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Water system supply benefit four barangays

Brgy. Peña water system supply

July 30, 2021

CALBAYOG CITY – Four (4) barangays benefitted the water system supply designed and built by Samar First District Engineering Office. This project is drawn from the General Appropriations Act of 2020 with a contract amount of P68.68 million.

A water supply system is installed in Barangay Malayog wherein a total of 3,335-meters pipe was laid out from the water source and six (6) reservoirs were dispersed all over the area. Whilst, in Barangay Peña, a total of 12,717 meters of pipe was placed and eight (8) reservoirs are spread out in strategic areas of the barangay.

Another water system is mounted in Barangay Cag-olango with a total of 1,595-meter pipe with five (5) reservoirs inside the area. Moreover, in Barangay Cagnipa, another 4,658 meters of pipe was aligned with eleven (11) reservoirs.

The water source comes from Lamorin falls (Barangays Malayog and Peña) or a downfall river (Barangays Cag-olango and Cagnipa) wherein a catch basin was made to collect water. High density poly ethylene pipes of different sizes were tapped for transmission of water to all barangays: 6-inch diameter are used from the source to the barangays, 4-inch diameter are used within the barangay and 2-inch diameter to the reservoir. All of the reservoirs are structural concrete with two (2) faucets.

Violeta Delabajan, a resident of Barangay Peña said “the water source here in Barangay Peña before would come from the mountain and most of the time the water is murky during rainy season. A hose would be tapped from a creek in the mountain and into a public area where people can fetch water for the resident’s consumption. For those with box wagons, it is easier for them but for those who does not have any, they would carry it with their bare hands. Also, a water pump was dug out through the barangay officials’ efforts but it has a foul smell due to the manganese present in the water that cannot be used for cooking or washing clothes. Now that these reservoirs are in place, the difficulty in getting water is now resolved. Water is overflowing and not a problem for Barangay Peña.”