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Cong. Cari to refile bill creating Western Leyte province

Region 8 got ten of top 20 in National Achievement Test

Schoolgirl from Eastern Samar tops National Achievement Test

PNP, army forge MOA on internal security

PNP Talakayan Sa Isyung Pulis (TSIP) tapes 4th episode in Samar PPO

Licensing Chief warns delinquent establishment to secure permit or face closure

Leyte administrator dispels rumors governor is not in good health

Young Mathematics teacher from Leyte among this year’s Outstanding Teachers

Chinese investors visit Guiuan; Evardone welcomes more businesses to the province

Eastern Samar joins 30 Best Provinces in the country







2 pharmacies from Catbalogan to receive “Quality Seal” awards from DOH-BFAD

October 5, 2007

CATBALOGAN CITY, Leyte  –  Two pharmacies from Samar’s capital town will be recipient of special awards from the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) Department of Health (DOH) for complying to their initiated rules and regulations, and specifically adhering to Generics Act of 1988.

The two awardees in Catbalogan are CIDNE's Pharmacy and Bench Drugstore.

Ms. Margarita D. Carles who is the pharmacist and owner of CIDNE’s pharmacy at Del Rosario Street, Catbalogan, said that this is the 3rd time the pharmacy has received such distinction and she considers it an honor to be chosen over the other 11 drug stores in Catbalogan City.

Patrocinia Lagbo, 56 a ‘suki’ of CIDNE’s attested that she patronizes the drug store because almost always Carles is on duty and readily explains everything she needs to know about her medicine purchases.

Meanwhile, Gemma Bermejo, pharmacist and owner of Bench said that she is grateful for the recognition considering that her drug store has been operating for only two years yet.

It is a big deal for her, she said to receive the ‘quality seal’ which would affirm the kind of public service she extends to her clients.

Both Gemma and Margarita believes that counseling is always in order when patients come to purchase drugs or medicines.

Equally important to both ladies is the Generics Act of 1988. These pharmacists said that they really take time out to explain the act and give the patient information that they could be treated even with the less expensive medicine because it may have the same potency as the other expensive drug.

However, Gemma said, she lets the patient choose but her choice, she said is an informed choice from her explanations.

Should Gemma and Margarita choose to personally receive their award they could attend the Annual Awarding of Quality Seal to the chosen Drugstores all over the Philippines on October 13, 2007 at the Terranova Garden , New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan.   ( with reports from Marivic Alcober )

Bench drugstore in Catbalogan
Bench Drugstore along San Francisco Street
Cidne's pharmacy in Catbalogan
Cidne's Pharmacy along Del Rosario Street





Filipino priest shaves head in solidarity with Burma monks; protests continue across region

Press Release
By Asian Human Rights Commission (HRC)
October 4, 2007

HONG KONG  –  A Filipino priest in Hong Kong found a new way to observe a Catholic holy day on Thursday by having his head shaved to show solidarity with Burma's Buddhist monks.

Fr. Robert Reyes had his head shaved outside the legislative assembly in the city centre to mark the feast for St. Francis of Assisi and commune with Buddhist monks suffering from the continuing violent crackdown by the military junta in Burma after they led protests against it in September.

"Today, I will have my head shaved for the first time... It is such a small price to pay to express what is deepest in my heart and the heart of all peace and justice loving persons," Fr. Reyes said in a statement that he read out beforehand.

"I let go of my hair and ask the rest of the world to let go of their indifference as well. Hair represents both attachment and defilement. The Burmese Generals led by General Than Shwe are madly attached to power which has not only defiled them but is now leading them to murder those who stand for what they are not... the Buddhists monks," he said in the statement.

He likened the monks' actions of going out to the streets to demonstrate to how St. Francis of Assisi had also lived his life, through non-violence and love.

Like the monks, St. Francis too had lived a simple life deprived of wealth and privileges, he noted.

Reyes also likened the shaving of his head to St. Francis' stripping his clothes to express anger.

"For these monks to lead the protests was a form of self sacrifice. They have risked their own lives and chosen to break their silence for the welfare of their people," Reyes observed.

"But even these peaceful actions were too much for the regime to tolerate," he added.

Reyes stressed that Catholics around the world must pay constant attention to the continuing violent crackdown by Burma's regime and do whatever possible through their communities to end the suffering there.

Photographs of his solo protest can be viewed online at:





No truth to ambush by the military in Motiong, Samar

October 3, 2007

CAMP LUKBAN, Catbalogan City  –  The ambush that took place last 26 September 2007 at around 10:00 o’clock in the evening killing 3 civilians and wounding six others perpetrated by the military as alleged by the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas are all lies and purely fabrications for their unpopular revolutionary ends.

In the statement of Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV Spokesman that the 8th Infantry Division and its 46th Infantry Battalion was responsible for the attack on Brgy Chairman Dacatimban and eight barangay councilors has no truth and no basis at all as this is a pure propaganda to brainwash the public and put the military and police into bad light.

Based on the report, Barangay Captain Vedasto Dacatimban of Caranas, Motiong, Samar with eight (8) companions mostly barangay councilors were traversing the provincial road from Barangay Calapi to Barangay Caranas on board a multicab when they were brutally ambushed by NPA terrorists belonging to the Arnulfo Ortiz Command headed by Communist Terrorists Leader (CTL) Loreto Dacanay alias Sol.

Earlier at around 4:00 o’clock PM, Barangay Councilor Ernesto General, also of Barangay Caranas was mercilessly peppered with bullets by six (6) armed NPA terrorists led by CTL Naning Laboc alias Payong while on his way home from a wedding ceremony of a relative at Barangay Canvais of same town for suspecting him as a government informer and refusing to heed to their call not to run in the incoming Barangay Elections. He died instantaneously due to nineteen (19) gunshot wounds from caliber 45 pistols.

Upon knowing the incident, Barangay Chairman Dacatimban and eight (8) of his councilors went to Calapi Patrol Base under 46IB purposely to give information and shed light with regards to the killing of Barangay Councilor General.

But while on their way home, the group of Brgy Chairman Dacatimban whose intention is to report and shed light to the murder of General were waylaid down along the provincial road of Motiong, Samar.

Fr. Salas also demanded the military to immediately release and free Barangay Councilor Jaime Dacutanan and Richard Dacatimban whom he alleged were missing and abducted by the military.

These statements are all propaganda lies and hallucinations of the NDF-EV spokesman to cover-up their own atrocities committed. The two whom he alleged missing and abducted actually were able to escape the “killing zone” but were unfortunately wounded also. They were found in a nearby barangay and were brought to Samar Provincial Hospital for treatment. They are now in the custody of Mayor Pacanan of Motiong, Samar.

The military detachment under 2lt Ray John Labiao in the area immediately conducted hot pursuit to withdrawing NPA terrorists and also provided first aid to the wounded and coordinated transportation for their evacuation.

The military is the protector of the people and the state and strictly adhere and respect the principles of human rights. Civilians or non-combatants are not targets of military operations.

Major General Armando L Cunanan AFP, the Commanding General of the 8th Infantry Division condemns this barbaric act perpetrated by the NPA Communist Terrorist while he extends sympathy and expresses his condolences to the bereaved family of the victims.

He also calls on all sectors of the society to be vigilant against these groups who are masquerading as champions of their causes like Fr. Salas and his Communist Terrorist allies as these are traps they use purposely to deceive and entice people to support their evil intentions of destroying the democratic liberties of the people.

“We urge all investigative bodies and other human rights advocates to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation to once and for all identify the perpetrators and to seek justice to the families and relatives of the victims,” Cunanan said.

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Leyte to hold Annual BNS Convention

By Provincial Media Relations Center (PMRC Leyte)
October 3, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  In keeping the spirit of volunteerism very much alive among Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs), Leyte’s barangay-based volunteer workers is set to conduct their Annual BNS Convention at the Leyte SMED Center this October 10.

The provincial government of Leyte under the helm of Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla ensures that the convention is held annually in order that BNS’s concerns and welfare will be regularly responded to by the local government units from the barangays up to the provincial level.

According to Maritoni Gorgonia, the province’s nutrition action officer, this year’s annual gathering would have the overriding mission of addressing malnutrition through the able support of the LGU saying "success of nutrition programs is identified by two factors that is political commitment of local officials and community involvement and participation."

She likewise added that the province’s BNS should be lauded for their multi-sectoral and multilevel task in the community despite the common and increasing concern regarding inadequate honoraria and benefits given to them.

The BNSs receive a small amount of incentive from the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of the barangay and sometimes from the municipality and province, it was learned.

Under Presidential Decree 1569 of 1978, the BNS is a barangay-based volunteer worker who delivers basic nutrition and related health services, and links communities with nutrition and related service providers.

The BNSs is tasked to do regular weighing of preschool children as part of the Operation Timbang (OPT) and determine the nutritional status of these children based on a reference table.

The BNSs also manage supplementary feeding of undernourished children and help out in the conduct of mothers' classes by assisting the trainers and the mother-learners. They also conduct home visits and household surveys regarding births, disabled persons, older persons, newly built houses and transferees and perform various tasks in the barangay health center assisting the midwife.

Meanwhile, Gorgonia added, Barangay Nutrition Scholars are part and parcel in the LGUs drive to achieve an effective strategy to address the urgent call for action in nutritional improvement and to implement and facilitate sustainability of barangay nutrition plans.

Thus she said, the provincial government is enjoining the LGUs to strengthen the management capacity of the BNS and look beyond volunteerism as mere service delivery without pay but professional work towards nutritional improvement.





DTI Borongan: Market fish vendors violate ordinance

By ALICE NICART (PIA Eastern Samar)
October 2, 2007

BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar  –  The poor must be brought out of their “living-death world”. Thus said Mrs. Eleanor O. Alido, Eastern Samar Provincial Director of Department of Trade and Industry in a telephone interview.

Alido’s spontaneous empathy for the poor was said as her natural reaction to what her department was able to confirm in their recent market study which revealed the vendors fraudulent and unscrupulous maneuvering of prices.

Referring to Borongan’s (then) Municipal Ordinance No. 9, s. 2003, Alido and her staff noted that several market vendors have manipulative behaviors. Their survey, conducted particularly during the September period when Boronganons were preparing for their city fiesta celebration, disclosed that aside from fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, even restaurants have had exorbitant prices.  Similarly, even recently, when the celebration was over, still the same condition is exhibited in the wet market.

Alido stressed that the price of fish have been notably maneuvered, if only to examine the specification indicated in the ordinance.  The famous Blue Marlin have soared to One Hundred Eighty pesos (P180) per kilo and the Tuna, One Hundred Fifty (P150).  Surprisingly, she added that the fish from Guiuan is more expensive from those coming from Catbalogan, when in truth, the former is more proximate to Borongan city.

However, the vendors argued, according to Alido that the fish variety of Guiuan is more classy than those from Catbalogan, hence the more price of Guiuan’s marine products.  But again, DTI did not content with the vendors “Alibi”.  Something must be done, she said.

Armed with their survey’s findings, DTI is set to submit to Borongan City’s Sangguniang Panglunsod for them to study and sanction the fraudulent prices in the Borongan Market. Considering all parties, albeit, related cost and mark ups, DTI has recommended specific ceilings from first class variety of fish to the third. For example, Guiuan’s first class fish must be sold at only P130 per kilo, 2nd class-P90per kilo and 3rd class-P70.00 per kilo.  On the other hand, the fish from Catblogan, may be priced P110, P80 and P70 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes respectively.

Alido hopes and calls on the SP for their prioritization and urgency. She said, that as the people project a city life status, the government can also look at the different angles of one’s personality.  Progressing socially, may require first of all, emotional and economic growth.

Today, while some prices in the market remain high as against its standards, the person who is hungry will just have to bite it regardless the buying power of his peso, as long as he could satisfy his primordial biological need…food.

Asked what DTI has done to these violators, the lady director said for humanitarian considerations, on first offense they are warned, on second offense penalty is imposed but on the third offense, their permit will be revoked.

On top of these all however, she and this writer are truly believers in the vision of the new city government which is head up for the best interest of each Boronganon.





Barangay and SK elections postponement still possible – Senator Roxas

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
October 1, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  Senator Mar Roxas disclosed the possibility that the forthcoming barangay elections will be postponed.

Senator Mar Roxas

The committee which conducted the study is expected to submit their findings and recommendations on Wednesday, Senator Roxas revealed. It seems that the recommendation is in favor of the postponement of the barangay elections, Senator Roxas added. The good Senator, however, said that the committee’s recommendation will be officially bared once the committee report is submitted on Wednesday.

Senator Roxas was reacting to the appeal of the local chief executives to postpone the elections since another election would again mean divisiveness among the people.

It would be recalled that House Bill 2417, which seeks to postpone the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections from October 29, 2007 to May 11, 2009, was approved by the House of Representatives about two weeks ago.

The Senators are urged by the local chief executives to take similar step and approve a counterpart bill.

The mayors present said that the intervening period could be used to initiate the much-needed reforms in the Barangay and the Sangguniang Kabataan systems.

Senator Roxas said that the suggestion of the mayors to instead appoint the barangay chairman who will represent his barangay, rather than sacrificing the interest of the barangay if and when the chairman does not have the same color with that of the local chief executive, is a good idea and worth looking into.

The mayors present appreciated the candidness of Senator Roxas saying that the country needs a leader who knows how to listen to the voice of the people.

Looking at and listening to the reactions of the Mayors during the interaction, it appears that the good Senator has captured their hearts, another chief executive said.





Senator Roxas finds time to dialogue with mayors in Tacloban

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
October 1, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  The local chief executives who were present during the dialogue, lauded Senator Roxas for finding time to interact with them. The mayors said that it is very seldom that visiting National Government Officials find time to talk and listen to the local executives.

The dialogue which was held at lunch time, after the press conference with the local media, at the residence of Pintados Foundation president Eugene Tan on September 30, was a very fruitful one and was attended by mayors from Leyte, Southern Leyte and Eastern Samar towns.

The mayors said that just as they find time to interact with the barangays in order to know their respective concerns, they also feel the need for the visiting High Officials from Manila to find time to interact with them when they happen to be in the Region.

Senator Mar Roxas listened to the concerns of the local chief executives and patiently answered their questions.

Among the concerns raised were on whether or not the barangay elections will push through; the delayed release of funding for the government scholars enrolled at State Universities and Colleges which resulted in non-enrolment of scholars in these state colleges and universities; the delayed release of benefits to the orphans of barangay officials who died in service; and the creation of new national high schools.

On the creation of new high schools, Senator Roxas told the local government executives to just write him formally about it.

On the delayed payment of the part of the National Government of the tuition fees of government scholars, Senator Roxas promised that he will look into the matter. He opined that the scholars must not be made to sacrifice just because of something that is beyond the control of the scholars.

Senator Roxas was in Leyte to grace the Alay Lakad Programs of the city of Tacloban and the municipalities of Tanauan and Tabon-Tabon.



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