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Pres. Aquino recognizes Kito Mendoza leadership; TUCP lauds NAPC for not bowing to Herrera rump group

March 7, 2012

MANILA  –  President Noynoy Aquino recognized the leadership of Democrito “Kito” Mendoza as the duly president of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) despite a series of desperate attempts of its disgraced former Secretary-General and former Sen. Ernesto Herrera to steal the presidency.

Aquino appointed TUCP nominee Rosalinda Manabat, as Sectoral Representative of National Anti-Poverty Commission’s Formal Labor and Migrant Workers (NAPC-FMLW). Manabat was formally sworn in office yesterday in a ceremony at the office of Secretary Joel Rocamora, lead convenor of the NAPC.

With the appointment of Manabat into the NAPC council, Mendoza said the TUCP’s decent work agenda, specifically the workers’ security of tenure, will continue to be integrated with the anti-corruption and anti-poverty policies and initiatives of the Aquino government.

Mendoza, meanwhile, lauded Aquino and Rocamora for not caving in to the pressure imposed by Herrera and his rump group, who were accused of alleged corruption and attempted to illegally grab the TUCP leadership.

“I commend Secretary Rocamora for refusing to act on the nominee of Mr. Herrera of a so-called TUCP representative in the NAPC. Mr. Herrera has been replaced as the Secretary-General of TUCP and therefore he has no authority to appoint any TUCP representative as part of the NAPC Formal Labor and Migrant Workers (FMLW) Sectoral Representative,” Mendoza said.

Herrera has been voted out and replaced by TUCP General Council on January 24 and is now undergoing expulsion proceedings for financial anomalies, loss of confidence and gross mismanagement of TUCP affairs during his tenure. He has no authority whatsoever to represent the TUCP or to appoint anyone as TUCP representative in any offices, Mendoza emphasized.

The next day, January 25, he attempted to takeover TUCP offices and control the compound in Quezon City in an apparent attempt to seize documents, records, and dossiers proving his alleged complicity to financial wrongdoing.

Herrera was replaced by Victorino Balais, president of long-time TUCP affiliate Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PTGWO).

Herrera wrote Rocamora telling the NAPC on February 1 that “he (Herrera) has taken over as TUCP President” and he is appointing Rafael Mapalo as TUCP representative in the NAPC Formal Labor and Migrant Workers.

Rocamora wrote back and told Herrera that “NAPC’s official relations with TUCP have been with the Mendoza leadership. Having maintained official relations with TUCP through the Mendoza leadership in all NAPC undertakings in the labor sector and with the House of Representatives, it will be imprudent for us to simply acquiesce to your letter telling us that you have “taken over as TUCP President.”

The TUCP is also conducting an ongoing third-party financial audit of projects and grants-in-aid given by the government, international and local affiliates to support TUCP projects that benefit workers and their families during Herrera’s tenure.

The NAPC was created by RA 8425, otherwise known as Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act which took effect on June 1998. The Act institutionalizes the government’s Social Reform Agenda which enjoins NAPC to strengthen and invigorate the partnerships between the national government and the basic sectors including the TUCP.