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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   20 April 2007


This was held on March 14, 2007, at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco. More than a month ago. My apologies for being late in sharing this with you. As the saying goes, better late than never. I don’t have to do this, of course. But I am thinking that the $30 or so I spend in attending gatherings like this, aside from the time which I can devote to other equally important things, will be wasted if the proceedings are not shared. Again, read it or delete. It is your choice.

As in the General-Secretary Angelo Reyes Forum, I was not keen on attending. I felt that I did not need any more information on the killings in the Philippines, killings that intensified during the days of the No. 1 UP alumnus, killings whose perpetrators are still unknown and are still roaming around, free.

There are just so many unsolved killings in this very religious country in the world. For instance, who abducted Fr. Rudy Romano on July 11, 1985? This cruel and brazen event led the European Union to suspend official development assistance to the Philippines. A resolution in the US Senate condemning the abduction was passed. In Europe, an all night vigil and concert was held in Ireland led by the congregation of Fr. Rudy, the Redemptorists. But we don’t still know what was done to Fr. Rudy Romano.

Who killed UP Medical Doctor Bobby de la Paz on April 23, 1983 when all he was doing was providing medical services to the impoverished in Samar who were so poor. Was he killed because he was suspected, without any evidence, that he was treating the NPAs in Samar? Hence, he was dangerous to the Conjugal Dictators?

What happened to the drunken soldiers who killed the Public Works driver in Motiong, Samar during the administration of Tita Cory? Were they ever charged, convicted, and punished?

How about Mr. Gayondato of Gandara, Samar who was abducted in 1990? What happened to him?

Of course, many of our poor soldiers may have been slain by their own cousins and relatives too. They became soldiers because there was nowhere else to go.

Killings, killings, and more killings. When will it ever end…

As I said, I was not going to attend the General Avelino Razon Forum. But I changed my mind. There was Professor-President Jose Aliling IV also who was badgering me about that Forum. He thought it was a “PNB” forum with Lucio Tan as the speaker. He did not clean his eardrums, so he thought he heard PNB, not PNP. If it was a PNB Forum, I think he was going to ask how rich Lucio Tan is and why he has two airlines and how much he owes the BIR in taxes.

I changed my mind also because as a Filipino, I thought it is my obligation to provide moral support to the San Francisco Consulate, especially considering its impressive performance. Numbers do not lie. And they can be compared with similar agencies.

This one was a matter of personal sympathy. The party of Gen. Razon was not allowed to present their case in Washington, D.C. So kawawa naman iyong Troika. Sayang lang iyong pamasahe at per diem. Moreover, I believe that NOT all those in uniform in the Philippines are nincompoops, corrupt, and bloodthirsty. I remembered my uncle, a PC, who apprehended many criminals and outlaws in the mountains of Samar. He was just doing his duty. He was a hero to many of us. That was the time when those who were sworn to uphold the laws were not outlaws.

When I arrived, General Razon, Cols Pangilinan and Benedicto Jose were already there. They were early. Unlike General Angelo Reyes and Comelec Chairman Abalos. We were impressed. There was also another surprise. Consul Patty Paez, a classmate in a graduate course in Diliman, (you want to know the course title? “Socialism and Capitalism in Asia”) accompanied the three gentlemen to San Francisco. I have not seen her in many years. But she had become lovelier. Indeed, as the Messenger of the Gods, she must be enjoying rubbing shoulders with them and sending out those announcements from Malacanang. She has to help her bosses who don’t know how to use the Internet and e-mail. (Unlike my very good friend, and and friend of Atty. Rudy Quimbo, Senator Flavier's CEP. Katrina Segundo, Senator Pimentel, Senator Gordon and ex UP President, Dr. Jose Abueva, magaling mag-email. Iyong Santo Papa mayroon yatang email address, right Elsa? Did he reply to you when you wrote to him about the summary killings in the Catholic Country of Asia?)

Anyway, the Forum started with a statement by Deputy Consul General Fred Santos who was the Consulate’s OIC. ConGen Sanchez was in Manila exchanging thoughts with her fellow diplomats how to make the Philippine image more palatable in the World Wide Web, I think.

Then Gen Razon started his Power Point Presentation. Basically, the presentation was also in the handouts that were distributed to the assembly.

(N.B. Ado Paglinawan has written very extensively on the materials and the data presented by the Philippine Military. And obviously, they can be Googled also. And Karapatan and Bulatlat and Arkibong Bayan would have the materials that you want to know. So I am not going to punish myself by trying to remember the salient points of Gen. Razon’s presentation.)

But I believe that the following points which are in the “AIDE MEMOIRE” that was distributed by Gen Razon, are worth sharing:

“The Philippine Government strongly condemns politically-motivated killings – a sad legacy of decades of political violence – which undermine Philippine democracy.

“We share the concern of the international community on this issue and we unequivocally state that there is no government policy of condoning these killings.

“We are determined to put an end to these killings and prosecute and punish the guilty.

“The Philippine Government has maintained a high level of transparency and willingness to cooperate with the international community.”

Gen Razon singled out Karapatan, Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and Gabriela as the most vocal protesters of the summary killings in the Philippines. He said they were obstructionist. That they had a larger agenda, that they were fronting for some other organizations or terrorist groups, that he could not understand why they were banking on the support of the US Senate and the US government when they were “anti-American” in the first place.

He said that some 99 Special Courts have been created, special prosecutors have been appointed, and that the government is designing an improved witness protection program to address summary killings.

He cited the order of the President that the Maoist Rebellion should be settled once and for all. But he qualified that this was not an order for all-out war – of killing all those who are dissatisfied and unhappy at the way things are happening in the Philippines. He said that this involves 80% development-nation building-a better quality of life. And only 20% “police action”.

Colonel Pangilinan emphasized that the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) is “not brutal, not barbaric”.

Gen Razon informed the assembly that there are 1,000 police stations which have no offices; they are squatters. And you won’t believe this: Some 20,000 policemen have no firearms!!!

He cited his participation in pursuing the guilty in the Marlene Esperat case. I butted in that “Ado Paglinawan, one of the harshest critics of this administration, has publicly expressed his gratitude to you, General, for helping resolve the Marlene Esperat case.”

With Consul Raffey Hermoso as the Moderator, the question and answer period started. I was the first one to raise my hand and was accordingly given the floor.

I expressed my personal anxieties about the Forum, namely that I was not sure at all if Gen Razon and his colleagues and superiors in the Philippines would be affected by what they can glean from the sentiments of Forum participants in America – in Washington, D.C., in San Francisco, and in Los Angeles where they were also expected to present their side. Are we getting across to them at all? Do they consider the general sentiments of the Filipinos in America? Or do we only irritate them and prod them to be more irrational and more violent?

But I told the General that I was there to add to the statistics, to the number of people attending the Forum, so that the San Francisco Consulate is not found wanting.

I also expressed my personal sentiment that “Anyone who was a classmate of Consul Patty Paez walks on water with me.” General Razon said that she and Consul Patty Paez went to the UP High together.

But I did say something about the killings. I asked General Razon: “Bakit puputulan pa ng ulo iyong kawawang taga Samar whose headless body was dumped along the Hell Roads of Samar? Bakit hindi na lang pinatay with a clean shot to the heart?” The headless Samarnon was in handcuffs. This happened during the stint of the President’s hero in Samar. At that time, so many were in the “Death List”. Even those who had renounced the armed struggle and the protracted war. To protect themselves, they were ready to climb the mountains of Samar again. (I shared this with Senator Pimentel, na wala din naman magawa. But I had to tell the bright hope of Samar. Antonio Eduardo Bermejo Nachura.

I asked the Gen Razon if it is possible for them to rethink their dependence on the theories of war of West Point, Annapolis, PMA, Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove. I asked why he and the powerful people in Pilipinas, those who can order people to kill, why can’t they talk and negotiate with those other powerful people in the Netherlands and in Batangas (I mean Ka Roger, Ka Satur, and the Political Bureau with the good offices of possibly one of the brightest movie actresses in the Philippines, Ka Vilma).

If the macho colleagues of San Francisco Consul General Sanchez and Ambassador Gaa in the Netherlands could attend a Christmas Party in the Netherlands where the Beloved Warrior could exhibit his terpsichorean skills while gyrating with the lovely, pulchritudinous and voluptuous Ara Mina, in a spirit of reconciliation, goodwill and hope for a better tomorrow, why not resume the talks between Ka Luis Jalandoni et al and Gen Razon et al?

In the case of the National Democratic Front who are metastasizing with Akbayan, Sanlakas, Partido ng Manggawa and the YOUng, someone volunteered to raise funds so that Ka Luis can visit Montevideo, Urugay, in the company of the Samarnon expert on the Frente Amplio, Adelbert Batica. Since both speak the language of Padre Damaso and Padre Salvi, both can consult the icons of the Frente Amplio and ask the living Tupamaros why they stopped the armed struggle to join in the electoral process. And now they are in control of Uruguay. No one was killed in the election and nobody paid PTOC to the Tupamaros and the Frente Amplio.

Since they would already be in Latin America, Ka Luis, et al can go to Peru and ask Col. Humala what happened to the Sendero Luminoso and the Tupac Amaru and then go to Nicaragua and inquire from Daniel Ortega why the Frente Sandinista Liberacion Nacional is now soliciting foreign investments and American tourists to go to Managua and not shouting: “Himagsikan or Kamatayan!”

I mentioned to Gen Razon the example of Malaysia. What did Tengku Abdul Rahman and PM Mahathir do, with the support of the China and the English, to resolve the so-called Emergency, the Maoist revolution of Chin Peng in Malaysia. It ended with an honorable settlement to all parties concerned. And now, many of our people are in Malaysia as servants and menials and TNT because life is better in Malaysia than in the Philippines. It seems, Filipinos would jump from the boats carrying them from Kota Kinabulu to Zamboanga or Bongao. They would swim back to Sabah.

“Yes! Yes!” Gen Razon said. “We are studying and learning…from Suharto”. I blurted “No not Suharto!” Otherwise, some 3 million CPP-NPA-NDF-Etc guerillas will be fed to the starving crocodiles. And the leader would only supplant Suharto as the No. 1 in Transparency International. Except, we may have no more crocodiles. They are being killed by the freedom fighters in Isabela.

I could have gone on and on. But Greg Makabenta was signaling time out with his hands.

My misplaced peroration was followed by a question from Mr. Tereso Ugalino, President of the Magsingal, Pangasinan Association of America. For the first time in my life, I saw an Ilocano crying., He was very husky and very dark. Oozing with machismo, more macho than Nes Duldulao, Apo ni Lam-ang. His voice breaking, and unable to hold back his tears, he was crying while asking Gen. Razon why in Magsingal, someone was killed with high powered weapons who used an ambulance to escape. The inference was that the killer was associated with the government. He could not contain his anguish, this leader of the Magsingalanons in Ameirca. So one of the Consuls gave him a torn piece of toilet paper to wipe his nose and the tears falling on his face. He had to stop talking every now and then.

There were other questioners: Greg Makabenta of course who tried to pin Gen Razon to say Yes or No to which Gen Razon responded that Greg’s question was like comparing Kalabaw Manga to Caimito. Since Gen Razon was profusely writing, Greg asked him if he was going to be reported to some other people in Pilipinas. The General told Greg that he was taking notes so that he would remember the suggestions from the Forum participants.

Professor-President Jose Aliling IV wrote his observations on a dirty bond paper.

Mr. Victor Barrios, ever the Godfather of Kuya Ted Aquino and the most fervent advocate of the Global Filipinos, asked Gen Razon to provide a security guard to Kuya Ted Aquino to keep him safe.

Miss Fernandez, a lady from the San Mateo county, asked the General why the Philippines is not like America.

Again, Mr. Rudy Ascercion, Commissioner of the San Francisco War Commission and its Director of Public Relations, and who is a good friend of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger, the Triple Citizen, showed his gallantry and graciousness when he opted not to ask a question even if it was supposed to be his turn. He gave the floor to me.

The bottomline of this Forum on the Summary Killings in the Philippines?

I believe General Razon is very sincere. I think he is serious in trying to make a difference. But can he do something? Are his hands tied? Will the Summary Killings continue despite his sincere efforts to bring the killers to justice and to stop this carnage in the only Christian Country in Asia.

When I shared my unhappiness with a former major who might have been hunting the NPAs in Samar and vice versa (but we don’t talk about this), he simply blurted out: “Eh, the NPAs are killing. Hence, they have to be killed also.”

I sheepishly replied: “They have to talk to each other. Otherwise, this will never end. It will be like the Muslim rido in Mindanao. You kill us, we kill you, on and on and on.”

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Name:   soft_lang
Address:    Manila
Date:   April 20, 2007

A reaction from the post of Rodrigo...

I am from Catbalogan. However, your comment on boycotting the products of Calbayog will just divide the people of Samar. Yes, I am also furious with the attitude of the Mayor of Calbayog. He is so selfish of giving these municipalities a chance to become cities.

Sarmiento? tama ba ito? is just being practical. The city allocation of funds will be lessened because of the inclusion. However, as a Samarnon, he should know the fact that ever since Catbalogan wants to become a city. So why should he act such selfish, bullshit move?

If he really cares for Samar, then he should be in defense with the creation of Catbalogan as a city. Or baka naman natatakot lang sya mabawasan ang budget para ikurakot?

Just my opinion.

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Name:   Milania
Address:   Calbayog
Date:   April 18, 2007

Reply to Rodrigo's appeal:

Hello, we don't need to boycott the products from Calbayog. That's too rude. I come from Calbayog and I love some products of Catbalogan specially the very affordable prices of your merchandise. I support Catbalogan for its cityhood, and that's true. You really deserve it anyway. By history, I was really wondering why for so long now, Catbalogan which deserves to be a city was never been granted to become one.

I understand your feelings and concern but come to think of it, if you boycott Calbayog products, do you think it would suffer? Instead, tell your friends and relatives in Calbayog not to vote it's candidates for mayoralty, representative, board members, etc. I hope you got my point. But definitely, I will vote candidates who support Catbalogan's cityhood. As I said, people from Catbalogan deserve to be say ''I come from Catbalogan City''. Long live Catbalogan.

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Name:   Agila
Address:   Calbayog
Date:   April 19, 2007

Maupay nga adlaw sa akon mga ig kasi Samarnon labi na gud an mga taga Calbayog...maupay konta nga kita nga tanan an magkamay ada hin pagbuto nga matadong diri konta kita mag padara san mga pulitiko nga puro la mga panaad san iya mga tao…aton kita-on an aton Samar nga hinigugma nga wara la guihapon kauuswag tikang pa sadto, kadamo la guihapon san aton mga igkasi Samarnon nga nagpapkadto sa iba nga lugar para mgapakabuhi.

Halimbawa nala an mga Samarnon nga napakadto sa Manila kamasubo san aton bout kon kita nakakakita san usa nga taga Samar nga na iinvolve sa usa nga krimen, ug kadamo liwat an mga taga Samar an nagkukuri bisan adto na sira sa Manila…maupay konta nga magkamay ada kita san mapapagkakakitaan og trabaho para san aton mga ig kasi Samarnon dinhi mismo sa aton tona…kamaupay pamati-on kon kita na mismo an guin dadayo san iba nga lugar sa sulod og gawas san aton nasud.

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Name:   Esseymiyake
Address:    SPAH, Roissy Charles, de Gaulle, France
Date:  18 April 2007

Hello dear Admin…thanks for creating this HP sir…salute! you did a Great job Sir:) nadugangan an akon mga sangkay dinhe hionong han imo chat room…dinhe ha imo HP…unta may GUESTBOOK liwat sir para maka post liwat kami hin pics and greetings sa mga family and realatives in Samar. Well sabagay kontento na rin ako sa messages board:) I wanna say HELLO to te Ellie and Jude…day Cryx…and to all chatters outhere!!...More POwer Sir Ray Gaspay! GODBLESS.

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Name:   Felicite
Address:   Sydney, Australia
Date:    16 April 2007

Mabuhay an Catbalogan City! I am blessed to be in your city for 3 weeks, I will be filming a small documentary on a group of missionaries. I am very excited, although a little nervous as I wont know anybody. This will be my second time to Samar, I stayed in Borongan a few years ago and it has never left me. I agree with the actions of the "Gugma Han Samar" and encourage all of you to get involved in the future of Samar. To quote your national proverb "An diri maaram lumingi han tinikangan, di maulpot ha kakadtoan" it says you have a future!

I hope to capture a number of beautiful photos of which I will gladly share/post a link for you, all to look at, particularly as I will be travelling into the Barangays. I am so thankful to have found this site, if anyone wants to meet for a drink, please send me an email. :) Salamat!

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Name:   Tomas
Address:   Nijaga St, Calbayog City, Samar
Date:   April 16, 2007

Mr. Rodrigo, kon an amon mayor nadire magdugang mga siyudad dire hin kaawa san Catbalogan, kundi hi Mayor Sarmiento nadire nga an iya budget maibanan. Dire manla an Catbalogan iya guin didid-an kundi ngatanan nga bag-o nga ciudad, kon dire ako nagsasala.

Comparison han Calbayog ngan Catbalogan dire gad kami nga Calbayognon maawa sa iyo, kay kapareho man namon kamo Samarnon. Kan mayor la iton dire sahid nga Calbayognon. Ako karyuyag ko nga umuswag an Catbalogan, mag kamay ada airport ha Buri, maupay nga mga subdivision, hospital, presohan, beach resorts.

Kon ikokompara ta an Calbayog it will be an injustice to Catbalogan, Calbayog become the second cleanest city in the entire Philippines. We have a clean City that the people are proud of, and Catbalogan can be the cleanest city and a beautiful place if the governmetn will really help Catbalogan. I really am proud of the incumbent mayor kay naupay niya an pantalan. Who ever wins maybe they can close the resort in front of the camposanto or renovate it, mahugaw, kaarawod ha mga tourista. An aton mercado ha Catbalogan, kinahanglan upayon mahugaw. And we need to put up subdiviions complete with water and good roads. We need to expand outside of the city proper. Just a suggestion. I am a Catbaloganon by heart.

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Name:   Nerissa Chavers
Address:    13915 Conner Downs Drive, Pflugerville, Texas 78660, USA
Date:   04/16/2007

Hello han ngatanan nga mga Samarnon labi nagod an akon mga taga Sta Rita, Samar. Harani na it aton patron dida maupay nga patron nala ngatanan. Ngan usa pa harani na it election pan huna-huna kamo hin maupay kun hin-o it iyo ig bubutos ayaw kamo padara hit suhol hit mga kandidato, huna hunaa nyo nga hi kita ngatanan it nagsasakrepisyo. Pilia niyo it may pag ugop hit mga taga bungto. It tawo nga may kasing kasing nga dire magpapa-iwas hit iyo mga tinubuan nga lugar. Palamragi it iyo mga huna-huna pag-abot hit adlaw hit election. God bless you all, and happy fiesta, regard to all my family, friends.

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Name:   Nacy "angel" Padilla
Address:   Gz-sz highway, Dongguan exit, Dongguan, Guangdong 523940, China
Date:   April 16, 2007

Hello ha mga friend namon ha Catbalogan, to Janice, Beth, Grace Tagana (tagana ngay an, not taga) cnsya na, and also to Grace Leguidleguid, ate Liberty, Rowena, musta din kina Sonia and Lapoy, musta na iyo mga baby, and hi to Abing, wife ni Busoy, adto hira ha Kalookan. Bing di kami maka email kay nawara im address, musta na, maopay nala may na, thanks to kuya Ray Gaspay.

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Name:   Kerwin Macopia
Address:   Cebu City
Date:   16 Apr 2007

Hello My Fellow Catbaloganon's!!!

As I surf the internet, I come across with an Mtv entitled "O, Catbalogan... An Ode Imagery"...So I immediately open and download the video....Amazing...Heartwarming...Magnificent...

The song was indeed heartfelt but at the same time playful and fun...The singer definitely give justice to the song and she sings with a crystal clear voice...The different pictures were cleverly selected and edited...As I have known the pictures were taken from the book " O, Catbalogan"...I recommend that you listen and see this tribute to our beloved Hometown... Catbalogan...

Visit and search O,Catbalogan then download the video...

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Name:   William Chua
Address:   155 West Riverside Street, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City
Date:    4-15-07

Good Day, Friendly people from Calbayog City. I have a female friend from Brgy Pena. This end of April she plans to go home. And I plan to pay her a surprise visit. I never been to Samar. Can anyone kindly guide me in going there, particularly in Brgy Pena, Calbayog City. I really need to she her. Thanks

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Name:   Balikbayan
Date:   14 April 2007

Here is a little story of mine when I went to visit my childhood town of Catbalogan about 3 years ago. I used to live in one of the Puroks in Catbalogan and went to High School in SSPC now SSU. I was so glad to see my classmates and friends after so many years of not seeing them. Then one day my classmate said to me, "The headmaster at our elementary school is asking if you could donate or contribute something for the school's needs". Feeling obliged as I went to that school, I gave her a few thousand Pesos. Two years went by, and I went to visit the place again. I saw the same friends again, had a nice time, and again my friend said, "the church in our village needs some maintaining, can you spare a few Pesos?" I ask her what happened to the money I gave her for the school? She said she gave it to the school but didn't actually know what they did with it. They have a list of people's names who makes contributions towards the school, but she didn't see my name on it.

So I was wondering, is this how they con people from abroad? By emotional blackmail? I attend to my moral responsibilities where I am, and whenever I think there's no foul play. But it doesn't take a fool to figure out when you're being taken for a ride. Let this be a lesson for you balikbayans. Make sure your donations are going to the right causes and not in someone's wallet.

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Name:    RodriGo
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   14 April 2007

Nanawagan ako hit mga taga SAMAR... aton eg BOYCOT an mga producto han Calbayog...An pinakadako nga rason kay ano nanawagan ako...tungod kay an era mayor amo an makusog nga nananwagan nga dere maaproban nga maging Ciudad iton Catbalogan, waray ini iba nga halarum nga hinongdan kundi kaawa hit Calbayognon...dere nira karuyag nga an Capital han Samar maging Ciudad...ha kamatuoran la mas Ciudad pa kit-on it Catbalogan kontra hit Calbayog...

Ikaduha nga rason...mababaypass na an Calbayog hit mga investor tungod ky mas damo it tawo hit Catbalogan proper kontra hit Calbayog nakadamo la han populasyon hiton Calbayog iton aadto hiton tay-od nga mga lulugar...

Salit waray gud hira iba nga rason kundi kaawa...kaawa ..kaawa...Salamat nga madamo...

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Name:    Renie Nancy ''angel''
Address:   Gz-sz highway, Dongguan exit, Dongguan, Guangdong 523940, China
Date:    April 14, 2007

Hello ha mga friend namon dida ha Catbalogan, to Grace Liguidliguid, musta na friend, hows your lovelife na? wait ako sa mail mo ha, adi kami China, nakanta kami ha 5 star hotel, balitaan mo kami about you naman, naka online la kami always, hi din to Grace Taga, Beth, Janise, ha mga taga Mercedes, to Rolex, musta na im mga talent, me balita kaba k Beth? pakikumusta ha

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Name:    Elizabeth Lopez
Address:    Apt.1c, Calle Vivaldi 11, Playa del Albir, Alfaz del Pi, Alicante 03581, Spain
Date:   April 13, 2007

Good day to all the people of Samar and Catbalogan. I am a filipino and I reside here in Spain for a few years, through to other filipinos I met a filipino who is 31 years old, and he become a close friend, until he told me that he is looking for his mother which he never seen. His father died long time ago when he was about ten years old, and his father told him his mother’s name, and said that she live in Samar but his father didnt gave him the exact address whereabout in Samar.

He really upset about what has happening to him, he had no more father and mother so his planning to find her but he doesnt know where or when, he is looking forward to see her and to know her, and by this I need your help to find this person.

Her name is FLUCIRFIDA MABANSAG, he said she’s about 46, but still hes not sure. I want to help him so by these he will be surprise whatever the result is, his name is BERNARD DIGNOS JR, date of birth is DECEMBER 27, 1975. I really appreciate to those people who can help us!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH....I'm waiting your reply......please help us to find her......

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Name:   Renie and Nancy "Angel"
Address:   Gz-sz Highway, Dongguan Exit, Dongguan, Guangdong PRC.523940, China
Date:    April 12, 2007

Hello! we just want to greet you all Samarnon, "maupay nga adlaw!" this is great really a great site para maagian naton an aton mga sangkay nga maglabyaw hehehe... regards to BBCS family, Jobal's Family, TitoMi, Chinito ano na? Artemio hain kana di ka na napaabat! Pag email gad kamo hoy!

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Name:   Tomas Marcial
Address:    Nijaga St., Awang, Calbayog City, Samar
Date:   April 12, 2007

Mabuhay an mga bag-o nga ciudad, Catbalogan City, ngan an Borongan City, I hope Catarman will become a City too. If other place in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao can profit from it why not from Samar. Budget increase in this new city will help develop Samar. My only hope and pray that it will not go to the pocket of the officials who are corrupt. But to the infra structures and project for the people. Hospitals, library, schools, and sports and arts center, or historical restoration projects, or maybe we need a zoo, and a good prison system with gardening and own food production, so they can live and learn from there mistakes.

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Name:   Concerned Samarnon
Address:   Zone-6, Paranas, Samar
Date:   10 April 2007

Mga hinigugma ko nga Samarnon!

Harapit na it aton election kunta dire na gad kita manngarawat hin ano man nga mga hatag bisan pagka-on kay it nga tanan nga butang nga hatag mas dako iton it mawawara ha aton gobyerno kon hiya magda-og o mahibutang ha posisyon, lugod pili-a naton it tangkod og may kapas nga mag lingkod ha aton nasyon...KAIRO MAN HIT MGA BATA OG ATON NASYON KON MAGPAPABAYAD KITA HIT ATON BUTOS...SALIT PAMURAW PURAW NA GAD KITA KON DIRE YANA SANO PA MAN....Pakia-ana ko la ha iyo, kon ikaw negosyante diba mag bibiling ka hin balik o tubo? Ano ha imo pagka aram?...paghuna-huna sangkay hit aton nasyon og mga anak kon ano it ira kabubwason?


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Name:   Genno
Address:   Al-Khobar, KSA, Saudi Arabia
Date:   4/9/2007

Guin kukumusta ko it mga taga San Jose, Dulag, Leyte kanda Tatay Primitivo, Nanay Hermenia, Mano Omek & Ate Nelith, Mana Day2x, Maily, Solema, Jun & Nida, Edwin an akon mga umangkon Moneth, Mica & Mathew. Di na maiha mag kikirigta na kita ha sunod nga bulan kay mauli ako ngada para mag bakasyon. God Bless you all...

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Name:   Sylvia
Address:   Barangay Bucal, Calamba City
Date:    April 9, 2007

I read about the beautiful sights and culture of Calbiga, Samar in Manila Bulletin and would like to visit this intriguing town within the next few months. I would like to ask if anyone can provide me contact information of Calbiga Mayor Luzviminda Latorre-Nacario or Calbiga's Tourism Office.

Many thanks and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from anyone who can help.

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