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Mayor Uy's Welcome Remarks during the EVRAA 2011 Opening Ceremonies
NwSSU Oval, Calbayog City
January 30, 2011


Mayor Ining Uy EVRAA 2011


Sa ngaran san mga opisyales san Calbayog ug san akun mga igkasi Calbayognon, akon i-guin kakalipay pagkarawat sa iyo ngatanan denhi san aton bubuhaton nga EVRAA 2011.

This is it! We are minutes away to the formal declaration of the opening of EVRAA 2011. As I have told our DepEd officials, the coaches and officiating officials during this morning’s Solidarity Conference, this is the second time that the City of Calbayog is hosting the EVRAA meet. And all of us in LGU-Calbayog are one in saying that it is still a challenging job. Yes, the times are hard, the economic crisis is still wrecking havoc, but life has to go on and Calbayog has to do her task of hosting the EVRAA meet. It seems that it is in these hard times that we get to see the best in us. That is one of the good traits of every Calbayognon and of everyone (of all of us) in the waray-waray region.

Edkasyon ngan pagpa-ugnat san kusog? Magkakamamay gud ba ini sira? Itun nga akun paki-ana, nabilngan san batun kanina nga aga san naghatag san iya mensahe an atun tinahud nga DepEd Regional Director, si Dr. Marie Felicidad Saet.

(And I quote) “DepEd, aside from academics also uses school sports in the development of values and in effecting change in all facets of learning for our dear students”. (end of quote)

And that leads to the theme of this year’s EVRAA meet (nga mababasa natun sa backdrop san atun stage): “School Sports: An Avenue for Values Development Towards Transformation”.

This theme reminds of the Values Reorientation Program implemented by the Department of Education after the late President Cory Aquino assumed office. In a way, the said theme calls on all of us to rethink about our values and be transformed to be more useful citizens of the land.

We do not have to look far and wide, or think deep to find the values that can be had in sports. More than the physical exertion, sports teach us to be disciplined, to be competitive, to be credible, to be fair, to be honest, to persevere, to endure and to always strive for the best. And yes, oftentimes it teaches us the meaning of humility. I believe that these are the exact values that we need to instill (or re-instill) in ourselves so as to become more productive citizens of the world.

An ciudad san Calbayog aktibo nga nasuporta san mga larang or programa san Departamento san Edukasyon. Ini an rasun kay ananu nagkamay-ada kita san SAKAY NA Program, kun kay nanu nga nabulig kita pagpatukud mga school buildings, ug nabulig kita pag-hire san mga LSB teachers, ug kay ananu nga guin karawat ta an EVRAA 2011. For the city Government of Calbayog, It was a big challenge to host the meet during the first quarter of this year (not to mention the economic crunch that everyone is into). As I have stated earlier, it seems that it is through challenges that we get to see the best in us. It is always the unity of everyone that will bear good results. Yes, the City Mayor could not have done it alone. And I would like to thank the city Officials led by Vice Mayor Ronald Aquino, the Department Managers, Assistant Department Managers, the employees and everyone who joined the LGU to make EVRAA 2011 in Calbayog possible. I believe that the challenge of hosting EVRAA brought about the spirit of unity, cooperation and resourcefulness among all Calbayognons. And we hope to see the same spirit as we all move forward to put in place more programs for a more progressive Calbayog.

Please allow me to repeat a few lines from my welcome speech this morning. To our dear coaches, trainers and officiating officials this morning, we welcome you with the assurance that we believe that you have prepared for this event, we believe in your competence and integrity in the conduct of the games. And we wish you the best as you once again do your respective duties in the next few days.

To our DepEd officials, we welcome and thank you for believing in the capacity of Calbayog in hosting the event.

Ug ngato san aton pinalangga nga mga atleta, we always wish you the best. Tinu-od nga an iyo mga larang pag-api san mga paisan-isan san masunod nga mga adlaw mao an pakakuha san mga medalya ug honor. Pero, angay guihapun naton hinumduman, that it is not the medals, but it is in the way you played your game.

To all of you, may you have a wonderful stay in the City of Waterfalls. Dayun kam sa ciudad san Calbayog! Salamat ug maupay nga kulop sa atun ngatanan!  (Running time 0:14:10)