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Sex should be taboo no more!

January 7, 2020

WHAT I mean is that the open discussion of sex in public should not anymore be considered as taboo. Given the terrible state in which this basic human faculty is massively abused and misused today, we should proclaim the true gospel about sex relentlessly, “in season and out of season” as St. Paul once said. (cfr. 2 Tim 4,2)

I believe that a great contributing and aggravating factor to this mess is precisely to consider talking about sex in public as taboo, a no-no. This allows the demons to pull their tricks on us unchecked. They would have a heyday. And we, of course, become their sitting duck.

Of course, the discussion should be done with tact and prudence. This is always the case whatever the topic or issue is involved. But such tact and prudence should not be taken to mean that we should be shy about talking openly about sex.

Given the fact that people nowadays can talk openly about anything, including the frivolous and inane topics, we should be quite open also in talking about sex which plays a very important role in our life.

The gospel truth about sex is that it is a God-given human faculty that is charged with the procreation itself of man. What that means is that through sex, man cooperates with God in the creation of another man. It is therefore a very sacred faculty, given the fact that of all God’s creation, it is man who is considered his masterpiece.

This gospel truth about sex should sink in deep in the consciousness of everyone. It should produce the appropriate attitude, skills and virtues to conform ourselves to such truth. It should be the seed for the development of a very important virtue of chastity.

How to make this gospel truth about sex to sink in deep in the mind and heart of everyone should be challenge to all of us. We really should help one another here, and find effective ways to counter, if not remedy and heal the many disorders and anomalies associated with the grave abuses of human sexuality.

We cannot deny that for many people, especially the young, their understanding of human sexuality is practically detached from the law and nature of sex as defined by our faith and as lived in union with Christ. It is all at the mercy of their blind and erratic bodily and earthly conditions.

There is a lot of sexual addiction and aberrations and perversions nowadays. People are starting to even legalize and normalize them. Even little children are not spared from this mess. Pornography is rampant and easily accessible. Many people are not anymore in control of their sexuality that has gone practically amok, in runaway wildness.

But despite this very dark development in the world today, there is always hope. God never leaves us despite terrible things we do to go against his will. In fact, this serious world predicament of ours can occasion a great and strong intervention of God.

But, definitely, we have to do our part. Aside from relentlessly proclaiming the gospel truth about sex in public and in private, let us promote the practice of spiritual direction and confession, impart the skill of developing a true spiritual life of prayer, sacrifice and recourse to the sacraments, the development of virtues, especially chastity. The virtue of chastity has to be ceaselessly given witness to and taught.

The usual problem we have is that we are not with God, although God is always with us. With that condition, we have no way to resist the temptations that come from our wounded flesh, the sinful allurements of the world, and the tricks of the devil.

We have to understand that we are nothing with God, a truth that up to now seems still to be a breaking news to many people.