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Name:   Felipe B. Maglana Jr.
Address:    San Policarpo, Calbayog City, Samar
Date:    April 8, 2007

Every year around April 9, I remember my maternal grandfather, Basilio Señora Balza who was fondly called Mr. Balza or Ilyong. It’s strange, you may think, that I remember him not on his birthday, and neither on his death anniversary. He was, for a long time a public school teacher, like his wife, in barrio San Policarpo, Calbayog, Samar when the Second World War broke out. The barrio leaders, government workers and officials then organized volunteers in July 1942 for the defense of the place from the Japanese occupying forces. Before the arrival of the Japanese soldiers in the area, he had already the list of officers and members of the voluntarios, as he was elected secretario de los voluntarios.

When the Japs arrived the schools were momentarily closed. He did not volunteer to teach or train under the occupying forces’ educational system. He was the contact person of the voluntarios’ intelligence gathering. While the other volunteers went to the mountains to be guerillas fighting the Japs in ambuscades or skirmishes, he stayed in the barrio as a listening post, and to aid the guerillas giving whatever resources he could. Giving material aid to the guerillas was the most difficult thing to do then because money was hard and trying to eat a meal a day was a trying task. From the catch of his fish-pens called bono-an and pa-ugmad, he engaged in barter trade, bartering his fresh catch and dried fish with other scarce commodities like rice, root-crops, clothing, thereby sending goods and funds to the guerillas.

As his name became hot to the locals who volunteered intelligence work with the Japs, policemen or Makapili’s and other moles, started visiting his house at night, knocking on the door, calling his name, and advising him to discontinue his support to the guerillas. He did not answer, dared open his door, nor peeked outside because, by their voice, he already knew who were calling him. Some of them were fellow teachers who already swore allegiance to the Japs. They were insistently asking for his list of the officers and members of the voluntarios. It was a blessing that his house was closely surrounded by many houses near the seashore. His nocturnal visitors did not dare to forcibly enter for fear that neighbors hear it and come to help Ilyong and his family.

When he was tipped that anytime Japanese soldiers will come to arrest him and force him to reveal the officers and members of the volunteers operating in the area, he did not waste time. He soon left with his wife, mother-in-law, and six children, the eldest was fourteen and the youngest was a few months old. Bringing what basic needs and clothing on their backs, they left shortly after midnight from San Policarpo to Basud where they were picked up by a sailboat, locally called bilos, for Corocawayan, Kamandag Island, Samar. The Japs did not reach Kamandag Island during the war. There Ilyong stayed with his family and continued his support to the guerillas until the American Forces arrived and liberated Samar and Calbayog. By keeping his register of the voluntarios from the Japs he saved them from the ire and imminent death in the hands of the occupying forces.

SSG Basilio Balza was an element of WSS 93rd Div AUSA (F23), ASN-Unk Inf, whatever those abbreviations mean. He was hesitant to follow up his registration as a guerilla-volunteer after the war because he was earning as a teacher, having returned to teaching in public school in San Policarpo, Calbayog, Samar. Besides, he often asked in his crisp Visayan accent “Bayran ba di-ay ang paglaban sa imong isig ka-tawo ug sa yutang natawhan?” (Must one be paid for defending your fellowmen and your homeland?) He died at the age of 56 of tetanus, in 1957. People from different walks of life paid their last respects to him making his interment day a non-working day in our place. When I was in high-school my grandmother Crispina asked me if it was possible that another man who stood as Ilyong could have claimed guerilla benefits of her husband. I did not have the answer.

I hurriedly scribbled this as recollections of my grandfather’s challenged life come to mind, as once again the day of valor is just 'round the corner. Previously called Bataan Day, as a tribute to men who fought during World War II, April 9 is now Araw ng Kagitingan, a day of valor. If our present government declared overseas workers as the new heroes, I strongly feel that my grandpa, my war hero, is a real hero!

Many Thanks to our host.

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Name:   Nelson
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   April 8, 2007

Hi All! I posted few pictures of Good Friday celebration here in Catbalogan to my site under My Blog section. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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Name:   Cecile Impens
Address:   Brussels, Belgium
Date:   April 6, 2007

Arroyo will go down in history like Marcos! [insight] Well, I really hoped so! But the question is when? Arroyo clings to power at whatever price. After the Garci scandal that put her honesty in questions, then the corruption scandals that implicates her son and husband, the fertilizer scams, the extrajudicial killings of journalists, religious personnages and labor leaders who dared to confront her undemocratic governance and there must be more still to be exposed. Despite of the recent judgment against Arroyo government by PTT in La Hague, Arroyo is very much in power, unmindful and even mocking these realities brought in front of her.

And here comes the election in May: another crime against the Filipinos to be committed? If previous history of dishonesty in our politics is to be consulted, then there is no doubt about it! Poor Philippines, poor Filipinos! Politicians are as numerous than ever, powerful than ever, richer than ever. Like Marcos, they will go down in history, but surely bringing us along with them! We were equality condemn forever to pay the high price for electing these undeserving people. Arroyo will experience the same fate, but for the meantime, she is very much in the position to continue her plunders: this will not happen before she and her cohorts manage to empty the coffers of the poor and burying totally the whole country in debts that the only legacy our children will be having is a chaotic, bleak future. They don't deserved this!

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Name:   Marina
Date:   6 april 2007

First, just expressing my appreciation for the job well done in putting this thing together - I've been away from the place for a long while and to sit back and see photos of the place and its people - it is enchanting! and how's the drinking water there?

Here in Australia we are nearing drought so the people are buying tanks to catch the rain as we are on level 5 water restriction (that means you can't use a garden hose in watering the garden, only a bucket and can only water gardens every 2-3 days) or the car. Here, people don't buy bottled water unless you're out.

The point I'm trying to say is that why does the people of Catbalogan buy bottled water? Is the water unsafe? Is the place in drought? I don't believe so, compared to Australia which is one of the driest continent in the world, yet they manage to have safe and clean water. Are the elected politicians aware of their responsibilities to provide a safe and clean water for their own people?

The lifespan of Filipinos are short not because it is genetic but because of its environment. Ordinary people are entitled to a quality of life and I believe the elected politicians can make that change. Let's start with one of the very basic - clean water! politicians, let us see you make the change and see the difference!

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Name:   Ellie Kässer
Address:   Germany
Date:  5th of April, 2007

HELLO TO ALL SAMARNONS AND TO ALL USERS OF THIS SITE: especially to my parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and to all my relatives and friends in every corner of this world.


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Name:   Lala
Address:   Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:    April 5, 2007

GOOd day to all Catbaloganon and all Samarnon, election day is coming I hope we select the best leader for our province and "city". Pls vote wisely sana dire kita magpadara han ira mga kuarta para gad man umasenso an Samar.... thank you.

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Name:   Virgie Oraye
Address:   Netherlands
Date:   05 April 2007

Hallo mga kababayan labi na han akon mga kapamilya, mga teachers ngan mga classmates ko ha SNS komusta ha iyo dida ngatanan. Ayaw kita kabaraka kun makuri man iton panginabuhi yana nga panahon. Kay bug-os nga kalibutan naabat laiwat hiton. Maaram ako nga damo ha atun mga pilipino iton hanga hit iba nga mga nasyon. Ngan labi na kun an atun kalahi nakapag-abroad. Ngan usa itun atun husga kwartahan o mayaman na. Iton akon naman masisiring. Mayaman itun aada ha atun kay aada ngatanan itun atun mga hinigugma ngan kun huhunahunaon ta la hin maupay ngan maniningkamot kita ngatanan maursa itun aton panginabuhi dara nga harus ngatanan nga mga produkto aada na ha Pilipinas kulang la itun tawo hin mga idiya kun papaunanhon ta iton usa nga butang magagamit o usa nga produkto pagkakakitaan.

Itun iba nga nasyon masyado hin ka idiyador. Bisan guti la nga butang basta pagkakakitaan nira hin bisan la centavo iton usa, pagtutuunan nila nga pansin at bibigyan ng halaga. Dapat ganon din tayo. Isa pa masyado tayong mga pilinong waldas sa pera sa halip na matutuhan nating magtabi ng kahit kunting halaga manlang para sa huling araw na pangangailangan natin. Lalo na iyong mga bisyo tulad ng alak dapat may limitasyon tayo diyan. Alalahanin natin na ang mga pinagpaguran natin ay hindi mapupunta lang sa wala. Oo masaya tayo pero panandalian lang yan. Sa atin mismong tao nakasalayang ang buhay natin. Uunlad tayong lahat kung tayo ay magsisikap at matututong pagtipid. Karamihan kasi sa atin gumagasto ng mahigit pa sa kinikita. Magbudget tayo at huwag bibili ng mga bagay na walang kabuluhan. Dahil magtatapon ka ng pera sayang. Lalo na kung mahal. Mahihilig pa naman tayo sa mga mamahalin. Samantalo yon may mga pera naman lalo na sa mga ibat-ibang bansa pumipili ng mga mumurahin dahil makakatipid sila wais gyud.

O paano mga kapamilya ngan mga kababayan. Mag wise din tayo ha! para sa kapakanan nating lahat. Payo lang mahal kong mga kababayan at mga kadugo Maupay nala nga adlaw dida ha iyo ngatanan.

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Name:   Iñaki
Address:   Gamboa Street, Legaspi village, Makati City
Date:   April 05, 2007  Asya ini an akon kinabuhi! Unta may maka relate… hehehehe...Regards sa iyo nga tanan!

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Name:   Leonor B. Gomez
Address:   1101-E. H. Cortes, Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu
Date:    April 4, 2007


I am quite perflexed at how some key officials and military authority should engage in cursing and personal attacks on Mr. Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur who investigated the cases of extra judicial killings in the country. Since he spoke of the results of his findings publicly, they have been engaged in aggressive parrying out of its perceived negative impact by hitting back against Alston and leftist elements. It does not help achieve their purpose because the more they do, it appears they are sinking deeper in a quagmire of their own making. Instead of believing, a lot of people become skeptical and cycnical to their inordinate self-justifications.

The government was not able to hide what Mr. Alston described as the collapse of many of the accountability mechanisms in the country. Citing among them the policy of this administration to prevent military and government officials from testifying at congressional inquiries and the denial of the military and police about the existence of Order of Battle to harm activists. Human rights activists share the view of Alston which criticizing some military officers being schizophrenic who instead of acting on the weakness found in the accountability mechanisms among some of their elements which promote the culture of impunity among men in uniform, these officials bury their collective heads in the sand and annount that business will continue as usual.” The President even have the penchant for exalting noted human rights violators such as Gen. Jovito Palparan.

Our government, the police and the military in particular could help redeem their image by acting on the recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur. The President being the AFP Commander in Chief should order a stop to the implementation of the Order of Battle, a covert tool largely exercised during the Martial Law of former Pres. Marcos. This only embolden her men in uniform to commit more human rights violations to every person perceive to be “enemies” of the State. It does not help that old skeletons are exhumed just to impress on the public that Rep.Satur Ocampo and a lot of others who are now peacefully working within the society’s legal system have committed human rights violations 22 years ago.

The inability of our government to stop the harassment and solve the killing of political activists, journalists and civilians who are identified to be sympathetic to leftists organization, is reflective of the kind of governance we are having. Instead of blaming leftist and activists, the President and her men should start repairing its defects and make real democracy work.

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Name:    Kasing kasing nga Samarnon
Address:   Manila
Date:   April 4, 2007

For all Samarnons,

Good day wherever you are. It is every encouraging to note that many Samarnons from all over the world are concerned of the province. You are all correct in saying that Samar has all the ingredients for progress basically because of its natural endowments and its people. But, we are all wondering why we cannot compare even with our sister provinces in the island that historically were just small limbs taken out from the mother province of Samar.

I am working in an organization that allows me to move from north to south of the country and my observations tell me that the major reason why we are in a mess is FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE. This stems from the inability of our people to select the appropriate leaders of the province. Many of us who are residing outside the province tend to be pathetic about this stark reality while others just criticize because it is the easiest thing to do.

It is high time that we take action if we really care for Samar. If you agree with my hypothesis, then let us address the root of the problem. We are now confronted with that opportunity. In May, Samarnons will be electing their political leaders, let us take the first step. Let us exert every influence we can muster to make people vote for the right candidates rather than sell their votes. Kennedy use to say, "We elect the government we elect."

Para han mga Samarnon nga mabotos, igkada niyo hit iyo kamot it kabubuwason hit iyo mga anak ngan mga apo pin-agi hin maupay nga pagpili hit mga lokal nga opisyales. Ayaw kamo tugot nga paliton iyo botos kay usa la ka-adlaw nga paggamit, balyo hin tulo ka tuig nga pag-agwanta hit kakurian nga puede mahitabo tungod hin mga CORRUPT NGAN DIRE MAG-ARAM NGA MGA OPISYALES.

Damo nga salamat Mr. Gaspay hine nga oportunidad.

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Name:    Agila
Address:    Calbayog City
Date:   April 3, 2007

This month, most of Filipino’s are celebrating the Lenten season, the antiquated tradition that we inherit from our ancestor. The faith that our creator betrayed by Judas and chased his death in the cross.

This Lenten season, we momentarily set aside the political issue and clash occurred in our locality regarding those brutal killings and let us extend our voices into our populace to have peace for a while and if we can, let us have peace completely.

For such, this days was the time that our heavenly creator sacrifices his selves in order to clean our sins in this earth. He was crucify at the cross and died. So this is the time that we ended too our misunderstanding, our confusion, quarrels and we rebirth the days which every one of us feels free in his mother land.

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Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   30 March 2007

On the politics of violence. The political season in Samar particularly in the first district is claiming sacred lives of people. The brazen attack of a check point detachment is a testament of the brutality of the perpetrators' resolve. Let the COMELEC stop all these nonsense violence by placing Samar under its control. People of Samar, wake up! Use the might of your vote to remove violent and inept politicians.

Congressional elections in the First District. The alarming clash of perceived warlords in the first district is about to unfold. Congressman Uy, known to have a host of mercenaries willing and able to eliminate and exterminate opponents, is letting his rival Mayor Grey of San Jorge, also known to have authored the killings of some people in his own turf, feel unwelcome in the congressional race. Ubusan ng lahi is the name of the game in Samar. Will Samar be the next Abra?

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Name:   Mr. Yoyong
Address:   Primira kalye, barangay 1, Salug district, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   March 30, 2007

Mga Catbaloganon,

Pangumusta guikan hit iyo igkasi Catbaloganon! Kumusta na it aton kahimtang? It aton lugar ngan it aton pang-hinabuhi? Nag maupay na ba? An aton mga kalsada, na repair na ba adto? Ini it mga pakiana na huna-hunaon naton. Yana kay harani na liwat it eleksyon, it mga matam-is na saad maupay na liwat pamation ha aton mga talinga, saad hit mga kandidato o it incumbent na mga opisyales! Sanlit antis mag surat hit balota, huna-hunaon niyo ini na mga paki-ana.

Utro kumusta ha iyo na tanan na mga Catbaloganon, ngan salamat na damo kan MR. GASPAY, hini na higayon. "MALOOY AN DIYOS HA ATON TANAN!!!"

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Name:   Sonia Lumiares
Address:   Bgy Mercedes, Catbalogan City
Date:    30 March 2007

Hi Emelda nabasa ko an surat mo dinhi hini nga Nagpapasalamat ako nga nabasa mo akon ngaran. Tagal ko ng hinihingi nr mo kay Virgie kaso lang busy man siya palagi tapos ako din. Pero ngayon dahil my email add ka na ibinigay sa akin sana palagi na tayong mag usap. Nong umuwi ka nakita kita, tapos tinawag pa pero di mo man ako pinansin, akala ko nakalimutan mo na ako.

Naalala mo yong nasa choir pa tayo, diyos ko day ang saya natin noon, si ano, hehehehehehhe, sana naalala mo siya, hahahahahah. Sulatan mo ako ha. Puede mo rin akong sulatan sa email add na to: Miss u. regards sa family mo. hope to see u soon.

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Name:   Maricel Lira
Address:   Germany
Date:   March 28, 2007

Kumusta na an akon mga igkasi Samar... kumusta na an Samar… karuyag ko la an akon mga relatives friends my Lira family… ma regards.... ok sige…kuya Ray… salamat… maopay ini nga imo website… thank u god bless.

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Name:   Raul Reyes
Address:   298 Del Rosario St, Catbalogan 6700, Samar
Date:   march 27, 2007

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Catbalogan Chapter, is a Catholic lay group that will be re -launching its "Honesty" advocacy on May 5, 2007.

"Be Honest, Even if others are not, Even if others will not, Even if others cannot"

"He who walks honestly walks securely" Proverbs 10:9

Message to all Catbaloganon, Greetings of Peace in the Lord!

It is a reality that the virtue of honesty that our forefathers had earned, fight for and highly valued is continually eroding into its oblivion and extinction. We are all partly responsible for this continuing process of moral degradation - by remaining insensitive, unconcern, stoic, by searching it in others and by repeatedly doing it and until it became our way of life where - "Honesty is now an exception rather than a rule"

Where we are and what we are now is not an accident, it is a confluence of our "individual chain of choices." Unknowingly these choices had metamorphosed into a fearsome monster inside ourselves that we avoid and hate to confront until it drove us into sense of hopelessness.

Election time is on the air, our national and local leaders are reflections of what kind of people we are - they are the "Bold Statement" of our choices. Our Election Advocacy is: "Our Choice, Our Responsibility"

In the midst of this prolong and agonizing moral confusion and decay; we are urgently seeking for that seemingly elusive solution. On the contrary, it is very close to us and within ourselves - hence, "Let us find that Honest man in each of us."

It may take a lifetime to find an honest man, but by looking and searching it inside us, it merely takes a decision to find one. Let us be the change we want to see in this world.

If I will find that honest man in me, and through me you will find it in you, and others will find it through you, and together we can carry on and push on this cycle of transformation. Let us not be a reservoir, be a river, pass it on and add value to someone dear to us - our family, our community, our country and our GOD.

Let us not delay it for a moment more, for everyday our innocent children are looking at us. Let not us wait for the time that they and their children will become like us. Life is an echo, what we give is what we receive.

In relation to this advocacy campaign and with the strong support of the church, the BCBP community is inviting all organizations, Institutions, household members and other sectoral groupings to join us in our "Synchronized Nationwide Be Honest Campaign Motorcade for Free and Honest Elections on May 5, 2007.

Abundant thanks and hoping for your positive action on this calling. Let us be united on this once in a lifetime - opportunity to heed the call for inner healing and personal transformation.

See you there holding hands tightly on this less traveled road for this walk of faith and in unison - "let us fight the good fight of faith." God Bless...

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Name:   Jaime Q. Durana
Address:   P.O. Box 3488, Riyadh 11471, Saudi Arabia
Date:   27/03/07

Han mga Pinabacdaoanon maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan, labi na an mga taga Brgy. Dolores. To our beloved Mayor, Dr. Mario L. Quijano, mabuhay ka.

An akon higugma-on nga kag-anak, mga kabugto-an, mga kasangkayan unta ada kamo maupay nga panlawas and see you soon.

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Name:   St. W Aray
Address:   Samar
Date:   3/28/07

Someone from Villareal has used someone's identity to express his sentiments relating to spurious highway repairs contingent on shadowy private party's funding and futile elected official's effort to secure funds from the national budget.

Since neither party has yielded positive results to restore a workable highway in Samar, this pretender to someone's identity wonders why and wanders aimlessly as he attempts to solve the riddle of private and gov’t fundings on projects of greater importance.

The common practice's for leaders to make cosmetic or superficial improvents on roads and bridges around election time. This modus operandi's effective in getting reelected.

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Name:   Imelda
Address:    Henderson, Nevada 89002, USA
Date:    03-26-07

Hi everybody? this message s 4 Sonia Lumiares nabasa ko an imo msg. 4 ur friend nagbabakasakali la ako bangin ikaw ine nga akon sangkay liwat. Nag email ako ha imo twice pero nabalik manla ha akon pls. pag nabasa mo ine can u reply me at this email add: and thank u 2 Mr.Ray Gaspay kay tungod hine nga site damo iton imo nabubuligan. Regards 2 all nala labi na deda ha mga taga Mercedes (Burak)

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Name:   Merr Inessa Ada
Address:    Kaingin 1 Blk.2B, Pansol, Quezon City 1108
Date:   March 26, 2007

To the Graduating College Students from MALINAO TAFT EASTERN SAMAR, guys HAPPY GRADUATION and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so much happy you were able to make it until this unforgetable celebration of your life. You may not be the cum laude, the most outstanding or whatever...who cares??? But as long as you made it all throughout the years of suff'rin' then YOU are already the cum laude's of every MALINAONON'S HEART. YOU are our new PRIDE!!! Once again CONGRATULATIONS to all of you namely: MARCIAN LEO LADISLA (my cousin dear) LUCYDEL ADAO, EMERSON ADAO, RONALD COSO, DOMINIC CEBREROS, VINCENT CEBREROS and for those whom I forgot to mention. I'm proud of you guys!!!

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Name:   Agila
Address:    Cavite, Philippines
Date:    March 26'07

I received a text message from a friend regarding the ambushed committed by alleged rebels on March 23 evening within the vicinity of Calbayog and before that, I also read a news from the same incident happen in Sta. Margarita Samar a part of the same place that ceased the life of a PNP member and injured one innocent civilian.

My questions! is it usual in our place? or it is the essence of the incoming election? would the election this coming May 14 will be peaceful? when does this violent clash ended that also threaten the life of our populace? could our expatriates will be safe in times they comeback with thier matam-is nga tona?

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Name:   Cecilio Coretana
Address:   Santa Rita, Western, Samar
Date:   3-25-07

Hi mga kasangkayan ha Samar ug Leyte, Como esta na ha iyo ngatanan, harani na naman it election. Upaya nala niyo it iyo pagdisisyon kon hin-o it maaram malooy hit aton tinuod nga kahimtang hit aton bungto. Amo it iyo ibuto. Maaram mahadlok ha diyos dire sugarol, babaero, paraghubog.

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Name:    Joseph P. Ogania
Address:    Riyadh, Central, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Date:   March 25, 2007

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan, labi na ngadto han taghimo hine nga site....dako nga bulig ine ha aton ngatanan par magkaurusa og magkaada hin mga pagbarubaralyo hin mag-upay nga mga pulong og ideya para ha aton lugar nga natawhan…Thank you very much to Mr. Ray Gaspay....Mabuhay ka...

Maupay liwat unta kon mababasa ine nga akon message han akon mga kilala og mga relatives ha diin man hira nga surok han kalibutan…ngadto han akon mga classmates og kakilala ha Leyte Institute of Technology, batch 1992 ako niyo kun mabasa niyo ine…

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Name:   Biboy Sabusap
Address:   Brgy. Bougainvilla, Zone II, Sta. Rita 6718, Samar
Date:   03/24/2006

Maupay nga adlaw ha aton ngatanan:

Maupay gud nga mayda na website it mga taga-Samar, agud makahiruhimangraw kita han mga nanhihinabo han aton mga bungto labis na gud han aton higugmaon nga probinsya ha kabug-osan. I would like to congratulate the person/people behind this initiative, I salute you sir/mam.

By the way, ako in taga Sta. Rita Samar. kAMI NGA MGA STA. RITANHON hin kamakallulu-oy, ha kamaiha-an na mga panahon pero it am bungto waray la gihap progreso...Kun mayda man makabisita ngan makabasa hin nga ak msg nga taga Sta. Rita, maupay unta kun magkaburublig kita para hit pag ursa hit Sta. Rita. Kay baman it at mga leaders puros manla mga saad nga waray sulod. I am willing to help/participate in any effort in improving the lives of our fellow Samarnons. To anybody, you can reach me at 0906-8156891. Mamingaw na hit ak mga igkasi waray.

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Name:    Jude Centino
Address:   Brgy. Balud, Basey
Date:   23-march-07

Yuhooo…marasa pamation nga my ada naton komonikasyon han mga taga Samar… Sana damo pa nga mga taga Basey an mag log nga mag post para marisyo…Mr.Ray Gaspay…saludo ako haimo…musta mga taga Brgy Balud…

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Name:   Sonia Lumiares
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan
Date:   23.03/07

Good day to my friend Alona, happy ako dahil nabasa ko yong sagot mo sa sulat ko. Kailan ka kaya mag babakasyon, marami na tayong na miss na mga kalokohan noong highschool pa tayo.

Regards mo ako dayn sa mga anak mo, pati sa asawa mo. Hope to see u soon my friend.

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Name:   Bonifacio Andres, Jr.
Address:   Mayumi St., Diliman, Quezon City, MetroManila
Date:   March 22, 2007

The plight of the Lofrancos of Catbalogan, Samar is an example of a systematic campaign to discredit particular legitimate businessmen, mislead investigation, and sway public perceptions on the issue. The blatant barrage of unfounded accusations hurled against the espouses Leo and Grace, and the personages behind these discredits only point to a conspiracy to ultimately eliminate the Lofrancos from engaging in legitimate business.

Historically, it is not uncommon for people of the Catholic church to enter into an unholy alliance with businessmen and left leaning groups to serve common interests. In a highly politicized Catholic hierarchy such as in the Diocese of Calbayog, particularly in the Parish of St. Bartholomew, this alliance is deeply entrenched and has been displayed in several mass actions and propaganda. We note the active involvement of the Catholic church in left-leaning group-led issues such as alleged political killings, environmental degradation, graft and corruption in the government, but never on issues of spiritual or moral significance such as prostitution, drug addiction, dwindling participation of the youth in church activities, and issues involving immoral, homosexual and fornicating priests in the Diocese of Calbayog.

Such bigotry is best exemplified in the present campaign to edge-out the Lofrancos and permit their business competitors take total control of the vast market. The Lofrancos are not Catholics yet they are highly sucessful in the general merchandising business in the predominantly Catholic community of Catbalogan. Likewise, it is easy to understand why they are easy prey to an unscrupolous group of Catholic businessmen who clothe themselves with the blessing of the Catholic hierarchy. We note with interest that the accusations are being instigated mostly in websites that are connected with this group, by persons who are patronized by this group, and proliferated through media access controlled by this group.

Surf the sites and discover who publish reports about the case and who their sponsors are. There are loopholes in their stories as many as the word "alleged" that appear in them. The case of underaged Janice is not criminal but a commercial one. Who bids the highest gets justice - the alleged drug dependent Gualdrape, the alleged moralists Palma, Cinco and Cajegas, the alleged journalist Badulid, the alleged legitimate writer Nakar, the alleged conniving espouse Leo and Grace, or the alleged Catholic businessmen of Catbalogan?

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Name:   Mr. W. A. Ray
Address:   Villareal, Samar
Date:   22 March 2007

I read with interest Chito Dela Torre's article of May 21, 2005 [read article] regarding Villahanons feat of constructing its own road and saving the Philippines of some 65.5 M according to Mr. Cesar Torres. I wonder what happened to the project and how much was the group able to solicit for the project.

If it is the obligation of the Philippine government to construct much needed roads such as the Villareal-Maharlika's eight kilometer stretch, why has its mayor Mr. Boy Latorre not sought funds for the purpose? The mayor as the duly elected representative of the Villahanons should have made representations with the provincial or national government to effect the construction.

Is the "bayanihan project" not a lame excuse for the mayor's inability to do his part? And how about the amount solicited by Mr. Torres and his friends, up to how much were they able to collect? Where is it now? How is it audited? who is accountable for it? Surely, they should explain the whereabouts of the funds lest be retorted with "who is corrupt?" Just asking.

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