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Name:   Jenny Feliu
Address:   Rda Universidad 33, Barcelona, Spain
Date:   Mar 22 / 07

I was in Leyte last February for vacations, and now Im back here in Barcelona, Spain!!!

Gimingaw ko kaayo sa Leyte 1 month is NOTHING when Im in vacations so I will be back again in Leyte this coming June...Samar and Leyte is the best place to have relax and around...So see you soon. Kumusta sa taga Samar ug taga LEYTEÑOS...

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   March 21, 2007

To Abby Garado, Santiago Tamidles, & Cesar Torres:

First, let me thank Ms. Garado for the comment she has posted early on. It is true that while Samar is in total darkness right now, Samar's youth are our only hope to get out of the pit of poverty and misery. As long as there is a free press like, there's still hope. My contribution may not necessarily be on the frontlines of the battle for socio-political-economic transformation of Samar but I am voicing out my concerns so others may be enlightened. Speaking out the realities of Samar's frailties is one way to carve awareness among our people. My hope is for you to choose your own little way of changing the current situation in Samar. Thank you for your adulation!

Second, let me thank Mr. Tamidles for his deep concern of Samar. We sure need your expertise in teaching to help teachers become better teachers. The public school system in Samar is in disarray especially those in the hinterlands of Samar where classes are cut short because of the unvailability of teachers or that the teachers travel so far that most days are lost to travelling the far distances. You should probably offer scholarships to those in the hinterlands so they could go back to the mountains to teach their kababaryos. Sending a scholar to TTMIST or to Samar State University (SSU) is cheap. One sumptous meal in Bronx, NY could pay for one scholar's board & lodging for a month. Don't just come back to the Philippines during your vacations, give back. Giving back is far better than just coming back. You could even ask your American students (please clear this with the headmaster/principal or you'll be in trouble) to donate used books so these could be given to high school students in Oquendo. You will realize later that the biblical injunction "to whom much has been given, much more shall be required" is true. And the adage, "it is better to give than to receive" is correct. Again, your deep concern for Samar will allow you to do more. Start one and you'll realize that you are doing more favor to your self than to others when you share your God-given talents & resources.

Third, the panganugon and pagdayaw of Mr. Cesar Torres is both a praise and an insult. One positive point on the praise and one negative point on him calling me an "elitist" So, in a way, it was worthless. But, I thank him for the work he does in the US for the Philippines and for Samar. He is one soul we Samarnon should be proud of. His support of initiatives to alleviate the conditions of those in Samar is worthy of our gratitude. I wish that he could send more dollars to offer more scholarships to Villahanon so that schools in Villareal will be staffed by qualified teachers. I wish that he could write more letters of concern to public officials, especially that he usually brush his shoulders with powerful people, to petition the government to finish the road to Villareal. Use his connections and organizations to push for real social changes in Samar. Encourage and energize the Katbaloganon organization (I think there are chaptes in the US) or other US-based Samarnon organizations to be more social agents of change than mere social organizations showing the latest fashions. His column in a Filipino newsweekly should be used to bring more awareness of the conditions of the ordinary Johnny dela Cruz in Samar so that those Samarnons who have gained so much material blessings be touched to give back something to the place where their climb to success started.

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Name:   Roy Arabejo
Address:    26 Middle st., Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia
Date:   20 March 2007

Hello Samarnon, I'm glad to find this website. What a great job. There are other site much older than this, but you set it up nicely. Bow ako sa iyo! The sad thing though is most complains are about our complex and problems. Well, I supposed its okay because it will help resolve our sorrows. Poru na la problema an reklamo, about politics mostly. The debate of Catbalogan to be a City. I don't know what's the problem with that! If its for progress, then be it. The rest of the island will progress as well. Then there is the long problem of NPA.

Its new generation now. Its about time we come to our senses that violence is not the answer, however you think your idea is the best. Life is not like the movies. It is obviously for self satisfaction and not to serve to humanity in a humane way. It's a new world now, its time to embrace one another and forget the past and get invovled to a better one. More new knowledge and wisdom of the coming years. It's space time in fact already. Don't waste our remaining lives for an idea that's old. Have fun more in an open and clear heart without negative input. It's more uplifting when we can make a child smile in simple ways. Sorry, I did'nt mean to make sermon. I got carried away.

I just want to share my good feeling of the more closeness relationship of our people in the future because of sites like this. I was born in Calbayog and still proud of it and proud of Calbayog for its existence. It's a symbolic place, build out of love. I like to say hello to my old friends there and to stay strong. Maybe it God's fate for us in Samar that we did not progress like other places.

Now we can be the one ahead when it comes to eco-tourism and the likes of it. New ideas will be created again from scrap. Once again education is the key. Anyway, everything will be fine for all of us, our children if we keep on advocating in peaceful means. There's a new saying; Tolerance + Cooperation = PEACE! Some of you would say, sabi ko lang iyan dahil malayo ako sa atin, nasa labas ka. Hindi ko alam ang talagang nangyayari! Well, fair enough, my body maybe out, but my deeper love of our place is greater because its inside of me and very spiritual. In my daily thoughts and prayer I always include the goodwill of home. I just happen to be a hunter in a different way and one day will go home to bring what I made. No matter how humble it might be and there are millions of us outside but thinking inside. Just like the hunters in the old days, during Lapu-lapu time.. They go and sail out of Samar and go to other islands and comes back home with some goodies.

I love you all...sayawan at karanta na! If you want to see more of me and my clowning acts check this; If anything I can do to help please contact me and I hope old friends that remembers me will do as well.

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Name:   Butchoi
Address:    Baybay, Borongan City 6800, Eastern Samar
Date:   03/19/07

Congrats Borongan City...CHEERS!!! accept local surftour, surf lesson surfguide..

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Name:   Amormina Amor
Address:   West Side Studios, West 94th St., New York, USA
Date:   March 18, 2007

I was so happy to find this website and kudos to Mr. Ray Gaspay for having the foresight to create Samar News and for doing such a terrific job. Damo nga salamat, Mr. Gaspay.

I was born in Catbalogan City and have very fond memories of my childhood days especially my friends in Pier Uno (remember an aton pangarigo ha pier kada Domingo labi na gud kon taob) and high school at Samar National School. I treasure my Catbalogan experience very much. For me, it was the happiest I've had - lots of fun, carefree, wonderful friends and teachers and hospitable people. I sure hope to visit Catbalogan City soon!

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Name:   Alona Mastelero-Strand
Address:   Skarvet 29, Tyssedal 5770
Date:   03/17/07

Maupay nga adlaw Catbaloganon! Karuyag ko gad la magbaton han akon classmate nga nakakita dinhiha akon. Mamay nawawad-an na ako hn pag-asa kay 7 yrs mula han una ko nga pag messaged, yana la may nakakita! at nag-email pa god hiya dayon! Kaya gusto ko magpasalamat sa classmate ko nga aada naukoy Barangay Mercedes, Catbalogan City. Uyyyy city na pala ang CATB! Congrats!!

Hallo Sonia Lumiares! TAKK! (SALAMAT) Sige email ko ang yahoo ko sayo para makapag-chat tayo, pag may time tayo pareho...oras kc dito ay iba, yana nga winter time 7hrs una dida.. but we try.... ok?

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Name:   Nora Pialane
Address:   73 Guy Racicot, Oka, Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Date:   March 16, 2007

Hala kariko tana ngay an!!! Mayda na kit web site...... He he he...Mayaman!!! Balitaw maupay ine Ray Gaspay keep up the good work...Good job!!!

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Name:   MSg Eden Edwin O. Javines PA
Address:    CMOG, PA, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila
Date:   150855 March 2007

Maupay nga Aga igkasi ko Samarnon especially mga taga Calbayog, Oquendo cympre kon diin ako nagtapos san grade ngan high school. Akon dako nga pasalamat sa Ginoo nga may ada kami Kababayan nga aada na yana sa nagkadurudiin nga estado sa Amerika special mention AYONG FAMILY ngan si Mano Santi O. Tamidlis.

May kababata ako sa Oquendo nga Alan Tamidlis an ngaran dire ako sure related siya sa iyo Mano Santi? Akon unta tuyo sa iyo nga aada yana sa America nga mga Calbayognon og cympre an mga Oquenduhanon nga buligan ta gad aton Oquendo especially sa pan-edukasyon, ubos na uraura an kalidad san pan-eskwela sa aton grade ngan high school.

Pinaage sa iyo amon hingyap nga unta magkamay-ada COMPUTER an aton anay guintikangan nga ESKWELAHAN kay kairo san mga kabataan nga nangingiskwela dida kumpara sa iba nga School. Kay kon ako la nga urdinaryo nga Sundalo nga retirerable na sa serbisyo waray ako mahihimo kon akon ini lulugaringan, sanglit pinaagi sa iyo nanangaro gad kami bulig basin pa man matuman an mga Pangandoy san aton mga kabataan nga Oquenduhanon ngan upod na ira mga Kag-anak nga magkamay-ada na COMPUTER an Oquendo Elementary and High School sa dire maiha nga panahon tungod sa iyo dako nga Tambulig.

An iyo mga pakig-usisa bahin sa akon hingyap idiritso nala sa Namumo yana sa aton eskwelaha ngan sa PTA. Salamat nga madamo...

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Name:   Abby GaRado
Address:   San Fransisco, CA
Date:   Mar 13, 2007

BRAVO!!! Ever since I have been visiting SAMAR NEWS.COM and reading comments from various and concerned kababayans about the current political conditions from our home province, I never been so impressed and felt soooooo prouuuuud until after reading Mr. Antonio Morales opinion on "people whom we should be ashamed as our fellow Samarnons". He is a straight shooter, who shoot from the hip.

For me, Mr. Morales, sounded very well verse about the political, judicial, social and economic conditions of our home province -Samar.

I have not met him (Mr. Morales) but, I hope and pray, that he will enter into political arena in the future. I can feel in him that he has that genuine concern to transform our province where its inhabitants will have a better future. "Mr. Morales, SALUDO god ako haimo".

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Name:   Andresito R. Geli
Address:   178 Finborough road, London UK, SW10 9AH
Date:   March 14 2007

To all my family in Villareal W. Samar and relatives maupay nga pangungumusta haiyo nga tanan sana maayos kamo gihapon dida at kami didi amo gihapon nagtratrabaho para makaraos at mga kabugtuan ako may siring unta at harani na liwat iton election ayaw naman kamo pagpadara hiton mga yakan nga waray deriction para waray pagbasulan kay maaram man kamo iton mga istorya ha aton puro buwa pag-ada na hiton puwesto nalimot na iton iyo iboto iton bag-o kay mabulig ito anay kay inusente pa ito iton datihan antigo naito puro bursa iton project hito ok salamat nala ha Samar news com

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York , USA
Date:   13 March 2007

It's really outrageous and shameful that Calbayog's Mayor Sarmiento and his ilk continue to derail Catbalogan's cityhood application. I, for one, don't buy his argument that approving Catbalogan's cityhood will violate the Philippine Constitution specifically the equal protection clause. In my book, Sarmiento's vehement opposition to Catbalogan's cityhood is pure ENVY, simple and true. Furthermore, whether Sarmiento likes it or not, he can't stop progress and Catbalogan City will move on!

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Name:   Sir W. A. Ray
Address:   Samar
Date:  March 12, 2007

Recently, there's a hightened interest from some circles on the "who's who" of Samarnons "who made a difference" that left lasting imprints in our collective memory. But while it's true that many lives have been made bearable by their propensity to follow egalitarian ideals, the misery index as defined by hard times has always been constant if not higher than ever.

I can think of two components of the misery index, namely, the tangible and as well as the intangible portions. The former consists of the visible or actual component such as dearth of jobs, neglected infrastructure, inequality of opportunity, and peace and order in towns and the countrysides. The level of sufferings among the people due to the above conditions can hardly be quantified even without considering the intangible component of the misery index.

The later components or intangible forces are; corruption, duplicity, despair, deprivation and destitution. These are part and parcel of human nature that contribute immensely to the misery index among Samarnons. They are so ingrained in society that good meaning people such as those who made a difference can't reverse the momentum; they can only minimized the cruel impact on the suffering Samarnons.

The misery index's life's cruel reality that may never end unless more citizens join forces and begin a new era of a happiness index where peace and prosperity are no longer a impossible dream. And more people who can make a difference may come to the fore since there's always room for more.

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   March 14, 2007

An ungod na kayamanan hiton probinsya han Samar diri an mga kakahoyan hiton iya kagugub-an, diri an mga maaani hiton iya kapatagan, diri iton mga isda hiton iya kadagatan, kundi an iya mga katawhan nga andam maghatag han ira pinakalabi para han ira igkasi. People who made a difference of doing their best above the rest are the best. Samar is not replete of those kind of people and let me cite five individuals who are making their marks in the world:

DON MABULAY. I saw him on TV defending the defenseless forests of Samar against the might of Senator Enrile's legal team. He was effective because he was perceived to be weak. But it was that perception of weakness that made him strong. His anecdotes and jokes made him more powerful than the luminary Atty. Poblador who kept on citing provisions after provisions of law while Don was simply telling stories after stories of real people. He exemplified the kindred spirit of Samarnons in general but everybody knows that he means business when the time demands for it.

FR. NOEL LABENDIA. I knew him during our high school days at the venerable Samar National School. I knew then that he could rock boats because his principles are rock solid. When he led the charge to expose the abuses in the capitol, he did not waver. Now that the case is before the Sandiganbayan, he could be one Samarnon we could be thankful for. He stood mightily against the powers that be when everybody else just kept their silence.

PAG-IBIG PRESIDENT AND CEO ROMERO F.S. QUIMBO. I am not proud of Supreme Court Associate Justice Eddie Nachura nor of GMA's political adviser Gabby Claudio but somebody in the government whom we could all be proud is another native Samarnon Atty. Romero Quimbo. He is President and CEO of Pag-IBIG Fund. As one of the awardees for the The Outstanding young Men (TOYM), his leadership skills in making Pag-IBIG alive and kicking is exemplary. Go to his website at to know more about this man who is trying to change the image of a government institution long known for inefficiencies and corruption. He could be one bright light in GMA's government.

RAY GASPAY. Whatever motivates this guy is simply amazing. Having to put up a news outfit in the internet for Samar is not necessarily financially rewarding. Who would advertise in the internet from Samar when majority are still fanatics of DYMS? The unholy hours spent updating the web is taxing but this guy is not complaining. For his innovative ways in connecting Samarnons from all over the globe, he is one Samarnon we could all be proud of.

CHARO NABONG-CABARDO. She is the queen of any initiatives that is non-governmental. Her love for Samar is unquestionable. She could have been the best vice mayor of Catbalogan but people in Samar choose trash over gold. Her leadership in espousing causes considered irritating to some is one example why she is above the rest. From protecting the inland forests of Samar to protesting the government for the hellish roads in Samar, her voice is always like a sound of a gong of hope and renewal.

May we have more people like them. They are Samar's true treasures. They may be few compared to the ones I've mentioned early on as simply shameful Samarnons but let their numbers increase.

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Name:    Andresito R. Geli
Address:   178 Finborough Road, London SW10 9AH, UK
Date:   March 13 2007

Regards to my home town Villareal W. Samar haiyo ngatanan labi nagud kanda nanay tatay akon mga kabugtuan kapaturan kasangkayan longtime no see i mis mga pagkaon dida mga sariwa isda at lalo na tuba at may opud nga kinilaw waray ini didi ha London.

Anyway lets come to politics harani naman iton election habilin kola haiyo akon mga kadugo ayaw kamo pagpagamit hini nga mga tawo nga nabubuhi ha politiko kay dire la ini hira osa kaadlaw nga malingkod kon sakali ngan ayaw niyo igbaligya iton iyo mga botos ha gutiay nga kantidad ika nga sa tagalog bareya panhunahuna kamo mga kapaturan kay natuod ako iton tawo nga nabubuhi ha pilitiko hudya na makawat pa tapos kay waray na yana maungod mga masiring mabulig ako pag mayor na ako para hiton mga tawo mapipili iton tawo nga sugad hito para dire kamo magbasol sa bandang huli kay amo ito mag iinaringasa kamo kon nagsisinalbahi na hiton iya puwesto kay bumisita ako ha Villareal forum sa web.

Kadamo hiton mga cunclosion batikos puro mga taga dida gihapon ha puwesto iton issue kay amo ito kamo iton sayop kay igin botos niyo okey mga kamag-anakan paalaala lamang para waray pagbasulan thanks again to Samar news com and more power god bless para sa mga kapwa ko waray.

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Name:    Jason Amantillo
Address:   Brgy. Amantillo pobl., Marabut, Samar
Date:   march 13 2007

Maupay nga gabi ha aton nga tanan nga mga Samarnon. Ha pagkayana adi ako ha bukid hit Gandara Samar ngan cellphone la ak ginagamit pagpost nganhi. Gusto ko kamo ma invite han bungto han MARABUT SAMAR.

Usa nga pinaka gutiay nga bungto han Samar pero amo an pinaka dire maupay nga bungto para ha ak pag abot ha pamunuan. Kon makadi kamo ha Marabut makakasabot kamo kon ano it kabutangan hit am bungto. Am mga opisyales labi na it mayor baga grabe gud it ka matuyaw-tuyaw. Good luck nala ha imo honorable mayor ABRAHAM FERRERAS! tagan kapa unta hin halaba nga kinabuhi ngan dadamo ng chicks! Ngan damo nga kwarta pa unta it sumulod ha imo bursa..

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Name:   Glenn Gloton
Address:   Can-avid, Eastern Samar
Date:   Marso 13, 2007

Maupay nga Aga mga igkasi ko Samarnon, paningkamot kamo akon mga igkasi Samarnon labi na gud it mga nasimpatiya o nadapig sa mga terorista nga komunista sa Sinirangan Bisayas upod ta si Fr. Salas. Hain kamo yana? amo ini akon simple nga pamakiana ha iyo mga kablas ko nga igkasi Samarnon nga guin lilinansi han iyo guin aampuan nga hi Jose Maria Sison upod na hi Fr. Salas. Nag-aatos kamo hin duro nga kakurian upod na an sobra nga kagutom waray panahon para ikaduyog it iyo mga minahal ha kinabuhi nga pipira na ka tuig waray niyo ig kita kay sige kamo pagtitinago ha mga militar o sa katilimban nga mamurayaw.

Hain na kamo yana mga igkasi ko Samarnon?...Amo ini it iyo sitwasyon dinhi ha Samar nga nagpadayon pakigpatok ha gobyerno samtang it iyo mga lider adto ha mga Dagko nga Lugar sugad ha Manila mga naka-aircondation rooms og dagko nga mga balay, labaw pa hi Joma nga pipira ka mga adlaw nakita ha television nga nagrarayhak padis pa hi Ara Mina nga naglipaylipay. Klaro na mga Kabugtuan ko nga it iyo mga nakolekta ha mga Kablas nga mga katawhan upod na it pangutong ha mga manggaranon nga mga negosyante denhi ha Sinarangan Bisayas guin wiwinaldas hit iyo mga Lider labi na hi Joma Sison waray pakigduyog han kakurian nga natagamtaman dida hit iyo pagtitinago.

Hain na an iyo idolohiya ngan prinsipyo ko no nga guin pupuhunan hit iyo waray kwenta nga pakigbisog? Panahon na para kamo magmata han mga ungod ngan klaro nga panlasi ha iyo han iyo mga Lider ha sulod han iyo waray pulos nga pakigbisog. Mata na kamo Sangkay samtang may panahon pa para bag-uhon iyo nga kinabuhi...pipira pa nga mga kinbuhi han mga taga Samar an isasakripisyo sa kapritso han iyo mga Lider para masustintuhan it ira Burgis nga kahimtang sa mga aircondition rooms, pagmata na igkasi ko Samarnon...

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Name:    Sonia Lumiare
Address:   Bgy Mercedes, Catbalogan City
Date:   12-02-07

I just want to say hello, to my sister mana in Canada, hope mabasa mo itong sulat ko. Were missing you a lot. And also to my brother in Singapore wish to hear from u.

Hi to Alona Mastelero Strand, my classmate hope we can talk, if u have time call me on my mobile phone. +639064928365. Miss u classmate. Hope u can come on our Alumni this coming 23-28 April.

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Name:   Santiago O. Tamidles
Address:   160 Euclid Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11208, USA
Date:   March 12, 2007

Sa mga kababayan na taga-Samar ug Calbayognon,

Kumusta na kamo ngatanan? Magpapakilala ako sa iyo. Ako si Santi Tamidles who graduated from Christ the King College in 1969 - went to teach in the hinterlands (at the heart of Samar wilderness circa 70s), moved to Manila and taught in La Salle Green Hills and then Ateneo de Manila and now here in New York, USA.

Before migrating to New York, I used to teach at Calbayog Pilot School for 7 years, at La Salle Green Hills for 4 years and at the Ateneo Grade School for 23 years - at maraming mga Samareno ang nag-aral doon. Siyempre mga mayayaman - the likes of Rosales, Mabini, Nachura, Pecson, Tuazon, Lim and the other big shots from Samar. Marami rin akong naging students from the national figures - the likes of grandchildren of Cory Aquino, mga anak ng justices, government officials, etc.

Why am I sharing all these? Nakakaawa kasi ang ating Samar kung ihahambing sa accomplishments ng ibang lugar. Bakit poor na poor ang Samar hanggang ngayon? People like us who uprooted ourselves from the poverty in Samar did have better chance to succeed elsewhere. Does it mean we forget Samar? No.

In view of this, let me know what I can do to help uplift our people. I always come home (in Marikina) every summer (summer in USA is July-Aug) to recharge myself. I can be invited as speaker to teachers' conferences. I can conduct seminars about the latest trends in education which I learned in Ateneo and now here in New York. Just let me know. I can give it free of charge. Other details will follow.

I hope in my own little way, I can share the resources I acquired through years of exposure in the field of education.

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Name:   Nora Pialane
Address:   Canada
Date:   March 08, 2007

Maupay nga adlaw haiyo Tomo ug Cesar,

Naintrega ako hin nga akon nabasa hiunong hiton problema ha Eastern Samar. Taga Oras ak. Nora Pialane tak ngaran. Yadi ako ha Montreal Canada. Karuyag kola nga ipahibaro nga kon on going pa iton nga iyo pag kolekta hin bulig finansyal, Kagab e kopala in kabasa. Bisan namanla gutiay makabulig ako. Dire la ako maaram kon paano madangat ha iyo Tomo.

Usa ako nga may problema pag taga tuna. Nagpalit ako hin lote ngada nga nadoble an akon pag bayad, tapos wara la gihap ihatag. Akon la ngahaw patod an pinalitan. Makaharadlok kay gin bantaan akon pamilya nga pamatayon kami kon mag interes pa kami hiton nga tuna! dipala ine maiha nga nahinanabo. Kahuman pagbantaan ak pamilya pira kaadlaw adto gin kastigo akon bugto. Pag sample adto nga maungod hiya pag patay. Police ine nga tawo. Takay hiya iton chief of police hit amon bungto, ngan ira iton administrasyon mayor, ngatanan hagtaas nga pagkatawo, iya kauropdan. Mayda bugto ha America.

May ada scum hine nga mag asawa para pangutang di nabayad. Dako it balay, kon kulawan nim akala mo mga gig rikohi balitaw mga tikang hin pan lugo hit mga pobre. Bisan pa imbistigaran it bug os nga Oras haros sahid inutangan it tawo. Kon dire la ngahaw kahadlok damo mag ka gawas nga tawo pag atubang haira takay hadlok man kay mga violent ine nga tawo.

Naglalarang kami pag uli kay manginano konta ako hine nga problema, siring hit akon kabugtuan nga ayaw nala pag inuli kay dilikado ka papatayon ka! Bangin pa hiunong imo asawa, ngan mga anak. Kairo la nim wara kita laban kay mga pobre la kita. Yana kay mag retire it ak asawa asya iton nga mauli kami ngada ha Pilipinas. Ngan karuyag ko mag kamay ada kontak kan Tomo ug hin o man dida nga namomono hiton nga organisasyon kay mabulig ako. Angay kita umaro hin tambulig hiton hagtaas nga otoridad nga panginanuon it Samar. Laganap iton illegal drugs, tulis, panmatay. Iton nahinanabo hit aton bungto matira matibay. Salit bisan ka may ada gutiay nga kwarta puhunan pag negosyo ngan matagan hin trabaho iton mga tawo makaharadlok ngahaw pag negosyo.

Maupay konta makaaro kita hin tambulig tagan kita hin proteksyon nga sigurohon iton kaligtasan hit mamamayan. Ngan tagan hin paagi iton mga pobre kon kan konay angay dumaraon hin pag aro hin bulig.

Angay gad ine nga shabu ma stop. Tagan hin knowledge iton mga tawo nga ine nga shabu naparaot gud hit ulo. BATA tigurang nangagamit. Labot la hiton nga problema ada manlalapi mga karabaw hiton mga pobre nga parag oma. Kairo gad udog hit aton bungto. Wara ga udog mga awod iton iba mga tawo mapatay, makawat, mabuhat bisan ano ma masiring la nga mga riko hira. It akon nala hit kay diman kami it akon pamilya tiato! kay wary man mahimo. Siring konala kaupay kon higagabaan!!! Pero kay papatayon nala ak niya hiton nga nag banta ha am, dire ko it iaatras it ak katongdanan!

Sige padayon ipaglaban aton karapatan.

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Name:   Lorelie Quimbo
Date:   8 Mar 2007

An akon Top (Ten) Samarenyos:

1. Hi Man Telly Corrige - mutaon pa an akon mga mata nga nakaon hin pandesal, nagpipinatukar na.

2. Man Igle - labot la han iya tamarindo, kuryosidad para ha Catbalogan, pareho kan:

3. Benjie Yboa - nagpatawa hira nga duha ha akon.

4. Jessica Misagal - plywood ngan butter cake

5. Salug istambays - han katumba ko hiunong han bikag, guintabangan nira an akon kag-anak (naturo an akon luha).

6. Man Sabina - para han iya baduya ngan salukara. Pasensiya na an Zumarraganhons kay waray man ako pakatilaw han ira salukara.

7. Hi Man Mic Talagon - para han iya mga komiks.

8. Hi Man Dada - para han iya kanguyitan.

9. Man Plora - halo-halo ngan iya mga sura.

10. Gemini Loreno, Berna Yboa and Family, Sising Talagon, Man Conching Araza, an mga Darasin, Florencio Quimbo and Family, Man Joe ngan han iya mga hostess api na an iya mga parokyano labi na an buktot nga pirmi sputing nakasakay han motorsiklo, Bible Baptist Churchgoers singing "Why worry, if you can pray?", the Candaris, Henry nga sapatero, Puring Chu and Family, an pamilya ni Michael Designer Cinco, an mga nasangkayan ha compound ni Eryang, Alda Arteche and Family - and yes, the band!, hi Man Tuyay, man Azon and the Corrige clan, Betty Lapara and Family. Ngatanan hira nagparisyo han akon kinabuhi. I miss all of them.

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Name:   Iñaki G. Sagadal
Address:   Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati
Date:   03-08-2007

Maupay nga adlaw sa aton ngatanan mga bugto ko mga waray. Taga Calbayog city ako, pero adi na ak yana sa Makati City nagtatrabaho ug naukoy. Maiha na nga panahon nga waray ak makauli ngadto sa amon, kay bisan an Catbalogan nga syudad na yana waray pa ak mahingada. Unta makabisita ak sa iyo lugar.

Please double clik the link to see more of me, thanks!

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Name:   Napa-id
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   8 Mar 2007

Karuyag ko la magreact ngada hit Calbayognon...labi na gud hit era mayor...nga makusog nga natipa hit pagiging ciudad hit Catbalogan...karuyag namon ipahibaro ha era nga ha una pa naging ciudad na unta an Catbalogan...kay una na pa kami nga naging progressibo nga bungto kontra han Calbayog...ika 2 naging ciudad la an Calbayog dara kay guinsakop nira an mga lugar nga angayan na maging bungto sugad hit rason han mayor han Calbayog kay unconstitutional an pagiging ciudad han Catbalogan....ngan maeebanan an IRA han mga Ciudad...

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