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Subject:  Please update more often
Name:  Rhea Penaranda
Address:  Calbayog City
Date:   April 23, 2015


I really enjoy reading the news published in your site. I just hope you update and post more news.

Thank you and more power!

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Subject:  NPA punishes intelligence handler, 11 other enemy
Date: Aug. 23, 2014

NPA punishes intelligence handler, 11 other enemy casualties killed in various guerrilla actions in EV.

Why do you allow this kind of stuff on your website? Will you be burned out if you do not post it?

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Subject:  In response to the pasted article below
Name: kelguy
Date:  Apr 4, 2014

Pursue the peace talks and genuine post-Yolanda reconstruction, free Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria

A Press Statement by the National Democratic Front (NDF) Eastern Visayas
March 26, 2014

In behalf of the worst-hit region of the Supertyphoon Yolanda, we in the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in Eastern Visayas express our strongest condemnation of the illegal arrest by the Aquino regime's security forces of Comrade Benito Tiamzon and Comrade Wilma Austria, senior leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), together with five other comrades last March 22. We join the peace advocates in demanding their immediate release in accordance with the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) between the NDFP and the Government of the Philippines (GPH). We condemn the Aquino regime for fabricating criminal charges against the married couple and their companions, and for falsely claiming that such common crimes will negate the JASIG, among other contemptible excuses to deny the comrades their freedom.

To refresh the public's mind, after the supertyphoon hit last Nov. 8, the national leadership of the CPP declared a unilateral ceasefire in the affected regions in solidarity with the suffering people and for the facilitation of humanitarian aid. In Eastern Visayas, the NPA strictly observed a unilateral ceasefire that lasted for 60 days even while the Armed Forces of the Philippines carried out its brutal Oplan Bayanihan. The CPP leadership also directed the New People's Army (NPA) and other revolutionary forces to carry out relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the affected regions. The NPA continues to help in the tilling of communal farms, promotion of quick-growing food and cash crops, rebuilding of ravaged communities, and other struggles to uplift the people's conditions in the wake of Supertyphoon Yolanda.

It is therefore a gross insult to the survivors of Supertyphoon Yolanda for the GPH to arrest Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria while they were performing their duties as CPP leaders overseeing how revolutionary work was helping the recovery in the storm-stricken areas in the Visayas. We are outraged at the depths that the Aquino regime can stoop to in bastardizing the peace process and the post-Yolanda reconstruction. While the NPA observed a unilateral ceasefire after the storm to concentrate on helping the people, the Aquino regime was sending armed troops to Tacloban City to quell the people's dissatisfaction at the absence of immediate relief. Without any shred of sympathy for the plight of the people, the GPH also refused a reciprocal ceasefire with the NPA whom it scorned as the “enemy of the state.” The Aquino regime also used the calamity to give license to the violation of national sovereignty by thousands of foreign troops using the pretext of humanitarian aid, as well as justify the forging of a new military agreement with the US allowing the virtually permanent basing of the latter's troops.

The Aquino regime also faces increasing criticisms, if not over the lack or wastage of relief goods, then over the distribution as well of rotten and worm-ridden goods in Eastern Visayas, among its other sins to the victims. The regime is engaged in high-level corruption with the private sector comprising the firms of the comprador big bourgeoisie and the imperialists that are monopolizing the post-Yolanda reconstruction. Even the so-called Reconstruction Assistance for Yolanda is a sell-out program diminishing, among others, the P75 billion damage to agri-fisheries, and thus denying the people's economic well-being. Meanwhile, the high government officials, compradors and imperialists are happy with the government reconstruction program assuring them of fat public works contracts. Coastal communities are also banned from rebuilding, thus displacing hundreds of thousands of urban poor and fisherfolk in favor of big business. If the people were already suffering even before Supertyphoon Yolanda struck, they are certainly worse off today and not just because of the storm. Survivors of calamity, they are now victims of the Aquino regime's anti-people reconstruction program.

The refusal to release Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria as NDFP peace consultants highlights the grim social conditions where the Aquino government's fascism and criminal negligence oppress the Yolanda survivors and the Filipino people. Even while the Yolanda survivors struggle to rebuild their lives in Eastern Visayas, the Aquino government pursues widespread militarization through Oplan Bayanihan to oppress the struggling people and retain exploitative conditions. Furthermore, the Yolanda survivors will not truly recover when government reconstruction means the further entrenchment of the big landlords, compradors, foreign mining capitalists and other imperialist interests.

The arrival at an agreement for socio-economic reforms is long overdue in the peace talks between the NDFP and GPH. Thus, if the Aquino government is at all interested in genuine recovery for the Yolanda survivors, it should speedily release Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria along with other peace consultants to resume the peace talks and tackle the highly significant subject of post-Yolanda reconstruction, among other socio-economic reforms. All political prisoners must likewise be released as a matter of justice. The longer the Aquino regime refuses to resume the peace talks, the more indignant will the Yolanda survivors and the people become, and the more militant in advancing their interests through the revolutionary armed struggle and the revolutionary mass movement.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I have a major problem with the NDFP stating they are involved in recovery and relief operations WITHOUT stating what those operations are or were. I duly note that their "Father" aka Catholic Priest mouthpiece recently surrendered back in the fold of normalcy. I.e. took the money to supposedly be a once again commoner.

One can only surmise that the superiors and peers may question this persons true faith and allegiance. Ben and Wilma have in the past been the strong behind the arm of the NPA in using the strong arm tactics of the NPA. Many former stalwart NPA members have also returned to the fold.

The NDFP at one time in Philippine History had a valid grievance with the Philippine government. However..., They never could get past the aged lessons of the Maoists and Leninists/ Hence today their ability to effect a paradigm shift in favor of the desired changes of the CPP/NDFP had dwindled so substantially that they have become the chicken little voice more or less saying the sky is falling when in fact the only falling is the decreasing numbers of party membership and participation. i.e people are no longer listening to the uttered party verbiage. Had they taken the path of change from within... that voice would have been heard loudly and most likely party participation and membership would have increased substantially. As things stand today.... post arrest of Ben and Wilma... it appears the 4 headed snake has lost two heads. We can only ponder what the course our plans of action are forthcoming from the 2 remaining heads.

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Subject:  21 cups of coffee daily, no, not for world’s ‘end’
Name:  Ka Chito Deloria Dela Torre
Address: Sulod, Basey, Samar
Date:  Dec 5

Malls in Tacloban, the highly urbanized city in the Leyte-Samar region of the Warays, and small stores in Basey, Samar – in the Philippines, that is, could be happier these days each time coffee drinkers buy coffee from them, and much happier when it is I buying.

578 Emporium – undoubtedly the busiest of the malls (of its kind, size, and layout) – is where I get most of my coffee supply. There, actually, I buy all brands and preparations, whether Kopiko, Barako, Blend 45, etcetera, including the glass jar display. Of course, whenever I happen to be in other big air-conditioned stores where coffee is on sale, I make it a point to buy sachets. That includes 360 pharmacy, each time I go out to do my internet work at Ryanbelle’s along P. Gomez street or at web tours which is located only a building away from 360 at M. H. del Pilar street.

Nope, I’m not hoarding coffee just because some world-end believers kept advising people around the world to prepare for the coming end of our world, which, as based by them on the Mayan calendar, will fall on December 21, 2012. Not even that I have become an inveterate coffee drinker. (Well, anyway, drinking coffee is better than drinking alcoholic drinks, an inveteracy in my younger days when I could go drinking with barkadas for three straight days and two sleepless nights.) It’s just that since October this year, I already spend 21 hours each day working or “surfing” or “skimming”. Yeah, that leaves me an average of only 3 hours to sleep.

A few humans may just have found out for themselves that it would be useless sleeping for long hours if after all they will die with their Earth come 12.21.2012. Some who silently believe in the end-world prediction just spend more time praying – “soul-cleansing”, as others call it, in response to repeated universal calls for spiritual preparations. They have more sleepless nights. I’m not however sure if they, too, have become habitual coffee drinkers.

Early in October, I could consume up to 15 cups (15 sachets, or 30 spoonfuls) of coffee. Towards the second half of that month, my coffee intake rose to 18. That was when we civil servants were told to start our work at 7 a.m. and close our offices at 7 p.m. each work day, or to keep our offices open to our clients for a straight 12 hours - yes! no noon break! (That meant, to be able to serve your first client at exactly 7 o’clock in the morning, you really must be inside your office at least 5 minutes before 7. The 5 minutes could just be enough for you to settle your things on your desk and enter your name into your office log book. Or, if you have a bundy clock, you must punch in before 7 a.m.. An office without a utility worker [janitor, previously] would realistically require the early-bird reporting employee to open the office earlier than 6:30 a.m.!!! so that he or she could first set the office’s proper working condition.) I had to open the office and prepare its work tone much earlier than 7 a.m.. This meant, I had to spruce up myself much, much earlier, and because climate was already getting colder since the onset of the “ber” months, I had to take in more cups of hot coffee.

By November 4 I was already drinking 21 cups of coffee. Yes, Nov. 4, a Sunday. I had to be in office a day earlier or I couldn’t make it before 7a.m. the following day. I live in my mother-in-law’s house at Tacloban HUC and my work place in Basey could be reached in nearly 2 hours - minutes of walk from home to the car line, minutes of waiting for a Paopao car to the new bus terminal, minutes of ride to the terminal, up to more than 30 minutes waiting for the Basey-bound care to roll on, and up to 45 minutes of navigating the highway from Tacloban via San Juanico Bridge to Basey poblacion. To be at my work place before 7 a.m., one must already leave his or her HUC home by 4:45 a.m.. But that is a foolish insinuation and preposterous proposition. No Basey-bound cars are available at the new terminal earlier than 6:30 a.m. each day. To be able to fulfil the mandate of the Civil Service Commission, one living in Tacloban but working in Basey needs to be in Basey on a Sunday and then sleep in Basey during the next 5 days. Ah, yes, the last trip from Basey to Tacloban is frequently before 5 p.m. of each work day. After that, a home-going commuter must have to wait for a van (Van-Van or Duptours) or a bus from Eastern Samar.

Frequently, the successful wait comes by 7 p.m. already. That means, a worker who is mandated by the Commission to leave office work already at past 7 p.m. (7 p.m. being the last period of time that clients must be attended to by a government office) must hurry towards the national highway in order to catch up with the “last trip from Guiuan (or Borongan)”. This home-going civil servant, no doubt, could already be tired and weary from 12 hours working straight, yet he or she must further suffer exhaustion waiting for the “last trip” and riding home. That is, if at all he or she could still be accommodated by the last passing passenger vehicle from the Pacific province, for often, by 7 there are no more vans or buses or those coming down are already congested and have not even an elbow.

Well, this exposition here is just timely. This first week of December is supposed to be marked as national government employee’s week (NGEW – pursuant to a presidential proclamation no. 1130, circa Nov. 11, 1997). Some could by now be wondering if travails such as these that are illustrated here ever find space in the thinking systems of government policy makers. If the government fails to measure up to this extent, then perhaps the thought is correct that the 7 a.m.-7 p.m. policy is not after all for a reality. Drink another cup of coffee to that!

Ah, yes, don’t worry about drinking 10 to 21 or more cups of coffee, decaffeinated or not. Medical researchers continue to argue in both practice and paper on whether or not impulsive coffee-drinking is bad or beneficial to one’s health. End-world watchers and waiters don’t care.

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Subject:  Caution Against Hackers and Spammers
Name:  Ka Chito
Address:  Pio K. Tabunda St., Basey, Samar

A FaceBook friend of yours truly has reported of her FB page being hacked maliciously. She has been prompted to issue an “urgent warning” to FaceBook users: “FRIENDS BE CAREFUL...this is serious... Hackers are posting sexual videos and pictures on your wall and my wall!!! You don’t see them, but your friends do, then it seems, as if you posted (them).... Share this to protect yourself and your friends....” She has urged FB users to “block the sender... this is a malicious move.... it’s illegal crime” and not to “authorize” or “recommend” those sexual videos and pictures. She also requested friends to let her know at once if they would see any such “garbage” posted on a page under her name or that of her family names.

Much earlier, hacking, in the form of a spam, used to victimize the “Let’s Talk Samar” in’s “discussion forum”, or rightly, those who read and clicked open the spam sans suspecting any. The hackers or spammers fed anything related to bad sex, including Viagra. Years or months later, at past 6 p.m. last February 29, “Kelguy”, a regular topic-discussant of that section, commented: “It appears the spammers have figured out how to post text but not links on this website..... Let us hope that this is not a trend that will degrade the usability of the discussion forum.” Last May 16, one hiding in anonymity posted in the forum venue, “Hack again?”, and five days later, a certain “pourinkinnemo” posted a blank note under the supposed topic "The Most Popular Way To Make Prank Phone Calls Online” – both didn’t say any further. Last April 10, “Kelguy” replied to the April 8 post by “COBRA” (who began a new discussion thread: “Demise of the Samar Forum” under which he said that the forum “...further degenerated into an advertising column”), with a new twist, thus: “The demise of the forum is due to the lack of people being involved in their local and regional matters. It seems that a persons concern stops at the boundary of the Barangay vs the LGU, Municipality, City, Provincial or National level. This may sound harsh but when people are not educated on how government or civil law works, they regress into the colonial or feudal ways. Prime local example.... A father here, age EIGHTY would not will his land to his oldest son that was less than a good citizen and not in the good graves of the family. He moved his mother out to a not so distant town and killed his father with a bolo sundang on the same day by hitting him in the forehead and upper back fatally. This mind set is rampant in Region Eight. I have seen family members kill other family members for trivial reasons on several occasions. This forum is well beyond their reach as they have not built up their personal human capital to the point.

Hacking obviously is annoying, but it may also be damaging. Already some government and private websites in the Philippines have been hacked or spammed.

According to the urban a spammer is “a person who sends unwanted or inappropriate electronic mail to multiple recipients, often advertisements”, while spam refers to an “(u)nsolicited electronic mail or text message”. Meanwhile, the Wikipedia defines hacking as “finding out weaknesses in a computer or computer network and exploiting them”.

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Subject:  One’s personal commitment to God
Name:  Ka Chito Dela Torre
Address:  Pio K. Tabunda, Basey, Samar
Date:  April 8, 2012

On this Easter Sunday (April 8, 2012) every Roman Catholic may already be looking as though risen for a newer commitment to life and living. That is, if he or she jumped between 10 o’clock last night and 2 a.m. today. Jumping (kimbig) was once interpreted as a gesture of rising with Jesus Christ on His Resurrection, or in recommitting one’s own self to the teachings of the Begotten Son of God.

On meeting a friend or opening FaceBook or Twitter accounts, or in e-mailing messages, or telephoning or texting someone, the most popular greeting that is immediately put across is “Happy Easter!”. The greeting denotes joy. It also connotes a wish that someone gets to be happy today. But not many know why people should be happy on this very day, or why they should greet anybody that way. In Jesus Christ’s day, it was a reason to rejoice – those who believed in Him, rejoiced at knowing that He had risen from the dead, in fulfillment of a prophecy, that, also, from that time on, faith in Him would flourish.

That day when Our Lord Jesus Christ rose, however, happened two thousand years ago, at a particular date and time – like His Birth - which up to now even the most diligent history continues to fail to determine and fix. And so everything that the entire communities of Christians all over the world are only actually commemorating events thereon that were meant for their own time. And today’s commemoration, as every passing year’s, also serves to teach children about the life of Jesus Christ and to remind them, as they grow up, that one time in the past Jesus defeated Satan the Devil, exemplified Himself, as a human being, on ways that every man and woman should be doing for the rest of their lives and win the way to God’s Kingdom in Heaven. And many of us believe in that. It is one belief that grew into a strong faith, faith that no religion can claim as instrumental or precursor, as it is one faith exclusively gained, learned, understood, followed, advocated, professed and fought for to earn a place in Heaven. That faith is better described as one’s own personal commitment to God the Almighty. It cannot be taught. Neither can it be felt. Not even the heart influences its coming to “life”.

Easter Sunday is like a New Year, or birthday. Promises are made and wishes said. It’s a time when promises and wishes are supposed to give a road-life destiny for one or another, or many others. A detesting Christian tries to see clearly which ways and decisions to take, actions to perform or do, and things to mind and say. The genuinely detesting sees only the God-inspired choices. For the next 365 days, those promises and wishes eventually remain as a personal thing, And so, everybody saying a “Happy Easter” greeting wishes someone to take on a new life’s turn and commits everyday thereafter, until the next Easter Sunday, to do everything to transform every such wish to reality.

How many among those who claim they are Christians are ready with wishes like this and ready to make them come true?

You can count by your fingers when you get serious about counting in yourself, too, who they are. Even priests, pastors, preachers and evangelizers, or mere prayer organizers and leaders begin to doubt many of those around them, and even those with and for whom they work. But if every Christian can approximate perfection to the fulfillment of his or her wishes, which is never unlikely, then the road to salvation is clean, clear and open. The saddest point in one’s life, everyday is when this kind of Christian stumbles, and falls, and curses, instead of smiling to God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Thus, it is useless and meaningless celebrating Easter Sunday, and every “period of time” that is designated as one with and for God or His Son Jesus Christ, when the same mistakes, wrongs and sins become better and easier paths to take. In this case, there is the Devil’s trap which comes even when unexpected.

Thus, it is not surprising why a single-meaning line of law, rule, policy, standard, norm, or regulation, soon carries another or opposite meaning via the lips and mouths of those who claim they know better. Yes, even if the better knowledge so claimed proceeds from a mere interpretation that negates what is written, “approved”, and still in force.

We should be rising today to a new stage of enlightenment. And since the precise meaning of that stage of enlightenment is oft-regarded by savants, sages, the educated, and the learned in law as “subject to an enabling act”, the absence of which renders that pursuit untenable, or as “open to interpretations”, which one is right often rests on the judgment of another, even a devil’s advocate, the single-meaning ratiocination, that is ab ovo, is rendered inoperative. Thus, what you thought should come out as right is subjugated, even before it can hold the ground. The reverse, the unexpected (or what is strongly expected to be “untenable”, “without basis”, non liquet [it is not proven], res ipsa loquitur [the thing speaks for itself], sui generis [of its own class, kind, gender; peculiar]), get by. In many respects, this results in truths being buried, or in condemnation or flagellation of innocents.

Were we to perpend the issues attendant or related to the impeachment of Philippine Supreme Court chief justice Renato Coronadal Corona, we find the path of enlightenment being repeatedly blurred, despite attempts to brighten up the nebulous ways employed or clever manipulations of the trial actors. And so, in quite every past trial afternoon, what would become clear is the effort to get at, or conceal, the truth. Even in peripheral matters, such as when Corona addresses an audience but shows off a fighting stance (as when he lashes at President Benigno Simeon Aquino III with unfounded, baseless accusations, which is undeserving of a primus inter pares, that he has claimed to be [followed by a wild applause from his own believers], and the highest judicial authority – undeserving, because as a judge, he should be the first to translate to force and effect the legal maxim that “the law hears before it condemns”). The issues get muddled.

From the King James 2000 Bible, we draw these Words in 1John 3, in perspective: “For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.(11)” “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue , but in deed and truth.” “Marvel no, my brethren, if the world hates you.” (13) and “Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” (15)

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Name:  Ka Chito
Address:   Basey, Samar
Date:  3-18-12

Umabat na liwat an Catbalogan city han Samar ug pira nga mga bungto han Eastern Samar, upod na an Tacloban highly urbanized city ug pira nga mga bungto han Leyte hin dalikyat nga linog hadton Marso 16, 2012 (Biyernes) bisan kun hirayoay an Samar ug Leyte nga mga puro tikang ha Surigao del Norte nga amo an sentro han linog. Nauna hini an sunod-sunod nga linog hanin Pebrero, kasumpay han makusog nga kabay-og dapit ha Negros. An report han media waray maghingaran han Catbalogan komo upod pag-abat han linog. In mga biyahero nga sakay han van para Tacloban nagsumat ha ira kasangkayan ug paryentes han hira makaabot ha Tacloban ug ira destinasyon tikang ha Catbalogan,nga an van nga ira ginsakyan,samtang waray pa tutukal ha paradahan hito ha mao nga siyudad, an nabay-og daw hin maihaay.

Kun babasehan an himangraw han PHIVOLCS, adton makusog nga linog dapit ha Negros waray pagdadamha salit ikinapausa ini han mao nga ahensya han pamunoan, kundi iginpadayon pagsiring hini nga mga 100 anyos o kapin pa an masunod nga makusog nga paglinog ha amo la gihapon nga lugar.

Kun sugad,kapin naman usa ka dekada nga umabat hin linog ug bug-os nga Sinirangan Bisayas (nakadto pa ak' hadto ha Naval, kapital han Biliran), ngan an sinmunod nga pira nga mga linog dinhe ha rehiyon in haros katunga la an kakus'gon), mga kapin pa 80 anyos an masunod nga gikukusugi nga linog an makakabantad han bug-os nga kapupud-an nga Waray. May man umabot pa nga mga linog ha nabibilin nga siyam ka bulan han tuig 2012, ug masunod pa nga walo ka dekada,iton an antumanay la.

An di'tha Negros, waray nahiuna nga asoy hin fault line salit waray kakan-o pa man maisip nga adto nga daku nga linog in mahinanabo. Dinhe ha Waray nga rehiyon, an nahiasoy nga fault line, segun pa man han fault line map nga iginpakita ha akon hadto pa han tuig 2005 han anay provincial environment and natural resources George Guillermo han Samar nga buhatan han Department of Environment and Natural Resources (nahimumutang ha Catbalogan, pira la ka metros an kahirayo tikang han Capitol ug Samar Provincial Hospital), aadto la ha puro han Samar, ngan kasumpay ini han tikang ha Luzon ug tikadto an pagdalan hini ngadto ha Mindanao. An mao nga asoy, kun tama it' ak' paghinumdum, nahi-publish ko ha Samar Weekly Express.

Lugaring, dara hini nga sunod-sunod nga paglininoga han aton dapit, angay la liwat siguro nga an publiko tagan hin bag-o nga resulta han mga pag-aram ug paniksik hadton mga taga PHIVOLCS ug Mines and Geosciences Bureau, basi magkamayada kita ngatanan higayon hin pangandam. Labot pa,bisan kun in iba nga kataw'han nahiuna na hin pagpabati ug pagsaysay han ira lugaringon nga tuloohan nga pulong daw malilibnas an Kalibotan yana nga Disyembre 21, 2012 (labot la nga ini nga petsa gintagna hin pira nga asya daw gihapon an kalibnasan, base han ira paghulagway han Mayan calendar), angay siguro sumalida an mga simbahan nga ira hugot pa nga alalayan an kataw'han dinhe ha aton dapit,ngadto han husto, tama ug napapanahon na nga pagkilala han Diyos nga Manunubos, ngan hin paggahin hin mas haluag pa nga oras ug adlaw ha pagbag-o han kalugaringon pamatasan komo paagi hin pagbasol han mga kasal-anan agud pa mahiapi han kan Hesukristo pagtalwas hadton mga kinasangkasing nga nadangop ha iya. - Ka Chito, Marso 18, 2012, 4:58 han kaagahon.

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Subject:  It’s peaceful now in Sta. Rita, Basey, Marabut
Name:   Ka Chito
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda St., Basey, Samar
Date:  12-01-11

Many Samarnons, between Sta. Rita and Marabut towns in Samar, are satisfied with the present peace and order situation that they are enjoying. They have been freed of troubles and worries from these troubles which used to threaten the security of many, including governance itself, for some long years in the not too distant past. They undoubtedly are thankful that members of the so-called “enemies of the state” have no longer been active in their midst. It has appeared to observers that members of the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front have spared these towns from their usual activities. The apparent physical absence of armed insurgents seems to them as an indication that the inveterate rebels might have gone further north most likely to spread a mantle of support to their beleaguered brethren who have, as military reports are saying, continued to suffer substantial losses, particularly in number of fighters and financial support as government soldiers intensified their tactical operations, quite without let-up since December of last year. Hope is high in the air that the current peace and order situation in these sister towns will continue to prevail until the hummed recall or special elections which are brewing up to decide on the questioned gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial seats in Samar province. Higher is the hope that this situation continues until after the next regular local and congressional polls.

Those aching to finish their blueprints on proposed infrastructures and socio-economic development changes in the dominantly rural areas, including engines of growth, welcome this development that had been elusive for over three decades since the rebels’ influence was confirmed in the province. They are reading this as a satisficing paradigm shift – partly attributed to the unwavering campaign by the 8th Infantry Division and its brigades and battalions, including its stationary support troops.

Repeatedly in the archiving past, the stubbornly armed persistence of rebels was high on lists of hindrances to the introduction of transformational projects. Had there been relatively appreciable peace, Samarnons could have long ago started enjoying much better life. Good roads could have already crisscrossed mountains and local natural wealth could have been extensively utilized in the most environment-friendly ways – for instance. Farms that used to be inaccessible would have perhaps already changed into scenes of continually increasing productivity, as mechanical technology could have been drastically rushed in as change instruments.

In my own climbs to and from mountains during the past months, I have found out that newer farms have been opened from what used to be so fertile but uncultivated mountain soils. Some farmers have regained confidence in the prevailing security that for years had been equally elusive because of recurring bloody confrontations between soldiers and rebels. Not long ago, some sitios and small farms had been abandoned, and completely deserted, left to the uncaring intricacies of insurgency. Should the present transformation process be allowed to stay, time would soon come that the more than 20,000 hectares of heretofore arable mountain lands would convert to busy farms, ever inviting to the Department of Agriculture and institutions and businessmen who equally see these lands to be decisively promising.

This development deserves the quick response and closely attentive focus of President Noynoy and his concerned cabinet officials. An impetus to the current interest and skills level of farmers of the mountains should be quickly delivered. Yes, minus the usual “criteria” or “standards” that normally (actually abnormally!) follows to the death of significant development propositions. At no time than now is this reality demanding urgent action by government. That is why, as I have myself witnessed, barrio officials in hinterlands are one with their masters, the people constituents, in identifying their own needs (which bureaucratic idiosyncrasies only repeatedly frown at and spurn) and what their own resources can do about those needs. They are seeing the uselessness of the process of planning and proposals presentation as understood in technocratic lingo, because they know no one else will budge towards addressing the need. Some barrio individuals have seen how Eat Bulaga and GMA7 tv network propels into action when confronted with a rural exigency.

Of course, one interior, far-flung barrio in Basey, Samar, has been like many other similarly situated barrios in Samar. Its people are wishing, after dreaming, that congressman Manny Pacquiao will personally visit them and share with them what the world boxing champ, who they have learned to also call as their “Ninong Manny” (thanks for Pacman’s many-blessing tv show on GMA7! which they can already watch after SAMELCO II and vice-mayor Sendic Bajas worked hard to provide the far-flung, destitute barrios and sitios with electric power – well, they set aside some savings from their farm harvests to buy for their homes a tv set!). That same barrio, like other neglected villages, has also expressed that it could be blessed by GMA7’s “Wish Ko Lang”.


"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall" - Che Guevara

"The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." - Karl Marx


December 4, Sunday, is the day-date for the nationwide Million Volunteer Run (MVR) to be staged by the Philippine Red Cross. The MVR is seen to highlight, with all the PNRC chapters in the different provinces and cities of the Philippines spearheading it, the “2011 Year of the International Volunteers” as declared by the United Nations. PNRC-Leyte board director Vicky Arnaiz said: ‘The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) will serve as a driving force to advance the spirit of volunteerism to address today's humanitarian challenges. We will empower the nation against the dangers of disasters, the Philippines being one of the top three countries in the world struck by calamities.’ Vicky is urging everyone to support this drive in Leyte which unwinds at the Capitol Grounds, Tacloban, at 6AM or an hour from the start of the assembly at 5AM. So, join the run. Register with your P500 for the MVR.

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Subject:   My Thoughts on Latest Events in Region VIII
Name:   Ka Chito Dela Torre
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda St., Basey, Samar
Date:   25 Nov 2011

I can only congratulate and thank the men and women behind 578 Emporium (of 578 Resources Inc.), especially the sole original creator of its business. Just last Wednesday, November 23, it started moving its grocery items and some house wares to its annex building which ends up at Justice Norberto Romualdez street, facing Kevin’s and the new Gaisano. The annex had been under construction, day and night, I think, since last September only. My tipster said that the management of 578 had acquired thru purchase the lot on which the annex now stands. From the looks of it, the annex is not actually an annex but already very much a part of the original Rovic building which is largely occupied by Tacloban’s latest air-conditioned mall. It is every inch at its southwest end connected to a section of the hall that once was sealed by the original wall of Rovic which had been removed. At that end used to stop mall customers to pick disposable dinner wares at the grocery section and children’s toys. Now, you can already enter the main entrance of the emporium at M. H. Del Pilar and go thru that link to exit to the other entrance that smiles at Gaisano mall. There is nowhere else to go from the J. Romualdez side of the wall at the second floor, but shoppers can look down on the center section free views and stroll back to the main hallway for the original emporium displays. One lady shopper remarked last Friday that the expanded grocery section has literally made 578 grocery hall larger or longer than new Gaisano’s.

Expansion may still be a very small thing for 578. Unlike Gaisano. A male tipster had informed QN that Gaisano had long ago already considered putting up a branch in Catbalogan City, near the pier (if not at the reclamation area itself), except that business thinkers in Calbayog City had lured the transfer of the proposed site to Calbayog! 578 should next move to Catbalogan. In that business center of Samar province, no doubt, 578 can enjoy a healthier climate for its growth. No, communist insurgency won’t be hell of a threat to it, not even hold-up daylight robbers. The Philippine Army’s soldiers are camping in Catbalogan and are just as tough and eager to secure Catbalogan as the policemen, especially that the 8th Infantry Division will soon be moving closer to the city itself to a 20-hectare (is it?) lot offered by the city government under mayor Tekwa Uy.

In its present location, as well as its future plans to build its first branch in Catbalogan, which I strongly recommend (of course, I am also recommending that one be put up in my own hometown – Basey, Samar which is now going up fast economically (thanks to attorney Junji Ponferrada, the youngest!! Mayor and the continually popularizing tourism offers in Basey), 578 can afford an effective security force now. I say now, because it has learned its lessons from the midnight fire that caused its business to stop for months and abandon its newly installed escalator system.

Yes, Gaisano management, or Heva corporation, may want to get ahead and be the first to open a branch in Basey. When it does, Gaisano will be credited to be the very first in all-time history of that pre-Spanish town to have contributed to the lush economy of Basey and changed the lifestyles of its 45,000 people a good percentage of whose relatives who are working abroad keep sending dollars to Basey.

It might interest both 578 and Gaisano to note that everyday, an average of 100 Basaynons (people of Basey) go to these malls, including Robinsons at Marasbaras, to buy their needs. That translates to 700 every week or nearly 3,000 every month. A mall established in Basey would more than quadruple those figures. Add to the increasing number the inflow of prospective customers from the towns of Marabut and Sta. Rita. Robinsons, Gaisano and 578, think of that! Basey is an open wealth to you!


The November 13 heist of LBC at Catbalogan City has not been the last to come upon that world-class service delivery outfit. LBC has continued to be haunted after that, in other branches far away from Catbalogan. It is believed only one gang of criminal robbers is perpetrating this crime of hold-up robbery. It knows so much about LBC, its business operation and inside story. Mark that. That’s why it’s always easy for the syndicate to detect how much big will its haul be in any given LBC money-collecting-servicing branch. Now, there are two issues cropping up: 1) how fast will LBC pay the sender-receiver victims of the heists, and 2) what effective security measures will LBC install henceforth.

Meanwhile, the police in Region VIII, should do better than just having reported a crime incidence such as the heists. Its over 6,000 members in the region should make an everyday account of the progress of their pursuits. A blackboard containing a matrix of the cases under pursuits should be put up outside the police station in each town and city, which the general public can view and read every day. That will serve to keep the taxpaying public duly updated.

Even courts of justice should do the same. Yes, for the same effect.

In Japanese time, public bulletin boards helped a lot. After World War II, the bandillo stayed for a long time, until Marcos proclaimed martial law.


Talks about the end of the world seemed to have lost a good subject matter in the internet. There had been no world and humanity annihilation despite substantial weights placed on predictions by prophets and professionals-turned-predictors. Of course, more are continually being discovered as having to do with studied causes of destruction. Some are read as “signs”, which even some church authorities dig on and believe in. But it seems every omen is going far, far away like meteors falling to just pass by Earth and splinter elsewhere in space.

There has not been any new thing after the November 11, November 23 predictions miserably failed as did those for May 21 and October 21. Last Friday late afternoon’s web search finds pointed only to insignificant discussions. Some of the first eight posts said for instance: Apocalypse not now: The Rapture fails to materialise | World news ... 21 May 2011 ... He previously predicted that the world would end in 1994. It is difficult to know how many of his followers took his latest prophecy seriously, .... world/2011/may/21/ apocalypse-not-now-rapture-fails-materialise; December 21 2012, The official Website for 122112 Information; The world as we know it is in for some dramatic and devastating changes. Explore the ...The End of the World -- The Myths, The Hype. ...; 2012: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked 6 Nov 2009 ... Supposed Maya predictions of the end of the world in 2012 have some people seriously scared. See what experts say about the unknown ... news/2009/11/091106-2012-end-of-world-myths.html


"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however is to change it!" - (inscription on the tomb of Karl Marx)

"We must be vigilant that we don’t sink into the morass of sectarianism, mixing, pettiness etc. We must not get involved in unprincipled slagging matches etc or into positions that are sectarian, anti-revolutionary, morally damaging that give succour to the enemy & that confuse & divide the working class. " (Thomas 'Ta' Power - INLA Guerilla)

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Subject:   Happy fiesta!!! St. Michael the Archangel loves you
Name:  Ka Chito Dela Torre
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda st., Basey, Samar
Date:   09-29-11

Today, September 29, in is the feast day of Señor San Miguel de Arcangel in Maripipi,Biliran; Mahaplag and San Miguel towns in Leyte; Basey and Gandara, Samar; Laoang, Northern Samar; and Macrohon in Southern Leyte. To the people in these Waray towns, may I greet you, malipayon nga patron ha iyo ngatanan, hinaut unta iyo maangkon an kamurayawan ha ngatanan nga takna han kada nalabay nga tuig, tungod han iyo mahugot nga pagsarig han iyo patrono nga amo an prinsipe han kaanghelesan nga nagseserbe ha aton Makagarahum nga Ginoo.

When we recall old tales about the miraculous intercessions by this chief warrior of God who slew and defeated Satan, we rejoice at the same time at how, because of our devotion to this saintly angel, our town and our community are being shielded against the forces of destruction. We say our thanks to St. Michael, through an elaborate church mass and festive activities.

Last September 27, as I was listening to Rico Cajife talk at the covered of Basey National High School as one of the four afternoon speakers invited to the third general assembly meeting of Baktas Kabub’wason Rural Workers Association, on how the “poor” people can check abuses by government officials and employees, I had concluded that apart from helping Basey protect itself against natural disasters, St. Michael could also be helping eradicate graft and corruption in government and fight poverty. While at the same time I was looking watching the backs of Baktas’ audience, whose number quite doubled after 1 p.m. when BNHS student journalists joined in, my mind went on to further explore a possibility that on that very day St. Michael the Archangel was sending Basaynons the advance message that he was sending human emissaries who would be telling them that there are other ways that they could save their souls. These “other ways” could be humans, events, or obtaining situations, I said to myself.

Of the humans: Besides Rico, who retraced at length the beginnings (from Marcos’ Bataan Nuclear Power Plant) and worsening of the country’s foreign debt, Nick Cinco of the Department of Trade and Industry-Samar, the solo resource speaker in the orientation-seminar on coco charcoal and copra production project planning of that Baktas’ affair, emphatically awakened the seminar participants on the essential requirements of their planned project vis-a-vis the poor state of the coconut “industry” in Basey. Then came journalist-teacher Marvin Añonuevo (from Pinabacdao, Samar, who became a pastor at young age when he was founding the Baptist church in Pagsanghan, Samar) who expounded on the advocacy of Samar MOVE, somehow impressing on me the thought that through cooperativism, the poor Samarnons can collectively earn what they have long been craving for. Judy Torres, regional coordinator of KAISAMPALAD Inc., a non-government organization, engendered enthusiastic interest among the Baktas members when he suggested that they could already start planting the Indian variety of tanglad (lemon grass), - tama! an banwa nga nakakapananam han sabaw han tinola nga isda o manok, ug nagkokompleto han kamarasa han pakdol nga linaga nga karne hin karabaw! – for its very high economic value. Judy’s was a true eye-opener: imagine, tanglad making money for the poor farmer!!

Of the events: St. Michael must have been planning much earlier. He must have whispered to the ears of the Baktas officers that they should fix their annual meeting cum seminar on September 27 instead of the original August 18 schedule as agreed on in their July meeting with DTI’s Nick and provincial planning officer Mario of RUMEPP. The postponement enabled ex-sangguniang bayan member Anita Mendova Ogrimen to leave temporarily her heavy NGO schedule and share her thoughts with her fellow officers in Baktas whereof she is its project management committee secretary.

That day, too, found another Michael (Unabia Dela Torre), an active agrarian farmer-beneficiary youth leader, adding inspiration to the Baktas’ affair, and John Ernan Gacutan Gacus effectively leading the association to the brief election of its first set of regular officers, as well as the reappearance of Nilda Dagotdot, another FB, who came with her month old angelic baby. (Sept. 27 is also the natal day of Miguelito Bajas - belated happy birthday, idol! - who is among the supporters of Baktas.)

As the BNHS covered court gradually embraced the dusking day, the Baktas members headed back to their own homes, filled with a renewed hope that very soon, their efforts would yield positive results. Well, for one, Nick Cinco (during my talk on trainings in preparation for entrepreneurships), assured to develop a proposal for a training (on appreciation entrepreneurship – which could help in identifying which particular businesses to go into) for them from DTI, to be held at the municipal office of the Department of Agrarian Reform for three days, with DTI shouldering the cost of supplies, snacks and meals, he said.

Other towns celebrating the fiesta day of thanks for the archangel surely have their own experiences to tell, and share.

The saintly chief angel of God, we can say again today, is also watching us, so that he can help save us. That’s why we also recite prayers for his intercession. We may pray as recommended by Pope John Paul II on April 24,1994 (a Sunday) thus:

“May prayer strengthen us for the spiritual battle we are told about in the Letter to the Ephesians: 'Draw strength from the Lord and from His mighty power' (Ephesians 6:10). The Book of Revelation refers to this same battle, recalling before our eyes the image of St. Michael the Archangel (Revelation 12:7). Pope Leo XIII certainly had a very vivid recollection of this scene when, at the end of the last century, he introduced a special prayer to St. Michael throughout the Church. Although this prayer is no longer recited at the end of Mass, I ask everyone not to forget it and to recite it to obtain help in the battle against forces of darkness and against the spirit of this world.”

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

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Subject:   The oddity of number 11
Name:   Ka Chito Dela Torre
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda St., Basey, Samar, Philippines
Telephone:  09159134271
Date:  09-10-11

The oddity of number 11

Thinking of that September 11, 2001 event that shocked the whole world? Some reports said it was a fulfillment of Osama bin Laden’s declaration of war versus the United States of America or war on America, one founded on the evolving principles of the Al-Qaeda (The Base, or military base, or foundation/basis?. Yearly, since then, the whole world recounts with grief the “series of four coordinated suicide attacks against targets in New York and Washington, D.C.” including the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia [see Wikipedia’s “September 11 attacks”, modified on September 7, 2011 at 7:18 p.m.). That is, even if bin Laden was “found and killed” last May.

And, if others are to be believed, that 9/11 shocker was only a tip of the iceberg, when the number eleven (11) is dealt with.

The internet site has some comments or reactions to the pun on the number eleven (11).

A certain Susan commented: “The Quake was on 3/10/11 + 9/11/01 = 12/21/12. The exact date predicted to be the end of days on the Mayan calendar. Fate or Chance? It is eerie regardless.”

Posted just below that is this contributory remark from “Raj”: “Check this terrorist attack on Mumbai (India) Dates: 26/11/2008 = 2045”, then, “2 + 0 + 4 + 5 = 11”

The blogger has an interesting riposte to a comment from “Angel”. Angel wrote to the blog, thus: ‘My sister and me were talking about this strange date coincidence on your blog site and she brought up the fact that she feels that something might happen on the date of 7/11 after seeing your blog about the strange date coincidence concerning 9/11/2001 and 2/11/2011. When she said 7/11, I immediately recalled a verse from the bible: ‘Genesis 7:11, which deals with the story of Noah and the great flood. The verse says “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened”.

‘This is from the New American standard Bible. Different bibles have different ways of saying it but the main point is that this is where the flood begins.’

The blogger remarked in response: “It is curious how the bible seemed to almost emphasize numerology by stressing the exact day of the flood. Did Angel and her sister have a personal premonition for our near future? Are we due for another great event on July 11? I may not take numerology overly seriously, but I do believe in the power of premonitions. Premonitions are worth reporting.”

Still anent Angel’s reaction, “Nimh” posted on March 17, 2011 at 3:30 p.m.: “it’s funny, as soon as Angel mentioned 7/11 I thought of a scene from Japan after the tsunami, when they showed a still shot of a young Japanese family holding a bunch of plastic bags walking out of a 7/11 convenience store, and I remember think, oh wow, they have 7/11’s in Japan? Cool. It just stuck out in my mind because it reminded me of America.”

About 205 minutes later, David told Nimh: “Numerology can be intriguing and fun, but the real deal is genuine premonitions. They actually do happen, which is why I give Nostradamus the benefit of the doubt on some (not all) of his predictions. Most people will experience them only once or twice in a lifetime. I’ve written about them in my blog, stories from people I personally know.

“My own life (as a child) was saved by my father’s premonition. As a small boy we’d go to the same restaurant every Friday; afterwards my dad would go to the bank to cash his check from work. One evening, minutes away way to the restaurant, my dad decided…”I want to cash my check at the bank first”. A tornado shortly leveled the restaurant we going to minutes later.”

Balea has deeper thoughts: ‘“It is curious how the bible seemed to almost emphasize numerology by stressing the exact day of the flood.”

‘It is not strange that the bible features detailed dates, since its origin, the Torah, has been written by Jews, who were big in Numerology, as, for instance, seen in the Kabbalah.’

Yomael has more depth in alluding to numerology: ‘Prime number 11 is the main numerical factor in the design of the Great Pyramid, and the Giza necropolis. This is the realm of Osiris/Seker/Sokar, the Lord/God of the dead, who resides in darkness, and is guarded by monstrous serpents. Prime number 11 also denotes the Abyss/Underworld, carnal knowledge, the dark arts and sciences, and forbidden knowledge, which the “Watchers” taught their wives and children.

‘Number 11:11 equals the slope ratio of the southern shaft of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid targeted on Orion’s belt in 2500 BC. 111.111 is a special number considered as a mathematical key, or stargate to Orion’s belt stars.

‘Along with other interesting facts about 9/11, it also interesting that numbers 9 (September) and 11 (Abyss/Underworld) are associated with the arch-angel Uriel, who guards the Abyss/Underworld, the desert-like realm which imprisons evil spirits who have broken the laws of Heaven and earth.

‘The Age Of Terror began on 9/11, which was perhaps a symbolic occult orchestrated coded event, foreshadowing the actual magical act of breaking the prison gates of the Abyss/Underworld, to free imprisoned evil spirits, and release them back into our world.

‘Prime number 11 to occultist is associated with death, destruction, and also the evil realm of the Qliphoth to Kabbalists.’

Finally, another believer in numbers, Frederico, said last May 14: “Osama Bin Laden killed on May, 01, 2011 (twin towers September 11, 2001)”.

“The worst Brazilian natural disaster, unusual rain on the mountains near Rio de Janeiro, more than 1,500 people killed - date January 11, 2011.

“There is something there.”

For you fellow Waray, what’s your take?

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Subject:   Artists to DOJ: Review case of Acosta
Name:   Free Ericson Acosta
Date:  3 Sep 2011

Artists, supporters to DOJ: Review case of detained artist Acosta
NCCA Exec. Dir. Malou Jacob joins support rally

Supporters of the Free Ericson Acosta Campaign (FEAC) trooped to the Department of Justice (DOJ) today to call on the agency to act promptly on the Petition for Review filed by the lawyers of detained artist and activist Ericson Acosta.

Acosta’s counsel, led by Attys. Edre Olalia, Julian Oliva, Jr. and Ephraim Cortez of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), filed a Petition for Review (please see attached) of the illegal possession of explosive case lodged against Acosta, before the DOJ today.

Acosta has been in detention for more than six months now without a proper court case filed against him. In a recent statement, the Amnesty International has called on Philippine authorities to “end to Acosta’s detention without trial.” Acosta was arrested without warrant by the military in San Jorge, Samar last February 13. He is currently detained at the Calbayog sub-provincial jail.

The petition came after Acosta’s Motion for Reconsideration (MR) filed June 21 was denied by the local prosecutor in a July 12 Resolution. The NUPL received a copy of the said Resolution only last August 17. Acosta’s MR was denied as “(t)he defenses raised need to be threshed out in a full blown trial,” according to the resolution.

“The investigating prosecutor seriously erred in recommending that an information for illegal possession of explosive be filed against (Acosta) in court,” read the NUPL’s petition. The petition prayed that DOJ. Sec. Leila de Lima set aside resolutions by Investigating Prosecutor Agustin M. Avalon dated April 20 and July 12, and issue a new resolution dismissing the complaint against Acosta.

It stated several irregularities and human rights violations in Acosta’s arrest and detention, namely, 1) that Acosta was arrested without warrant while not committing any crime or doing anything illegal; 2) he was not informed of the reason for his arrest at the time of his arrest; 3) he was denied the right to counsel; 4) he was denied a phone call and prevented from contacting his family or his lawyer; 5) he was subjected to prolonged interrogation for 44 hours; 6) he was physically and psychologically tortured during tactical interrogation; 7) he was deprived of sleep, threatened, intimidated, coerced and forced to admit membership in the NPA; 8) the grenade subject of the case was planted; 9) the complaint against him was filed in court only after 72 hours and 30 minutes; and, 10) he was detained in a military camp, which is not of civilian jurisdiction.

“(Avalon) resolved only two (2) of the ten (10) foregoing defenses of respondent in arriving at his conclusion… conceding that indeed there was violation of respondent's constitutional, statutory and human rights by the military in his arrest and continued detention.”

“..the role of the Public Prosecutor is not mainly to prosecute but essentially to do justice to every man and to assist the court in dispensing justice,” the petition argued. It cited the Albay Accredited Constructors Asso. v. Desierto, 480 SCRA 520 case, to wit: "The ultimate purpose of preliminary investigation is to secure the innocent against hasty, malicious, and oppressive prosecutions, and to protect him from open and public accusation of crime, from the trouble, expenses and anxiety of a public trial, and also to protect the State from useless and expensive prosecutions."

Artists troop to DOJ

Artists and supporters led by Acosta’s family held a picket rally at the DOJ in light of the petition filing. National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Exec. Dir. Malou Jacob graced the event. "It is the task of the NCCA to protect artists and their rights," Jacob said.

Stage director and screenwriter Bonifacio Ilagan called on the DOJ to “assess the legality of Acosta’s arrest and detention and to investigate and punish perpetrators of rights violations.” Ilagan himself was a former political detainee during Martial Law and is now the secretary-general of Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at para sa Amnestiya (SELDA).

The FEAC also submitted to Sec. de Lima customized petition-postcards and statements in support of Acosta. Signatories to the postcard-petition include National Artists Bienvenido Lumbera and F. Sionil Jose, and members of Philippine Center of International PEN (Poets & Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists), among them board members Jun Cruz Reyes, Lito Zulueta, Elmer Ordonez, Ronald Baytan, Susan Lara and Wendell Capili. TV and stage director Soxie Topacio; dance performance artist Myra Beltran; playwright and NCCA Executive Director Malou Jacob; visual artists Karen Flores, Mideo Cruz, Leonilo Doloricon, and Boy Dominguez also signed the petition for the dropping of charges against Acosta. The FEAC has also gained international support from human rights advocates and artists groups in the USA, Canada and Europe. The FEAC, together with human rights groups KARAPATAN and SELDA, also called on the DOJ to investigate cases of other political prisoners.

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Subject:   Mun. Farmers Asst'n of Caraga is soliciting money
Name:   Rashid Omar
Address:   Ormoc City
Date:   09-02-11

Maybe this is the first time that a certain organization beg for money while exploiting fabricated issues against the government.

The Municipal Farmers Association of Carigara (MUFAC) is soliciting money in Carigara claiming that the people in some parts of the town are experiencing hunger.

The solicitation letter was signed by a certain Mrs. Mamerta Echo-Dagalea, the association president. Dagalea is claiming that there is fiscal, food scarcity and food blockade in some parts of Carigara.

What an issue! Carigara mayor Apostol disprove this this statements by MUFAC.

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Subject:  Homecoming of an upcoming physicist
Name:   Chito Dela Torre
Address:  Pio K. Tabunda
Date:   Aug 12 2011

Graduating cum laude from Ateneo de Manila University last year with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics and after enjoying four prestigious scholarships, the young bachelor son of Leo Baylon and Cora Macamay will be coming back to the Philippines on the fourth week of August, 2011 to spend a vacation with his family in Tacloban City, Philippines, before going for his doctoral scholarship in the United States of America. As of this writing, Leo Miguel Paolo Macamay Baylon is completing his master’s degree as a full scholar in the Diploma Programme in Earth System Physics under the auspices of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy.

Paolo enjoyed his first scholarship as among the Philippine government scholars at the Philippine Science High School – Eastern Visayas Campus where he graduated in 2006 as class valedictorian. At the Ateneo de Manila University, he continued to earn awards and honors, as follows: (1) 2010 Bank of the Philippine Islands-Department of Science and Technology (BPI-DOST) Science Awardee, Top 6 Best Project of the Year Award; (2) Department Awardee, Physics, Ateneo de Manila University (2010); (3) Dean’s Lister, First Honors, for 4 semesters; and (4), Dean’s Lister, Second Honors, 3 semesters. In that university, a first honor Dean’s Lister has a GPA of 3.70 or better, while the GPA of a second honor is between 3.35 and 3.70.

Paolo’s research interests have been in the following areas of study: (1) tropospheric aerosol dynamics; (2) use of satellite remote sensing as a tool to understand atmospheric, oceanic and land dynamics; (3) detection of trends in environmental quality; and (4) processing of ground-based data for correlation with satellite-derived parameters.

So far, his presentations had been the “Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)-derived aerosol optical thickness and ground-measured PM25 and PM10 concentrations in Manila Observatory: Observations and analysis”, for which he was awarded as among the Top 6 for the BPI-DOST Best Project of the Year Award in January of last year, and the “An empirical relationship between satellite-derived aerosol optical thickness and ground-measured PM25 mass in Manila Observatory,” during the 27th Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas (Physics Society of the Philippines) Physics Congress at Tagaytay City, Philippines in October of 2009.

The young scholar from Tacloban who turned 22 only last August 22 (belated greetings of a blessed happy birthday, Yoc-Yoc!) had attended the Seven SouthEast Asian Studies (7SEAS) Technical Training Workshop on Satellite Remote Sensing in May, 2009 at the National University of Singapore in Singapore. He was also an active participant in the 27th Physics Congress of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas in October, 2009. Leo Miguel Paolo’s programming languages are C++, Fortran 90, and Matlab, while his operating systems are Windows, and UNIX/Linux.

This pride of the Warays, whose mom hails from Old Manunca, a village along the Philippines-Japan national highway in Sta. Rita, Samar and works as a national government employee, has for his present referees the following distinguished personalities: Dr. Abdelkrim Aoudia, a research scientist who is coordinator of the Earth Systems Physics Program for the Diploma Course in the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics at Strada Costiera 11, Miramare, Trieste, Italy; Dr. Riccardo Farnetti and Dr. Claudio Piani, both visiting scientists from the Earth System Physics Section of the same school in Italy; and Dr. Nofel Lagrosas, OIC of the Department of Physics at the Ateneo de Manila University. His very proud, loving father, Leo, had been a very friendly kagawad in Barangay 5, Tacloban, and has since been in the employ of the provincial government of Leyte where he continues to be vigilant against graft and corruption.

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Subject:   Patron na Naman
Name:   Jay-Are Espirito
Address:  Bobon, Northern Samar
Date:  July 20, 2011

Patron na Naman

Malapit na naman itong mga pisthan,
Tiyak babaha ng pagkain sa mga handaan,
...Bawa't tahanan may handang nakalaan
Sa panauhing magdadatingan.

Simula pa noong matagal ng nakaraan,
Ating minana pa at nakagaian,
Paghahandang tunay pinaglalaanan,
Upang bawa't isa tunay na masiyahan.

Sa bayang ating pupuntahan,
Tiyaking may handaan,
Baka sumala at nagkakairingan
Tiyak na uuwi kang gutom at luhaan

Malapit na ang mga araw ng pistahan
Bawa't isa ito'y kinasasabikan,
Upang lutong ulam ay matikman
At kung minsan pa pababaon ay 'di nakakalimutan.

Ganyan ang ating kinasanayan,
Kahit taga-siyudad inaanyayahan
Makapiling lang at makadaupang -palad
Hanggang umaga tuloy ang kasiyahan.

Sa bayan hindi kain and dahilan,
Kung hindi magagandang dilag
'Pag pista sa bayan iyong pinasyalan
Tiyak na ikaw gaganahan.

Matandang ugali itong mga handaan
Kahit bumagyo man o umulan
'Di kayang awatin o pigilan
At pipiliting anyayahan mga kaibigan.

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Subject:   Tinay Carpina Coloma - Miss Northern Samar 2011
Name:   Jay-Are Espirito (Bobon Hunks FB)
Address:   Bobon, Northern Samar
Date:   06-21-11

Tinay Coloma nanalo sa Patimpalak ng Bobon Hunks, Bobon Northern Samar

Labing isang magaganda at matatalino sa Norte san Samar ang naglaban-laban sa nakaraang patimpalak na isanagawa ng Northern Samar Tourism Council noong June 15, 2011 sa Freedom Park ng Catarman ang “Miss Northern Samar 2011.”

Si Cristina Marie Carpina Coloma, estudyante sa Assumption College, Makati, taga Bobon ay nagwagi sa patimpalak na ito sinundan ng Miss Catarman na si Jem Francille Sanico bilang First Runner up at si Ma. Heide Ronato ng Palapag naman ang pumangalawa.

Maliban pa sa pagkapanalo ni Ms. Coloma ay siya rin ang tumanggap ng maraming Awards; Best in Philippine Terno, Miss Photogenic, Miss Smart at Best in Costume.

Ang mga lumahok sa paligsahan ay kinabibilangan at buhat sa ibang munisipalidad ng Northern Samar ay si: Cristina Marie “Tinay” Carpina Coloma ng Bobon; April Allen Sayde ng Allen; Zsarah Lynn Dones ng Biri; Aliviel Silanga ng Capul; Jem Francelle Sanico ng Catarman; Rachel Joan Catindig ng Catubig; Winna Oroncillo ng Las Navas; Michelle Lagrimas ng Laong; Ejeilin Tarrayo ng Mondragon; Catherine Ela ng San Isidro at Ma. Heide Ronato ng Palapag.

Ang coronation night na isinagawa noong June 15, 2011 ay isa sa mga kaganapan sa pakikiisa para sa ika-46th anibersaryo ng Northern Samar. Ito ay naibalik sa pagpupursigi ng Northern Samar Tourism Council sa pamumuno ni Sandy Lavin, Jr.

Ang pageant na ito ay isa lamang sa mga programa ng Northern Samar upang makilala sa buong mundo na ito ay isang tahimik, progresibo at masayang lugar. “Northern Samar needs face to show that this is Northern Samar.” dagdag pa ni Lavin.

Nakikiisa naman ang LGU’s sa buong Northern Samar sa patimpalak na ito. Si Governor Paul Daza ay personal na nagpresenta sa pakikipagtulungan naman ng ibang opisyal. Samantala si Bise governor Ram Uy ay abala rin at masayang tumutulong sa programang ito. Dumalo naman ang Miss Philippines – Fire 2011 sa bayang ito upang makita ang takbo ng patimpalak.

Si Ms. Coloma ay magrerepresentar sa ibang programa ng Northern Samar Tourism activities na gagampanan nito.

Ang pagkapanalo ni Ms Coloma ay ikinagagalak ng buong Bobon at Northern Samar. Sa katunayan ay tudong pag suporta si Mayor Celespara at ibang LGU’s ng Bobon sa kaisa-isa at natatanging kandedata ng Bobon.

Ang hinirang na bagong Miss Northern Samar 2011 ay nakatanggap ng cash prize na nagkakahalaga ng 50,000 pesos at limang libong pesos sa bawat award na kanyang natanggap. Ang unang Runner up naman ay tumanggap ng 30,000 pesos at ang Second runner up ay tumanggap din ng 20,000 pesos kasama ang mga gifts items buhat sa mga sponsors. (Bobon hunks)

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Subject:   About Acosta
Name:   Lyndon Cruz
Address:   Calbayog City
Telephone:  09206456620
Date:  June 5, 2011

I would like to thank the government forces who apprehended Ericson Acosta... He is a very delicate and dangerous person particularly the young generations... He should not be freed, because he is like a cancer that can destroy the whole nation... Right that he is a very bright man, but hey, he is just using his intellect to destroy the freedom and independence of our country... What the heck, damn are those rebels who have the guts to carry rifle and at the end, appealing as if innocent from within... Mabuhay ang demokrasya, ibagsak ang kumunistang kinaaaniban ni Acosta!

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Subject:   Re: Emy Bonifacio article on Ericson Acosta
Name:   Filomino Tabon-Tabon
Date:   04-27-11

Salamat ha artikulo, Samar News. Pira la nga punto.

Sering ni Gen. Chan: "Did anyone.. wonder why (Acosta) was in Samar, whom he was working with and what his project was before and during the time of his arrest?"

Antes pa magpakiana hi Gen. Chan, mayda na baton hi Acosta ug an mga parag-uma dinhi ha Samar. An pahayag han KAPAWA aada ha message board hini nga Samar News, Pebrero pa an petsa hiton.

Mayda artikulo hi Acosta mismo. Sering niya ha syahan nga linya: "Maaram ak nagpapakiana kamo.. Kay ano nga gin-aresto ako? Ano an ak ginbubuhat ha usa nga interyor nga baryo ha Samar?" Basaha na la didi an detalye:(

Sering gihap ni Gen. Chan: "It is not even true that he was unarmed because documents/personal belongings retrieved showed pictures of him armed with an M16 rifle."

Hangyo ni Gen. Chan an pagrespeto ha proseso ha korte. Maupay iton. Pero mayda man "kodak" hi Acosta na may dara-dara M16 o waray, diri ada ini importante, kay an ginkakaso ha iya an illegal possession kuno han usa nga "planted" nga granada.

Kun ungod, o seryoso hi Gen. Chan na sugad la hini an ira lohika o rason ha pag-aresto kan Acosta -- paghirot kita tanan kay igindidiri na ngay-an han army an pagdara bisan "kodak" la hin pusil.

Dako nga INHUSTISYA an padayon nga pagkakapreso han usa nga peasant advocate na sugad ni Ericson Acosta. Ginkokondena namon an iya ilegal na detensyon. Makaarawod sugad hini an ginhihimo ha mga intelektwal na boluntaryo nabulig ha mga parag-uma dinhi ha Samar.

Pagawson hi Ericson Acosta!


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Subject:   Political Detainee Acosta is a peasant advocate
Name:   Filomino Tabon-tabon
Date:   April 18, 2011

February 13, 2011, soldiers of the 34th IB captured Ericson Acosta, a cultural worker and freelance journalist from Metro Manila. He was arbitrarily arrested and was filed with baseless charges of illegal possession of explosives.

Farmers however could attest to his admirable work and advocacy for the peasantry. Acosta volunteered for work with KAPAWA in San Jorge as well as other towns in Samar province. Acosta helped KAPAWA with our campaign against hunger, malnutrition, poverty and militarization here in Western Samar. One of his contributions to KAPAWA is his research regarding large-scale mining in the province. He wrote articles about the situation of farmers in the province that contributed to the success of the farmers’ rally in Catbalogan, which marked the occasion of Peasant Month and “World Foodless Day” last October, 2010.

We in KAPAWA know that Acosta did not carry guns or explosives. What the soldiers took from him were his personal belongings, including the computer or laptop he uses for his work. Acosta was illegally arrested while he was doing research on the human rights situation in Barangay Bay-ang and other adjacent villages in the towns of Catbalogan, San Jose de Buan, Motiong and Jiabong. Barangay Bay-ang is just one of the many barrios in Samar that fall prey to widespread military operations and abuses ever since the time of Jovito Palparan and up until the current Oplan Bayanihan of the Aquino regime.

KAPAWA strongly condemns the illegal arrest and detention of Ericson Acosta. We plea for justice as we join the calls for his immediate and unconditional release. We believe that it is not a crime to help and serve the needy and neglected – it is never wrong for one to advocate the welfare of the marginalized peasant sector.





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Subject:   Politiko
Name:   Concern
Address:   Gandara, Samar
Email:  4-10-11

Dapat totokan san mga pulis an nahitabo dida san Samar na patay, dre eton maopay na pabayan la ky an mga master mind ada la ngada na mga politiko. An nasopak sa era gen papatay san era private army, kalooy mn san mga tawo na era gen aaboso ky bskan my kaso nka sang at bali wara la ky era ngatanan an kapit.waray na ada justice sa Samar kundi salapi na an gen papa eral. Dapat konta gen review eton na mga kaso san politiko dida san RTC Calbayog ky damo na gen pasaka puro la pending gehap. Totokan konta san hitongdan na ahensya dre mgpka bota ky kalooy san mga pobrehanon.

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Subject:   Samar International expedition in April 2011
Name:   News Release

Caving & Diving International Expedition in Samar

A team of professional cavers and divers from Europe will arrive in Manila on March 29, 2011 to explore one of the world’s largest karst system located in Calbiga, Samar. The team of twelve professionals will explore for one month beginning April 2, 2011 the Langun-Gobingob and Canyawa Caves, the Mainuswagon river cave, the Calidongan Lake, the Balogo Spring, and other underground river systems all located in forested mountains of Calbiga, Samar,

The expedition was organized by Odissea Naturavventura an Italanian speleological society engaged in exploration, research and documentation of caves and mountains and environment around the world. The expedition led by spelunker Matteo Revadossi and geologist Guido Rossi will be joined by professional spelunkers, divers, photographers, a film maker and one doctor from France, Belgium, Slovenia and Russia. Also joining the expediton are Samar spelunkers Joni Bonifacio and Sherwin Orbeta and Venus Guadalope of the Philippine Speleological Society.

Calbiga Mayor Melchor Nacario, a staunch advocate of environmental protection and preservation, in his letter to Revadossi said that he welcomes the team to his town and hopes this expedition will “prove and strenghten the initial finding that the island of Samar is crisscrossed by underground river systems” -- the best argument why Samarnons oppose mining in Samar.

The International Caving & Diving Team:
Matteo Rivadossi, expedition leader (Italy)
Guido Rossi, geologist (Italy)
Luigi Casati, diving leader (Italy)
Davide Merigo (Italy)
Stefano Panizzon (Italy)
Alessandro Gatti, film maker (Italy)
Jean-Paul Sounier, photographer (France)
Tristan Godet (France)
Bernabe Fourgous (France)
Marc Vandermeulen, diver-photographer (Belgium)
Rok Stopar, doctor (Slovenia)
Mariia Tikka (Russia)
Joni Bonifacio, local guide (Philippines)
Sherwin Orbeta, local guide (Philippines)
Venus Guadalope, Speleological Society (Philippines)

Reference: Matteo Rivadossi
OC Orlanes --

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Subject:   Regarding Your Feedbacks
Name:   Allister S. Batica
Address:   Basey, Samar
Date:  03-11-11

Ayaw gad kamo paghinalaba hin mga comments kay mahubya pagbasa, labi na ha mga nagamit na hin reading glasses. A shorter substantive comment is better.

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Subject:   Political Publicity dire Public Transparency
Name:   Orkeys Japzon
Address:   Catbalogan
Telephone:  0935234945

Para han aton Gobernadora ug Bise Gobernador,

Maupay na kunta an iyo ginbuhat pagpakaupay han aton probinsya labis na an munisipyo han Catbalogan pangayad han mga roba nga kalsada. Saludo na kunta ak hito nga iyo ginbuhat pero ka klaro man nga gintalapas na liwat niyo an balaod pag pagpoypoy hini nga sobra nga mga political publicity labi na gud nga gin papaagi han mga proyekto huna hunaa gad man niyo kanan mga tawo ito kwarta nga iyo ginpapasikat ora ora hin kamalaw-ay nga iyo lugod mga letrato an iyo ginbalandra ha kalsada imbes nga karatula para han proyekto nga magpapakita kun pera an kantidad, sano matatapos ngan hino an nagkontrata hini nga mga proyekto kay amo ini an kinahanglan nga inpormasyon han mga tawo para han eksakto nga kasayoran dire an iyo mga nawong kay pinan-ngingila naman kun hira hino kamo. Pamalandong kam hin maupay nga mga magtala-iroy nga mga nagdudumara hiton aton probinsya. Amo la.

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Subject:   Press statement on botanist Leonard Co killing
Name:   Don Flordeliza, Jr.
Address:   Quezon City
Date:   11- 20-2010

Fleur-de-lis Centre for Peace, Inc. and Greenwatch Phils., Inc. Joint Press Statement
November 17, 2010

Fleur-de-lis Centre for Peace and Greenwatch Phils. condemn killing of top Filipino botanist

We join environmental and other advocacy groups in condemning the senseless killings of environmental scientist Leonardo Co, forest guard Sofronio Cortez and peasant Julius Borromeo who were allegedly caught in a cross-fire between the Phil. Army and the NPA while gathering specimen seedlings of endangered trees in a forested area in Kananga town, Leyte.

They were part of a 5-man environmental research team commissioned by the Lopez-owned Energy Development Corp. (EDC), who hired Co as a Binhi project consultant to conduct a study on tree biodiversity in the area and to collect seedling specimens of wild trees for replanting. Co was a staunch advocate of forest conservation and restoration using native tree and plant species.

The untimely death of Leonardo Co is a big loss to the scientific community and the cause of environmental conservation in the country. Leonard Co is a known figure in the environmental community for conducting pioneering and trailblazing studies in Philippine biodiversity. He is hailed as the country’s best plant taxonomist. Rafflesia leonardi an endemic parasitic plant specie, one of the biggest flower in the Philippines, was named after Leonardo Co.

The reported crossfire also raised so many questions. Fleur-de-lis Centre for Peace, Inc. and Greenwatch Phils., Inc. join the call of relatives and friends for a thorough and independent investigation and demands that no white wash be allowed, since it involves powerful corporations as well as the military.

The Philippine Army 19th Infantry Battalion (IB) under the 802nd Infantry Brigade should be held responsible. They should have prioritized the protection and safety of the civilians present in the area, especially since the environmental research team was said to have gotten clearance from the military to conduct the research.

The Lopez-owned Energy Development Corporation (EDC) should also be equally held accountable for the incident. According to the 802nd Infantry, it was EDC who informed them of the presence of the rebels in the area. Since the EDC was the one who commissioned the study in the first place, it was incumbent upon them to secure the safety of Co and his research team.

The death of the three marks the first case of killing of environmentalists under the Aquino administration. It put the number of environmentalists killed in the country to a total of 36 since 2001.

Most of the killings of environmentalists are allegedly done by military and paramilitary elements in areas where there is high concentration of military forces or intense militarization. Controversial projects which are environmentally destructive such as commercial logging and large-scale mining are often found in these areas.

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Subject:   DepEd
Name:   Ruby N. Guldo
Address:   Brgy. Barruz, Matuguinao, Samar
Telephone:  0908-93-41-080
Date:  11-14-2010

May comment lang po ako madlang people nooong nakaraang election sa teacher na na- assigned sa amin as Bei...Humihingi lamang po ako ng suggestion din sa inyo if whats the best adviced that you can give TO THIS PARTICULAR teacher named Lucia Bantang, Elementary grade teacher sa Matuguinao Central Elementary school.

My concerned is that about PINAYAGAN NIYANG I-ASSIST YONG VOTER NA LITERATE KASI kagustuhan ng botante at YAN DAW ANG SINASABI SA BARANGAY ELECTION CODE.KAHIT DAW NAKAKASULAT PAG GUSTO NILANG MAGPA ASSIST PEWEDE RAW...AT IYONG ILITERATE NAMAN UNG NAG ASSIST HINDI KAANO-ANO NG BOTANTE AT HINDI PA NAKATIRA WITH THE SAME HOUSEHOLD OF THE FAMILY. Ang tanong ko, yon ba ang sinasabi ng election code? Ang alam ko hindi eh! kaya, i tried to complain them but our complain was rejected instead they told us to complain in the court. Alam naman nilang wala kaming pera...Panghahamon Ba 'to sa mga taong tulad naming mahihirap!

Ito lang ang naisip kong paraan para matulungan kami, ang ilathala ang aming nararamdaman during the past 2010 SK and Brangay Election. We're not looking for a mistake but what we are trying to emphasized there is dapat sa DepEd yong pantay at walang kinikilingan. With this particular issue anong ba ang pwede naming isipin? BINAYARAN BA YONG TEACHER? DI MARUNONG MAG ENTERPRET NG ELECTION CODE?NAGMAMAANG-MAANGAN LANG BA? OR KAILANGAN PA NYANG MAG ARAL PARA MATUTO PA LALO?

Ako po'y nanghihingi lamang ng karagdagang kapaliwanagan sa isyong ito...Para sa susunod na election di na mangyari at para na rin sa kabutihan ng nakararami ...Alam natin na ang teacher ay degnified and highly respected kaya sana huwag nating dungisan ang ating pangalan sa isang napakaliit na bagay na ikasisira ng ating pagkatao at sa departamentong ating ginagalawan at kinabibilangan.

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Subject:   Elected officials on Cities unconstitutional?
Name:   Tomas Marcial, Jr.
Date:  10 Sept 2010

In my humble opinion., when a decision is delayed justice is denied. It should not have happen if the action taken by the Supreme Court or any court was given prior to the approval of congress, the people and the Comelec for the Cityhood.

But when it already happen and decision is delayed injustice will happen. Every case should have time frame, and not last to a year or 20 years civil cases or any cases for that matter. Justice should always be timely and should not be delayed. A case should be acted upon prior to the approval of the people, And if is an ammendment of the constitution by the act of congress and approved by the people the act of the Supreme Court is a conflict of laws and injustice will happen. Decision should be given by the Supreme Court prior to the election. Para dire matambakan san mga kaso.

In other countries courts, decisions are given right away specially for traffic violation, so they can pay to towns or municipality or national government within 30 to 90 days. On big cases specially when they reach the court of appeal they are immediately review by the hearing officers and submitted to the court for final decision. And the Supreme Court can give decision prior to the implementation of the law. Not after it was implemented. If that law is unconstitutional from the very beginning it should not have passed the Congress lower and upper house. It is not a criminal case or civil case it is and amendment from the constitution and approved by the people. Who make laws and who interpret our laws? Now I know I am confused as to who make laws and interpret our laws. And lastly who is right?

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Subject:   Panawagan han Samar SP Magnificent 7
Name:   Orkeys l
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   09-07-10

Para han mga Talahoron nga mga SP Magnificent 7 han probinsya,

Una han ngatanan, saludo ako han iyo ginbuhat nga pagprotektar han kwarta han probinsya pinaagi han TRO nga gin pasa para mapudngan an pag implementar han 2010 budget han aton mga opisyales nga aada han administrasyon ni Gov. Sharee Ann Tan. Nagpapakita la ito nga nagtratrabaho kamo.

Pero mas makikita an iyo pag-ugop han probinsya ngan dire mababahiran hin pamulitika an iyo mga buhat kun oongod ongoron niyo an pag review han 2010 Annual budget agud maayad kun ano man an diperensya hini ngan makatagamtam an mga Samarnon labi na an mga empleyado han kaupayan nga maihahatag hini. Diperensyado an paghimo han budget kay diperensyado man an pag himo han AIP nga amo talaga an angay pag aydon pero ha akon kasabut ini nga deperensya pwede ini maayad hin madagmit nga panahon kun oongod ongoron la pag ayad hini.

An schedule han pagtratar hini nga depektado nga annual budget pina-agi han committee hearing han budget committee ha osa ka bulan upat la kabeses kay iginsusunod man ini han regular session han probinsya, an regular session kun damo an agenda dara kay agsob magrecess an session hin 3 to 5 minutes ngan natatapos na an session ada na ha mga 4 pm. kulang na an committee hin oras para magtratar han budget nagkakamay-ada na la hin osa ngada duha ka oras an pagdumara hini, diri pa ngani nakakapagsession dara kay waray man qourom dire liwat nagkakamay ada committee hearing.

May ada nala 15 SP sessions an probinsya ngada han bulan han Disyembre 2010, karuyag sidngon 15 committee hearings an mahihimo, pero kun magkakamay ada pa hin mga postponement han sessions dara han kawaray quorum han SP dire na liwat matutuhay an pagtratar hini nga budget.

Nanginginyupo an mga Samarnon labi na gud an mga empeleyado han probinsya nga tagan gadman hin daku nga panahon an pagtratar hini nga 2010 budget nga para maayad hin madagmit nga panahon. Dire gad man kami nga mga empleyado igsakripisyo para hit mga karuyag sidngon han mga opposisyon ha Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Kami natuod kun tatagan la hin eksakto nga panahon an pagtratar hini nga budget daku na an duha ka bulan nga maaayad ini nga 2010 budget han probinsya. Sanglit nanawagan kami hini nga mga nadadabihan nga tagan hin daku nga panahon an pagtratar hini ngan matuhay na ini nga problema kay kairo namon nga mga empleyado, magpapasko na dire na liwat kami matatagan hin kalungganayan nga maihahatag hiton gobyerno ha mga empleyado tungod kay waray man maaaprub nga annual budget para han 2010.

Damo nga salamat.

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Subject:   Pnoy; A ray of hope
Name:   Tomas Marcial, Jr.
Date:   08-11-10

This is the first time that long written report by Chito Dela Torre of Samarnews; that I enjoyed reading and finished it to the end. I believe in what he said. I hope that changes will not only in words in our government but in real life. We must stand for an honest government and an honest society. It may not be perfect, but we have hope to have a better place to live in. And it is up to us, and it is up to us to build that society. Now we have hope let us take this opportunity to do it. We need the guidance from the church and the strenth and protection from our laws that are enforce by the government to protect us and not to compete with us. In our business and daily life. Magbago na po kayo kasi if not kami ang magpapabago sainyo, ang taong bayang nagmamahal sa ating bansa at familya. Para sa diyos, bayan at sa ating familya.

Bayan ko gising na, ito na ang simula, ang simula ay ikaw, sa pagbabago ng iyong kapaligiran, kagandahan ng kalikasan, kasagaan ng sakahan, kasiglahan ng pangingisda, at katahimikan ng sangbayan ito ay sigla tungo sa kaunlaran.

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Subject:   Para han mga Empleyado - "Kalipayan o Kabidoan"
Name:   Orkeys l
Date:   08-10-10

Para hadton mga nadadabihan,

Daku unta an akon pagpasalamat han ginpapabati han SP han Samar parti han pag-ugop ha mga empleyado han probinsya pinaagi han ira pagpasa han ordinansa paghatag han 25% salary increase ug iba pa nga mga benepisyo nga dire na huhulaton an pag aprobar han annual budget 2010. Sugad man nagpapasalamat unta liwat ako han aton Gobernadora han iya pamulong nga desidido liwat hiya maghatag para hini nga kalun-ganayan para han mga empleyado. Maupay kunta pamation pero makuri pagdumdumon.

Kun baga ha direksyon han pagnabigar oosa la an distinasyon pero magkaiba an direksyon an osa nagpawala an osa naman nagpatoo kakuri pagdumdumon kun paano hira magtatapo. An SP karuyag maghatag ha mga empleyado pero pinaagi han paghimo han ordinansa para han 25% increase nga imposible aprobaran han Gobernador kay pulong niya osa na liwat nga illegal ngan panguwat ug baluktot nga pamaagi han SP. An Gobernadora naman karuyag maghatag ha mga empleyado basta pag aprubaran la an Annual Budget han 2010 nga gin ririg-onan liwat han Magnificent 7 ha SP nga dire nira aayunan tungod kay osa liwat nga anomalous nga budget ngan daku an depekto ug osa liwat nga panguwat han mga samarnon labis na an mga empleyado. Kun pagbabanabanaon ini nga duha waray mapaperde kay puros hira ngririg-on han ira panindugan.

Ano an dadangatan hini? komo osa nga empleyado tuguti la ako pag ankla han an akon opinion dida han kahimtang han mga empleyado han Samar apesar nga natuod ako nga labaw han ngatanan an kabug-usan han probinsya an angay tagan gud hin duon para han kaupayan han mga Samareño labi na gud hadton mga kablas.

Kun aton kikitaon, kadak-an han mga empleyado bisan kun may sweldo mga kablas gihapon kay siring pa han iba maupay pa an parag traysikol, parupangisda kay dire nakakautang hin daku kontra han mga empleyado nga dire ngani makapangutang han five six dire magpapakapangaon an bug-os nga pamilya labi na gud nga an iba despatsado na an sweldo osa ngada duha o tulo ka bulan, tungod han kaguti han sweldo nga ginkakarawat ha gobyerno.

Ini nga mga salary increase ug binipisyo amo la an ginlalauman han mga kablas nga mga empleyado pero ano an nahihinabo imbes nga ihatag hin ungod amo lugod an ginhihimo nga darat-alan han ira pamulitika nga mga panuyuanan. Nahadlok nga makakawat an kawarta han probinsya hini nga mga opisyales pero an kamatu-oran an mga empleyado an maiha na nga gin kikinawatan han naglabay pa nga mga tuig, kinakawat an katungod nga makatagamtam hin kalipayan dara han mga benepesyo, nakakawatan mismo hin kwarta kay imbes dire na kunta makakapangutang hin daku nga porsyento han pagbayad napipiritan na la hin pagbaligya hit iya sweldo ug nag aantos hin daku nga porsyento hin maiha nga panahon.

Ini nga salary increase dire ini pareho hin bonus nga ikakaosa o ikakaduha la ihahatag ha empleyado ha osa ka tuig pero ini nga increase han sweldo kanan bug-os na ini nga kinabuhi matatagamtaman han osa nga empleyado ngada hit iya kamatay. Sanglit kun ini nga increase dire maihatag dara la han problema han budget nga dire gin kakaansyahan dara han pamulitika, bisan kun may ada daku nga salapi an probinsya, osa ini nga daku nga pagtiyupi, pagpa-ol-ol ug sugad man pagpatay hin hinay hinay han mga gudti/kablas nga mga empleyado kay kun pagkwekwentahon an mawawara nga kantidad para han mga benepesyo ug sweldo amo an bastante na para mapakaon an pamilya ngan makapaeskwela hin tuhay hit iya mga anak.

Babasolon ba an mga empleyado han probinsya kun maghimo hin pitad kontra hini nga mga waray kasingkasing nga mga opisyales han probinsya? Hadto nga panahon nauulang la an pag implementar han salary increase kun waray supisyente nga pondo an probinsya kay pirmi man "Subject to the availability of Fund" yana iba na kay "Subject to the Conscience of Government Officials" na la an pag implementar hini tungod kay may ada man daku nga pondo an aton probinsya. "Kalipayan ba o Kabidoan" an hihingadtoan hini.

Hon. Gov. Share-ann Tan and Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan pag orosa na gad la kamo para han kaupayan han nga tanan kun ano an problema tratara gad niyo hin maupay, pangalingkud kamo hin tuhay ngan pag-sarabot igawas na an pamulitika ngan kaupayan han probinsya an iyo unaha ayaw an pangkalugaringon nga panuyuanan an iyo pag-uroga. Nanginginyupo kami nga mga empleyado han probinsya han Samar.

Damo nga Salamat!

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Subject:   Igkasi ko mga Waray and Doms Gabrito
Name:   Virgie
Date:  27 May 2010

I'm impressed with your poetry and lyrics...I wish you could help me research find materials re native, original "waray" epic, or set of songs and poetry…works of our elders which depict history, culture, values...I've been thinking that we have a rich archive of those which need to be revived and studied, so that our generation will find our own race, something that we can be proud of...If not, you can help produce one...Congratulations and God Bless!

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Subject:   Bishop Medroso's 2008 Easter Message
Name:   Rufino Ty
Address:   Ontario, Canada
Date:   04-28-10

Your Excellency,

I was intrigue by the 2008 Easter exhortation on our Christian involvement [see article], as witnesses of Christ in the world is indeed edifying. I wanted to make this comment on your blog but I could not. I tried emailing Chito de la Torre but I never knew if it got to him.

There are some things that bothered me though. I hope I do not sound critical or judgemental. I only mean to let you know how it affected me. Some phrases disturbed me, not because of the message itself but what it implies to you as a person of faith. Please bear with me if the writing style does not suite to your eyes and ears.

1st: the impression these words quoted below make: “But back to reality. Is it really possible to celebrate a happy Easter in the midst of all these social turmoil and political mess?”

To me these “but back to reality” after the jubilant proclamation the resurrection of Jesus Christ, makes it sound as though all of that was not true or real, to use your word.

2nd: In the question and answer below

“Can the citizens of a morally shaken country such as ours capable of genuinely greeting each other with greetings of “Alleluias” and “Rejoice, for Christ is risen”?”

“The answer is why not? After all the Church sincerely believes that the answer to our sad plight goes beyond socio-economic analysis and political maneuverings.”

“For the start our Church believes that this deep Easter experience of the risen Christ would give us the stubborn hope that blossoms best in moments of darkness and ambiguity;”

Your answer starts with the Church sincerely believes or our Church believes. There is no doubt about what the church believes, our communal faith but faith to be real and meaningful must be personal. It must be first experienced individually. Why is the perceived hesitation to express your personal faith, your Excellency?

3rd: Four times the word on Easter Experience appeared. Why is it that the Easter Experience “give us the stubborn hope”,”could give us the hope to extricate ourselves”,” whose spirit is soaked with the Easter experience, plunges himself into action”, is given more prominence or importance than the source, reason or the cause of hope of the Christian Life? Did not Christ categorically stated that he is the Resurrection? This becomes the case of the tail wagging the dog.

4th: The quotes from the Pope speaks consistently in the first person plural and uses pronoun We, Our, Ourselves and Us, which implies sincerity and faith and solidarity with the People of God.

“We can open ourselves and the world and allow God to enter: we can open ourselves to truth, to love, to what is good” (Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi, 35).

“Even when we are fully aware that Heaven far exceeds what we can merit”, the Pope says, “it will always be true that our behavior is not indifferent before God and therefore is not indifferent for the unfolding of history” (35). Even when we seem powerless before the enemy, “our actions engender hope for us and for others…” (35).

“It is not by sidestepping or fleeing from suffering that we are healed, but rather by our capacity for accepting it, maturing through it and finding meaning through union with Christ, who suffered with infinite love” (37).

Your words were written, moving back and forth from the third person singular (It, this, the Church sincerely believes or our Church believes, Easter experience, experience of Easter, Easter experience, Easter has taught him, A Filipino Christian) to first person plural (our, us, we) which gives an impression of incomplete confidence (faith) in what you are saying or you are speaking from you head only than from your heart.

It is not my wish to offend you but only to let you know how readers like me are impacted by your message.

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Subject:   Poor concept of Samar province
Name:  Carlo LIm
Date:   04-27-10

I am not faulting the individual Samarnon but the politically empowered politicians of Samar. It is not surprising why they don't fulfill their mandate. That is why I encourage our electorate to to make a better choice w/ the upcoming election.

It is important to awaken the potential intellectual growth of our youth in Samar. These are the majority who can't afford higher education but are bright & deserving to earn a college degree. Better educated citizens make better/best candidates.

There are several enlightened professional & business people who had done their part by putting bright young minds through high school & college. I admire the ZUCIR foundation of Zumarraga for exactly what they are doing. This is a good template for other communities to follow.

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Name:   Chito Dela Torre
Address:   Pio K. Tabunda, Basey, Samar
Date:   April 17, 2010

Welcome back, Ricky!

It’s inspiring that Ricky Jumagdao Bautista is once again editor-in-chief of Samar Weekly Express. I learned from the publisher’s office that prints the Leyte Samar Daily Express and the Samar Weekly Express that Rommel Lopez Rutor, who was editing the paper since early in 2006, left the local paper for the second time – the first time was when he went on leave because of threats from a lady politician’s camp, and the second, only lately, when he found his hands really full. Ricky is the returning editor. He was chief of the local tabloid for many months before Rommel took the responsibility of editing. Ricky left the Samar Weekly Express (SWE, for short) because of mounting calls for his service that necessitated his absence from the newspaper for an indefinite period of time.

Ricky, the Star Report of Region VIII, has been awefully busy. Besides his personal advocacies which kept winning the trust and confidence of advocacy groups, especially in the contexts of human rights and human trafficking, he is an avid trailblazer in tourism promotion particularly contributing to the social marketing of hitherto unpublished and unknown tourism potential areas. Then, when he married a lass in Basey, Samar, he put up his own tourism-oriented in his lady’s town. After the last barangay elections, he was appointed barangay treasurer of Canmanila, and shortly after that he worked for the formation of the association of barangay treasurers in Basey. He has not, however, left his news and feature writing career. In fact, last year, he was chosen as the Eastern Visayas’ best feature writer.

When Ricky asked me to continue contributing a column to this tabloid – it was just last April 16 evening, I congratulated him for reassuming the editorship. I thought for myself, at last, this brilliant guy has enough time for the SWE, the paper that once spoke his mind.

In response, I had wondered what to write. My mind was preoccupied with preparations for the April 24, 2010 first general assembly and induction of officers and members of the newly organized (just last April 4, an Easter Sunday, in Roxas, Basey) Gugma han Deloria Association (acronym DELORIA). That preoccupation prompted me to think of inviting Ricky as one of the speaking guests of our April 24 affair. Our president, Juan “Jun” Distrajo Jr., and vice-president, Praxidio Duran, had brainstormed the night before on whom to invite as guests – among those considered were mayor Didi Estorninos and the newest face in local politics, Raul Sendic Bajas, who is the son of a very helpful Basaynon couple.

They also thought of inviting someone from the Akong Ako Kasosyo party-list because they want to have an immediate access to its registered programs, but they don’t know how to start connecting with the AA Kasosyo, and so they requested me to help find a contact.

Well, I went to the internet cafe and found just last Saturday morning a short detail. It said that the Akong-Ako Kasosyo is only the acronym of the Comelec-registered party-list known as KASOSYO PRODUCER-CONSUMER EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION, INC., with address at 171 Scout Deguia,11th Jamboree st., Sacred Heart, Quezon City, and with email addresses given as follows: | | It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 18, 2006 under registration certificate number CN200613016. Listed as number 17 in the ballot among the party-lists to be voted on, this non-stock corporation’s industry classification is as a farmers and agro-forestry workers association and was accredited, “approved”, by the Commission on Election in its Resolution No. 8744 dated January 15, 2010. Adopting the “Kasosyo” concept, it is pursuing the Kasosyo Project in which “Filipinos will help each other as when consumers patronize the products of local producers and local producers provide low-cost quality products that increase the buying power of consumers”. There are a few more discussions, but I got the info that I wanted and so I shared it with Jun and Praxid

Having done that, and darn sure of the completion of the April 24 activities, I have thought that I could now start working on this column, and even the things to write about in the next appearance of this column here in the SWE.

Again, may I say, congratulations, Ricky! Welcome back, Mr. Editor!

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