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Name:   Tomo Magdadalos
July 2, 2005

This violent killings well never stop as long as the NPA continue to believe in thier dead ideology of communism, there's so many faction among them that they're actually killing each other for territory for extortion, eventually this armend band are turing into banditry. I would like to appeal to the leaders (of these armend groups in the mountain of E. Visayas) to please! please! give our province and country the gift of PEACE! which we sought for so long. Join us in the legal political struggle to better this country of ours. Come down from the mountain your struggle is lost and dead, why not try peace for a change?

Don’t be like PGMA who rather see her country go down the canal then admits she was caught stealing again the presidency, she would prefer to bealive that shes the only one who could save this country. Instead of admit that she no longer have the moral ascendancy nor credibility to rule therefore step down and save this country from farther destruction.

Why do we have war instead of peace, hate instead of love, greed instead of compassion? Why not just come down PGMA? NPA's? Mila? and let this country start again and maybe, just maybe this time might be for the betterment of our province and country.

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Name:  Jag Laurel Jr
163 Juliana St.. Marikina, Manila, Philippines
July 1, 2005

Maupay man ngayan an iyo site! Nakakita ako ha SSU internet lab. Kunta mas parisyohon niyo, add him mini games, video clips na patarawan, o ano! Nahin mga john ang johny ha? Cge, more power to your samarnews! Ipagkakalat ko to sa mga friend ko !

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Name:  Cesar Torres
28 June 2005

Killing each other...When will this ever end? The two soldiers killed in Basey, and the wounded, they are people two, our people, with love ones who need them. When will this ever end? When will this ever end?

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Name:   Jessica Thomas
Address:  Honeycomb Grange,
Watling Street, Weedon, Northamptonshire, England  NN7 4SB, UK
27th June 2005

Hi my name is Jessica and I live in the UK, I have never actullay been to the Philippines but my step mum and half brother live over there in W. Samar, Catbalogan. Their names are Leah and Samuel Thomas...I am planning on moving there which I don't know how but has anyone any information how I go about this...or even sending me useful website addresses to look up...I'm really looking for a poor area to live in as I can hardly afford anything...can anyone out there help me out??!!!???  Please do email me. I would love to help my brother out who has been there all his life, they are also poor...

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Name:   Samar College Batch 83
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
June 28, 2005

Does anyone know the email address or contact number of Gina Balderama? Please send your reply to  Thank you.

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Name:   Marcial I. Placa
Address:  P.O. Box 21347, Riyadh  11475, KSA
June 26, 2005

I would like to thanks to those people in because just now I discover this actually taga Laoang Norther Samar man ak ngan ako nahihiyok man may samarnews. com   More power to you.

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Name:   A. B. Dacles
41 Hassam Avenue, Newcastle, Under Lyme St. 5 9et, Staffordshire, England
24 june 2005

I really surprise when I accidentally found that there is a samar news room and chat room as well I did not only learn samar news but the economical development also. Di narin tayo nahuhuli tuloy tuloy na sana ang pag unlad ng ating probinsya. On this website we become competitive and ready to endeavor the digital society. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!!! at ang buong samar& leyte ISLAND

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Name:  Totoy Bibo Batang Waray
109 Bonifacio Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City
June 22, 2005

Please visit my blog by clicking the following link or copy-pasting it on your browser:

This is an attempt to collate all articles and resources about the recent state of human rights in the Eastern Visayas region (composed of Leyte, Samar and Biliran).The aim of the web blog is to "toll the bells (bagtingan an lingganay)" to rouse the consciousness of our brethren here and abroad on such alarming conditions. Please join me in condemning these incidents. Let us struggle for a just and humane society for everyone, not only Waraynons or Leyteños, Samareños, Biliranons, but all.

May we triumph on our fight against Palpara, Jovito S. Palparan, the berdugo ng Mindoro and the Executioner of Samar.

Let the blood of our answers continue to nourish us with courage and vigor to defeat the present-day enemy: Jovito Palparan for the series of killings of innocent lives in Leyte and Samar.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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Name:   Rufino Yul Saba
Address:   1908 Rd 32, Pasco, WA  99301, USA
Date:  June 19, 2005

My Fellow Samarnons,

This is the second time that I have posted a message. I am grateful indeed to all the people behind this website.  Perhaps, my only desire for now, is for Catbalogan to move forward, and leave politics behind.

If, the government is so corrupt, and the people's voice is not heard, I believe it is now time to start building Catbalogan in our very own little way. With an effort to provide a better livelihood and a better place for all Samarenos. I suggest that we create Non-government organizations to help alleviate poverty in the Philippines. An NGO composed of private individuals who will cater to the basic needs and education of the poor masses, who will pass resolutions for Samar Improvement. A Board of Directors who are genuine, who are not corrupt, whose heart are set forth in touching people's lives.

My last visit to Catbalogan in the year 2002, was too humiliating. Drugs were being sold or transact openly, and even on the next door of the hotel where I was staying at. Tricycles were running on the streets like chickens with their heads cut off. Streets were dirty, and all other negative things. Reading news from this website, has given me an update of what it is to live in the Philippines at this point in time. Catbaloganon's are blessed with intelligent people, but it seem that most of these people who would have been assets to the province have left and seek greener pastures. WE probably think that we've all lost them. These migration in a way has given a positive aspect, these people are now desirous to help, for most of them are now in the position to do so, and with their life experiences, and their knowledge that living condition is so pathetic in the Philippines compared to their present condition, they now have a desire to bring even a portion of these good things to their own native land.

I am hoping that one day we might as well unite, let whoever want to rule and corrupt the government in Samar alone, and make them suffer the consequences to their actions, by not voting them again. Let the private individuals build different Non Government Organizations, and make it as powerful as the government offices itself. And use it as a tool in the selection process of political candidates, and eventually endorsing the best man for the position, and never let it be corrupted. There must always be a review, so as to make sure that these NGO's are made and run for best interest of the masses. I know that corruption in the Philippines and in the Samar areas, will never be totally eradicated, sad to say it has almost been adopted as our culture, but as long as there are people who desire change, who love freedom and progression, we will be able to feel it, taste it and love it in the years to come.

In another aspect Chinese used to be the minority in the Philippines and in the Samar areas, and I understand that they still are, but are now holding key positions in the government, I have nothing against them, I wish them joy and happiness, because of their desire to serve. But we need someone, whose greatest desire is to help and to lead these people to a better future. We just don't need people with resources, we need people who have bright ideas, people with knowledge and genuine desire to help, to uplift and push people up and discover their own talents for a better future. I hope that all people who are in the position to help now, should come forward, arrange meetings, and organize, in hope that one day we will be able to materialize these plans. Maybe one day we shall all come to visit our beloved hometown with our loved ones and take pride of all the things that we all have accomplished. Let there be no division among us, but let's be cautious on people who would like to join.  Evil is among us, and it is a continuous battle against it. I pray that we will all fight for this evil to subside, and hopefully perish, and GOOD will triumph in the end. Make way for a free publication to be distributed in Samar in our native dialect. Let them know as to what we are all doing for them. God Bless Us all.


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Name:  Paul O. Pruel
Address:  KHS,
PO Box 10120, Riyadh City  11433, Saudi Arabia
June 18, 2005

Ako ay tulero: Sino ang dapat parusahan?

Kahit mga kalye’t lansangan sa kamaynilaan
Tulerong naghihintay sa naka-akbang kaguluhan
Dulot ng walang patumanggang iringan
Ng di nagkakaisang sambayanan…

Litong-lito nating bayan
Mga sigaw ng mga mamamayan
Panawagang makatuwiran
Hangad ay kaparusahan…

Ako ay tulero: Sino ang dapat parusahan?

Sila bang nagpapatakbo ng ating pamahalaan?
O mga taong uhaw sa kapangyarihang mamuno sa bayan?

Kahit musmos na kaisipan
Mula sa mga batang anghel ng tahanan
Maririnig mga munting sigaw ng katahimikan
Nakikiusap sa mga naguguluhang mamamayan
Sa mga nag-aagawan at uhaw sa kapangyarihan
Sana’y Magkaisa ng walang Pag-aalinlangan
Para makamit ang tunay na katahimikan sa Inang-Bayan…

O kabayan mahal kong kaibigan
Tutop mo ba ang pintig ng iyong puso’t isipan?
Iyon ba ay para sa magandang samahan?
O para sa pagwasak sa magandang sinimulan?

Pakiwari ko’y kaya natin iwasan
Itong gulong humahalimuyak sa kabayanan
Dulot ng kumikinang gintong upuan na pinag-aagawan
Sa ISANG sulok ng palasyong puno ng Kasaganaa’t Kapangyarihan…

Kahit ang malambing hangin Amihan
Na umiikot sa Luzon, Mindanaw at Kabisayaan
Dinig n’ya’y pawang pagtatalong walang katapusan
Ng magkabilang kampong ‘di nagkakaunawaan…

Sinikap n’yang dampian sila ng haplos ng pagmamahal
Ngunit sila’y lalong mga naging hangal
Sigaw dito, sigaw doon ay umalingawngaw
Tulad ng tunog ng gintong batingaw…

Kabayan nakita mo na ba ang galaw ng kawayan?
Di po ba langitngit nila’y napakagandang pakinggan?

Tuwangtuwa silang nagsisipagsayaw sa kaligayahan
Sa tuwing hahampas ang malambing hangin
Tulerong yumuko sila, minsa’y dumapa
Ngunit yaring lakas di naparam
Bumango’t tumindig sa galak
Upang harapin ang bagyo ng buhay…

Isang mensaheng dapat matutunan
Di lahat ng oras kapalara’y iaasa sa pamahalaan
Matalino ang Pinoy at may sariling pamamaraan
Anumang hirap kaya n’yang harapin at gampanan
Marating lamang ang magandang kinabukasan…

Bato-bato sa langit, kung tinamaan ka ‘wag magalit
Ito’y paglalahad ng damdamin walang galit
Bahagi ito ng aking hangarin
Ang magpaliwanag at pasayahin
Tulero mong puso hangad ko’y paligayahin…

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Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
207 West 31st St., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:  June 14, 2005

I would like to congratulate Ruben Gerardo for taking the time to conduct an interview with Jose Ma. Sison. The way it looks to me, Samarnews readers are beginning to see not just two sides of the issue, but all sides. This is the kind of journalism we want to see, that allows us to see all sides of the issue so we can make a very informed decision. Mr. Sison's view, of course, is a leftwing view. But there's also another view from the Left being propounded by the late Gen. Liber Seregni. It's worthwhile comparing Sison's views with Seregni's (wow, both their names begin with "S")

Regardless, millions of Filipinos are still hoping that peace will finally be at hand. Unfortunately enough for us, the recent developments - jueteng, the issue about the tapes, corruption, etc. have doused our hopes one more time. It would be a big mistake, of course, for us to simply give up. Rather than merely looking at the "Crisis", we should also look at the "Opportunity" that it affords us. It's a rare opportunity for us to demonstrate our political maturity and our commitment to democratic institutions. Let's all work together for Peace, no matter how much it hurts.

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Name:   Bonifacio Obrador
Address:   Salug, Catbalogan,
Date:  June 14, 2005

To Tomo Magdadalos

I think you are right, and I agree with you that we have the freedom to choose between good and evil. That's why we've been given by God the gift of logical thinking to make the right decisions, and I believe that being "right" is relative because what is right to somebody could be "wrong" to someone's point of view or perspective or paradigm perhaps.

I understand that "right" is all about the acceptable and standard norms of the society.

It is not who is right or wrong which is important but what is RIGHT which counts most.

I also agree with you that there could be no "economic recovery" without political instability. That's why we have to dig the facts right rather than becoming emotional and be subjective in these critical times, consequently, we won't be able  to make the right decisions and actions to confront these problems.

Don't get me wrong I'm for peace, prosperity and political harmony. I know that we have long been suffering for years as a Nation because of too much "politicking", if we get carried away by these political "ping pong", We will only be helping these political elites regardless of their party affiliations promotes their vested interests and the BIG LOSER will only be Juan de la Cruz.


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Name:   Batch 83
June 14, 2005

Does anyone know the e-mail address of Monty Villavicencio? Please send your reply to  Thank you so much.

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Name:  Philip Tavore
11/1 Alexandre St., Tel-aviv  62302, Israel

The CPP leaders reiterated that: "The revolutionary armed struggle is the main form of struggle because it answers the central question of the revolution, which is the seizure of political power. (source: Can Jose Ma. Sison's Maoist rebellion in the Philippines succeed in this generation? By CESAR TORRES June11, 2000 ) I’m just a simple Filipino but this the very statement that answers the question why political and ideological groups is ready to kill and be killed.

To my simple analysis about winning and survival lets take the example of the government who is ready to kill and be killed for the sake of what it believe and depend in order to survive. The use of the lowly soldiers as the tool for killings and the very soldier that is in turn being killed with the so called service to the country and in defense of democracy.

My observation runs parallel also to what the CCP-NPA is doing. In order to win and survive it use the cadres to kill and be killed.  For the primary objective of the “seizure of political power.” Using peasant and farmer lives as source and political base. Convincing them that they are fighting for their rights, families and future.

Both the government and the CPP-NPA claim theirs is the higher moral ground. Both are wasting precious lives, claiming prides, both are spending millions of dollars. Same is theirs political leader sits and direct order in air-conditioned rooms.

Both is using propaganda through multi-media using the truth, half-truth and whole lies. They lie to their own members and to the Filipino masses as well. Same is using orthodox and unorthodox method of fooling each other and the people. Both only see the dark and gloomy sides of each other. Equally is using psychological tactics and strategies to gain upper-hand. Both are using network and multi-level organization to promote and propagate.

Well, the only thing that I could say, may the best organization and political group win at the expense of the Filipino lives. If it take years in continues killing, let it be because both are just mad as they are insane. Kung ayaw pasayaw di sige tuloy nyo lang total at the end tayo lang naman ang lugi dyan. Wag kayong bibitaw sa mga prides ninyo baka sabihin ng kalaban mo natalo ka nya. Sige lang magpatayan kayo tutal pag meron namamatay ng mga bata. Gagamitin lang naman yan para maka-score against sa kalaban for media mileage.

More power and craziness,


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Name:  Alana Yang
Allen Ave., Catbalogan, Samar
Date:  Independence Day 2005

Greetings !

Once again, excellent job to the people behind I hope that all grievances and issues posted in this site gets the attention of the authorities concerned.

I WOULD LIKE TO ADDRESS THiS POINTS TO OUR HONORABLES: Ano daw la kon nag-a access it aton mga local government officials dinhe ha Samar hini nga website? Maaram ba hira nga may O bangin it ira la nahibabaruan iton pamag-kinumCOM. Ta waray!

Para han mga nahadlok pagdaop ha computer, maybe its the right time that they should learn how to use one. people can help in training them. (does it need a resolution?...halagadaw !)

Para naman han mga nananabot ngan active users na, they can post their email address so that their constituents can directly get in touch with them. (diri para pakig-chat ha?...kundi para mahipadangat gat mahibaro hira hiton mga problema hiton bungto nga angay dayon maresolba)

Ano daw la an masisiring han moderator? What do you think Mano Ray?

PS: 13th June is th Feast of San Antonio de Padua. Maupay nga patron han bungto nga akon natawhan...Zumarraga.

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Name:  Tomo Magdadalos
June 12, 2005

Everyone of us have the free will to chose between good and evil, we must choose either 1) good 2) evil and 3) not to choose at all. But 3) is really the same as 2) because standing in the sidelines while the battle between good and evil is going on, as it is right now in our country when people are kidnapped, salvage or illegally arrested, when we allow people to come into power by fraud while we do nothing that indifference is truly evil. When one never uses the words "right" and "wrong" when one turn a blind eye on the wrongs that was done for reasons of economic benifits or gain one is a morally weak person, he's not a good person. Good people are not made from morally weak persons, good people are made from bad people, just like the saints where made from sinful people, those who choose evil can change and choose to be good, but those who don't choose either good or evil are morally dead person incapable of compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Most people love freedom when it means being able to do whatever they feel like doing. But they don’t love freedom when it means the responsibility of making moral choices and living with the results. Freedom is never easy, but today we want everything to be easy, that's why our political freedom is currently in great danger. We can never have economic recovery if we don’t achieve political stability.   


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Name:   Rizaleo Ramirez
Auckland, New Zealand
Date:  June 12, 2005

To the Zumarraganhon,

I would like to greet the Zumarraganhons for their annual fiesta celebration tomorrow 13th June 2005, in honor of the patron saint, San Antonio de Padua.

Greetings to the Ramirez and Castillo clans in Buntay, the Flosas et al, Happy fiesta celebration, I'm looking forward for next years’ fiesta.

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Name:   Ray Gaspay
Address:    Samar

Date:  June 12, 2005

Para ha ngatanan,

Baga marasa naman iton argumento dinhi ha message board hi-unong hin mga issues, sanglit nag himo kita hin bag-o nga discussion forum para didto naton ig plastar an aton pag dirigbati. Bil-nga la ha home page an Let’s Talk Samar Discussion Forum or click on this link:

Mayda man kita Magdadalos, Paropamangti ngan yana Manangete nga mag papatikang hiton mga diskusyon.

Good luck and may we have a healthy discussion on the problems and issues facing our beloved Samar!

Ray Parapanlibak

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Name:   Leon Manangete
Address:    Patag District, Catbalogan,
Samar, Philippines
Date:  June 12, 2005

To Tomo Magdadalos a.ka. Ricky,

Salamat sangkay hiton imo mga ideya ug mga plano para hiton aton kablas nga Probinsiya ug pamulitikahan. Ini nga mga panhitabo hiton aton pamulitika dinhi ha Pilipinas diri la ini sinisiring nga lumalabay la kundi natural na ini. Makakasiring ako nga may mga tawo nga diri nakakahulat hiton ira torno pag renda hiton panggobyernohan kay para ha ira maiha hinduro iton lima (5) ka tuig. Sanglit may duda ako nga "scripted" ini nga panhitabo. Simultaneous ini nga mga accusations nga ginttikangan han Jueteng ngan "taped conversation" kuno hin panlimbong ha eleksyon. and then a call for the President's resignation!!!

An dali nakon nga paki-ana hino ini nga mga tawo nga nagpapaluyo hini nga mga "innuendos"? Asya la gihapon nga mga nawong ha pamulitika, mga perdido ha eleksyon ngan mga "disappointed" kay waray nira matuman an ira mga ambisyon pamulitika. Mga taditional politicians liwat nga waray liwat nahi himo pa bisan ma-iha na hin duro ha pulitika ngaran nga oposisyon hira.

Imagine hi Sandra Cam. Nakita la niya kuno an nawong ni Cong. Arroyo ha newspaper ngan TV, guin daop niya dayon paghatag and sobre nga may 400,000 pesos? kadamo han mga tawo hadto nga oras ha congreso ngan nakilala niya dayon hi Mr. Arroyo? absurd di ba? Natural ini nga mga tawo may mga "big time handlers" ini hira kay diri ini mag papakita ngan agresibo hin duro kon waray ha ira nag re-renda (sounds like dogs).

An akon masisiring nga diri angay kita magpadara hiton mga "sadista" hini nga mga pulitiko kay para ha akon they are just using us for their evil and vested interest to usurp power, despite the fact that our country needs to concentrate on economic reconstruction rather political drama and entertainment.

Ig kasi ko kabus aton gamiton an  "demokrasya" ngan freedom of expression para hiton aton "economic empowerment" diri para  hini nga mga "seditious statement which will inflame the sentiment of our already suffering provincemates". Kon may mga kawatan man ha gobyerno, let's take them to the proper court complete with evidence not just hearsays, di ba?

Diri ko na la ini hihi labaon. Damo nga salamat!!

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