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Name:   Rex B. Cool
Address:   New Zealand
Date:   March 15, 2009

Most often, things we ought to learn goes down the drain.

Reading through the postings here regarding the candidacy of Mr. Basilio Balasbas for Governor of Samar only refects the "traditional political doctrine" where 3G's (Gold, Guns, Goons) is the only way to win an election.

Clinging on to the reality of this existing political tactics in Samar would never give us a slight chance for change. The more we hold on to the 3G's doctrine, progress will be more elusive in our beloved island.

It is time to choose a new path, - win or loss. The point is to eradicate the mandate of the 3G's. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

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Name:   Yengskie
Address:   Catbalogan
Email:   s_jsolisy@gmail.com
Date:   13 Mar 2009

I have to agree with Mano Olin with this one.

There are lots of important things that we have to prioritize first than thinking about building airports. With this kind of economy now it would just be a waste of money, not feasible. Kakarag hit kwarta nga unta gin kadto na la pag improve hit hospital or gamiton pag bulig hit mga kablas.

Napapalibutan na kita hit mga airports. Tacloban is quit lucky to survive their operations yearly. Other airports nearby are hanging on the edge of a cliff for survival. What made you think that Catbalogan airport will make it thru? Aton ngani pier na masagana hadto yana halos patay na. Because people would rather pick the route to Ormoc-Cebu for lots of reason because of that waray nakanhi ha aton nga barko. Nabayad hira tax para pier and all pero hain man it nasakay? Mag raot la pa gud nga barko it ira ginkakadi.

So even the thought of wasting money for an airport NOW would even be ridiculous, if not moronic.

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Name:   tagapatag
Address:   Catb/USA
Date:   3/12/09

Mr Basilio Balasbas,

Those comments being suggested are practical and valid. I don't doubt your intention and desire to help. Money and organization are the vital part to win an election. Also, don't take for granted the political knowledge and experience of the old politicians (retired trapos). Extend your hand to them to ask for assistance and guidance because you will need their wisdom. They could be the good or the bad politician but they can share their secret and expertise if you can get them to your side, whether it's a good advise or a bad advise, it's still an advise and you can learn from it, they know the ins and outs and you might be surprised that they still have their political clout and that's a big plus. You really need a political machinery.

This comments come from people whose good intentions are the same like yours, and they want to make sure you are the RIGHT ONE.

Please don't waste your time trying to get your messages out here in this forum because the people who reads and writes to this forum are pretty much the same in number since you proclaimed your intention almost a year ago. If you haven't gone to Catbalogan yet, do it now and introduce your self and your good intentions for SAMAR.

I wish you all the luck.

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Name:   Paolo
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   12th March 2009

To:  Mano Basilio

Maupay nga adlaw ha imo Mano Basilio og ha akon mga igkasi…

Mano Basilio, baga-baga ka man la hini han kumadto ha bulangan nga pato an imo dara… waray mapago ha imo kay diri ka ngani maaram kon tiunano umuyag han ngaran nga politika ha Samar… utruhon ko, uli gad anay ngadto ha Samar… probari pamakiana didto… pag survey kon ma-asir an imo prinsipyo hin pamolitika… ngan para mahibaruan mo an makinarya nga imo kinahanglanon para magdaog… kay baga out of touch ka man han reyalidad... basi kana umundang pag-ininop… huhulaton mo pa nga mag graduate an imo puto nga anak antis ka magtikang pag gios?... kon dire yana Mano Basilio… san-o pa man… ayyyy… imo ngayan iton termino… hehehe!!!

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Name:   Beth
Email:   bsize_05@yahoo.com
Date:   03/11/09

Recently, my husband & I went on a short trip to Harrah's in San Diego. On our way back home, we decided to take the scenic ride and came across Poway, on the hills. The place is gorgeous, the rolling hills, the beautiful houses, mansions, I should say. I remembered Agitated Reader, saw a couple of his posts here way back. Agitated Reader, where you live is really beautiful.

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Name:   Mano Olin
Address:   Brgy. Sulangan, Guiuan, Samar
Date:   11 March 2009

To Ms. Girlie Grimaldi

Iday, bisan matima it nga imo 'airport' ha Catbalogan kun waray naman malupad nga eroplano nga may mga sakay (Manila to Catbalogan) waray iton gui-hapon data. Ka-karag la hit kwarta nga gagastuson hit aton gobyerno. Labi pa man nga 'kablas' gud hin 'budget' para tima-hon it nga airport. Ada, may-sinisiring nga 'cost benefit analysis' that has to be considered even before they proceed building or completing the airport.

Just take as an example Tacloban domestic airport: this has been in operation for quite some time (years) and yet the frequency of flights from Manila to Tacloban has not increased (currently, 3 times daily by the budget airline Cebu-Pacific) despite of what the operators have termed as a 'shoe string' budget which really is attractive to regular passengers. Cutting travel time by flying from Manila to Tacloban and vice-versa is indeed practical and desirable to both business as well as leisure purposes. But the return for the airline as well as airport management/operation (in business sense) does not seem to be encouraging hence the frequency of flights has stalled and remain the same as it is now. Tacloban airport has just received its first 'second hand' electric operated small baggage carousel about two years ago only because Iloilo airport has upgraded its baggage carousel operation. Had Iloilo not acquired its new machine then Tacloban airport would still have and had remained manually handling passengers' baggages.

And you can just imagine the sad scenario if and when a new Catbalogan airport comes into operation (that is assuming that the government is willing to lose money ignoring market and feasibility outcomes) with the dire prospects of not being able to acquire such basic airport equipment like a carousel. Currently the entire Samar province lacks the right volume of business (service related and manufacturing) to sustain such infrastructures like an airport. It is sad but we just have to accept these things at the moment.

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Name:   Fear of Flying
Address:   Samar
Date:  10 March 2009

There's a new game in Samarland being played in certain circles from various principalities that defy the deepest emotion of fear of flying. The game is build me an airport. From Borongan, to Guiwan, to Catbalogon and somewhere else, multi-purpose airports are being built in full swing. The builders of airports have visions of quick and easy but expensive travel, my airport is better and bigger than yours competitive air, and travel without the proverbial potholes that only bring discomfort to our posteriors. No denying that Samarland has finally reached the epitome of modern transport, air transportation.

The problem is that Samarland economy doen't add up to the costly airline travel, hence, in Borongon, the airport is in temporary suspension fending profitable operations. This losing trend will be duplicated by other airports. Even the Catarman and Calbayog airports are barely surviving with or without government subsidies. There's a dearth of air travelers in Samarland to support a profitable airport operations.

Unless there are more airline paying travelers in Samar, these glut of airports in the island can't take-off safely in profitable terms that will sustain long-term operation. Samar has won the battle of the fear of flying' but losing the war on "my town has better airport than yours" game.

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:   March 10, 2009

Para kan Paolo, J Marco, Tomo ug han iba pa nga mga pessimists...

In every undertaking that you dish out especially if it is a political exercise it is but normal that you will have to allot something for your volunteers. You will have to shoulder their transportation expenses, food allowance and other accompanying expenses.

What we have been discussing in this forum is the money to buy votes. I never said that I am not going to spend because it is very elementary that when you want to run for an elective position it goes with it the sacrifice that you will have to give in terms of logistics and your physical presence. I said in the past and I will say it once again that if I offered my life in a not so distant past there is no reason why I will disappoint my brethren now.

You know life is short and we have to make the most out of it. I am about to accomplish my obligation for my family as my youngest is graduating this year, I will spend the remainder of my life helping the poorest of the poor in our province. I know, you know, everyone knew what has been bugging our province for so many, many, many years now the reason why it cannot even stand on its own, its about time that we have to help one another in embarking a moral recovery program to get rid of the kawatanes, the corrupt, the kurakots, the ninnies and nincompoops. This is not hard to fathom, instead of bickering let us unite to defeat the evils of our society, the one's that are suspended because of graft and corruption. It is about time that we have to get rid of the ghost employees, the 15 & 30 employees, lazy employees who pulls the province down instead of progress and development of our province languishing in poverty day in and day out. We need the guidance of our lord so that we can attain our objective of the needed growth and development of our province.

Madamo nga salamat haiyo ngatanan.

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Name:   Andres
Address:   Calbayog
Email:   s_man80@yahoo.com
Date:   03-08-09

Maupay nga gab i ha mga taga Samar, may ada gad la ak paki ana kon may ada ba mga cultural minority sa aton lugar dinhi ha Samar? May ada gadla ako gutiay ang research regarding han mga minority, hinaot unta nga matabangan ako niu. Salamat nga damo...

[ Hello Andres, mayda kita Mamanwa Tribe ha San Jose de Buan. – Editor ]

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Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:   7 March 2009

Re the completion of Catbalogan City's airport - I'm not hopeful of its successful completion as long as Calbayog mayor Sarmiento chairs Region VIII's Regional Development Council (RDC) and influences NEDA's decisions. The RDC's Updated Regional Development Plan for 2008-2010 does not even mention upgrading or improving Catbalogan City's airport nor does it state any major infrastructure project that would benefit Catbalogan City. This situation is akin to the "fox guarding the hen house." I feel Catbalogan City will always be in the backburner and will never receive its due share of worthwhile projects as long as this current RDC leadership exists.

It's imperative the provincial government of Samar work on completing this airport soon and operate it for the benefit not only for Catbalogan City's residents but for all citizens of Samar. It's about time.

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Name:   Paolo
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   6th March 2009

To: Mr. Basilio Balasbas

Maupay nga adlaw ha akon mga igkasi ngan sugad man ha imo Mano Basilio!!!

Maaram gad kami nga maupay an imo mga larang o plano pag-pakaupay han aton minayuyo nga Samar… kay nadiri ka man han suwestyon han aton mga kababayan nga bumulig ka nala pagpakaupay han Samar as an ordinary civil servant… karuyag mo makabulig in gobernador kana… karuyag sidngon, an pagdaog anay han eleksyon an imo planoha hin tiupay… aadi man an uro-utro nga pakiana han kadam-an nga diri mo pa gin babaton… aanhon mo pagdaog han eleksyon kon dire ka magamit kwarta?... ano man an imo igpapakaon han imo mga mamurulig kon nadiri ka gumastos?... nag-iininop kala gihapon… siring ko pa ha imo… dire ka madaog bisan pagka-kapitan han iyo baryo kon dire ka gumastos… bangin ngani ha imo mismo baryo dire kana kilala… uli anay ngadto ha Samar ngan pagpakilala… ngan para ka higimata kon ano an ungod nga uyag han politika ha aton… pagmata na mano Basilio… kon diri ka yana magmamata… san-o pa?... ayyy… sori, hehehe... imo ngayan iton termino…

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Name:   Janet/Nenita Phimmachack
Address:   Modesto, California, USA
Date:   3/5/2009

To Nelbert Balase,

I'm just wondering, if you are the son of Lope Balase, if you are I know your dad very well from my family in Catbalogan, Samar.

Can you please tell me if you are? Sagutin mo ako thru via e-mail. My e-mail address: Nenita-surber@sbcglobal.net

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Name:   Minero
Address:   Saudi Arabia
Date:   March 4, 2009

"Ecosystems Research and Development (ERD) activities were also implemented by the ERD Service in 2008. According to RTD Edilberto Nasayao, their sector has conducted a research for the rehabilitation of Bagacay Mines in Hinabanagan, Samar. A variety of species have been planted in a 1,200 sq. m mined out area. These included wedilla, talahib and bahai, among twelve (12) other species." ( http://www.samarnews.com/news2009/feb/f2060.htm )

Anong gagawin naman ng mga taga Bagacay dyan sa mga talahib? Masdan nyo ang mga bundok sa taas ng Catbalogan lang at Leyte lahat talahiban na, then sa Bagacay pa na meron pang miminahin sa ilalim tatamtanan lang ng talahib? Sinayang nyo lang ang pondo ng World Bank na pang rehabilation kuno. Tapos pa success success pa daw. Payagan nyo na lang minahin uli ang Bagacay wag na tayong maging iprokito dahil karamihan ng gamit natin ngayun galing sa mina din. Parang me kamote kang nakatanim sa lupa mo pero nag import ka parin ng kamote kasi masisira daw ang lupa mo pag binungkal.

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Name:   Malou Bermejo
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   3 March 2009

To: All relatives and friends,

Please be informed that PETRONA ‘Tona’ BERMEJO-PICZON of Brgy 8, Ubanon, Catbalogan City, Samar died February 28, 2009, Saturday, 4pm at Samar Provincial Hospital at the age of 94.

Her remains lie in state at her residence, the PICZON Residence in Ubanon. Interment will be held on March 7, Saturday, 9am after the Requiem Mass at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish in Ubanon, Catbalogan City.

The family would like to request your prayers for the eternal repose of the soul of PETRONA ‘Tona’ BERMEJO-PICZON.

The Bermejo-Piczon Family

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen. Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   February 28, 2009

Dire la usa ka unabis nga akon guin pahimtang dinhe hine nga mga pahina han gugma nga an akon mga guinikanan nautas an kinabuhi dinhe hine nga sinesering nira nga Monalisa Hospital kay sering pa han kanta nga Monalisa they just lay there and they die there asya gud iton an nahitabo han akon mga kag-anak. Dadad-on ko unta ha Manila kay baga mauro-upay naman iton akon kabutang unta ha Manila upod an akon pamilya takay maaram naman udog kita nga an mga lagas karuyag man nga baga hira-hira nala iton mabilen didto ha aton ha probinsiya. Waray ko mapudngi ine nga desisyon han akon Tatay una hiya nga baga nakatilaw han pagka-monalisa han aton hospital, han iya pagpakonsulta ha Doctor han aton Hospital para han iya Hernia ada pulong han Doctor haiya, agi kay pasagdi na gadla ito Mano kay lagas ka naman, waray maoperahi an akon Tatay ngan iya iton guindara ngan waray ngani ako mahibaro kay guin sekreto namanla han akon mga guinikanan an ira waray upay nga experyensiya han aton hospital.

Hadto nga 2006 an sumunod naman an akon Nanay nakomatose hiya nga pag-abot namon tikang ha Manila waray ngani bedding, waray ventilation, waray bulong tapos yana MR J MARCO UG IKAW TOMO karuyag niyo nga umatras ako hin pagbag-o hine nga aton probinsiya han Samar nga bisan kon ako kabus may ada ako sadang nga higayon hin pag-ugit, pagpadalagan, pagadministrar, pagtuhay, pagpakaupay, pagtadong hine nga aton probinsiya nga maiha na nga panahon nga nagkukuri. Nagbuwis hin kinabuhi an akon mga guinikanan ngan karuyag ko nga dire na unta mahinabo pa bisan kanay dinhe ha aton probinsiya ine nga masirom nga guin agihan han akon pamilya.

An aton mga dalan, an mga escuelahan, kay ano man nga dire man ine natitikangan, ngan yana an akon bati baga an 30 milyon nga road construction for Eastern Samar guin doble na samtang an Samar (West) bisan libat nga piso waray, ada ano man it masesering hine nga aton mga hirani hiton Presidente nga hira Nachura ngan hi Claudio tapos an pondo han probinsiya guin kikinawat pa hin kadimalas man naton, ada karuyag pa

An ultimo remedyo hine nga rimalaso han aton probinsiya, colossal campaign all throughout the province to get rid of vote buying, student leaders will lead in this campaign, we will contact all local radio stations to help us disseminate our campaign for moral recovery so that kawatanes, corrupt, kurakots, ninnies and nincompoops will have no place in our province. If there is an upright Governor in Grace Padaca we can have it also in Samar. Kinahanglan la an sinesering nga political well para ma kab-ot an aton guin hihingyap nga kauswagan ngan kahimyangan han probinsiya han Samar.

God bless us all.

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Name:   Lipz
Address:   USA
Email:   koyamaguam@yahoo.com
Date:   February 28, 2009

I rode my Honda down the Catbalogan Airport Runway in January and I didn't see any airplanes, UFO's or anything. Doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.

Oh Well, That’s Life.....

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Name:   Mano Olin
Address:   Brgy. Sulangan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:   27 February 2009

To OFW Dammam,

Maupay gad siguro it tratamen-to ha imo dida ha Damman hit imo employer kay nausa ka man hin nga akon istor-ya hat nga tulo nga Pilipina nga tinagan ko la hin tulo ka-kilo nga ubas kay mga gutom man. To make the story a little bit clearer to everyone who will read this, it was un ideal for these Filipinas to have come to the country on daylight and in the midst of the month-long fasting holy month of Ramadan.

It was not therefore unusual for the Eritrean driver (a Muslim) to just drive them to where they were supposed to work which took them almost 24 hours of travel by land. Since it was almost dusk when they left the airport, the trip to their destination was largely done during the night which had given them time for some catnaps but with grumbling stomachs. They were herded in a house close to where the community hospital where they were supposed to work and was told to change to the hospital uniforms provided for them. While in this process, the driver left them locking the door.

Exhausted because of the long land travel and craving for water and food, these Filipinas tried to find a way to get out of the house but found out that the windows were also shut. One of them went up the rooftop of the house (typical houses in Saudi Arabia are with some sort of balconies on top) but were shortly followed by the rest of the girls. They tried to throw little stones to the street beside the house to attract attention from passers-by hoping there may be Filipinos among them, but they were unsuccessful.

Exhausted and feeling helpless they went down to the lounge area of the house and just sat on the floor and leaning on the walls to conserve their remaining strengths they started crying. It was at this point when the driver came back and announced that they have to leave and start work in the hospital. The girls started protesting to the driver that they haven’t had anything to eat, but the driver said that they are not allowed to eat as it was daytime already and besides his boss did not give him any food allowance for them.

Now, to answer your question why did I not do much (why only 3 kilos of grapes?) you would have probably answered it yourself by now given the situation, that I would risk my self of say, be flogged in the public market for committing Muslim’s version of ‘sacrilege’ had I been caught giving food during those hours of the day. Why do you think the Filipinas have to hurriedly go inside the cleaner’s room to eat the grapes?

It was not all sad after all, because years later as I was descending on the escalator in a major airport I heard this frantic voice, and when I turned my head up I saw this furiously waving of handbag from a woman that for a minute I tried to remember where I met or saw her. Perhaps thinking that I had already recognized her, she was yelling to me saying that she could possibly stay in that country if things go smoothly for her and her family. It was only when I was inside the cab that I remember her to be one of those Filipinas (she is from Bacolod) on that afternoon in a community hospital in Saudi Arabia.

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Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Pampanga, Philippines
Date:   2/27/09

Gusto ko lng pong iparating sa lahat kung sino man ang nka2alam sa pre-elemnetary teachers salary ng Samar kz sa Brgy. Alugan E, Samar P3000.00 pesos la kuno it binulan (monthly), tapos ngturo sila since Oct. 2008 pa til now wala prin sahod.

Kawawa naman di maka avail ng tamang sahod mga board passers pa naman sana may makabasa nito at maisulat din dito ang sagot.  Salamat!!!  More Power...

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen. Ricarte Extn., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   February 27, 2009

Ha akon mga ig kasi Samarnon nga naghihingyap hin pawa ha kasisidman...

I've worked my place in this world and put my life on the edge a number of times in a not so distant past so that I and my family can live a decent life subsequently handing in a silver platter sovereignty that I may say everyone is enjoying now. I cannot afford to simply abandon this commitment to my brethren because to me this is a call of duty. If I offered my life in the past there is no reason why I will disappoint all the Samarnon who are yearning for the needed change in a troubled province that seems to be the paradigm of the oppressed who continue to wallow in poverty day in and day out. Nothing will stop me from launching my program of government to free the poor kabugtuans in Samar.

Nobody can discourage me from continuing my march towards the attainment of my goal of transforming Samar littered with Kawatanes, Kurakots, Corrupt, ninnies and nincompoops even if it will cost my life. I want to spend the remainder of my life serving the poorest of the poor in the province. My father died because of neglect in our Samar Provincial Hospital. Two (2) years ago my mother died in the same hospital with nothing to offer not even a clean bed sheet, no ventilation, no medicines, its like in the past when we were still young in Brgy Guinsorongan when we dont even have electricity. In the City we already have electricity but there is no ventilation what is the difference then? What is disturbing is the fact that our hospital is found in the heart of the city but it can only afford to let you stay, without medicines, without beddings, without electric fan.

San-o man ini maundang Mr. Tomo, Mr Marco pasasagdan tala ini nga ura-ura na nga paglinimbong ha aton? kay an iyo pa sering kuartahay la an pamulitika dinhe ha aton? Dire kamo mabulig hin pagpakaupay hini nga maiha na nga nagkukuri nga aton probinsiya? Maaram kita nga an pamulitika ha aton kuartahay gud ano man it aton hihimuon? Pababay-an la naton hira? Pagburublig kita ngatanan kay sering pa when there is a will there is a way, in unity there is strength, sering ko pa let us install a governor without a single buying of vote and we can be assured of a progressive province. Roads will be constructed, Hospitals will be complete with ventilation, beddings and above all MEDICINES. Classrooms will be built, books will be purchased. Magkakaada na hin kahimyangan dinhe hine nga aton probinsiya han Samar. An mga mangirisda hilabi na an aada ha harani han dagat makakapangawil na ngan mayada na usoos, kikiro, sagision, parotpot bisan la ha harani kay bubutangan man naton hine nga sinesering nga mga improvised corrals ha Maqueda bay ngan han mga lugar nga pe-puede bunayan han mga isda. Is it not nice Mr Marco and Tomo? Pagmata na kamo kay kon DIRE YANA SAN-O MAN, KON DIRE AKO HINO MAN?

Madamo nga salamat haiyo ngatanan and God Bless Us All.

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Name:   Taclobanon
Address:   United States
Date:   Feb. 26, 2009

To: Mr. Basilio Balasbas

Having reached this point, I know you can do anything if you set your mind into it. It's your life that you wanted to give to the people of Samar. It's time now and you have decided to run and I thank you for that. Well, if it isn't you, then who? If not now, when? Nothing is easy even those with too much money who run for any elected position. I hope you have read all the pieces of advice I gave and you can now recognize the obstacles to run as Governor of Samar with good strategies.

It's natural that there are some who will oppose or give a discouraging statement not to continue and advise you to withdraw because you have no Golds, Guns and Goons. Don't mind them and just do it for the sake of all the people of Samar. I'm an optimist person and I can sense that almost all people of Samar want a change. They want to have a better Samar without corruption. If these corrupt government officials who wanted to be reelected in office and use their corrupted money in buying votes, they will be surprised because they will be opposed by all voters of Samar and they will go against them and vote by using their conscience. I know that these voters will break away from the status quo and its traditional politicians who have Golds, Guns and Goons and who just wanted their votes for continued corruption. They understand that if they continue to vote for them it will make Samar always in the mud and its people suffer forever. You must start campaigning as early as possible. Maybe God bless you.

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Name:   Teenamarie Ortega
Address:   #84 Jumeirah #2, opposite Al Safa Park, behind Lloyd's TSB Bank, Dubai 009714, UAE
Email:    teenamarieortega@ymail.com
Date:   26 February 2009

Hi there Mr. Ray Gaspay, Thank you very much, I had used your message board to be able to get leads as to where can I click the mouse on the web and search for my relatives. It's really a blessing to have people who are generous and kindhearted, developing their personal websites, to ultimately be of help to others. You are so noble and good. May God bless you.

I haven't done the search yet coz I am currently working on one project for one of my clients, but I am indeed equally grateful for the initiative of one Mr. Ariel Donceras who replied to my posted message and had given me a lead as to which particular place in Samar, I can try and search for the relatives of my mother.

It seems that both you and Mr. Ariel are working in the media & communications. I used to be in the same line, when I was still in the Philippines. I used to work with ZBC (Zambales Broadcasting Corporation) - radio stn. DWHL in Olongapo City. But that was way way back when "Dong...

Anyways, more power to both of you and let me reiterate my "Thanks" ...Godbless....

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Name:   Leila Guttierrez Cinco class 69
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Feb. 26, 2009

Ngatanan nga Class 69 panguli kamu hit aton Alumni Homecoming, pagkirigta kita. . . . . see yah

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Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   February 25, 2009

Para haimo J. Marco ug kan Tomo,

Our elders tax their lives in fighting the foreign invaders who tried to conquer our land during the Spanish time, the American and the Japanese invasion during the 2nd World war not to mention that that the undersigned fought the aggressors in Mindanao who are known to be part of scissionist movement especially those in the Sulu and Basilan areas. Now we are confronted with a different scenario where our opponents are opportunist, corrupt, kawatanes, kurakots, ninnies and nincompoops and you advised me to WITHDRAW because I am fighting a fight that cannot be won and the same can only be won in my dreams? And you also intimated that politics in Samar is won when you have the GOLD, the GUNS and the GOONS.

Frankly speaking I sometimes wonder why we have KAWATANES in the government, why we have OPPORTUNIST, why we have very CORRUPT politicians and above all why we have people like you who instead of being pessimistic you seem to be the exact opposite of the positive person or your kind is just like CATA, MILA TAN et al., masquerading as ordinary contributor in this site to again mislead all the Samarnon who yearns for a CHANGE in our impoverished province. You cannot simply employ tactics that can be understood quickly even by a kindergarten. You cannot convince me to just drop my plans knowing that the people of Samar has been languishing in poverty because of mismanagement, because of colossal corruption, because of ninnies and nincompoops.

At present I am still preoccupied with my previous employment and soon will start a gargantuan task of presenting my agenda with all the people of Samar with the end in view of toppling the kawatanes, the corrupt, the kurakots, the ninnies and nincompoops, the ghost employees, the 15 & 30 employees who only reports for work to get their salary. We are on the brink of realizing our yearning to change the entire province of Samar.

Madamo nga salamat haiyo ngatanan!!!

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Name:   Nelbert Balase
Address:    Phase 4 Pakage 1 Block 9 Lot 15, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
Email:    kairi_nill004@yahoo.com
Date:   February 25, 2009

Isang magandang pagbati poh sa inyo!

Gusto ko lang po sana na mag-patulong sa inyo na malaman po sana ung email-address o eksaktong address ng Parish of Saint Peter Of Alcantara, Oras Eatern Samar 6818, sa kadahilanang gusto poh sana nameng makakuha ng copya ng Baptismal certificate ng aking AMA thru fax o telegrama dahil patay na ang aking ama at dahil malayo kame sa nasabing simbahan.

Alam ko po na kayo lng ang makatutulong sakin, hihintayin ko po ang inyong reply sa aking e-mail. Maraming Salamat po! at more power sa inyo Patnubayan sana kayo ng Poong May Kapal!!!

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Name:   Ricky
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   25 de Pebrero 2009

To Taga Patag:

An ak baton hiton imo teorya nga bangin waray la interes ine nga aton mga opisyales ha Samar o kun talaga waray la hira pakialam ha aton Provincial Hospital. Pamati ko, waray kapasidad pakigbisog ha liderato nasyonal parte han kaupayan han aton minayuyo nga probinsya.

Mano Addi:

Well, tama ka dyan sir, dire la an SPH an isyu ha Samar nga klaro nga napapabay-an an han aton mga "elected" leaders. Una dida ine nga hospital nga tinatawag danay nga "Monalisa" kay damo na an gindadara dinhe nga dire gud naataman hin maupay. kay ano? kun kumadto o kun sino mayda emergency nga pasyente, papaki-anhan ka dayon kun may kwarta mo, kay mapalit ka man hin mga basic medicines, sugad hin gwantes han doctor o nurse, etc.. kun kulang hin dugo an imo pasyente, malilisang kapa pamiling ha gawas bisan kun dako na gab-i kay waray man bloodbank ine nga hospital. Kun de malas kapa, ikakadto ka hit hospital bed nga haros puthaw nala nga duro it taoy, waray eksakto nga beddings. (Pero kudos kan Jess Redaja, dida han iya 90 takeover kan Mila Tan kay nasuspende man intawon tungod han iya tambak-tambak nga kaso kaparte graft and corruption, nakahimo hi Redaja pakapensar pag asikaso talagudti han hospital sugad han pag encourage han mga medikal staff maghatag hin libre nga medikal attention han mga pobre nga Samarnons.) Sanglit an iba nga may kapas, nadiretso nala ngadto ha Tacloban an ira pasyente kay mayda pa tsansa mabuhi, simba ko.

Pero asya la gihap, maagi naman ha sinisiring nga "Killer Roads in Samar" an ira pasyente. Kay ano nga killer roads? Kay di ba, pira na nga mga Buses, o iba pa nga mga sarakyan an natuwad, lumayog ha bangon, nagbunggu-ay hit igkasi sarakyan kay naiwas la han batse, o canal ha butnga han kalsada? Kun dad-on ha hospital an pasyente... susmaryosep!

Yana, mayda announcement an DPWH ha region nga yana kuno nga tuig, doble na an budget para han Infrastructures Projects ha Eastern Visayas. Kun 30 milyon kuno han 2008, bangin yana magiging 60 milyon kuno. Dugang pa han ABS-CBN Tacloban news, pan uukaron daw an mga "burried" loggings ha Samar towns nga guintago ha ilarum han tuna durante han panahon ni Enrile, some 20 years ago, kay gagamiton kuno pag-ayad ha mga kalsada, mga tulay ug eskwelahan ha Leyte. Adi na liwat kita, mapakiana, kay ano ha Leyte nga kita man dinhe ha Samar an numero uno nga nanginginahanglan hine?

Di gad ha pagdire nga didto ha Leyte gamiton, an akon la, unahon ha Samar paggamit hito nga mga logs kay dinhe man ito ha Samar makukuha, at least makabawi manla kita han perwisyo nga guindurot hine nga pag logging ni Enrile. Usa pa, maano na manla an magiging reaksyon han mga Samarnons nga numero uno dumire o nakigbisog nga mautod an logging operations ha Samar.

Gios na daw kita, pirme naman la kita hine nauuwat. Baga pirme na manla kita hine guiraraogdaog hit iba. Pagyakan kita hit aton mga sentimiento dire nala para ha aton kundi para hit masunod pa nga mga henerasyon.

Asya la anay it akon masisiring mga sangkay.. opinyon ko gadla ito.

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Name:   Lara Longara
Address:    Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Date:   24 February 2009

Does anyone know the status of Catbalogan City's airport in terms of its completion? I read from Samar News that the Samar provincial government was going to finish the airport and operate it. What happened? Hopefully Samar leaders - from Congresswoman Sharee Ann Tan, Gov. Milagrosa Tan and Catbalogan City Mayor Coefredo Uy - will seriously work together to finally complete this long-delayed airport. It will surely enhance not only Catbalogan City's trade, commerce, tourism, travel, etc but also the whole province of Samar.

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Name:   OFW Dammam
Date:   february 24, 2009

To Mano Olin,

Kay ano nga prutas la ang imo hinatag para hadto nga mga Pinay nga an ira last nga pagkaon han tipalading pala hira ha Riyadh? Unta kon kabsa rice nala. pero doubt ako nga deretso hira pinatrabaho ha hospital waray rest o kaon anay? Tears in cheeks talaga imagine from assesors office pagsaudi utility workers na la at homesick pa. I know mababa la iton ira sahod pero di gad naman sugad hiton nga imo story nga deretso trabaho di pa nakakaon. Nirerespeto iton babaye ha Saudi lalo Pinay pa.

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Name:   Patricio S. Colinares
Address:   44 Villaprk subd. Brgy. Cabantian, Buhangin, Davao City
Email:   colinarespatrico@yahoo.com
Date:   23 feb. 2009

If possible I can contact with any of my relatives at Basey Samar through my email. Thank you very much.

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Name:   Malou Bermejo
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   23 February 2009

To: All relatives and friends,

Please be informed that ANUNCIACION ‘Nunching’ CINCO-BORJA of Mabini Avenue cor. Salug Segunda, front St. Bartholomew Parish Convent, Catbalogan, Samar passed away February 17, 2009 at the age of 84.

Her remains lie in state at their residence. Interment scheduled February 28 at 8am after the Requiem Mass which will be held at St. Bartholomew Parish Church, Catbalogan City.

The family requests pious readers to pray for the eternal repose of the soul of ANUNCIACION ‘Nunching’ CINCO-BORJA.

With prayers from,
The BORJA Family

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Name:   Teenamarie Ortega
Address:   Villa 84, Jumeirah #2 opposite Al Safa Park, behind Lloyd's TSB Bank, Dubai, UAE
Email:   teenamarieortega@ymail.com
Date:   22 February 2009

This is actually my third mail in my effort to track down any one of my relatives. I had been blessed to use two other SAMARIAN sites for my notes. My mother hailed from SAMAR but we never got the chance to really know which particular town or city. We have overheard her mention names of places like Catarman, Laoang, Catubig and Borongan. She had mentioned some family affinities like Mengote Family and of course her surname, ORTEGA. I know it’s like searching for a pin in the haystack, but I am not losing hope.

My mother's full name is LYDIA (EUTIQUIA) ORTEGA...she died in 2006, we were all born in Quezon City and now I am 18 years residing in Dubai, UAE with my better-half and children.

I really long to meet my roots from mother side. I am proud being called "waray" or "teena bisaya"...I wanted to fill up the gap and feel the lost string of blood-relations and love from them. They are out there somewhere in SAMAR and really I longed to know anyone of them.

You may have heard the word "GENEALOGY" or in simple english - tracing one's roots or family lineage or family tree. I am one of them who would like to know where I came from and who are the great ones ahead of me that has been the instrument why I came to being.

I hope someone will help me from SAMAR, just anyone who can give me a lead. You can contact me through my e-mail address. It will be a blessing to hear from someone with good news as response to my search and personal longings.

May God give us all the enlightenment, to feel in our hearts the importance of FAMILY and the strength that close family ties will bring.

Thank you very much, I feel grateful to the site-owner who is ever willing to be the vehicle that we need in order to bridge the gap between people from all walks of life especially if they are miles and miles away.

More power to you and Godbless.

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Name:   taga Patag
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   02-22-2009

RE: Ricky Bautista,

I'm wondering too! Why the other hospitals around us are given the upgrading program and leaving the Samar Provincial Hospital Out. The SPH should have the priority of recieving such fixing. The SPH was nicknamed " Mona Lisa", was featured in national TV program "THE REPORTER" few years ago because of corruption and mismanagement, I mean we were in the national news when it was reported that the Governor was mis-handling the hospital funds.

Does the national leadership knew something about this or they just don't care. We can't deny we also have national figures that can represent us and seek ASSISTANCE in the national leadership one way or the other. If E. Samar has Evardone and Libanan, we at W. Samar has Nachura and Claudio. All pure Samarnons; all nino bonitos to the President. Are the western guys ashamed or embarrassed to ask for assistance because they failed to deliver a win for GMA in W. Samar? That they would take the province for granted because we didn't vote for them? Does it mean the Eastern Tandem is at pace with what's going on in their home province than the Western Tandem ? WHO CARES !!!! History will judge them.

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