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Name:   Waraynon
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   09/27/2007

This is something the DepEd officials should look into if there some truth on the observation of Mr. Santiago, not only to clear matters up but to clean the tarnished image of the DepEd. This should pose as a challenge to them and take these not as an affront to them or their manner of implementing the DepEd's policies but rather as a starting point where they can take stock of themselves and their policies and start making making changes to improve in the area of preparing and conducting these achievement tests.

This may sound a tall order but with determination and the utilization of the so-called "experts" in the DepEd, this can be achieved.

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Name:   Mr. Taft, Sam R.
Address:   Philippines
Date:   Sept. 26, 2007

Having just completed a wonderful trip from the country of my birth the home of my people, and the locus of my formative years, I would like to share a few observations about our homeland.

Few of us built modern homes with high fences and walls for privacy and protection, ate mass-produced food from shopping malls that tasted like home made, traveled smooth as well as rough roads, purchased top-line as well as bottomlined merchandise; but many of them have been forgotten by time and progress, still practiced tribal customs and suffered social and economic injustices, trapped in a culture of poverty, resorted to quite resignation.

Unable to recognize these two worlds, I can still tell that the difference between the haves and haves-not is night and day, the gap continues to widen, and the chance for them to merge is out of the question.

In order to change stations in life, many invested in education, but education alone isn't a passport to change for the better. Many credentialed persons are working in fields not requiring college degrees and paying less. If the trend continues, then all lines of work will need college education.

Therefore, the quality of education maybe eroding to the level of elementary or primary kind. Then it follows that available jobs can neither challenge nor motivate workers specifically in the high-tech categories.
Electric power and potable water are plentiful, a sure sign of dramatic shift in progress after many years have passed.

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Name:   Cherry
Address:   Villaflor, Novaliches, Quezon City
Date:  September 26, 2007

Can somebody tell me or email me if there's an Angelicum Elementary School in Palo Leyte. My friend is crazy tracing her girlfriend whom he meet at the net. My friend's Girl friend is a teacher in that school as what she told him

Thanks for sparing to read my post and I do hope you can help me with my friend.

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Name:   Lito
Address:   Samar
Date:   9/26/2007

Salamat gihapon nagkaada hin surprise visit an aton mga opisyal han mining site ha Paranas. Waray na konta mahinabu nga sugad hini (mining) in the future ha Samar. Damo nga salamat. Nanawagan ako igkasi ko taga Samar kon may-ada mga eco-freindly diver o do kaya mga diver enthusiast nga nabisita han iniimbitahan ko kamo come dive with me para makit-an niyo kon ano na stado hit aton coral reefs ha Samar.

It’s time for to witness what they have done (illagal fishing ngan mag baradil nga iba pa). Email me. Damo nga salamat.

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Name:   Diego
Address:   Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:   25/09/07

To Mr. Santiago,

Dere maupay ito nga emo guinhatag nga artikolo, embes nga dayawon mo it taga region 8 emo logod guinpapakaarawdan...

Anon klase ka, guibabaltuki ka gad ada nga tawo? pero waray paman namon nahebasahan nga emo ngaran en nahesurat ha mga diaryo nga myda ka dako nga achievements.

Kun eguinkokompara mo an mga highskol stud ngada hit emo elementary pala nga anak, my puntos ka hito, pero my henongdan lwat ito nga kay ano sugad it kalidad hit edukasyon dinhi ha aton dara hit kakulangan hit pundo...cguro ikaw damo it emo kwarta...kaya mo magbayad tutor hit emo anak…

Salamat nga madamo.

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Name:   Lor Asero
Address:   Honop, Dawa, Basay, Samar
Date:   23 Sept 2007

This is a reaction to the article written by Jonathan Santiago of Catbalogan, Samar maliciously questioning or condemning the 4th year students from Region 8 who made it to the 10 ten of the recently conducted NEAT exam.

Mr. Santiago did not only accused these topnotchers of cheating but he also viciously malign the honesty and integrity of the teachers, school principals, school officials and the Department of Education as a whole.

The article is libelous. Instead of giving honour and pride to the students and to the people of Region 8, Mr. Santiago's article put them all in disgrace.

If I were one of the parents of these top students I will certainly file a court case against Mr. Santiago - LIBEL.

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Name:   Estrella Oraya Toami
Address:   Suginamiku-Takaido-Nishi 3-15-15, Tokyo, Japan
Email:   k-toami@k4.dion.nejp
Date:   September 23, 2007

Good day ! To all Batch 83 who graduated in Holy Cross Academy Oras, Eastern Samar: Grand Alumni Homecoming will be on April 2008 hosted by Batch 83. We are counting your support. Please pass to HCAAA or to Mr. Randy Umil in Oras for more information about the preparation. God bless you all and goodluck.

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Name:   Jonathan Santiago
Address:   Catbalogan Samar
Date:  10/10/2007

WOW galing naman, our students from the region was among the top performer in the NEAT....

I really like to jump for JOY because our region is noticed for this...BUT DO YOU BELIEVE THEY GOT THE SCORE BY THEMSELVES???? I don't think so... DepEd must check on my claim...

I have been observing this so called achievement test given throught the Philippines.... but to my dismay... the teachers headed by the principals are leaking the answers to their students... I'm sure this is also the same (I hope I’m wrong)....

One time I was able to encounter an upcoming freshman in college.... OH HE WAS SO PROUD OF HIS NSAT.. or whatever that result was... he is very capable of taking highly mathematics and science for he got very very good score in that exam.... AGAIN to my dismay... My kid who is just grade 6 is far better than the kid with great score in the test...

DEPED must look into this... we are giving the kids false hope...Please please check on this exams... yah it hurts but reality/right mind don’t believe the output...

One time I have asked a teacher in elementary and her answer why the students must get good grades... naturally if the kids will have low score... it wil go back to them... so, to avoid embarrassment later.. this principals lead the way in giving the students correct answers.... FOR SURE DEPED... examine again this kids... and be objective and be strict... I AM VERY VERY SURE... they will not be able to have grades like what they have received.

I may sound kontrabida... but TRUTH REALLY HURTS...... let’s not make ourselves fools...

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Name:   Wilma
Address:  O7_O4 Dover Rise Nort Buenavista, Singapore City
Date:   21/09/07

Hello anyone know how much the tuition pay of ESSU per unit ...Thank you

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Name:   Merr Inessa Ada
Address:   Taft, Este
Date:   Sept. 21, 2007

Hello, just droppin' by...anyway I would make use of this time and opportunity to let you (mga igkasi ko Samarnon) know my friendster's acount. Here is the e-add:  I would be very delighted to have you as one of my friends. Thank you and GOD BLESS!

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Name:   Essey
Address:   Roissey de Gaulle, Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France
Date:   18.09.2007

Bonjour Monsiuer Torres and Monsiuer Gaspay...sir poydi nimo i surat an bank account number han donation dinhe?? So para alam [ko] ng iba kung saan ipapadala ang donation. Merci beaucoup monsiuer I love your website dahil dito ay nakakita ako ng maraming friends na magaganda at mga pogi sa chattersroom ninyo;-) at isang taong simula ngayon ay isa na sa pamilya ko I call her ‘my big sister’ she’s from Catbalogan Samar Philippines my ate baby:)

Merci Monsiuer Ray Gaspay!!!

PS: Sana i post nyo dito ang acount number para makatulong din ako ng kunti:) Godbless!!!

[Thank you very much Essey. Please click here if you wish to send donation for Samar - Ed]

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Name:   Troy
Date:   09/18/07

Just curious... Last April when I drove through the Tacloban-Catbalogan-Calbayog road, it was aweful! An lubak-lubak grabe gud hindoro. I am just wondering if the road now is any better? Or our useless politician still doing nothing?

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Name:   Nenie dePaz Stipe
Address:    Maine, USA
Date:   16 September 2007

Congratulations to the teachers of Region 8 and especially to the pupils for making it to the top ten of the National Achievement Test. For the pupils of Dulag SPED Center way to go!

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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   12 September 2007

Bulig Hit Samar News ngan kan Ray Gaspay

Maintaining this site is not a piece of cake. Ray has to pay. And he devotes time to this. How about helping him? For those of us who can afford, we can send $5, $10, $3, $100. Somebody will accept the donations. And when there is enough amount to warrant sending the money to Samar, then the amount is remitted.

Something that will keep this website alive and continuing.

I will start with $50. Hi Badong Arteche Guillem will donate $1000, kon magdaug hit California Lottery. Others in Gugma Han Samar Cyberspace Movement, bahala na.

Seguro, Rose and Elsa in Minnesota can collect the donations. Or bisan hino kon karuyag mag volunteer.

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Name:   Merr Inessa Ada
Address:   Bgy. Malinao, Taft, Eastern Samar 6816, Philippines
Date:   Sept. 12, 2007

Maibigan nyo ho sana itong aking tulang pinamagatang


S-a buhay ng luha'y waring kaagapay,
bawat pighati't unos na walang humpay.
Katataga't pananalig tanging gabay,
sa pag-asang tiwasay na pamumuhay.

A-wit ng kalooba'y sadyang kaypait.
Kahirapa't kamangmanga'y naging sakit,
sa lipunang mistulang bulok at punit,
bunga ng pamahalaang nagsusungit.

M-asangsang na amoy sa kapaligiran,
dulot nga ba ng laman ng basurahan?
Hinay naman 'kaw sa katarantaduhan.
Aba'y kalahi mo'y naaapektuhan.

A-ng swerte sa mundo ng may dugong
mandi'y lahat ng kayamanan ay saklaw.
Huwag lamang mabuko at maging hilaw,
gintong hiyas ng bayan na kanila raw.

R-ehas ng karimlan at ng dapithapon,
huwag nawa'y manaig at maging hamon.
Iwasang maulit ang naging kahapon.
Magsikap, mangarap, mabuhay SAMARNON!

S-A-M-A-R, ang lugar ng aking kinalakhan at ako'y nagbibigay pugay sa ibinigay nyang tahanan. Maraming salamat!

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Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
Address:   Australia
Date:  11/Sept/2007

Hello people! Musta na po kayo diyan mga Samarnon. Just wanna say "HELLO" to all ma relatives sa Pinas lalo na ha San Isidro Zumarraga Western Samar at ibang part ng mundo. Thanks a lot Kuya RAY. Paki visit nalang ma websites people if yer not busy. Here are my websites:  -> Personal Website  -> About Zumarraga Samar, but still under const.  -> About San Isidro Zumarraga Samar  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #catbalogan #sohk #pasay  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #borongan  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #shs-asylum Sacred Heart School Tacloban City  -> About Mirc Undernet Server #uc University Of Cebu

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Name:   Alma Villannueva
Address:   Michigan, USA
Date:   09-08-07

Hi doon sa mga classmate ko sa Sacred Heart College sa Catbalogan if anyone remember me back in 85, 86, 87, I think I remember LEA LAO, MELANIE, LYDIA PACHOCO, PERLA please contact me here is my e-mail address  just want to say hi..

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Name:   Christian C. Cabagnan
Address:  1-C vm Townhouse 9 de Pebrero, Mandaluyong City
Date:   09-04-2007

Hello guys, I don't think you know me. I'm just one of those students in SNS that graduated last 1997. Daan lang ako medyo busy kasi...

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   August 31, 2007

To Rhina & Camelle of ABS-CBN and UP-Manila:

I am happy that you are starting to discuss this big question about the SK at least a few months before the elections. I'm glad that you are doing some research on the matter. I will e-mail you in the coming days and hope to help you in your endeavors to understand the true state of the SK system.

I know that you already have an idea of how the SK system has failed its mandate but I'm glad that further studies are being conducted to truly dissect the issues surrounding it.

I am a certified public accountant whose thoughts may be a little bit more practical and straightforward than political scientists. My interest in politics is brought about my deep interest in economics. The two are just like sweethearts. Bad politics usually means bad economics.

I'm glad to help digging the truth about the SK. I am also looking forward for congress or the department of interior and local government or the national youth council to conduct a serious study on the SK's performance. Maybe ABS-CBN's Bandila could awaken the lethargic congressmen and senators more concerned about pogi points than real issues of the nation.

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Name:    Heide
Date:   8 31 2007

Laila D., si ate H ini....pag email daw iday sa akon. Ada ka man ngay-an sa Alabama...'musta na? Hala maghuhulat ak san imo email...

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Name:   Rhina De Leon
Address:   Sgt. Esguerra St., QC
Date:    Aug 31, 2007


In behalf of ABS-CBN's latenight news program, Bandila, I would like to inquire some things about your article, "The Case Against the Sangguniang Kabataan", posted last July 24, 2007. Please feel free to email me. Thank you!

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Name:   Camelle Marquina
Address:   UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines
Date:   Aug 30, 2007

I’m a student from the University of the Philippines Manila. I would just like to ask Mr. Antonio Morales regarding his statement about the abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan. My group is conducting a panel discussion regading the matter. It is a partial fulfillment of the requirements in one of our major subject. We would also like to ask his credentials. We’re hoping for your immediate response and God speed. :)

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Name:   Marlon Dacutanan
Address:   Singapore
Date:   30-Aug-2007

I am Marlon Pacocha Dacutanan, both my (Mansueta) mom and (Epifanio) pops came from Samar. I am actually searching for the Dacutanan's all over the world :). The only relatives I knew were from Pateros Metro Manila, so if you are a Dacutanan you might be a relative of mine :) drop me a message if you find time.

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Name:   Nene
Address:   London, England
Date:   30 August 2007

Hi! Laila,

Taga San Isidro Northern Samar ako, harani kami sa Allen, didto nagdudunggo ang Barko Matnog to Allen. Ikaw ang siring mo taga Matug ka, diin iton dapit?

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Name:   Martin
Address:   AZ, USA
Date:   Aug. 29, 2007

We need your help. As the most active and the best website from your island in Samar and Leyte, please inform the Filipinos of the website  The website has been created by the victims which are mostly Filipinos and it is about an alleged $1.2 Billion Dollars fraud. This could be the largest fraud in US right now. If you open the links, you will be able to see who the perpetrators are and it may surprise you. And if you know somebody who have been offered investments by these con-artists, warn them not to pursue and give this website. If they are already in, they better consult a lawyer.

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   August 29, 2007

Onoy's discovery of the websites that purport to speak volumes about the imperialist and racist 'herd of carabaos' is a good reference point for the Filipino leaders who would like to pursue the claim for the bells of Balangiga.

Links:  ;,urbina,41488,1.html

It is good to forward these sites to congressional leaders who will eventually act on the promotions of these idiots. I am thinking of Filipinos living in the San Francisco Bay Area whose congressmen and senators are more pro-Filipino than the rest of the United States. Maybe Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a representative from Frisco, could lead the buffalo charge against these mini-tyrants.

In this age of cultural sensitivity, racial harmony, and equality, these racially-biased groups should cease to exist. They are like Klu Klux Klan of the modern times. The fact that they continue to hold considerable influence in the military is alarming. Imagine Colin Powell, a well-respected military and diplomatic leader, attending their functions. I hope that he should be held accountable for his attendance.

The problem with Filipinos in the US is that they adapt the mindset of the fly on top of the carabao. They think that since they are already in the US that they are already carabaos when in truth and in fact they are flies. Nakatongtong la ha Amerika, gin kalimtan na nga hira mga pinoy.

So, the voice of Filipinos is never heard in the US because to become hermano mayors of fiestas are more pressing than fighting for what is rightfully due to their native land. Of course, our history lessons were so bad that we constantly forget our heritage as a people. It is so sad that Filipinos are more concerned about what they will be wearing in attending a fiesta celebration or a Filipino gathering than voicing out what is wrong and unjust.

I hope that the Filipinos, or Samarnons in particular, in the US would forward the websites that Onoy discovered to their respective congressmen and senators so we could uphold the dignity of the Filipino people.

My hope is that Filipinos would no longer hear the song of the evil 'carabaos':

Damn, damn, damn the insurrectos/filipinos!
Cross-eyed kakiac ladrones!
Underneath the starry flag, civilize 'em with a Krag,
And return us to our own beloved homes.

Let us do something to educate the members of this order that a carabao, a respected icon of Philippine farms, is a gentle giant that is useful and respectful to its masters. The carabao is so peaceful an animal that wallowing in the mud is its favorite activity not to torment other animals but simply to escape from the wrath of nuisance flies and the excruciating heat of the sun. A carabao is a friend to a farmer and in fact honored as a national animal of the Philippines. It does not represent the ugly racially insensitive and politically incorrect order that bears its name.

I pity the carabao. But, I pity more the imperialist and racist members of the order for their ignorance. But above all, I pity most the Filipinos who remain silent and ignorant despite their knowledge that we as a people are being insulted every time this group meet to celebrate what is ugly about imperialism and racial discrimination.

My hope is for us to sing:

Damn, damn, damn the ignoramuses!
Cross-eyed carabao shits!
Underneath the starry flag, civilize 'em with knowledge,
And return to us the beloved Balangiga bells.

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Name:   Laila
Address:   Alabama, USA
Date:   08-27-07

Hello Nene,

Is it you? hehehe I mean I know that name from London England.. this is Laila D. from Matug.... Samar sister of Mana Babie A. How are you?

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Name:    Leo Ramirez
Address:   Narra St, Bgy. 10`Patag Dist., Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   27 August 2007

To Jonathan of Ubanon:

I agree with you, that we have to improve our existing farming systems to obtain higher farm produce but we have to consider and understand the traditional way and methods on why farmers do what they do. Obviously there's thousands reasons that until now they don't readily adapt introduced technologies.

I don't have any problem with new technologies, but not just for the sake of introducing them because it's just your job. My contention here is why our DA Regional Director wasn't aware what the farmers are presently doing, because it will eventually affect agricultural policy decisions in the region.

As to my personal productiveness I don't know about you from Adam but I can assure you that my family and extended families are well provided because I don't forget my past and that's the reference point of my success.

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Name:   Nene
Address:   London, England
Date:  27  August  2007

I am very proud of you Dr. Amparado. You are the Model of the people, most of all the young people of Samarnon. Ops, not only in Samar, all over the PHILIPPINES. God Always be with you...

And Mr. Ray Gaspay Thank you for creating this Wonderful Website. Because of you we can send and recieve a news from Island of Samarnon. God Bless you...

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Name:   Onoy
Address:   680 San Roque St., Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   August 26

A comment to Mr. Cesar Torres’ earlier posting regarding the Bells of Balangiga:

The seemingly innocuous bells have become a symbol of US hegemony and its Imperialist past. I doubt if we can ever recover the bells. Please visit these links below to get the idea:  ;,urbina,41488,1.html

I came to know about this group from a former boss, a retired high-ranking officer of the US Army while I was working for a US Defense Contractor in the Middle East back in the early 90s. Apparently, the group has taken its roots from the infamous Balangiga Massacre. My boss and I spent countless hours in animated and lively discussion about the subject. But in the end he has great respect and admiration for the bravery and gallantry of the Filipino soldiers, especially the Samarenos led by Gen. Vicente Lukban who fought the well armed Americans. The military tactic employed by Gen. Lukban was something else.

My curiosity leads me to this question- could this group possibly behind the Recession Act of 1946 denying benefits to our gallant World War II veterans over half a century ago? The Filipino Veterans Equity Bill should therefore be the magnanimous act of these cavaliers to make amends with the past.

I say let them have the bells and we commemorate September 28th of each year as Philippine Insurrection Day. lol!!!

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