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Mayor Bejo opens Tacloban City Hall to the media

NPA ambush military personnel on CIVAC

Gov. Tan argues she don’t deserve suspension on her plunder case

Armed men raid Albuera police station

Borongan LGU steps up solid waste management

Region 8 remembers Doña Paz tragedy

SP endorses small-scale mining operations in Samar island-town

AHRC urges for an impartial investigation on the killing of 8 farmers in Leyte

Paranas residents rally against communism

Samareños to oppose Enrile-owned logging firm operations in Samar


Outstanding judges of Eight Judicial Region bared

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
February 12, 2006

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  Three Regional Trial Court judges and three Municipal Trial Circuit Court judges were chosen as outstanding judges of the Eight Judicial Region.

This was bared by the Rotary Club of Manila, the first Rotary Club in Asia, through its president Dr. Cesar Ubaldo, who announced that Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Salvador Apurillo, RTC Judge Francisco Gedorio Jr. and Absalon Fulache and Municipal Trial Circuit Court judges Wenceslao Vanilla, Joshua Palalay and Filemon Tandinco Jr., won the Commitment to Justice Award in Region 8.

According to past president Fortunato Gupit Jr., chairman of the Commitment to Justice Awards Committee, the awards have been given to the judges who have disposed of the highest number of cases in the 2004, based on the statistics provided by the Office of the Court Administrator.

The announcement of the Outstanding Judges of Region 8 came as the same time as the outstanding judges in the other Regions of the Philippines were also revealed.

Appropriate scrolls of honor and pins will be given to the winning judges through the Rotary Clubs in the Region, Dr. Ubaldo added.

Through the award, the Rotary Club of Manila hopes to give the judges of the Philippines, models of exemplary judges who are committed to the administration of justice at the soonest possible time. In addition, the Club hopes to give the Filipino people sources of inspiration that justice prevails in this country because of judges who believe that justice delayed is justice denied.

The awardees in the national level have been recognized in the presence of then Chief Justice Hilario Davide and now Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, who is a past president of the Rotary Club of Manila.





Coco-biodiesel forum interests regional multi-sectoral groups

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA-8)
February 11, 2006

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte – Representatives of the various transport, government, business, academe, cooperatives, non-government and civil society sectors attended the Coco-Biodiesel forum conducted at the DWU Audio Visual Hall, Tacloban City, recently.

Among the speakers were Engr. Joel Pilapil who represented Philippine coconut Authority director, Ed Nierva, PIA Dir. Olive Tiu and LTO Director Raul Aguilos.

Engr. Pilapil informed the participants that the primary role of the Philippine coconut authority is to see to it that there is an available supply of raw materials and to encourage investors to go into the manufacture of coco-biodiesel.

Director Tiu thanked the organizers for reproducing the PIA 8 flyer on coco-biodiesel which is in the waray-waray dialect. She informed the body that the PIA will continue to advocate the use of alternative sources of energy particularly coco-biodiesel because the Region is the number 2 coconut producing region in the country. She informed the body of the benefits of the coco-biodiesel to the country’s economy, to the environment, to the user and to the motor vehicle using it. She also informed the participants that the latest survey of PIA 8 indicated that there are more people in the private sector than the government sector, using coco-biodiesel in the Region. These are the transport and the construction sectors and the private owners of diese-fueled motor vehicles. She reiterated her call for the media and the participants to help in the promotion and advocacy on the use of renewable sources of energy.

LTO director Raul Aguilos who is also the President of the Region Eight Administrators League revealed that he is thinking of having a caravan sometime in summer which will be participated by motor vehicles using coco-biodiesel in order to make the people aware of the coco-biodiesel and its benefits. He said that the Task Force Bantay Tambutso in Region 8 which he also leads will continue to look for ways and means to ensure that the air emitted by the vehicles will be clean and not hazardous to the health of the citizenry.

Mr. Sammy Yap, the president of the Urbi et Orbi made a thorough presentation on the coco-biodiesel, its components, manufacture and benefits not only on the environment, not only on the coffers of the government considering the dollars the government will save because of the lesser exportation of diesel fuel but also the benefits in terms of mileage and maintenance of the vehicles and most of all the economic benefits of the coconut farmers.

Representatives from the Department of Energy Visayas Field Office which is the lead agency in the implementation of the use of coco-biodiesel as an alternative fuel, also made a presentation on the technical aspects of the coco methyl ester better known as coco-bisodiesel. They informed the participants that so far, the Department of Energy has accredited only two manufacturers. The DOE can not guarantee the quality of the products manufactured by the non accredited manufacturers.

It was the consensus of the participants that PGMA did right in issuing MC 55 enjoining the government agencies to use coco-biodiesel because the government must be the example of the people. For their part, the participants agreed that each one must do his or her share in the promotion of coco-biodiesel as his contribution to the government’s thrust of finding alternative and indigenous sources of fuel in the country.





Gen. Lomibao graces PNP8 Day celebration

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
February 8, 2006

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte – Gen. Arturo Carbonel Lomibao exhorted the men and women of the Philippine National Police in Region 8 to continue working hard in transforming the PNP for a strong republic. He said that the past year has been a year of achievements for PNP 8 in terms of fulfilling its mandates and programs.

General Lomibao who flew in from Cebu yesterday and who had to fly back immediately to Cebu to fulfill his commitment in a similar celebration in Cagayan de Oro, said that part of the PNP’s strategies in transforming the PNP is the construction of PNP buildings all over the country. With his at the helm, the General programmed the construction of 250 PNP buildings, seven of which are being constructed in Region 8 particularly at Southern Leyte and in Eastern Samar. He expects to build four more in the Region before he retires in July of this year, the General revealed.

General Lomibao thanked the President for the additional allocation she announced during the PNP Anniversary Celebration which the good general said will be used to field in additional 3,000 policemen to include those who will be fielded in Region 8, to build additional PNP buildings, to buy more guns and ammunitions so that the PNP will be adequately armed in its maintenance of peace and order, and to give additional benefits for the men and women of the Philippine National Police.

He congratulated the PNP 8 led by General Eliseo dela Paz for their good work and remarkable accomplishments particularly in the eradication of illegal gambling, the capture of drug lords and the kidnap for ransom syndicates. He urged the men and women of the Police to continue the good work they are doing and to fast track the transformation of Philippine National Police for strong republic.

General dela Paz in his welcome address emphasized the appropriateness of the theme saying that nothing is impossible if the men and women in the PNP will set their hearts into their chosen vocation. As it is, entering the Philippine National Police service is very difficult and so every policeman must see to it that they do the best they can so that they will not be removed from service.

True to his word, General dela Paz kept the anniversary celebration simple but meaningful, in keeping with the government’s austerity measures.





Eastern Samar BAYAN MUNA youth leader gunned down

With stories from Franklin Robedizo
January 30, 2006

BORONGAN, Eastern Samar  –  Another Bayan Muna member was shot dead by 3 unidentified men past eight in the morning of January 30, 2006, at the port of this municipality in Barangay Alang-alang sitio Rawis. Six empty shells of ammunitions from a 45 caliber pistol was found by authorities at the site of the killing.

According to sources Antonio Alde III alyas “Taga” 25 years old, married with one child, was in his usual pastime (fishing) at the port of Borongan before reporting for work at the provincial capitol as casual worker. A fisherman in a boat nearby saw a man with two other companions pointing a gun shot the victim twice in the head one in the body and another in the legs.

Post mortem investigation conducted by Dr. Daisy Sacmar of Borongan RHU showed the victim suffered 4 gunshot wounds at the left ear, posterior neck, left shoulder and left leg that caused his instantaneous death.

The three suspects were described as young men wearing helmets and using a STX Honda blue motorcycle as get away vehicle. Police said that the suspects fled via the Barangay Alang-alang road, Sito Rawis exiting at the newly constructed detour bridge. Some residents claimed to have spotted the suspects in the same bridge earlier prior to the killing.

Bayan Muna group of Eastern Samar said Taga or TG was the Secretary General of the KABUSIS (Kabataan Burabod han Sinirangan Samar) for the municipality of Borongan and the provincial youth coordinator of the movement. According to friends of the victim, that prior to this incident Alde disclosed to have received death threats but did not take it seriously since he considered himself a “no big wig” in the movement.

Meanwhile Borongan police ordered investigation on the case. It is noted that previous cases of murder in Borongan and in the province of Eastern Samar has not yet been solved, and the manner of killing is almost the same with the recent killing of Antonio Alde III.

In related development, a memorandum dated January 30, 2006 was issued by Governor Ben P. Evardone to Col. Pio L. Manito, provincial PNP director of the province directing him to conduct a thorough and speedy investigation on the brutal killing of Antonio Alde III.

According to the memorandum issued to Manito, Evardone wants a written report within 48 hours and the updated concrete actions taken to abate occurrence of similar incidents. Further, Evardone also included in the memorandum to PNP director Manito to report status of similar incidents in past.

The Governor refers to the killing of Atty. Norman Bocar, an Executive assistant of the governor, last September 2005 during the town fiesta celebration, the shooting of Boy Ambida and Doydoy Abunda (both survived but now in hiding) in separate incidents, followed by another shooting in Maydolong killing a certain Bembem Bajado a former municipal councilor, and recently the killing of Alde and other unsolved crimes.





First Leyte Samar Performing Arts Festival to be staged

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
January 30, 2006

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  The first Leyte Samar Performing Arts Festival will be staged on February 24, 2006 at the Leyte Normal University HRDC Gymnasium.

Tagged as “Tulay Han Aton Tulin: Pasundayag Nga Lineyte Samarnon” (Bridge of our Heritage: Leyte Samar Performing Arts Festival) is made possible through the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Holy Infant College of Tacloban in cooperation with the Holy Infant College Alumni Association.

According to Mrs. Evelina Acevedo, the treasurer of the Holy Infant College Alumni Association and Festival Project Director, the Leyte Samar Perfoming Arts Festival will showcase Leyte-Samar traditional and tradition-inspired performing art forms featuring well known artists based in the region in a repertoire of choreographed folk songs, dances, drama, oral poetry, vocal singing and instrumental music.

Mrs. Acevedo said that this is a good venue to preserve and continuously improve the traditional performing arts in Eastern Visayas. This will also educate the young citizens of the Region on the culture and traditions of their Region.

She said that it is very seldom that the best performances all over the Region in the different performing arts, are gathered together to perform at one venue.

The festival will be led by the world-renowned Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company of Tacloban City, Balinsasayaw Singers of Tanauan, Leyte, Rahrah Rousers of Palo, Leyte, An Balangaw U.P. Performing Arts Group of UP Visayas in Tacloban, the Linambay (Komedya) of Merida, Siday poet Dr. Victorio Sugbo of Tacloban City, the Siday performers of Can-avid, Eastern Samar, and the Ismayling and Kuratsa of Calbayog City.

Mrs. Acevedo revealed that tickets will be sold at affordable prices, the proceeds of which will be for the benefit of the Balay Darangpanan: Home for the Elderly, operated by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, who also manage the Holy Infant College of Tacloban City.





Spotted armed group engaged firefight with authorities at Samar Sea

January 29, 2006

The recovered high powered firearms from the suspects.

CATBALOGAN, Samar   –  A firefight ensued when members of a seaborne composite team from the Samar Police Provincial Office, 809th Police Provincial Mobile Group, Philippine Navy Naval Special Operations Unit 5, Naval Intelligence and Security Unit 8 and National Intelligence and Coordinating Agency, under the supervision of Samar PNP Provincial Director PSSpt. Arcadio B. Lelis, encountered a group of heavily armed men who were claiming to be members of a Bantay Dagat team of Calbayog City in the vicinity seawaters of Sitio Cuyabot, Brgy. Tunga-tunga, Almagro, Samar.

Police report said that on January 25, 2006 at about 1:00 in the afternoon, the composite team was conducting a seaborne patrol on board Philippine Navy naval craft DF 339 at the seawaters of the first district this province to neutralize a group of armed men engaging in extortion and piracy activities as reported by some fishing boat operators victimizing fishing vessels operating in the area when the encounter happened.

Prior to the incident, while at the vicinity of the abovementioned place and upon seeing the colored green motorboat boarded with eight (8) heavily armed men, the joint team introduced themselves as law enforcers and instructed the said motorboat to stop but instead, the motorboat sped off to the shoreline while at the same time opened fire to the approaching law enforcers, prompting the team to return fire.

The firefight lasted for about twenty (20) minutes, after which, the suspects withdrew to the hilly portion of Sitio Cuyabot. The joint team then conducted a brief chase and clearing operation that resulted in the apprehension of one of the suspects identified as Riolindo Reyes y Maupay (alias Rio), 27 years old, single, a native of Oriental Mindoro and presently residing at Brgy. Rawis, Calbayog City, and the recovery of the following items to wit: three (3) Baby armalite rifles with magazines SN 551619, SN RP 143674 and one with defaced SN respectively; two (2) M14 rifles with SN 1234885 and 1234752 respectively; one (1) bandoleer with six (6) magazines of M14 rifle; and personal belongings of the suspects.

The recovered firearms to include the motorboat used by the suspects with markings ‘Bantay Dagat first district, Rep. Reynaldo S. Uy and Mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento’ are presently under the custody of the Samar Police Provincial Office for proper disposition. The apprehended suspect, Riolindo Reyes, was released by the police in the afternoon of January 26 (Thursday) to a lawyer who introduced himself as Atty. Sisenando Fiel, Jr. of Calbayog City after following proper procedures.

Appropriate case is now being prepared by the authorities for filing in court against the suspects.





U.S. Medical Mission Team donates 18 million worth of medical equipments to the Diocese of Borongan

January 28, 2006

BORONGAN, Eastern Samar  – The second medical mission which started from January 16 - and ended January 27, 2006 concluded with sense of worth after a supposed holiday for the US medical team from the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois.

The 16 member-team was composed of 5 medical doctors two of which were Filipinos-US based from Pambohan Northern Samar, three nurses, 4 nurse anesthetists, one nun, one priest, a surgical technician and a Fil-Am businessman from Ilocos region.

Doctor Victor Paul Trinkus and wife Mary Jane both gynecologists were the head of the team. According to them this year’s medical mission was very fulfilling because they helped 63 patients whose cases were medically substantial in the sense that somehow they were able to minimize possible cancer patients among the marginalized constituents.

Marlie Cenera the over all coordinator of the mission disclosed that the team brought with them from the US 2 anesthesia machines 6 mechanical beds, medicines, crutches and other medical equipments worth 336 Thousand Dollars equivalent to 18M Pesos. These were very useful during the surgery of patients with ovarian problems and vaginal hysterectomy, thyroid and goiter cases, hernia, chest operation and removal of cysts and recommending them for further diagnosis.

Cenera added that these medical equipments were turned over to Bishop Leonardo Y. Medroso of the Diocese of Borongan for him to decide which hospital to donate. Dr. Trinkus urged the diocese to ensure the maintenance of the equipments for the next medical missions to be conducted and has to be used with utmost considerations for the poor. These were the only terms that the US medical team raised during its closing and evaluation meeting.

Cenera further disclosed that the medical mission of the Diocese of Joliet is a 10-year term commitment which also aims to equip a hospital and train its staff who will also be committed to work full time to that hospital, (whichever hospital that the bishop recommends). Cenera said the Provincial Hospital will be the recipient of all these equipments since it is the only government hospital which cooperated in the conduct of mission and the provincial government also gave a counterpart through the commitment of governor Evardone.

The Diocese of Borongan will sustain the BKMM (Bulig Kablas Medical Mission) through the partnership with the Provincial Health Services. In fact, Marlie Cenera in charge of the program said, part of the proposed condition in the deed of donation, that the BKMM patients identified by the parishes all over the province will be given priority in the utilization of the equipments donated by the Diocese of Joliet.

The provincial government through its governor Ben P. Evardone legislated by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan gave an amount of 480 Thousand Pesos as counterpart to the mission. Evardone also ensured the utilization of the facilities of the Provincial Hospital in the conduct of the 2-week-long medical mission. Dr. Buddy Evardone the chief of the hospital and Dr. Reinerio Zamora the head of the Health Department of the Province together with the resident physicians and nurses formed the local medical team to support.

Beneficiaries of the medical mission tearfully testifies to have been relieved from expenses of more than 150 thousand pesos and the misery of pain and discomfort not to include the anxiety of waiting for death. A middle aged mother whose uterus was defective and was suffering for years lamented  “Pareho ka hin nakikiaway nga waray ka armas mapatay ka na la nga waray panangga” (You are like fighting in a war unarmed you face danger without protection and die). “Pero salamat may ada mga tawo nga nabulig han sugad ha amon nga mga pobre” (But I am thankful there are those who help poor people like us). “Salamat” (Thank you).



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