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Privilege speech of Board Member Alvin V. Abejuela during the 9th regular session of the Samar SP

Samar SP Session Hall, Capitol Bldg., Catbalogan City, Samar
September 3, 2013

Board Member Alvin Abejuela


Good morning Mr. President and also to my fellow Honorable Board Members;

Allow me to take this privilege to address to this August body a certain concern about the status and prevailing condition of our Sanggunian.

I know very well that I am not as assertive as most of my colleagues are and I may not that vocal in every session that we have… yet I have been very keenly observant in each of our proceedings.

I would like this august body to understand that the series of events that has happened in this very place is becoming a hindrance for our unity as an honorable and respected body that are supposed to protect and bring forth common good and general welfare to our province, those events hampers us to move forward and thus preventing each one of us to bind and sit-down peacefully for the advantage of our constituents.

The events particularly the walk-outs, unhealthy arguments that took place right before the eyes of the people inside and outside this session hall, the aggravating issues taken from our sessions that were exposed thru the media, TV, radio, and even on Facebook are very disturbing and that diminishes our credibility as legislators, and that diminishes the hope of our fellow Samarnons towards us, that even diminishes our worth as a person.

Allow me to make it clear to everybody that I honor our leaders for it is lawful according to the word of God and that does not mean that I can be deceived, my heart is for the welfare and development of our province and I will do all it takes to make it happen in an honorable, just, and righteous way possible. I would only want to address to this body that I ran for position enable to maximize my potentials in the name of transparency and accountability for good governance.

It is a very sad reality though that our attitudes are affecting many people, many Samarnons, and particularly as to how they see us as their leaders. May I remind this body that our fellow Samarnons are desiring and wanting to see us uniting, working together objectively, and respecting each other.

I don’t intend to act as a perfect person but I just would only like to encourage all of us in this august body to start afresh settling every issue that needs to be settled specifically our committees; and if it is not much to ask let us ask forgiveness from one another for bringing such inconvenience. Let us stop using people and the media for our own interest and be determined to express the truth for I firmly believe what the bible says that the truth shall set us free.

To our friends from the media I urge you to conduct investigative journalism, be our vessels of balance news and information; be our guide towards the truth. Do not allow that your profession be used by other people’s personal promotion, but be discerning enough to unveil what are only beneficial and useful for our people’s consumption.

To my fellow legislators, our days as elected officials are counted for only 3 years so let us make the most and the best out of it. Let us not waste the remaining time of our term for such unnecessary arguments and let us prevent ourselves for being lenient or easygoing, let us stop ourselves for causing pain to our fellowmen and let us start to act-out the highly respected call to lead, to approve what is only beneficial for all, to respect and understand each other’s difference and capacities whether vocal or silent, to honor all authorities, to serve our fellow-Samarnons, and most importantly to bring glory to our Divine Master --- our God.

Thank you and a blessed day to all! (Running time 0:05:41)