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Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   01-16-09

A rejoinder to the reply of Midnytbleu,

You are correct that reglementary periods on registration as a voter as well as filing for certificates of candidacies are important because they are prescribed for by law. The point that I was trying to hammer is the fact that Basilio Balasbas can easily register as a voter of Catbalogan and can even run for public office. The case of Imelda Marcos-Romualdez v. Comelec is important to take note but should be tempered with another high profile case of Butch Aquino v. Comelec. In both cases, the subjects of the contentions were on the residency of the candidates. Imelda Marcos-Romualdez has travelled all over the country and the world and has continually transferred her residences from Tolosa, to Tacloban, to Manila, to Batac, to San Juan, to Honolulu, and what have you but has retained her domicile in Tolosa. In Civil Laws, residence and domicile are two different entities but in Election Laws the two are one and the same. Applying the same reasoning, Basilio Balasbas was, is, and has always been a resident or domiciled in Catbalogan particularly Guinsorongan. Now, the case of Butch Aquino is slightly different because the Aquinos were originally from Tarlac and when he transferred his residence to Makati, it was found out that he lacked the "residency requirement" because he purchased a condominium unit to somewhat satisfy the residency requirement of being a Makati resident but such purchase was shown to have been made beyond the date that was prescribed by the Election Laws. Now, the operating word is not the dates when you made the transfer or move but whether you could prove that you have the "animus revertendi" or the intent to return to your native land.

"A citizen may leave the place of his birth to look for "greener pastures," as the saying goes, to improve his lot, and that, of course includes study in other places, practice of his avocation, or engaging in business. When an election is to be held, the citizen who left his birthplace to improve his lot may desire to return to his native town to cast his ballot but for professional or business reasons, or for any other reason, he may not absent himself from his professional or business activities; so there he registers himself as voter as he has the qualifications to be one and is not willing to give up or lose the opportunity to choose the officials who are to run the government especially in national elections. Despite such registration, the animus revertendi to his home, to his domicile or residence of origin has not forsaken him. This may be the explanation why the registration of a voter in a place other than his residence of origin has not been deemed sufficient to constitute abandonment or loss of such residence. It finds justification in the natural desire and longing of every person to return to his place of birth. This strong feeling of attachment to the place of one's birth must be overcome by positive proof of abandonment for another." (Faypon v. Quirino ruling of the Supreme Court which Justice Kapunan, the ponencia of the Romualdez-Marcos case, heavily based his "residency" decision).

Click this link to that famous case of Imelda v. Comelec which has been a leading case on residence/domicile of a candidate in Philippine elections: http://www.lawphil.net/judjuris/juri1995/sep1995/gr_119976_1995.html

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Name:   Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Jan. 16, 2009

To: Mr. Basilio Balasbas,

It's time now to think of a good strategy for the election 2010 is coming nearer. You have said that by this month of January, perhaps end of this month, you will be in Samar contacting important people in your camp including Ray Gaspay, owner of this Samarnews.com website.

We would like to know as early as possible who are those persons in your line- up. How about your Campaign Manager as well as the Chair for your Fund-Raising activity. It's about time to find and appoint these people sooner than later. As I said before you should find a good speechwriter and he or she can also act as your Public Relation Representative that will be available that includes talking to the media people, Barangay Chairmen and also universities and colleges student body presidents. The fact is you should have the plan to contact now these student body presidents to help you in house to house campaign activity. A little over one year is not even enough for campaigning to all remote towns and barrios. Concentrate and focus your efforts more on the outside voters than in the cities. City as well as nearby town voters are more knowledgeable of the issues and it can be done by you and members of your party.

Another thing that I want to reiterate is my previous advice of writing your Contract with Samarnon People. I know that you are sincere and deserving to be the candidate for Governor who is after the welfare of the people of Samar and who are now suffering with the same corrupt government officials. Since you want a change, people should have the audicity to know of this written Contract even signed with your blood. This will show an authentication that you'll be the best and honest governor of Samar. First time in history that an honest governor will surely stop corruption of whatever kind. Thank you.

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Name:   Rex B. Cool
Address:   New Zealand
Date:   January 14, 2009

It's election season again! Probably the best season for the qualified voters as another day of easy-money is unfolding. Buhi na liwat an mga bitok han mga naghihingyap hin mga kwartahan nga politikos.

The above is almost an electoral tradition in Samar. Nothing has changed. Political Dynasties are in ecstasy of the stupidity of the voters who sell their vote for a days hangover. Gifts are now starting to shower, projects are given first aid solutions to show that it is going on.

With all these, I could only support the political platform of Basilio Balasbas with whom Letenyo asserted the changing of the political color of Samar from black to white. He may be unknown at the political society of Samar, probably the only candidate with a very limited budget, but what do we have to loose?

We voted for those handsome, ravishing rich people with pure political DNA but where did we end up? We sold our votes to the highest bidder with the hope that somehow they could alleviate the lives of the poor but what did we get? The bottomline is that we have always been fooled by the traditional politicians and we didn't learn after all those years.

Now we have the chance to do a twist in Samar's political arena with Basilio on the led. Let us put a stop to all corruption, political dynasties, plunderes and liars. Let our heart and conscience decide for that change.

As a soldier, I believe Basilio Balasbas will do his duty as a politician the way he served our country.

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Name:   midnytbleu
Address:   Manila
Email:   midnytbleu@gmail.com
Date:   Jan 13, 2009

To Mr. Morales,

Precisely my point. What I have stated is from the "The Voter’s Registration Act of 1996" REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8189 which was approved June 11, 1996. There is no dispute that Mr. Balasbas was born and raised at Catbalogan, however, we must abide with our laws. One cannot just go to their place of birth and transfer his residency whenever one feels like it. If that would be the case many of our last term politician will just jump from one place to another to seek re-election.

I stated 2 Sections of RA 8189, the Section 12 bearing what he can do to re-establish his residency in order to transfer his voting rights wherein he has to give up first his residency to Laguna to Samar. The process is implied in the Section. If he doesn't want his contenders to question his residency then do it as early as now.

To Leyteno,

Laws apply to everyone. As Mayor Lim of Manila says... "The law applies to ALL... Otherwise NONE at all."

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Name:   Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:    Jan. 13, 2009

To Mr. Basilio Balasbas,

Maaram gad ako nga an imo panuyo han imo plano pagkandidato para pagka Gobernador ha Samar maupay ngan kinasingkasing ug tim-os para pagbulig han nagsasakit nga aton kabugtuan. Waray na ako masisiring kundi ig padayon ini nga imo plano. Ayaw la kahulop kun damo it baga nadiri ha imo. Pagtisting ini kun tinood gud ug waray nagud pagrohaduha it imo pagkandidato. Just think of Pres. elect Obama who didn't blink nor doubt that he will someday become the President of the United States.

Obama knew that everybody wants a change and that Pres. Bush is becoming unpopular of the American people. I remember the words of a prominent writer with his words in his inspiring book. If not you, who will and if not now, when. In Samar, everybody knew that Mila Tan is corrupt and becoming unpopular especially that she is now serving her 90-day suspension. Samarnon wants a change of government and an honest and good governance. I would probably think that the students of all universities and colleges in Samar will be motivated to help you in house to house campaigning. What you need is good strategy and political machineries like your line-up, campaign manager, in-charge of fund raising, advisers and start developing good speeches. Your nine points and these are considered as platform that you have already done will not be enough. You better study and research what Obama had done and get something from it or a little of everything of the strategy in his campaign that was successful.

Another advice I can give you is that you follow what the former speaker Newt Gingrich had done that helped the Republican Party got more house representatives elected. It was called Contract With the American People. You better have another strategy of a Contract with the Samarnon People. Like telling them that there will be no more corruption in government, no more ghost employees, all transactions in government are transparent and that all people have access to see the vouchers and to check if there are irregularities and anomalies involved like bidding, jack up prices and under the table or lagay. All corrupt practices whatever they maybe should be included in your Contract with the people of Samar. People don't like corruption and if you can convince that you are really serious and sincere to irradicate and stop this corruption of any kind, then you will be elected.

I hope and pray you will succeed as Governor of Samar.

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   January 12, 2009

Hagi ha Este sugad man han ngatanan nga lomolopyo han probinsiya han Samar.

I have no political DNA that will back me up in my yearning to CHANGE the political landscape of the province of Samar. A landscape that made our kabugtuans the poorest of the poor since time immemorial. Our province was abused for the longest time now the reason why progress and development seems to be taboo because of these traditional politicians and their kins that makes DNA ridiculous. We want to do away with these tradpols DNA's because they are the reasons why progress is illusive in the province. We will do away with Kawatanes, Kurakots, Plunderers, ninnies and nincompoops. The ills are created when the government coffers go bankrupt because of these corrupt traditional politicians, DNA's included.

You are asking me if I have money to sustain a no non-sense campaign from start to finish? (I mentioned vote buying because one of the reasons why I am running for Governor is getting rid of vote buying to be a thing of the past. Relentless and massive campaign will be carried out to ensure that come 2010 election vote buying is taboo in the province of Samar). Nucleus of Barack Obama's campaign were established through volunteerism and above all financial assistance from the people. If we want to effect the needed CHANGE in the province then we have to sacrifice and extend assistance not only in dishing out massive information to all our relatives, friends and associates about vote buying to be a thing of the past, above all the needed financial help to sustain a colossal campaign from start to finish. Massive publicity will illicit maximum exposure in the entire province. Help from each one of us is really necessary to attain our objective of reaching the remote areas that even transistor radio is nonexistent.

Umagi ako hin kakurian, nagtrabaho ako bisan kon dose anyos pala ako para la mabuhi ako sugad man an akon pamilya. Nahatagan ko hin maupay nga pag aradman an amon mga anak amo ito nga baga maupay na iton ira kabutang yana. Tungod hiton akon talinguha nga makabulig hiton aton nagkukuri nga mga kabugtuan ha Samar karuyag ko nga mag serbisyo. A service that will ensure fortify the lives of the under privilege and the poorest of the poor in the province. Pobre la iton napaid hito kay umagi man hiya hin kakurian. Ini nga mga sinesering nga mga DNA's han mga tradpols an ira pag serbisyo para la iton ha ira karicohan. An ira kasingkasing waray iton ha mga pobre kay rico man hira. It’s about time that we have to CHANGE Samar.

God bless us.

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Name:   Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   11 Jan 09

Election Laws and Blues

Midnytbleu tried to give as an information on the potential problem of Basil Balasbas transfering his voter's registration from Laguna to Catbalogan. The truth is based on Philippine election law, residence and domicile are synonymous to the extent that it is always construed liberally in favor of the person who wants to register as a voter. Mr. Balasbas is and has always been a resident of Catbalogan despite his wanderings all over the world because he was born and raised in Catbalogan and that he has the intent to go back to where he really came from. In my humble legal opinion, Mr. Balasbas will have the locus standi to register as a voter in Catbalogan and be a candidate. However, he must re-establish his residence before the reglementary periods or he will then be subjected to legal harassment for his residency. Please check or read the case of Romualdez-Marcos v. Comelec.

Mr. Balasbas is only 1/3 telling the truth that the Absentee Voting Law is only applicable to the presidential elections. No. The Absentee voting law covers the presidential, senate, and party-list representatives elections. So overseas filipinos, who have duly registered as absentee voters, can now vote for president, vice president, senators, and party-list representative. With the approval of the Dual Citizenship Law, many overseas filipinos can have the right to vote so long as they first apply to re-acquire their filipino citizenships and thereafter apply for the reinstitution of their right to vote.

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Name:   Leytenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   11 Jan 2009

Mr. Hagi has specified his own perception for qualifying a governor candidate. Captain Basilio Balasbas does not have to be or does not have to do the qualifications specified by Mr. Hagi of Eastern Samar. Most Samarnons cannot see white and black of politics in Samar. Only black politics are the only color most Samarnons can see. The blacker the shade of Samar politics, the more Samarnons would sell their votes and this has been going on since I have understood the world.

If Captain Basilio Balasbas can introduce a white color and convince Samarnons that there exist a white color and let them see the white color, then most Samarnons will open up their mind. Samarnons will no longer live the same way once they see that there is color white in politics. By introducing a different color it will shake up Samar and politics will never be the same again.

How can Basilio Balasbas show a different color to the people of Samar? Very simple. Aside from employing the student population, Captain Balasbas starting early of 2009, can visit house by house starting from the north to the south. All he needs is water to drink because his asset is no other than his tougue. By looking at the eyes and touching them and assuring Samarnons that Basilio Balasbas is going to paint Samar white. In the science of politics, this is called "grassroot politics". Going house to house, listening to the people of Samar, is a very powerfull politics. Change in Samar is long overdue and I appreciate Captain Balasbas for his effort. I wish him lots of energy and passion for his campaign.

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Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   January 10, 2009

Leytenyo of Tacloban City sugad man kan Katbaloganon from NYC,

An aton guin titinguha an mabag-o an pan-gobyernuhan ha probinsiya han Samar. Usa nga paagi amo in pagpakita han ngatanan nga transactions han probinsiya hilabi na an pondo han probinsiya kon ano an proceso han mga fund releases. All businesses that will be entered into by the province shall pass through the bedding processes. Kawatanes, Plunderers, Kurakots, ninnies and nincompoops will never have a chance in my administration.

An mga Balasbas ha Catbalogan amon gad it hira mga uropod. An akon Tatay tikang gad hira ha San Vicente ha Tarangnan. An akon naman Nanay Atienza an apelyido tikang liwat hira ha Estansiya pero ha Daram na nagdako tapos ha Guinsorongan na hira nag-asawa. Tungod kay an akon mga kag-anak waray man gud hira mga aram ngan tungod han kapobrehan waray gud hira association han mga Balasbas bisan kon baga harani la an Catbalogan ha amon. Hi Father Job Balasbas la an kinadto ha amon han bag-o pala ako nga sundalo. I was already working to help my family survive at a tender age. I grew up in Guinsorongan but continued my studies in Cebu when I was enlisted in the Army. I enrolled at the University of the Visiyas in Cebu but graduated in Samar College in 1976. I could only pursue my college studies when I am assigned in the garrison as most of the time I was assigned in the war torn areas in the south. I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree that subsequently got me my commission as an Officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. My military background and my training experience both in the military and in the security industry molded the very fiber that influenced my personality. The kind that abhor the kawatanes, plunderers, kurakots, ninnies and nincompoops. Ini nga mga bihuran na nga mga tradpols diri ini hira napaid hin kakurian kay waray man it hira magkuri, puro manla it hira kaupayan hiton ira mga kalugaringon, hiton ira karicohan, asya ito nga diri gud kita makakatagamtam hin progreso hini nga mga klase hin politiko kay puro manla it hira mga lip service, kurakots waray ha ira kasingkasing an pagbulig han mga pobre hilabi na an aton mga pobrehanon nga mga kabugtuan ha probinsiya han Samar nga maiha na gud nga nagkukuri kay maiha naman hira nga guin abusar, guin bibinuwaan la ngan guin titinuyaw la hini nga mga plunderers nga mga politiko ha Samar. It’s about time that we have to initiate a move to CHANGE the political landscape of the province, the one that will really look after the welfare of the under privilege.

Please help Samar.

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Name:   Hagi
Address:   Cor. Mascardo & Yague Streets, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:   9 January, 2009

To Mr. Balasbas,

Allow me to ask you some questions:

1) One of your campaign strategies is to muster as many student volunteers as you can and make them help and work in your campaign. Are you well-known or have you been active in the academic community in Samar? Have you been for a number of times been invited as a keynote speaker in any school events like graduation, or other school functions in which your name would still ring in the ears of the students once they learn you are running for governor?

2) Have you spearheaded a ‘cause, drive or a campaign that the end beneficiaries are all Samarnons? That all these efforts would have attracted a wider attention of the people of the province?

3) Are you a current or a past officer or a member of any civic, religious, trade or professional bodies of which you are in good standing in Samar? If you are, then you can go and seek their help and support. Their re-action or acceptance of your desire to run for governor is a good ‘litmus test’ that you are going to give your political opponents something to worry about.

4) Have you been active in the media (print and broadcast) and have had in the past extensive exposure that Samarnons would readily recognize your face as soon as you go up the ‘entablado’ to deliver your blistering speech about the ‘change’ that you have so long espoused in this column.

5) Last of all, is the money that you are going to spend. In our vernacular language, ‘Ga-ano kahaba ang pisi mo? Gargantuan !!!!

All of these to name a few, can be collectively deemed as a good ‘measuring stick’ of your chances come election time. Add to these would be your ability to get your message across all classes of people you will face. 65 million Germans before the last world war had been ‘mesmerised by Hitler in his steering speeches not only because of his unflinching crusade against the Jews for ‘a living space for every German but because of Hitler’s oratorical ability before huge crowds that had gathered to listen to him. If you think that you don’t have this ability, then I would suggest you start practising doing ‘dialogues’ to yourself in front of a mirror.

But to be honest, Mr. Balasbas the time is not on your side at the moment because you hardly have time for other things aside from all what I have cited earlier in this message The ‘personal feel’ is not present and you don’t have it unfortunately. You have a long rough road ahead and given the intricacies of a political campaign made more difficult of time constraints on your part.

I have thought that this shortness of time can be overcome and remedied if to borrow the line in the most recent issue of Time Magazine International (12 Jan 2009 issue) in describing the chances of Caroline Kennedy to take the vacated senatorial seat of Hillary Clinton and to quote; she (Caroline) has a head start in being selected from among the other interested candidates to take the senate seat because of her political DNA (meaning, because she is a Kennedy and no doubt there is no need for any further political introductions in her behalf to the American public).

If you have this political DNA Mr. Balasbas, go ahead and may you succeed.

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Name:   Waraynon
Address:   Lawaan E. Samar / USA
Email:   jules1946@verizon.net
Date:   09 Jan 09

For Roads Rehabilitation and Repairs of Eastern Samar at petitiononline.com/esamar, so far we only have 209 signatures as of today. Please, we need everyone's assistance, signatures needed so they can process and implement this project immediately. Thank you for sharing and caring.

Note to Gov. Ben Evardone,

Palisak kay damo pa nga mga lugar hit este nga waray maaram hit mga nahitatabo kon mabiling ka hin pa-agui nga unta mahisamwak hit ngatanan nga barangay, magka orosa it ngatanan. Haros ngatanan nga akon mga tinawagan ha Eastern Samar, iba iba nga lugar, waray gud maaram. Pakiana kola nga kon kay ano ene nga kasugad hahane na ha bog-os nga kalibutan ene nga news, piro an tuminongnong han Samar lugod an di pa mag-aram? Na ayon kami haimo hit imo dicta, pagtamak hine nga corruption, go for it governor.

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Name:   Leytenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   8 Jan 2009

Qualification for candidacy is not a big issue for Captain Balasbas. Imelda Marcos who resided for many years in Ilocos and in Manila during her term as First Lady and Governor of Metro Manila, applied for residency in Leyte, accepted by the Election Commission and she ran and won Leyte Congressional representative.

Basilio Balasbas is a native and born in Samar and possibly has properties in Samar. To me that is my qualification already. There is not much economic, educational and job opportunities in Samar and there will be no Basilio Balasbas who can run for governor if he stayed all his life in Samar. I am a Leytenyo but I was educated in Cebu and made many opportunities in Cebu but my heart and mind is still Leyte and Samar which I have relatives and I own property too.

I think the election law should be adjusted temporarily for now to include many talented and able Filipinos who are working overseas and who have gained many knowledge about effective management to run for local provincial positions. Except for the presidency and senator positions who make foreign treaties, all other position should be available for Filipinos who gained experience from overseas. Those having dual citizenship should relinquish other citizenship and become full Filipino citizen before being qualified for candidacy. We cannot continue the same bad management by the same oligarch politicians in Samar. We need change and whoever is brave enough to run is welcomed.

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   January 7, 2009

Midnythbleu, sugad man kan Abuda ngan han mga naugop ngan nahigugma han Samar.

Waray pa kita on-line voting ngan waray liwat absentee voting para hiton mga national o local election kundire Presidential Election la iton may absentee voting through the Philippine Embassy in every country.

An akon naman bubuhaton hini nga aton mga benefactors kon baga matatagan niyo ako hin higayon nga maka hatag hin serbisyo hini nga aton minayoyo pero maiha na nga nagkukuri nga aton probinsiya in pag hatag haira hin oportunidad nga maipahamtang an ira mga karuyag nga makakabulig hini nga aton mga nagkukuri nga mga kabugtuan, hilabi na an kalsada, an eskuelahan, an aton mga hospital. Bisan hino nga tuminongnong han probinsiya may ada hiya katungdanan nga maghatag hiton iya suhestion o recomendasyon para masiguro naton an development o progreso han aton probinsiya han Samar.

Mahitungod naman hiton pagpapakaupay hini nga baga nauupos na ngan waray na gud kinabuhi nga Maqueda bay. An akon sering maghihimo kita hin mga corral reefs nga balyo hadton mga original corrals nga guin buwad han mga dagko nga mga fishing boats ha Guinsorongan. Bug-os gud iton han kadagatan han Samar diri la Maqueda Bay nga ira guin pahimulsan hin pira katuig, hangtud han pagkaubos han mga isda ha Samar. An aton intawon mga kabugtuan nga mga mandaragat napakadto na ha Palawan para la may madakop nga isda, han una nakadto hira ha Masbate takay waray naman liwat ha Masbate naabot na hira ha Palawan ngan kon han una nga mga panahon usa la hira kagab-i ha dagat yana senimana na kon hira nauli, kamakalulooy gad ini nga aton mga kabugtuan. Inabutan ko pa iton nga mga de-makina nga mga fishing boats ngan sayod gud ako diri la ako maaram han repercussion han panagat hini nga mga dagko nga mga fishing boats hadto kay dose anyos pa manla ako. Han pag sundalo ko na may mga na install na nga mga artificial corral reefs ha Maqueda Bay pero han akon pagbakasyon ha Guinsorongan umagi an pira katuig nakita ko na liwat an mga motorboat fishing (Troll) na nagamit na liwat hin mga wings han pukot nga naabot gud ha kahiladman ha dagat nga nagdradragging na liwat han mga original and artificial corral reefs, the reason why I came up with this measure of protecting Maqueda Bay and the Samar seas. In areas where there are no Coast Guards the PNP takes charge.

For ghost employees being perpetrated by traditional politicians this is the reason why I am running for Governor because we will get rid of this benefactor issues, ghost employees, the 15 & 30 employees obtaining in the Capitol bldg year in and year out, these are the things that hinders the growth, progress and development of the province of Samar. We will get rid of the Kawatans, Kurakots, Plunderers, ninnies and niccompoops.

May ada kabubuwason an aton next generation kon tutuhayon naton yana ini nga ura-ura na nga pagkakalugmok, pagkukuri han aton probinsiya han Samar. Make Vote Buying a thing of the past come 2010 Election and we will surely attain our objective of helping the marginalized society and the poorest of the poor.

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Name:   Leytenyo
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   6 Jan 2009

To: Captain Basilio Balasbas, AFP

You are in the correct path for your campaign blueprint; however, you are lacking one big issue which is very critical for the potential voters of Samar. While you said that you are opening a bank account for contribution and campaign donation, you will need to make sure the bank name and address is published and that you will make sure the bank account is open to any public individual who would like to see the account activities. There are many methods for public to see and one of them is that the public who would like to check the account would give their name, address and phone or drivers license. Without compliance means they cannot see the account. The bank can also issue fee or fees to anyone who would like to check the account. This is one of your policies of making governance transparent. When you are elected as governor of Samar, then you should do the same transparency, and that all financial record of your provincial government must also be opened for the public to see anytime.

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Name:   Katbaloganon from NYC
Date:   1/5/09

Baga ma-iha na akon binasa-basa han mga discussions nira mga Mano Addi, Mano Tonyboy, Mano Cesar, mga unknown names nga taga SFO, Canada, etc. hi-onong han qualifications ni Mr. Basil Balasbas. Hala daw, Mano Basil, pakilala ha amon in detail han imo pagkatawo - full transparency about yourself. Kay an hin-o an maruruyag mag-serbisyo, siyempre karuyag namon, kami nga tibulig, makilala ka hin husto. For example, diin ka nag-eskwela, diin ka dinako, who are you affiliated with while in Samar. An kamatu-oran dire ako nakilala ha imo, pero kay bangin ako kumilala of anyone who may be related to you.

Ayaw kabaraka, with your full honesty about yourself and your intentions for the province, huru-harani mo na ako makumbise nga sumoporta ha imo. To show my sincerity of my help, I pledge to initially contribute $50 once you open an account for your campaign fund.

Hala Mano Basil pakilala daw, kamag-anak mo hi Fr. Job Balasbas? hira Victoriano Balasbas? hira Engr. Manuel Balasbas, Mano Claro and Dr. Balasbas? Pati si Dot Balasbas na contributor in Inquirer? Kon para gobernador ang imo dadalaganan, hira hino daw la an imo pwede i-line up nga taga Calbiga, Calbayog, Basey, Villa, Gandara, Daram, Zumarraga, Sta Rita, etc. I might know some names and I could start also to do my background check about my candidate!!!

Good luck Mano Basil!

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Name:   midnytbleu
Address:   Manila
Email:    midnytbleu@gmail.com
Date:   January 4, 2009

Mr. Balasbas, if ever you win what will you promise to do with those benefactors who have supported you in your campaign period?

4. Transfer my voters registration from San Pedro, Laguna to Catbalogan, Samar.

Legally, as stated in "The Voter’s Registration Act of 1996." sec. 9 states,

Sec. 9. Who may Register. - All citizens of the Philippines not otherwise disqualified by law who are at least eighteen (18) years of age, and who shall have resided in the Philippines for at least one (1) year, and in the place wherein they propose to vote, for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the election, may register as a voter.

Any person who temporarily resides in another city, municipality or country solely by reason of his occupation, profession, employment in private or public service, educational activities, work in the military or naval reservations within the Philippines, service in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Police Forces, or confinement or detention in government institutions in accordance with law, shall not be deemed to have lost his original residence.

Any person, who, on the day of registration may not have reached the required age or period of residence but, who, on the day of the election shall possess such qualifications, may register as a voter.

Sec 12., states

Sec. 12. Change of Residence to Another City or Municipality. - Any registered voter who has transferred residence to another city or municipality may apply with the Election Officer of his new residence for the transfer of his registration records.

The application for transfer of registration shall be subject to the requirements of notice and hearing and the approval of the Election Registration Board, in accordance with this Act. Upon approval of the application for transfer, and after notice of such approval to the Election Officer of the former residence of the voter, said Election Officer shall transmit by registered mail the voter’s registration record to the Election Officer of the voter’s new residence.

therefore you cannot just go to Catbalogan at the end of January 2009 to transfer your voters registration.

8. Hereunder is the dissected 9-point agenda and I want everyone to re-examine and append something that would make it viable for the progress and development of the entire province;

1) The creation of jobs through Eco tourism. Restoration of Maqueda bay and adjacent channel by installing effective coral reefs all throughout the Samar Seas subsequently stopping trolls along the shallow waters and dynamite fishing. To make this effective every barangay will be provided with a pump boat and a PNP contingent with a barangay police to patrol the strait. First offenders will be docketed but illegal fishing materials will be confiscated. 2nd offenders will be charged in court. Immediate stop of all illegal logging at all cost.

** how much is a pump boat? how much fuel will it cost? even Philippine Navy cannot do what you propose to do due to lack of budget. the PNP jurisdiction is at land, everything else on water goes to the jurisdiction of the Philippine Coast Guard. 2nd offenders will be charged in court? how long will the process be?

– How can you install and pay an effective coral reef? The cheapest artificial coral reef is by blowing up and sinking old ship, but where can you get old ships? Those trees that grow in the water by the shorelines know as mangroves serve the same purpose coral reefs. The fish eggs are hatched on the mangroves and the mangroves protect the small fish from being eaten by bigger fish, thus making millions of fish available for the people. Instead of dreaming for expensive coral reef, Samarnons should plant and protect mangroves and nipa along the shorelines. While dynamite fishing is under our control, it is only a behavioral adjustment by constant public awareness from grade school to college and by constant 0public announcement by every leader from barangay captain through the governor. Basilio Balasbas can become a leader for this issue as no one in Samar today has addressed this very simple but big problem.

2) The construction of new buildings, classrooms, provision of desks and chairs and books for students and scholarships to poor families.

** This will take a long time to do but with proper channels it can be done.

– Let us dream only if we are sure we know where to get the funding. This proposal requires billions of pesos. Where can we get this money?

3) The balancing of the budget.

** Tax? if this will be the case then I rather not go to Catbalogan. read an excerpt on Chapter 5 page 122. of Rich Dad Poor Dad and I quote..."the idea of taxes were made popular, and accepted by majority, by telling the poor and the middle class that taxes were created to punish the rich. Although it was intended to punish the rich, in reality it wound up punishing the middle class and the poor.

So, who are the rich people basically? it could be the merchants, the professionals etc. When the merchants and the businessmen gets taxed, of course they would have to add it on their costs on the product they sell. the professionals will have to ask for a higher compensation because the merchants increased prices due to tax. When the professionals like the doctors and the lawyers increase their professional fee, the poor and the middle class wont be able to get their services.

Here in Manila we get a parking permit if we park at public places overnight, especially those people who have trucks and extra vehicles which they park along pavements of the Manila road.

Tax sin products? I would rather buy it at another place by bulk not Catbalogan.

Public parkings at beach? hello... Samar is an island even my home at Taft has a beach front. so why do I have to pay for parking.  What is suggest is the DTI and the BIR be strict at mapping out establishments like what they do at Tacloban.

4) Construction and maintenance of farm to market roads including the repair of the existing roads from Tacloban to Catbalogan and from Calbayog to Catbalogan.

– This proposal is in line with GMA plans and policy. You can be sure you can get funding for this proposal. You will need some politicking by creating a deadly accident on the bad roads and then make it a big deal in the media and then blame the DPHW and GMA for the death because of the bad road.

**wow, faking an accident? this one is funny. who would like to volunteer as the victim?

5) The provision of electricity and water supply to barangays.

– This can be done though private corporate initiative. But at least half of Samarnons must be able to pay for these services. You need to create jobs for the people.

** this need is not immendiate. who needs electricity when they cant even buy a light bulb. water supply? you can put pumps as projects at barangay level.

6) Eradicating of ghost employees and the 15 and 30 employees who only reports to their respective departments every 15th and 30th of the month to get their salaries.

** ghost employees are hired by the politicians themselves. i dont know if the scope of being governor cover all from top rank to the lowest.

– I actually have seen how this scam can be corrected. Basilio Balasbas can reorganize the department and assigning different supervisors and changing department responsibilities. Ghost and lazy employees come out in the open after the reorganizing the department. This is an easy issue because it is a local issue which only requires local control.

7) The development of stagnant government lands/properties into agricultural lands for our farmers and other entrepreneurial undertaking thereby generating more income to the province.

** yes theoretically that is the case but do u think in the standard of living of the Samarnons, they can afford to have their lands taxed?

– First, all the lands in Samar need to surveyed and documented in the Office of Deeds. After the survey, all parcels of lands must be taxed. Thereafter, when the land is sold, bought, lease or any transaction, the local government will tax for every transaction. Because this is real state property, taxes are in the millions of pesos every year.

8) The automation of the entire capitol building to check automatically the erarnings of all generating departments that can be accessed by everyone including the result of all biddings to make it transparent.

**this is possible but this is Samar, even in Makati and in Manila they cannot supervise the earnings and where the last cent of their budget goes. especially those "red tapes" and such

– This is possible as computers have become cheaper.

9) Coordination with the local AFP (Army) and the PNP contingent with respect to the peace and order situation in the province on a weekly basis. Creation of a task force that will include the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the PNP.

**PDEA has limited budget do u think they can put up an office here permanently and hire personnel's? not unless the city is the one who will shoulder the costs.

– We will seek for peace negotiations with the NPA's through the Peace and Order Council of the 8th Inf Division of the Army in Catbalogan, Samar.

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Name:   Abuda
Address:   Angcal, Roanoke, Virginia U.S.A.
Email:   rosedowd@hotmail.com
Date:   01-03-2009

Mr. Balasbas,

Nagpapasalamat ako haimo hini nga imo mga plano hin pag-iba hiton pagpatakbo hiton aton gobyernohan ha bug-os nga aton higugmaon nga tuna han Samar...Kay sugad man han siridngon hin-o man?.. Kondi hi kita..Iton imo mga plano maupay god ini. Kon hibabaru-an hiton kada tagsa. Bisan iton mga Barangay nga aadto hirayo hiton bungto. I don't see why nga diri hira mabutos haimo? Maupay god liwat kon may-ada mag house to house ngan ig tul-id god haira, nga kay ano nga we need to change.

I called my family in Salcedo they don't even know, Kon ano iton mga going on ha Samar. Pareho naman hiton yana nga kan Mila Tan. Ada kay iton iriba man lwat waray man maaram gumamit hin computer.

Ano man iton imo larang tungod hini nga mga tawo nga ha gawas hiton Pilipinas? May-ada liwat on line nga pag votos? Thank You.

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Name:   Tirzo
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   jan.03,2009

To Mr. Basilio Balasbas,

Para hit imo kandidatura pagka governor siguroha god nga magdaog ka kay it Catbaloganon god nakikita ko baa dawkon waray ka kwartaa agedaw. Kon my kwata kaman liwat bilnga an mga tangkod nga tawo ha imo kay dd basta bag o na kandidato damo it nadaop kunyari mga tangkod. Basta god ayaw pag pa dalidali kon karuyag mo magdaog pagkagovernor.

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Name:   Waraynon
Address:    Lawaan E. Samar / USA
Email:   jules1946@verizon.net
Date:   Jan.2, 2009

Dondingz, thank you so much for sharing the rehabilitation of roads and repair for Eastern Samar at petitiononline.com/esamar. I had spread the news to my families, friends, Samarnons to all who are willing to help. I suggest to allow barangays captains of Eastern Samar to travel house to house insuring all Eastern Samarnons sign this petition speeding the process immediately. I called my family in Lawaan, nobody seems to know about these. Please keep us posted.

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