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Subject:   There is no stopping CHA CHA
Name:   Leo Albert Corocoto
California, USA
Email:   Leoalbertc@yahoo.com
Date:   9 April 2006

Changing of the form of Government from presidential to parliamentary system? OH! I think it is not the solution to solve our country's biggest problem... "POVERTY". I respect for those citizen who are in favor and signed to exercise their rights, thinking that it is only the solution to make our life better. I rather say it - as a sign of desperation. And for the opposition - Who wanted that our president must RESIGN, I think they are SELFISHLY THINKING OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL/POLITICAL GAIN. What we really need is to CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE, DISCIPLINE AND have a HONEST LEADERS. Don't blame only the president. A lot of Local government officials are corrupt they do not honestly implemented or give what supposedly is for the people. I remember when I was a lieutenant, I was assigned and visited a lot of places in the Philippines, I even reached Buntoc Mountain Province.

I sometimes can't bear to correlate my home province to the other places that I have visited and I could immediately tell the difference. I loved my Job but I need also a means of survival for my family and have decided to leave and work in Great Britain, after 5 years I visited my home province and can't see any changes…except for an increase of population as evidence by built up of new nipa huts or probably due to insurgency problem? - afraid that they may be caught in a cross fire? Now, we are in America it is so sad to think behind is my Home province Northern Samar - which is still in poverty. A lot of people especially in the barrios knows only the existence of government during election campaign/day and left behind to make their own means of survival. I should say that poverty is the main reason why rebellion/crime are deepening. But rebellion is not really the solution...In my opinion, I should say that we need to continue the present form of Government and let President Arroyo finished her term and renewed ourselves to have an Honest, Effective and strong Government.

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Subject:   Army vows to crush NPA's
Name:   Kit
Email:   lagalag_01@yahoo.com
Date:   08 Apr 2006

I agree with LTCOL USI comment/s in regards to NPA recruiting uneducated NPA's; I meant who in their right mind would join their cause. These people should wake up and look around. Their leaders are really living a good life/style overseas or in the country. Hope they know that. They have no cause period. These guys are a bunch of extortionist and a hindrance to economic progress. I was gonna invest in my hometown; these would have generated a few employment opportunities but change my mind due to extortion by these guys. Instead I put it in the bank it's safer that way. NPA's and CT's wake up!

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Subject:   The real guardians of the people's bill of rights
Name:    Marlowe Camello
Address:   Homeland,
Email:    MarloweCamello@aol.com
Telephone:   951 926 6613
Date:   March 19, 2006


The best and ultimate reliable guardian of the people's rights and liberties are the people themselves - not the president, not the congress, and not the courts, not the army or police - but the people themselves. In order that we, the people can take care of our rights, a device has to be created as a vehicle for our self-protection which we are capable to constitutionally make.

Kindly browse the web site below and find out what this recommendation exactly means:

You are requested to act as a co-sponsor for legislation of the recommended measure as a people's initiative and invite others to join you in this crusade.

Thank you.

Marlowe Camello
California & Philippine Bars

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Subject:    Maro nga kandidato
Name:    Cecilio Coretana
Address:   Santa Rita,
Email:     rocel9@hotmail.com
Date:   27Feb2006

Mga molupyo han SAMAR ayaw na kamo paglaom hit kabubwason o asinso hit iyo mga anak. Kay oras ngani hin election nakarawat kamo hin bayad hit mga kandidato, O diba nabaydan na kamo? Hi ako na liwat it manunukot ha iyo, kay an guin bayad ko haiyo akon la adto inutang ha bangko nga hataas an porsiento. Natural la ini pirme kada election, sanglit kon maglalaom kamo para hit kaupayan hit aton Probinsiya ngan aton kabubwason, kinahanglan ayaw na kita pagpauwat hit bisan hin-o nga Kandidato nga TULISAN. AGIDAW-GIDAW AYAW NA GUD KITA PAGPAUWAT SANGKAY. TIGAMNI NA NIYO INI NGA MGA PULITIKO NGA TULISAN.

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Subject:   the road sucks!!
Name:   Alyne Jurada
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Email:   tazenyla@yahoo.com
Date:   Feb. 26, 2006

Just wanna comment..yong road nyo talagang sira na. I was in Samar last December and yong sasalubong talaga sayo yong pangit na daanan nyo. Grabe parang sungka..ano po ba ung mga project nyo diyan at hindi nyo maasikaso yong daanan nyo diyan? Sayang kasi I was expecting na maganda yong place nyo. Imbes na maka attract ng mga tourist..nababad trip po kasi sa daan.

Sana po sa pagbalik ko sa Samar maayos na yong daan. Tanong ko lang po..bulag po ba yong mga officials sa Samar o di kaya nagbubulagbulagan lang po. Estudyante pa po kasi ako.

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Subject:   Gun plasters reflect our ridiculous policing system
Danilo Reyes
No. 16, Ground floor, Nam Kau, Kak Tin Village, Tai Wai, New Territories Hong Kong, SAR
Email:     danilo@ahrchk.net

Date:   December 30, 2005

Plastering nozzles of policemen's service firearms every Christmas or New Year's Eve reflects how ridiculous our policing system is. Absolutely it is a superficial solution to a deep-rooted problem of the defects of our country's policing system. Top police officials, even in rural areas may find it effective but it's funny. If we are to consider the underlying thoughts of it - our police officials have completely failed to find an effective long-term solution other than plasters. Isn't it a shame or not?

Our police need not their service firearms plastered if they had self discipline when they're drunk. Top police officials need not to have such annual ridiculous media photo ops, which only reflects how funny and ridiculous our policing system is.

How many stories we have heard of policemen firing guns with or without plasters in it during Christmas or New Year's Eve? How many persons have been tortured by the police even though our 1987 Constitution strictly prohibits it? How many cases, in particular cases of activists killings, have either have not shown any progress or suspects not identified because of police' inadequate investigation skills? How many cases in court have been dismissed due to inadequate gathering of forensic evidence? The dismissal of murder charges against the military and policemen involved in the killings of protesters in Hacienda Luisita in November 2004 speaks to this.

While there is short-term solution to police's abuses, the government has completely failed to address the deep-rooted problem. Unless the government acknowledges this problem, instead of labeling people critical of them that speaks to this truth as "terrorist or destabilizers" we won't have genuine policing reform. Indeed, there's more to gun plasters.

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Subject:   Poverty and Terrorism
Name:      Dondon
Address:   Catarman, Northern Samar
Email:     my_isip@yahoo.com

Date:   November 22, 2005 

San-o dawla ini matatanggal ha Samar nga duha nga pulong?


- third largest island

- riko ha natural resources

- vast fertile land

- riko nga kadagatan

- ano pa?...

Ikaw nga Samarnon, nag iinano ka man la?

- napauwat/napabayad kun eleksyon?

- napauwat mga hiwe nga idelohiya?

- nag hihinulat hit hinabang hit gobyerno?

San-o man kita maasenso?

Two thumbs up to the organizer of this website. Locally made yet at par to world's brightest websites! May you be blessed for the continuous service not only for Samareños!

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Subject:    Subic rape case: a test to RP's prosecution system
Name:    Danilo Reyes
Address:   Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), 998 Canton Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email:   danilo@ahrchk.net
Date:  Nov. 12, 2005

We've heard more than enough assurances that justice for the 22-year-old rape victim allegedly by US servicemen will prevail, but we've heard little about how it is met. If media reports are true, quoting provisions of the VFA, that the U.S. government can only be made liable, such as taking custody and producing the accused in court of law, within a period one year until the case is resolved then this is a race against time.

This case is a test and challenge to the effectiveness of our police investigators, who are guilty over practices of extracting forced confessions and torture to gather evidences, to employ scientific method
to investigate and gather evidence effectively instead - such as forensic. Our prosecution system, who also has history of exceptional delays in resolving criminal cases in local courts due to case overload, lack of qualified staffs, incidents of corrupt practices, ineptness and whose performance are compromised due to lack of funds among others, would also be exposed and tested as well.

Our existing law on speedy trial, the Republic Act 8493, an act to ensure speedy trial of all criminal cases, would be highly challenged of how it is practically observed in courts, of which in reality most cases the principle of "speedy trial" has no credence.

The judiciary's program - the Action Program for Judicial Reform (APJR), which was introduced by outgoing Chief Justice Helario Davide must produced concrete result in handling this particular rape case. This is a practical test of how the judiciary delivers justice and justice prevails to victims seeking redress.

Unless these factors are ensured as well, justice for the victim is far fetched, or worst the victim would become a victim of political propaganda, grandstanding, media circus and had to endure intense psychological and emotional pain.

This case is not only a test of the government's political will to confront head-on its staunch ally, the U.S. government, but to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice and prosecute them if allegations are found to be true for interest of its Filipino citizens and the country's sovereignty.

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Subject:   Logging inside a declared protected area
Name:    William G. Granert
Address:   169-G Maria Cristina Extension,
Cebu City
Email:     swcf@virtual.com.ph
Telephone:   (032) 254-7570

Why are the people of Samar not invoking the NIPAS law in their battle to save the forests inside the strict protection zone. The NIPAS law says that the zoning may not be violated regardless if there is private ownership or some other type of lease agreement. Those persons that have some concern inside a give zone must follow the guidelines for that zone. If there is no extraction of natural resources then there is none, period. Enrile can claim ownership of the TLA but he has to follow the law.

In the Central Cebu Protected Landscape where my wife is a PAMB member, the local residents whether they are private owners, have titles, leases or in many cases tax declarations (which is not a legal tenure instrument) all must follow the zoning for the area in which they have their claims. The NIPAS does not dispute their right to own the land, sell it if they want, but the new owner must abide by the zoning. It is no different than living in the city where there are also zoning regulations that guide residents behavior.

Another point is that Sec. Defensor has apparently violated the law himself when he bypassed the protected area management board. They are the only body that can change any zoning in a protected area or permit activities that may go against the present zone regulations. In order to do this there must be public consultations amongst the stakeholders as to whether or not they want the change. Defensor cannot just change a protected area without the study and consent of the PAMB. This point has to be streessed! It it obvious from Defensor's answers during TV interviews that he has little background in environment, the NIPAS or natural resources management. He can spout statistics but it appears that he does not understand what he is saying.

The easiest way to defeat the logging company besides using the PAMB is for the municipal governments not to issue any business permits, permits for electrical connections or other such services where permits are needed.

A municipality in Cebu kept the Metro Cebu Water District for connecting the electricity to deep wells so for more than eight years they did not operate.

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Subject:   Ka  makalolooy han  Samar
Name:   Mark   Labong
42  Ground  Rd. Ishigaki, Japan
Email:    mark2004@yahoo.com
Telephone:  972-4382
Date:  Nov. 4, 2005

Ano naba an nahinabu hito nga Samar naton? An mga kalsada mga luho, an Catbalogan mahugaw. An Kapitolyo mahugaw, an provincial hospital mahugaw. Mga Samarnon, mga Catbaloganon pagkamata kamo. Ano ito nga nagpinauwat la kamo ha atubangan hito nga mga kawatan nga mga politiko? Bisan diri taga Samar iyo ginbubutos nga mahimo nga gobernador. May pagkalu-oy ba hito haiyo? mga uruwaton. Mga waray kalooy han mga kabataan. Yana kay nalingkod na hira ha pwesto waray daw haiyo panginano ano. Pagkamata kamo. Kitaa la it iyo lugar mga magtatricycle pagpinadyak kada adlaw. Ano an iyo pag-asenso hito? mga kawatan, mga buwa-on mga waray alo nga mga politiko sano pa kamo duduktan hin konsyensya niyo?

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Subject:    Human Rights Advocates
Name:    Hanzel
Address:   Guadalupe
Email:     hanzguad887@yahoo.com.ph
Date:   Sep 29, 2005

There is no way the NUSP will back-up the call of different officials in retaining the services of Gen. Palparan. This organization is a strong human rights advocate. They will condemn in strongest way any reported violations of the armed forces. Can you do the same thing to the human right violations of the NPA? I challenge this organization to condemn in strongest manner the death of some civilians in the hand of communist guerillas, particularly those that were killed in an ambush of a van on its way to Tacloban City.  A sort of your organization being fair....

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Subject:   Gen. Palparan's transfer
Name:    Hanzel
Address:   Guadalupe
Email:     hanzguad887@yahoo.com
Date:   Sep 28, 2005

A very disappointing move by Cong. Figueroa to bargain whatever power in his disposition just to oust palparan. Is he afraid of anything? Are the rebels behind his being elected as congressman of Samar? These are just one of the many questions troubling the minds of Samarenos. Even with the threat of some elected officials to withdraw their support to him, still, he insisted of doing everything just to sent Palparan packing home. Well, barangay chairman can not bring him to power, maybe the rebels can...

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Subject:    Cata’s call for Palparan’s ouster faces snowballing opposition
Name:    NUSP Visayas

Email:    nuspvisayas@yahoo.com
Date:    September 15, 2005

Letter to the Editor:

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) would like to clarify several points regarding your article “Cata’s call for Palparan ouster faces snowballing opposition” by Rommel Rutor posted in the internet through samarnews.com last August 24, 2005.

One focal point was the support of the NUSP to retain Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan Jr. in Eastern Visayas. This is an unprecedented and unmatched stance according to the principles of the NUSP as patriotic and democratic alliance of student councils, union and government.

In fact, the NUSP condemn to its strongest term the blatant acts of human rights violations in the countrysides especially in Eastern Visayas region which were perpetrated by the 8th ID formerly under the command of the “butcher” Maj. Gen. Palparan.

Moreover, the NUSP didn’t only denounce these ghastly and barbaric acts of the military against innocent civilians; it also conducted several activities like fact-finding missions, medical and relief operations and other means to alleviate and be of help to the victims of the militarization in Eastern Visayas. The NUSP even acted as one of the convenor of the Interfaith Movement of Justice and Peace (IFMJP)-Leyte Island that conducted several Interfaith Solidarity Missions and documented numerous cases of human rights violations which were perpetrated by the military across the region. Thus, these only signify that the report about the NUSP’s support to retain Palparan has a complete opposite bearing of the real standpoint of the union.

Another, the NUSP recognizes Ms. Irene Abainza as member of the alliance but it is very important to note that Ms. Abainza’s stance, opinion and view is not the view of the whole alliance. It is therefore prudent and wise to count Ms. Abainza’s position as an individual and not that of the whole union.

Lastly, we appeal to the editorial board and staff of the samarnews.com to make necessary corrections with regards to this issue. We count on your establishment one of the media outlets that adhere and promote responsible journalism.

For the oppressed Filipino people,

(Sgd.) Dexter J. Delfin
Vice – President for Visayas, NUSP

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Subject:    This Website
Name:    Rizo Elero
Email:     kim@pinoyvibe.com

I commend your efforts and your website for it is very informative and shows some of the limelights happening in our locality. It keeps me updated on the major issues and to read some opinions from our kababayans. I happen to surf through Google and found this out by pure accident. I will strongly recommend your site to our fellow Samarnons and Leytenos here. More power to you!

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Subject:   Stand of NUSP
Name:    NUSP
Eastern Visayas
Email:     nusp_ev@yahoo.com
Date:   August 30, 2005

Gusto ko lang pong magkomento hinggil sa balita ninyo noong nakaraang August 24, 2005. Hindi po sumusuporta ang National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) kay B/Gen Jovito Palparan, bagkus ay madiin naming kinokondena ang kanyang mga ginawang paglabag sa karapatang pantao sa mga residente ng isla ng Samar at Leyte.

Ang ginagawang kampanya laban sa insurhensya ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo kasama ang Armed Forces of the Philippines at ang kanyang tutang si Palparan ay lalo lamang nagpapalala sa krisis ng ating bansa. Imbes na mga rebeldeng NPA ang kanilang supilin ay mga inosenteng sibilyan ang kanilang idinadamay.

Nais po naming ipaalam sa lahat na ang sinabi ni Irene Abainza hinggil sa kanyang argumento kung bakit dapat na manatili si Palparan ay hindi argumento at stand ng National Union of Students of the Philippines at walang kinalaman ang nasabing organisasyon sa kanyang mga sinabi tungkol sa pagpapanatili kay Palparan kundi sarili niya itong argumento at paninidigan.

Naniniwala ang National Union of Students of the Philippines na dapat na patalsikin si Palparan sa Eastern Visayas at kasabay nito ay ang pagpaparesign kay GMA.

Ang National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) ay miyembro ng YOUTH DARE (Youth Demanding for Arroyo's Removal).

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Subject:  Nakakarimarimarim ang lagay ng taong bayan SAMAR
Name:   Cecilio Coretana
Address:   219 South Norfolk St., San Mateo, CA  94401
Email:     rocel9@hotmail.com
Telephone: 650-766-3171
Date:  Aug 20, 2005

Ikinalulungkot ko ang kalagayan ng aking pinakamamahal na Probinsiya ng Samar. Nasaan ang mga inihalal na pinuno ng taong bayan, bakit walang magawa ang mga pinagkatiwalaan ng bayan. Hindi nila maayos ang para sa katahimikan ng Probinsiya. Halos araw-araw na lang puro kagulohan. Nasaan na ba ang totoong katahimikan, wala ng respito sa isa't-isa dahil lamang sa masamang imahin ng politika. Ama at anak pinag-aawayan ang takbo ng mabahong politika. Ang mga hinalal na pinuno puro lang kayabangan, wala naman sinabi sa katotohanan, nakikita nila ang taong bayan na naghihirap sila puro lang pasarap.

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Subject:   Marjorie's Garden
Name:    Luz Fallorina
South Carolina, USA
Email:     whcgearman@bellsouth.net
Date:   08/04/05

I wish you can post more pictures of the Marjorie's Garden in Santa Rita. Does the garden have a website? I will appreciate any information you can provide.

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Subject:    Feed my thoughts
Name:    Ms. Concordia
Address:   Pacific
Palisades, CA
Email:     cole_knights@gmail.com
Date:  August 3, 2005

I've been away from my hometown of Catbalogan for a couple of years now...and still counting. Can somebody please tell me about the developments (if any) on our major highways connecting Leyte?

Nahinumnumdom ako nga gintikangan na an repair and rehabilitation han mga dalan from Calbiga to San Juanico. Ano na dawla an kahimtang han mga dalan ngada parte ha Catbalogan? Baga-baga la ngahaw hin aadto ha bulan?

Salamat gidaan han mabaton.

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Subject:   HB2266
Name:   Tomo Magdadalos
Email:   TomoMagdadalos@aim.com

I have not read the house bill 2266 of Kata Figueroa but if it would only duplicate bureauracy rather then integrate existing LGU then I would have to agree with Senen.

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Subject:    Samar Province
Name:   Julieta Suck
Address:   Pandacan,
Email:    juliets@dar.gov.ph
Telephone: 9287031
Date:  July 12, 2005

Can we not do something about this extreme corruption in our place? Our first class trees (camagong) were denuded during the seventies the people of Samar were not even benefited only the politician from Luzon. Now the worst part of it our highway is the most rugged road among the roads in whole provinces of Samar. An aton mga retirees maski karuyag magbakasyon dire nakakauli dara han kalsada nga geraraote. Makaarawod ngatanan nga naage deda nagrereclamo, nag papakiana ano an gin buhat han iyo mga Representante? Bangin maagkaabot na liwat an mga hapon ha aton dara hito nga nickel nga naton nga third best in the world. Sano pa kita pagkikiwa con patay na an kabayo. CON DIRE YANA SANO PA? buligue niyo kami.

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Subject:   Tipakain na kita ini?
Name:    A.B. Dacles
England, UK
Email:     albadacle29@yahoo.co.uk
June 27, 2005

Marahil mapapansin nyo ang lalawigan ng Samar di maunlad dahil siguro sa talamak na corruption kung titingnan ang buhay sa bayan at sa baryo malaki ang pagkakaiba mukhang napabayaan na kaming nasa liblib na lugar bukod sa walang kalsada wala ring kuryente lagi pang magulo laging may ambush ang NPA at sundalo wala akong nakikitang pag unlad kung magpapatuloy ang ganitong problema.

Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng kalsada sa bawat barangay congressman saan napupunta ang pork barrel mo at ang internal revenue allotment kung walang nakikitang pagbabago ang mamamayan lalo lang dadami ang rebelde walang gustong mamundok kung maganda ang buhay ngunit sa hirap ng buhay lalo lang silang dadami they very hopeless patapon ang buhay nila di baleng mamamatay sa armas kesa mamamatay sa gutom at takot sa aking pananaw wala ng malasakit ang bawat isa kanya kanya na, bahala na o Samar o Samar kelan pa tayo mag kakaurosa

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Subject:   Villagers Dessert Calbiga Hinterlands
Name:   Fortunato Lukban
Address:   Miami, FL

Aguidaw, kamakaharadlok ngay-an het situasyon ha Calbiga.  Bisan it kagugub-an, guinhihimo nga postre.  Ano dawla kon leche flan o dulce nga ubi. Does this mean there are cannibals in Calbiga, too?

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Subject:   An Aton Eskwelahan Naman, Samar High Alumni Homecoming 2005
Name:   Manny Acain
Address:   Hudson Valley, NY
Email:    mannyacain@hotmail.com
Date:   29 Apr 2005

SHS Exemplar

Samar High School tutor to the world.
Purveyor of wisdom and knowledge to immortal horde.
Builder of character to handle the truth.
Source of excellence and personal growth.

From the frontier days of the Thomasites,
To the modern years of e-mails and websites,
Teachers explain the intricate nature of science, art and history.
Students learn to unravel complex yet enduring academic beauty.

Four years of serious erudition.
Train the mind to logical elucidation.
Prepare the body to conquer the impossible.
And help the soul to tolerate the imponderable.

To preserve the noble tradition that is Samar High,
Pass the torch to the next generation under the bright sky.
Alumni parade keeps past glories and dim memories alive.
In jubilant march back to the Alma Mater's hive.

Every student's immortal soul,
Enriched by endless toil and challenged by elusive goal,
May cherish the humanist tradition,
Of truth, integrity and beauty beyond graduation. .

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Subject:     Why MILA TAN become a monster
Name:    Josephine Gonzales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Email:    jg253@yahoo.com
Date:   09 Apr 2005

Mila tan could have not done this corrupt practices had we not allowed her. Allegedly some of Samar's IBP members and other top government officials down to most of Brgy Captains are indebted to Mila. No wonder that they keep silent despite blatant mismanagement of Provincial Government's funds. Till when do we allow them?...

Lets blame not only her, but Us also, for allowing her to do it to Samar.

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Subject:     On Samar's Plunder...
Name:    Katherine Borromeo
Address:    Calbayog City
Email:     kathborro@yahoo.com
Date:     23 Mar 2005

Is it true that the Governor Milagrosa Tan has offered members of Isog han Samar a cold cash of THIRTY MILLION PESOS just to drop the case against her?  And that she hasn't submitted yet her counter-affidavit to Ombudsman when the others involved have already submitted theirs?   Please give us updates on this... Thanks.

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Subject:    Morales will whip Pacquiao in 12 heats
Name:    Francisco Caudillo
Email:    frankcow10@yahoo.com
Date:    14 Mar 2005

I think the author missed to review the other fights of Pacquiao before writing this article. MP fought a lot of taller and quicker boxers in his career and only 9 of those that he had beaten escaped the KO. Better also to mention for the benefit of the writer that most of those 9 where fought during the earlier part of MP's career. The writer must be among those who thought way back then that MP have no chance of beating MAB. He was wrong then. He will be wrong again now.

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Subject:     On Waging War Against the Rebels and Terrorists in Samar
Name:    Katherine Borromeo
Address:     Calbayog City, Samar
Email:    kathborro@yahoo.com
Date:      09 Mar 2005

The 8th Infantry Division of the Phiippine Army should not grow weary in facing-off our brothers who continue to operate against the government.  This is one major factor affecting Samar's development, in all its aspect.  With poverty and terrorism still reigning in Samar, and the corrupt practices of those who are in the powerful seats in the local government, the Philippine Army should firmly stand on its principles and mission - never taking a lose grip from God's mighty hand and watchful eyes - and push forward for peace to reign in the beautiful island of Samar.  To the new commanding general, concerned civilians will always support the cause of the Filipino soldiers - for peace and development.

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