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Name:    Paul Pruel
Address:    KHS,
PO Box 10120, Riyadh, Central, 11433, Saudi Arabia
December 25, 2005

December’s Treasures:

Christians believed that December 25 was the birth of Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, the great High Priest, the founder of the Christian church and central figure of the human race.

But December 25 was also the birth of Sir Isaac Newton in 1642. He was a genius that explained gravity. Isaac Newton's discoveries were so numerous and varied that many consider him to be the father of modern science. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, Newton developed an intense interest in mathematics and the laws of nature which ultimately led to his two most famous works: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and Opticks.

Also it marked the death of some well-known and historical personalities such as, Pope Adrian 1 died on December 25, 795. He was a Roman, successor of Stephen IV. At Adrian's urging, Charlemagne crossed the Alps and defeated the Lombard king, Desiderius, who had annexed papal territory. That defeat marked the end of the Lombard kingdom. Charlemagne, during the siege of Pavia, went to Rome, there confirmed the donation of Pepin to the Papal States, and joined additional provinces to it. Adrian in turn confirmed Charlemagne's title of patrician of the Romans, thereby acknowledging Charlemagne's protectorate over all Italy. Adrian supported Empress Irene in her struggle against iconoclasm, and he sent legates to the Second Council of Nicaea.

Karel Capek, a Czech, author and inventor of the word robot had died on December 25, 1938. He was a playwright, novelist, and essayist. He was best known as the author of two brilliant satirical plays—R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), which introduced the word robot into the English language, and The Insect Play, written with his brother Josef. He also wrote travel sketches, romances, essays, and short stories. Čapek's three philosophical novels, Hordubal, Meteor and An Ordinary Life are profound and even mystical in tone. Distinct from his other works, they constitute Čapek's masterpiece.

December 25 is the 359th day of the year. It is also the 360th day in leap years in Gregorian calendar. And it is the 300th day counting from March 1, every year.

In the Roman year, December is the 10th calendar month. Now, it is the 12th month of the year and it is one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days. Astrologically the month begins in Sagittarius and ends in the sign of Capricorn. The December’s flower is the holly and its birthstone is turquoise.

In Old Japan Calendar, December is called Shiwasu. In Finnish it is called Joulukuu (month of Christmas) since about 18 century. Earlier it was called Talvikuu (month of winter). In Irish it is called Mi Na Nollag (the month of Christmas).

The Christmas tree, Christmas ham, Yule log, Holly, mistletoe and the giving of presents are the most familiar traditional practices and symbols of Christmas practiced by most Christians in Western countries and in Asia.

The Philippines is well known for the longest celebration of Christmas season in the world. During this period the children are visiting their godparents, the elderly, close relatives and sing beautiful Christmas songs in exchange of gifts and some amount of money. The “Simbang Gabi” starts on 16 December ‘til the 24th midnight though Christmas celebration is extended ‘til the day of the Three Kings, which falls on January 6. But the season starts as far back as September.

Because December is one of the most costly months of the year, those who can afford enjoy the extravagant shopping for the season. Unlike those who are less fortunate, they would have to think twice to buy even the cheaper one.

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Name:   Romulo Palma, RN
Address:   Birmingham City, England

Congratulations to my sister Rechie for passing the Nursing Board Examination and also hi to all my friends, relatives and family in Pagsanghan. Looking forward to seeing you all when I come back home in January. Cheers...

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Name:     Cesar Torres
Date:   Yuletide 2005


Friday in California, December 23, 2005 and I have to go to work. I envy the privilege of the intellectual, and sometimes, impertinent but impoverished elite of Philippine academe, the faculty members of the UP.

I don't think they are slaving it out on December 23, 2005. I took the BART train to work. This is the train that crisscrosses the San Francisco Bay Area which goes under the San Francisco Bay. Everytime I take this train, I commend my soul to Bathala-Allah-God-Yahweh-Christ-Buddha. And I bear all my thoughts, the power of my mind, on all the girls I loved before so that they will not say anything unflattering about me in case I am transported to Paradise to the waiting arms of 72 virgins.

Because of too much hate and irrationality in this world, I cannot forget the bombings in New York, in Madrid, in London, in Moscow, in Bali, in Makati, in the ferry going to Bacolod, in the LRTs in Metro Manila. And the suicide martyrs in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Israel, in Palestine, in Egypt, in Africa. If this could happen in those places, there is no reason that this cannot happen anywhere in this world.

I was leafing through the latest issue of Time Magazine while in the train. Of course, I had earlier read about the world famous entertainer Bono, and the beautiful Melinda Gates and the not so handsome but the richest man on Earth, Bill Gates who have been chosen Persons of the Year.  Bono, a world-class entertainer, and a protégé of Jeffrey Sachs, ("The End of Poverty") is just doing his thing, wanting to minimize extreme poverty in Africa through his "DATA" Foundation. I don't think Bono, wants to become President of the US unlike two-bit entertainers in Bangsa Malaya.

And Bill Gates and Melinda, far richer than King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and King Midas.  And with all the power in their hands – they can easily paralyze the universe if they want to because of Microsoft Office Suite and Windows – Bill and Melinda do not seem to be interested in staying in the White House so that that UP Home Economics alumna, sorry I forgot her name, can serve them pancit luglog, pinangat, bibingka, salabat, puto bungbong, balut, blood-blood, and kilawen.  Unlike some of the very rich thieves in the Philippines.

But it was the story of former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, "When Opposites Attract" and dubbed "Partners of the Year", that struck me.  I am not fond of talking about US Presidents because they are so powerful and so rich. Even if their features are human, I imagine them as extraterrestrials, worshipped by the Mayas and the Incas, thus laying low the civilizations of South America, and resulting in massive genocide of the indigenous Indian populations. So I think they are so far removed from me and my kind.

But in this instance, my attention was riveted on the story of President Bush and Clinton. I was amazed at the sincerity in the friendship of these two political leaders.  Their political parties do not seem to matter to them anymore while they are collaborating in helping the tsunami and the Katrina victims.  It was just incidental that in recent years, America has become so divided.  Fervent partisans of these divisions are practically spitting venom and fire at each other. The two simply wanted to do something to alleviate suffering.  They are just intelligent and compassionate men. In the words of Time: "Both are confiding, forgiving men, welcoming to almost all comers and still nursing bruises from their time in office. Clinton told a reporter that because Bush had to reconcile with someone who had beaten him, he merited the most praise for making the partnership work."

Ilang tulog na lang – kung makakatulog dahil sa pighati at kahirapan – and it will be 2006 in Pilipinas Kong Mahal.  Many are conjuring dire predictions for our 87 million people. Despite the availability of the Internet and a little familiarity with the lessons of history in addition to the privilege of being able to behold a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Area and being able to see tomorrow beyond the Golden Gate Bridge when one is dining in a world class restaurant by the Berkeley Marina, the crystal ball is murky about January 2006 and beyond in Perlas ng Silangan.

But how I wish that we can learn from the humility and passions of Bono, Melinda and Bill Gates, and President George Bush and Bill Clinton. This is not really original with them. The Samarnons have forgiven the Americans after turning Samar into a "howling wilderness."  We have forgiven the Japanese. No need to elaborate.  Susan Fujita and Tonette Binsol can explain. The Communist Chinese have forgiven each other despite the Red Guards and the Massacre in Tienanmen Square.  So have the Moroccans and the South Africans.  The Viet Congs have forgiven the Americans. And the Sufi Poet, Morsidy Husin and Alex Kho and Don Loong, all Tausugs have forgiven the Americans, despite Bud Dajo and Bud Bagsak. And the Germans and the Japanese and the Americans have probably forgiven each other.

And of course, the most dramatic example of forgiveness, humility, and statesmanship is the one exemplified by the Tupamaros in Uruguay.  Because of the Frente Amplio, Uruguay seems to be the most politically-stable society in South America.  And its lessons are reverberating all over the world. Witness Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.  They are crafting massive political change in their societies through the electoral process, not through the armed struggle by bombings, ambuscades, and assassinations.

Peace to us all, especially to all men of goodwill. I think 2006 would be a defining year for us all. May it be for a better Pilipinas Kong Mahal, with wise, courageous, and gracious leaders whom we can trust and follow.

I fervently hope that starting next year, this derisive, insulting expression: "Trapo" or "dish rag" would no longer be part of our political discourse. I pray that Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr., the only Senator that I voted for in 2004, and  ex-UP President Dr. Jose V. Abueva, the best example of the tradition of liberal democracy in the Philippines, can help guide us in treading the path along our national destiny, in the midst of the political darkness that may lie ahead.


Cesar Torres

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Name:    Lov Asero
Address:   Brgy. Dawa, Basay,
Samar, Philippines
Date:   24 Dec 2005

To Felicito D. Buad; Leo Ramirez; Hon. Bartolome  R. Castillo III

You are wondering if I am really from “Basay”? I owe you no explanation, but to appeace your agnostic mind, I’d like to let you know that I was born and I grew up in a barrio named Dawa along the Golden River.  All my ancestors and predecessors were born, have died and have been buried in Basay.  If the way I spell Basay is the reason of your doubt, I am telling you, you should be more skeptic with the spelling ‘Basey’. Obviously, you are the one who is not from Basay. Thus, I suggest that before you assault my spelling of Basay. You ought to have read more about our province.

For your enlightenment, the real name of our town is Basay. From time immemorial up to the end of WW II, it has been spelled ‘Basay’ by our predecessors.  By conspiracy of the Americans and Philippine government officials who wanted to be Americanized, they opted to change the name of Basay to ‘Basey’ without consulting the majority of the Basaynons. Thus, the term Basey. Now, it is my choice whether or not to uphold such change. I choose to stand by our native term ‘Basay’. Did that appease you?

In anycase, is my spelling of the word Basay of primordial importance in the issue at hand? I beg to differ that just because I spell Basay in a different way, my motives for my homeland should be questioned. On the other hand, I believe it is the other way around. People who know nothing of what they speak of should be even more doubted in their motives because they act without thinking. And more importantly, people who are willing to sacrifice the lives of other people in exchange of what they call “development” should be the once who should be doubted because greed maneuvers their souls.

The solution of the problem of poverty of the people in the three provinces of Samar is not logging.  Logging has been banned for so many years all over Samar.  Logging started in Basay in the early 60’s up to late 80’s after the moratorium on logging operations was imposed. I witnessed how logs were cut, hauled to the river banks and towed to the sea where foreign vessels awaited for its loading. Now, what have these logging operations left us?  As we all can see, Basey is STILL void of development!!!  What it left to the people of Basay are traces of their abundant past and present misery.

Have you ever been to Basay, Mr Baud? If not, I suggest you see for yourself what has become of our precious homeland. Maybe when you see Basay, you’ll have a change of heart. Maybe when you see Basay, you’ll see that the precious logging operation you adhere to is not the solution after all, at least, not at the expense of Basaynons and/or peoples lives.

At present, the main river of the Golden River in Basay is silted, others have dried up. Variety of fish species and other marine lives used to abound these rivers and was once a source of livelihood of the people of the 20 large barangays along the Golden River. Furthermore, because of erosion and floods, beaches are no longer covered with sand but mud. Farmlands are now less productive because of irrigation and yet, you still want to implement the logging operations? I think not.

Sustainable logging operation?  This sounds doable.  This is clearly spelled out in Timber License Agreements (TLA) between concessionaires and the government. My question is, was this ever implemented?  Logging companies put up their respective impressive nurseries with variety of wood specie in order to deceive the people where in fact these specie are only transplanted along the main roads and has left vast area in our homeland denuded. It is worth mentioning at this juncture that these particular specie are not suitable in Samar. These may grow in other areas in Mindanao whose climate have frequent rainfall. This is significantly far from that of Samar. This is the reason why most of the logs coming from Samar are sinkers while that of Mindanao float on water.  Samar logs are also harder and tougher. Therefore the success of PICOP cannot be achieved in Samar

I agree with you that what we need now in Samar is action rather than rhetoric of politicians. Instead, we need to focus on developing our agriculture, fishing and tourism industries.  We ought to develop the seaport and airport in Guiuan and make the area and its vicinity an economic zone to mention a few.  Put up canneries in towns where fish abounds, like Catbalogan and Guiuan, Eastern Samar. These are alternative ventures that need to be explored in order to bring factual development in Samar Island. However, it is sad to note that it cannot be implemented with our present political situation. It is an acknowledged fact that most of our government officials are not sincere in pursuing development rather, they act for their personal advancement. Indeed, corruption is the root of the decline of good governance. Thus, it must be eradicated out of our political system.

I am not a politician and I never intended to be one. If my airing my concern for the protection and betterment of Basay and Samar Island as a whole  makes me look like an “aspiring politician”, then so be it. I would rather be branded as such than see my homeland cease to exist as the result of these illegal logging operations, than to see my kababayans suffer in silence. Most importantly, I would rather be branded an “aspiring politician” than to be a killer of humanity. I am happy for what I am now that is why I want my fellow Samarnons  to be happy as well.


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Name:    Aida Uy Luma-Ad
Address:    Cany- Barville Str. 70, Woerth Am Rhein, Rheinland -
Pfalz 76744, Germany
December 24, 2005

Kumusta mga Batch...3 nala ka adlaw Alumnie na liwat, mga pasaway ayaw naman kamo pagura-ura pagininom hinay-hinay la it paghubog! sayang waray ako, kamahidlaw na gad pira na ka Alumnie waray ako pero sige la sunod nala maloy an Dios. To Vangie, Vivian, Gina dida nala ako matawag ngahaw hit Alumnie kay bisan harayo ako baga mabati gadman ako hit iyo karisyuhan miss tana kamo balitaw. Regards to all bisan an deri nangangasi ha aton han-hani he he he!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thank you to all the staff of samarnews for website more power.

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Name:    Lorna Sim
Ontario, Canada
Date:   Dec 22/05

Ha mga taga Catbaloganon labi na gud an akon mga sangkay.. Nena Luchana and family, Mana Edith (former Ms Nabablit) and family an Jimmy Nabalit...Merry X'mas and Blessed New Year......

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Name:    Tomo

Maupay nga Pasko ha iyo nga tanan!!! Pag ampo kita na unta an bago nga tuig magdara han aton bago nga paq-asa, para han kabubuwasan hini nga aton gugma nga tuna han Samar.

Tikang han iyo sankay nga permi nag didinalos, maupay nga Pasko ngan mamingaw nga bag-o nga tuig.

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Name:    Adelbert S. Batica
207 W. 31st St., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:   22 dec. 2005

Re:  Grace Villalon's request.

She can actually visit the Borongan website at:  or simply go into "Search", then type "Borongan, Eastern Samar" for very helpful information. I've been able to locate long-lost friends from Borongan by simply posting a message in the Borongan website. I'm not from Borongan, but went to school there a long time ago, so it's not surprising I'd miss the town every now and then.

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Name:    Paul Pruel
Address:    KHS,
PO Box 10120, Riyadh, Central 11433, Saudi Arabia
December 22, 2005

To Adelbert Batica: Re warning on e-mail scams

Recently, I experienced and almost had become a foolish victim of fraud in the Internet. I was hoaxed into believing that I would become a millionaire just in a short time. I entered into a business transaction with the people whom I believed would help me change my life. But I was wrong. I found myself a big foolish victim.

Ito ay naging lesson ko at idinadaan ko nalang sa tawa sa tuwing I look at my name printed on the change of ownership approved by the high court of South Africa as the heir/beneficiary of the property deposited in the bank of (SA) I couldn’t hold to laugh at myself and thought how foolish I was though it thrilled me so much too thinking that I owned million of dollars there hahahaha….

And promised to myself never again to entertain any unsolicited letters coming into my mailbox.

Regarding these Scams it even has its own name, "419 NIGERIAN SCAMS". And the website address is:  Another website got from my other forum, which is all about a farm lady, don’t have anything to do with her life and decided "scamming these scammers":  Emails are hilarious - stories like selling mules, working in a mental hospital etc.

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Name:    Roselyn Bernardo
Address:    No. 9 Pinagbuhatan, Victorino, Pasig 1608, Philippines
Date:   Dec.22, 2005

Kumusta mga taga Guiuan, labi na han akon mga kasangkayan dida hira Bael, Odie, Erwin nganhi Amigo...maupay nga pasko mga Guiuananon....pati an mga makakabasa hine nga akon mensahe...salamat !!! Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

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Name:   Grace Villalon
1442 Carriage Ln. #1, Westmont, Illinois 60559, U.S.

I'm originally from Borongan Eastern Samar now living in Westmont, Illinois about 45 minute downtown Chicago. I would like to meet any Boronganon or anybody from Eastern Samar. My e-mail address is so feel free to e-mail and also I would like to know if there's any organization for Leyte Samar here in Illinois?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Name:    Paul Pruel
Address:    KHS,
PO Box 10120, Riyadh, Central 11433, Saudi Arabia
December 21, 2005

To Mr. Ray Gaspay, Samarenos, Leytenos and Yahoo users:

I’m just wondering bakit sinulat ito ng Yahoo now readable in the net. Is Yahoo admitting na nadadaig na sila ng ibang internet servers such as Google etc.? Gusto ko nang maniwala na totoo nga ito dahil mag-iisang lingo na I can’t access to my yahoo mail. Ito ay nasungkit ko while surfing the net. Kayo ba’y nakakapagbukas pa ng inyong Yahoo mails? If they are really running out of resources bakit hindi sila magdagdag. O baka naman pananakot lang ito ng Yahoo… please read below.


Dear YAHOO User,

Because of the sudden rush of people signing up to YAHOO, it has come to our attention that we are vastly running out of resources. So, within a month's time, anyone who does not receive this email with the exact subject heading, will be deleted off our server. Please forward this email so that we know you are still using this account.

We want to find out which users are actually using their YAHOO accounts. So if you are using your account, please pass this e-mail to every YAHOO user that you can and IF YOU DO NOT PASS this letter to anyone we will delete your account.


YAHOO Admin. Dept.

Our YAHOO system is getting to crowded!! We need you to forward this to at least 20 people. I know this seems like a large number, but we need to find out who is really using their account. If you do not send this to at least 10 YAHOO members, we will delete your account. Sorry for this inconvenience. 


Director of YAHOO Services

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Name:    Bonifacio Obrador
Address:   Salug Dist., Catbalogan,
Date:   21 December 05

To Tomo,

I think there is a need first to address the root causes of the instability besetting our country, before politics. In our political system that candidates gained votes because of guns, goons and gold that poor people have got no means to turn to than to accept the current political system. If most of us are economically empowered we won't be cowed by these self serving politicians at all. Get rid of the roots and we will bear fruits in the end. In addition you don't need flat lands to build factories, Cebu is a good example of progress. If a certain locality experiences economic progress the need to improve infrastructures and logistics will follow suit.

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Name:    Adelbert Batica
207 W. 31st St., Minneapolis, MN 55408, US
20 December 2005

RE:  Paul Pruel's warning on e-mail scams.

I get these notices of awards almost on a daily basis.  Some I read, others I delete.  If I do read a notice, I reply with, "Thank you for your generosity.  I request that my winnings be donated to the tsunami victims.  This message serves as authorization for you to make the proper remittance to the International Red Cross."

There are also other e-mail scams, including those involving somebody getting killed in a plane crash in Africa being represented by a "barrister" (lawyer) in search of a next of kin. Obviously, the reason some get the notice is because, as the "barrister" says, "Mr. So and So does not have a next of kin."  Then the notice continues, saying that, if you agree to have the insurance money deposited in your (U.S.) account, you will get a commission of 20% of the amount (usually in the millions). Then the "barrister" gives a fax and phone number, some even give you a cellphone number, giving the impression that it's legit.  My usual response:  "Thank you, but I can't assist you at this point. I would highly recommend that you contact either the INTERPOL or the U.S. FBI as they have the resources to process your request."  In some cases, I even give them the local number of the FBI.

There are just too many crooks out there.

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Name:   Tomo
Dec 19, 2005

I totally agree with Lov Asero, the Samar Island is one of the remaining natural low land forest in our country and that's the way we should utilize it. Sell the beauty of our island to the world as something no one else have, the likes of Maqueda bay a sheltered bay from the big waves of the Pacific. Samar is truly a GOD gift of nature, cutting the trees down and digging huge holes for profit is a wrong way of utilizing the said natural wonder.

There are people in our province who think that industrializing Samar is the answer to poverty of which I completely disagree for the following reasons. 1) Samar geographical location is out of the way from the major shipping lanes 2) It does not have a secured or ideal sea port for huge container ships 3) It does not have the ideal flat lands to put factory. Not to mention the peace and order that is required for a region to develop industry.

Before we can talk about poverty alleviation we must first achieve political stability, we must first find and put the right people in government, not the people who are there right now, people who love to hear themselves in their privilege speeches, which they did not even wrote, people who talks a lot but do nothing but steal calamity fund and broker their company for various government contract. Ang kakapal talaga!

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Name:    Felicito D. Buad
P. de Rosdario St., Catbalogan, Samar
Date:    Dec. 19, 2005

To Lov Asero,

I am just wondering if you are really from Basey because you are betrayed by your spelling of Basay (Instead of Basey). Anyhow, I am encouraging you to be proactive in your criticisms. What is your solution to this nagging problem of poverty in our province? What can you suggest that would help alleviate these problems? We need actions rather debates which would only add fuel to an already inflamed situation. That's why our country don't prosper because we have so much aspiring politicians who would like arguments than addressing the problem head on. We have some opportunities in the pasts that we were hang ups with all these meaningless rhetorics. Tekwa before becoming a Mayor was considered a good for nothing candidate because of his background, but he is doing good for Catbaloganons at present.

My suggestion is to take some opportunities with an open mindedness attitude, study them carefully, know the causes and it's possible effects and how we can avert them so that we can move ahead. Stop this nonsense challenge of debate and instead take action in your own locality.

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Name:    Leo Ramirez
Address:   Bgy. 10. Patag Dist., Catbalogan,
19th December 2005

To Lov Asero,

Re: Speech of Hon. Castillo

I totally agree with you [link] that logging per se is disastrous to our ecosystem let alone the consequences to our fellow Samarnons, but you probably missed the point of what Hon. Castillo was advocating which is a responsible utilisation of our natural resources, not the wanton extraction of forest trees without sustainanble management systems. I think the govt. with the auspices of DENR should work together with prospective logging concessionaires, and local communities on how to develop our resources with an effective and workable sustainable forest management system for their mutual end. An example is planting of fast growing trees to replenish the harvested ones or we can prohibit cutting of indigenous tress and instead encourage the logging firms to plant fast and export quality tree species like gmelina. PICOP can help us out on these technologies.

We shouldn't close our eyes to the reality that we need to generate industries and employment in our region to benefit us all. There are some ways that we can work together to address our enemy which is poverty.

Debate will just end up with PRIDE to the victors and bruised ego to the losers, or we might as well end up as frustrated politicians.

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