▪ News updates to the 2009 Palarong Pambansa ▪


For Region 2 team, winning the hearts of the people an achievement more important than gold

By Jonnie H. Buenaventura (PIA 8)
April 29, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Palarong Pambansa 2009 in Leyte will always be memorable for the contingent from Region 2 or Cagayan Valley, Mr. Denizon Domingo, athletic manager and Regional PESS Supervisor of Cagayan Valley, said.

Most of the members of the delegation are first timers in the historic province of Leyte, Mr. Domingo said. Being able to visit Leyte’s landmarks, San Juanico Bridge which links Leyte and Samar and the famous MacArthur Park where Gen, Douglas MacArthur and the allied forces have returned to Philippine soil to fulfill his promise to liberate the Philippines from foreign invaders, are satisfying enough and will surely be the center of talks “when we return home to Cagayan Valley.

According to Mr. Domingo, “we do not expect to win many gold in this 2009 Palarong Pambansa for we do not have high caliber and well-trained athletes but we are always optimistic that we can make it better this year because we have prepared for it.”

Mr. Domingo pointed out that the philosophy of sports is not only confined in winning medals but winning the hearts of the people because we played well and fairly, is more important.

Mr. Domingo further explained that Region 8, Leyte in particular, has won the hearts of the delegations because people from all walks of life are kind and hospitality is beyond compare in terms of treating visitors like them.

“We have no reason to complain in terms of accommodation, security, transportation and other needs because the hosts are here to respond to our needs and queries,” said Mr. Domingo.

In the over all national standing during the 2008 Palarong Pambansa, Region 2 was on the fourteenth slot but “we are pinning our hopes on John Paul Chinyuna who placed 2nd in the Pole Vault and Javelin Throw during the 2008 Palarong Pambansa. We believe that this time, he will win the gold this time and it will improve out national standing,” Mr. Domingo intimated.

The Region 2 or Cagayan Valley delegation which is composed of 514 delegates, is bilettled at Palo I Central School and Palo National High School, Palo, Leyte where 30% of the athletics competition will be held.

Palarong Pambansa is an avenue where every Filipino around the archipelago is competing with one common purpose to win but most importantly we Filipinos must unite for betterment of all and thru sports Filipinos must remember that winning the hearts above all are our primordial consideration, said Mr. Domingo.

Team Cotabato aims top 5 spot in 2009 Palaro

By Bong Pedalino (PIA Southern Leyte)
April 29, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Cotabato Regional Athletic Association (CRAA), during last year’s national games at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, landed in the top six, but in 2007 Palarong Pambansa held in its homecourt at Koronadal City, it was within the top five.

Here at Tacloban for this year’s national Olympics, hopes are high that the CRAA delegation “will land on the top five spot or even better”, according to a report in “The Informant”, the official publication of the provincial government of South Cotabato, in which one copy was obtained by PIA.

“We have high aims for this year because we have seen how our athletes and coaches strived hard to be good in their respective sports events,” said Allan Farnazo, Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Education (Deped).

The Informant quoted him further as saying, “Even if we are the best in Mindanao, we also aspire to make it on the top five, four or even on the third spot.  Anyway, it is always free to hope for the best for our region.”

To help make that hope transform into reality, CRAA, or Region 12, sent a total of 545 delegates, comprising with 369 athletes, 63 coaches, 13 chaperons, and 98 officials to slug it out in the biggest annual competition involving young athletes from the elementary and secondary levels of public and private schools representing the whole country.

The region pinned its gold haul chances in the field of athletics, both elementary and secondary, boys and girls; basketball, secondary; volleyball, boys, secondary; baseball, secondary; sepak takraw; and archery, boys and girls.

Farnazo assured that once Team CRAA embarks on its sports journey, it is “100% well prepared to face the opponent in the sports arena, fair and square.”

The only thing lacking, for now as the games enter into the frenzied pace, are the results, whether they unfold as expected, or turn out the other way around.

Dynamic Region 5 delegation comes to Palaro 2009 to be counted and to win

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
April 29, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Region 5 delegation came all the way to Leyte to join the Palarong Pambansa 2009 with 516 people,  in a convoy of 10 buses last April 15, 2009 and has since then been billeted at the San Fernando Elementary School hosted by Southern Leyte DepEd Division.

In an interview with Dr. Amparo V. Danata, the Chief Elementary Education Division and Head of the Regional Task Force of Schools Sports in Region V, said that, their Region will be represented in all the games in these Palaro sports events with athletes from Elementary and Secondary except that from special SPED pupils. The Delegations composed of 516 people were 211 Elementary school athletes, 252 athletes from Secondary schools and the rest were coaches, Chiefs of the Division and DepEd officials, Medical Team and catering service team.

Asks of their expectations to the athletes and she further says ”of course we are not yet sure to what rank, award our team can reach because the ball is still rolling, like, we don’t know if one of our player may fall before he reaches the finish line, thats it, the ball is still rolling, we do not expect too much of the Palaro because the purpose of the Palaro is participation, exposure of our young athletes and second objective is to win. We gain more friends, experiences and exposure.”

Region 5 already hosted 3 times in the Palarong Pambansa, and their delegation came earlier last April 15 to familiarized and to readily adjust of the environment and venue area, Dr. Danata further says.

On what they can say of the place and belitting areas, Dr. Danata said that San Fernando School is one of the best schools. The staff are very accommodating and the host Division as well.

“The place is a second home away from our home”, Dr. Danata says.

“Though, however, water problem was met, these was readily answered through the DepEd Directors help, Sol Matugas, and well enough been acted immediately”, she added.

In the past Palaro in Palawan, Region 5 garnered gold medals as well as bronze and silver medals in football, arnis, swimming and the rest of the games.

Their joining of the Palaro entails a budget of P7 to P8 Million, Danata disclosed.

Over 300 journalists set eyes on 2009 Palaro

By Bong Pedalino (PIA Southern Leyte)
April 28, 2009

LEYTE SPORTS DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Tacloban City  –  The media center here, which is housed in one of the ground spaces of the round-shaped grandstand, has become a beehive of activity for the 2009 Palarong Pambansa, an annual sportsfest that pits the sports potential of the youth from seventeen (17) participating regions around the country.

Reporters from near and far, from the tri-media outlets of print, radio and television, local and national, cramped every available space in this approximately 12 X 10 meters cubicle, composing stories to beat the day’s headlines, airing blow-by-blow accounts of the ongoing events inside the newly-furbished oval, and keeping tab on the latest score.

Others simply take a rest inside the air-conditioned room, and catch a nap or two.

“There are around 300 legitimate correspondents, from local and national dailies and tabloids, covering the week-long conduct of the sports events,” said Roy Moraleta in an interview over a local radio station.

The use of the qualifying operative word “legitimate” elicited subdued laughter and whispered reaction of those within hearing distance of the live interview, but Moraleta, who is the one in-charge of members of the press that descended into the city, simply smiled while not elaborating.

The day’s weather is hot today, yet athletes are never distracted by the searing heat of the sun.

So did the journalists.

On Tuesday, everything will be expected to be at a high pitch of activity and excitement for the formal opening of the Palaro, with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo arriving as the guest speaker, together with Department of Education (Deped) Secretary Jesli Lapuz, some top-ranking government officials and dignitaries.

Meanwhile, by mid-morning Monday, two gold medals were already harvested.  Nino Espinosa of Region 6 grabbed the gold for the secondary division, long-jump, the second gold so far to be won.

The very first gold was taken by Gia Bucag, 11 years old, from Region 7, in the Javelin throw.

The young Bucag threw 35.54 meters, the highest thrown.  This is the first time she joined the Palaro.

CAR hopeful for gold medals in the Athletics and Combative Sports

By Gemma Tabao (PIA 8)
April 28, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  “We are optimistic we could get hold again of gold medals in the athletics field events particularly the jumping ones, as we have been 2-year consistent gold medalist for these and a record breaker at that, in terms of highest height attained in the secondary girls category”.

This was the statement given by Mr. Agustin Gumuwang, the Athletic Director of the Cordillera Administrative Region or CAR, in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency.

According to him, aside from the jumping events, his region is likewise competitive in the combative sports such as taekwondo and arnis. He disclosed that CAR has earned gold and silver medals in the elementary and secondary categories for both boys and girls, during the past Palaro.

However, Gumuwang also said that above anything else, the Palarong Pambansa is an annual occasion for friendly games and learning experiences, and that, win or loss, the spirit of sportsmanship and education should prevail.

The CAR delegation which is composed of 478 people is moreover appreciative of the hospitality and human relations manifested by the host city which is Calbayog City, as well as the staff and administrator of the Rizal Central Elementary School where we are presently billeted. We could rate it excellent, Gumuwang finally added.

The delegation which is headed by DepEd OIC-Regional Director, Dr. Josephine Tamondong, is composed of 478 people to include the competing athletes, coaches and other key officials coming from the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and the Mountain Province.

It was also learned that the delegation arrived in Leyte as early as April 19, in order to acclimatize with the weather in the Eastern Visayas Region, which is obviously extreme contrast with that of the very cold climate in the Cordillera region.

Region 12 delegation aims for a humble 2nd post in Palaro 2009

By Neil D. Lopido (PIA 8)
April 28, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  This year’s Palarong Pambansa 2009 hosted by the Provincial Government of Leyte through its dynamic governor Carlos Jericho “Icot” L. Petilla and the Department of Education (DepEd) Region 8 through Director Sol Matugas is expected to be a neck-to-neck competition of the best among the best from the 17 competing regions nationwide as every delegation aspires to be the champion.

One of these delegations came from Region 12 who is striving hard to land on the 3rd or even 2nd place in the overall ranking of this year’s Palarong Pambansa compared to their 6th place in the overall medal standing of last year’s Palaro held in Palawan.

In an interview with Ms. Elizabeth M. Tabilde, Region 12 focal person, she said that their expectation is a result of a collective effort and support of all their local governments and stakeholders in kind and in cash. Their total budget, she said, for this Palarong Pambansa is more or less P8 million of which P2 million is allotted to the 45 days training of their athletes.

Ms. Tabile said that part of the fulfillment of their expectations of this year’s Palaro is encouraging and stressing to their athletes and coaches to at least make one step ahead of their last year’s achievement and giving them incentives. Other incentives waiting if they will hit the mark is an all expenses-paid travel abroad to six of their officials including herself.

In addition, Ms. Tabile emphasized that they do daily monitoring of their athletes of their developments through their coaches’ report to their training directors and officials.

Moreover, Tabile was glad to say that their delegation was billeted in a very nice and beautiful town of Tanuan, Leyte where the ladies are housed at the Tanauan Central School while the boys are separately housed at the Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries.

She was very thankful of the warm hospitality of the town’s chief executive, Mayor Roque A. Tiu who gave all the support and the best accommodation to their delegation.

This year’s Palarong Pambansa is anchored on the theme, "Bridging Unity, Peace and Progress through Sports."

Region 12 delegation which is composed of nine divisions, namely: North Cotabato (biggest division), South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, General Santos City, Koronadal City, Cotabato City, Kidapawan City, and Tacorong City, is headed by Director Luz S. Almeda and the host division in-charge of their delegation is the Province of Leyte.

Young lady athlete from Socsargen aims for more medals at Palaro Leyte

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
April 27, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  Pretty Tiara Beboney A. Tubio of Socsargen or Region 12, is training so hard in order to retain her crown as the reigning champion in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes girls secondary division of the Palarong Pambansa.

This young swimmer has been swimming for medals since she was in the preschool. Tiara disclosed that she was asthmatic when she was a toddler. She is however, lucky to have a Mom who is a doctor and who practically threw her out in the swimming pool to learn how to swim.

She started competing when she was in Grade I, Tiara confessed and she loves to swim just as much as swimming takes her to different places even outside the Philippines.

Last year, Tiara, made a record at the Palarong Pambansa in Palawan, ticking a time record of 1:21 for 200 meters breastrokes. This means that she was able to swim two laps in one minute and twenty one seconds.

So, this means that in order to defeat Tiara, the swimmers in her division must time in a shorter time and make a new record. This is what Tiara is bracing of. Tiara should swim more swiftly and she has to have more energy and air.

Tiara, who together with her champion teammates at the Socsagen delegation said it takes self sacrifices, dedication, discipline, hardwork and determination in order to become a prize-winning athlete.

Nowadays, Tiara is the priced athlete of Socsargen Region. She is being closely monitored and being trained as she is being groomed to set another Palaro record and two win five instead of two gold medals in the this year’s Palaro.

Tiara said there are little sacrifices she has to pay in order to become a champion athlete. She cannot go home to her family during the rigid practice for more than one month. She swims for two hours in the morning and for more hours after classes.

Unlike other young ladies who are fond of sweets and junk food, Tiara said she is not allowed to indulge in such food because if she gains weight she will slow down.

Tiara has many medals to her name from the various swimming competitions she has joined. She is a gold medalist in the Mindanao Philippines Olympic Festival in 2008; 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in the Palarong Pambansa 2007; two golds in the 2008 Palarong Pambansa for 200 breastroke and 100 breastroke. She was part of the Philippine Team to the BIMP-EAGA 2008 in Brunei where she won one silver and two bronze medals.

This summer, after the Palarong Pambansa in Leyte, Tiara is scheduled to join the Philippine team to another ASEAN member country to compete in her event.

The secret of Tiara’s success is hardwork, determination and self-confidence. Tiara also acknowledge the support of her family who are all supportive and the support of the school and the local government unit by affording them good trainings and ample funding. Tiara said most importantly, she prays so hard.

Tiara is an athlete to watch during the Palarong Pambansa 2009 in Leyte.

Leyte Palaro 2009 oval

Athletic delegations target better team standing at Palarong Pambansa 2009

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
April 27, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Palarong Pambansa 2009 in Leyte promises to be an exciting one as the different athletic delegations are eyeing for better team standing and are all prepared to achieve their respective targets.

The Socsargen delegation for one, is set on raising its team standing from 6th place during the Palaro in Palawan to Number 2 position in the Palaro in Leyte.

Assistant Regional Director Allan Farnazo of DepEd Region XII bared the goal during the Panindugan television program of the Philippine Information Agency, Friday morning.

ARD Farnazo said that it is good to set high goals so that if that goal is not achieved, the final output will still be high.

The athletes from Region XII have the support of all the stakeholders including the local government units. He disclosed that the provinces and cities in Region XII are given quota according to the size of the province or city.

The host province this year, is South Cotabato, thus South Cotabato Governor Daisy Fuentes is the head of delegation. The host province, ARD Farnazo said, has contributed about P500,000 to the Palaro funds of the Region.

The minimum local government contribution to the Palaro is P200,000, ARD Farnazo said. The total amount of all the contributions seems big but considering that there are more that 500 members of the delegation, this amount is still small.

Meanwhile, the Region IV-A delegation athletic manager disclosed that it is targeting the number 3 highest place at the Palaro 2009, one step higher than the 4th place finish at the Palarong Pambansa 2008.

By the way the delegations are continuously practicing, one could easily conclude that they, indeed, have set themselves targets which they all aim to achieve. Others may not be too vocal about their targets but one thing is sure, those targets are better than the target in the past Palaro.

Every member of the 17 competing delegations are highly motivated, well-trained and raring to start the games for the Palarong Pambansa in Leyte.

To all the 17 delegations, may you achieve the fulfillment of your targets at the Palarong Pambansa in Leyte.

April 26 marks the inauguration and blessing of Palarong Pambansa venue

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
April 26, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho L. Petilla leads the inauguration and blessing on April 26, of the newly refurbished Leyte Sports Development Center, the site of the Palarong Pambansa 2009 in Leyte.

The inauguration and blessing come a day before the Palaro games start on Monday, April 27. The Palaro athletes will then be playing in the state of the art sports facilities which include an Olympic sized swimming pool.

DepEd Region 8 Director Sol Matugas who signed the invitation informed that a Mass will be offered at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the Palaro site. This will be followed by the blessing of the sports center.

After the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the blessing of the site, a press conference will be conducted with the Honorable Governor and the DepEd Regional Director, the hosts for this year’s Palarong Pambansa.

Governor Petilla and Director Matugas are expected to brief the media on the final preparations and activities for the Palarong Pambansa which was last held in Tacloban City in 1983.

Todate, more than 100 media practitioners and representative of the tri-media outlets have arrived in Leyte to cover the Palarong Pambansa 2009 which has for its theme Bridging Unity, Peace and Progress through Sports.”

Governor Petilla made sure that people will be kept updated on the national sports event through live television and radio coverages. The results will also be immediately released to the various tri-media outlets.

Radio stations in the various Regions will also be given updates of the Palarong Pambansa games via phone patch.

About 10,000 athletes and officials from the 17 competing delegations from all the regions of the country are already in Leyte to compete in the Palaro.

This number is apart from the parents and relatives of a handful of athletes who are also in town to give the much needed moral support to the athletes.

A solidarity meeting will also be conducted after the mass and the blessing. This will be participated in by the heads of delegations from the 17 regions of the Philippines.

At 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon of April 26, the Agri-Trade and Science and Technology Fair at the People’s Center, will be formally opened.

Region 8 governors unite in welcoming Palarong Pambansa 2009 visitors

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
April 25, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  True to this year’s Palarong Pambansa theme: “Bridging Unity, Peace and Progress through Sports,” the governors from the other provinces of Eastern Visayas are joining Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla in officially welcoming the guests during the Governors’ Welcome Dinner.

So instead of only one governor officially welcoming the delegations, there will be six governors from the Eastern Visayas provinces of Leyte, Southern Leyte, Biliran, Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar.

Governor Petilla welcomed the move of the other governors saying that this is a show of force that could only attained when there is unity, understanding and cooperation.

Governor Petilla thanked his fellow governors for this unprecedented move expressing his hope for the people of Region 8 and the people of Leyte to follow the example of the governors and also give their utmost cooperation and support in order to make the hosting of the Palarong Pambansa 2009 a success.

The other Governors of Eastern Visayas provinces are Governor Damian Mercado of Southern Leyte, Governor Roger Espina of Biliran, Governor Mila Tan of Samar, Governor Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar and Governor Raul Daza of Northern Samar.

Governor Petilla time and again stressed that in hosting the Palarong Pambansa 2009, Leyte will not be the only one which will be promoted but the entire Region8. This is a very rare opportunity to promote the Region without living it. Instead the people from all the other Regions of the country are the ones who will come to Leyte and give the people a chance to show them that special kind of hospitality the Region could offer them.

The Governors’ Welcome Dinner will be held at the historic Leyte Capitol Terrace in the evening of April 28, 2009. The guests will be hosted to a barrio fiesta and will be entertained by the Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company, a world renowned cultural group from the province of Leyte.

That same evening, the public are also enjoined to watch at the RTR Palaro Park, a cultural presentation which will give the visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Leyte and Region 8.


Senators, other VIPs confirm attendance to Leyte Palaro

By Provincial Media Relations Center (PMRC-Leyte)
April 24, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  At least five senators have confirmed attendance to the weeklong Palarong Pambansa to start on April 27, including governors of various provinces and congressional representatives from different districts all over the Philippines.

This was revealed by Leyte Vice-Governor Mimietta Bagulaya who heads the Palaro committee on VIP invitations during the recent meeting held by the Palaro overall committee at the Governor’s Hall. Topping the list of course, the vice-governor said, is the presence of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself who will grace the ceremonial opening set in the morning of April 28.

Vice-Gov. Bagulaya said among the senators who already confirmed attendance and set in their flight details are Senators Mar Roxas, Ed Angara, Panfilo Lacson and Loren Legarda while Senator Manny Villar have already confirmed attendance but has not elaborated on his flight details.

Governors from Abra, Tarlac, Iloilo and South Cotabato have also confirmed attendance to the event while Muntinlupa Congressman Ruffy Biazon and Marikina Representative Del De Guzman have signified their presence to the Palaro.

These to include governors, representatives and leaders from all over the Eastern Visayas region.

According to Vice-Gov. Bagulaya, all the VIPs who have given their nod to attend would not be all together in one event but would be coming at different dates during the weeklong activities to witness the various sporting events and grace other presentations the Palaro organizers have set up.

Various cabinet members are also expected to join the President during the Grand Ceremonial Opening of the Palaro 2009.

In the same recently-held meeting, Leyte Gov. Carlos Jericho Petilla assures all is set for the Palarong Pambansa 2009, primary of which is the general venue of the event which is the Leyte Sports Development Center.

Thousands of delegates that include athletes, coaches, officials and guests have started to troop to Leyte in batches even before the start of the Holy Week.

The various delegations are billeted in different schools in the city of Tacloban as well as in Palo, Tanauan and Dulag.

Vehicles have been made ready for the transportation of the delegates courtesy of Calbayog City Mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento who made available four buses while Biliran Congressman Glenn Chong lent eight more buses to ferry the athletes from the billeting areas to the venue.

The Leyte Police Provincial Office headed by Supt. Doroteo Palconit have also presented their mapped out plan for routes and parking areas of utilized vehicles by the delegations to avoid traffic problem.

The Leyte Palaro Pambansa 2009 is expected to host at least 10,000 athletes, coaches and chaperones and thousands other visitors, tourists and spectators.

Palaro socio-cultural activities bared

By Provincial Media Relations Center (PMRC-Leyte)
April 23, 2009

TACLOBAN CITY  –  Side by side with the sports events where the nation’s young sports talents would compete, the provincial government of Leyte have also lined up various socio-cultural activities to entertain delegates and visitors alike during the weeklong Palarong Pambansa 2009 hosted by Leyte province and the Department of Education Region 8.

The Palaro committee bared among the scheduled activities is the aqua sport Dragon Boat Race. A Dragon Boat Workshop and Demo will be opened from April 23-26 at the Family Park along Magsaysay Blvd. here while the Dragon Boat Race is set on April 26.

Being a team sport, dragon boat racing promotes not only physical fitness but also camaraderie among its members, Palaro organizers say.

A Subiran Regatta will also highlight the Palaro aqua sports which would be held along Cancabato Bay with start off point at the Family Park. The event is being coordinated by Tanauan Mayor Roque Tiu.

Music and dances would also enliven the nights as many different musical and dance events are set at the RTR Plaza which is being converted into a Palaro Park for the duration of the national sporting event.

These include the concerts featuring the Philippine Army’s 8th ID Band and the LeyT Section Band on April 25, Hiphop Night (Battle of Champions) on April 26, Musikahan by the Ambassador of Palo and Men In Stripes on April 27, Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company on April 28, Rakrakan Music that would feature Warak, Bisrock and Local bands on April 29, Gathering of Stars on April 30, the Zarzuela by Leyte Normal University artists on May 1, Musical Dance Drama of Calbayog City on May 2 and another concert by the LeyT Section Band on May 3 all to be held at the RTR Plaza.

Meanwhile, a pre-judging would be held for the Search for Mr. and Miss Palarong Pambansa 2009 on April 25 and the pageant proper of the same on April 26 at the Leyte National High School Gym.

The LNHS Gym would also serve as the venue for the Dance Sport Competition at 7:00 PM on April 27.

The Grand Ceremonial Opening is set on the morning of April 28 at the newly rehabilitated Leyte Sports Development Center and will feature several cultural richness of the province and the region depicted in a saga of song and dance.

Other activities for the DepEd officials, national figures and other VIPs include the Secretary’s Night on April 27 at the Leyte Park Resort Pool Villa, the Governor’s Night at the Capitol Terrace, the Superintendent’s Night at the DepEd Gym, the City Mayor’s Night, the Closing Ceremonies and the Paalam Night on May 3 that would both be held at the Leyte Sports Development Center.


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