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DPWH paves road leading to Calabato Hot Spring in Leyte

road leading to Calabato Hot Spring

May 8, 2019

LA PAZ, Leyte – The road leading to Calabato Hot Spring in La Paz town is now serving the public with new concrete pavement, the Department of Public Works and Highways Leyte second district engineering office reported.

The government has poured out a total of P46 million for the concreting of 1.6592-kilometer two-lane road and construction of an arch bridge.

According to Gerald Pacanan, lack of convenient road access has been a problem by the local government here, prompting the agency to allocate funds for the road development project.

“Tourism is a great contributor for economic progress. That is why the DPWH and the Department of Tourism has strengthened its program in building more roads leading to tourist’s destination,” he said.

He added that the district also plans to develop the entire 8-kilometer road and install solar street lights.

“Communities living in this area will also benefit from this. Since most of them are farmers, this road network development will provide access to all kinds of vehicles, thus, transportation of commodities will be easier and cheaper,” Pacanan said.

As of now, the local government of La Paz is continuously developing the town’s top tourism destination after it was damage by super typhoon Yolanda in 2013. Number of visitors are also expected to rise.