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Serbisyo Caravan: Bringing government services at the doorsteps of an isolated community in San Julian, Eastern Samar

78IB Serbisyo Caravan

By 78th Infantry Battalion, 8ID PA
October 14, 2021

BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar – A total of seventy-seven (77) families from the far-flung sitios of Pala-uno and Karuyagon, under Barangay Putong, San Julian, Eastern Samar have benefited from the Serbisyo Caravan on 12 October 2021.

The hinterland sitios are located at the tri-boundaries of San Julian, Borongan City, and Hinabangan. The roads are unpaved and inaccessible for any type of vehicles.

The absence of government services in the areas mentioned in the past years had made such communities a fertile ground for the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNT) to plant seeds of subversion and rebellion. This was proven during an encounter between the government forces and the CNT last July of 2021 wherein NPA casualty was identified as a resident in the said locality.

To break the influence of Communist Terrorist Group in the area, and more importantly to provide much needed social services to the communities, the 78th Infantry Battalion and the Local Government Unit of San Julian joined hands in bringing various programs and services right at the very doorstep of the community to make them feel that the government is present and working to uplift their lives.

Hon. Dennis P. Estaron, the Mayor of the Municipality of San Julian is very much thankful for the collaborative efforts of all the members of the Municipal Task Force in Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict (MTF-ELCAC). Mayor Estaron states: “We, in partnership with other government agencies are doing our best to address the existing socio-economic problems in the municipality”.

The 78th Infantry (Warrior) Battalion, under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Oliver C Alvior, clearly displayed during this activity that it is a reliable and committed partner to the different MTF-ELCAC partner agencies. The 78th Infantry (Warrior) Battalion will continuously be a productive partner with ELCAC agencies by actively participating in winning the peace and finding solutions on the issues used by the CTGs in manipulating and exploiting the masses.

As stated by Lieutenant Colonel Alvior: “This is a manifestation that we are serious in our efforts to achieve the goal for permanent and peaceful closure of all armed conflicts with non-state groups. We will give you the full assurance that your army, in partnership with other stakeholders in Eastern Samar, will support you and we will be your partners for peace and progress.”

Various services were provided by the different departments of both the municipal and provincial local governments concerned. The efforts of the caravan literally brought the government closer to the people it is mandated to serve.

The wholehearted response of the local populace during the activity had provided a glimpse to the reality that the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) is losing the moral high ground, because the issues being exploited by them are no longer relevant. Furthermore and more importantly, their unfulfilled promises of a better life are continuously being shown as the lies they truly are.

Serbisyo Caravan in Barangay Putong, San Julian, Eastern Samar