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Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   07/30/08

Palarong Pambansa: A Perfect Chance to Show What is Best in Eastern Visayas

Whether we like it or not, Leyte would continue to be our big sister province in the region. The biggest and the most powerful in Eastern Visayas, Leyte's hosting of the Palarong Pambansa is a welcome development. It is a perfect time to showcase what is best in the region and to highlight the need to calibrate the economy of the region. It seems that we've been lagging behind in progress compared to other regions of the country.

It is good that Leyte Governor Icot Petilla was able to rally behind the support of other regional leaders so we can host the Palarong Pambansa in a grand manner not necessarily reminiscent of the Imeldific way but one that is decent.

Congratulations Tacloban for the honor and whatever good thing that happens in Tacloban or Leyte is also good for the region!

Let us support Palarong Pambansa 2009 in Tacloban!!!

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Name:    Lor Asero
Address:   Sitio Honop, Brgy. Dawa, Basay, Samar
Date:    July 30, 2008

The message is for the management of Samelco:

We the people in the remote barangays of Basay are complaining of the frequent power cut-off or black-out which sometimes last for a week. They always reason out that the high tension wires that run from the town of Basay to the barangays are not accessible by their maintenance crew, there being no road. What a shallow excuse!! The power lines are below the leaves of coconut trees and other vegetations. Bisan la mahinay nga huyop han hangin an mga dahon ngada ha live high tension wires ma ground. Maupay kon insulated it nga mga wire. Dere man. So every time there is rain, surely there will be a power cut-off.

Why don't they cut-off those trees and other vegetation that cause this problem? As easy as that!! Otherwise they should replace those bare wires with insulated one. Pagmata kamo!!! Ngan maluoy kamo hit mga tawo nga iyo gin sisirviciohan.

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Name:   Catbaloganon in USA
Address:   New Jersey, NJ
Date:   07/30/08

An mga naiigo baga hin nakagat hin mananap!

An mga naiigo hit mga pulong ni Tonyboy Morales baga gud hit mga wati nga nakagtan hin tubak. Sige an hinilod-hilod pero waray mahihimo kay makarit gud it mga pulong hit akon sangkay nga hi Tonyboy. Ini nga mga peke na waray dadamo ini diri la dinhi ha Samarnews.com labi na gud it mga nanhinganhi la ha America baga na it ira huna huna na Americano na hira. Di ba may istorya kabahin hit talabong ngan hin karabaw, aba-adaw mga talabong gad la kamo di pa gad kamo mga karabaw. Namamarayaw ini hira para signgon nga mag-aram pero an ungod mga haw-syaw la ini hira. Salit kay ungod man an mga pulong ni Morales dadlagan dayon an mga wati nga waray man hibabruan kabahin hit Samar kundi an pagbinanhambog nga hira magyaman.

Ada, mas makarit gad udog hi Morales kontra ha ira kay ha iningles na la ngani araba gad hi Troy nga kuno taga America. Ini ngani hi Sailorjohn guin-ngaranan la nga Popeye. Duro an akon tawa kay ungod gud ito nga napakadati man ini nga peke nga waray agud signgon nga makarit. Hesus, pagbaton pala butata dayon! Di ba nahiyukat nga nagin Popeye la lugod hiya. Ha discussion board ko pa gad nababasahan ini nga US Navy man baga gud ini hiya hin napakadati kay kuno Amerikano hiya pero apinas ngani makapahamtang hin iya ideya puro la pag-pinanhambog nga waray data. Ada, Popeye hinay-hinay hin papiliw kay aadi kana ha message board, magkarit na it im kontra. Seguro panahon na ikaw magpahuway la anay kay waray ka gad ig-sasadang nga utak kan Morales, kan Rex B. Cole, labi na han akon usa pa ka idol Addi Batica.

Ini naman hi Agitated Reader baga ini hiya hin nahitunok hin sisi. Guintamay hi Tonyboy Morales kay tungod kuno pobre man la. Baa napakayaman ka gud man Agitated Reader. Susumahon niyan, bangin mas pobre ka pa kan Tonyboy Morales. Labi na kay aadi ka ha San Diego, bangin puro la utang it im dupot. Naaawod ako nga baga napakayaman ka man nga diri man guin-babati nga may taga-San Diego na Samarnon na agsob maghatag hin donasyon ha Samar.

Salit mga kasangkayan, ayaw kamo hin baga dagmit nga komento hit ungod na guinyayakan ni Tonyboy Morales. Ungod it iya guinpapahamtang ha aton nga tanan. Yana kay guin-kurokuso gud kamo hit iya mga pamulong, baga daw kamo hin mga wati nga sige it hiwid-hiwid.

Ako diri ako masagdon kan Tonyboy nga diri gumamit hit sarcasm kay para gud matauhan ini nga Waray-waray na "others" na kay kuno nakatungtong naman ha America. Baa daw mga sangkay, hirayo pa it iyo kakadtuan kun asya it iyo buhat. Kung kinahanglan nga tawagon kamo kun ano nga ngaran dapat mayda mahimo hiton ha iyo para matauhan kamo. Pasalamat ako nga hi Tonyboy mayda isog nga ngaranan kamo nga bungi kun bungi man kamo or kun buta kun buta man kamo. Salit kun nadadaug kamo hit gamit la hit pamulong han akon idol nga hi Tonyboy, ada maupay ito. Mas maupay ito nga mag-araba kamo yana kay para makatagamtam gud kamo hit kastigo nga pamulong niya. Kay kun kamo diri mga hambog ngan waray manhingalimot hit iyo pagka-waray diri gad kamo masasakitan hit iya mga pamulong, lugod iyo hiya pasasalamatan nga mayda nagpapahinomdum ha iyo nga kun ikaw waray, hingalimti ayaw!

Salit yana pala makakasiring ako kun hin-o gud it mayda utak nga sadang magpahamtang hit tunay na kahimtang hit Samar. Ha analysis pa la, perde na kamo. Salit ayaw na la hin kuruo kun nahilalabtikan ka kay ungod ito nga guinpapahayag ni Tonyboy.

Masakit usahay karawaton an kamatuoran pero kinahanglan para mabag-o iton aton panhunahuna. Tapos na an panahon nga kita guin-tamay-tamay hiton mga langyawanon, panahon na para aton tindugan an aton pagka-waraynon. Kung kinahanglan nga tawagon pa gud ni Sailorjohn hi Tonyboy nga moron, baga pagbantay Popeye kay bangin ka niyan malabtikan hin mas makarit na pamulong, tangis ka niyan.

Agi kamo, apinas gad la kamo hit kamakarit ni Antonio. Ayaw hunong hin pagsangyaw hit kamatuoran padi Tonyboy kay an imo mga pulong usahay masakit pero ungod perme ini nga mga peke na waray puro la pinuro-parayaw waray man katiting hit im kamakarit!

Sige, sayaw anay hin curacha ngan usa anay ka shot nga bahalina para diri tumangis an mga nahiagom hin latigo nga pamulong ni maestro Morales!

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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:  Jul 30 2008

Kun karoyag niyo bumulig ha Samar!

I have received numerous suggestions from people in this message board to do what we could do to help alleviate the situation in Samar. One, most of those asking are stationed all over the world. And, everybody is one in saying that we should be positive and join hand in hand for a cause greater than our own ideological bickerings.

Here are my suggestions so we can truly help Samar:

1. If you want to help the homeless of Samar become change agents, please donate to Gawad Kalinga headed by its champion Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Tony Meloto and please specify your request that the money be used in Samar and not elsewhere. They have their own website so you could actually monitor the progress of your donation. Gawad Kalinga's transforming social programs are similar to Habitat for Humanity.

2. If you want to incarcerate the corrupt officials who are the primary reasons why Samar continues to be in the dark ages, write a check to the Diocese of Calbayog and inform them that the money should go to the fund of Padre Noel Labendia's Isog Han Samar Movement. Unbeknownst to many money is needed for the successful prosecution of those corrupt officials when the complainant represented by Father Labendia and the star witnesses have to travel to Manila to attend the hearings at the Sandiganbayan. While the accused can go there on an official business trip and paid by the government, the witnesses as well as the complainants go there at their own expense.

3. Kun karuyag niyo bumulig para makabasa an mga kabataan ha Samar, please coordinate with the barangay or with the elementary school or with the high school where you came from, you can send books, magazines, school supplies, and others. We can even ask Mr. Ray Gaspay to spearhead a campaign that we could send books to Samar via Balikbayan boxes. I have sent several boxes before and have found out that kids are delighted to receive books and school supplies.

4. Do not just go back to Samar, give back! When you are due for a vacation in Samar, please give back to the land of your heart! If you are a medical doctor, give free medical services. If you are a nurse, a simple BP-taking session is good enough. If you are an engineer, build an artesian well or something similar. If you are a teacher, give a teacher training or literacy class. If you are a caregiver, share your expertise by conducting a training or something. If you are economically endowed, share your blessings not only to your family but those who could not afford an argentina corned beef. Try to exchange a plan to buy a Lacoste shirt for boxes of noodles. Or similar to that! You could feel a deep sense of accomplishment buying something for others than only for yourself.

5. Invest in people. I heard of honor students in the hinterlands of Samar having to pay for their own medals because the school does not have enough money to buy for these medals. You can donate medals so you can give these to the DepEd Division of Samar so they can distribute these to the most depressed schools in the province. You can open a scholarship in the nursing school of Samar State University which has an outstanding performance during the last board exams for those who cannot afford to pay their tuition. I guess the tuition for an entire semester is only about 10,000 pesos or roughly $200 per semester or $40 per month. Now, you may not be able to pay for the whole amount but you can subsidize their tuition. Any small help you can make is a big help to those families who could not even earn more than $100 a month.

I will stop with that because too much suggestions may not be digested well. Let us start with that and start reporting your progress here in Samarnews.com.

To Samarnon of Canada: An mga kooperatiba while it is a good way to help alleviate the condition of the people in Samar, kinahanglan nga mayda gud magtitimangno hito. Otherwise, magiging usa la ini nga proyekto na waray hinungdan. In Samar, waray pa ako nakikita na susbaranan na kooperatiba but I will continue to look for one that won't just waste our money.

Now, can we do one of these suggestions? These are concrete ways to put our money where our mouth and heart are.

Kit-on day naton kun hino it maitsa hit una na gala???

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:  Catbalogan
Date:   30Jul 2008

Hagi ini hi Popeye napaka-olive!

Popeye an moron ha Samar marasa ito ura-ura. Pero it popeye lugwa mata diri iton marasa – masapara iton. Napaka eksperto ka man pagpinanhambog nga US Navy ka – ikaw ada an guinsisiring ni Yoyoy Villame nga kaupod ni McArthur! Ha hinambugay magdaog ta!

If you think that I will be cowed by a sailor, think again, sir! Tell your story to the marines and the coast guard!

Wasn't Popeye a sailor? Napaka-olive naman ng reaction mo!

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Name:    Rex B. Cole
Address:    New Zealand
Date:   30 July 2008

Ai, Ai, Sailorjohn. I think we share the same vision for Samar.

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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   07-29-08

A rejoinder to those who were offended by my writings and more:

To Agitated Reader from San Diego Zoo:

I apologize if I have offended your senses with my messages to Troy of USA but let me tell you that I was even more offended when you started attacking me trying to look down on the livelihood of writers and the lowly situations of those people coming from Catbalogan. Yes, I am not a Tonyboy Cojuangco or a Tonyboy Floirendo but I have not kissed the asses of the Marcoses to be a favored crony. I have not stolen a single centavo from the people to finance the monopoly of my business interests in the Philippines. I would rather die poor with a clear conscience than die rich with guilt. Also, journalism is not my livelihood but I shall tell you not to look down on writers just because those people in that line of work doesn't earn much as you do. Without those dedicated writers who stood against the tyrannical oppressors and dictators, you would not have comfortably enjoyed your present situation in San Diego watching Shamu and your fellows at the zoo. And, do not think that just because you are now in San Diego that you are better off economically than those people in Samar particularly in Catbalogan. Padi, langaw ka gad la gihap nga nakatungtong hin karabaw!

To Ed Solayao of Saudi Arabia:

I apologize for offending your senses Mr. Solayao and the issue that I have raised against Troy is not about the hellish road in Samar as you would simply wanted it to appear but the generic attitude of people who think that when they have moved to greener pastures far beyond the confines of the island of Samar that they are already different and above and beyond than those who are left behind in Samar. A waray whether she is in Japan entertaining her japanese customers, or in Canada working as a caregiver, or in the US painstakingly working as a nurse in a nursing home, or in the Caribbean serving those in a cruise liner, or in Saudi Arabia toiling under the scorching heat of the Saharan desert, or in Hong Kong taking care of chinese families, or working as an underpaid accountant in London, or enjoying the good life Down Under, or wherever she or he may be would still be a waray no matter what. That has been my theme from then and will continue to be because colonial mentality easily creeps into the minds of people who have tasted a better life outside Samar. To forget your people is to forget yourself. The reason why I usually chose to stay away from parties hosted by Samarnons while I was stationed in the US was because most of those parties were merely for showing off who has the newest Lexus or the best LV bag. Instead of helping those back home impoverished by systems, politics, and what have you, most "former" warays tend to shift their eyes on what is easy, what is popular, and what is trendy. It is difficult for most of them to accept that a dollar can feed an entire family for a day in Samar or a children's book laying in their basement could be sent to a child in Samar who has not opened a book in his lifetime or sending some money to help Isog Han Samar fund the removal of corrupt and callous officials in government. Mr. Solayao, the strength of Samar, of the Philippines, and of this world is only as strong as the strength of its weakest links – the poor and the marginalized. Our collective pride,

To all:

Please let us not think that just because we are earning more than our neighbor that we are better. There are far more things in life that measure quality of life. Vanuatu, a tiny nation in the Pacific, is the happiest place on earth according to the New Economics Foundation. GDP or per capita income are not true measures of success, it is how satisfied you are with what little you have that measures true success. In a world of materialism and relativism, one thing is sure, money is not everything. Money can buy you a house but not a home. Money can buy you a company but not a friend. Money can buy you a watch but not time. Money can buy you a book but not knowledge. Money can buy a tempurpedic bed but not a sound sleep. Money can buy sex but not love. Oh, this world is not about money after all. The sunset in Catbalogan is to die for with friends singing "Kun Harapit Na Adlaw Matunod" and with some bahalina and kinilaw na isda to boost, oh that to me is life!

Do not pepper me with your show of how economically endowed you are, I know for sure that you are just merely one paycheck short to bankruptcy with an economic meltdown especially in the US where almost everything is charged to the future (or simply said charged to Visa or Mastercard). Unless you are a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett, I will not be impressed!

In the end, my friends and those who decided to be my foes, I am telling you that we should stop chasing our own tails – 'coz, we don't have! Let me share to you a story about a Harvard professor of business who was studying how he could economically transform a fishing village in Northern Quintana Roo in Mexico. As part of his immersion so he could understand the life of a lowly fisherman, he stayed for a week with a fisherman's family. He observed that during the weekdays, the fisherman has a routine. At 6:00 a.m., he would wake up and go fishing. At 9:00 a.m., the man would return from his fishing expedition and would sell a portion of his catch in the public market while reserving another portion for their own consumption. Before noontime, the poor fisherman returns from the public market with some goodies for his children and some other household necessities. After eating a hearty lunch, the poor fisherman would retire for a siesta that normally last until 3:30 in the afternoon. Upon waking up from his daily siesta, he would have a group of friends singing, chit-chatting, and drinking some locally-concocted wine until the wife invites the man for his dinner. At 8:00 p.m., the man retires for a a good night's rest. And the routine goes on and on during weekdays. So, the professor, after a week of observation, told the fisherman to change his routine to attain economic prosperity. He told the man to wake up earlier at 4:00 a.m. and fish for 8 hours or until 12 noon. Then, sell the catch the whole afternoon. If he will do these, according to the professor's computation, the fishermen will be able to buy more fishing boats and even hire his drinking buddies in just a span of 5 years. When he will have more fishing boats, he needs to pursue a degree in business so he could manage his fishing corporation that will be exporting fish all over the world. Then at 75, he could retire and fish for a little while, work a little to manage his business, have a siesta as long as he wants, sing and drink with friends in th

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Name:   Sailorjohn
Address:   Seattle
Date:   29 July 2008


Thank you for your response. I will agree as I said in a posting that has not as yet come up I addressed to Tonyboy, that I perceived your comments as I saw them. I wish no bad felling between you and I. We both want what is best for Samar.

I am not so luckly to travel to Calbayog City as much as you do, but I have seen many changes sine I first visited in 1981. I hope to make yearly trips now as we will be moving there in the very near future to retire and enjoy Samar.

You send that I should go to Samar and learn about Samar and what goes on there. Well, I think I have more experiences and knowledge than you think. I have been told by many Filipinos, both here in America and in the Philippines that I am more Filipino then American. I have been married to my Asawa for 32 years and know first hand how the poor live in the Philippines. I know how they live and how hard it is for them to get ahead. I am well aware of all the daily problems they have. I for one have great respect for the Filipino. They work hard for their families, they enjoy life of what is given to them and they smile.

I tell Americans all the time, co-workers that they have no idea ho grat they have it here. To complain about stupid things while there are others in the world strugglings.

I totally agree with you on how these companies take advantage of third world countries, in providing NO benefits nor good pay for a days work. I am in arguments on a Subic Bay site in regards to the way Hanjin is doing business there. There have been 13 deaths now I believe due to NO safety program in place. Hanjin like many companies goes to PI to take advantage of the cheap labor force and fill their pockets with large profits. What is so sad about my arguments is that there are Filipinos who support bringing in all these investments from other countries. But the way I see it is this way, THEY (local, state Gov't) is selling away the Philippines for what? Money in their pockets while the poor stay poor or die to make this company profits.

Again in regards to your response about the implied discriminatory remarks. Again that is the way I read it. In re-reading your comment, I saw what you were saying.

As I noted above, I have been going to Samar since 1981 and the Philippines since 1976. I am well aware of how hard it is for the poor farmer to make ends meet or to send his children to school. And you are right, even if they go to high school or college, what job market is there for them? None really. We have family members for whom went to college and have come to the US and are not working as maids, etc, but in the medical field. A nephew we helped complete his paperworks, went overseas to work as a Merchant Seaman and should be home soon after his first year. To me, I think it was not a good choice for him, but I understand why he did it. It was for his family and young ones in making a better income.

About the environment, did you read in the forum an update I posted. Seems a cousin who was home a few months ago said that the areas we saw have been cleaned up. I wonder if the comments that were made by me, her husband last year make a difference?

Someone with in the Philippine gov't needs to put forth the polices of ridding the Philippines of all the plastics they use. It is killing the land they love so much. Nature can not break down this man made by product. So it is man that needs to put a top to its use.

In closing, I think it is wrong for ANYONE to take any graft to better their own lives over the people who they serve. The people I would hope elected them to do what is right for the city, town, etc. and not profit from their positions.

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Name:   Eagle
Address:   Curry Ave., Catbalogan City, Samar 6700
Date:   July 29, 2008

Am just concern anent the style of some other writers/contributors in this board. Others seems so proud of themselves that they pretend to know everything in this world, but the truth is "utak bulinaw". Mekitid an panhunahuna. Imagine, a person who will go berserk if somebody will not toe/agree to his idea. Stupid isn't it. A person who is shouting to the whole world about democracy and freedom, yet cannot accept the idea of others, be it relevant or material to the issue, at least we should know to respect that idea.

2nd some writers tend to abuse interpretations of separation of state and the church; mind you, the separation speaks only of one dictum, that is, that maxim only prohibit the state to mind the church activities, in other words, it prohibits the state to harass the affairs of the church, nothing more and nothing less. The separation does not repeat does not prohibits the church to intervene the affairs of the state, as the same (church) is part and parcel of the state.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   July 28, 2008

I don't think it is necessary to mention these things (see quotation below)...They are personal, degrading and disgusting as well. The means AGITATED READER has chosen did not justify the target end. I am sorry to say that you are equally guilty of your accusations.

As I have already mentioned here in my previous posting, I don't like it too when Mr. Tony Morales gets personal and sarcastic in his writings and responses as sometimes they will discourage some readers to post their opinions and ideas for fear of receiving the same responses. But I guess the posting below is a personal attack to Mr. Morales with the same damaging result and objectives.

We can not right a wrong with another wrong action.


"I know you're trying to be a Doroy Valencia but you've got quite a long way to go, my friend. It seems to me you have grown too big for your breeches."

"But you are just Antonio Morales, from Catbalogan(?)."

"Continue writing, please, specially if that's your main livelihood. Writers don't really make that much money but if that's where you find happiness, by all means, stay with it."

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Name:    Sailorjohn
Address:   Seattle
Date:   28 July 2008

TonyBoy Moron,

I am not here to entertain you or any other readers on here. You can make up names there moron like popeye, or what ever your small mind can think up. It just shows that you are not that intelligent to be able to communicate with others without trying to insult them.

As for Rex, my comments to him were not to create any hate between us. I just wanted him to see how his remarks can be perceived by others. I do not intend to have an on going discussion/argument with him for YOUR enjoyment. I would hope that Rex does not take my comments wrong, but to re-think what he had said.

It would be better there my little Tonyboy for you to stop being so boring and trying to create problems just for readers on here to fight with each other. If you can not write anything that is worth wild for the readers on here, then keep your thoughts to your self.

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Name:   True Waraynon
Address:   Leyte and Samar
Date:   07-28-08

I am not claiming to be a descendant of Malays, Chinese, or European, or African, or Negrito. Frankly, I do not care and I am just a true Waraynon. I am blessed to have complete set of eyes, nose and ears. I am also blessed to have natural features to warrant survival on a hot humid tropical paradise like Samar. I have dark skin and hair to absorbed solar radiation rather than turn into cancer. My body can process rice and camote all year round to provide me energy to beat the heat. I can sustain mosquito bite and yet do not get sick while other peoples in the world would get malaria. I am locally built for the local need and I am a true Waraynon.

Let me get to my point:

While the bickering between the two dignified Waraynons (Mr. Troy and Mr. Morales) was centered and started relating on the infamous national highway in Samar, there is nothing they can do but use the highway the best they can without bickering to each other. Granted it is located in Samar but it does not mean Samarnons designed and built the highway. DPHW engineers from around the country designed the highway. Let us look forward rather than backward.

I have been in that highway going to Bagio City in northern Luzon during the 1980s and it is still the same highway today in the year 2008. Why? Because of the location of the highway which is right on the mountain side and on the mountain tops. Many typhoons have come and gone but this highway survived with little or no damage. The infrastructure where the highway sits on is solid bedrock and water flows down easily downhill after drench of rain.

Why can’t we do the same here in Samar? From north to south of our province is a solid mountain rock where our highway can sit on. We can convince and plea with the environmentalists that extreme care should be taken during building this proposed highway. Also, we can convince the environmentalists that what good is it to have beautiful sceneries in Samar if no one on earth can see and appreciate the beauty via stable and reliable highway. Just like the highway to Bagio, typhoon can come and go but our highway would be stable and reliable for many years. If the construction has to occur this would provide employment to thousands of Samarnons. I would even consider a highway with toll fees with the proceeds also goes to maintenance and beautification. I know Chinese Construction companies, or Japanese companies would likely be interested in this venture. We Samarnons can bypass the national government and do the bidding and contracting ourselves here and approved by the people of Samar.

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Name:    Albert Jumagdao Jabonero
Address:   Alasas Villages, city of San Fernando, Pamapanga, Philippines
Email:    albertjose18@yahoo.com
Date:   July 28, 2008

Kumusta na kamo dida mga taga Jia-an at Jiabong Samar labi an batch 82 (SSPC/SSU). CFC "mabuhay"

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Name:   Perla
Address:   Alapan, Imus, Cavite
Email:   felixa@sabic.com
Date:   July 28, 2008

Mr. Gaspay, if possible I would like to post this message: For sale: house and lot (80sqm), bungalow type. Price: 1M (negotiable). Location: Alapan, Imus, Cavite.

Interested party, please contact: 09196675462 or send email to the address above. Salamat!

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Name:    Rex B. Cole
Address:   New Zealand
Date:   Jul 28 2008


I have nothing against Americans or any other nationalities of the world but I do criticize the way the American firms and other foreign firms run their business in the third world countries.

It so happened that it was an American firm who did come to Samar with a huge investment and as you implied, like other foreign firms, no local folks will be hired on the top most positions of the company. Is it an advantage or disadvantage to the Samarenyos? I will place this situation under disadvantage.

Now, there is a comment which you implied to be a discriminatory remark. There is no offense nor did I consider the Samarnons stupid. Rather, it is your perception which is calling the Samarnons “no-brainers” or stupid. You should search the internet or go to Samar frequently. Maybe then can you find out the reality wherein poor farmers do their utmost to send their children to school and colleges only to graduate without any hope of employment since they are not going to be hired in accordance to the education they attained at their own province. And where do they end up? They are forced by poverty to choose being a college graduate Domestic Helpers in other countries, gardeners and housekeeping workers or other low paid employment way out of their educational level at the different resorts in Cebu, Boracay, and so on. Some of them remain as unemployed at their own municipality.

In my trips to Samar which is, at a minimum - twice a year, I have seen what you have seen regarding the environment. As you said, no one is doing anything about the environment and “trash” is all around. The cleaning responsibility belongs to the local government. As the head of the local society, they should be prepared to do their duty so that visitors would have the desire to come back. It is the practice of the majority of Samarnons to clean their surroundings when inviting visitors. Don’t you agree?

To the majority of Samarnons, it would remain a dream to take a day vacation at the resort in Calicoan with a price tag of presumably around three thousand pesos or more a day. This won’t make those concerned happy.

With projects like the NBN deal, the North Rail and so on, what can we expect would the local government feel about new investors knocking at their doors ready to invest in Samar? Of course they will rejoice. Now they could take their share of more corruption from the time building permits and so on starts coming in to their office for approval.

Wasn’t the Governor of Samar suspended due to corruption?

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Name:    Sailorjohn
Address:   Seattle, WA
Date:   27 July 2008

Mr. Solayao is so correct. I have have spent many years reading posts on so many sites from local newspapers, sports, travel, countries, etc. The one thing that stood out was the continued attacks on those that made comments that did not sit well with others.

For example, to read attacks from people in Europe, mainly the UK who on a daily basis would make remarks about ANYTHING related to Americans. There remarks were crossed the line so much that it created hate on these sites. Remarks of being from "across the pond", falling into a "melting pot of a disaster" to name a few. Even something as simple as talking about sports team, people got so off track with the remarks.

The bottom line here is that people feel safe when they are sitting at home, or in a computer cafe being "Keyboard Warriors". They can sit there and say anything they want as they feel safe in doing so. They have no concerns of offending someone face to face and getting hit in the mouth.

It is sad to think that this new way of communicating via the internet is creating problems for many. It is bringing out hatred that many have stayed hidden inside of a person. It is giving people the chance to communicate with so many on the internet that it is creating such hatred between people. Respect for people's own opinions, ideas, thoughts, feelings don't come into plat any more.

It is all about saying what you want to say on the net without even thinking how your words will hurt someone. It's all about being the biggest and baddest person on the site. In the end, all it shows is that you the person making those remarks on any site is that you are a fool.

I for one have had many on going nasty discussions on a few sites where I stood up for my country and being a VET. If there is one thing I will NOT put up with is a person or persons who for what ever reason talk out of their rear ends about something they have no clue about.

How this relates to a site devoted to the island of Samar is simple. We all have an interest in Samar as our home, our future home, family, etc. I think we can all agree that Samar of all the islands in the Philippines is the poorest of them all.

For so many years the Gov't of the Philippines FAILED to provide monies to make Samar a better place to live. But this problem does not only fall on the Gov't of the Philippines. Local Gov't officials are also are to blame for their actions or lack of actions.

I would also put some of this blame on the people of Samar as they failed to take charge of how they voted for the right person(s) to make Samar a better place to live.

The problem in the Philippines or for any country for that matter is that the rich control everything. It is sad to say that, but it is true. The poor stay poor and never get out from under the rich people control.

This message board and forum on the SamarNews site is for Filipinos and others who want to talk about Samar and Leyte. It is not a place to put down people, argue, etc. It is a place where many can freely talk without worrying about someone hearing them and they wind up getting hurt for their point of views.

It is time for people to stop attacking and start working together to make Samar and Leyte a better place to live for ALL.

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Name:    Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   Jul 27, 2008

Our Common Goal:

Una han ngatanan, damo nga salamat sagkay Addi B. May-ada gad liwat didi katitirok han mga "Catbaloganon" han amon city ha Canada once a year. Nadayo liwat ngadi an mga Catbaloganon han North America. Nag attend ako hin pera ka beses, pero na obserbahan ko nga baga hira manla nga magsarangkay na guidaan an "nagkakasarangkay". Kon deri prominente an imo apelyedo ngan pamilya baga deri ka lilingi-on ngan pakiki-istoryahan. An akon obserbasyon baga harambugay manla han ira mga "successes" ngan han ira influence ha mga pilitiko. Please pardon my observation - kinatawo na ada ini naton ngan usa ini ha aton nga deri nga maupay nga batasan. Siguro, reflective liwat ini nga kay kon ano nga sugad hini an aton lugar. Deri kita nagkaka-urusa kundi an aton konsentrasyon ay kon aanhon naton makilala nga labaw kita han iba. Dumako ako ngan nag-aram ha Catbalogan kaya baga-baga han "deja vu" ha akon. Asya la guihapon, iya-iya la.

Deri gadla liwat ada mga Samarnon an sugad hini. Pira na nga mga Pinoy an akon guin buligan nga makasulod hin trabaho didi ha Canada. Tapos an ira guin hihimo, sisiraan pa ako. Yun pala, tatargetin nira an akon puwesto. Honestly, (deri naman ngatanan) Pinoys are destructive in nature. Kaurugan, self-destruction (han aton lahi) an nahihitabo. Permi la nakikipagkumpetensiya han iya igkasi Pinoy.

By the way, kita nga nagkakauro-istorya denhi baga usa manla an aton tinguha - an makabulig ngan mapaupay an aton lugar. I perceived nga mga bright man kamo ngan baga damo man an iyo maibubulig para han kaupayan han aton lugar. Kaya lang puro "motherhood statements" and general ideas pa lang - well, so far. Maupay kunta kun magiging specific an aton mga suggestions basi kun mayda man nakakabasa nga may kapas magpa-implement ay mahihimo nira.

Ngan kita, ano man an aton maiaamot or maibubulig? As private citizens, siguro puwede naton i-explore an sinisering ni sangkay Tony Morales nga mga cooperatives basi kita makabulig dida han aton lugar. Maupay kunta masupurathan naton ang iya kaaraman han kooperatiba.

Sige, himuon naton konkreto ang aton mga huruharampang para may positive impact han aton lugar.

Deri ako nainom, sumsuman la an akon...kinilaw ngan mga sinugba!!!

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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   Jul 27, 2008

Boy Tawas versus Popeye the Sailor John!

I do not wish to interject yet into the growing debate of Boy Tawas (Rex Cole or Rexona Cologne) and Popeye (Sailorjohn). It is good to watch how Rex Cole will frame his rejoinder to the response of Popeye.

This is a battle royale since Boy Tawas is from New Zealand and Popeye the Sailor John is from Seattle, Washington. Let's see how the man from the middle earth can respond to the observations of the sleepless knight of Seattle.

Go Boy Tawas and Popeye!

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Name:    Agitated Reader
Address:    San Diego, CA, USA
Date:    07/27/08

This whole Troy/Morales saga started from an innocent posting about someone's personal experience with the hellish Samar roads. I myself am a Waray but I did not find anything offensive about that little posting. To me, that was just Troy's way of venting out his frustrations and difficulty while traversing the Samar roads. I don't know what caught Morales's fancy in reacting rather childishly to the other guy's seemingly harmless statements. And he did it not once, but so many times.

Antonio, Antonio, when are you coming down from the pedestal you're sitting on now? If you were a bird and a wayward stone comes your way, wouldn't it double the pain if you fall from that lofty location?

Your writing style is just okay; you even have some fans out there who seem to like your style. But if you continue to write in that sarcastic and condescending way of yours, you are going to lose your readership and even incur some enemies. I know you're trying to be a Doroy Valencia but you've got quite a long way to go, my friend. It seems to me you have grown too big for your breeches.

If you are a Tonyboy Floreindo or Tonyboy Cojuangco, namesakes both, then maybe you can treat people they way you have treated Troy, Hagi or even Chito, the writer from Basey. Their wealth notwithstanding, Floreindo and Cojuangco are more professional and considerate when dealing with people. But you are just Antonio Morales, from Catbalogan(?).

Continue writing, please, specially if that's your main livelihood. Writers don't really make that much money but if that's where you find happiness, by all means, stay with it. But you have to change, Antonio. Stop hurting people. Like what another writer said, respect the opinion of others.

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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:    Catbalogan
Date:    26 Jul 2008

Salamat Padre Noel Labendia, An Pag-ampo Namon Maupod Ha Imo!

Kay diri man kita nga tanan makakakadto ha Sandiganbayan para suportahan hi Padre Noel Labendia ngan an mga star witnesses hiton kaso batok hiton aton Gobernadora ngan iya mga igkasi akusado, hinaut unta na an aton uropod na pag-ampo mabatian han buhi nga Diyos!

Ig-ampo naton an mga magtetestigo ha mga adlaw na Agosto 4 ngan 5 og Setyembre 8 ngan 9 nga magiyahan hira han kamatuoran ngan han kaputli han ira konsensya. Unta diri hira mapalit nga matarhog hit salapi ngan poder.

Ig-ampo liwat naton an mga abogado nga nagdudumara hiton prosekusyon nga hira maging matadong ngan matinumanon hiton awhag han balaod ngan ira konsensya.

Ig-ampo man liwat naton hi Mila Tan ngan an iya mga igkasi akusado nga hira mahatagan hin higayon nga mabag-o ngan tadungon an ira hiwi na pamaagi.

Ig-ampo man liwat naton an mga huwes ha Sandiganbayan na diri hira madara hiton panginyupo ngan mga panarhog han mga pulitiko ngan mga posible na pagpalit hiton ira desisyon. Unta diri nira igsara it ira mga mata ha kamatuoran ngan ira makita an kapirdihan han mga mulopyo han Samar kun an pangawat ngan panlimbong igpadayon pa hini nga mga tinugwayan hin poder ha pangobyernohan.

Padre Noel Labendia, an amon pag-ampo maupod ha imo. Salamat han imo pag-tindog ha panahon nga an kadam-an nga Samarnon nanlingkod nala ha pagkarawat nga an pangawat ha gobyerno han Samar okay la basta may usa ka kilo nga bugas. Unta mayda pa iba nga mga Noel Labendia ha sulod ngan gawas han simbahan nga madasigon na matindog para han kadaugan han kamatuoran!

Maiha pa ini nga pakigbisog pero and Diyos an aton masasarigan para kita madinasigon na ipadayon an aton away kontra korapsyon!!! Tindogan naton ini mga igkasi Samarnon!!!

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Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   Jul 26 2008

Fresh Topic to Discuss: On Reproductive Health Bill Pending in Congress and the Catholic Church's Stand

Instead of the intramurals going on between this writer and an equally aggressive and highly opinionated Troy of USA, it is better to discuss current issues affecting the millions of Filipinos and Warays. The hottest issue today is the Reproductive Health bill pending in Congress and the steadfast opposition of the Roman Catholic Church. What do you think of this current issue?

While it is true that the latest headliner is Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile being in hot waters for his and his family's alleged involvement in the used car smuggling activities in Port Irene in Cagayan, this may not have a direct impact on Warays. So, can we discuss the pros and cons of the Reproductive Health bill and the stand of the Roman Catholic Church?

Can the Roman Catholic Church interfere in this particular policy-making try of Congress? What are the parameters for observing the doctrine of the separation of the church and the state? Where does the line be drawn? Can a bishop instruct his priests not to give communions to those who would vote for the enactment of the bill?

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Name:    Ed M. Solayao
Address:   Saudi Arabia
Email:   aksolayao@gmail.com
Date:   25-07-2008

To Mr. Morales & Mr. Troy

Let's all admit that we all have differences in opinions, perspectives, disagreements on the way we look at our world, & inequalities in many aspects (whether in the color of our skin, the language we speak, the mindsets, etc.).

Even when we look at a group of ants moving around their colony, you & me may have different views on how we think these tiny little crawlers can thrive. But the great thing being human is that we've been created with a much more intelligent & superior brain that we are able to judge the differences & uniqueness in the world, in whatever we see or touch, of which other animals don't have the ability. In fact, it's because of this uniqueness that made us thrive more than any other species in the world; and it's this same capability that brought us to where we are now.

You both have come a long way with your bickering, lashing each other with accusations, biting, and unfortunately, degrading each other at the end. It's the sad part of "cyberspace democracy", because you don't personally see each other so that makes it seemingly "appealing to say what you want to say".

What happened, by the way, to these two now-adays commonly-forgotten virtues: RESPECT & ACCEPTANCE?

Going back from where these wrangling started, it was just about Mr. Troy taking a "beating" of the reality that the Samar roads have become almost synonymous to "hellish highway". Opps! Anybody, please don't over-react and ask me how I described it "hellish" because I've never been to hell, nor do I want to be there, he!he!he! I agree with Mr. Troy that his point was not to degrade the Warays. (I am a full-blooded Waray-waray myself, grown & schooled in Catbalogan, until necessity pushed me out of my beloved country to work in a barren desert land.) His point was truly misinterpreted though, until it was blown out of proportion. (For the record, I do admire Mr. Morales's ideas, you are brilliant and I do respect you too.) He just wanted an awakening of sort, particularly on the governance, & generally on the Samarnon themselves (or ourselves, that includes me). (In brief, this sad story started & came to what it is now because of our (Samarnons) own doing. Who elected those leaders, by the way?)

I'm not trying to save anyone. Again, please don't misinterpret me. All I wanted to say is that let's re-live the good old days where the act of compassion, dignity, & respect to others was engraved in our hearts. Many times, we really need to "de-classify" or "detach" ourselves from grouping ourselves as to tribe, race, culture, religion, or nationality, because it is this notion that alienates us from each other; it’s the same perception that triggers human catastrophe as a result of war & conflict. Let's make the rules simple here - RESPECT each others rights & differences of opinions, & ACCEPT that we are all unique in many ways.

By the way, I have a nostalgic but better idea. Instead of this senseless hostile exchange of blows, why don’t we join our hands & work it out (in practical hands-on approach) to make Samar a better place! Samar doesn’t need futile ideas, nor ideas that simply remain written; this homeland needs actual hard work from us Samarnons!

P.S. Instead of finding faults in Mr. Troy’s “unacceptable perception”, why don’t we take it in a positive way. You are all talking about “reading in-between lines”. Why not indeed take this as a constructive challenge to all of us Samarnons, to re-awaken us & do our share in re-building our once-proud Waray-waray heritage. “Ayaw na kita pag-inaragway ngahin pag-inakusahay kay waray hini kakadtuan.” In ISO principles, in order to avoid mistakes from happening again, dig the root cause, identify the problem, & do preventive action so it won’t happen again. These are simple ideas that we tend to forget because of our egos & what-ever-you-wanna-call-it attitudes.


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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   207 W. 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:   July 25, 2008

Para kan Samarnon ha Canada –

Salamat hini nga imo pagbalos han mga sinurat dinhi ha Samarnews. Diri la unta dumako it akon atay tungod hini nga imo pagdayaw han akon pakig-angbit han karo-kayakan dinhi. Pastilan, ambot kon pipira iton mga Waray didi ha amon dapit, kay bisan pa man ma Samarenyo, ma Leyteno, kon diri di ka iningles, di ka tinagali-og naman. Sanglit, baga nagugupong ako. Lugaring la kay it ak padis taga-Leyte man, asya iton nga padayon la guihapon an karo-kayakan ha aton la ngahaw kalugaringon yinaknan.

Kon baga hinrarag-an ka na hin kamingaw, ngan hingyap gud nimo iton pakigharampang hin mga igkasi taga-Samar, pakadto la Edmonton, Canada - kay aadto pagkakatitirok it mga Basaynon. Ngan nagkakaurosa ngani ini hira, "Waray Only" it ira karo-kayakan, kay ngada yana, it mga tinag-alog hit iba diri pa nanhihitultol. May ngani nira kaurosa nga taga-Cebu, kundi yana it iya winaray baga-baga la hin kanan taga-Basay.

Hi ako, kon baga minimingaw na ako hin puros winaray nga karo-kayakan, napa-Chicago nala, pakig-urosa hit mga taga-Calbiga, Catbalogan, ngan iba pa nga mga taga-Samar. Yana ngani, tiguikan kami hit ak familia ngadto ha Chicago, kay makiki-patron kami hit amon mga igkasi Basaynon, kay temprano it ira pagsaurog hit patron ni San Miguel. Maupay ini, kay diri la mga taga-Basay iton madayo, kundi haros it ngatanan nga mga "Waray-speaking only" ha Chicago. Magrarayhak ngan magriribhong ngahaw kami, kay baga makarima-dima gud ada ini nga katitirok.

Kinahanglan kita hin masukot nga pagkaurosa ngan pagkatitirok, kay tama ka, mamingaw gud. Sanglit, kon iton nga tagay ngan curacha it aton namimingawan, pakadto la hit paro-patron hit mga Waray, kay matakas ka. Hi ako, danay ak udog mingawon hit curacha ngan kuradang, sanglit asya iton it usa nga rason kon kay ano nga nanmimiling ak hin katitirok hit mga Waray.

Hala, Sangkay, upaya nala dida ha Canada, ngan ipadayon iton nga imo pagduaw hini nga aton pahayagan. Nakita ka man, nga masukot na gud yana magtika-paso iton mga iro-istoria ngan mga lambigit. Kundi pastilan, mag-aano man udog kita, kay sugad hiton mga naduaw ngadto ha bulangan, maupay pa pagkinita kon nagpupuprok na iton mga hinigutan.

Maupay ngay-an nga Patron han mga taga-Santa Margarita, labi ha akon sangkay nga hi Sofronio Calagos. Ka de buenas man hini nira, nga may liwat usa bungto ha lain nga dapit hit kalibutan nga magsasaurog hit ira patron, hi Santiago Apostol. Sabado, fecha 26 de julio, celebracion hit patron didto ha Santiago de Cuba.

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Name:    (Waray)2
Address:   Samar
Date:   Summer of Discontent/July 08

We have to end the mindless and useless polemics, bordering on hubris, inflated ego, hollier-than-thou and know-better-than thou attitudes. Our exchange of impertinent burbs does not a better Samar make. A better Samar can come only via our constructive and creative exchange of ideas and innovations, not from throwing slings and arrows of outrageous insults to each other.

We are brothers, thou and I, and mutual respect is in order. Only from a civilized and cultured decorum that we can achieve our common goal of improving the highways and byways of our dear Samar. Every citizen deserves a 21st century infrastructure that channels commerce and industry and people with ease and comfort, not torture and suffering and loss.

Our behavior foreshadows a gloomy Samar as usual, not the shinning province on the hill we commonly dream. Our shared expectations can not come into fruition unless we cut these non-sense. Instead, let's strive to make Samar good, better and best, never to rest, until good gets better and better gets best. What dayyah say, Amigos?

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