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When we commit mistakes

February 16, 2021

WE all commit mistakes. Thatís an undeniable fact of life. They can vary from small to big, minor to major, something just mechanical or typographical to something mortally spiritual and immoral. They can simply be accidental or maliciously intentional. This is not to mention that are there those we know and those we are not aware of.

We have to learn how to deal with them, since whether we like it or not, they are an unavoidable part of our life. While itís true that our initial and spontaneous reaction to our mistakes is that of disappointment, frustration, sadness and the like, we have to see to it that we get past that stage as soon as possible. Thereís no use staying long there, rotting away in guilt feelings, since it would not be good for us. It would not be healthy for us.

Letís be quick to look at the positive side of all this negative aspect of our life. We know that God allows us to commit mistakes because of the misuse of our freedom, our weaknesses and limitations, and, of course, the many temptations we have around. But letís remember that God is always in control and knows how to derive good from evil. So letís not worry more than we should.

On our part, we should just strengthen our faith and trust in God, reinforcing our conviction that God is always a father to us. He knows us very well, including our weaknesses, and he understands why we commit mistakes and, thus, gives due allowance for them.

Though he may be angry for a while, it is undeniable that he is eager to forgive us and to give us the appropriate graces to repair and heal what is defective and sick in us. In this, we should have no doubt. We should be quick to pick up the pieces, begin again and move on.

Letís always keep in mind those reassuring words of St. Paul: ďWhere sin abounded, grace did more abound.Ē (Rom 5,20) And, ďIn all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.Ē (Rom 8,28)

Indeed our mistakes can occasion many good things in us. They can show us where we are weak at and thus direct our attention to these areas where we should give the appropriate action.

If we are humble enough, these mistakes can also lead us to get closer to God, since they would make us feel more vividly our great need for him. Yes, our mistakes can nourish our humility, reversing that notorious tendency of ours to be proud and conceited. Indeed, our mistakes can serve as a strong stimulus for our sanctification.

The important thing to remember is that we consider our mistakes from the point of view of our faith, and never just from our own ideas. This latter way can only lead us to despair and other worse possibilities.

It would be helpful to realize deeply and always that before God we are always like little children irrespective of the high status we may be enjoying at present. Especially when we commit mistakes, we should feel the need to go to him rather than run away from him, which can only make things worse.

Yes, our mistakes can be and should be a blessing in disguise for us!