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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   11-18-08

Corrupt leaders are elected not by bribes but by apathy.

I understand and respect the stand of Samarnon from Canada on his reservations regarding my support for Father Labendia. His desire to let Father Labendia bare himself to the public first before he throw his support on him is understandable. Calculated risk is what business people would say when betting on a proposal and that has been Samarnon's mantra on this particular advocacy of mine to have somebody with the caliber of Father Labendia to run for governor. To tell you the truth many would share my frustration that I would vote for a dog than vote for Mila in 2010.

Let me tell other people that like most of you, I have big doubts that Father Labendia will subject himself to an election. Like most of us in the sidelines, he would rather do his advocacy on fighting corruption in another playing field and not inside the political ring. He would be a reluctant candidate if ever he decides to accept the challenge but the good thing about this kind of candidate is he does not have ulterior motives in running for public office. When people clamor for change, the right candidate will appear. Cory Aquino has to be prodded to run for president with a manifesto of support from millions of filipinos wanting change to happen. When change is demanded by people, the most inexperienced, most naive, most apolitical persons can win elections. Glenn Chong proved that in Biliran when he trounced Marcos-era politician Gerry Espina in a congressional election last 2004. A 30-year old then, many people believed that he is a David trying to slay a Goliath but the stone of public support efficiently slew the monster-like desire of the Espinas to rule Biliran. Mila Tan's budding dynasty is much like those dynasties that have mushroomed in other parts of the country and nipping it while it is still budding is better than waiting for it to grow like an acacia tree. The time to act is now and apathy is not an option.

Father Labendia is still my candidate for governor. Here are some reasons why I would chose him over the current crop of gubernatorial aspirants. Acting Governor Redaja has a lot of baggage. While seemingly endorsed by Chito Dela Torre in his recent article for his dole outs to some beneficiaries in Basey, Redaja has remained mum on the political realities of Samar. He has closed his eyes on the corruption in the capitol. Being the presiding officer of the provincial board, he should have the oversight power to check the excesses of the Mila Tan administration. He remained silent either as a sign of his consent to the anomalous things in the capitol or he has also benefitted from the ruthlessness of Mila's administration having been elected vice governor twice under the support and tutelage of his patroness – Mila Tan. To me, when you benefit from a corrupt regime, you are as guilty as the perpetrator. When you were entrusted with the power to perform check and balance and you have not done it, then you don't deserve the trust of the population. Plus, Redaja's record as mayor of Catbalogan is dismal. Graft-ridden, he has not publicly disclosed what happened to the aborted jail project, the commercial complex, and many equally scandalous things. Mayor Tekwa in one term has done more than the three terms under Redaja who once claimed to be a chemical engineer only to be found out to be a fake one after checking the records of the PRC. When you cannot trust the guy in as simple as telling the real score of his profession, then you cannot trust him to run the government.

On the possibility of Rep. Ining Uy to run for Governor. Ining is bloody red for Samar. The first district has become a killing field of sorts during and after elections. Guns rule the ballots in the first district. People who kill their political opponents should never be entrusted the reign of the province and should even be brought to justice. Ining and Rudy Tuazon's bloodbath has claimed so many people's lives. The sad thing is those who are killed are not the major players but merely pawns of these ganglords. If Ining will rule the province, expect some politically-motivated killings to rise. I believe that one life is more sacred than a public office.

Mayor Mel (or Melba to some) Sarmiento is an effective mayor of Calbayog. Mel used to be Rudy Tuazon's muchacho but has shifted his allegiance to Ining. Sarmiento is RDC Chair of Region 8 and Secretary General of the League of Cities. Pretty impressive, really for somebody from Samar. But, again he is guilty by alligning himself with the notorius Ining Uy. If he becomes governor, he is merely an extension of Ining. What Ining says, Mel does. Again, the killing field scenario is still possible with Mel at the helm of the province. Plus, he wanted to divide Samar into two provinces. He wanted a Nortwestern Samar to be created with Calbayog as capital and to spin it off from the big Samar province. If you can't be governor in the big Samar, he devised a plan so he could easily be governor of the smaller Northwestern Samar. I don't believe that those people who have signified their support for dividing Samar can truly advance the agenda for the whole Samar. I am afraid that with him as governor, he will just hasten the division of Samar into two provinces. And, remember too that he was a vocal opponent of converting Catbalogan into a city. You know, the problem with some voters particularly in Samar is their faltering short-term memories and I am trying to recall those memories so we can have better judgment for the future.

On the Figueroa couple, Cata or Nelipta. They have been buried in their political graves and I hope that they remain there. They should rather spend their last remaining days here on earth repenting on the sins that they have accumulated over the years. They should try to ask for forgiveness for the ambushes they have orchestrated against political opponents and should try if possible to give to the public the brahman cattles they have shipped to Zumarraga from Australia or New Zealand. There is still plenty of time for them to say sorry to the people. Zaccheus, a taxman in Jesus' time, became a forgiven man when he returned what he stole from the people. Cata, a taxman himself having worked with BIR in his prime and in Congress the biggest tax agency of the nation, can do a Zaccheus thing.

Sharee Ann Tan, Mila's daughter. She is a bankable candidate of Mila. Those employees in the capitol who have unraveled the controversies need to be punished so Sharee Ann could be Mila's revenge to them. She made history when at 25 she was elected to be the second district's congresswoman but it is also painful for a young person to live her next 50+ years as belonging to a politically-corrupt family. Mila at least has only a few more years to live but the memories for her children to suffer are enormous. I pity her actually to be in this political cyclone when she could have enjoyed her young life window shopping and chatting with her friends. I pity her for being publicly humiliated with a family name now synonymous to a plunderer of the province. She may be young when elected congresswoman, I hope she not end up peddling Shiok-tong in a rickety old truck just like what her mother did before she swallowed the gubernatorial office. I hope that history will be kinder to her. After all, it's her mother's fault that made her throw her hat into the political turmoil of the province.

Roño, Bolastig, Nachura, or Tuazon scions. They have been burried in their political graves, may they remain there until kingdom come. Really, they have tasted the political cake and kept it too. Now, they have to face the Great Master and defend their cases before the heavenly throne.

To me, the gubernatorial bench is shallow and I hope that somebody with the caliber of Father Labendia can make it deeper. Unless Samarnon from Canada can suggest somebody else, my hope still rests with Father Labendia. I know that my hope is too far from the truth but who thought in 2003 that Mila would be suspended in 2008 and may end up in jail in 2013? Hope springs eternal in the heart of those who believe!

Again, I wish…

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Name:    Bukoy
Address:   Matuguinao
Date:   18 Nov 08

To Mr. Tony Morales,

Your explanation regarding the suspension of the governor is very clear. Some maybe are thinking that it’s just a mere suspension for 90 days and after that she will be back to power. I am only hoping the verdict will not be influence by any higher officials so that she will pay her debts to the people by imprisonment.

The oppositions I should say should start forming now that she is out of power. Some are endorsing Father Albania and I think also he is the right person. Mabuhay ka ISOG HAN SAMAR.

I would like to appeal to our fellow warays to stop criticizing its other, if we have the same goal to remove her from her position, let’s unite. You see, Mr. Tony Morales already told us that he will not run as a candidate for governor, some started asking his credibility, ability and capability. Are you not happy that he is the boldest person to critize without fear the governor’s wrong doings? Common fellows, lets not be silly, open the windows of your mind.

If Father Labendia will not accept the candidacy, in my own personal point of view I will choose Mr. Tony “Boy” Morales as my candidate for governor. Sir pasensiya kana ikaw akon candidate.

Again I would like to appeal, let’s UNITE. Let’s give our support to any one who will lead the team. If there is a resisting force acting the rolling ball then it will not roll.


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Name:   Letenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   Nobyembre 18

Be careful mga Sankay! Organizing a smooth and winning campaign is easy under a guidance of a smart leadership. This is no different organization and campaign ran in most high school, colleges and universities. This election campaign organization you are about to undertake is for real with real result affecting many people. Being a real governor for Samar is a big responsibility that requires 24 hours 7 days a week activity.

The test for a governor-to-be starts first from his or her campaign strategy. A governor who wins the election as a result of good campaign strategy will find it easy to work as a successful governor. Just like successful campaign strategy, a governor gets assistance from the campaign organization he created. THE BEST LEADERSHIP STYLE TO USE IS TO DELEGATE THE RESPONSIBILITY to the staffs who surround the governor, while the governor concentrates on public speaking and advertising his programs and policies to the people of Samar. It is important to communicate to the people for many reasons. One is to let Samarnons engaged in politics for whatever issues the governor wants to lead. Samarnons must be politically motivated at all times just like us now, and this is the governor’s job to keep them motivated.

Success only happens when Samarnons are energized. Not only Farmers plant rice, Teachers teach, and business flourishes, but also excels in their endeavors when they are politically motivated. This is the secret of the rich countries. Also, if the newly elected governor wants Samarnons to be aware of not buying votes during election, the governor can successfully change Samarnons attitude by communicating this issue from time to time in public speaking until the issue is fully grasp by the people. Communicating to the people is the number one job of a governor. The governor has other tools also. By National Telecom Commission rules, A chief Executive Officer position in government is allowed to advertize at no cost using local media such as radio and television

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Name:   She
Address:   Purok 1 Extension A, Brgy. Canlapwas, Catbalogan, Samar
Email:   sarcales@yahoo.com
Date:   November 17, 2008

As early as 7:30 this morning, provincial employees of Samar gathered for the flag ceremony. The acting Vice-Governor Jesus Redaja in his Memorandum Order dated November 13, 2008 call the employees to attend the said activity.

Nothing new because offices are expected to conduct this. Nothing strange because government employees are mandated and obliged to follow and observe this. However, I can't stop myself rejoicing because once again the flag waves in the sky...our eyes stare at it as a symbol of our respect and sing the national anthem to move our lips who seems to be not familiar anymore with the lines and lyrics that our history and culture embroidered it.

It maybe just a flag ceremony to other people but for me, it is a wake up call, it is a sign of hope that Samar will rise again and shine.

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Name:   Samarnon
Date:   November 17, 2008

It's good to have plans/strategies on how we are going to help good prospects for Samar officials but don't you think that we also need to know who these prospects are.

Although it is too early to be certain for now but I guess rumors are already on the streets. Can anyone from Samar who has an information or inkling as to who are planning to run for Congress, Governor and Mayor for Catbalogan? This way we can make a shortlist of prospects to choose from and determine as to who among them are worthy of our support. If we can solidify our resources and efforts then we will have a better chance against these current, future and seasoned corrupt heavyweights.

I believe that we should collectively choose our prospects by weighing their merits and demerits.

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Name:   Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Nov. 17, 2008

To: Mr. A. Morales

I bet you know about the news. I presumed they are just news without facts. The news is that Mila Tan is going to run as Congresswoman and her daughter, the incumbent first term representative will run for governor. Another news is Mila Tan will run as City Mayor against the present mayor who will run for re-election this coming 2010. I don't believe there's truth as well as with her son to run as her vice mayor. This is truly a family dynasty like the Romualdez family in Tacloban. Well, this could be possible like throwing one stone (one time of spending millions) and getting three birds or positions. The reason is she thinks she can always manipulate the poor people by way of buying their votes.

Please may I request your own knowledge to inform us the truth if what's Mila Tan personal ambition. From my own perspective, she just want to continue buying votes the only way she is going to be elected. Also, I would like to make it clear here she can afford to buy votes at 5,000 pesos per voter. Where she gets the money is a big question because she's not Imelda Marcos.

Lastly, do you think the Tan's are really unbeatable?

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Name:   Orastown
Address:   Oras, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Email:   orastown@yahoo.com
Date:   11-16-08

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Tacloban
Date:   November 16, 2008

To: Retired Samarnon and people of Samar

I disagree your opinion of Samarnon (Canada) and to Mr. Morales. Hit akon nahihibaruhan about kan Mila Tan, diri iton hiya na-attend hit session every Thursday ha Capitol. Diri ngani ako maaram hit iya Educational background, ambot ikaw kon maaram ka! then, you will say something about the educational attainment of Father Labendia and Mr. Morales?

Tinu-od iton nga suggestion ni Balasbas nga we need to organize as early as possible to those who will run for Governor in 2010. Pagburiglig kita nga mga molopyo han Samar. Like people who in abroad, we need your support, ideas. Maaram ako nga naawod na kita hinduro hit nahihitabo hit aton minayoyo nga bungto.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    Brgy. Guinsorongan, Catbalogan City
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:    November 16, 2008

On the suspension of Gov Mila Tan.

The scenario given by Tonyboy with respect to the plans of the suspended Governor is accurate, although I've heared from a very reliable source that Mila Tan is contemplating of running for City Mayor of Catbalogan. She knew that Mayor Tekwa is running for reelection she will still wrestle despite being the kumadre of the latter (their children married very recently), that is how wicked is the suspended Governor.

With the recent events I think she will abscond with her plan considering the fact that she will be tied up in the City, also I've heard that she is letting her autistic son run for Vice Mayor of Catbalogan. She will be persuaded to be more pragmatic over the idea of running for Congresswoman and letting Sharee Ann the incumbent and 1st termer Congresswoman of the 2nd district of Samar run for Governor. What a succession of hereditary rulers.

The possible situation is she will move heaven and earth to get elected and to get elected is to channel a windfall to the 2nd district meaning 5 thousand pesos per voter. We are focusing our eye sight in the province but a part of it (2nd district) will be exposed to the original bandit.

When the wicked suspendid Governor is already elected as Congresswoman come 2010 the pork barrel in the amount of 50 million yearly plus other perks including dole outs from the administration the province of Samar particularly the 2nd district of Samar will again wallow in poverty for another 4 years and even more. This huge cash will be used to buy her freedom.

And so, we have to act now. Let us all be aware of these corrupt politicians. Let us mark them, the Tans, the Figueroa's, the Redaja's, and other noted families involve in shady deals.

Let us organize by putting up a campaign Hqs first, in the City of Catbalogan. Assign committee's and lets get the ball rolling. Remember that time is of the essence. It’s more than a year to prepare and the next election is more than a year from now. Let’s start now.

God bless us all.

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Name:   Hagi
Address:   Cor. Mascardo & Yague Streets, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:   16 November 2008

The Petty Cash Fund of Joc-Joc Bolante and the errand boy of PNP

Allow me to bring the readers of this column to the current issues that confront the country at the moment.

I am wondering why people have given so much fuss and noise about this 728 million pesos fertilizer fund when according to Mr. Bolante’s statement before the Philippine Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, the money was released without prior knowledge and approval of the president of the Philippines. This is perhaps because Mr. Bolante treated the amount as part of his department’s petty cash fund, and hence should only have his nod and blessing. The amount probably was too small and insignificant to bring this to the President’s notice and sanction. In the midst and during the senate hearing Mr. Joc-joc Bolante should have said this straight to the faces of the senators, “Barya barya lang ito mga pards, kaya hindi na kailangan ang pirma ni ‘mam’.

On the serious side of things, and going along the same line of premise, even a Petty Cash Fund custodian would still seek permission from a person his senior, unless he owns and runs the business himself where his authority is absolute.

It is beginning to dawn on me as well, that contrary to proper and normal accounting methods, procedure and practice, a government agency like the Philippine National Police can easily released funds in cash (I repeat, cash) for the purpose of purchasing spy equipments as claimed by its principal respondent who in his current position has no knowledge or background in intelligence matters, but has been taken to the task of acquiring such spy equipments from another country. I very much doubt that if there is some truth to this version of events as claimed in this euro dollar saga, an official receipt for such purchases would be in order or can be expected since the deal (purchase) was done on a cash basis for which issuance of receipts entirely depends on the discretion of the purchaser himself. You could compare this situation to a short scenario of a mother asking her son, “Totoy ito ang pera punta ka sa tindahan at bumili ka ng isang boteng suka”, with the mother naturally not expecting a receipt for the purchase. The treatment of buying equipments running into several million pesos and 10 pesos worth of vinegar (suka) both purely done on a cash basis is one and the same in importance according to these people’s accounting principles.

And they expect us to believe no matter how absurd and farcical these things are.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   November 16, 2008

Sangkay Tonyboy, I really appreciate your very kind patience in explaining to me at length re: Mila Tan's case. I am amazed of your broad knowledge even in the legal parlance. I guess I was more enlightened than confused, for sure.

Anyways, obviously my mind is a lot simpler than yours. Pardon my shallow thinking. You see, for me a suspension is tantamount to conviction - minus all these procedural and legal processes.

On the other hand, I am having second thoughts of going with you on your endorsement of Noel Labendia for governor. I am afraid that you don't know him well and don't have much information about him. For me, I would not endorse somebody whom I don't have personal knowledge of his background and personality. Your personal knowledge about him is not convincing for you to become his endorser.

I understand that we must take some measure of risks, but I normally go for a calculated risk.

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Name:   Jose Abarquez
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan City
Date:   Nov. 16, 2008

To all Catbaloganon and Samarnon:

Please take note that this is the last term of Mila Tan as governor. She will no longer run for this position. So endorse somebody who will run againts her in any position she will be in, in this 2010 election.

Also endorse somebody who will run againts her USELESS CONGRESSWOMAN daughter so that this family will not roots out in politics and kill thier bad image in the name of politics, kay sobra na ini hin kamaka-arawod para ha aton mga SAMARNON.


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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   11-15-08

To Samarnon and whatever I owe him -

I understand your frustration Mr. Samarnon but let me correct or clarify whatever misconception you have over the suspension of Mila Tan. The suspension is a preventive measure meaning that this is merely to remove Mila from the crime scene so she won't have the capacity to "doctor," tamper, hide, or destroy whatever evidence against her, that she wont use her power to harass or threaten whoever will come out to testify against her, that the public service will not be interrupted when respondent Mila will be busy defending herself in court, and to make sure that Mila and her cohorts attend the hearings before the court and not make excuses that they are attending public functions or going to official travels or conferences. In fact, the preventive suspension is not a punishment because the merits of the case have not been weighed yet by the Sandiganbayan.

Later on, WHEN (I am using "when" not "if" because I strongly believe that it's just a matter of time and not of chance) Mila and her co-respondents will be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, the order could be imprisonment plus dismissal in public service if she is still governor or a public servant (again not suspension because in law suspension is preventive, dismissal is punitive) plus maybe a perpetual disqualification to hold public office in the future plus other civil interdictions like removing her right to vote or her right to be a parental authority or to sign as a party to a contract.

The way it looks, the litigation will not be completed before she ends her term as governor of Samar in 2010. The actual hearing may be done in a year but the decision of the Sandiganbayan may be appealed up to the Supreme Court so it is safe to assume that Mila will not get a final conviction until after 2010. My best guess is 2011 or 2012.

Now, in the meantime, Mila has to plan a strategy to save her ass from public oblivion. To avoid dismissal from service, she has two options one is to not seek a public office or for her to win as congresswoman of the second district of Samar. As a Congresswoman there are some privileges that she will enjoy that are not enjoyed by ordinary mortals. She could not be dismissed from service by a previous conviction of a graft crime merely from the order of the Supreme Court. In the case of a congressman, the House of Representatives being a co-equal branch of government will have the final say whether or not to honor the conviction of Mila or simply ignore it so Mila will not be dismissed from service if the majority sides with her that she continue to serve her congressional district. But, could she be imprisoned? Of course! That has nothing to do with her being a congressman. Take the case of Cong. Jalosjos, Cong. Villarosa, and Sen. "Magdalo" Trillanes. But, theoritically, that would be true if the case is finally decided after 2010 and she won the congressional elections.

Assuming for the sake of argument that she did won the 2010 elections as congresswoman and was allowed by the "House of Representa-thieves" to continue to serve as congresswoman of Samar until 2013 and despite her holding office in Muntinlupa and maybe having as chief of staff her former jail warden in Samar, by 2013 she could no longer run for public office if the conviction order from the Supreme Court/Sandiganbayan includes perpetual disqualification to hold public office. That said, she still could be in the public eye until 2013 if she is convicted.

Again, this is an uphill battle for Mila. She may try her best to buy her acquittal by paying huge sum of money but we all know that she is not Imelda Marcos who have vaults of gold bars so she could only last for a few more years.

I hope Mr. Samarnon that my long treatise did not confuse you more. There is no way I could encapsulate these things in one paragraph.

On your request to introduce Fr. Noel Labendia, I know that he is a graduate of Samar National School. He went to the Loyola School of Theology (a Jesuit school affiliated with the Ateneo de Manila University) for his Bachelor in Sacred Theology-Seminary Program (graduated in 2001) and his Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (graduated in 2002). He's connected with the San Vicente de Paul Seminary in Calbayog City, the Diocese of Calbayog, and has lead the Isog Han Samar Movement that was instrumental in filing the case before the Ombudsman.

I tried contacting Fr. Noel using his published e-mail on the website of the Loyola School of Theology but to no avail. Apparently Padre Noel has not used his yahoo account for so long that it was probably deactivated. I am asking Mano Ray Gaspay if he could post the e-mail of Father Labendia or even give us the mailing address of Father Noel so we can send him letters asking him to consider running for Governor. Let me tell you that I have not spoken to Father Labendia nor has he agreed to the idea so letting him know that there are people supportive of him will truly help.

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Name:   Retired Samarnon
Address:   The Americas
Date:   Nov 15, 2008

I can't agree more with Samarnon of Canada. Forum readers, myself included, just seem to hop on the bandwagon as regards A. Morales's endorsement of Fr. Labendia to run for Samar governor. How well do we really know them? All we know is the latter led Isog Han Samar in its complaint against Mila Tan. What else has he accomplished that would propel him to occupy the highest elective office in the province? What are his qualifications?

Mr. Morales has also been endorsed by other readers. What positives go for him, besides being a prolific writer? He uses a Catbalogan address but is he really based in Samar? Information like age, educational background, occupation, place of birth, etc. could certainly help in assessing if they deserve our support.

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   Brgy Guinsorongan, Catbalogan City
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   November 15, 2008

On Guinsorongan Beach, Gov. Mila Tan suspension etc.,

Aside from requiring the populace of Brgy Guinsorongan install a toilet in every household, brgy tanod should be equipped with a powerful flaslights and should patrol the entire lenght of the beach up to the long rocks going through Brgy Buno-anan at night to deter the populace from depicating outside their houses. Those who will be caught transgressing this action should be required to work (for free) the installation of the toilet bowl in every household.

Mayor Tekwa please spearhead the installation of toilet bowl by giving them for free and constructing them right away to sustain the momentum.

On Gov. Milagrosa Tan suspension the province of Samar will at last enter a new chapter with a rapid forward lurching motion. The people who loves Samar dearly should help the proponents led by a sharp cleric Fr Noel Jose Labendia. Let us start now by plotting our strategy to nourish the move eventually carrying the momentum that will propel our candidate to the provincial government. We need to organize the volunteers, we need to involve the print and broadcast media, we need the professionals, we need help from accross the seas to keep this exploit going.

To start the ball rolling we have to create a campaign Hq in the City of Catbalogan. Start soliciting for campaign funds in order to organize the volunteers within the City teaching them before they are released for the house to house campaign, of course they will be needing some allowance for their food (even if they are volunteers). We have to organize now assign somebody known to everyone to spearhead the move so that the campaign fund will be collected and disbursed efficiently. We have to act now if we want to topple down a devil with millions. It’s not an easy task considering the kind of voters that we have in the province. We will be needing a barrage of ads to neutralize the situation because it is real hard to change the attitude of the populace inclined to vote buying. Let us help one another in changing this attitude for the betterment of the entire province. In other progressive provinces vote buying is taboo. It’s only in Samar.

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Name:   Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Nov. 15, 3008

Re: Political Change in Samar

We talk a lot about the failed politics of Gov. Mila Tan and we do this with so many reactions like inputs of ideas, opinions, recommendations and suggestions. How did this happen? We all are stakeholders of Samar and we want that our Governor should give her best to serve the people she represents. What she's done are more vote buying, bad roads, no substantial plan for more food production, schools are in bad shape, no sustainable programs to uplift the poverty, continued corruption and many mistakes made by her and her employees under her nose. It shows that the people of Samar including those who are working abroad have no trust in her administration. She gives us a shame with that millions of taxpayer's money spent either with no bidding and without appropriate accounting receipts and legal documentations and the reason why she's suspended. We have no other solution but to change this corrupt administration that only benefits herself, her family and all her cohorts in the Capitol of Samar.

Since we still have time, I am asking if we have come up a final decision who will be our contender to run for Governor against Mila Tan or whoever is her choice. I think everybody wants to know if Fr. Labendia has already accepted this or not. If so, what's the strategy and who's the campaign manager who will take charge of many issues including the campaign funds and the ads. These are just the preliminary questions that we all want to know.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   November 14, 2008

On Mila Tan’s Suspension:

Am I happy with her 90-day suspension? No, not at all. Corrupt practices of politicians are public knowledge and they are ALREADY very calloused and thick-faced to be affected by any issues that may arise in that regard. It is a day-to-day life for them. Nothing is new so to speak.

Although they may pretend to fight them off all accusations legally as an ACT to prove their “innocence and apparently protect their reputations”, but mind you, back in their closets they are just all laughing. After all, they are nothing but just acting-out in public. It is back to business after all are said and done. It will be a return with a vengeance!

Corrupt politicians knew too well that if their stealing and self-enrichment are caught (brought up legally in court) nothing really will happen to them to the point that will harm them in any ways given their initial motives and intentions when they have filed their candidacies.

Deep inside me I am “mad” at our laws. The fact that they were given suspensions only means that they were proven guilty! Suspensions are not enough. They should be locked up behind bars and be banned from running for any public office for the rest of their lives. Their illegally acquired assets should be confiscated and be given back to the state.

Do we think the starving electorate will not sell their future (again) for 2,000-5,000 pesos come 2010? I JUST HOPE…

Now tell me, who are the real losers? Where is our victory? Pardon my negativism.

Sangkay Tonyboy Morales, I guess you still owe us. Waray mo pa gud ipakilala ha amon inin imo manok in the person of Noel Labendia. I have pending querries/questions for you from my previous posting concerning him and you? Would greatly appreciate it if you can give some time and attention.

Best regards to all.

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Name:   Islander (Daram)
Email:    junbie@yahoo.com
Date:   november 14, 2008

It's in the mind of Samarnon that politics is such a dirty one's. Let may tell you this, politics is not dirty in nature but the persons who are seated make politics as a dirty.

My gosh, Philippines is a christian nation but what's happening to our leaders, people and any individual who live in this place? Instead of helping to each other, crab mentaly and being corrupt are often observed. People of the Philippines, and people of Samar, if we are living with this characteristics I assure you that our country will be left behind from progressive countries in this world.

Who are really the christians? Me, you and all of us owned as christians but the question is that, what is the obligations and responsibilities to be fulfilled by the real chirstians? If you willing to know the answers of this question just open your bible, read, and understand. By that you can discover a lot if who really the christians are.

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Name:    Letenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   14 Nobyembre 08

What are you waiting for? Mila Tan is out and today is the day for celebration for justice that finally worked and today is also the day to look beyond Mila Tan. Now is the time and opportunity to solidify the power of ISOG HAN SAMAR or else the gains will forever be lost.

Tony Boy Morales should live to the promise of ISOG HAN SAMAR and confront the most pressing issues right now, that is solidifying the gains and turn them into stepping rock for reaching the goal of a better government of Samar. ISOG HAN SAMAR already has a solid plan so first thing to do is for Mr. Morales to help ISOG HAN SAMAR recruit more members which I think will have no problem attracting members. Second is to organize the members into committees and subcommittees preferably for example: media committee, membership recruitment committee, fundraising committee, accounting committee, transportation committee, food committee and many more that is required.

Each committee has responsibilities for example the food committee prepares budget and purchase food and make deals with local restaurants whenever required for an event such as meetings or campaigning, food for Father Labendia and staff. Transportation committee asks budget prepares transportation for Father Labendia and staff and his equipment perhaps loud speaker system and many more. These are just an example of a smooth and organized and winning campaign endeavor.

Bisan kon diri ak Samarnon, kay parapreho man kita mga Waraynon, karuyag ko gihap nga mahingadto iton aton rehiyon hin maupay mga panginabuhi han mga katawhan, maupay nga pagtungway han aton gubyerno. Kon diri man hi Father Labendia, bisan nala membro hiton ISOG HAN SAMAR, bubuligan naton hiya.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   Brgy Guinsorongan, Catbalogan Ctiy
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   November 14, 2008

Para kan Erlinda Uy han Patag,

Naawod gud ako nga an akon address nga ginagamit Brgy Guinsorongan kay tinuod man ito nga imo sering mahi-unong hiton Guinsorongan Beach. Diri la mga gold bars iton mga nalutaw kundi pati na mga sighot kay waray man hira basurahan, bisan kon may mga truck han basura nga nagsisinudoysudoy waray man hira mga plastic containers nga puede nira butangan hini nga mga basura, maiha na gad ako nga waray makakauli dinhi ha aton.

Hadto nga an Brgy Captain dinhi ha Guinsorongan an akon pa ugangan nga hi Biboy Cebu ngatanan nga mga balay eguin himuan hira hin mga toilet pero han pagkawara niya (decease) nawara na liwat an mga CR amo iton nga an tabi labi na gud an pamantianan (an halaba) nga mga bato naging pinaka halaba nga toilet iton ha bug-os nga kalibutan. Go there, especially at night and you will see almost everyone using the longest toilet in the world.

Paging Mayor Tekwa!! Please help the barangay by requiring all the populace have a CR in every household if we want to beautify the beach of Guinsorongan. Give them an ultimatum and inspect every household if they already installed the toilet. My father in-law did it during his time and the barangay was once upon a time one of the cleanest barangay in the (then) municipality of Catbalogan. I've learned that you are a hands-on Mayor that is why Mila Tan who is contemplating of running for Mayor in the city of Catbalogan will have hard time toppling you down come 2010 even with her millions.

BTW Mayor Tekwa thank you for the financial assistance that you've extended when my mother died a couple of years ago ditto with Vice Mayor Van Torrevillas.

Also, since the populace are poor (hand to mouth existence) and they cannot afford to buy a black plastic bag please give them the bag for their waste and ensure that their respective wastes are placed in the said bag ready for pick up when the dump truck collects them.

For Father Noel Jose Labendia thank you so very much for your self sacrifice in bringing the case to the Umbodsman. I want to help in my own small way while you are in Manila, please contact me through my cellphone 0917 512 0581.

With the kind of politics that we have in the province we have to help one anther in defeating the devils who resort to vote buying. It’s about time that we have to effect the necessary change. Cata is lurking in the dark ready to pounch on anybody who will stay on his way to power.

God bless us all!!!!!!!!!!

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Name:    Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Nov. 14, 2008

To Catbaloganons,

All the reactions after Gov. Mila Tan has been suspended is resounding. Without a doubt this is a little victory for all of us. I would probably say that it's time now to find a good and honest candidate to run for governor. If Fr. Labendia will be our candidate, we have to plan what strategy we should use as soon as possible. We have only one year and a half before the election comes in 2010. Get everybody involved especially the young people, the students of all colleges and universities and those who want for a change of government.

Like what happened during the recent election in the U.S. The Obama people have campaigned vigorously not only through the ads but also they went all the way to the houses of the voters whether they are Republican, Independent or Democrats. If the young people as well as the old ones are fired up with the same slogan as that of Obama, Yes we Can and another one which is, Change is Coming, then I am pretty sure we can do it with the kind of enthusiasm and drive to go house to house campaigning. We know that people even those diehard with Mila Tan and her family will come to their senses and will change eventually if we try to convince them and show the wrong, the mistake, the failure and the corruption of the governor that derailed our progress in Samar. Suspension alone is already a dent that will be an issue along the way in campaigning.

I think, it's a matter of changing the mindset of the people that a change of government is the only way to reach our goals in order to succeed. To take an example is that, anybody no matter of his or her living condition and education there will come a time that he or she will oppose or approve. Gov. Mila Tan and her cohorts have been buying their votes for decades but this time if we go house to house campaigning and explain to them the negative side of vote buying, then they will oppose and we will have the advantage. We have to campaign to the remotest and impoverished barrios first. Please start now soliciting donors for funding the campaign after we have chosen the right candidate for governor.

Thank you.

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