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DPWH completes circumferential road in Barangay Basud, Calbayog City

Barangay Basud circumferential road

January 25, 2021

CALBAYOG CITY – The circumferential road built in Barangay Basud, Calbayog City is now completely passable to motorists and residents of the barangay, said DPWH-Samar First District Engineering Office. The projects have a total revised contract amount of more than P57 million drawn from the General Appropriations Act (GAA) of 2019.

The road before is somewhat dangerous because it was narrow and some parts are not yet cemented while other parts can be reached through a footpath. This area is hazardous and accident prone for passing motorists and residents as stated by Barangay Captain Bliselda Ortiz.

With this condition, a length of 520 meters was rehabilitated that includes a riprap of 430 meters. Another part includes a concreted road opening of 290 meters and a gravel road of 30 meters with a riprap of 340 meters along Salagan Creek. Cross drainages were also built to allow free flow of water since the area is a rice field and near a body of water.

Furthermore, another part of the road was rehabilitated which spans 923 meters and a riprap was also built with a length of 42.5 meters. This project also includes a drainage canal for both lanes that spans 236.8 meters and another two cross drainages to avoid water flooding on the main road.

Both road works have a width of six (6) meters and includes installation of solar lights.

Now that the roads are widened and solar lights are installed, the security of the residents and passing motorists are ensured. By strengthening connectivity, the circumferential road will allow for the smooth flow of motorists going to and from the city proper and facilitate socioeconomic progress among the community.