date:   4/15/2005

Kimukumusta kula an-akon kasankayan ha Salug Rene Kato Tuazon, Wegweg Kruse, Rick Tauy Tuazon, Dodon Sales, Francisco Coco Tuazon, Lonie Apoy Tabones, Alex Artiche. Tagay na! Osa la nga baso.

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Name:    L. Abrugar
Address:   Zuerich , Switzerland, Quinapondan, Eastern Samar  6810, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   14.04.05

Hi, ha mga taga quinapondan E. Samar, urog nagod han akon mga classmate ha QNHS Batch 1994-1995, ngan han akon mga Teachers sugad kanda Maam Fe Balbuena, Sir Manuel Pasquito, Maam Luz Castillo my Adviser, damo nga salamat ha iyo ngatanan.

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Name:    Gilbert dela Cruz
Address:   64 Dangay St., Proj 7, Brgy. Veterans Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1101, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    14 Apr 2005

Looking for FLORDELIZA relatives from zambales. any info and response will be most appreciated. thanks.

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Name:  Cesar Torres
Contact Email:
Date:   13 April 2005

Thank you Addi for your comments. I wish my officers in the UP ROTC were as brilliant as you are so that they could have inspired me.  I could be a General of the Army now.

On the Villareal Bayanihan Road Cementing project, something which has never been done in contemporary Philippines, the Mayor of Villareal, Samar, Renato "Boy" Latorre played a great part. He was able to mobilize us and get our trust and support.

Consequently, we are saving the Philippines some P65.6 million assuming that the 8 kilometers are going to be cemented without running to Mila Tan and the corrupt officials in Samar and the Philippines who are in the limelight.

Because of Mayor Latorre, and all the Villahanons all over the world, including you, and including my friend from Calbayog, Terri Deresma, the Villahanons have saved the people of the Philippines some P65.6. 

Perhaps, Mayor Latorre has to be killed because the friends of General Carlos Garcia and his group cannot plunder P65.6 million to buy a house in America? While the poor soldiers were dying in Mindanao, Sulu, and Samar, his son was acting like a multimillionaire.  Imagine, lugging $100,000! 

Just because Mayor Latorre happens to believe that "Bayan Muna" could improve the life of his fellow Samarnons who are subsisting on garbage in Payatas and living under the bridges and the girls are selling their bodies all over the world and are being insulted in Hongkong, in Japan, in Singapore, in the Middle East, in Europe, even if his face becomes blank if you talk to him about "Pratorianism" and the depradations and mass killings that they did in Latin America and "laws of social development" which this Messiah in the Netherlands keeps on harping about, Boy Latorre is going to be killed.

Nice "game" indeed! Just a "game".  Like "sato" or "tirutigbasay" except that the results are deadly.

Is that young girl helping the Villareal Bayanihan Cementing Road project going to be killed also because she may have smiled at someone who is a sympathizer of "Bayan Muna"? Do the rules of the "game" include her?

Or are the NPAs going to kill her because she happened to smile at the handsome soldiers in the Eastern Visayas Command? So she becomes a military agent?

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Name:   Christine AC. Caidic
Address:  Governor's Office, Capitol Area, Catbalogan, Samar 6700
Contact Email:
Date:   13 April 2005

What:   National Convention for Nutrition Action Officers
When:   12-13 May 2005
Where:   Expo Exchange, 2/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Theme:   "Making Nutrition Work at the Local Level"
Purpose:  To update Nutrition Action Officers on key issues and their impact on nutrition and define directions for local nutrition action for the next decade.
Contact:  Ms. Ma. Lourdes A. Vega @ 0918-911-1023


When:  16-21 May 2005
Where:   Catbalogan, Samar
Purpose:  To encourage children to get involved in sports at an early age to keep them away from illegal drugs.

The same training will be done in Tacloban City on 2-7 May 2005 at the Leyte Sports and Civic Center and in Ormoc City on 9-14 May 2005 at the Ormoc Superdome. The Milo Best Center has been in basketball training for 27 years now, teaching youngsters the fundamentals of basketball through a scientific and systematized approach.  It is Asia's first scientific school of basketball.  The registration fee is PhP 1,500.00 and the training is for a period of six (6) days.


What:  16th Agricultural Engineering Week and 55th Annual National Convention and Exhibition
When:  18-22 April 2005
Where:  Family Country Hotel, General Santos City
Theme:  "Enhancing the Capability of Agricultural Engineers Towards Sustainable Agro-Industrial Development."
Aim:   To sustain development efforts in uplifting the Agricultural Engineering profession, thereby enriching the capabilities of Agricultural Engineers in applying the profession at the industry level regardless of discipline. 
Features:  New developments, technologies, and trends in agricultural engineering, with emphasis on applied technologies to industry, particularly in the areas of irrigation, soil and  water conservation, farm power and machinery, agricultural product processing and post harvest technology, agricultural structures and renewable energy, environmental management, and information technology.

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Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   April 11, 2005

Are Villahanons "crazy" for taking on an 8 km. road project?  Absolutely not!  On the contrary, they are just everyday, ordinary people who are absolutely fed up with government inaction and have decided to take matters into their own hands.  The Villareal Bayanihan road project is a clear demonstration of citizen power.  Rather than simply grumble and complain about government neglect, inefficiency and corruption - they have chosen instead to present an alternative in the most concrete of forms:  by taking Action.  I actually envy the people of Villareal for their determination and community spirit, and hope communities all over the big island of Samar will follow their example.  They have clearly shown our provincial and national leaders a cost-effective way of setting up infrastructures - by tapping into the most valuable resource any community can ever have:  People.  This is one development model that's worth looking into and replicating in other communities. Padayon, mga Villahanon!

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Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   April 11, 2005

Just a brief comment on Prof. Cesar Torres' most recent article on the need for Reflection. First of all, I do fear a bloodbath in the Philippines.  And the reason I fear it, is because it's not likely to change anything.  My hope right now is for all sectors of Philippine society to come to their senses and sober up a bit.  Uruguay is a good example of a peaceful transition after decades of internal strife.  But peace in Uruguay did not happen by miracle or magic - everybody was willing to give a little, take a little - all for the sake of La Madre Patria. The Tupamaros decided to try their hand at parliamentary struggle, but only after the Uruguayan military decided to back off, return to the barracks, and give peace a chance.  In that respect, the military in that formerly violence-prone South American country also deserves credit for steering society to the path of peace.  The Tupamaros, being Uruguayans and nationalists first and foremost - were willing to come out in the open and do battle one more time, at the polls.  One can only hope and pray that the Uruguayan experiment will last a long time, and that the Tupamaros - who now control the Senate and the Lower House, will wield power with all due prudence.  I pray for Uruguayans and hope the Philippines learn from their courageous example.  Let there be Peace in our time!

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Name:   Family Planning Organization of the Philippines-Samar Chapter
Address:   Pier 2, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    8 April 2005

Congratulations to our new set of FPOP-Samar Council Officers for Year 2005-2008:

President: Christine AC. Caidic (Media Sector)
Vice-Pesident: Helen Hernandez (Business Sector)
Secretary: Laiminh Mabulay (Women's Sector)
Treasurer: Dr. Cornelio Solis (Medical Societies Sector)

Council Members:
Sheryl Arcales - Provincial LGU
Herminia Cabral - Socio-Civic Groups
Zenaida Carcillar - Community Based Volunteer
Rizza Jatulan - Community Based Volunteer
Dolphy Patosa - Community Health Sector
Emilio Rama III - Commission on Population
Perfecta Sabenicio - Municipal LGU
Dennis Cosmod - Youth Sector
Stephanie Uy - Youth Sector
Peachy Menda - Youth Sector

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Name:   Christine AC. Caidic
Address:   Office of the Governor, 2/F Capitol Building, Catbalogan 6700, Samar
Contact Email:
Date:   8 April 2005

Message #1:  The Annual Convention of the Farm Youth Development Program (FYDP) and the 4-Club will be held on 9-12 May 2005 at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Tagaytay City.  This activity aims to strengthen the advocacy for the 4-H clubwork; better understand the Department of Agriculture's marketing intervention programs and promote camaraderie among 4-H members, volunteer leaders, exchange program alumni and implementers.  This will also serve as one avenue through which the private sector, particularly the rural based organizations, can complement government's effort to mobilize field implementation of DA's priority thrusts for cost efficiency and management affectivity.

Message #2:  There will be a daylong consultation meeting/review/assessment relative to the implementation of the United National Artificial Insemination Program in Region 8 on 20 April 2005 at the Ritz Tower de Leyte, Tacloban City to be conducted by the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Unit VIII.

Message #3:  There will be a regular meeting of the Regional Advisory Committee on Animal Disease Control and Emergency (RAC-ADCE) on 21 April 2005 at the Provincial Veterinary Office, Borongan, Eastern Samar.

Message #4:  The Philippine Association of Nutrition, Inc. will be having their 58th Annual Convention on 21-22 July 2005 at the Waterfront Convention Hall, Lahug, Cebu City.  The theme of the convention is: GOOD GOVERNANCE: COMMUNITY- AND FAMILY-DRIVEN STRATEGIES FOR NUTRITION.

The PAN's objective is to review and revisit ongoing nutrition interventions and their application at the barangay level; to further explore community participation in nutritional improvement; and propose new directions in strategic opportunities for barangay nutrition. 

The Convention will also update participants on current knowledge in nutrition interventions and their application at the barangay level and provide the much-needed dialogue between community leaders and program implementers.

The Convention is open to workers involved in planning and implementation of nutrition and health programs, volunteer health workers and barangay nutrition scholars.

Registration fee is PhP2000.  For details please contact:

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Name:   Dativic Wennström
Address:   Doktorsg. 11A, Ängelholm, Skåne  S-262 52, Sweden
Contact Email:
Date:   April 7 2005

Kumusta kamo ngatanan nga mga ka-batch ( `78 ) ko ha SNS. Damo nga salamat han souvenier book han aton pag host han alumni last year, Mr.President Atty.Medino Acuba. Namimiss ko na gudman kamo ngatanan dida hinduro labi na an kabayutan nga mga maglabad ngan mag aringasa. Mag aalumni na liwat pero dire na liwat ako makakaatender kay labi na yana nga an akon anak elementary pamanla ine hiya pero ginpapagkuha naman ito hiya hin chemistry ngan physics kay siring han iya teacher nga magaling hiya hito. Bale ginkukuha ito niya hit klase nga junior high kay waray man hito nga mga subjects ha elementary. Bale gin accelerate la ito hiya dara nga matalino daw kuno ine nga bata hito nga hiunong hin science siring han teacher niya. Hiton Ist week paman hit June hit ira sarra hit klase. Makuri hit pag absent labi na kon maiha. Christine Casurao nagtry ako pag e-mail hito nga imo e-mail address pero waray ako pakakapadara dara nga dire magkatempo an c ngan caidic. Kumusta nala haiyo ngatanan dida, konta magkirigta kita very soon.


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