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Name:   Beth Sizemore
Address:   Diamond Bar, California 91765, USA
Date:   12/31/2006

Maupay nga bag-o nga tuig ha iyo ngatanan ha Samar labi na ha Catbalogan & neighboring communities. Nagpapasalamat ako han mga volunteers for Cayetano's Home for Children. December 24th "Christmas Meal" 2006 was a major success. Salamat nala hin madamo kanda Linda "Uno" Montejo, Emil Montejo, Jeanette Montejo, Nathaniel Montejo, Tito Montejo, Marvie Manas, Arnel Manas, Rommel Pantaleon, Gary Montejo, Elena Siguen who were at the center before 3 o'clock in the morning December 24th to start cooking.

Followed before 5 o'clock han aga by Lileng Manosa, Annie Manosa, Linda "Dos" Montejo, Sayong Manosa, Leonora Arcales to continue with the food preparation and cooking. To all my nephews and nieces: the "Montejos", "Smith", "Pantaleons", "Brassell", "Manas'", "Arcales'", who went around the community to hand out invitations, decorated the center, served food to the children, gave out candies, entertained, made sure everything was working smoothly, and cleaned after, thank you very much: Jeanette, Catherine, Bingbing, Nathaniel, Will, Liezel, Caycilene, Cayvin, Vincent, Gary, Juvy Ann, Ryan, Reymund, J-Poy, Jolena, Rommell, Jake, Randy, Edward, Rovena, Arnel, Sherelyn, Toto, Gillian, Leih Ann, Geneva, and Glenn David.

Thanks also to "Mr. Security" Tito , "Mr. Music Man" Genghis, and thank you for coming to help Johnny and to you Lilibeth, for cooking some of the rice. Thank you too to Nida and Imelda. We are looking forward to next chritmas meal. "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE". God Bless.

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Name:   John White
Address:   Tigdaranao Island, Tarangnan, Philippines
Date:   31/12/2006

I'm seeking to buy a House in Western Samar, the House should have 3-4 bedrooms. The house must be a fixed structure i.e. brick built/concrete. *All legal documents associated with the land must be in good order to ensure change of ownership is completed without delay and without any problems.

Communicate full details to Mr John White at: A reply will be sent within 24 hours.

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Name:   Lito Gaza
Address:   San Augustine, Gandara, Samar
Date:   31 Dec 2006

Maligaya at masaganang bagong taon po sa inyong lahat! Nawa'y mas higit po tayong pagpalain lahat ng ating poong maykapal sa taong 2007!!

Pag-ibig at kapayapaan sumainyo nawa. God bless all!!!

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Name:   Edna English
Address:    Dubai, UAE
Date:   31-12-2006

Happy new year sa aton tanan..Salamat Mr Ray sa SAMAR NEWS.COM dako nga salamat na may kit sini nga site...Hapi new year sa mga ka chat ko dinhi...

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Name:   Linda Nietes
Address:   2114 Trudie drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-2006, USA
Date:    December 30, 2006

Three years ago or so, I came across a book on SAMAR published by Sideslakes Press with email address: <> which incidentally is no longer in use. I wonder if anyone of you knows the author and the publisher of this book (whose complete title I can not remember), and if you do, would appreciate it if you can forward this email so that we can order more cps.

Likewise, if anyone of you reading this email knows of any book title or films/videos about SAMAR, do let me know. Pls send replies to <>. Many thanks and All the Best for 2007 to everyone !

Linda Nietes
Philippine Expressions Bookshop

The Mail Order Bookshop dedicated to Filipino Americans in search of their roots.

2114 Trudie Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-2006, USA
Tel (310) 514-9139 FAX (310) 514-3485

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Name:    Nancy Salentes
Address:    Makati City
Date:   12/29/2006

Happy birthday to my bestfriend Marife Abala on Dec. 31. May you have more blessings and good health. Kahit wala ako diyan sa celebration mo masaya na rin ako hanggat masaya ka. Wag kayo maglalasing ha? Tiyak Imbitado mo ang buong Munoz district.

Maupay nga bag-o nga tuig mga taga San Pablo Catbalogan ngan mga taga Bagacay Daram ha Salentes family at Abaigar family. Hinaut unta nga tagan kamo hin maupay nga lawas ngan malipayon nga bag-o nga tuig. Harani na it eleksyon upaya naman niyo pagpili hin kandidato nga may maupay nga panuyo para hit at probincya. Ayaw kamo pagpadara hin kwarta kay pag naubos adto na kita magbabasul. Maging wise voter tayo. huna-hunaa niyo nga makalolooy it at probincya. Unta nagka leksyon na kita hini nga mga pulitiko nga waray iniintindi kundi an ira mga kalugaringon nga interes. Mga taga Daram pagili kamo hin bise mayor nga maupay ayaw kamo pagpadara han mga pulong nga binukadbukan nga waray man nahihimo para hit kaupayan naton mga taga Daram.

Ray salamat madamo sa website. Merry xmas din sa iyo at sa pamilya mo. MABUHAY KA !

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Name:    Willy Aaron Ray
Address:   Samar
Date:    12/28/06

May the New Year 2007 be joyful, fruitful, and hopeful, without malice aforethought to anyone or anything but only celebratory attitude towards our existence and not gloomy attentiveness towards the tragic possibilities of life. Faith offers temporary relief to our outlook in life, negative or positive it maybe, but the New Year brings new you and new me.

Peace. Live long and prosper. Prospero ano y felicidad.

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Name:   Rosalie
Address:   7613 Falconwing Ave., Las Vegas, Nv. 89131, USA
Date:   12/27/06

Hi to all Batch '94 and hoping you guyz are having a goodtime with our alumni tonight....Who's winning the raffles now? I'm sure not me since i'm not there right now lol.... I also want to say hi to BAHAW, miss & love you all. And to Cling and Rene good luck for your coming baby....Ninang ako ha bahala utang permi lol.... To my family in Calbiga Samar, hoping that you had a wonderful and enjoyable Xmas. How was your party Mama? Hi anak, hopefully you can join us here early next year, we're very excited to see you. Take care always baby, ok and remember Mama loves you so much!

Anyone knows Jasmine Paldez (when she's single forgot her lastname now, sorry Jojo didn't mean it this way) the last time i heard about her is she's a teacher in San Jorje Samar. Pls tell her that i said hi & miss her too. Hi to Jen Cui Tuazon, how's everyone? pls email me.

Thanks Ray and God Bless us all !!! Happy New Year everyone !!!

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Name:   Edith Van de Wal
Address:   Belgium
Date: 12/25/06

Hello, Gen. Rafael, komosta!!! I hear frm Gay that u are a general now, Congratulation! and Merry christmas too!

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   25/12/06

Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year from the Big Apple to all my friends in Catbalogan City. Warmest regards to Dennis, Mike, and Amalia. I miss you guys and hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas, too, to you Mr. Ray Gaspay. Thanks a million for this wonderful site.

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Name:   MSg Eden Edwin O Javines PA
Address:   CMOG, PA, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila
Date:   24 December 2006

Elow, maupay nga Pasko sa aton nga tanan, akon gin kukumusta akon mga kasangkayan dida sa Calbayog especially sa Brgy Oquendo sa amon Purok 5 sa Sebulon. Akon Nanay Esing og mga kabugtuan, namely: Ramil, Venus, Joel, Jona, Michael og an ira mga Asawa maupay nga Pasko og Malipayon nga tiabot nga Bag-o nga Tuig. Sa amon Puto nga Bugto c Bitoy nga Karaslon sa 2007, kumusta nga planuha san maupay imo tidaraon nga Pagpapamilya.

Akon liwat ngay-mga Kadaan og Bata kumusta na kam liwat dida cra Mama Wening, Tiyo Ceasar, Mama Lourdes, Ate Cilda, Auntie Nieves sa Catbalogan og si Kuya Omic. Muapay liwat nga tidaraon nga Patron dida sa Oquendo VIVA SINYOR STO. NINO. Salamat nga madamo.

To Mr. Oliver Pugh, for your information more or less 2 weeks after Tyhoon struck Samar spicifically Calbayog, Electric Services completely shot downed for that period of time to include Telephone services and that maybe the main reasoned why you can't able to reached your fiance. Thank you and God Bless.

To Marivic Arpon of DECS, Cavite. For your information Cinco Family is in Catbalogan, in fact one of my Auntie married to Engr. Eddie Cinco. For further querries kindly get in touch using my email add. Thank you, Merry Xmas and Gob Bless.

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Name:   Genno Ballon
Address:   Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Date:   12/24/2006

Kumusta kamo ngatanan labis na an mga taga San Jose, Dulag, Leyte kanda Nanay Herminia, Tatay Primitivo, Mano Omek and family, Jun2x and Family, Solema, Raquel and Edwin. Nahidlaw na ako hin duro ha iyo, malooy han Ginoo magkirigta kita next year 2007 and Malipayon nala it iyo pag saurog yana nga Kapaskuhan labis hit tiarabot nga Bag-o nga Tuig. God Bless you all!

Hello to Auntie Amelda of Michigan, USA, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Name:   C. Daz
Address:   New York, New York
Date:  12/24/06

Madamo nga salamat ngadto han Moderator.

Thru this, kumusta han mga 'DAZ' dinhi ha Catbalogan. And also, kanda Leonila Jabonete, Susan Pontillas, Elias Dacuma, Mateo Faller. (College classmates). Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
Address:   Sydney, Australia
Date:   24/12/2006

Hello Samarnon! just wanna greet all ma relatives in pinas. Lalo na sa mga namet kong new friends when i was their last month. I really had fun wif ya people. I’m lookin forward to see ya again next year 2007. Merry xmas & a hapi new year to all of ya.god bless us. Thanx kuya Ray

If ya interested of visiting ma websites people...  -> Personal Website  -> About Zumarraga Samar, but still under const.  -> About San Isidro Zumarraga Samar  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #catbalogan #sohk #pasay  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #borongan -> About Mirc Undernet Server #shs-asylum Sacred Heart School Tacloban City  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #uc University Of Cebu




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Name:   Alona Mastelero-Strand
Address:   Skarvet 29, Tyssedal, Hordaland 5770, Norway
Date:   12/24/06

GOD JUL!! or Merry merry christmas sa mga kabugtuan ko ha Silanga, Cabugawan Buri airport, kaumangkunan, at kapaturan ka Catbalogan og ha Estaka Buri. At tanan nga akon kasangkayan dida ha Catbalogan!

To you Ray, Merry christmas! And more power!!!

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Name:   Jazmin Bonifacio
Address:   Radio Diwa Broadcasting Network, Burayan San Jose, Tacloban City
Date:   Dec. 23, 2006

Dear Mana Rose Donozo Strange,

Thanks for remembering me so kindly....di gad ako nakakalimot ha iyo labi na hi Marivic ngan Bodoy pati Mana Soli....i miss you so much...

Am so glad indeed na ada na kam and i hope you could visit me here in Tacloban.....Pls email me ha ak email address ......Again thank you and God bless!!

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Name:   Mr. Lito Gaza
Address:   Gandara, Samar
Date:   23 / 12 /2006

Hello Samar!

Merry Merry Christmas to all my relatives, friends, to the people of San Augutine, Gandara, to all Staff of SAMAR NEWS.COM and the whole Samar Region.

And wishing you all the best this coming New Year! GOD bless all!!!

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Name:   Ma. Teresa "Paela" Mil Husby
Address:   Daleveien 59, Brattvaag 6270, Norway
Date:   12/23/06

Merry xmas ha iyo nga tanan....Unta magkamay-ada kita hin mainuswagon ngan maupay nga bag-o nga tuig!!! akon gadla ig babati an akon parents na ada naukoy ha Brgy.9 Boa-ao MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ha iyo mama ngan tatay.....unta malipayon kamo bisan duha la kam na mag si-celebrate hit pasko ngan bag-o nga tuig.....:) ngan Hi liwat han ak cousin na ada nag iiskuyla hin nursing ha SSPC kan Robielyn Separa....and to all the staff of mabuhay ngan damo nga SALAMAT!!!

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Name:    Mila Ogania
Address:    2855 Rice St. #1015, Roseville, Minnesota 55113, USA
Date:   12-22-06

Robin MacDowell, i thank you so much for your respond..talking about Simion Ogania, I don’t have no dout of mind that he was one of my relative if he from Salcedo, i wish i could call them and talk to them, maybe see them someday..Robin, i hope its ok if i could call them..heres my number 651-442-3322..i thank you again....hope to hear from you soon, or i could write you too..Merry christmas to you and your family..i try to email u but they send it back to...

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Name:   Rommel Abuyen
Address:   Lot 3 Blk 8 4th St., Trinidad homes Subd., Manggahan, Pasig City, NCR 1611, Philippines
Date:   12-22-06

Hello mga kababayan!

Gin Kukumusta kola it ak mga paryentes dida ha Catbalogan Samar. An Tuazon Family, Perola Family, Abuyen family, labe ne gud it Mijares Family kon kilala pa nyo ak. hehehehe!

Mga friends bangin nag biling kamo hin house and lot, condominium unit, town house for sale didi ha Manila or Luzon makabulig ak ha iyo. Location: Makati city, Taguig city, Pasig city, Manila, Quezon city and Rizal area's..

Hino pa ba it magbubuligay kundi kita la gihap na taga Samar diba. A sya Merry X'mas nala ha iyo nga tanan nga mga taga Samar!!!!

Interested to buy property here in Manila and other area of Luzon you can call me at my mobile phone +639204852430 (remember buyer la na nagpapabiling hit property pwede tumawag ha ak ha diri nag bibiling hin textmate) hehehe! BYE!!!!

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Name:    Bing Tomasek
Address:   AZ 85282, USA
Date:    December 23, 2006

Kumusta mga kababayan ko. Merry X-mass and Happy New Year...Mr.Ray salamat sine na imo site. Ka bright mo talaga huweeeehhh. Ying, Sister Edna, Zena, Te ellie, Aslyn, Jude, mabuhay ang mga patay hehehehehehe. Adi nagpipinamutos ak san tubol para pan regalo joke lang! An totoo bagtik si Bing.

Ate Mary pasko na..Jean ok eh regards ta ikaw kay ate Mary. Bootan iton sya Jean ayaw la pag-alangan. Hala dinhe nala tub tub an akon surat kay baga gin kukurog na ak heheheheh. Take care guys and God bless u all..More blessings to come.

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Name:   Rainelda Estera-Tizon
Address:    Allen Avenue Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Dec 22, 2006


Belated happy birthday! Hope yo had a great time despite the loss of a loved one. My family still wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year. Give my regards to our bros. and sis also to my pamangkins, also to Mama.


Malda and family

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Name:   Ruby Cabanero
Address:   Oxnard 93035, California
Date:   December 20, 2006

To all Samarnon, merry merry christmas, and to the founder of the site. We can’t thank you enough, for having this site. Thru here, we meet new friends, that I’m so thankfull of, we get a chance to get re connected to our long lost friends, and the friends i have already im so thankfull to have you guy's Bing, ate Edna, ate Ellie, Aslyn, Aillen, Jm, Aurea, Gerap kon hain ka man, he he enjoy your vacation anyway, pare Jude, Ingrid, and Mae.

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Name:   Ellie Kässer
Address:    Germany
Date:   20th of December, 2006

Kumusta sa tanan ko nga mga relatives: Calbayog, Catbalogan, Basey, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Manila, USA, UK, ug Germany. Ilabi na gud sa akong Mama, Papa, ug mga kabugtoan, God bless you always. I´m looking forward for the family feast.
Warm regards sa tanan ko nga mga na sangkay dinhi: Edna, Bing, Ruby, Aslyn, Aurea, Zena, Badoy, Ingrid, Jude, Gerap, Zaldy, Simple, may you and your family celebrate a joyuos Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Ray Gaspay, salamat nga madamo hini nga site, nakakawara man gud hin mingaw han aton mahal nga Samar, at least may ada kami nakukuha nga mga bag-o nga news dida ha aton. More power and keep up the good work!!!! God bless.


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Name:    Emilia Braun
Address:   Imsbach 67817, Germany
Date:   19. Dec. 2006

Merry Chritmas & Happy New Year! ha Darahuway Daco, Kan Mana Lilia Moron & Family, Amparo Liguidliguid & Family, Samarnews team SALAMAT.

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Name:   A. Hayes
Address:   California, USA
Date:   December 19, 2006

Maligayang pasko at bagong taon sa family ko sa Balangiga Eastern Samar and my family in Tacloban and USA. Merry xmass happy new year sa lahat ng mga kakilala ko dito sa Samar chat room lalo na sa web host owner Ray gaspay maraming salamat saiyo and your family kahit sa papaano nakakalasap kami ng balita dyan sa Samar.

Mwaaaaaaaa sa mga amiga ko ,,, bing, edna, u guyzzzzzzz Take care.

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Name:    Joey Casis
Address:    Torrance, California 90501, USA
Date:   Dec 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jack Casis and Merry Christmas to the CASIS family of Catbalogan.

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Name:   Mila Ogania
Address:    2855 Rice St .#1015, Roseville MN 55113
Date:   12-18-06

Robin MacDowell, how do you know Somo-oc family…could you please let me know about this coz im looking for my Moms brothers that live in Eastern Samar…you can e-mail me ok thanks and merry christmas to you and your family hope you can read this. Also merry christmas to all Samarnon and new years too....

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Name:    Edna English
Address:    Dubai 5775, UEA
Date:   18-12-2006

Hello sa mga ka friends ko sa chatroom at sa amon site hello NAPURONIANS musta na kam!!! Hello liwat san akon chat friend Aurea nasin si Zaldy sa Tacloban, Taga Calbayog at Sta Margarita maupay na pasko sa iyo tanan sa aton tanan ngay an!!!! Hello san akon friend nasa Japan siya yana-taga Leyte siya Hi Day < Carmelita Regis mizuno> Merly Chan sa Hongkong.

Hi mads musta!!! To Vangie Albos kon hain man siya yana kumusta nala sangkay taga Catbalogan siya. Pero nasa America siya sa yana diri la ak maaram apilyido ng mister niya. Sa mga old friends ko sa Hongkong, Salamat sini nga siite,,,Mabuhay Samar News....Best regards Edna.....................P.s Aslyn adi bumalik an surat ko para sa imo, yana pala dara ni Fafa tikang sa opiz.... Hello Ruby-Jhude. Ate Ellie-Ingrid-Lhangka Zena-Gerap-badoy-Aslyn & Bing!!

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Name:   Jean Flores
Address:   IL, USA
Date:   18 December 2006

Bing Tomasik,

I C, kababayan mo pala si Mary Hayes. Ang akala ko Tagalog siya. Yon kaibigan ko sa San Diego na lagi tumatawag sa kanya Tagalog yon. Bing, kindly e-regards mo nalang ako kay Mary Hayes kung makausap mo siya. Nahihiya ako tumawag sa kanya. Thanks.

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Name:   Ricky
Address:    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date:   Dec 18 2006

SEASON's GREETINGS TO THE LABUTAP & ANIANO FAMILY in Guiuan E. Samar and to my former classmates and friends from SSSAT.

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Name:   Robin Mac Dowell
Address:    1659 Rondeault Rd., Cowichan Bay, British Columbia V0R 1N1, Canada
Date:    Dec.17/06

I'd like to wish a merry xmas and happy new year to Linda, Christopher, Sara and the rest of the Somo-oc family in Beunavista, Manicani, love you all miss you!!!

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Name:    Mark Dwayne Buzzard
Address:    3102 SW Brookeline Drive, Ankeny, IA 50023-8893, USA
Date:   12/17/2006

Hi Ray,

We are looking for some property and a vehicle for our family in Egot. Can you add a want ad section to your online news for your area? Or is there another link you know of?

This is a great site that helps us stay in touch with what is going on locally in Catbalogan and the surrounding area. Love it! You are doing a great job!

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