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Which car brands will be fully electric and when?

cars brands will be fully electric

The world is gradually moving towards electric cars. This is due to the policies of many countries aimed at reducing the harmful impact on the environment and, as a result, banning the use of fossil fuel vehicles. Most car companies are investing in an industrial transition planned for the next 10 to 20 years. Below is a list of brands that are heading towards converting production to electric vehicles. And already today, the supply of new and used electric cars on the market is growing day by day, at an incredible pace.

Alfa romeo

Italian Alfa Romeo, which is owned by automaker Stellantis, has announced that it will sell electric vehicles from 2027 in North America, Europe and China. Stellantis will invest $ 47 billion in battery-powered vehicles by 2025.


The development of the internal combustion engine will gradually be completed by 2033. Hybrid, gasoline and diesel vehicles produced until 2026 will be on sale until the early 2030s. From 2026, all new models of Audi, which belongs to the Volkswagen Group, will be electric.


Another company, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, plans to phase out internal combustion engines by 2026, leaving plug-in hybrids and battery cars. The release of the first electric vehicle was announced for 2025. Two hybrids are already on sale and the third will become available in 2023. Full transition to electric is planned for 2030.


Fiat CEO Olivier François said the final switch to electric would take place between 2025 and 2030. The company, which is owned by Stellantis, will produce exclusively electric vehicles for the rest of this decade.


The American company Ford Motor, together with its Korean partner SK Innovation, will build and open three battery and one electrical assembly plant in the United States by 2025. Passenger cars for the European market will become fully electric by 2030.

General motors

The company, which owns Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, will finally switch to electric by 2035. Carbon neutrality is planned for 2040.


The Japanese company expects 40% of electric and hydrogen car sales by 2030 and 80% by 2035. All-electric models will be sold in North America, Japan and China until 2040.


The Hyundai Group, which includes Kia, is focusing on hydrogen cars - fuel cell electric vehicles. All commercial vehicle models will be hydrogen-powered by 2028. The selection of accumulator cars will gradually expand in the USA, Europe and China. The full transition to the electric motor will take place before 2040.


UK-based Jaguar will go all-electric from 2025. Jaguar Land Rover promises zero carbon emissions by 2039. The Land Rover electric vehicle is slated to launch in 2024.


The German company, which is owned by Daimler, will switch to electric before the end of the decade. The plan is to increase the production of battery cars and plug-in hybrids to account for 50% of global sales by 2025.


The brand from BMW will launch the last car with an internal combustion engine in 2025. Until 2030, only electric vehicles will be produced.


The Japanese company, which is part of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance, will produce exclusively electric cars for Japan, China, the United States and Europe until the early 2030s. By 2050, the manufacturer will be carbon neutral.


The French company has dropped the ban on hybrid sales from 2035. However, Renault has said that 90% of its models will be battery-powered EVs by 2030.


The luxury Rolls-Royce, which is owned by BMW, will produce exclusively electric vehicles by 2030. The first all-electric vehicle will be unveiled at the end of 2023.


The Japanese company is working to reduce air emissions by 2050. Basically, the manufacturer is focused on the development of hydrogen cars.


The German company will exclusively sell electric vehicles in Europe until 2035. Following the European market, the sale of cars with internal combustion engines will be discontinued in the United States and China. Carbon neutrality is planned to be achieved by 2050.


The company aims to ensure that by 2025 approximately 50% of Volvo's global car sales will be battery-powered and the other 50% hybrid. Only electric vehicles will remain in production until 2030.