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pledge of support for DAR
Officials from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Land Bank of the Philippines-Agrarian Operation Center (LBP-AOC), and Registry of Deeds (ROD) sign Pledge of Support for the attainment of the Department of Agrarian Reformís (DARís) 2022 targets.

Press Release
April 28, 2022

TACLOBAN CITY Ė Regional Director Atty. Robert Anthony Yu thanked the officials from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Land Bank of the Philippines-Agrarian Operation Center (LBP-AOC) and the Registry of Deeds (ROD) after they expressed renewal of support to DARís attainment of its targets in Eastern Visayas this year.

The three government offices play vital roles in DARís accomplishment of targets in the Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) component of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

Engr. Ramon Unay, Head of DENRís Surveys and Mapping Division, together with Manager Fiel Pedrosa of the LBP-AOC, and all the Registrars of the different RODs in Eastern Visayas expressed their continued support to the smooth and speedy implementation of CARP in the region during the Synchronized Planning and Problem-Solving Session organized by DAR.

All the officials from the said line agencies signed the Pledge of Support for DAR Eastern Visayas following targets for 2022: Land Survey, 796.0513 hectares; Land Valuation, 117 landholdings covering 867.8535 hectares; and Registration of Emancipation Patents and/or Certificates of Land Ownership Award (EP/CLOA), 1,526.9917 hectares.

Atty. Yu clarified that these are just under DARís regular targets. There is another set of targets under the Support to Parcelization of Lands for Individual Title (SPLIT), a special project of the agency which seeks to parcelize collective CLOAs previously distributed by the DAR into individual title.

The line agencies and the DAR had lengthy discussions and exchanged views regarding their problems, issues and concerns arising from the implementation of CARP, even resolving problems on land valuation and registration of more than 29 hectares of landholdings.

With the full support of the three line agencies, Atty. Yu anticipates a 100 percent accomplishment for Eastern Visayas by the end of the year.