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Name:    Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   9 August 2008

To Mr. Ray Gaspay:

Thank you for the video "Project: Buri Airport - Samar Province Plans to Operate Catbalogan Airport."

It made me happy to learn about our provincial officials' initiative to finally complete Catbalogan City's airport. It's high time it's completed for the benefit of all Samareños, not just Catbaloganons. I can just imagine the advantages it will provide the people of Samar once it's finished - from improving commerce and trade to enhancing Samar's tourism and providing jobs and livelihood as well.

Kudos to the spearheaders - Samar Provincial Government, Gov. Mila Tan, Board Members Tommy Bolastig and Joseph Escober, retired ATO officer Mr. Danilo Villarin, and others. The idea of a tie up between the Samar provincial and Catbalogan City governments to accomplish this endeavor is an excellent one. It would be another achievement by Catbalogan City Mayor Coefredo Uy if he's successful with this venture. We need the support of everyone to make this long-awaited dream a reality.

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Name:   Neth
Address:   Mercedes
Date:   08/09/2008

To Lorna of Mercedes,

Let's all admit that we all have differences in opinions, and disagreements. The KAWATAN words gets into your skin? are you one of them? Tama hi Paul, I’ve been in Mercedes one or twice a year and seen enough. We don't have to RESEARCH their "PROJECTS" to find nothing!!!!

Where is the shinning province we all dream about? Let's all help one another, instead of pickering, lets strive to make it better, and you too Lorna don't let the Tan family shut you up! wake up? siguro ikaw ang nasa first line for 1 kilo of rice na gin hahatag danay hini nga mga Tan Family and you okey with that. Don't you see whats going on? kaya hira it dagko it balay ikaw siguro nanga ngamot hit katol hin kagat hit sudlot!!!!

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Name:   R. Cabigon
Address:   Baghdad, Iraq
Email:    Remillejose.F.Cabigon@us.army.mil
Date:    8 August 2008

To Lorna of Mercedez Catbalogan,

Ini nga mga tawo nga na nakakagyakan hit mga karautan hini nga governadora ngan anak, mayda ini hira mga pruweba nga ini gudman nga mga tawo nakikit-an it mga gin bubuhat ha Samar. Maaram gad sigurado ako nga mayda hira mga projects nga nabuhat pero mas damo an naaraba kontra han na ayuda ha ira. Ikaw usa ka siguro han baga naka tagamtam han pirahay nga kaupayan nga ira naihatag pero ano na man la an kadam-an? Kon puyde la ayaw ikaw pan yakan hin baga ka hin bata nga waray boot.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:    Canada
Date:   August 8, 2008

Sad Reality, Accept It or Not:

- that politics has become a favorite investment haven of rich and famous where ROI is fast and guaranteed (thanks to our equally corrupt government systems and toothless laws. Corrupt laws and systems beget corrupt officials);

- that majority of voters prefer a one-day worth of meal bribe than long term and sustainable development (asya gud ini and paborito han mga politico kay damo man ang mga uwat-uwat);

- that majority of voters are afraid of goons and harassment carried out by politicians;

- that majority of voters, campaign leaders included, loose their sense of intelligence and moral conscience when faced with temptations i.e., bribe and false promises;

- that majority of voters, illiterate and schooled, are corrupt themselves and morally depraved;

- that in the name of democracy, majority wins.

Sige daw, ano man an aton hihimuon basi naton ini mabaliktad nga mga paagi ngan sitwasyon. Sering pa, mag “Pareto Analysis” daw kita.

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Name:   Hagi
Address:   Cor. Mascardo & Yague Streets, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:   7 August, 2008

Name:  Ria Mandreza Posadas
Address:  Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Date:  August 6, 2008

Can someone please update us as to the status of the Catbalogan City Domestic Airport? I believe this airport has been "under construction" for the past forty (40) years and counting! It would be nice to have a direct flight from Manila to Catbalogan City without the hassle of going thru Tacloban or driving on hellish roads. Perhaps Congresswoman Sharee Ann Tan can prioritize work on the airport's completion and help improve trade, commerce, business, tourism etc in Catbalogan City and the whole Samar Province.

To Ms. Ria Mandreza and to all Samarnews readers

I have copied your message as above for me to be able to write to you so you and the rest of the readers of this column can ‘cross refer’ the ‘core’ of your short message.

When I started sending my messages in this column, my intention was to just to primarily share whatever idea I have in mind that may somehow help Samar and all waray-warays. I have skirted my self from joining or commenting on any topic or issue that may have contained some political undertones, much less critiques, comments and diatribes of some of the contributors directed to fellow writers of this column.

You yourself must have noticed that a great part of the issues being taken up and written here are all gripes of why Samar has largely been neglected and ignored by those whom we believed should have done their sworn duty when they took office in government, i.e. for the upliftment of the common waray-waray and the province of Samar. And it is precisely why you sent your above message which I must say to you now would just pass like a whiff of a wind and as the day ‘wears on’ would just ‘die’ a natural death in the ‘cob webs’ of this column.

And then you asked yourself, “was it worth my time for me to write and send my suggestion of a possible ‘direct‘ flight from Manila to Catbalogan City? Do you think the congresswoman spared a moment of her precious time reading your message? I simply doubt it Ms. Mandreza. Otherwise it would not have taken this long (40 years) to wait for your request to arrive as there would, I imagine hundreds of thousands of requests the nature of which are very similar to yours for them to complete the domestic airport in Catbalogan. Perhaps you can expect another 40 years to pass before something starts moving on towards your ‘wish’ (maybe?).

So what do we do now? To start with, I know that people of your ‘kind’ has also been abreast of things around the world. We are all aware what have confronted us in the past 40 years (in reality it is longer than that) the only reason I have used the number (40) is because this number seems to be ‘magical’ to you and to all of us at the moment. But seriously, events that generally were tragic and horrible and even up to this time have made all of us ‘squirming in horror and disgust and have been made us ‘unwilling participants and witnesses of events that we wished should not have happened at all in world history.

And the ‘write up’ I am going to submit next time in this column could be ‘timely and very much relevant to our current and seemingly in surmountable predicament. Though I must admit, to embrace and adopt my idea may lead and attract controversies in some quarters of our society (but more so to waray-warays which in the first place are my primary subjects). And the complete realization if embraced, would not even be possible for us to see in our own lifetime, but the coming generations will reap its rewards in the long term.

A short ‘nod’ in this column is enough for me to write it. Thank you.

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   08-07-08

To Paul nga taga-Burak ngan Juana na taga Patag,

I am happy that I am not a lone ranger assailing the corrupt practices of the present dispensation in the provincial capitol and the powers-that-be in Samar. Maupay ini na hi Paul, buraknon, nakakasabot hit kahugaw hiton pamaagi ha Samar. One concerned Paul can truly make this world a better place. Ungod ito Paul nga an imo igkasi buraknon na hira Gov. Mila Tan, Rep. Sharee Ann Tan, ngan Ex-Cong. Cata Figueroa waray gad nahimo para hit ikauupay hiton Samar. Usa ka kilo nga bugas la pirmi an pantak-op hit mga baba hiton aton igkasi mga Samarnon. Baga barato na gud ura-ura iton aton mga prinsipyo ngan ungara ha kinabuhi. Ha Burak mismo, labi na ha segunda na kun diin makikit-an iton balay ni Mila, waray gad upay iton kalsada. Hadton agsub pa ako kumadto ka Mercedes Elementary School baga maupay pa man an dalan ha segunda pero han bumalhin na dida hi Mila ngan nagtukod hin Shiok-tongan baga naruba na ura-ura it dalan tungod han kamagbug-at hit iya mga trucks. Diri man ngani niya kaya ipaayad iton na kalsada dida, asay pa ba iton kalsada ha Samar. It iya pinakamaupay na nahihimo an panhatag hin Shioktong ngan bugas ha mga kablas tikang hiton mga pondo pangobyernohan.

Pero, Juana ngan Paul ayaw kamo kahulop kay an kaso aadto na ha Sandiganbayan. Pag-ampo nala kita nga magkaprepreso gud ini nga mga kurakot ha Samar. Hi Sharee Ann Tan baga asya man liwat an iya panhambog na mapapasemento it mga dalan ha Samar. Baga waray man babatia. Pati it iya pangios ha kongreso utro la liwat na waray kaupayan. Salit mapreso ngani ini hi Mila, balik ini hira ka tindera hin Shioktong.

Hi Cata naman imbis na aghaton an mga shipping lines na magkamay-ada barko na madunggo ha Catbalogan ports kay mamingaw na ura ura kay waray naman biyahe pa-Manila nga pa-Cebu di nasayang na an duha ka pier ha Catbalogan, nagpatukod lugod hin Pier Tres ha Burak. Kit-a la gad kun kanay iton balay na naglalabaw-labaw baga hit nalutaw ha kadagatan dida ha Catbalogan. Asya ini nahimumutang it imo buwis, guintutukod hin pier para hit ira pangkalugaringon na gamit. Han dumaog hi Mano Veny Garduce in 1987, kandidato pagka-congressman han mga komunista na Partido ng Bayan, imbis na maging pro-people hiya pumalit lugod hin yate nga guintitinago didto ha Cal-Apog. Asya ba ini an komunista na unta magiging susbaranan hiton kadam-an. Waray gihapon upay. Hi Justice Eddie Nachura naman, anay kongresista ha Samar, makarit kunohay kay top-notch lawyer man pero top-notch non-performer man liwat. Guinsayangan la niya an iya kahirani kan Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Imbis na igsulong niya it kaupayan hit Samar, adto damo na lugod kuno it iya mga gasoline stations ha Manila. Bright man ini hiya ura-ura na waray ini hiya magpatukod hin magarbo na balay ha Ubanon kay makikit-an daw hit mga tawo pero kadtua ha Manila kay damo it iya mga negosyo samtang an Samarnon pabilin na pobrehanon.

I know of a group of underground Samarenyos, secret society kunohay, nga tatawagon nga Time to Act. Mga batan-on ini na mga Samarnon na may mga kapas nga aram para bag-uhon it sistema ha Samar. Gumawas na ngani ini na grupo, buligan ta ini kay asya ini an grupo na kumuha hit style kun papaano napatalsik an mga Dys ha Isabela ngan an mga jueteng lords and quarry kings of Pampanga. Seguro di pa gad yana nga 2010 pero maabot an panahon nga kinahanglan suportahan ta ini.

Basta Paul ngan Juana, ayaw kahulop an pagbag-o harani na!

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Name:    Yvonne Libanan-Loste
Address:   Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama, Al Manamah
Email:    yvonneloste@yahoo.com
Date:   August 07, 2008

Para Hit Ngatanan Nga Mga igkasi Doloresnon,

Maupay nga Patron ha aton ngatanan. Konta ine nga okasyon magin usa nga paagi hit aton permi nga pagkakaurusa tungod hin maupay nga kinabuwasan hit aton mahal nga bungto. Mahidlaw na hit pag-uli. Totoo it siridngon "there's no place like home." See you all soon. GOD bless everyone :)

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Name:   Lorna
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan City
Date:   Aug.07 2008

Hello to Paul,

Grabe kaman magpanyakan han pamilia ni Mila Tan, it akon ha imo pakiana kay hino ba an nasakob ha politika na deri kawatan (amuman it imo termino). It maupay hito kandidatohi para ka sumabot.ayaw pag yenakan kay baga ka hit bayot. Nasiring ka waray hera mga project pag research daw para ka hibaro kadadamo yana it project han anak kay ano masarit pa hera ha imo. Ngan ayaw pag kitaa it era maraot, it kaopayan dimo nakikita ANOOOOO?

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Name:    Adelbert S. Batica
Address:    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Email:    basaynon49@yahoo.com
Date:    August 6, 2008

Mga Kasangkayan,

Ini nga sagdon hinin aton sangkay nga taga-Mercedes, iguinpasamwak na hin maiha na nga panahon. May ngani hadto politico han elementary pa ako, kundi diri ko nala igsusumat it iya ngaran, total aadto naman hiya ha lain nga kalibutan ngan labot pa, bangin pa lugod maulang it iya kalag. An sagdon hini nga politico, kahuman nawara ngan mahanaw in usa nga "major project", nga ura-ura naman kuno adto liwat - bug-os nga highway mawawara; bug-os nga kalsada, mawawara; o sino, bug-os nga tulay mawawara nala daw sugad hin aso. Segun hini nga politico, iton lomolopyo, nahibabaro gad it hira pagpasensiya, kon diri "harab" it binubuhat hit nakupit. An iya sagdon hadto: "Ayaw ura-uraha, kurib-kutib la." Maaram kita nga iton hingyap gud hit lomolopyo, hiton taghimungto - nga waray iton nga pangawat, waray kupit, waray pangurakot. Kundi, kon tinalagudti la nga "commission" (he, he, he...) baga danay gad napa-pasensiya iton mga tawo.

Kon iton guinkukurib-kutib ni Mr. Kupit iton diez por ciento, bangin seguro lumingiw nala it kadam-an. Kundi, kon de millones na iton nga "pinamamahaw" la, abaadaw, nga perestihon - kay damo gad udog iton magbuburuka ngan mabibiguit. Pananglitan, kon an allocation para hin usa nga tulay an para la pag-pintura an "guin-kurib-kutib", bangin seguro pumaid it mga tawo basta tuhay la iton nga tulay. Kon natukod in escuelahan nga completo hin mga equipaje, kahuman an para whitewashing, landscaping, o sino sign board la an nawara, bangin gad "kurib-kutib" la iton. Kundi kon mawara bisan la usa nga poste para hin tulay, o sino iton katunga la hit tulay iton mahuman...damo gud nga tawo iton makuro-o hini.

May ada daw tulay didto ha hirani hit Basay, an amon sinesering hadto nga "Tulay ha Lupig", nga ngada yana - tuhay la guihapon. Batan-on pa ak hadto han paghimo-a hiton, kundi nailob la guihapon. Ngan han hadto nga panahon, diri de millones an gastos. An dako nga urusahon, kay an "designer-builder" diri ngani architect o sino ingeniero, bisan kon amon hiya guin-agnayan nga, "Engr. Macars". Sanglit ngada yana, darahunon ha Basay ini nga "Tulay ha Lupig". Tungod la kay tuhay ngan tuptop an nagtrabaho hadto, waray guinkurib-kutib nga materiales. Yana nga mga panahon, damo in mga concreto kunohay nga mga kalsada ha Samar, may ada pa mga architect ngan engineer, kundi diri la nag-iiha...natitipek. Sanglit, danay ak usahay makahuna-huna nga an mga "designer" diri mga architect, kundi mga "artipek". Pira na iton ka tuig nga paghinaroy hit mga tawo ha Samar hiunong hit mga kalsada. Ura-ura man. Kay kon an ngatanan unta nga fondos para han construction han kalsada iguinbuhos ngatanan ngadto han pagtuhay han trabaho ngan pagsunod han "specifications", imbes nga "ibubuhos" ngadto han bolsa han mga kurakot, bangin diri gad ada magka-may-ada hin sinesering nga "Hell Roads of Samar", o kon ha winaray pa..."An Mga Impernohanon nga Kalsada ha Samar". Kay ano pa man it aton ig-ngangaran hin kalsada nga an mga batse - "swimming pool" hin kakarabwan?!

Kon nakakabasa man an mga experto hin "pagbuho" han bolsa de gobierno - alayon nagadla panmati hini nga pagharoy hit taghimungto, nga diri gad intawon nira ura-urahon ini nga pagpabaya hit Samar. Hibaro nagadla liwat pagsabot hit pagkuri hit mga taga-Samar. Bisan nagadla tungod hin kaawod hit mga tawo, unta umukoy la anay ini nga "kurib-kutib" ngan iton pagpaka-upay nagad man hit Samar it ira huna-hunaon. Mga tawo pa man ada hira sugad ha aton, diri man ada hira bugto han guintatamakan ni San Miguel, sanglit lumingi gad man hira bisan la panalagsa ngadto hit pagsakit ngan pagkuri hit taghimungto ha Samar.

Ura-ura na ini nga aton kasugad.

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Name:    Ria Mandreza Posadas
Address:   Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Date:    August 6, 2008

Can someone please update us as to the status of the Catbalogan City Domestic Airport? I believe this airport has been "under construction" for the past forty (40) years and counting! It would be nice to have a direct flight from Manila to Catbalogan City without the hassle of going thru Tacloban or driving on hellish roads. Perhaps Congresswoman Sharee Ann Tan can prioritize work on the airport's completion and help improve trade, commerce, business, tourism etc in Catbalogan City and the whole Samar Province.

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Name:   Tony A. Pural
Address:    Concepcion Grande, Naga City 4400, Philippines
Email:    tonypural@yahoo.com
Date:    5 Aug 2008

I am addressing my message to the Governors of the 3 provinces of Samar and to the heads of the Tourism Department of each province:

Over the past years, we have visited the 3 provinces of Samar from Allen to Catbalogan City, then to Taft all the way to Guiuan and down south to Tacloban City. We are not merchants but tourists on a bicycle touring your beautiful places. There are several advantages in visiting your place: For one, it is nearer our place and therefore the expense in transportation is cheap; Another, for a bicycle the roads are good and traffic is light especially during the Holy Week; Third, the combine islands of Samar and Leyte can accommodate even the most tireless cyclists without passing the same road twice; Fourth, food and accommodations are cheap as compared to big cities in Metro Manila; Fourth, people in the area are hospitable and the place is generally peaceful.

So, why not take advantage of nature's gift to your provinces. Advertise and invite people to come and visit you and better still declare yourselves as the "BICYCLE HAVEN OF THE PHILIPPINES". If you have a program for Tourist on a Bicycle - it may not attract a million or so, but definitely it will increase the tourist coming to your place. Gov. Evardone and Boy Abunda may have already started the call for tourism as appearing in one of the dailies.

By the way, we have crossed your island about five (5) times in the past, the last of which was in 2002. Of course our transportation were the bicycles.

Thanks and regards.

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Name:    Edward Solayao
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email:   aksolayao@gmail.com
Date:   August 5, 2008

To Mr. Rey Gaspay,

This website is indeed a nice piece of work, Mr. Rey Gaspay. The truth is, there is still so much room to extend its services for the common good of Samar.

I would like to recommend having a separate section for Tourism & Entrepreneurship related articles as there are so many interested viewers around looking for this information. I've been in contact with many of my friends & colleagues around the world. Like me, they too are really keen on the possibilities of investing into these fields there in Samar, particularly in eco-tourism.

It will be helpful if you can include fully descriptive articles on places with tourism potentials. I know, & I'm sure, there are so many of that in Samar. I know too it's a daunting & challenging task, Mr. Gaspay, but it's doable. We can tap the services of our fellow Samarnons to realize this gigantic endeavor.

I hope you can look up to this seriously.

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Name:    Paul
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   4 Aug 2008

To Juana San Juan:

Ako taga Mercedes, Catbalogan. An imo posting ha samarnews.com baga maupay liwat, pero akon la gn aaro ha mga contributors nga aadto ha abroad nga ipa dayon nira an scholarships nga ira gn pa-plano.

Ayaw la anay hira hito nga mga cooperatiba kay it mga tawo ha Catbaloagn (dri gad sahid) baga hin mga gutom. Bangin la kamo ma sudlan hin membro nga pariho kan Mila Tan ka kawatan sayang la iyo mga inop hin pag bulig hit katawhan.

Pag buriblig anay kita pag pagawas ha pwesto hini nga familia ni Mila Tan. Kon dri ini hi gawas makuri na ini hira bumohi kay kita-a la aana na an anak ha congress nga waray man nahihimo para hit Samar.

Bisan an DILG diri maka hatag han suspension kay dri daw nakikita. Buwa ito nga diri nakikita hi Mila Tan. Maaram na kita hit rason kn ano nga waray hira nahihimo, bangin asya an gn sisiring nga "MONEY TALKS".

Kon diri ini hira higawas waray na lugar an iba nga may gusto mag serbisyo han Samar nga may maupay nga mga plano kay hira nala (Mila Tan family) it mag susuro saliwan ha pwesto ka tatapos hit ira kada tagsa nga termino.

Kita as mother province han Samar waray nahipapakita nga improvements. Baga harayo na hira kontra ha aton, western Samar.

Kamo liwat nga nakapot hit pan gobyernohan han Samar kon makawat na manla kamo ayaw kay nga 90% iyo 10% la an ha province. Dri man ada nga dri kamo pwede nga diri mag slice ha mga project, baliktara niyo an sharing 10% iyo - 90% an ha province.

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Name:     Sailorjohn
Address:   Seattle, WA
Date:   04 August 2008

Girlie Grimaldi,

I was born on 97th St, Central Park West and moved to 110th St, between Manhattan Ave and Columbus Ave, across from Morning Side Park, St John's Devine Church. Where in the upper Westside of Manhattan do you live?

Would like to go back and visit some day with Asawa, but I think it will not happen.

Enjoy the Big Apple and stay safe.

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Name:    Juana San Juan
Address:   Patag, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   08/03/08

Ha akon mga sangkay nga contributor hini nga samar news, maupay gad la pag binasa hit iyo mga lantugi dinhi ha message board. Damo it akon makukuha nga mag-upay nga mga openion sugad man mga suggestions. labi na an iyo hul-os nga paniguro mag paka upay han aton minayoyo nga Samar, Catbalogan in particular.

Ambot kon ini nga akon liwat suggesttions kon baga maupay liwat ini?

Sano kita maniguro hito nga cooperatiba, etc. maano man mag burublig anay kita, unahon ta nga mabuligan hi padre Noel han iya gin aabutang nga kaso kontra hini nga gobernadora? Kay kon aada la ini nga babaye ha iya trono, baga waray impact an aton mga paniguro nga mag pakaupay han Samar. Kay sayod kita tanan nga an pag paka-upay han Samar dapat na tikang ha mga nakapot nga mga opisyales nga aton gn butang ha kada tagsa nga posisyon...dri ta hira gin butang dida para la kita nga mga Samarnon pag lokohon ug pangawatan. Mag titinawa la ini nga gobernadora ha aton kay kita na lugod, dri hya an na bulig han Samar. Kun mahigawas na hya ha pwesto, asya na an aton pag plano kon ano it aton sadang ika bulig. sanglit ha yana burublig anay kita kan padre Noel kay dri ini niya makakaya kon hiya la nga usa it makiwa.

Diri ini hiya (mila tan) baga na babantad hini nga iya kaso kay it iya pirmi nga panagang nga tawo gud hiya ni Pres. Arroyo, ngan diri daw hiya pababaya-an bisan pa ano it buhaton kontra ha iya. (waray na ba kita hustisya?)

Mr. Morales, kay ikaw man it maupay sumorat, alayon gad hin pag surat hin dericho ha Presidente nga buligan kita hini nga aton problema ha aton gobernador (and co-accused) para naman an Samar ma lamragan kay ma-iha na kita nga pirmi aada ka kaduloman. salamat... salamat

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Name:    Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   August 3, 2008

My reasons why we need to put up a scholarship foundation separate from whatever existing institution available right now are:

- screen and choose our own staff;
- address direct accountability of administration and funds allocation and utilization;
- avoid red tape, anomalies and favoritism of qualifying prospected recipients;
- set up our own standards, guidelines and mechanics;
- measure and quantify results
- to other parts of Samar
* become a role model
* synergy effect
- solicit "funds" from politicians (optional but I believe many will oblige) and corporations
- expand sponsorship to secondary level

We can also add a program like Study Now Pay Later Plan so our resources will plow back after 5-10 years. That way we can recycle our funds and liberate some donors/sponsors pocket books.

I know this will be another burden for us to go through all these processes but I believe this will be the right way. We have to take ownership of our efforts and take full control of our "child". Each one of us who has shown concern must contribute our share in terms of efforts and resources.

It is understood that efforts will receive remunerations - could be minimal at the start but no gratis. Will be upgraded in due time. A little sacrifice will be worth it for a cause...

Come on everybody, come on folks. Let's walk our talks. This will be an acid test for all of us!

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Name:    Sailorjohn
Address:    Seattle
Date:   02 August 2008

Mr. Antonio Morales

Thank you for your honest explanation of your "winaray na patawa" waray jokes. I can say now that I am sorry for my reaction to your remarks. As I have posted here a few days ago, I stated that I have been to many internet sites and have gotten to the point I can not take the comments being made. I guess after reading yours, I went off the handle and had to make my return jabs back at you. As you said, using a hammer to swat at a fly. Here is a good example of how Filipinos in general enjoy life and joke and I took it the wrong way.

As for me understanding waray waray, Cebuano, Tagalog. After almost 33 years of marriage, I can understand most, but can not speak the language as the Asawa tells me I am stupid to learn. Hahaha.

I have always felt better being around Filipinos then my own kind here. I enjoy being around them for their way of dealing with life. Filipinos are so warm, easy going that it just makes me feel relaxed compared to being around stressed out Americans.

Our goal is to retire in the very near future and enjoy what is left of my life. I can not see myself working till age 65/67, by then I'll be too old to enjoy life. I see myself retiring at age 58 I hope unless Asawa again changes the plan.

As for helping the local areas where we will live. We will try to get involved with the local schools, volunteering and working with the younger students. We will work with the schools on Sto Niño island also and I would hope in other areas also. It is so hard to see how we can help till we get settled into our home there. So many ideas we have, but we have to see how they will work out when we arrive.

One of my concerns is medical for the both of us. We have a Military Medical Retiree plan that seems to have many problems working in the Philippines. I hope that it gets fixed in the very near future.

So in closing, lets start off again with both of us having a better understanding of each other. Work for the common goal of making Samar a better place for all.

Take care and enjoy.

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Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   August 2, 2008

To Samarnon of Canada's other version of the story I shared:

I agree with you. Kung saan ka maligaya, doon ka. Whatever profession, vocation, occupation, calling, or work you choose is all up to you. Just do your very best so you can fully harness the talents God endowed you. Remember the parable of the talents in the Bible. For to whom much has been given, much more shall be required.

To True Waraynon:

Amen to what you said. Ang hindi

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Name:    Girlie Grimaldi
Address:    New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   2 August 2008

To Sailorjohn of Seattle:

I'm from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I certainly agree with you that NYC isn't the best place to raise kids, but for me it's presently my home. In my personal opinion, I think NYC is the greatest city in the world after Catbalogan City. I might be half a world away from Samar, but I'm always a Catbaloganon at heart. I never tire telling my friends and colleagues I'm a Waray-Waray from Catbalogan City. I even have on display in my office a beautiful panoramic framed photo of Catbalogan City and I surely get compliments for it. Someday, I hope to return to Catbalogan City and do my humble share of uplifting Samar and Samareños. Best regards from the Big Apple!

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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:    Catbalogan
Date:    Aug 2 2008

To Samarnon of Canada:

While having a foundation to administer the scholarships is good in the long term, it is also better if we just coopt with the concerned school for the time being in order to give out scholarships the soonest possible time. What those interested in providing scholarships for students in Samar could do is to directly contact the President/head of the institution and ask them for information as to how much would it cost for one student to matriculate in one school year or semester. Then, you could start by coming up with your own guidelines as to who should qualify for the scholarship. I suggest that you publish the scholarship to the entire student population because some insiders in the scholarship office of a school or university would only include in the screening their pets. So, the scholarship becomes a useless thing when only those close to the guidance counselor or the scholarship aid staff are given the chance to apply.

Your scholarship may be merit based or need based or as a work grant. There are so many average students who are in real need but could not get the scholarships because they are only reserved to those who are extremely good academically. In the end, the average student is being left out by the system. Merit based scholarship is the easiest to give out because all you have to do is to ask the applicants to submit documents that would back their academic standing or by simply giving them an examination. The need based scholarship is difficult to give out because you have to ask the students to prove that they really need a scholarship due to their economic standing. Work grants are also good if you want to encourage students of working while studying. You could say that the student will receive the scholarship if he or she works at the Samarnews.com as an assistant to Mr. Ray Gaspay for 10 hours per week. Work grants are designed so students will have a sense that they are actually earning the scholarship. In the end, the student is richer in experience and the recipient organization or office is provided with assistance from a student. Of course, you can have a hybrid of these scholarship. It's all up to you.

You could name the scholarship in honor of your father, mother, or a special person as a living memorial like Juan "Johnny" Posong Memorial Scholarship Fund or you can name it after you and your spouse "Max Tambor and Cordapia Tambor Scholarship Fund."

The possibilities are endless!

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Name:    Albert Jumagdao Jabonero
Address:    Alasas Villages, city of San Fernado, Pampanga, Philippines
Email:    albertjose18@yahoo.com
Date:   Aug. 02, 2008

Para kay sir Ray P. Gaspay. damo nga salamat, hini nga higayon nga nag kamayada sugad hini (website) naging libangan ko dito sa Pampanga at miss ko na rin ang mga "waray waray" kaya pag medyo napupungot na ako pag pinamati hit mga kapampangan I visit your samarnews.com. "MABUHAY KA SIR". Isa po akong Jiabongnon dito ako na assign sa Clark Pampanga bilang isang duty officer. I SALUTE YOU SIR!

Also, pinapabot ko an akon "pakikidalamhati" ha pagkamatay ni Jose "Peping" Hernandez han Jia-an Jiabong Samar. Para hit akon mga kapaturan kan "Mana Josie, kuya Pito, kuya Lito, Tito, Julian, Judith, Juvy, Ephin, Jenifer "condolence" sa pag panaw ng papa nyo. Love and prayer ur cousin in Pampanga (Albert)

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   02-Aug-08

To Bokoy of Matuginao:

Salamat han imo pagdayig pero mas dako an akon pasalamat nga mayda na tulay nga magkokonekta hit Matuginao ngadto ha iba nga bungto han Samar. Kun mayda usa ka butang nga akon igdadayaw hi Gloria Arroyo, usa ini kay iya nakita ngan nasinati an kakuri hit pagbiyahe ngadto ha Matuginao.

I have been there once and I am looking forward in going back there in the future. Baa, nakabulig gad ako hin pag-alsa han amon motor na guinsakyan pero an mga taga Matuginao nagkukurokatawa la. Nasing man ako na apisar han kabug-at han motor na amon guin-alsa, an mga tawo malipayon la gihapon pero didto ha iba nga lugar waray man unta hira guin-papas-an na mga magbug-at na butang baga diri man agsub tumawa sugad han mga taga-Matuginao.

Usa la nga butang an akon masisiring ko hit mga taga-Matuginao padi Bokoy: Ha bug-os nga isla han Samar ngan bangin man ha bug-os na Pilipinas, an mga paraghubog ha Matuginao it pinakamakarit. Kun guin-tikangan nira an pag-inom ha alas 6:00 han aga, mabubuwasan pa iton hira matitima pag-irignom. Baa diri ko ito kaya, pero an mga nakainom ko didto, baga dawla hin nag-iininom hin juice sige pa an kurokanta ngan patawa nga maribhong gud ura-ura.

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Name:   True Waraynon
Address:   Samar and Leyte
Date:   July 31, 2008

The childhood in Samar and Leyte

It is not only the giving back to the community where you grew up that is demanded of you, but you also owe tremendous gratitude for your success and the village that made you for what you are today. You may have become a successful businessman, a successful nurse, a design engineer or a trusted maid or domestic driver or many more vocations; you need to remember the past during your childhood in Samar or Leyte that a great deal of resources, a great deal of effort and a great deal of time were spent for nurturing you, educating you and loving you and all the good things in this world that created you for what you are now today.

Your parents, relatives, friends, the teachers, the town officials, the baryo officials, the whole community, in one way or another contributed in many ways that made you and helped your success today. So please, in your next balikbayan bakasyon, plan something to give; plan a project; employ a Samarnon to perform your project or anything will help.

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