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Subject:   If I were the President
Name:   Pedro C. Albea
Address:   307 One Burgundy Plaza, Unit 7-C, Katipunan Ave., QC 1108
Email:   PeteandCel@aol.com
Date:   03-30-10

If I were the President of the Philippines, this is how I will solve the current problems of our country:

Peace and order. The Philippines has been troubled by secessionist movements, rebels, terrorists, and various forms of crimes for many decades. These undesirable elements have caused miseries to the majority of the population, undetermined loss of lives, properties, business opportunities, investments, etc., have eroded the economy, and stunt the progress of the Philippines.

Perhaps, the first step that the government should do is to boost the strength of the armed forces of the Philippines in order to make them adequately capable of maintaining peace and order on land, on sea, and in the air. After achieving this, the government should enact a law that would make mere possession, safekeeping, and ownership of a firearm(s), with the exception of members of the armed forces and national police, and persons who, after rigid investigation should be issued a court clearance could possess a firearm for personal protection, would be a crime punishable by 20 years imprisonment without parole. Then after said law is in place, a vigorous campaign against illegal firearms shall be launched jointly by the armed forces and the national police nationwide until there will be not a single loose firearm remaining in the hands of civilians. Without any loose firearm in the country, no heinous crime could be committed against the citizenry, and everyone can pursue their livelihood without fear and enjoy life any time of the day or night. Moreover, the peaceful atmosphere in the country will lure foreign investors and tourists to put up businesses that can provide jobs for our countrymen.

Food sufficiency. Ever since I can remember, our country has been importing rice from the very countries we taught how to grow good varieties of rice. Our importation has consistently grown through the years as the population increases, and a large portion of the government resources is spent every year for the importation of rice, bloated by incidental kickbacks and commissions of people involved in this operation. In spite of these importations, the number of hungry Filipinos multiply every day because the cost of imported rice is no longer affordable to the poor.

Before anything else, we need to replace the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) with another law that would ensure the effective implementation of the reform. This new law will limit the ownership of arable lands to three hectares per family or association, and would ban the conversion of arable lands for industrial, residential, or recreational purposes such as housing subdivisions, golf courses, parks, etc. When this is done, the government will acquire all privately owned arable lands in excess of such limitation from their owners through expropriation by paying them the price prevailing at such locations. Then the government will distribute all the acquired lands, together with those arable lands currently owned by the government including public domains, to landless families throughout the country (including the families of criminals that have surrendered and have pledged allegiance to the government of the Philippines) at the rate of two hectares per family for free, on condition that the grantee shall cultivate such land in order to yield sufficient rice and vegetables. Failure of such grantee to produce sufficient yield without justifiable reason, as will be determined by the Department of Agriculture, will cause the government to recall the grant and award the land to another family who is willing and able to produce the yield desired.

Based on available data, the land area of the Philippines is 300,000 square kilometers and 70 percent of those lands are arable. It is also a known fact that current population of the Philippines is 90,000,000, more or less, and that the average members of a family is five persons. It is also known that a hectare planted with rice can yield 60 cavans of palay, and a milled cavan of palay will give 25 kilograms of rice. Based on these assumptions, it can be deduced that the total area of arable lands is 21,000,000 hectares, to be distributed among 10,500,000 families composed of 52,500,000 people or about 58 percent of the current population. Each harvest will yield l,260,000,000 sacks of palay equivalent to 31,500,000 metric tons of rice. In 2003, the annual consumption of rice in the Philippines was 9,105,000 metric tons. Assuming that the current consumption has doubled since that time, this would amount to 18,210,000 metric tons, therefore we can still have a surplus of 13,300,000 metric tons which we can export to other countries.

The whole impact of this proposal on the economy is that we can achieve self sufficiency in rice and vegetable so that we can maintain the price thereof within the reach of the poor, use the dollars normally intended for rice imports to payment of foreign debts, and provide livelihood (farming and husbandry) and eradicate the poverty of 58 percent of the population.

Budget Deficit. Traditionally, the government’s budget is overshot annually because government expenditures are not properly regulated. Other causes may be attributed to corruption and the clamoring of influential officials of the government to increase their allocations for personal gains. A large chunk of the budget is wasted on corruption through the conspiracy between officials and suppliers resulting in bloated appropriations, inferior infrastructures, or unfinished projects.

To correct these prevalent irregularities concerning the budget, certain reforms need to be implemented.

First, we should overhaul the operating structure of the national government, from the Office of the President to the smallest bureau or unit, in order to minimize expenditures on personnel, supplies, utilities, communications, etc. and to improve the efficiency of the services to the people. This would entail the streamlining of functions and conversion of procedures into automated system.

Second, we should abolish the House of Representatives completely and do away with traditional huge budget for salaries, operating expenses, and pork barrels for that office. After all, we have already enough laws in the land and all we need to do to achieve fair justice for all Filipinos is to enforce those laws properly. Furthermore, the lower house is the seat of corruptions that drains the government’s resources to waste.

In its place, we shall increase the number of senators so that each province will be represented by at least one senator depending on it’s population. The senators, in addition to their primary duty of enacting, repealing, or amending laws, shall serve as liaison between the provincial and the national governments with respect to infrastructures and social services.

Third, we shall abolish the pork barrel of senators and, in its place, a commission made up of cabinet members as commissioners will meet at least twice a week to discuss and decide which of the infrastructures requested by the provincial government, with the concurrence of the senators representing such province, will be implemented and for how much. The commission will then forward the said approval, together with all supporting documents required by law, to the Budget Commission for allocation of funds.

Fourth, according to the SWS’s survey of business managers in 2009, corruption in the public sector is happening in the national level and progressively decreasing in severity at the provincial, city, and barangay levels. Sixty-one percent of business managers surveyed admitted that their companies were solicited by someone in the government for bribes.

Agencies graded “poor” by the managers are the Department of Budget and Management, Philippine National Police, Department of Agriculture, Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

Agencies graded “bad” are the Department of Transportation and Communications, Presidential Anti-Graft Commission, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, House of Representatives, Land Transportation Office, and the Office of the President.

Agencies graded “very bad or worst” are the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Public Works and Highways, and the Bureau of Customs.

The President should appoint National Marshals from people with reputable competence and integrity who shall oversee these “worst” agencies and to report any anomaly directly to the President of the Philippines. The laws against bribery should be stiffened to include 20 year imprisonment without parole for both giver and recipient of bribes in whatever form.

Allegiance. Filipinos are, by nature, beholden to the person who has done him something good or favor. For this reason, the recipient of such a favor believes that he/she has a bounden obligation to do something to benefit or please the giver in return. This is the root cause of all injustices and corruptions happening in all offices of the government.

To remove this bad tradition or practice in the governance of our political subdivisions, every position in the government that carries with it enough power to subvert the laws and moral values of people in government service shall not be appointed by any higher official or office, but instead should be elected by the people during national elections. These positions shall, at a minimum, include all commissioners, directors, heads of government corporations, justices of the supreme court, judges in all lower courts, prosecutors, fiscals, military leadership, national police leadership, etc. just like how it is done in the United States. If we have to elect a barangay kagawad, how much more should we need to elect a higher office than that?

Supreme Court. We regard the Supreme Court as the last bastion of human rights and the ultimate interpreter of the laws in the event there is a controversy. As such, it should be composed only of people with highest integrity and competence. If that should be the case, why then that most of our current justices of the supreme court could not seem to uphold the Philippine Constitution which was written in simple English language? Instead, they have their own interpretations in order to please and support someone whom they felt beholden to. The constitution should be amended to provide a provision that whenever there is reasonable doubt in the integrity and competence of any justice of the supreme court, he or she should be impeached immediately and banned from any judicial employment.

Moslem Separatists and New People’s Army. In order to induce them to come to the fold of the law so that they could be useful citizens and contribute to the progress of the country, the government should grant each of their families two hectares of arable land, for free, that they could cultivate and call their own. If this gracious offer in exchange for their allegiance to the Philippine constitution is still rejected by them, then there will be no other recourse left but to eradicate them with all the might and resolve of the Philippine government.


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Subject:   Hydroelectric Power
Name:   Mark Corleto N. Untalan, Jr.
Address:  MPI-MCM, National Road, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Email:   markcorletountalan@yahoo.com
Telephone:  09189351162
Date:  Feb 26, 2010

While reading your article on rooftop hydroelectric power [read article] my nape turned numb! indeed! I AM NOT ALONE in this world. I am Mark Corleto Untalan, born in Catbalogan, Samar 1967 and due to family reasons transferred to Baguio City.

Recent events have made me day dream if we can somehow USE, not only hydroelectric power, but also wind turbines and solar panels in combination (depending of course on the season) to power homes across the country. If only we can somehow combine them with an automatic 'traffic' controller of sorts. It might be very expensive at the onset, but in the long run, it won't only save us money but our PLANET as well! so yes! bring on the hundreds of millions in GMA funds for this endeavor. Who knows, we might even get rid of them IPP's which charge exorbitantly, next only to Tokyo, Japan's electric bills.

Please let me know if we have the technology. Thank you and my best regards to you!

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Subject:   Supreme Court's reversal of its own decision
Name:   Chito Dela Torre
Address:   Basey, Samar
Email:   delatorrechito@yahoo.com
Date:   24 Feb 2010

The fairness of the Supreme Court

The February 22, 2010 decision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines reversing its December 1, 2009 landmark decision, which allowed those holding appointive positions to be a candidate in partisan elections without resigning from their posts, appears to be plausible and popularly acceptable.

The reversal ruling simply means that incumbents of appointive positions no longer have any authority to stay any longer in office as they were deemed resigned upon the filing of their certificates of candidacy.

The Court thus the Court resolved to grant the “respondent’s and the intervenors’ Motions for Reconsideration; REVERSE and SET ASIDE this Court’s December 1, 2009 Decision; DISMISS the Petition; and ISSUE this Resolution declaring as not UNCONSTITUTIONAL (1) Section 4(a) of COMELEC Resolution No. 8678, (2) the second proviso in the third paragraph of Section 13 of Republic Act No. 9369, and (3) Section 66 of the Omnibus Election Code”.

Last Dec. 1, the Court voted 8-6 in favor of the decision penned by Associate Justice Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura. Justices Corona, Chico-Nazario, Velasco, Leonardo-De Castro, Brion, Bersamin, and Del Castillo concurred. Justices Peralta, Abad and Villarama joined the Dissenting Opinion of Chief Justice Puno, while Justices Carpio and Carpio Morales wrote separate Dissenting Opinions.

On the strength of that imprimatur, some Cabinet officials, without resigning from the positions to which they were appointed, joined the partisan political race. Even a sitting judge in Region VIII has also become a mayoral candidate in a city.

But thanks God, the Supreme Court has not allowed that for long. After 83 days, it changed that picture. Cabinet Secretaries are deemed resigned and are therefore no longer Cabinet Secretaries. Judges who filed their certificates of candidacy are no longer judges. That application of the ruling, I believe, will not anymore be reversed even on the basis of motions for reconsideration by any or all of those affected thereby.

The newest ruling of the highest judicial body in the Philippines was handed down in the case of petitioners Eleazar P. Quinto and Gerino A. Tolentino Jr. versus the Commission on Elections (G.R. No. 189698).

Said the Supreme Court in the first part of its resolution in G.R. No. 189698:

“Upon a careful review of the case at bar, this Court resolves to grant the respondent Commission on Elections’ (COMELEC) motion for reconsideration, and the movants-intervenors’ motions for reconsideration-in-intervention, of this Court’s December 1, 2009 Decision (Decision).

“The assailed Decision granted the Petition for Certiorari and Prohibition filed by Eleazar P. Quinto and Gerino A. Tolentino, Jr. and declared as unconstitutional the second proviso in the third paragraph of Section 13 of Republic Act No. 9369, Section 66 of the Omnibus Election Code and Section 4(a) of COMELEC Resolution No. 8678, mainly on the ground that they violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution and suffer from overbreadth. The assailed Decision thus paved the way for public appointive officials to continue discharging the powers, prerogatives and functions of their office notwithstanding their entry into the political arena.

“In support of their respective motions for reconsideration, respondent COMELEC and movants-intervenors submit the following arguments:

(1) The assailed Decision is contrary to, and/or violative of, the constitutional proscription against the participation of public appointive officials and members of the military in partisan political activity;

(2) The assailed provisions do not violate the equal protection clause when they accord differential treatment to elective and appointive officials, because such differential treatment rests on material and substantial distinctions and is germane to the purposes of the law;

(3) The assailed provisions do not suffer from the infirmity of overbreadth; and

(4) There is a compelling need to reverse the assailed Decision, as public safety and interest demand such reversal.

“We find the foregoing arguments meritorious.”

The Court ruled also in favor of movants-intervenors who it said “have each sufficiently established a substantial right or interest in the case”.


“As a Senator of the Republic, Senator Manuel A. Roxas has a right to challenge the December 1, 2009 Decision, which nullifies a long established law; as a voter, he has a right to intervene in a matter that involves the electoral process; and as a public officer, he has a personal interest in maintaining the trust and confidence of the public in its system of government.

“On the other hand, former Senator Franklin M. Drilon and Tom V. Apacible are candidates in the May 2010 elections running against appointive officials who, in view of the December 1, 2009 Decision, have not yet resigned from their posts and are not likely to resign from their posts. They stand to be directly injured by the assailed Decision, unless it is reversed.

“Moreover, the rights or interests of said movants-intervenors cannot be adequately pursued and protected in another proceeding. Clearly, their rights will be foreclosed if this Court’s Decision attains finality and forms part of the laws of the land.

On the substantive issues, the Court ruled:

“The assailed Decision struck down Section 4(a) of Resolution 8678, the second proviso in the third paragraph of Section 13 of Republic Act (RA) 9369, and Section 66 of the Omnibus Election Code, on the following grounds:

(1) They violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution because of the differential treatment of persons holding appointive offices and those holding elective positions;

(2) They are overbroad insofar as they prohibit the candidacy of all civil servants holding appointive posts: (a) without distinction as to whether or not they occupy high/influential positions in the government, and (b) they limit these civil servants’ activity regardless of whether they be partisan or nonpartisan in character, or whether they be in the national, municipal or barangay level; and

(3) Congress has not shown a compelling state interest to restrict the fundamental right of these public appointive officials.

After resolving other issues involved in the case, the Court then said:

“We grant the motions for reconsideration. We now rule that Section 4(a) of Resolution 8678, Section 66 of the Omnibus Election Code, and the second proviso in the third paragraph of Section 13 of RA 9369 are not unconstitutional, and accordingly reverse our December 1, 2009 Decision.

“In the case at bar, the probable harm to society in permitting incumbent appointive officials to remain in office, even as they actively pursue elective posts, far outweighs the less likely evil of having arguably protected candidacies blocked by the possible inhibitory effect of a potentially overly broad statute.

“In this light, the conceivably impermissible applications of the challenged statutes – which are, at best, bold predictions – cannot justify invalidating these statutes in toto and prohibiting the State from enforcing them against conduct that is, and has for more than 100 years been, unquestionably within its power and interest to proscribe. Instead, the more prudent approach would be to deal with these conceivably impermissible applications through case-by-case adjudication rather than through a total invalidation of the statute itself.

“Indeed, the anomalies spawned by our assailed Decision have taken place. In his Motion for Reconsideration, intervenor Drilon stated that a number of high-ranking Cabinet members had already filed their Certificates of Candidacy without relinquishing their posts. Several COMELEC election officers had likewise filed their Certificates of Candidacy in their respective provinces. Even the Secretary of Justice had filed her certificate of substitution for representative of the first district of Quezon province last December 14, 2009 – even as her position as Justice Secretary includes supervision over the City and Provincial Prosecutors, who, in turn, act as Vice-Chairmen of the respective Boards of Canvassers. The Judiciary has not been spared, for a Regional Trial Court Judge in the South has thrown his hat into the political arena. We cannot allow the tilting of our electoral playing field in their favor.

“For the foregoing reasons, we now rule that Section 4(a) of Resolution 8678 and Section 13 of RA 9369, which merely reiterate Section 66 of the Omnibus Election Code, are not unconstitutionally overbroad.”

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Subject:   Taboan coops tiklos
Name:   Ka Chito
Address:   Basey, Samar
Email:   delatorrechito@yahoo.com
Date:  16 Feb 2010

Para kan Pantaleon Natano Ayong,

Nadadani ak' hit im' plastada parte han pagbulig ha mga mag-uruma, ug han im siring nga "Taboan is for their product to be sold. Tilosuma is to build a cooperative working condition for their work on farming." Puede nim' ba ak' padad-an hin comprehensive details. Iyawat nala maka-angbit ak' hit mahihimo pinaagi hini nga hingangadtoan. Aadi an ak' email address: delatorrechito@yahoo.com Ayaw nala han ak' celfon number, kay masukot diri ak' hit nagamit, agsub la it' adto ha ak' bag ha balay ni misis.. Palihug tagi liwat ak' hit im' email ad. Madamo nga salamat.

Ka Chito

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Subject:   Taboancoops/Tiklosuma
Name:   Pantaleon Natano Ayong
Date:   02-14-10

Please support our farmers the backbone of our nation. Kon maupay an ira kamutangan waray kita gutom sa Pilipinas. Taboan is for their product to be sold. Tilosuma is to build a cooperative working condition for their work on farming.

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Subject:   Recognize these people?
Name:   Tomas Marcial
Date: 02-13-10

The Know It Alls- They're arrogant and usually have an opinion on every issue. When they are wrong they get defensive. The Passives- These people never offer ideas or let you know where they stand. The Dictators- They bully and intimidate. They're constantly demanding and brutally critical. The "Yes" People- They agree to any commitment, yet rarely deliver. You can't trust them to follow through. The "No" People- They are quick to point out why something won't work. What's worse, they're inflexible. The Gripers- Is anything ever right with them? They prefer complaining to finding solutions. Of course you recognize them. They're the people you work with, sell to, depend on, live with. Learn to deal with them quickly and confidently at Dealing with Difficult People. You might need to learn contact WWW.careertrack.com they will help you. Hope they will give me a percent on this maybe 10% LOL. I post this to see if we can learn who we really are. And correct ourselves to become a better person.

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Subject:   Maupay nga pasko ug malipayon nga bag-o nga tuig
Name:   Humbug
Address:   Samar
Date:   12/25/09

Peace and goodwill towards Samar are my wishes this seasson. Let there be peace in Philippines and let it begin in Samar. Samar citizens need goodwill in times of low regards for life; even a mayor and a priest were lost to terror and unkind hearts. So peace on Samar and goodwill among men are the Christmas messages worth taking seriously by all even if the church fails to deliver the Christmas message of love and peace.

Run away ego, self-promotion, hatered, and contempt are the messages sent by people who write in samar.com. that are contrary to the messages of christmas. No love, no peace, no respect, and no goodwill perpetuate ugliness and decay and retard the human condition. a break from self-centered and ego-filled personas may bring peace.

Maupay nga pasko yana.

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Subject:   Military
Name:   Zandra
Address:   Brgy. Buanavista-II, San Jorge, Samar
Email:   zandra_ramos@yahoo.com
Telephone:   09396504377
Date:  12-15-09

Hay naku!....there are some military who are using there position as a soldier or lets just say 'using there uniform'...para mang abuso diva?? and meron din namang military na mababait... dahil sa kalokohan ng ibang sundalong lokoloko, nadadamay ang mga kasamahan niling mababait at walang alam sa kalokohang ginagawa ng mga kapwa nilang sundalo...am i ryt??? tsek tsek tsek!!!!!!hehehe!! 8s the nature of some of them 'ika nga..so it up to you kong sino paniniwalaan nyo..anyway its your own choice..nagsasabi lang ako kong anu paniniwala ko...hmmmm...all i can say to all people of San Jorge, lets choose a good leader,ok! kong sino sa tingin nyo ang nararapat sa posisyong yan,yon ang piliin nyo..

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Subject:   Bagsakan Center in San Jorge
Name:   Rudy
Address:   Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email:   rudy.doctor@fluor.com
Telephone:   97128831180
Date:  12-08-09

Magandang Araw diyan sa Bayan ng San Jorge lalo sa sa mga Town official na balak na naman tumakbo sa darating na Election.

Actually maganda ang ginawa ni Mayora na mayroon Bagsakan Center para sa mga magsasaka pero di nakita or nakita man pero walang paki alam kung ano talaga ang pinaka importante ngayon lalo na sa mga taong nakatira Mula Bry Quezon hangang Brgy Cantagik, San Jorge, Samar, napakahirap sa daanan. Kahit motorsiklo mahirapan pagpasok. P80.00 ang singil per sack ng palay for only 3 or 4 kilometers ang layo sa bagsakan, ang rason sa driver, napakahirap daw sa daanan.

Tiningnan na ito sa mga official, tapos medyo inayos ng kaunti, tapos picture taking lang at hanggang ngayon di na binalikan at lalo pang pumangit ngayon ang kalsada dahil na rin sa ulan.

Mahirap naman akong manawagan sa mga tao roon kay im sure d nila ito mabasa. Wala nga electricity karamihan sa bahay doon internet pa. Kaya sa mga taong naka basa nito, hope u could extend this message sa mga balak mag serbisyo sa mga tao doon this coming election, please help them.. Sa mga taga roon, pumili kayo sa mga kandidato na talagang tumulong sa inyo sa lahat na panahon, huwag na kayong magpabayad sa boto nyo dahil kayo rin ang kawawa...Sure ako mabasa ito ni Ex Mayor Greg na balak magpapili para Vice Governor, sana hindi naman kayo mag ayaw parang babaye ni Mayor Uy ng Calbayog. Merry Christmas to all...

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Subject:   On Mr. Ballena's feedback
Name:   A. Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:  11-18-2009

While the political posturing of Gov. Evardone is excellent, Mr. Ballena's comments are worth pondering. 200 youth environmental advocates only mean 200 more youth poll watchers in the upcoming 2010 elections. He did hit the nail on the head when he emphasized that all those theatrical show is merely cosmetic and facial scrubbing or shall we say media mileage.

True to form, Gov. Evardone is one master of media mileage having been a media practitioner himself. The better question is why only now when he could have championed the cause of the environment earlier on. It's just political timing folks.

And, a feedback on Bryan M. Azura. Mr. Azura, are you an independent media practitioner or merely a paid barker of the governor? Your article recently is simply laughable. How can you write an article through a third party's point of view when you are interviewing your own self? Come to think of it. Did you tape your own interview about your self? Please read that article because it simply is a clear violation of the rules of journalism. Here's one portion that I found to be only the lines of stand-up comedians: Bryan Azura writes "Boses Han Sinirangan anchor Bryan Azura himself found the experience amusing. “I never thought we will be making that feat,” he said. “We were worried we will miss another episode of the program because of the distance and the situation,” says Azura." Is Mr. Azura having multiple personalities in this instance?

Not even Larry King or Anderson Cooper or Bill O'Reilly can do what Mr. Azura can do: "Interviewing his own self." Call it independent media practice, I call it a media disaster in Eastern Samar.

Can Mr. Azura stand up and recognize himself?

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Subject:   Gov. Evardone Appoints 200 Youth Ambassadors
Name:   Maximo Agda Ballena
Address:   Sabang, Borongan E. Samar
Email:   niknok_2003@yahoo.com
Telephone:   09323289436
Date :   November 11, 2009

I applaud the efforts of the Governor. Encouraging the students to participate on this task is such an admirable move and a sure manifestation of his honest and true devotion for the Environment of Eastern Samar. I wish I am convinced, with the words that I wrote but I AM NOT. Because even with the staged forum I am still awake with the real deal that is happening in Eastern Samar.

The first question, how did they came up with the participants? What was the process of selection? Two hundred participants cannot fully manifest the voice of Eastern Samar's youth population. Given that the forum was a successful one, is there any follow up move by the Governor to assure that these people that attended will practice what they have "learned"? Are you all just there to instruct and not make sure that the practices that you have discussed are indeed being done? How can the province be assured that what they spent in preparing and making the event successful was compensated with the "results" of it? It is fine to instruct but without seeing the outcome of the money and effort spent - everything then is considered as nothing.

The second question, is the Governor really concerned about the Environment? I don't have to site a litany of facts because every Samareños know that it is highly doubted. Again, the attempt of the Governor to advocate for the environment is very good! But then, how can a sensible man do this when we have places like Homonhon, Manikani, Salcedo, among others. They have one thing in common which is mining. If the Governor would say that he has no hand on this, then who? As the father of Province I think he would have an answer. As far as I can see, what is happening is we are listening to someone who teaches everyone to help Mother Nature but then on the other hand he allows/sits blind to what is happening. So where is the consistency of the advocacy?

The third question, Sentay Quitorio is part of the program? I was thinking that she might be one of those journalist that covers the event. But then, it is obvious that she is part it (being a facilitator). I grew up listening to her voice over the radio. I can still remember when she wrote a probe about the overpriced construction materials bought during the time Gov. Salazar. It was a brilliant and valiant move. That for me was journalism! But now, with her taking part of the this ridiculous stage play is something that bothers me. Now I am not wandering as to why Eastern Samar lost a voice. So, money and influence really knows how to shut the mouths of those people that once had the principle of "being someone for others".

Lastly, I want to thank the editor for being fair in delivering the news to the people (I really meant this one, with a puppy eye!). I have been reading the news that you have for weeks now and I am happy. Kudos to you all and Mr. BRYAN MONTES AZURA for living a life of a journalist.

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Subject:   Guiuan Airport
Name:   Rey Sadongdong
Address:    Doha, Qatar
Email:    boga_rey@yahoo.com
Date:   11-04-09

It’s worth to know that Guiuan airport project is now working. Unta deri masayang an budget nga gin hatag han gobyerno para hini nga proyekto. Una nga malilipay kami nga mga OFW nga deretso na an biyahe.

Sana mabuksan na this year. Thanks

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Name:   Doms Pagliawan
Address:   VIP Subd. Brgy. 87, San Jose, Tacloban City
Email:    domsatup@yahoo.com
Telephone:   0535206028

Hi, there!

Doms Pagliawan here. I'm just so thrilled to know that such a great website as this exists online. This could allow us all to get in touch with one another, to get to know wonderful people from our tribe.

It might interest you to know that I am one of the most productive contemporary writers of our Waray literature. Although I'm more at home writing in English, I see to it that my creative works are in Waray, our native tongue, as part of my commitment to at least document the usage of Waray in our time. That's if saving it is an impossibility.

So, I write short stories, poems, songs, and novels (in the making). As a recording artist, I have had four albums in all, one of which already exists in this website's music room. I'm more of a composer than a singer, though, as you may carefully observe.

Right now, I am working on another Waray album. Six of the targeted twelve songs have been written (with melody, of course). Let me share with you the lyrics of three songs there, if you don't mind.


Kapot han im gitara, sarihan ta pagkanta
ako an magtotono, dudunganan mo la
kon pananglit mawara ini nga akon boses
ada, sangkay, ikaw it masunod

Hala kapti an kopya upaya nga mabasa
dis-og kamo ha butnga pagpurundok kita
para diri magsarang ini nga aton boses
bug-os hiya nga hibabati-an

Pagkaranta kita, gamit inin gitara
pagli-aw libang samtang nagkaka-urusa
bisan pa lumuyaw ayaw hito kabaraka
kay an tingug may pagpalya
peru an kamagsarangkay
angay magpabilin
ha pagkaranta

Ayaw kam pag-inalang upaya la pagkanta
damu an namamati ha aton musika
abriha an im baba ginhawa hin hilawig
utok peru ayaw pag-ihaa

Kon diri memoryado kopya hala basaha
kay diri mauuwat iton mamarati
kon ha butnga hitabu kita tanan in mawara
padayon la ayaw pahalata



Dinhi hinin bulod
Ha puno hiton kahoy
Aton iginsa-ad
Magkikita pa kita

Kinahanglan nga kita magkabulag
Kapalaran waray sugot
Saad ha kada tagsa
Dinhi kita magkikita
An kahoy nga marampag
Hiya an aton testigo
Mga tu-ig nga malabay

Adlaw nga iginsa-ad
Asya na ini nga takna
Kahoy kakadtoon ko
Ngan didto maghuhulat

Kahoy waray naman
Diri na nahibibilngan
Bulod ngan mga bukid
Kalbo na naghaharawan

Ha akon panmiling
Bis bulod di makit-an
Bangin lumunod ini
Han higlarum nga baha



Kalipay han ira nanay kay ma-abroad na daw,
human igbaligya tuna ngan karabaw;
lima nga mga anak bilin ha balay,
nahulat han tatay tikang ha irignuman.

Paglagos hin bulan may padara naman
dolyar nga salapi para panpa-aram,
pagkaon, pambayad utang.

Peru an ira tatay kwarta kinakaptan,
huygo ngan irignom asay binantayan;
babaye ngan droga iya sinudlan,
gutom ngan sakit pamilya dinangatan.

Nahingadto naman an nanay ha prisohan,
abusado nga agaron iya ginpatay
hiya daw in pagbibitayon

Tanan nga panalingkamot ha iya pagsalbar,
waray nahimo, kaso nagpadayon;
umabot an adlaw umuli an nanay,
ginbabarabyawan sulod han lungon.

Ini an dinangatan hingyap nga pag-uswag
pamilya naruba, inup nagin ngarat
narugos nga mga kinabuhi

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Subject:   Prayer for love and peace part II
Name:   Tomas Marcial
Date: 10-24-09

If Faith remembers my little advice to our people on June 2008. To be ready to the law of nature, the calamity that might happen AND TO THE GREED OF MAN, it happens. Whose fault? Not God, it is us, our negligence and stupidity.

Now is the time to visits the projects of the government. How they are built. Dapat tingnan at usisain ang bawat proyekto ng govierno. It is the God given right of the people to know what the government officials are doing. What plans and projects they have for the good of the people. Panahon na para makialam, manindigan, at sumbatan ang mga taong nagsasamantala sa govierno. At dapat transparent ang gastos sa bawat proyekto ng govierno. So the people will know, and that is your duty to the people which you are responsible to serve. TO OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, THE FILIPINO IS NOT ALONE, THE WORLD IS WATCHING US. OF OUR ACTIONS AND GOOD DEEDS. WE KNOW AND WE CAN SEE, WHO YOU ARE. MAYBE YOU THINK YOU CAN HIDE, NO YOU CAN'T, WE ARE WATCHING YOU.



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Subject:   ERRATUM: Gibo to visit Balangiga
Name:   Balangigan-on
Address: Balangiga, Eastern Samar
Email:   balangiganon@yahoo.com
Date:  28 Sept 2009

I just want to comment and correct a line in the news about Sec. Gibo Teodoro visit in Balangiga it is not "Balangiga Lingganay Performing Group" that will perform/present but, "Alingawngaw Han Balangiga" compost of local Talent within Balangiga. Directed and Choreographed by Miss Cindy Campanero. Thanks

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Subject:   Konting Kaalaman sa Sintomas ng "H1N1 Virus"
Name:   Omar Gabrito
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email:   ogabrito@yahoo.com
Telephone:   00966-501059126

Kaalaman sa Sintomas ng "H1N1 Virus"
Ni Omar Gabrito/Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ang H1N1 virus o human swine flu ay isang tipo ng seasonal flu o panapanahong trangkaso at may dalang mga mikrobyo ng trangkaso mula sa mga ibon, baboy at tao.

Bukod sa trangkaso, ang mga sintomas ng taong may H1N1 flu ay sakit ng ulo, ubo, pananakit ng kalamnan, panghihina/pagkapagal, pagduduwal, pagsusuka, masakit na lalamunan, lagnat/panginginig at diarrhea.

Maaring kumalat ito mula sa isang tao at iba pa, sa pamamagitan ng hininga at pagbahing, kung saan ang mikrobyo ay naikakalat sa hangin na maaari namang malanghap ng ibang tao.

Maari ring lumapag ang mikrobyo sa mga counters, doorknob, kung saan madadampot ng kamay at maililipat naman sa iba.

Kung galing sa biyahe at nakakaramdam ng sintomas na hawig sa trangkaso, manatili sa bahay at sikaping umiwas sa ibang tao.

Kung kayo'y may sakit na kailangang gamutin, tawagan ang inyong doctor at sabihin din sa kaniya kung kayo'y bumiyahi bago nagkasakit. Palagiang maghugas ng kamay at/o gumamit ng alcohol hand sanitizer; takpan ang bibig at ilong kung uubo o babahing; kung walang tissue paper, bumahing o umubo sa manggas ng inyong damit o braso, huwag sa kamay at manatili sa bahay kung maysakit.

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Subject:   Omar Garbito
Name:   Bubbles
Address:  Dallas, TX, USA
Date:   09-21-09

How sad naman ng "tula"mo. Totoo bang Hinahanap mo parin yang 'pag-ibig' mo. Nakaka touch naman, sana makatagpo ako ng katulad mo tapat ang pagmamahal, sana mahanap mo na sya. Taga Catbalogan Samar ka rin ba? If you are trully, willing to find her, best thing to do is pray and God will answer right away. Again I wish i found someone like you!

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