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Press conference with newly-elected Samar 1st district congressman Mel Senen Sarmiento

Presscon with congressman Mel Senen Sarmiento


A press conference with newly-elected congressman for the 1st district of Samar Mel Senen Sarmiento on July 1, 2010 at the Calbayog City Sports Center with the Samar and Calbayog media.

Topic discussed includes house speakership, establishment of new hospital in Calbayog, economic plans, on accepting cabinet position, desired committee chairmanship in the House, local government code amendments, RDC achievements, refiling of bill creating Northwestern Samar, relationship with former president Arroyo, his support for charter change, cityhood issue, supports a gunless society, reducing IRA to big cities, Catubig to Gandara road project, relationship with the new Samar governor.  (Running time 1:32:21)