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Name:   A. Morales
Date:   July 1, 2009

American Foreign Policy and Philippine Sovereignty

There is no doubt that the Philippines is the most ardent supporter of the United States in the southeast asian region. But, as to whether the American foreign policy makers consider the Philippines its greatest ally in the region is questionable. We pride calling ourselves the "brown americans" in a region hostile to the aggressive and often intrusive foreign policy of the United States. But with a colonial mentality (or as Conrado de Quiros points out as the "mentality of the colonized"), we still look up to the United States as a big brother, an idol, and a friend.

In reality, the Philippines is just one of the dots in the Pacific---insignificant and immaterial--- before the eyes of US State Department. Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and to some extent even Malaysia or Indonesia are more important to them than our own country. The importance of the Philippines is only as a refueling station for the patrolling Pacific fleet (check the Visiting Forces Agreement), a R and R area for sex-deprived servicemen (check Daniel Smith rape case), a hands on training how to combat against the islamic jihadists (check Balikatan exercises) and maybe a launching pad to protect American interests in the region. To think that the US is taking care of our own interests is not only naive but also stupid.

When the US expunged (or gave independence to be politically correct) the Philippine territory in 1946 after a devastating war where there were more filipinos who died than Americans and Japanese combined, a fledgling democracy was born so weak and battle-scarred. The Philippines, the islands where the Japanese Empire and the American Empire decided to use as the battleground, was so poor to start its own self-determination. The enemy of the United States was even treated more hospitable than the filipinos who stood against the Japs and rallied behind the American flag. The Philippine leadership at that time were just too gullible. In exchange for the independence, the Americans demanded parity rights---an equal right to harvest the bounties of the Philippines: timber, minerals, and even people. And of course, the military bases agreement imposing on the former colony that bases be set in strategic Philippine locations to protect American interests in the Far East. Too weak and too poor to contradict the wishes of the supposedly big brother, idol, and friend, the Philippines continued the subservient relationship with the United States.

McArthur protected the Japanese infrastructure and industries so not to cripple Japan in its reconstruction effort. The Philippines was relegated to the backseat after the war. How about the filipinos who gallantly fought side-by-sude with the Americans? Those filipinos who fought under the American flag, the filipino veterans under the USAFFE, were not given equal pay and benefits until 2009 when Pres. Barack Obama thought that you can never be equal when there is a separate benefits for whites than for browns.

When we thought the Japs were our enemies too, our big brother cuddled them after the war and even spared their emperor who allowed the rape and destruction of the southeast asia. Funds to reconstruct the battlefield called the Philippines were slow. The Japs and the Yankees were dancing after the war while the filipinos who toiled and suffered most were neglected.

When the American economy started to flourish again after the war, trade between the US and Japan skyrocketed while our own hope for trade with our friend the USA were minimal and dismal. Were we blindsided in this deal? We remained loyal and faithful to America even to the extent of earning the ire of communist China who supported the communist movement in the Philippines.

When the US and the communist world were on a Cold War, the Philippines stood as one of the strongest fortress for the Americans. We considered China, an enemy of the US, our own enemy. We denounced communism as the work of the devil and sided with the US. The fall of Vietnam to the communist and the devastating defeat of the superpower was also our defeat even as we also combat our internal struggles against the communists supported mainly by China. We fought hard and we have kept the communist insurgents at bay hoping that the US will reward our resilience when the war is over.

Then came the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of USSR. We thought that we could now rest easy and enjoy the benefits of siding with our friend the USA. When the world economy started to grow once more, we thought that American investors would come to our shore for being close ally of the US. No, they went instead to China, their Cold war enemy and our former enemy too by default. Now, we thought that the US wants to spread democracy to the world, why would they allow their citizens to invest in areas that curtail democracy for profit and corporate greed? We thought that laborers should be protected by minimum wage, maximum hours of work, holiday and vacation pays as thought by our American labor experts. No, they moved their funds to China because there are no labor unions there, there is cheap labor there, and there is always profitable ventures there because the government in China does not value freedom. Now, we see again our friend USA and his former enemy China dancing while those of us who followed the advise of America to value freedom are again left in the dark. Is this a case of history repeating itself? Or, maybe this is a case of America doing the immoral thing again?

In 1947, the people expunged the parity rights as too callous a request from a supposedly big brother, idol, and friend. 1991, the Philippine Senate blocked the renewal of the military bases agreement for good. More than a hundred years later of our tumultous relationship with our American "benevolent" colonizer, we still continue to hide under the shadow of our big brother, idol, and friend despite the numerous occasions of betrayal, abuse, and neglect. My hope is for my country to get out of the shadow of its former colonizer and make its own trail to claim its inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To continue to be under the dictates of America will do us no good. Let us set our own path. Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are more prosperous not because they are pro-American but pro-Singaporean, pro-Indonesian, and pro-Malaysian first and foremost. This reminds me of the defense made by Pres. Jose P. Laurel during his trial as he was accused by the Americans and pro-American filipinos as a Japanese collaborator, he said:

"I am neither pro-Japanese nor pro-American, I am pro-Filipino... There is no law that can condemn me for having placed the welfare of my people over and above that of America.

I am not expecting a decoration. I do not claim to be a hero... Although human justice may err, what matters is that I am innocent before my conscience and my God... I shall face my Creator in full confidence that I had dedicated my powers, my talents and energies to the service of my country at a time when she needed me most."

Can we all say that with dignity and confidence?

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   1 July 2009

For Mana Viring, my one centavo "baton han imo isyo

Filipinos all across the Philippines are already getting the actions needed to improve our lives through leadership; however, the government is pushing our Filipino leaders down and preventing them from leading the Filipino people. Filipino leaders are our guiding light for our journey. Leaders stay at the front and we follow to the direction where we Filipino can make progress, PROGRESS IN PEACE, PROGRESS IN ECONOMY, AND PROGRESS FOR OUR SURVIVAL AS A NATION.

For example we had then Atty Dacut, then Fr. Edison, then Labor Leader Paquito, and many Waraynon leaders, both young and old and dead or alive, who acted because of our Filipino calling to change for the better. What happened to them is Gloria Arroyo’s policy which we call presidential order for extermination. The Philippine President can set the leadership and condemn this kind of killing but yet, she has not spoken a leadership condemnation, a sign of a weak leader and a failed president who has her own selfish plan.

Siguro diri karuyag ni GMA nga magka-ada hin ma-abtik nga Pilipino leder nga maka-atubang, ug paki-pagdebati, kan GMA, salit, iya gin papatay an mga nasaka ha igbaw nga mga Pilipino leder, para hi GMA la it pinaka-mabtik kuno nga leader ngan waray iba kundi hi GMA gud la.

Siring han mga taga iba nga nasud, hi GMA daw iton madaug kay waray man maupay nga kandidato ha luyo nga partido, Ma-aram gad ini hi GMA nga waray ma-abtik nga makalupig ha iya ha luyo nga partido, salit an iya gintalinguha nga magkamatay an mga leder han ika tulo nga partido, nga amo an mga tagawalahon “leftist”. An mga leftist an ikinahadlok nga ka-away ni GMA kay an mga leftist pareho kan Presidente Obama, pareho han aton mga batan-on nga Pinoy “young, restless, smart, mover, changer, and very articulate, brave, intelligent, ”nga malulupigan ini hi GMA.

Salit hangtod nga ada pa hi GMA ha poder, waray mabuhi kundi patay an bisan hin-o nga masaka ha igbaw nga Pilipino leader, labi na an aton mga batan-on nga leder.

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Name:    Mana Viring
Address:   Jia-bong
Date:   June 30, 2009

This is a reply to Mr. Morales and the other Catbaloganons who are complaining of the "TAN" political dynasty.

The reason the TANs are all around because of the constituents who are "TANga!".

The great Jose Rizal said, "TAL PUEBLO, TAL GOBIERNO"...we have this kind of leaders/government, because we are this kind of people...in other words, our government leaders reflect the kind of people that we are. This also applies to the whole nation as well.

When are we going to act instead of talk? when are we going to change? Change for the better will only start if the individual person, in his heart, has changed...it's that simple.

Otherwise, May God have mercy on us, we will not see the light of day, we will always be blind and pass on to the next generations nothing but foolishness, cowardice, greed and immorality.

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Name:   Sailorjohn
Address:   USA
Date:   29 June 2009

This is a reply to Sankay

Thank you for clearing up with a good post in regards to my posting.

I to am so tired of what goes on in the world and especially in the Philippines. There are times I support what the US does in regards for the Philippines and there are times I do not.

IMHO, I think the impression some Americans get is that the Filipinos hate Americans in general. I tend to agree with them as it seems all you ever see is the hatred that is generated in the forum on here for example.

I have said this on the forum many times, I think "BOTH" sides in the Philippines are not doing what is right for the people of the Philippines. That is my opinion and you can agree to disagree with me.

I for one would love to wake up one day and see the Philippines be a better and fruitful country for "ALL" the Filipinos. Not just the rich.

I am well aware of what the US Gov't does in many countries with it's aid. To some it may seem that the US is interfering with that countries Gov't and then to some it may seem that the US is controlling that Gov't.

I have not seen any written proof of all the stories that you read about the US aid being used wrongly. Yes the AFP gets support from the US in aid, but I think it is up to the people that elect their Gov't to put the Gov't on the spot and get control of the AFP.

Look what is going on in Iran. The "people" are not happy and they are taking to the streets for a better Iran. Do you think that there would be another movement in the Philippines that could do this?

I think not until again the people find that leader that is for the people and will stand up and lead the Filipinos to a better Philippines. All these groups have done nothing IMHO to make the Philippines better.

I am truly sorry that again the people of the Philippines will again elect a President in 2010 that will be the same as those over the last 30 or so years. Nothing will change for the better and the poor will remain poor and the Philippines will stay the same.

This American loves the Philippines and its people more then he does his own country. I understand and I am only one person who can not do anything to make it better.

I thank you for clearing up the impression I was getting from you. As I said, I meet older Filipinos who were in WWII and have said time and time again they love Americans, I wish the same could be said for this younger generation of Filipinos that seem to show so much anger and hatred.

Maybe you could generate a good post that may give a better impression to both the Americans and young Filipinos on here. It is time for healing, it is time for understanding, and its time for both of us to make the Philippines better for all.

Thank you

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Name:   Jay
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Email:   jhowill_17@yahoo.com
Date:   June 29, 2009


An kaupayan han bungto han Catbalogan an waray kakurakutan, malooy man kamo han mga tawo nga kapubrihan, sanglit kamo nga aada ha kapulitikuhan ayuda hit kapubrihan it ira kinahanglan....

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   Jun 27, 2009

This is for American SailorJohn, my reply for your accusation

Hatred for America is directed to specific unfair and unjust American foreign policy towards the Philippines and the Filipinos. American hatred is NOT directed for the freedom and peace loving individual Americans. Filipinos do not want special favors nor special treatment from America. Filipinos only want basic foreign policy that promotes basic human rights. American support of tyrannical Martial Law added with unquestioned American aid of money and weapons have not supported basic human rights in our country, but instead promoted destruction of humanity. At least for one time before the end of the world, the American policy makers which include American ambassador and officials of the US State Department, should fulfill its worldwide rhetoric about America being the beacon of freedom and democracy in the world. We Filipinos will appreciate if this rhetoric is truly applied for all the Filipinos.

Our eyes are in tears and our ears eagerly awaiting for the promise of true freedom and democracy in our country. Then President Reagan once said “Filipinos do not know what freedom is, so I will put my trust to my dear friend President Marcos”. Filipinos know what freedom is from living under tyranny. Filipinos know what democracy is from living under dictatorship. Filipinos know what national responsibility is from living under massive corruption. It is our Filipino natural motivation to correct what is wrong and to do what is right even through armed means after peaceful means are exhausted. I say this loud and clear, it is also the American responsibility to follow up and watch its military aid is not used to demote the democratic values in the Philippines, one of the American values that America upholds so dearly.

ONE EXAMPLE OF DESPICABLE AMERICAN POLICY IS REWARDING THE AFP WITH CONTINUED MILITARY AID AS A RESULT OF VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF PURGING LEFT LEANING FILIPINO LEADERS. Lefttist Filipino leaders serve the purpose as eyewitness to corruption in government and vice versa. Without left leaders to guard, massive corruption will not slow down. It is a healthy democratic process to have left leaders in government to exist. LEFT LEADERS SHOULD BE CULTIVATED AND LEFT LEADERS SHOULD NOT BE ASSASSINATED.

Today’s generations of Filipinos are intolerant of injustice, intolerant of dictatorship, and intolerant of corruption. Filipinos does not hate individual American. Filipinos only hate the American foreign policy of supporting dictatorship in our country and supporting other policies that result to injustice, demean democracy and mockery of human rights. Either way, Filipinos wish from America a just American foreign policy or zero aid military or economic. Filipinos can take care of ourselves without outside intervention and meddling.

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Name:   Rodel Salamida
Address:   Brgy. Punong, Lapuz, Iloilo City 5000, Iloilo, Philippines
Email:    clergypeniel@yahoo.com
Date:   June 26, 2009

I am Rodel Salamida. I am from Iloilo City. I was advised by a friend to post a message here.

I am wondering if you could help me. I am looking for a man named, MR. RODOLFO GARCIA SALAMIDA. If I could find this man through you, I would be eternally grateful. I have a picture of him if that could help.

You could contact me with this mobile no. – 0916-7566036; or with this e-mail address - clergypeniel@yahoo.com.

I have been looking forward to visit Samar. I was told that the place is beautiful. GOD bless you! more powers to this site. Thank you!

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   Jun 26, 2009

On Philippine American Statehood brought by Catarmanon

The Philippine Statehood as part of the United States of America is beyond the Filipino brain dream. There is no way the Americans would approve it. First the proposal has to pass the US Congress and the US Senate by a difficult 3/4s of the vote. If it ever passes then it has to be signed by the US President. Once signed by the US President, then it becomes a law for the 50 United States to ratify by 3/4s vote again. Each state has to vote by a difficult three fourth win. Few American States do not like brown people and other minorities and they will not vote for Philippine statehood. The idea of Philippine Statehood will be met with ridicule, insult and mockery. It took over 60 years to compensate our Filipino WWII veterans who shed blood for the American people and the American interest, and even so they only got small fraction of the compensation compared to the American veterans.

Local Filipinos will embrace the Philippine statehood with resistance. Why would a rich Filipino pay two taxes as in the case of Philippine Statehood? One tax would be claimed by the State of the Philippines and other tax would be claimed by the Federal Government and both taxes are very high. The CPP and NPA will strongly disagree claiming that we do not need American Statehood because we have many resources for our Filipino survival but the problem is that most of our resources for survival end up in corrupt officials’ bank accounts and properties and only few resources goes to the Filipino people.

I have heard about these lie and rumors of Philippine Statehood before. This rumor was started by pro American Filipinos during the cold war to gain American support from the Filipinos. It will never happen and we should put all our efforts on our Filipino survival as an independent and free and sovereign country. We can survive on our own, we just have to get rid of undesirables in our government.

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Name:   Sailorjohn
Address: USA
Date:   25 June 2009

After so many years of reading the comments in the discussion forum, I had to come on here and say a few words.

As an American who has been married to a Filipina now going on 34 years, who has been going to Samar since 1981 and Leyte over the last few years, I am so tired of the hatred that is shown by those like Agidaw and Sankay towards the US and Americans in general. Their attitudes towards anything American has created some anger in me that should not be there. Their lack of research on an issue and making false statments or out right hatered towards Americans needs to stop. I love the Philippines more then my own country and the family that I have there is as important to me as my own children and grand children here.

But this hatred and anger by these two and others has me wondering if in fact I want to retire and live in the Philippines in the very near future. I know that the hatred that is shown by these two goes beyond them. I am not sure what the percentages are, but I would think that at least 60% or more of the Filipinos like the US and Americans.

I for one do not support either side in the politics that goes on in the Philippines. I think both the current and past Gov't and all those 3 lettered groups are hurting the people and the country of the Philippines. Nothing has been done for the people IMHO over the last 30 or 40 years to make life better for all in the Philippines. Greed is killing the Philippines and it's people. If it is not one of the 3 lettered groups coming into a town and taking (stealing) what it wants and at times killing their own brothers and sisters, then it is the Gov't failing to take action in what ever needs to be done for the people.

How can the Philippines ever expect to grow out of it's third world image and get on it's own two feet if it is always looking for handouts from other countries? How much money in loans or grants has the Philippines received over the last 30 or so years? How much of it filled the pockets of those that are so greedy? How much money/grants/loans is coming into Samar and Leyte this year? How much is really going to these projects?

It is so sad to visit the Philippines and see that nothing, repeat nothing has changed at all. The poor are still poor or poorer and the rich are getting richer. There is no such thing as middle class in the Philippines, if there is, there must be a very small percentage.

In closing, I think it is time for the people of the Philippines to stand up and do what is expected of being a Filipino. Use your voice to get the changes in place that will make the Philippines a better country to work and live in.

Thank you.

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Name:   Virginia Go
Address:   Quezon City 1103, Philippines
Email:   vjg_1981sc@yahoo.com
Date:   June 25, 2009

Hello fellow warayron,

I just would like to share this information with my fellow kababayans who are now travelling often from/to Catbalogan-Tacloban.

First, i admire the fact that there is now a good and efficient means of travel from catbalogan to tacloban thru the existence of Vanvan and Grand Tours. Their vehicles are far better than the buses which i used to ride in 1981 (i hate though the stinking CR of Grand tours in their tacloban station). However, i'd like to relate an unfortunate experience that we just had the other day.

Last Tuesday, we took the trip with one of the vans of Grand Tours from Catbalogan to Tacloban airport at 2pm. There was a storm Feria that we hit on the road and i admire the way the driver was able to avoid some trees that were already strewn on the roadsides. It was a rough ride and i bet all the passengers were silently praying as the winds weaken as soon as we reached the foot of San Juanico bridge. There were at least 8 of us who were to take the 6pm flight to manila, including my brother and his wife and a sister who came from abroad to attend a family reunion. Thankfully, we still arrived in Tacloban at around past 4pm as scheduled.

Upon reaching their station in Tacloban, the driver told us that we could not be brought to the airport since flights has been cancelled and that the airport offices there have been closed. All of us 8 passengers insisted that we go to the airport to reschedule our flights with the ticket office there. The driver said that we should ask permission from their Station Manager (named Monroe). Monroe indeed insisted that the vehicle should not go to the airport anymore because he is very sure that the airport is already closed and that there is a flood at the junction already. As we could not believe that the airport will close because how about those passengers who didn't know that the flights were cancelled? they would still go there as it was only 5pm. Besides the telephone at PAL airport has been very busy, and therefore is being used. Mr. Monroe finally gave-in but with an arrogant voice said that he is concerned about the safety of the vehicle and asked if i know how much the vehicle cost. (I ignored it and remained calm, being the CFO in our company, I approve and canvass all requests for SUVs and vehicles of our officers and sales agents). I asked him if indeed the airport is closed, can we ride back to the city and pay the additional P50 because anyway the van will return to the city. Having been away from for more than 25 years, i'm not very familiar with Tacloban anymore. I noticed that there were no taxis for hire when we arrived 2 days earlier. What if we won't get any ride back to the city because of the bad weather? With stern voice Monroe instructed the driver not to take-in any passenger on his way back.

On the way to the airport, i was able to finally connect to the PAL telephone and confirmed that the office is open and that they never closed during the day, and yes, one of the male passengers was right when he said that there's usually no flooding in the area because there was no flood anywhere on the way to the airport at that time.

The driver who gave the false information to Monroe that there is flooding took all the verbal complaints from the irate passengers. Is this how they treat their customers? Especially in times of a seemingly perilous situation, how could they treat their riding public like this? We were tourist in our own country, in our own hometown yet and we get this kind of treatment. How could we even dream of even approximating the tourism-rich neighbors like Singapore, Thailand, HK, whose drivers are so polite and yes Mr. Monroe, their vehicles are much more expensive than the Toyota Hi-las we rode (the Benz, BMW and Lexus are used as taxis there too). Not to look far, the drivers in Cebu, Davao, CDO and Iloilo are likewise more courteous than my fellow warays. I'm sad...

My sister said that the owners of this transport company are professionals and are known to be good and mild mannered Catbaloganons. Could you please take note of this and "retrain" your personnel to be smart businessmen and good "SAMARitan"?

Damo nga salamat, unta magtalinguha kita nga mai-angat naton an "standard" han aton mga binuhat at pamamatasan para han kauswagan han WARAY nga "lahi".

From a proud Pinoy and Waray.

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Name:   Catherine Rivera
Address:   Blk 4 Lot 65, Cavite City, Philippines
Email:    riveracatherine@yahoo.com
Date:   June 23 2009

Hello po sa inyong lahat salamat nga taga Samar kam hiako taga Samar gaak ipinagmamalaki ko na ako nga taga Samar ak.

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Name:   Domingo de Ramos
Address:   Catarman 6400, N. Samar
Date:   23, June 2009

It seems to me that "SANKAY" seems to dominate this message board with some of his nonsense ideas. Have it ever occurred to you, that have we elected Statehood under the United States, maybe we don't need to be sending our people abroad as DOMESTIC HELPERS.

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   Jun 20, 2009

General Tabaquero and his men and women in Reqion 8

Like every general of the AFP, General Tabaquero is a YES MA’AM ! and a YES SIR! type of general. Instead of being a statesman and a forward mover for the Fiipinos, his main concern is to get another star over his shoulders by kissing the politicians who are responsible for promoting ranks. Most AFP Generals would bend over and lie to give false information for what their superiors want to hear, in hopes of pleasing the boss and eventually promoting additional star.

The worst ever yet for an AFP General is to become corrupt just like any Filipino politician. One example is General Garcia who stole almost 300 million pesos from AFP supply and logistical budget. The result is not only the poor foot soldier being cheated for benefits and better weapons, but also the Filipino people who are mostly the victims. I believe the AFP foot soldiers resort to cowardly mission operation because their weapons are inferior as a result of corruption from top to bottom levels of government.

Every breach of democratic value will come to haunt back against the AFP members and their families. When the AFP members retire and get old, their children and grandchildren will become the victims of their own doing and the cycle repeats over and over again. Our own AFP does not see and cannot see what is happening because there is this short term inspiration we call American military aid. Cut this military aid and our own AFP will see far into our own Filipino horizon. But what can we Filipinos do? All kinds of American aid to our country are the sources and life line of corrupt politicians.

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Name:   A. Morales
Date:   June 19, 2009

On Gen. Tabaquero's claim:

Is Gen. Tabaquero ignorant or merely comical when he declared that the insurgency problem in the region will be solved before the end of President Arroyo's term? [read article] He is ignorant if he is not aware of the real ground situation. He is comical if he merely wants to say a generic declaration to appease his commander-in-chief. Who in this world believe the claim of Gen. Tabaquero?

The insurgency in Samar and Leyte is a difficult problem to solve that cannot be merely stopped through heavy militarization. The figures cited are as doubtful as Gen. Tabaquero's claims.

The government should not rely solely on the use of force to get rid of insurgents. It should focus on the root causes of the disenchantment of the people on the government. Focus more on providing jobs decent enough to raise a family. Focus on a genuine land reform that would provide adequate support to the farmer-beneficiaries. Focus on rural development to provide meaning to the lives of folks who are easy prey of leftist ideas. Focus on eradication of corruption in government so funds intended for programs to alleviate the condition of the poor will go where they are intended.

So long as our government is more focused on crippling or killing a fellow Filipino to surrender his political beliefs, the insurgency problem will remain. Ideologies or beliefs do not necessarily die when the ideologue or the believer die, they are just passed to another ideologue or believer.

Communism is a spent ideology. It's been proven to be an unsuccesful social experiment. Russia collapsed. China is already a pseudo-capitalist. North Korea is starving to death. Cuba is about to puff like a pan-de-putok in due time. This is the best time to defeat communism in our country but we cannot because we could not offer a better "ism" to those who decided that Marx, Lenin, and Mao are right.

To Gen. Tabaquero, be candid and honest with your statements, sweeping erroneous and outrageous statements will not do any favor to your fight against the insurgency.

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Name:   Marita Flores Strand
Address:   Krenken 6-A, Odda, Norway
Date:   15/6/09

Panawaga ko ini kon hino man an nakaporot inin ATM nakon dida ha may metro bank june 15, 2009 pakiusap gadla kay waray man ito solod nga akon atm. Kon pwd la pakihatag dida han akon sister inlaw Hayde Flores nga ada it iya trabho ha Elegance Salon San Francisco St. Catbalogan Samar. Maawa nman kong sino nakadampot ng atm ko. Kailangan yan ng mga student ko dito kaya pls. kon ikaw man it naka porot pakiuli nala dida han akon hipag nga ada ha parlor ha Catbalogan.

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Name:   Malou Bermejo
Address:   Ubanon,Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   June 14, 2009

Please be informed that ENGR. ZOSIMO ‘JUN’ CORDOVA, JR. passed away June 6, 2009. His remains lie in state at Samar Memorial Chapel, Catbalogan, Samar.

Internment scheduled June 15, Monday, 8:30 am after the Requiem Mass which will be held at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, Catbalogan City.

The bereaved family requests pious readers to pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Engr. Zosimo ‘Jun’ Cordova Jr.


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Name:   Ruel Factor
Address:   Compesao, Borongan 6800, Eastern Samar
Email:   masobag@yahoo.com
Date:   June 14, 2009

The Borongan Skimmers Club, organize a Skim Competition at Baybay Boulevard Borongan Eastern Samar Philippines. The 4th Provincial Skim Boarding Competition.

Can you add may blog samarskim.blogspot.com on your site. To share the skimboarding event in Borongan. Thank your very much.

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Name:   A. Morales
Date:   June 10, 2009

No to CON-ASS!!!

1. Not the right presidency to oversee cha-cha

Let me reiterate my stand that we should oppose whatever form or shape of changes to our charter this twilight months of GMA's presidency. The GMA presidency does not have the moral ascendancy to propose changes to the constitution. While their main purposes are said to be economic in nature, opening the charter for tinkering will eventually open the floodgate for personal, political, and evil interests to play. GMA should be thankful to the people that they allowed her to stay in power. She should bow out from power and start repairing her tarnished image as a leader.


2. Not the right body to propose cha-cha

The CHA-CHA through CON-ASS is the least desirable mode of charter change. The current members of the House of Representatives are not the right persons to propose amendments or revisions to the constitution---their reputations are as tarnished as their benefactor from Malacanang.


3. Not the right time to do cha-cha

While it is true that there are so many things that may be desired upon our current constitution, this is simply not the right time. The 2010 elections should be held as scheduled. The nation is already in an election mode and we should go on with it.

The better mode is through Constitutional Convention or CON-CON. The better time is after the 2010 elections.

No to CON-ASS! No to CHA-CHA!

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   9 June 2009

Kompanyiero’s pro American comment is not pro-American at all. The real pro-American lives by the true American ideals namely: FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, EQUAL JUSTICE, and INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The continued American support for the Marcos Dictatorship for 20 years by pampering with almighty dollars and equipping with military weapons to control the Filipinos by force is not only an insult to the American ideals Americans are preaching to the world but also a deadly hell for the Filipinos. America is supposed to be the world’s beacon of freedom and democracy but America really is just another Hitler, Stalin and Fidel Castro by its policy and Filipinos should not believe in America.

An American interest is what it is which is a selfish interest to benefit from. It was an American interest to harvest our natural resources earlier in the colonization. It was an American interest to use Filipinos as pawns and our country as military shield against American foes during the cold war. Other American cold war pawns in the world benefited billions of dollars per year in economic aid like Greece, Spain, and Turkey, while Philippines which housed the biggest American Air and Naval Bases in the world only got misery from American sponsored Marcos Dictatorship.

There were great damages from living under decades of American supported dictatorship which every Filipino should blame America. Our national psychology is no longer the same; we distrust our neighbors; we distrust our government and its officials, and as a result we cannot regain our economy. Even after many years had passed, the remnant of the Marcos Dictatorship which is the NPA establishment is still lingering around with no end in sight. Instead of reaching out to the NPA, the never- ending American –influence over our Filipino administration is fueling the fire causing more misery and denial of human rights and freedoms. American influence was and still is a nightmare for the Filipinos.

Like a predator, America is praying on weaker countries in the world and we Filipinos are just another victim.

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Name:   Rodrigo Lamoste Tan
Address:   Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Email:   rodtans0273@yahoo.com
Date:   06-09-2009

Hi, to my all barkadas, batch and kababayan. May mama Vic of Catbalogan musta. Kaupay na ngay an san aton ciudad. Taga Balud, Ipao at Hamorawon kumsta.

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Name:   Kompanyiero
Address:   Samar
Date:   June 8, 2009

It's anecdotal and highly speculative for anyone to assert that America could be involved or behind the passage of the unpopular Cha Cha. Whenever fear and uncertainty dominate a public discourse such as the Cha Cha, the good old blame game comes into play. This is an easy way to find solace and comfort in dealing with a very emotional issue. Even though the absence of concrete evidence's overwhelming, America somehow becomes an unwilling participant based on pure discernment of previous events involving America vis-a-vis the Philippines.

And rightly so. Ever since America paid Spain $20 million 1898 dollars to acquire the Philippines, Americas has been protective of her new found property. America has tutored, guided, aided the Philippines until democratic principles are firmly rooted in the land. Unfortunately, in recent past, Philippine democracy has fallen into shaky ground. This scary scenario led America to indirectly or subtely enter the country's internal political processes as it's done in other parts of the globe to protect her interests.

In the middle east, Afgahnistan, Pakistan, and even Mactan, Cebu, American shadow of influence is very visible, utilizing her foreign policy of containment to keep islamic terrorism and radical nationalism at bay. Ditto in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Again this picture portrays America's breeched on others' sovereignty.

But America utilizes gentle persuasion in these countries, employing the mighty dollar. If Filipino legislators received gifts from America to sway their votes on Cha Cha, this suspicion can be confirmed based on the power of money. And who can refused such an offer. With the dollar, America gets what America wants.

America just want order and stability in the region, not to mention help to fight terrorism. Since her nuclear arsenal can't check her enemies, the mighty dollar can. The recipient of money helps in these efforts. The critics get jealous. If these realities are hard to swallow, there always the power of the ballot as an alternative.

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Name:   DesiDeRata
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   June 8, 2009

Much as I would like to accept the challenge of A. Morales, my high regards for Mana Embang restrains me from convincing her for I know that she does not need persuasion to embark on what is right and proper. Besides, as A. Morales mused, whether Sharee Ann Tan listens to her or not is another thing. What we should do instead is to muster enough voice to compel from Congresswoman Sharee Ann Tan the much needed transparency, competence and accountability that we expect from her incumbency, and altogether go out of the virtual and into the real world.

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Name:   Sankay
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   Jun 6, 2009

We can anticipate the outcome of the Cha-cha by looking at the historical perspective. Just recently, we had a forceful change of government from Erap to Gloria. Erap was no friend of the United States, and as a matter of fact Erap was closer to China. Many American congressmen and senators went to the media as I saw it in CNN, and made mockery of Erap as being communist lover. Erap’s demise was instigated by forces loyal to Americans. The Filipino anti American-policy sentiment became even worst after we selected Fernando Poe Jr as running candidate for president against Gloria Arroyo who was preferred to win by American officials. I heard and saw this from CNN that the American state department allocated budget and spent its own advertising and influencing in the Philippines to ensure Gloria Arroyo wins the election which she eventually won. Some American political analysts even called the American support for Arroyo as unethical and America should have stayed neutral.

Going back in time after the Philippines had it independence and in the early 1950s, Luis Tarok won the representative seat but was denied his seat at the Philippine Congress because the American Administration deemed him too liberal and more nationalistic Filipino. This reminds me of Joma Sison who is the most nationalistic Filipino alive today and Filipino nationalism is not an interest of the US.

We can go back further in time when President Marcos in the 1970s and 1980s was pampered by America to rule as Philippine dictator that lasted almost 20 years. President Marcos was provided billions of money and military support ensuring complete control of the Filipinos. While the American interest then was to contain Chinese and Russian influences in the Pacific during the cold war, the Filipinos never had economic benefits but misery under the American supported Marcos dictatorship.

To day, the same miserable faith is happening for all Filipinos under President-ala Dictator Arroyo. America is here again intervening and ensuring Cha-cha is passed and the American preferred Gloria Arroyo is extended to power. The math is very clear; there are no other contenders in 2010 that will pass the American test for the Philippine president’s American loyalty, but only President Arroyo. It will not be surprising if intensified American intervention and campaign is already happening which was started by a visit by US Defense secretary Gates promising more military aid and benefits to our AFP officer corps, similar to our past Marcos dictatorship. Those culprits listed by Samokmisay may have already been contacted by American officials; their families can go to US without visas and perhaps under-the-table benefits.

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Name:   Cuarta
Address:   Samar
Date:   June 2009

It's perplexing to me whether or not money, (fruit of evil) when utilized or spent to sway or influence other's decision or conscience, is criminal. It is alluded by someone who made a laundry list of lawmakers receiving money to pass charter change via con ass. It is alleged by many observers that during elections money talks; i.e.; got money win an election contest. It is written in many tales that wealthy persons spent tons of money to marry a pretty girl. Clearly, I don't sense any criminality in utilizing money to impose one's will; immoral maybe, but not illegal.

Unless the money is stolen or laundered, then the recipient is guilty by association. Dirty money (disciple of the devil) can get anyone into big trouble. Misappropriating money like pocketing government money for one's use is a crime; roads don't get repaired, jobs don't get available, etc. The giver and the receiver of these kinds of money are culprits and should be incarcerated.

Once again, it's never a felony to spent money to pursue one's goal or effect one's intentions. When lawmakers vote on an issue based on a bribe or grease money, they don't break any law; they only break their conscience. They can buy votes, but they can't sell influence; a felony according to existing statues. Many candidates can get elected using good money, not other people's money or government money, a criminal offense.

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Name:   Jing ging
Address:   Dumalo-ong, Gandara, Samar
Email:   princelion.abiles@yahoo.com
Date:   1354H06June2009

To concern,

"The list of Tongress people courtesy of Marlowe Carmelo of the Philippine Jury Advocacy who according to Ellen Tordesillas' report if accurate would mean some or perhaps all of them voted according to the dictates of their pockets:"

You'd concluded that some or perhaps all... never believe your self unless you can justify what you are saying. We, in district 1, perhaps, in all regions voted for our Representative. I'm not saying all of us voted for one particular but we did a democratic way of electing our representative. And there they won-our congressman. Why don't you think that they voted for it somehow, it will help to their constituents.

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Name:   Sheryll Cordero
Address:   Paranaque 1709, Metro Manila
Email:   barq_she@yahoo.com
Date:   06-06-09

RE: Calling for Jimmy Castillo Lim's Family

Please read these links. All his friends will appreciate any help to contact his family.


Marami pong Salamat!!

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